Daughter Returns 2T Author: Tom White Editor: Shannon E. Publication Date: 09.

2011 Years had gone by since John had seen her and now he lived alone, content with h is solitude. He had his leisure time, spent at his new PC and its connections to the wide world. For some time he had been logging on to a site that featured st ories, well-told stories involving fantasies. Of course, the authors would not w ant to live these out in reality, but the imagination coupled with the good writ ing was a genuine turn-on. John became an author. About every two weeks he would send in a new story. Most stories featured his favorite fantasy, which involved her -- his lovely daughter whom he had not seen now for quite a few years. Some how, he didn't know how, he had come to placing her centrally in his stories, so many of which involved a father who loved his daughter in a way that is defined as forbidden. John also found several sites that had excellent images of people engaged in sex acts, including some advertised as "teens." Lovely, pert breasts , long legs, erotic stiletto shoes ... sometimes it was not the overt sex but th e sheer glory of seeing such a delightful body on display with the perky smile o r the alluring glance. She became part of that too, his daughter Laura. She took on a new appearance with each picture, but remained always connected to him by the taboo fantasy. He purchased a software program that allowed him to insert te xt into the pictures. He named the pictures too. "Daughter_spread.jpg" would be a title for an image of a teen sitting on a bathroom counter, her legs spread, s howing her moist cunt while she aroused herself by pinching her nipples. "Daught er_wants.jpg" would label a picture of a girl in ecstatic dreamland, her finger probing herself, her eyes closed, but her face in rapture. John would think of L aura doing that and then insert a thought-bubble on the picture: "Oh, Dad, I nee d your prick!" But one day all this changed. The phone rang and it was she. She' d had a terrible fight with her boyfriend and wanted "out." She wanted to return home for a while, to come back to this city, after being away for nearly a deca de and not really staying in touch. She was feeling down but he gave her boost w hen he welcomed her back, to stay with him as long as she needed to get her life back in order. And so, a few days later, when the doorbell rang, he knew that i t would her: Laura, a daughter he had not seen in almost ten years. Laura nervou sly rang the bell. She felt bad about not staying in touch, but she had develope d a strange feeling and could not explain it. Every time she had thought about w riting or calling, thinking of her Dad living alone and wondering about her, she had somehow been unable to follow through. Well, she thought, let's face it, I know why. Laura blushed as the quickly racing thought ran through her while she waited for her Dad to come to the door to welcome her. She remembered how she us ed to watch them, Mom and Dad, while they didn't even know she had a way to peek ing. The bedroom door would be slightly ajar, after midnight, when they thought she was sound asleep on some weekend night. She would hear them first, the whisp ered hot words, then she would rise and tiptoe to their bedroom door. "Oh, baby, yes, suck!" she would hear.

and he admitted that he was not as active as earlier. She so admired his intelligence. Laura was catching up on some sleep and he le ft before she even awoke. nowadays they were practically ho usehold appliances. She felt reassured: she ha d been able to simply sit and talk with her Dad without any of the special taboo feelings she had been worried about. fuck. but had thought of it the other night. John opened the door with some trepidation. His daughter would despise him. "Yes. tweaking her clitor is. he suddenly remembered something . maybe call for help to have him put away somewhere! Maybe she would walk out immediately. the name was an invitati on to the curious mind of his alert daughter! Oh God! What if she finds the stor ies? And the pictures! Oh." She would see her father's muscled body in acti on. then deeply submerged in her Mom's wide-open gushing cunt. she thought.no. he thought . "Book draft" and she spent some time within that directo . he maintained contact with the field and it gave him an excuse to get out of the house. At mid-morning. fuck me!" Her Mom's words would create a shiver down her spine. recalling old times in the family. of th e final break with her boyfriend. and then goose bumps along her entire body while she became wet. no. She got up and sauntered around. Yes. She hugged her Dad and pressed hers elf against him. yes." her mother would cry. The next day was h is teaching day and he left early.but what was she thinking! Impossible! Better leave now! No. And. there was a file. When she flashed her smile and then came to hug him. It had been so long! There she was! An incredible sight was there before his eyes. let's see what he's got. wrote suc h stories! He wanted to cancel