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Mr.Trunk is driving in ______ new purple sports car. Hello! ______ names are Timothy and Barbara.We are going home from school.

These are Mary,Helen and Rachel.They are listening to ______ science teacher.

Good evening ladies and gentlemen.I'm Henry Star and this is ______ lion Wildy.Welcome to our show!

Mr.Super is testing ______ new microphone.He is giving a concert tonight.

Look.That's Tom's cat. ______ name is Curby.It is lazy and fat.It likes eating fish and meatballs.

Today is Clara's birthday.She is looking at ______ birthday presents.She looks very happy.

Good morning! I think you are the new student.Welcome to ______ school. ______ name is Sue and ______ name is Joseph.What is ______ name?

Hey,isn't that Helen over there. ______ clothes are dirty because she is having trouble with ______ cake.

Hello kids! Shall we meet. ______ name is Super Adams.What is ______ name?