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West Virginia 2013 Drivers Handbook

West Virginia 2013 Drivers Handbook

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West Virginia 2013 Drivers Handbook
West Virginia 2013 Drivers Handbook

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Published by: drivershandbooks on Jul 03, 2013
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School buses are responsible for safely transporting children
to and from school. When approaching a bus please observe the
following rules:

• On all undivided highways (without a median), traf c in both
directions must stop at least 20 feet from a stopped school bus
that has its red lights fashing. You must not pass the bus until
the lights are turned of or the bus starts moving.

• On divided highways (with a median you cannot cross), traf c
coming toward a school bus stopped on the other side of the
median does not have to stop.

• You must also stop for a stopped school bus which is receiving
or discharging students on school property or private property.

The penalty for passing a stopped school bus is a minimum of 30 days driver’s license suspension
and a minimum fne of $150 for the frst ofense. Subsequent ofenses have increased penalties. If the
identity of the driver of a vehicle that passes a stopped school bus cannot be ascertained, the owner or
lessee of the vehicle in violation is guilty of a misdemeanor and, upon conviction, subject to fnes.


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