the seminar and go back but. "fuck me forever. God.. lover. Only the disaster of the last few days. it will be alright. as the door swung open. then forgot to search the net for some clues as to what to do to make sure that his "private" files w ere closed to others.he felt guilty but excited at the sight of her attractive bosom and her long le gs. The man-smell overwhelmed her. she would see the outline of their bodies in the dark. had driven her to return. now. The problem is solved. She will see that stuff and pack her b ags and leave a father who entertained such thoughts. Laura would finger herself as she watched D ad making love to her Mom. Now he bit his lip as he thought of Laura in the house. it will be OK. She might see the directory labeled "private. long brown hair and eyes to match. L aura finished her breakfast and felt warn and happy. John swooned in genuine delight. . girl! John and Laura spent the evening in quiet talk as they sat in the liv ing room.. his grasp of so many things in the wor ld. yes. "Oh. kept such files. she wouldn't be especially interested. "I'm coming. The conversation last night had been interesting. and with her father. she thought as she checked out the system. All it took was a little real life. the thought-bubble s! He felt a sense of enormous shame. Laura! Laura felt herself melting. nobody was as strong and elegant as her Dad was! Nobody would ever substitute for him as the one. Home. Probably doing some writing. She inquired about his work. he thought. Her work was with c omputers and she easily found the specifications and moved around checking out w hat her Dad had been up to. After all. Laura knew that her forbidden fantasy had been the underlying reason why she had not stayed in cont act: she feared what would happen. surf the net. a project of some sort. It had been years since she had been it and much had changed. his long hard organ moving slowly all the way out. There had been no computer on the desktop then.Giving the door a slight push. so that most of the time he was at home. at last. don't stop." What a jerk. fuck!" And Laura would come too. fuck me now . He had forgotten to secure his files on the computer! Actually. he didn't even know how to do it. lover. the least I could have done was rename the directory. Hmm. moving into his d en. Sh e might wander around. lover. moving her finger over her labia. probing her wet opening. fuck. The loveliest face he had ever seen. Yes. Wow. fully twenty miles from home and commi tted to the seminar coming up in a few minutes. this is a h igh-powered baby. what he had inserted as text. her eyes fully adjusted to the lack of light. Maybe she won't even notice the PC.. the tip of the head tickl ing the mother-cunt-lips and then probing slowly back in. bar none! And her body. the liquid slowly dribbling d own one leg and accumulating on the rug.. or whatever. Yes. get cont rol. Still. yes.. see his PC and sit down to play a game. A young woman with a flashing smile. coming. can't do that. that's what will happen. He taught only one seminar each term.

so he must be using images in his work .ry. Hmm. Dad has a Photodex program. reading a coupe of draft chapters. Not bad.

.. giving him a little peck on the cheek. still another button.. will you please?" Please what? Laura trembled. the words i nserted now were "Oh. "Stories" was a subdirectory she had noticed and now began to check out. one hand on her cunt while the other manipulated the mouse. fuck me!" My God. Now. It was too much. lover-Dad . yes. hot. He pushed in and then out. and then. I won't look at them again. her mind an electric zone of hot messages flowin g across it and sending hot signals to her moist vagina. yes. His fingers traced a path along toward her uplifted breasts.So it's OK. "pictu res.. fucking her! Do ing what no man had ever done before. there too.She tried several other files and saw t he hot sex action with the accompanying words. After a warm fantasy-drenched bath. "Oh. I'm coming again. "It's OK. like in the picture. That "private" directory contained more than image s. It's OK. and not just young w omen. then he let them move across her neck. oh. Dad. he massaged her nec k and shoulders. her Dad. yes. with her. in the mouth. "Oh. Her father. Daddy-lover..daughters! Oh. in the cunt. Dad. feeling the smooth skin and seeing the g oose bumps arising. under the blouse. Dad. when he returned. Laura whispered.p ut it in. her heart beating eve r so rapidly. o h Dad. Laura had lunch and took a nap.. do you realize what you are doing to me! John continued his gentle upperbreast massage with one hand while he now probed her mouth with a finger of the other hand. "Dad. As they were finishing dinner. about. She stripped off her clothes and sat back down. was staining her panties." he nearly wept as h e saw that she reading one of his hot incestuous stories about father-daughter l oving. her ass high in the air and an old er man's cock was inserted partway into her anus. she checked a few directories.these days. Christ. according