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Vientos de Invierno: 12 puntos de la trama importantes para anticipar

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Por James Walker
7. Arya’s Training Takes Her to Westeros

Arya succeeded in passing her trial period at The House of Black and White. The She-Wolf fully harnessed her senses, her warging powers and her skills of analysis under the tutoring of the Kindly Man, who bestowed the acolyte’s robe upon her by the end of ADWD. Upon her inclusion into the club, the Kindly Man signed her off to the veiled Izembaro as an apprentice. Izembaro is seemingly just another fresh face, however there has been intriguing speculation that we may have encountered this ‘Izembaro’ character, albeit very briefly, in the past. Tobho Mott – Kings Landing’s master armorer, and Gendry’s former blacksmithing trainer – is the vaguely speculated true identity lurking behind the Izembaro name. The evidence supporting this theory in the linked comment possesses strong merits, therefore I find myself

duly convinced. Assuming then that this idea is correct, Arya will find herself back in King’s
Landing, where-in the temptation of once again assuming her birth identity and exacting

Arya’s notable familiarity with the intricacies of Kings Landing’s dungeons combined with her nearly natural talent for assassination poises her as the only candidate for the job.revenge on a vulnerable Cersei will hang above her head. therefore Qyburn is bound to be the cult’s highest priority target in Kings Landing. will potentially culminate in Arya disobeying. The neigh on impossible likelihood of the Faceless Men assigning Arya to the assassination of Cersei and Tommen. the Faceless Men in pursuit of her personal vendetta. . in the presence of their strictly upheld rule of killing no-one whose name you know. Qyburn’s necromantic practices are an aggressive affront to the sacred appreciation of death amongst the Faceless men. or altogether abandoning. Who will Arya target when she remains under the cloak of the Faceless Men? Qyburn is the best guess circulating forums as it stands. expect the Faceless Men to capitalize on this.

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