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GRASPS Task: Sustainability Essay #2

Goal: Your general task is to write a Report according to the key features of that genre. See chapter 8. Role: Your objective involves using well researched information to present a report with regards to a communities responsibility towards sustainability. **This should be answered in the main claim of your thesis. Audience: The report should aim to inform United States citizens about the candidates, their principles, major issues, or the process involved with elections. Situation: The challenge involves avoiding the interjection of personal opinions, staying on topic without digression, maintaining a well-organized format, and providing balanced and qualified research that adheres to the guidelines of M.L.A. documentation; AVOID PLAGIARISM. Purpose: You must demonstrate an understanding related to the confines of the Report genre and the specified objective. Your ability to use proper M.L.A. documentation with regards to source recognition and format will also be assessed. The research aspect is also designed to demonstrate your ability to conduct a thorough investigation and to objectively consider multiple aspects of a given topic before making an informed decision. Standards: Thesis statements must be approved by the instructor by the deadlines indicated on your syllabus. The reports must adhere to the key features identified in chapter eight of your text book; including a succinct and objective topic that informs, accurate well researched information from qualified experts, comparison of at least two points of view, and information necessary to identify any key terms. A total of six sources are expected to be incorporated in this essay. o o o Two should be chosen from the ones that your peers have listed in the Sustainability Bibliography on Blackboard Two more should be from scholarly/printed material (This may include Ebsco sources). The final two can be from reputable sources of your choice (Use the CRAAP test to evaluate these sources). Other scholarly sources that might be considered, include interviews from qualified experts within the field of sustainability and will also be accepted, but are not mandatory. As always, plagiarism will not be tolerated. Students are expected to adhere to the M.L.A. documentation guidelines for source integration, in-text citations, works cited entries, and page format. Research papers take time, so be sure to manage it wisely. On the reverse, you will find a check list and scoring guide to lead you through this process. As always, I am open to assisting those who meet with me before deadlines. Please refer to my office hours under faculty information in your Blackboard course shell or send me an email to schedule an appointment.