to the inserted text. I'm hot. with his daughter! Oh. how her breasts were tingling. John moved to take his plate to the kitchen. her face flushed. with both hands. She wore a light blouse with buttons in front. Dad." She s aid nothing about how hot the story had made her feel. fuck me! Love me! Suck m y breasts! I always wanted you! Give it me. Yes.jpg. Her eyes were sort of dreamily looking at th e ceiling and somebody had inserted a thought-bubble. John could see the cleavage as his fingers traced a path along her neck and then a shoulder. In mid-afternoon.men and their daughters! Fathers who. She glanced up at him. The girl was n ow open wide and a man had his cock poised at her moist cunt and she was saying. Laura closed her eyes and let it happen. "daughter_dreams. still moving gently across her neck and shoulder with the fingers of his other hand.. saying "It's OK. I'm. darling." She left the den.. She double-clicked on it and after the program opened. there. sh e almost fainted. Dad's having fantasies about. His face was white and she thought he wo uld collapse. Dad. hot taboo lust. suck Daddy!" "Oh. oh. having her dreamily thinki ng.. It became ti ght and with the other hand he unbuttoned the upper blouse button. God. I should not have.oh baby. Then. "Hmm. yes. She closed the program and got up. yes." A beautiful girl wa s using a vacuum cleaner.. she thought. She was reading the story called "Father and Daughter Hot Nights" when suddenly she heard his steps behind her. He initiated a rhythmic in-and-out motion of the finger as she b . it's incredible! Dad has a thing about young women. She turned. Dad. But the situation changed. which would have been no big deal. fuck my as s!" Laura felt the wetness below. lick me!" When she opened a last file. they were marked private and I was wrong. fuck me!" Laura nearly fell out of her chair. then the next . She double-clicked on the first one. Yes. A young girl was bent over.. Dad. he stood be hind her as she sat and toyed with the last bits of the food on her plate. There was one called "private" that had a subdirectory. "Oh. yes. Dad. now past her bra. The same girl was now bent over and staring into the camera. . yes. oh baby.. yes. let me bend over for you the way you want it. I'm hot. but she was totally nude except for high-heeled shoes. Dad." What was she wishing? Laura exited and opened the next image. how her wetness. What w as all this about? She skipped several files and then opened one. Daddy. please! Her entire body we nt into a rhapsody of lust. let me suck!" "Bab y. His f ingers moved through her hair.. she a rose and returned to the den. Dad. I'm so sorry. oh. "Suck it. moving the blouse down. yes.. I wish. She increased the speed of her finger fucking and closed her eyes. even now . D ad." and when it displayed she took a deep breath and stared at the file names. don't worr y. fuck my ass. "Laura. O h. she thought. " he whispered.. I know it's only fantasy.

"Hmm. .athed it with saliva.

now at his belly as she reached down." the father crie d out as their bodies now met without any medium of interference.w ait. Dad. Dad. no! The sinking feeling when he had returned." Laura cried. "we can't do it. you do like to suc k your baby. She too had bee n obsessed with the idea of father and daughter making love. If he only knew how many times I thought of him! How many times he fucked me in my dreams! Oh.yes. Came over soon af ter. She sat on his lap." she whispered. and her belly as he felt the mounting urgency of orgasm as La ura. but sa tisfied for the moment. "Hmm.. his beautiful daughter. amid the morning haziness of arri ving again in the obdurate reality of a warm morning. "Sit on me.oh no! He had been gone for the day." he moaned as Laura sat on his hard naked organ. Oh. suck Daddy. his shoulders. Dad... Daddy ! Oh yes. "Oh. John awoke with a start. It was not just him. Something great. "Now the reverse.or. She had called.something terrible? He thought for a moment. Yes. yesterday. baby. suck!" He whispered the hot message to her as he le t his other hand reach within her breast and gently rub her nipple. to make love with my father. sucking on his finger. Laura was here in the house. Dad.. exhausted. "I've dreamed of h is all these years. Dad." he whispered.. bathing it in saliva. that was it. suc k Laura. Dad. Laura-baby. darling.." he w hispered as he pulled off his briefs. yes. we'll ju st make out. licking each in turn. to spend time while trying to get her life back in order.. this is what I always wanted.. I love the feel of your wonderful prick! But the cl oth interfered and now she arose and pulled down her panties. lover. I've always wanted you. don't try to enter me. pushing his shirt away. "Baby. They fell into each other's arms. "Yes. Goose bumps app eared all over his arms. find ing here there. me too. "Suck me. her breasts. continuing the ero tic rubbing. Don't. " I'm going to come.. "Rub back and forth.." he said in alarm. His body seemed to be i n some sort of convulsion. yes." she whispered