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Topic-Wise Tests (Full Syllabus) for JEE(Main & Advanced), BITSgfAT 2014 by Bansal Classes

Topic-Wise Tests (Full Syllabus) for JEE(Main & Advanced), BITSgfAT 2014 by Bansal Classes

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Published by Bhumika Pradhan

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Published by: Bhumika Pradhan on Jul 03, 2013
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Topic-wise tests (Full syllabus) for JEE(Main & Advanced), BITSAT ...


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Topic-wise Tests for JEE, BITSAT 2014 (Full syllabus)
This course helps you to learn and strengthen your concepts upon finishing a topic lecture. This is Phase-1 of our successful online preparation methodology... Learn more. Useful for JEE & BITSAT, it also gives AIR and comparison with Bansal Classes students.

Covers 87 topics from full syllabus (PCM), has 261 mock tests Each topic has 3 tests of increasing difficulty and revision material Questions have 3 level of hints and detailed solutions Discounts available for meritorious students... Learn more For XII / XII pass students; valid for 1 year; schedule given below

Rs 6700/-

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BITSAT . Ltd.Topic-wise tests (Full syllabus) for JEE(Main & Advanced)..bansaltestprep. http://www.com/engineering-entrance-exams/topic-wise.. 2 of 2 17-06-2013 12:51 .. Topic Periodic table and properties Opening Date 30-06-2013 Engineering JEE Advanced 2014 Online Test Prep JEE Advanced 2015 Online Test Prep JEE Main 2014 Online Test Prep JEE Main 2015 Online Test Prep BITSAT 2014 Online Test Prep Medical NEET-UG(AIPMT) 2014 Online Test Prep NEET-UG(AIPMT) 2015 Online Test Prep AIIMS 2014 Online Test Prep Others NTSE(Stage-1) 2014 Online Test Prep NTSE(Stage-2) 2014 Online Test Prep KVPY 2014 Online Test Prep About Bansal Classes Feedback Powered by Edooni Solutions Pvt..

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