In Praise of Manjushri: Increasing Intelligence to the Full

by Mipham

[Text Layout by Jampa Namgyal – December 2009]

swift.Mipham . Swiftly set ablaze a great fire of wisdom within my heart. bodhisattvas. Grant me the great treasure of infallible memory. A powerful intelligence discerning words and meaning. You show the mudra of generosity. O precious one. I prostrate in devotion! Dancer in the net of illusion which pervades the whole expanse of reality. Through Sarasvati’s delight as she plays at my throat. with your long hair tied up in five main knots.In Praise of Manjushri Increasing Intelligence to the Full Dhih! Supreme enlightened form of all the buddhas and their heirs. As if the sun’s glorious radiance had been brought into our minds! ‘Gentle Splendour. All the darkness of samsara and deluded perception is at an end. I prostrate and offer praise! With the vibrant splendour of the orange sun rising in the sky. And you grant us the light with which to perceive the genuine path. Your youthful form brings to my heart a delight beyond compare. You sit cross-legged. You subdue the maras and cut the darkness of our ignorance. Treasury of universal benefit and happiness for as long as space exists. Remain forever upon the lotus in the centre of my heart. May I achieve the power of mastery over speech. Grant me too the confidence of eloquence. constant. Embodiment of the vajra wisdom of all-encompassing equality. so that never will I forget Any aspect whatsoever of the words or of the meaning. utterly profound and expansive. never dissipating— A vajra-like fearlessness that is indestructible. Manjushri the ever-youthful. present and future— To you who are without equal. Respectfully I offer you this seat upon the lotus of my heart. entirely unassailable. Throughout the whole of space and time. like the mandalas of the sun and moon. Unhindered. Like the taste of sweetest nectar. Supremely keen. Yet you appear as the son of the buddhas of past. embodiment of wisdom and intelligence. And the dharmadhatu mother from whom the noble ones are born. O protector. And I invoke your wisdom mind. precious Manjughosha. bringing pleasure to their minds. You are the father of all the buddhas who have gone to bliss. Powerful lord of speech and embodiment of wisdom.’ Manjushri. Illuminating all. 2/3 . With the fresh and lovely utpala flower clasped in your hand. That is unhesitating. Through the sovereign of all awareness-mantras. Adorned with divine garments of silk and with jewels and flowers. Which is as broad and all-encompassing as space. and grant our every wish. And is entirely unerring. With wisdom’s sword that blazes with the light of intelligence. To you. From the whole of this world—from the buddhas. And my words entice and enchant the learned. In the very instant we think upon your perfect form.

In Praise of Manjushri Increasing Intelligence to the Full And the noble assembly of shravakas and pratyekabuddhas. And always delight and be cared for by Manjushri. nagas. 2006 3/3 . reflection and meditation. Spontaneously accomplishing my own and others’ welfare! Colophon This praise and aspiration for increasing intelligence with verses equal in number to the fourteen vital essences (dvangs ma) of the animate and inanimate was written by Mipham Jampal Gyepa on an auspicious day during the ninth month of the Fire Horse year (1906). calm. yakshas. And possess humility. debate and composition. may I accomplish vast deeds To benefit the teachings of the victorious buddhas. sages and the like— I invoke the splendour of intelligence. Shine bright the lights of explanation. The most beautiful and perfect qualities. altruism. kindhearted love and faith. Through the power of this. May virtue abound! Translated by Adam Pearcey. summoning it into my mind! May I perfect the spheres of study. From gods.Mipham . as boundless as the ocean. humans.