as her finger began and in-and-out motion and her Dad su cked it deep into his mouth.last night. Dad.. And yesterday." "Oh Laura. shaking with inhibited sexual frenzy. his legs stretched out on his pillow-soft bed. come. her face flushed with anger as she examined his images. Laura. in and out. simulating the taboo act. while he sucked her lovely breasts . darling. then. She rubbed her hot cunt against her father's monster organ. their b odies joined now: her warm moist center rubbing on his erection. Oh. Daddy. She stood and came behind him and massaged his neck and. Broke up with her boyfriend. Something had happened that w as very significant to his life. the way a daughter is not supposed t o. one button at a time with on hand while the other reached down to massage his chest. Then there had be en an evening of warm." she cried. he knew that. it's better without these. Be brave. family reminiscence. S he ran a finger across his lips and then he opened for her. as to what had really happened. now whispering into his hot ear. "I know." he whispered.. each covered by the flimsy cloth of underwear... she thought.. Then she reached down and slowly unbuttoned his shirt. baby. Now he abruptly shifted and sa t back in his chair. He looked into her eyes as he pushed her skirt down and off.. oh lover-Dadd y. She moved in front of him. Then. sweetheart." "Shhh. "Wait. come. in and out." John felt a glow of relief. her hand moved to his lips. He opened her blouse and kis sed her breasts. all . don't you?" She asked in a trembling voice. feeling it probing her mouth. Laura felt herself go into a swoon. left her alone and she had found his private files on the computer in his den. he pulled down his trousers. it would take a moment to get it straight.. Yes. The next day." he whispered urg ently and as he did so. his stor ies. rubbed her luscious cunt across his heated organ. He licked her shoul ders. sit on your Daddy. Laura shiver ed with sexual excitement.

He had let his hands caress her neck. her entirely aroused body. his fantasies. making it impossible for to stop searching his files. for further self-stimulation. in this dream recollected vividly now. She won dered now if her flushed face. caressed his chest with her loving hands. butted-in on his own fantasy-life. Or did he think she was angry with him? In any case. But. staring at the lurid images of father-daughter love-making. The awful had been real. there!" . he r ecalled his dream. but he surmised that he had deeply disappointe d her. her shoulders.... he had tried to re ach out to Laura but failed for some reason and the long silence between them co ntinued until she had made that call. Father! Suddenly she recalled the predicament. Come to me. as real. A decade of seeming indifference. After Mary had left him. He had come. She had trespassed on he r father's privacy. Safe back home with father. as in s ome fantastic voyage. about having sex with him! As if triggered by the thought. we can't.. H e felt the stickiness in his shorts. All the blood had seemed to drain out of him and all he had been able to do was apologi ze... "Oh. What a dream! She had reciprocated...without penetration. then. Dad. here in bed. had communicated itsel f to him. button by button. Whatever had happened.She had looked so disturbed. as h e had shifted to his own seat. her brain sent out shock waves of erotic messages.let his incestuous fantasy run wild on the mindless scre en. She had had no right to let her own perverted fantasies take con trol. to decode her neural network to find there all those secre t guilty but deeply exciting thoughts about. Laura felt the light of the morning sun directly on her as her eyes blinke d open. Yes .Or had there been? Suddenly. then reached down and tweaked her nipples.. Now he felt himself starting to grow hard. whispered h er words aloud. He had hurt his relationship to the only person who now mattered to him.that's it." the lonely virtual existence in cyb erspace. Your tongue is a wonder now down there. when he returned from bringing a dish to the kitchen. He had opened her blouse.until she had discovered "his secret life. He showered and shaved and then made some coffee.wait. John sighed and arose. closing her eyes while murmuring the erotic message to the phant om presence of her handsome father.dealing with. Laura. Morning at home! Away from that character she once thought she might mar ry.. was unwelcome. your kiss! My mouth is open for you. Oh. something that was none o f her business. He had approached her from behind as she sat there. now he recalled exactly what then had happened in that wild dream! She had sat on his lap. then the wonder of father and daughter getting together again and on the best of terms. five years ago. life had to gone on. In the dream they had just finished dinner. held her br easts and then leaned over to kiss her. he had gone total ly white and apologized profusely for.. had unbuttoned his shirt. How would she had felt had he somehow entered her brain. There he could let go.. your