Bearing Module Name : ___________________ EC No:___________________ 1) Bearing are broadly classified as : 1) 2) Which type offers less friction ?

Where are sleeve bearing commonly used ? Date : ________

2) 3)

4) How misalignment between centre lines of two bearings of, Say a large motor is taken care ? i) By shims ii) By spherical --------. 5) What are the lubrication methods of Bearings ?

6) State 3 Types of Anti friction Bearings.

11) Antifriction bearing inner race clearance with the shaft should be a.08 to +0.03 b. +. +0. in case of Bearing Failures .01 to -0.7) What do you understand by C1 & C3 Clearance in case of antifriction bearings. 8) Which anti friction bearings handles thrust loads. 10) Name three types of seals used in Bearing housing.015 to + 0.17 d.10 c. None of the above. 9) What factors would you consider to replace Bearings . -0. i) Self aligning Bearings. . ii) Deep groove ball Bearings.

b. c. None of the above.bearing temperature is to be raised to a. b. Interference between bearing & bearing housing c. 1 thou per inch of shaft dia + 1 thou. b. Below 125 C. None of the above 15 ) Thumb rule of sleeve bearing clearance is a. 14) During the checking of bearing crush of a babit linned bearing . . d. A sleeve & a hammer packing on rolling element. c. Clearance between bearing & bearing housing. 1 thou per inch of shaft dia + 2 can be mounted by: a.12) If an antifriction bearing has an interference fit with the shaft . A sleeve & a hammer packing on outter ring c. b. 1 thou per inch of shaft dia. A sleeve & a hammer packing on inner ring. Above 125 C. 13) During hot mounting of an antifriction bearing . upto 125 C. if the thickness of a lead wire is more than the shim thickness then there is a a.

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