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The Road Not Taken Essay

The Road Not Taken Essay

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essay on the poem The Road Not Taken
essay on the poem The Road Not Taken

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Published by: Sharn on Jul 04, 2013
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There are many choices that people make on a daily basis.

These choices can define a person, they can be life changing or they can also be insignificant. Most people are unaware of the impact that these “small” decisions can have on their lives. Decisions such as, where to go for lunch can possibly change your life, you might run into a friend from the past, or get shot in a drive by. These choices matter because it’s these choices that lead people to certain places in their lives where they take a good look at themselves and wonder where they are going. They are at a crossroads, or, as some philosophers would say where they choose their destiny.

For many, there are times in their lives where they are at a crossroads. It is a particularly difficult choice for one will have to live with the consequences. In The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost the struggle to choose is shown. This poem also displays how sometimes the choice is already made. In lines 4-6 “ and looked down one as far as I could to where it bent in the undergrowth; then took the other, as just as fair”. Frost is saying that he only had to look down the path that was taken by many and the future he envisioned with that path was so unbearable that he took the less taken path without hesitation. People face choices of that nature all the time, choices where it’s not much of a choice at all. Where one option seems to be so unbearable that one instantly takes up the other.

This quote says that choices lead to more choices and that when one makes a choice of direction at a crossroads. As Frost noted in his poem “Yet knowing how way leads on to way I doubted if I should ever come back. one cannot go back simply because of the impossibility of changing so many choices. I couldn’t though because I had waited to long and the course had progressed to far for me to catch up. “I took the one less traveled by.” suggests that despite all the difficulties that he had to face. I went to my counselor and dropped physics though two weeks after dropping physics I wanted back. Life moves in a forward manner. it got him where he is now and he is content with that. One of the more recent times was last year and I had physics.These choices that can change the direction of your life are usually one-way roads. in matters of life. In my life I’ve encountered many occasions where I wanted the clock to go back so I could make a different decision but never could due to conflicting reasons.” (14-15). The path to contentment is one laden with difficulties and only those who kept going despite whatever blocked their paths are really the ones to get to it. one cannot go back. This says that the challenges and difficulties one faces define the person and so the person is not what changes. . This showed me that the path one chooses in life is the path one must stay on regardless of how difficult it gets. and that has made all the difference . The last stanza (16-20) in the poem The Road Not Taken suggests just that. Once one embarks on a chosen path. and it cannot be turned back. I loved physics but I wanted a spare.

Which have given the person the skills to do what they love. Life is always taking people somewhere and it will continue to take them somewhere new as long as they make choices to do something different. It also shows how ones experiences affect their lives. It’s what happens on the trip that gives one the tools to do what one must when one reaches the destination. a cancer patient can either sit at home and cry for themselves and feel bad or go out and do whatever they wanted to do. This poem also seems to suggest that its not what one chooses it’s how one responds to the choices. People can settle into a routine or a rut . This poem was in response to a question. The choices a person makes can lead them to either the same destination or a completely different one. A person can choose to do excellent during their school years but choose to work odd jobs and travel instead of joining a post-secondary. It’s how they respond that gives them the experience to go forth and be able to handle the future however they chose to. which leads to more experience and difficulties. The answer was this poem and when one dissects it can be seen that no he wouldn’t be. This poem says to me that personal choice leads to more choice. the question was that if he (Robert frost) had done things differently or chosen a different path would he still be a poet. One can live in misery at their choices or make the best of it.it is the mentality and the experiences. this is an extreme example but its effective. and emotionally throughout their life. Personal choices keep a person going and developing mentally.

and that has made all the difference.” (19-20) this quote from the poem says just that. . our destination is forever changing.where they don’t seem to go forward because they continuously make the same choices. “I took the one less traveled by. By taking a different road every time instead of the same one we took before. This text says to me that by continuously making different choices we keep changing our future. taking a different road makes an alternate destination every time.

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