l ips. he had thought he would die... wondering how he and Laura wou ld continue to live here together after her discovery of his incestuous fantasy life.. Dad. reading the arousing stories about daugh ters who wanted and finally had their fathers in bed! She recalled that she had been reading a truly exciting such story written by her own father! when he had arrived back home and entered the den to find her there at his computer. there had been more.. where her presence. make love to me! I'm waiting for you. Yes.. He'd had wet dream! So that was the reason for the strange feeling that something awful and yet something wonderful had hap pened. then bent her h ead to kiss him.for what? She had put him in a terrible position by entering his dream life. . we shouldn't. Take off m y nightgown. She had seemed understanding. somehow. free at last of that increasingly menacing ex-boyfriend. they had made genital contact without actually. Dad. There he could download explicit images and invent erotic fantasies to match them. There he could make virtual love as he once actually did with Mary. Laura removed it and now. the wonderful had been a dream! John bit his lip in agonized selfcriticism.

Laura spread her legs and gently touched her clitoris. now naked and hot. Knowing he was alone. So." she called out. I'm a virgin there. After completing her dressing. For now. including a dinner with one of them." she whispered. get hold of yourself! John ta pped the keyboard to awaken his computer from its electronic sleep and then.He studied the image. So hot! So hot! Don't stop! Oh.. She found herself spending more time at the mirror than usual. "Oh. For now. let me have it. Like in that picture on your screen. Laura... the problem was put on hold. she popped her head into the kitchen where John was sitting at the table. Beautiful cleavage.. my lover. Laura. we're fucking. yes. She reached back and inserted a fin ger into her wet moist pussy and then probed her anus with it.. "Oh. He had kissed them in his wet dream.. "I'm off. that would be best. her anus adjusted to the penetration and her heated mind wen t into overdrive with pictures of her father-lover behind her. Laura sighed. though.. I have a long day of interviews with vari ous guys about a possible job in the area.. He threw off his robe and spread his legs and repeatedly doused his cock with saliva until its slippery texture simulated the hot cavern he so longed to actually enter. There was an image of a young woman whose cleavage. let me make love t o you with my mouth. Maybe she should leave soon. Dad. She arose an d showered. I'm sucking you Dad! Like I always wanted to when I was you nger. in his virtual w orld. yes. Laura baby. more time at little feminine chores she often did peremptorily but now lingered over. that's it. har dly thinking. That blouse. Dad. while probing her pussy with her other hand. she simply enjoyed the afterglow. called up his file of images. his hand falling to his lap. "Oh. "Oh. take care!" John watched her leave and felt a little relief. turn. For a while. John. letting her finger move o ver it lovingly. Dad. inserting her thumb and moving it back and forth. daily life had to continue. Dad. Dad. yes.slowly.. she now climbed on his erect cock. enveloping it with her inner he at. "Oh. fuck your loving Dad!" His mind reeled with the image of his daugh ter on his lap. his potent organ poised at the gateway and then pushing forward. now fuck me! Do it. sl owly. see you later. Laura. Dad. Cut short this stay. "now there. yes.. He sauntered into his den and sat at the comp uter. Laura had looked so attractive this morning. yes. fucking!" John hurriedly grabbed for some tissues and came into them. sucking it. then her mouth.. but then her thoughts returne d to reality.." Gradually. Did you want it too baby? Here it is. Laura's breast s. where his robe now opened. nude on the sweaty shee ts. Like I saw Mom suck you!" Laura moved one hand up her belly to her breasts . the way you've been writing about it! Fuck me!" A momen t later.some of the but tons were open.. Laura turned and went on her knees. Ye s. no.Yes. "Yes. I love your breasts! As in his drea m last night.... . Dad. letting his voice rise up and echo in the empty house. "Yes.oh. Dad. fuck Laura! Fuck your daughter just the way you always wanted to. He closed his eyes. take your Dad's hard prick into you! Fuck me. I've been saving i t for you. sipping his coffee. John let go. when will you be back?" " Probably not until later this evening. avoiding his eyes. His cock grew hard and he fondled it. yes!" An orgasmi c surge swept through her heated body and she collapsed. She repeated this while whispering the hot taboo words about the sex act she had never experience d.huh. the way y ou've dreaming about it. fucking up and down on his erection while he licked and sucked her heaving breasts. at l east. love r-Laura-baby. fuck me that way! Put it in deep. yes. we're fucking! This is what I always wanted. Laura. your tongue! Now. Now he could suck them. there.

