Questions to

find your purpose
Question # 1
What sustainable
development goal
are you working towards?
Question # 2
What are your values?
Your purpose is not what you think it should be.

Your purpose is who you can’t help being.
Question # 3
What is your story?
When Kathi shared her purpose statement with her
family and friends, this was their response:

“Yes! That’s you - all the time!”
The purpose is often hidden in the stories that a person
or an organization can tell about her / his / its past.

Nestlé was founded to save the life of a baby.

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Question # 4
What do people, you help
every day, really need?
Which of the tasks you do every day are the
most useful / creates the most value / create
the highest benefit for people you help?
One musician described his profound sense of
meaningfulness when his father attended a
performance of his for the first time and finally came
to appreciate and understand the musician’s work.
Research shows that individuals tend to experience
their work as meaningful when it matters to
others more than just to themselves.
Question # 5
What are you really good at?
3 questions to define what you are really good at:
 Which work activities require less effort?
 What do you do because you believe you are the best person
to do it?
 What have you gotten noticed for throughout your life?
Question # 6
What are you feeling that
your purpose needs to be?
Which of the tasks, you do every day, are getting you
closer to your purpose? What are you learning every day
that you need to do? What are you feeling is the right
thing for you to do?

Adapted from
Evolutionary purpose means that people listen and
help the person or organization grow into
what she / he / it needs to be rather than try to
control or shape it based on their preferences.
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