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Published by CatLeah Guivencan
A critique on the on the degrading social morality of Filipinos which risen upon the approval of the RH Law giving not so good example and impression to the rising Filipino generation.
A critique on the on the degrading social morality of Filipinos which risen upon the approval of the RH Law giving not so good example and impression to the rising Filipino generation.

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Published by: CatLeah Guivencan on Jul 04, 2013
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Modernity Vs. Tradition: Are We IN or OUT? Menelito P.


“Love is not a mere feeling, but a constant mutual understanding and respect, a life-long freely-willed commitment and mature responsibility.”

The emergence of new technologies in the modern age also sets a new trend of human relationships. What used to be romantic it now becomes ancient and oldfashioned. Harana, post cards, and love letters suddenly becomes a thing of old. Facebook, Youtube, and other social media becomes the “in” thing, as if it is like our new religion, Vice Ganda our new prophet, the television our new bible, and Showtime becomes our national institution. It is said that progress is the enemy of tradition, and vice versa. Finding a sweetheart also becomes handy and instantaneous through the aid of mobile phones, text messaging, and social networks. A cousin of mine joyfully proclaimed, “salamat sa Google, ang dami na nitong natutulongang gumradweyt taun-taon.” An access of Skype also heals the nostalgia of home and aids longdistance relationships. The divorce bill, also known as House Bill 1799, now pending in Congress is a crucial issue today which demands the concern of every Filipino citizen both young and old alike because it affects every Filipino family. Divorce is somewhat a foreign thing which we only hear in Hollywood movies. It stirs a strange feeling in us, a kind of a culture shock to our conservative ears because we hold on close to our family so dearly. How long and to what extent can we still hold on to our valued beliefs and traditions amidst this changing social phenomenon? This is the irony we must learn to face in a civilization wherein teen-age dating and teen-age pregnancy, as young as thirteen years old, is no longer considered a taboo. In a society in which finding a loved one or a lifetime partner becomes so easy by which the lovers may rush headlong towards premarital sex, unwanted pregnancy, and untimely marriage (or single motherhood), do we have the right to seek for an instant remedy to these accumulated difficulties, an easy way out, such as to opt for divorce when, in the first place, we have not thought out so well the commitments and relationships we have entered into? Divorce as a quick solution may even destroy a child’s future which could be saved by lowering of the couple’s pride along an annulment process. A reason that a serious relationship is not

advisable for the young hearts since they might not be mature enough to handle jealousy and break ups. but a constant mutual understanding and respect. Girl-boy relationship also demands women empowerment and gender equality in which both of the sexes have the right and dignity to initiate and show a feeling. but rather as sanctity of relationship. In an “easy come. We have already lost some of our most valued cultural identities and traditions. Better be ready for a massive cultural change.” Divorce is a problematic ending since the couple was not able to keep the marriage vows they intend to keep for each other. instructress of Society and Culture with Family Planning. God the Almighty should be the ultimate center of the relationship. Gandang Hari and his [her. Love entails sacrificing. love can never be equated with a feeling or emotion which is unstable. Above all. you might as well be prepared for sudden changes in the Filipino culture. to opt out when the relationship failed to prosper. The sacred 3-words “I love you” suddenly turns magical and becomes a password to a woman’s heart that if there is a return of “I love you too. However. ‘wag gumaya kay Tita Rustom. Leonor Adelaida Cayunda. and this makes us fragile and vulnerable as a human being. When a relationship is already loaded with problems right at the start. self-giving. “marriage should not be seen as a dictate of a culture. In an unpredictable government that creates the Reproductive Health Law.” Now that the likes of Vice Ganda. Best advice is “Be careful with your heart!” Battery of the wife and abuse of kids are some of the common reasons for a divorce. easy go” generation. According to Mrs. the children are the most affected of the separation. Love is not a mere feeling. and likewise. However. I’m sorry!] daring revelation). it is more likely that the relationship will also have a problematic ending. be prepared for a “future shock. Love is certainly beyond the emotions. what’s “’ till death do us part” becomes only a song! Love may start as a simple physical (or sexual) attraction. We need to think out thoroughly our every decision to avoid making unwanted mistakes in life. and allowing oneself to be loved and cared for by the significant other. where are they? OhEm-Gee Daniel P. for example. Then it may develop into a feeling or emotion. will same-sex marriage and sex change also follow as the next big thing to tackle in Philippine Congress? All hail Ang LADLAD party-list. such as the typical Maria Clara image of our women. It is true that love is a most abused word.” the status as lovers or “in a relationship” is automatically assumed. is our new idol and prophet (to include Rustom Padilla aka Bb. in favor of a Maricar-Katrina FHM mode of vain and scandalous attitude. Tito Robin better be quiet and shut . a life-long freely-willed commitment and mature responsibility.

a change for the better! . and choose to be silent. We are [supposed to be] The Voice of the next generation. such as when we choose the leaders we elect. as if he did not also convert his faith for…women? Kaloka ka ‘tol! Our country’s future all lies in our own hands.up.

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