. As she did so.going d own! Laura sucking hard cock! Laura moving into position. but fi rst a quick shower. John noted. She should be coming home soon. Then he heard the door. the woman bent and her natural breasts came into view. he was looking up toward the stairs where Laura was coming down and did not notice the further information on screen: N for nudity and SSC for "str ong sexual content.. allowing him a brief and heart-thumping glimpse of cleavage and nea rly bare thighs. . John tried to turn his mi nd back to the notion of watching a movie. Almost in desperation. reaching in.at his place! Laura in his arms n ow. He flipped the remote control a bit to search the list of movies. She d idn't even want to be in the same house with him. and as she did so he saw that the rob e was loose. He lifts her skirt. but not settled yet. The musical score matched the seductive movements of a female on screen. But then he had thrown on his robe and come down to the living room. He had given her a key the other day and now he heard it turn the lock. then h er very high-heeled shoes. in and out. great. But maybe .bending further.. She stretched out on the couch near his own easy chair. Laura bending down. apparently. Beneath that robe was a damp and totally naked lovely body! "So . taking it. then works his tongue along her leg upwards. J ohn paced the living room floor. He pauses. taking it in the ass! Hell on earth. It was fairly late. Maybe a cable TV movie. he thought again of how this could possibly play itself out. stripping down to only his shorts. with details to be worked out. Not a major one. His tongue finds her hairy moist cent er and probes it." who might or might not be a man. I'm prepared to be thrilled! Thrill me!" She laughed at her play on words and they settled in to watch the opening of the film. the close-in camera view focussed on her legs as she put on her panties. maybe the re would be more than the dinner. thinking of himself in th e third person. Wiping himself. Now he wondered wher e she was. Maybe his daughter Laura was at this moment in the hot embrace of some mature executive type.. upwa rds as she bends to accept his homage to her lovely ass! He pulls down her panti es and she spreads her legs for his mouth. The young woman wa s dressing." John was feasting his eyes on his beautiful daughter.. Back in a jiffy. the classiest service. what's on. Planning to watch a movie? Maybe I'll join you. Dad? Anything good?" "Huh? Oh.. promise her an impor tant position." He watched her proceed upstairs. ta king her to the most exclusive restaurant with the best wine list. Just before the cred its came on... I don' t know anything about it really." "Okay. platinum credit-card and all. "Great. watching himself in his mind. Dad. I'm back!" Her vo ice was full of good cheer. hi there! I hope you had a good day in terms of the job-hunting?" "Not bad. who w as trotting downstairs in a white bathrobe after her quick shower.. He found one that was about to begin. He had shamed himself before her.Abruptly his mind switched back to reality. opening his fly. mov es his hands along her thighs.. starting from scratch. but it's the only movie that starts right about now.. as if nothing had happened between them. just a thriller of some sort. If a man. "Hi. then readied himself for bed. noting he r shapely long legs and high heels. The camera examined them as it traced the curvaceous lines of her lovely body.. He had waited for quite a w hile.maybe there really was a dinner with a "guy.in her cun t! Turning. what was he thinking! John turn ed on the TV to try to deflect his mind from the seemingly relentless sex-orient ed path it wanted to take. then. then her stockings. Against a dim background. since he did not recognize the names of the actors in the brief on-screen description of an R-rated thriller. nicely shaped and large-nippled. Hadn't she made some quick exc use to be gone the entire day? What a hopeless fool he was! Late that evening. What a beauty! And so effervescent! He imagi ned himself just behind her as she climbed the stairs. the dimmest lights! He would ply her with liquor.

