I'm glad I was rejected by the idiots when I was born.

It totally saved me from being manupilated by the cares of the zeros who extort and use people like they are slaves to pimp out because they can't accept that t heir mothers are viscious whores. only a male with misogynist leanings could see good women like myself as worthy of being treated like their whore mothers. Their pedophile proclivities and comments thereof are of no concern to me because i've always lived for me and not them. I'd never sought the approval of those degenerates and they are the actual slaves. Slaves to proving themselves wrong about their desprate and feeble attempts to make everyone equal when we are not created equal and no matter what we all will not see eye to eye about everything. They are dissappointed and constantly on the lookout for victims. Losers! I'm glad my Mother was the only person to break my heart. If it hadn't been for my seeing her hardships would I have decided not to take anyone in this evil world seriously. It's funny how they insist on expressing themselves to me about me when I clearly don't care what they think beause I've never had a reason to. They never appreciated me when i was young and any fake attempts to pretend they cared was just that fake and obviously so. Therefore I never had a reason to care what others think then or now. I am correct in my approach to this evil world. I am glad that I am me and I would never desire nor have I ever desired to be anyone else. Excuse, Excuses are all the failures have for their uncontrollable weakness of telling me what they think of themselves. They can't stop projecting, as usual.