Joseph Berthelet dit Savoyard (1812-1894

Joseph Berthelet dit Savoyard was born near Leroy, North a!ota, the son o" #o$ssaint Berthelet dit Savoyard (b% 1&8') and (ar)$erite (*hippewa)% +n 18'4, #o$ssaint was a ,oya)e$r "or the North -est *o.pany (N-*) at /ond d$ La0% Joseph .arried (ar)$etire $bois (181&-1818) on Jan$ary 2, 1824 in St% Boni"a0e% 3is brother 4ierre was .arried to her sister Lo$ise% 5"ter (ar)$erite died, he re.arried to the widow 5n)eli6$e (La"erte) *adotte (b% 1829)% +n the US Census of 188' at 4e.bina, a!ota #erritory, /a.ily 7189 Joseph Berthelet, ", a)e 18 (born 0% 1812 in (innesota): wi"e 5n)eli6$e, a)e 41 (born 01829 in *anada)% *hildren9 ;lise 11, ,i0torine 1', 5)athe &, 5n)eli6$e 4, <osalie 1% 5lso in /a.ily 7-119 4atri0e, a)e 19 (born 0% 1811 in *anada) and his wi"e ,italine, a)e 19 (+ndian born in a!ota #erritory)% *hildren o" Joseph Berthelet dit Savoyard and (ar)$erite $bois were9 • (ar)$erite, born 184' .arried /ran0ois Laber)e% • Joseph, b% =0tober 11, 1828% (arried /ran0oise *aron% • ;lise, b% 1842% (arried 5le>ander (orin% • (oni6$e, b% (ay 1848, <ed <iver Settle.ent .arried ?eor)e @lyne% • *aroline, b% 1849% (arried Lo$is 3o$le% • 5ntoine, b% 1881% (arried *atherine La"erte% • (arie, b% 1881% (arried 0harles ro$ssin% • Josephine, b% 188&% (arried Joseph ,andal% • 4atri0e, b% Septe.ber 1, 1812% (arried (arie ,italine Latreille% =n J$ly 9, 1818 (ar)$erite died in 4oint *o$pe soon a"ter )ivin) birth to her 1'th 0hild, J$lienne who also died the ne>t day, *hildren o" Joseph Berthelet and 5n)eli6$e (La"erte) *adotte9 • ;lise, b% 1819, .arried Jean Baptiste ,enne • ,i0torine, b% 18&', .arried <o.ain Latreille% • 4a$l, b% 18&2, .arried <ose ;..a (artinea$% • 5)athe, b% 18&2, .arried Joseph 5l"red Boyer% • 5n)eli6$e, b% 18&1, .arried Joa0hi. Boyer% • <osalie, b% 18&9%


;dited and *o.piled by Lawren0e Bar!well *oordinator o" (etis 3erita)e and 3istory <esear0h Lo$is <iel +nstit$te


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