Now th e big one. yes. She reached into her robe. her robe seemed to have opened a little further.. if these w ere coming up. made for sucking! Hmm! Then up the ankle. right now. Toe 4. One of those kinds of thrillers! He liked them. then his shirt was literally t orn from his body. he saw a soft alluring breast . Oh. A detective.Damn i t.John moved uncomfortably in his seat. The multiple threads of eroticism formed an exciting pattern of stimulation. Watching Laura was wonderful! Laura became very wet. baby. Laura's legs. her faced flushed. Laura. his own Laura who knew of h is secret fantasies. The sexy woman of the opening scene seemed to now be a bit frightened about som ething. sighing in pleasure. John felt hot.No. Quite a handsome. John's pulse quicke ned. They talk of the threat. Older than the woman. "I need somebody to protect. The film was not without interest but the living room had some sort of electricity in the air. The detective looked toward the ceiling.. make love to my cock! Oh. her bosom heaving.. Then his client was in his a rms. examining her bare back and watching her he ad as it bobbed.. She found the thought of it exciting. to protect her from some sort of threat. Lick. And in the upper area. but the body-language promises incipient contact of an intimate kind. what did I get myself into here? I can't very well get up and leave! Dad must be embarrassed. Saying to himself : Laura. mature man. the woman pushed off the detective's jacket. nibble. He felt a sudden glow of added pleasure by reflecting on t he voyeuristic aspect of it all. At last some sort of talk and action was occurring. And I need. Maybe.. Somebody to watch ove r her. I don't. That leg! Such a curve! Such an apparent smoothness! Made for caressing! He could go on his knees. buttons flying away. Toe 1. A little nibbling. Toe 3. Watching the lovers on screen. falling to her knees to unbuckle his belt. but he found it difficult to concentrate.. he would be watching them with Laura. wild. Dad! But her inner heated wor ds were unsaid. "It's been a long time. after ye sterday. her eyes filled with lust. what am I thinking! John turned his attention back to the film. Going down on him! T he woman was making love to her older lover! The man could be her father! Such a handsome father! Oh. he's thinking of it that way. Except that now. her cleavage! And the steamy film with the young woman and the mature man now in sexual embrac e. Through the opening. The film became a incest story in her imagination as she fed it with an internal voice! She sucking her Dad's cock! Dad is watching the woman make love to her father! And Dad is also w atching me! He dreams of making love to me. The camera shifted. She's interested. . Her lips found his chest and she kissed and licked her way down.watching Laura. what you do to your Dad! Laura felt warm.. He discovered that the hea dy mix of erotic ingredients was given a kind of extra dash of spice through the element of voyeurism. Hmm. . a sweet nipple. It doesn't mean a thing." she whispered into the ear of the detective who pressed his body against hers. he had to admit it.what you've got to give!" With t hat. She was calling someone on the phone. Now a lit tle licking. then the incredibly smooth lovely thigh. the intimat e moment had arrived as the detective moved closer. It was awkward. tweaking it. He enjoyed the sex scenes. Laura stretched out a little more on the couch and her rob e fell open even more so that one entire leg was now bare. Oh.. as the de tective arrives. like in the movie. Cut to the next scene. kissing but also with a han d moving along the smooth calf. John peeked at Laura and noticed that she had not moved to cover her bare leg. but not too old. nibble. Her body was hot. to say the least. He'll think that I think that he arranged this to try to seduce me! But they're only fantasies. In the film. Toe 2. She fi ngered a nipple.and also watching Laura watch the lovers on screen. then pull do wn his trousers. He doesn't really want to make love to me! And I don't want him to. lick. then caressed her breast. His cock became hard. I'm not going to be a stupid little girl and cover myself! That would only tell him that I'm thinking about. I'll let that robe be. yes. "too long!" "You need me" the detective murmured comfortingly whil e his hands worked at the buttons of her blouse and as his tongue leapt into her ear. Dreams of my going down on him. It created heat. Laura watched the sexy mo vements of the woman on screen. closed his eyes and op ened his mouth. Her hand fondled her breast as her eyes focussed on the screen. wild! Laura's movement caused the other leg to come free of the robe. no.. baby. gently kiss her toes first. with some dismay.


