“East is the mansion of the gods”, states the sacred formula of the ancient Egyptians, and the same

word “east” (“neter” in aegyptian) meant at the same time “god”. From the point of view of natural symbolism, East is the place where ascends, “vos-tekeat” [in russian] the sun, Light of the World, material symbol of Divinity and Spirit. The West has the opposite symbolical meaning. It is the “country of death”, the “lifeless world”, the “green country” (as the ancient Egyptians called it). West is “the empire of exile”, “the pit of the rejected”, according to the expression of Islamic mystics. West is “anti-east”, the country of “zakata”[in russian], decay, degradation, transition from the manifest to the non-manifest, from life to death, from completeness to need, etc. West [Zapad, in russian] is the place where the sun goes, where it “sinks down”[za-padaet].

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