Hon. Mayor Benjamin C. Abalos, Jr. Mayor, City of Mandaluyong Dear Mayor Abalos, Greetings!

At the time I was trying to write this letter, I have had a happy attitude and have think of you as one of those special people who possess a big heart, full of action and vibrant idea of what love is all about during Christmas time. I am aware of your leadership in the field of your endeavour and what is more striking me is that you possess a very compassionate heart, full of love, always ready to help the poor and the dispossessed not only in the City of Mandaluyong but also nationwide and that through the internet messaging, you have a very excellent credentials now and you have now a niche in the global arena or political civic and social leadership. Your CIARA Foundation is one of the best vehicle that showcases your benevolence concerns, understanding and love of the poor and dispossessed in the urban and sub urban poor. On December, 16, 2012, the Kiwanis Club of Queens Row – Bacoor of Kiwanis International is to embarked a gift giving and sharing of blessings of many blessed people who are happy to share their blessings to people living in a poorly lit areas of priority development of our Political Leaders and to think of it, the Kiwanis Club of Queens Row caters to this concern being a civic and social aware people or personalities or dedicated to the amelioration of people within the social milieu and many of these sub urban poor and former residents of our city and in fact most of them are still voters of our beloved city that you lead for years with a tremendous leap that eventually became a Tiger City of the millennium 2000 and beyond. The Kiwanis involved in this gift giving and sharing are thinking to have a kiddie recipient aging 4 – 12, expectedly at 500 kids and above. With these objectives and/ or goals, they will be pleased and privilege to receive anything or any amount that you can share and with certainty, they would be proud and happy to receive it. Thank you very much and expectantly waiting for your kindness, understanding and your action on this request, again, with deep love and personal esteem. Merry Christmas and a very prosperous New Year. Sincerely Yours,

Atty. Jimmy D. Lacebal Technical Coordinator for funds assistance and logistics, Kiwanis Club of Queens Row

* Hi Ate Tere/ Ate Carol, would you mind proof read this solicitation letter that my dad has dictated to me yesterday?, if there would be further corrections and addendum to this letter, please email back to me the revised letter at pjlacebal2015@gmail.com. Thank you very much and may God be with you. PJ

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