She spread he r legs even wider and probed her hot center. Hmm. two bare bodies moving in uni son as or. baby.oh. baby. found her clitoris and rubbed it with ferocity. do it. the n threw herself back down on the couch. but we can't. do it! Watch the daughter on screen as she sucks her D ad! Think about going down on me. if breathing ha rd.appetizing! O h. her inner excited voice took control. get undressed. Laura baby.. come suck! But. he remained mute. sucking. about the nipple. the other high up on the couch itself. Oh. She stood and quickly threw off the robe. Dad. daughter sucking Dad's prick! Laura watching a Daddy and his daughter making love! I'm th e man. yes. Laura felt herself move into another plane of bei ng. yes. of course not. Rem ember how Dad used to fuck your Mom? Remember how you watched? How Mom asked for more. then whimpered as she saw with inflamed excitement that her father was masturbating r ight there. beside her! His cock was enormous! A lovely head. L aura suddenly went out of control. Again. o f just letting go in one's mind. John threw off his robe. saying nothing aloud.. baby! Laura's eyes shifted to her father's tal l muscular body.suck! The way Mom used to suck! I u sed to watch as she made love to your cock in the dim light. noting the rising organ and the heated look in his eyes. as if a father was fucking his daughter! Laura swooned. if only. Dad. on e on the floor. The secret erotic joy of fantasy-incest. Wanting. John studied Laura's bare legs and now he also had an even more exciting vie w: his daughter's bare breasts were almost totally on display! She was fondling herself! Oh. "Oh. Laura saw the pair in deep sexual embrace. "Oh. her mouth remember? John's inner voice brought him to the very edge of total loss of control as he pumped his now massively erect organ.. Yes! Dad watchin g! The woman sucking her Dad! Fantastic! Now. she thought. His daughter in a sexu al frenzy! Laura finger-fucking herself! Laura letting me see it! Opening her ro be. There was only the hot incessant heat of her innermost moist center. baby. as she let her eyes return to the screen. Needing. And pleasure passed over into ecstasy. yes. O h. how she couldn't get enough of hard-man-husband-father-Dad-cock in her cu nt. Daddy is thinking about fucking you. began to slowly jerk-off. Laura panted. Laura-baby. She felt herself become an open living fire. John felt himself enter another world governed only by the p leasure principle. yes. yes. The world was incredible! Such a thing. yes. Laura glanced toward him again. Then her previously only i nner voice broke free. you know I dream of fucking you. not aloud.. Demandi ng. as he opened his own robe now and brought out to full vie w his engorged large cock. baby. Did Dad know what she was thinking? No. consuming the final taboo. so. not for real.As if by telepathy. we won't!" His mind was a whirlpool in which a flow of sensations and desires flooded his brain and raced rapidly th rough his entire body. Laura. only letting go there in one's ultimate privacy. like Laura. Let's face it. this thing that w as happening! His daughter! Wanting her father! Taboo! Fantastic! Wrong! Wonderf ul! He pulled down his shorts.. His inner conversation played with idea of it. I wa nt Dad to see my body! Laura closed her eyes and let her hand fall toward her ow n warm wet center. about all of it! I want him to see me. pretend ing about the leg. loverbaby-daughter. He applied saliva to it and. watching you is great! Oh. Her hands worked on her l abia. baby. I want him to see me! I was kidding myself before. He had no idea of her secret desires. . Dad. I want to see you too!" she cried out aloud to her startled father. a message scrolled out on John's inner screen: that man in t he movie could be me! She's young enough to be his daughter.. Her wonderful glorious incredible breasts! Oh. Dad wants to watch yo u. watch me as I let go! I'm being fucked! Laura panted. watching Laura all the w hile. Licking. Laura. yes! But Jo hn said nothing aloud. She spread her legs in total abandon. Go ahead. if only I could. that meant nobody else could know. enjoying the taboo moment in which father watched daughter give herself pleasure as both watched the imag ined incestuous scene on film.

" Jo hn fell toward her. Come. To Your Lusty Sexual Enjoyment. * Penthouse Magazine * Adult Webcams * Danni Magazine 1TU U1T 1TU U1T 1TU U1T The End . Dad. a moth to the flame.Laura looked up at her father and their eyes locked. Shannon E. "Come to me.

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