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c Kiel Steps

c Kiel Steps

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Published by Singam Sridhar
steps for m51 (c file) to hex conversion
steps for m51 (c file) to hex conversion

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Published by: Singam Sridhar on Jul 05, 2013
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many of us are still consfused that what is that code whihc goes into micero controller..

the answere is ihex code famous as hex code... the comiplers provide an option to conver you c code to the hex code

here are some the simple steps to follow to convert you C file to hex file...

step 1... go to simulator... you can find ir in project work space the top one... right click on it... click on option for target


go to taget. select the required crystal frequency tick on on chip rom step 3 go the output tab. tick on creat hex file .

click on ok and built the code again step 4: when you built your code file again look at the bottom .

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