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Peace Corps Zambia Welcome Book June 2013 'CCD'

Peace Corps Zambia Welcome Book June 2013 'CCD'

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Peace Corps Zambia Welcome Book June 2013

Peace Corps Zambia Welcome Book June 2013


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Published by: Accessible Journal Media Peace Corps Docs on Jul 04, 2013
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Pre-service training is the most intensive period of your Peace Corps service. During your nine weeks of training
time, you will need to accumulate the knowledge and experience necessary for the first several months of service.
Before being sworn in as a Volunteer, you will also need to demonstrate that you meet the criteria to qualify for
Volunteer service.

Following a brief orientation program, you will be taken to a current Volunteer's site to spend a few days observing
firsthand what the next two years have in store for you. Following this first site visit, you will proceed to one of two
Peace Corps training centers where you will live with a host family. While pre-service training is extremely busy, it is
also a time of excitement, discovery, and self-fulfillment. Drawing on your reserves of patience and humor, the effort
and frustrations of functioning in a different culture will be rewarded with a sense of belonging among new friends.
The long hours of study and practice will pay off in your ability to work effectively in a challenging job that will
directly benefit a great number of people.

Trainees in all programsectors will follow a community-based training model. You will live with homestay families in
villages within 15-20 kilometers of the training center. Your language, cross-culture, and technical sessions will take place in
surrounding villages. At least once a week, you will travel by bike to the training center for medical and other sessions and
travel back to your homestay family at the end of the day. The living situation with your families will be similar to what you
will experience as a Volunteer.

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