Class Credit Cards

I have used these credit cards successfully in 2nd through 6th grades. It is a very motivating reward system which gives students real life math practice. The cards are only good for the owner, so stealing is discouraged.

Directions: 1. Make copies of the credit cards on cardstock paper. 2. Get small ink stamps and three colors of ink pads. 3. Give each student a credit card and have them write their name on the front with a pen and divide the back of the card into 1, 5 and 10 boxes as shown. (You may add a 25 box, if you wish.) 4. Students earn credit on their card for good behavior, returned homework, extra credit projects, etc. To receive credits, the class bankers stamp the appropriate number of credits on the back of the students’ cards. 5. Once a week students may go to the class store and purchase items or they may save their credits for larger purchases. Class store keepers set up and run the store and the bankers cross off the credits with a black marker when items or privileges are purchased. Rules: 1. When the credit card is full, students may get another card. 2. The card is only good for the owner of the card. 3. If there is any cheating by the bankers or the card carriers, their cards will be revoked for an amount of time determined by the teacher. They will also lose all credits accumulated. 4. Class bankers and store keepers must be responsible and honest. We change classroom jobs every two months and students have to apply for the jobs. 5. Students must keep cards in a safe place. If they lose their cards, they lose their credits, but may receive a new card.

Mary Peterson 2011

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