Rite of Consecration: LUSTRAL WATER (In the Ogdoadic Tradition

N.B. Upon the Bomos are a Chalice of Clean Water, and a small container of Sea Salt. If desired, Vervain and/or Hyssop herbs may also be infused.

Let the Celebrant be Robed and Ringed. The Celebrant stands in EAST of the Chamber of Art facing WEST and declaims the Admonition to the Profane. "Procul, O Procul, Este Profani!" or... Alternatively "Hekas, Hekas, Este Bebeloi!" Moving to the Center of the place of working, facing East, the Celebrant performs the Setting of the Wards of Adamant. The Celebrant moves deosil to the EAST of the Bomos, and faces WEST. S/He declaims the Statement of Intent: "It is my Intent to Consecrate Lustral Water for use in the Rites of Ars Magicka!" N.B. Two formulae of Charging are offered here for consideration: 1.) The formula of the Encircled Cross 2.) The ORANTE formula If using the formula of the Encircled Cross: S/He takes a small amount of Sea Salt and sprinkles it into the Chalice, then declaims: "I Consecrate and Charge this Water, making it Pure and Imbued with Light, in the Names of Leukothea, Melanotheos and Agathodaimon!" As the Celebrant pronounces the names of the Deities of the Consetllation of the Worshipped, S/He describes the Circled Cross over the Chalice in this manner: 1.) Horizontal bar: 2.) Verticle bar: 3.) Circle: (Draw Circle from Leukothea Melanotheos Agathodaimon Top in Clockwise direction)

N.B. Alternatively, the Celebrant may sprinkle the salt into the Chalice in the form of the Circled Cross, while uttering the Divine names. In either case let the Celebrant strongly visualize the diagram forming in brilliant Golden White Light. If the ORANTE formula is chosen: The Celebrant now projects upon the Chalice via the ORANTE Formula. Upon conclusion of the ORANTE Formula S/He declaims: "Thou Art the Water of Spirit, the Lustral Water!" N.B. At this point the rite may be Closed, or work Continued as needed. If Closing, give The License to Depart: "I now release any spirits that may have been imprisoned by this ceremony, depart now unto thy natural abodes harming none on the way, in the Names of Leukothea, Melanotheos and Agathodaimon, may there be Peace between Thee and Me!" Perform the Calyx. Execute One Battery of Choice, and Declaim: "I now declare this rite Closed!"

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