Individual Performance Commitment and Review Form

Individual Performance Commitment and Review Form (IPCR)

I_____________________ ______of the ____________________________ of ________________________________ commit to (Name of SUC) (Name of Campus/College/Office) deliver and agree to be rated on the attainment of the following targets in accordance with the indicated measures for period __________________ to __________, 20 ____.

Ratee: _____________________________ Date: _____________________________ Received by: Date Approved By: Date

Campus/ College Dean


Submission of Reports  No. Preparation of Syllabi No. workshop. debate  No. of Reports prepared (Qn)  Timeliness of reports (Ql) TARGETS QL RATING QN T REMARKS Ave MFO1 : HIGHER EDUCATION SERVICES MFO2 : ADVANCED EDUCATION SERVICES . Sponsored instruction related activities such as symposium. Preparation of Documents for Accreditation  No. seminars. training. of Areas/Programs (Qn)  % of documents prepared (QL) 6. of syllabi prepared and submitted (Qn) Completeness of the syllabus Timeliness of submission of syllabi (T) Preparation & Utilization of Instructional materials  No. Teaching  Teaching Effectiveness 2.OUTPUT CORE FUNCTIONS: SUCCESS INDICATORS (TargetS*Measures) 1.    3. of Activities Conducted (Qn) 5. of instructional materials prepared & utilized (Qn)  Instructional materials copyrighted (Ql)  Instructional Materials Prepared on Time (T) 4.

of research projects completed within the original projects timeframe(T) No. of research projects completed in the last 3 years (QL) No. of research studies completed (Qn) No. of person trained weighted by the length of training (Q1) Percentage of trainees who rete the training course as good or better % of client who rates the advisory services as good or better % of request for training responded to within 3 days of request (T1) % of request for technical advice that are responded to within 3 days of request (T2) % of person who received training advisory services who rate timeliness as good or better TARGETS QL RATING QN T REMARKS Ave  MFO4 : EXTENSION AND SERVICES      .OUTPUT CORE FUNCTIONS:   MFO3 : RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT SERVICES   SUCCESS INDICATORS (TargetS*Measures) No. of research output published in a recognized journal or submitted for patenting or patented (QL) No.

MORALLO. SUC President III . D.ALLIED FUNCTIONS: Final Average Rating Comments and Recommendations for Development Purpose Discussed with: Date Assessed by: I certify that I discussed my performance with the employee Campus / College Dean Date Final Rating by: Date Faculty NITA V. Ph.

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