Teacher: Alecsandrescu Monica Ionela School: Scoala Gimnaziala Nr. 2 Boboci, Picior de Munte Date: April 25th , 2013 Class: V (L1) Textbook: Snapshot Elementary Unit 17: Did you talk about me? Lesson: Past Simple of regular verbs Type of lesson: Grammar lesson Time: 50 minutes Aims: At the end of the lesson students should be able to: - recognize regular verbs in the past tense in different contexts; - use these verbs to make sentences of their own; - pronounce and spell correctly regular verbs in the past simple. Skills: listening, reading, writing, speaking Methods: conversation, observation, pairwork, groupwork, explanation, repetition, game, learning by doing. Aids: flipchart, worksheets, blackboard, handouts, textbook, powerpoint presentation. Type of interaction: teacher-students, student-teacher, student-student Types of exercises: matching exercise, making sentences, puzzle, conversation exercise Class organization: lockstep, pairwork, groupwork, whole class


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The teacher checks if there are any absents and prepares for the lesson. Warm-up 5‟ The students answer the questions and read the homework (exercise 8. Lesson stages Organizing the class Time Teacher’s activity 2‟ The teacher greets the students. 1. Then 3. They answer the teacher‟s questions. Crt. last night. The teacher names some students to read the homework. -ppt -conversation presentatio n -blackboard -handouts -whole class -individual work Teacher – Student. The students go to the blackboard and write the answer. Possible answer: “They have ed at the end” -to check the mistakes -conversation -textbook -blackboard -whole class Teacher – Student. Homework check-up 3‟ The teacher asks the students “What was your homework for today?”.Stages of the lesson Nr. They arrived at 10 o‟ clock. The students look at the sentences and answer the teacher‟s question. Student Teacher -to introduce students to the topic of the lesson. Student Teacher 2.” She tells them to read the sentences carefully and look at the verbs. They had to complete the sentences using correct past forms of the verb “to be”.V. She checks it. Aims Methods Materials -to create a -conversation -roll proper atmosphere for teaching the new lesson Class organization -whole class Interaction Teacher – Student. The student on duty announces the absents (if there are any). The teacher asks the students: „Have you checked your homework?‟ The teacher shows students some sentences on a ppt presentation: “She listened to music yesterday. Student’s activity The students greet the teacher. Student Teacher 3 . she asks them „Who is on duty today?‟ etc. We watched T. page 95).

Possible answer: “subject+verb1+ed” The students write the rule in their notebooks. Student Teacher StudentStudent 5. read the sentences again and say the rule. The students write the title. . She also tells them to look at the sentences from the last exercise on the presentation and explains The students answer the teacher‟s questions and write the answers in their notebooks.. -to introduce the forms and rules of the Past Simple. -listening -tape -conversation -blackboard -whole class Teacher – Student. and then tells students to solve the exercises for each rule. Then she writes the rule on the blackboard/shows the rule on the presentation. After writing the rules.she asks: “What can you tell me about the verbs?” 4. Activity 1 practice 15‟ The teacher shows students the sentences in the negative and interrogative and elicits the rules from the students. -to arouse student‟s interest in the topic. She writes the title of the lesson on the blackboard.to be able to apply the rules in exercises. Lead-in 5‟ The teacher tells them that they are going to talk about The Past Simple. She asks them to look at the sentences again and see if they can extract the rule. The teacher listens to their answers and corrects if necessary. -conversation -worksheet -writing -ppt -reading presentatio n -pairwork Teacherstudent Studentstudent 4 . the students solve the exercises on the presentation and go to the blackboard to write the correct answers. Then the teacher discusses the spelling and pronunciation rules.

They have to work in groups and the group that finds all the verbs is the winner.that they have to put the sentences into the past simple. The students are given a worksheet with an exercise: the students have to write the past tense forms of the given verbs and use them to complete a letter. Activity 3: speaking 10‟ Students find the verbs. -writing -reading -worksheet -blackboard -pairwork Teacher – Student. 6. The teacher gives students a puzzle containing regular verbs. The students have to find all the regular verbs and write sentences with each one. The teacher gives examples. students find the verbs and write them on the blackboard. -to be able to make sentences with the new words. Activity 2: reading 7‟ The teacher gives some worksheets with a small text. -to be able to make their own sentences using verbs in the past simple -to practise using verbs in the past simple. write the sentences and read them in front of the class. She explains the exercise: the students have to read the text and find all the regular verbs in the text. -speaking -writing -worksheet -role-play Teacher – Student. Student Teacher 8. -conversation -worksheet -whole class Teacher students 5 . StudentStudent 7. They have to work in pairs. Homework 2‟ The students write the homework and the examples in the notebooks. In groups. -to identify regular past simple verbs from a short text/in context.

Greetings Greetings 6 . Dismissing students 1‟ Students get grades.9.

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