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4 Goal Setting Toolkit

4 Goal Setting Toolkit

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Published by: sigal ardan on Jul 03, 2013
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Dear Friend, Thank you for your interest in the 100 Day Challenge, where our mission is to inspire, promote, and celebrate excellence! It’s my pleasure to provide you with this goal setting toolkit. It contains a simple, yet highly effective strategy that I have used to help Olympic Athletes, Hollywood Actors, Fortune 500 Executives, and highly successful people from all walks of life to get laser focused, and make outstanding progress on their goals. I assure you, by implement this simple step-by-step 1-3-5 goal setting system, you’ll be amazed with the results you’re able to generate in a very short period of time.

Gary Ryan Blair
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Let’s jump in right way to setting our goals on the next page. These are ambiguous. Do you want to lose 1 lb or 20 lbs? Clarity is power.100DAYCHALLENGE ROCKET FUEL FOR SUCCESS Goal Setting toolkit What is a goal? // a specific measurable & time bound end towards which we direct specific effort until achieved The reason I give you this definition is because the way most people go about setting and achieving their goals is completely flawed. print off the forms below and proceed to the next page. Most people will say my goal is to lose weight. retire early or achieve some type of an outcome.it‘s no surprise that you don’t achieve your goals.. make money. Make your goal measurable so you can track your progress and measure success.when the actual statement you put down on paper is very generalized and ambiguous. EVERYTHING COUNTS! © 100 Day Challenge • All Rights Reserved • 100DayChallenge.com • 1-877-GOALSGUY . • Is there a deadline associated with it? Absolutely not.you need to ask. bloated statements that don’t have any teeth associated with them. First. TIME BOUND & MEASURABLE When you go about trying to set and achieve your goals this way. By when do you want to achieve these outcomes? 3 Core components of a goal // SPECIFIC. If your goal is to lose weight or make more money. • Is that specific? Of course not. • Is that measurable? No..

The same applies to goal setting. What is your biggest reason why? The 2nd? and the 3rd? Most people spend the majority of their time on the creation of their goal. The key point to understand is that the fuel is what allows you to drive that car. What’s going to inspire us for excellence and do the things we want to do? That really comes down to the WHY’s. It may be aesthetically beautiful. But in actuality.com • 1-877-GOALSGUY . measurable and time-bound language. but has no value without the gas. EVERYTHING COUNTS! © 100 Day Challenge • All Rights Reserved • 100DayChallenge. we need to identify what is the sustainable factor that’s going to allow us to overcome adversity. Consider the gasoline in your car. and more importantly. ex. You need a strong motivational reason WHY.we need motivation. positively.which one has greater utalitarian value? The car or the gasoline? The better way for me to phrase that is this.100DAYCHALLENGE ROCKET FUEL FOR SUCCESS Goal Setting toolkit Step 1 // identify your what Write your goal in specific. and setbacks. Your goal is to Identify 3 driving reasons why this goal absolutely. challenges. you want to prioritize those WHY’s..and neglect the WHY. It’s what allows you to go from point A to point B.of what value is your car when it has no gasoline? You and I both know It’s nothing more than a giant paperweight. we need psychological mojo. HAS to be achieved. “my goal is to increase My sales by 10% by march 15th” Step 2 // identify your why’s Identify the motivational factors that will keep your fire burning. if you don’t have a plan.the reason we set the goal in the first place Step 3 // identify your how identify 5 action steps for each goal Identify the action steps that are going to bring you closer towards your goals and elicit your desired outcomes. Life will not go according to plan.

as a mental picture of something you want to be.100DAYCHALLENGE ROCKET FUEL FOR SUCCESS 1•3•5 GOAL! Directions: Mix one clearly defined goal with three solid reasons why you want to achieve it. have.com • 1-877-GOALSGUY . when you take action towards its achievement.” . First. Toss in five specific actions you will take along with target dates for completion and you’ll have a tasty little plan. or do. Second. when written down to add clarity and dimension. And third.Gary Ryan Blair EVERYTHING COUNTS! © 100 Day Challenge • All Rights Reserved • 100DayChallenge. 1 GOAL » Write the goal in specific. …… ___________________________________________________ 3 WHY’S » Identify and prioritize three reasons why you want to achieve this goal? …… ___________________________________________________ …… ___________________________________________________ …… ___________________________________________________ 5 ACTION STEPS » List five specific actions and target dates to achieve this goal. measurable and time-bound language. Action Target DAte …… _____________________________________ …… _____________________________________ …… _____________________________________ …… _____________________________________ …… _____________________________________ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ “A goal is created three times.

100DAYCHALLENGE ROCKET FUEL FOR SUCCESS Goal Setting toolkit Summary // everything counts! In this simple little process. very short period of time. 3 WHY’s. Every action. Every activity you engage in is doing one of two things: it’s either taking you towards or away from your goals. where you’ll learn to accomplish more in the next 100 days than you ever thought possible. identifying 1 WHAT.no matter how big it is. You’ll be very happy with the results you’re able to generate in a very.100daychallenge. learn more about the 100 Day Challenge: www.com Gary Ryan Blair Everything Counts! EVERYTHING COUNTS! © 100 Day Challenge • All Rights Reserved • 100DayChallenge. It’s the golden rule of getting things done quickly and easily. That result is either going to be goal focused. Stop by the 100 Day Challenge.000 people have already participated in the challenge and achieved some of their wildest dreams in a rapid time frame. and 5 HOW’s puts you in the drivers seat in order to accelerate your progress. or it’s going to be taking you away from your goals. More than 100. Thank you once again for stopping by & I trust that you found great value in this short but very helpful tutorial.com • 1-877-GOALSGUY . you’ll be surprised. produces a bottom line outcome or result. I assure you if you implement this simple step-by-step 1-3-5 goal setting system. There are two words you want to embrace: Everything Counts! It’s the golden rule of goal setting.leading you in the direction you want to go. or behavior. execution and excellence. every thought. no matter how small or how seemingly inconsequential it may seem.

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