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Andrew Leipus Exercises

Andrew Leipus Exercises

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Cricket Exercises
Cricket Exercises

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Published by: gulzar72 on Jul 04, 2013
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Andrew Leipus Leg lowers: Lie along a bench/bed, pelvis at one end with hips/knees flexed

at 90/90. Place hands under each side of the arch of the lower back to feel for any movement. Slowly lower one leg and attempt to touch the floor, keeping the lumbar spine in neutral. Repeat on the opposite leg


arms holding 2-3kg medicine ball above head. Allow full hip extension but no lumbar extension. lifting chest. Extend arms back behind head.Bowling rock backs: Stand on "back" leg. but maintaining neutral lumbar spine. other hip flexed. Return to vertical .

extend the opposite leg backwards to the wall behind you. keeping the thumb up.Alternate Superman: Get on your hands and knees with the spine in neutral and scapulae slightly protracted. lift one extended arm up above your head. First. Maintain a horizontal pelvis and neutral lumbar extension position. Next. Alternate left and right .

Alternate left and right .Planks with hip extension: Get in plank position. Slowly extend one leg at the hip. on toes and elbows. squeezing the glutes. not allowing pelvis to rotate. Maintain a neutral trunk position. body in a neutral alignment.

Single leg stance activation: Stand with a Swiss ball pressed between the side of one knee and a wall. Bend this knee and press it firmly into the Swiss/soccer ball or even a pillow. Hold pelvis horizontal at all times and perform a small ¼ squat .

Alternate left and right . Do not allow the pelvis to drop on the unsupported side. Slowly lift one leg off of the floor so the hip reaches 90 degrees flexion.Coffee table hip flexion: Lie supine with feet flat and shoulders on a bench or Swiss ball.

Arabesque windmill rotation: Bend forward on one leg as far as possible whilst maintaining a neutral spine. Have the knee "soft" not locked. perform slow trunk twists in both directions. With arms out wide. maintaining balance and the neutral spine .

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