 100% new item cutin & store tagged within 6 weeks of first-ship to warehouse

RDD / Speed-to-Shelf Process
New Item Description UPC #’s

HQ Presentation Date Plan-o-gram Recco’s
Date of Authorization Code #’s First Ship to Stores

 Exhaustive &
redundant communication between Business Mgr, Customer Mgr, Shelf Mgmt & Retail Team

In Order Book & Placed Correctly Date Input in RDD System
On RDD Distro Report On All Plan-o-grams First Ad Date Retail Price

Total Account Penetration

 Precision execution
of “Speed-to-Shelf ” plan… customized by retailer

Distribution to Stores Cases Distributed per store

RDD ASSOCIATES PERISHABLE FOODS SPECIALISTS Collaborative Partnerships – Freshest Foods – Superior Merchandising

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