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Cohort study Slides

1995 2011 Questionnaire Data

Prevalent and incident diseases and conditions: Hypertension Diabetes High cholesterol Heart attack Angina Stroke Clot in lung, leg Cyst in breast Fibroids Endometriosis Lupus Sickle cell anemia Breast cancer Lung cancer Colon/rectal cancer Cervical cancer Rheumatoid arthritis Osteoarthritis Gingivitis Depression Sarcoidosis Asthma Toxemia/Pre-eclampsia Gastric/duodenal ulcer Hydatidiform mole Polycystic ovary Glaucoma Multiple Sclerosis Kidney failure Other - specify

Validation: Outcomes
Information requested depends on outcome studied

Breast cancer and other cancers: hospital records, pathology reports, discharge summaries, CA registry data
Coronary heart disease: hospital records, discharge summaries Lupus, RA, MS, Sarcoidosis: hospital records, physician checklists Hypertension and Diabetes: self-report plus use of appropriate drug, physician checklists Mortality: death certificates, National Death Index (NDI)

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