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Obtaining a License for the Production of Electricity

Obtaining a License for the Production of Electricity

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Nepal GOV's license procedure
Nepal GOV's license procedure

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Published by: Vishwa Prakash Amatya on Jul 05, 2013
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Schedule -6 (Relating to Rule -12) Application for Obtaining a License for the Production of Electricity

To, The Secretary Through Department of Electricity Development Ministry of Energy Sir, I am Submitting this application with the following particulars along with the necessary documents for production of electricity pursuant to Section 4 of the Electricity Act, 2049 and Rule 12 of the Electricity Regulation, 2050.
1. Name and address of the person or corporate body who is going to produce electricity:- Liberty Energy Hydropower (P.) Ltd. 2. Name of the project of electricity:- Upper Dordi ‘A’ Hydroelectric Project 3. Means to produce electricity:- Hydro/Water

4. If water resources is to be used:(a) Name of the river:- Dordi Khola (b) Area where water resources is to be utilized:(i) Zone: Gandaki (ii) District:- Lamjung (iii) V.D.C./Municipality:- Phaleni and Dhodeni (iv) Boundary:East: 84028’46” West: 84031’59” North : 28016’20” South: 28015’00” (c) Quantity of water to be utilized:- 9.80 m3/sec 5. Description of main structures and where to be located:- Presented in DPR 6. Date of commencing the work:- Kartik 2070 7. Date of completing the work:- Aswin 2073 8. Other particulars:- Related documents are attached herewith The fact mentioned above are correct and true. In case if found false I/we am/are prepared to bear according to law. Seal of corporate body. Applicant's Signature :Name:- Mr. Yadav Raj Mainali Address:- Battisputali-09, Ktm Date:- 2068/07/17

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