CHA NO YU (tea ceremony) The popularity of tea has been known throughout the world, however, as a means of socializing

, nationally tea is best known in Japan. Tea ceremony and its preparation are something very important in terms of aesthetics and has evolved into an art form. In Japan, when people are invited to drink tea, they'll sit in a small room as they talk familiarly with the host, away from the world of everyday life. The host, cleaning the room before, hang decorative writing, setting fire to boil water for tea, and has also prepared a small pastry. All was done with the hope that the meeting will be nice. Today, the modernization of ease human undertaking various jobs. Time and energy required to prepare and serve a cup of tea seems not the primer thing. But when a bowl of tea presented with ritual that was created for spiritual peace, then everyone can find "solace in a bowl of tea". The Japan Foundation, Jakarta will hold again tea ceremony course (cha no yu) for basic level. Through this course it is expected the creation of socialization, good communication between course participants and instructors. We help the participants to broaden their horizons about Japanese culture.

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