SIP Trunks

SIP Trunks are an innovative and reliable alternative to ISDN Circuits. If you already have an IP-Enabled PBX, you can benefit immediately from significant cost savings. Our SIP Trunks enable your IP-PBX to make and receive calls over the Internet, rather than over conventional Analogue Lines. By using a SIP Trunk instead of Analogue Lines, you gain access to a host of new features, while reducing fixed and call costs. It's also a very easy process to start using a SIP Trunk. All you need is an Internet Connection and a SIP Friendly Router. After you configure the SIP Trunk in your IP-PBX, you'll just need to connect your IP-PBX to your Router to start making and receiving calls. When you transition to using a SIP Trunk, you don't need to worry about losing your Telephone numbers. We're able to Port your Numbers onto our platform, so you can continue to make and receive calls as you would before.

• • • 1-10,000 Channels Easily scale up and down Local and National Telephone Numbers Reduced call rates Automatic Failover Time of Day Routing Call Queues Free On-Net calls Instant Setup • Proactive Fraud Monitoring 24/7 Support Call Records Call Recording IP Address Lock Optional Destination Restriction Optional Time Based Restrictions

How Reliable is it?
SIP Trunks are just as reliable as ISDN Circuits. Because our Platform uses the British Telecom Network for call traffic, the only architectual change is that instead of connecting to the BT Network through copper lines at your premises, you'll connect to it through your Data Connection. After transitioning to a SIP Trunk, you may also experience better call quality than before. This is because there is no conversion required from an analogue signal to a digital one.

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Did you know...
We can configure and implement your SIP Trunk overnight. Call us today to find out more.

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