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Oregon Trail Story

Oregon Trail Story

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Read about Mary Price, who died in 1864 in Nebraska. A ranch owner married a woman from Upstate, NY and her history helped descendants identify the State where Mary Price died on the Oregon-California Trail.
Read about Mary Price, who died in 1864 in Nebraska. A ranch owner married a woman from Upstate, NY and her history helped descendants identify the State where Mary Price died on the Oregon-California Trail.

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Published by: DRoe on May 10, 2009
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Report unravels mystery
An interesting inquiry was received at Port Byron this month that illustrates how history can impact the lives of people in ways we wouldn’t predict. We rarely think Dawn about how Roe a small event that happens today will unfold a century or two into the future. Little did I realize that a report donated to Auburn’s Historic Properties Web site would forever link our local Webb family to a lady that perished on the Overland Trail in Nebraska in 1864. Among the property owners in Auburn’s Historic District is a man named Zachariah Lewis Webb. He was listed in the deeds for “086 South St.” As a descendant of Z.L. Webb, I donated some of our family history to the project in Jan. 2008. The report includes a man named William Starr Peniston who, in 1865, made a business trip to Auburn and while visiting here, married Anna Webb, a daughter of Zachariah and Polly Hoffman Webb. Peniston’s business partner would also marry and together, the wedding tour headed back west to Nebraska City. After a stay of about three months, the men left their ladies with relatives while they ventured off to their trading post at Cold Water, wanting to make it presentable for their new brides. Much to their surprise, the post had been raided by the American Indians and badly burned. In the fashion of a true pioneer, they turned tragedy into prosperity, rebuilding and enjoying a successful run of business. They stayed there until the railroad brought better prospects at North Platte, at which time they dismantled their log store and moved it to North Platte. There Peniston would become the first merchant in town. Kim Caldwell of Montana found the report on Zachariah Webb and contacted me asking for information on the Peniston-Miller ranch. She shared that her third great grandmother, Mary Wingrove Price, had died while on a wagon train crossing through Wyoming. Since my report had mentioned William Peniston and his partner A.J. Miller, she was hopeful I knew the location of this ranch so that she could visit her ancestor’s grave this summer. From the biography of Peniston, he purchased a ranch opposite Willow Island but first met A.J. Miller at O’Fallon’s Bluff. Her inquiry made me look for the location, and O’Fallon’s Bluff is along the South Platte River. Kim next shared that her sister Laurie Francis found a trial diary of an unrelated man that documents that he passed the grave of her ancestor in 1865. The diary was made by Benjamin Cross Cauthorn, and is housed at Brigham Young University in Utah, where her sister Laurie is employed. They sent me the link for review. The diary entry in part reads: “May 12 1865. Friday. Camp on Platte. Left camp this morning after seven, stopped for noon about eleven. No grass there. Started soon after 12, traveled till 6 this evening. Have forgotten to mention having passed several graves the last few days. One yesterday was the grave of Mrs. Mary Price, killed by a wagon running over her in 1864.” The diary mentions several ranches along the overland trail, but we still couldn’t place Peniston and Miller at Mrs. Price’s location at the time of her unfortunate accident. Then a lucky break came my way: I found a Google book titled “Massacre Along the Medicine Road” by Ronald Becher. The book clearly shows that in 1864, Peniston and Miller managed Dan Smith’s Eastern Ranch between Mid Way and Willow Island. Many of the ranches listed in this book match the same places mentioned by Cauthorn in his diary, so we now had a match. Mrs. Mary Price died in Nebraska, not Wyoming. If you would like to see the map of the Oregon Trail, visit http://books.google.com and search for Peniston

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Miller ranch Nebraska. Travel along the Oregon Trail was grueling. The Cauthorn diary is filled with hardship and death, yet they pushed forward. The wagon train advanced an average of 10 to 20 miles per day. It is amazing that the history of a young bride from Auburn would help locate the proper death location of a lady named Mrs. Mary Price, who was one of the many casualties along the Oregon-California Trail in the great western migration of the mid-19th century.
Dawn Roe is historian for the village of Port Byron. She can be reached at 776-8446 or by email at beatatune@tds.net

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Special Collections Department, Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah.

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