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Published by: Aldrin Yosima Laning on Jul 04, 2013
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Gregory Bazile

Why do people Procrastinate? People procrastinate for a myriad of reasons such as, perfectionism, fear of limitation, being unsure of the next step, or because they are facing a overwhelming task. I procrastinate but not for the reasons listed. I believe that I personally procrastinate because of lack of motivation and many people might agree with this reason but some might disagree and that’s understandable because were human and being different we usually have our own personal reason why we do specific things such as procrastinate.

I can almost agree with this article, when I procrastinate I usually feel that the time given to complete the assignment is more than needed. Therefore I put it off until I feel that there’s enough time to complete it without rushing the quality of the work but approximately 30% of the time I wouldn’t even start the assignment and end up with a failing grade. However, I disagree about getting a decent grade after procrastinating. When I actually start my assignment after procrastinating its not unusual for me to to get a grade just as good or even better than I would have if I had started the assignment on time. I think people have their own reason why they procrastinate for example I do because I lack self motivation. but I have a friend who procrastinate because they he has a very Optimistic view of his own abilities. He believes he can easily finish a 5 day assignment in just two days and that’s where his perfectionism shows granted he does complete the task on

It might surprise you that your reason is completely different then what’s stated in books or this summary but once you find that reason that puts you one step closer in conquering it. . At the end of the day people procrastinate for a multitude of reasons you must find out why you yourself choose to procrastinate.time with an excellent grade.

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