July 2, 2013 Rose Gill Hearn Commissioner New York City Department of Investigation 80 Maiden Lane New York, NY 10038 Dear Commissioner Hearn, The City’s 911 dispatch system is charged with serving thousands of New Yorkers each day during their times of greatest need. The City must do everything in its power to ensure that this vital system operates properly so our police officers, fire fighters and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) workers can do their jobs effectively. However, since the installation of a new computer-aided system in late May of this year, repeated reports of busy lines and lost calls have called into question the reliability of this vital lifeline. When the 911 system cannot receive and process calls in a timely fashion, the health and safety of the entire population is put at risk. Yet, despite these ongoing reports, the Mayor, the Fire Department of New York (FDNY) and the New York Police Department (NYPD) have not been forthcoming about system failures. This morning, the Daily News produced internal FDNY emails confirming knowledge of serious problems with the ICAD system. The public has the right to know if this $88 million system can truly be relied upon in case of an emergency, and if City officials have been truthful in their defense of the system and status quo. I therefore request that the Department of Investigation undertake an immediate investigation into the ICAD system, including reports and internal knowledge of “lost calls,” as well as the procurement process that resulted in the selection of Intergraph Corp. Sincerely,

Bill de Blasio Public Advocate for the City of New York Cc: Robert A. Gigante Inspector General, Department of Investigation

Hon. Michael R. Bloomberg Mayor of the City of New York Hon. Raymond Kelly Commissioner, New York Police Department Hon. Salvatore Cassano Commissioner, Fire Department of the City of New York

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