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Jemima Ann McKenzie Ross Coldwell (b. 1825)

Jemima Ann McKenzie Ross Coldwell (b. 1825)

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One of the Metis "First Ladies" of the Red River Settlement is profiled.
One of the Metis "First Ladies" of the Red River Settlement is profiled.

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Jemima Ann McKenzie (Ross, Coldwell).

Jemima Ross was one of the Metis “first ladies” of Upper Fort arr! and the Red Ri"er #ettlement$ Jemima M%&en'ie was the da()hter of *hief Fa%tor Roderi%+ M%&en'ie, of the -(dson.s /a! *ompan!, and his wife #arah #(therland, the da()hter of %hief Fa%tor James #(therland, Metis$ Jemima was first married to 0illiam Ross (1$ 1822) 1 on 3e%em1er 12, 1845$ 0illiam was appointed assistant sheriff and )o"ernor of the 6ail in 1851, to s(%%eed his father, and in 1857 0illiam was sworn in as %o(n%illor of 8ssini1oia$ -e operated the postal ser"i%e

from his ho(se near the Red Ri"er at the foot of Mar+et 8"en(e$ 2 9his ho(se was 1(ilt in 1851-52 1! his sister Mar)aret:s h(s1and, -()h Mattison$ ;t was lo%ated near the ri"er on the eastern part of the ori)inal Ross estate$ 0illiam died on 2 Ma! 1852$ -is wife was left with fo(r %hildren and another 1a1! on the wa!$
0illiam Ross and Jemima M%&en'ie had the followin) %hildren< • • • • • • #arah 8nn, 1orn Jan(ar! 19, 1842 at &ildonan, died 1825$ Jane Mar!, 1orn =o"em1er 27, 1845 at &ildonan, died in 1849$ 0illiam Roderi%+, 1orn 3e%em1er 7, 1849 at &ildonan, he married Jemima Matheson$ 8le>ander, 1orn Jan(ar! 2, 1852 at #t$ John:s, died in 1852$ Mar)aret, 1orn 8pril 8, 1854 at #t$ John:s, married 0alter John 9h(rlow James$ Jemima ;sa1ella, 1orn J(ne 7?, 1852, died Jan(ar! 5, 1825$

8fter 0illiam Ross died Jemima 1e%ame the wife of 0illiam *oldwell the %ler+ of @e)islati"e 8ssem1l! of 8ssini1oia$ -er sister-in-law -enrietta Ross was married to Re"erend John /la%+$ -er sister-in-law Mar! Ross married the Ares1!terian minister eor)e Flett (Metis)$ ;n 182?, Jemima married 0illiam *oldwell, an ;rish immi)rant$ *oldwell had apprenti%ed in 3(1lin as a %op!setter and proofreader for a newspaper and %ame to wor+ for the Globe in 9oronto$ ;n Red Ri"er, he 6oined with 0illiam /(%+in)ham to p(1lish Red Ri"er:s first paper The Nor’Wester$ #he %ontin(ed to li"e in Ross -o(se, renamed /roo+1an+, (ntil her death in 1912$ 0illiam was 1orn on =o"em1er 18, 1874, in @ondon, Bn)land, 0illiam *oldwell %ame to *anada in 1854, after apprenti%in) as a t!pesetter and proof-reader for a 3(1lin newspaper$ -e wor+ed as a parliamentar! reporter for the Toronto Leader to 1859, then tra"elled to Red Ri"er in %ompan! with 0illiam /(%+in)ham C pre"io(sl! a parliamentar! reporter with the 9oronto Globe$ 9he two, des%ri1ed as “pra%ti%al printers D a1le to do their own wor+, and do it well,” had de%ided to p(1lish the R(pert:s @and:s first newspaper, the Nor’-Wester. *oldwell readil! inte)rated into the settlement$ ;n the pa)es of the Nor’-Wester he attested that the people of Red Ri"er, tho()h personall! stran)ers, are alread! friends E who, for)ettin) those differen%es whi%h in most other %o(ntries are the so(r%es of 6ealo(s!, mistr(st, and

;n the histori%al re%ords Jemima M%&en'ie Ross is often %onf(sed with 0illiam Ross:s sister, Jemima Ross who was 1orn in 1875$ 2 ;n 1949, the Manito1a -istori%al #o%iet! alon) with the *it! of 0innipe) too+ possession of the histori% Ross -o(se 1(ildin) and mo"ed it to -i))ins 8"en(e, a%ross from the *AR #tation$ ;n 1984, it was mo"ed to Joe F(+en -erita)e Aar+ on Meade #treet$


%ontention E the differen%es of position, ori)in, reli)ion, and lan)(a)e Eha"e %ordiall! (nited in their )ood wishes for o(r s(%%ess$ /(%+in)ham, howe"er, left Red Ri"er the ne>t !ear$ -is position as partner in the p(1lishin) enterprise was filled 1! James Ross (Metis)$

0illiam *oldwell, Jemima (M%&en'ie Ross) *oldwell and )randson *laren%e James, %ir%a 1898$ (A8M) *oldwell left the paper in 1824 and too+ Jemima Ross *oldwell and their famil! to settle in 9oronto where James and his famil! were li"in)$ Ross ho(se was pro1a1l! rented or simpl! maintained 1! the remainin) famil! mem1ers$ ;n 1829, the *oldwells ret(rned to their Red Ri"er home whi%h the! %alled G/roo+1an+G 1e%a(se of its pro>imit! to /rown.s *ree+$ 9heir land was east of present da! Rorie #treet$ Jemima #treet in 0innipe) (now Bl)in) 1ears witness to the impa%t of the Jemima M%&en'ie Ross *oldwell on the de"elopment of that area$ *oldwell edited the new paper, 9he Manitoban, whi%h was a small, politi%al paper whi%h represented the ori)inal inha1itants of Red Ri"er rather than the newer elements$ 8fter that, he spent ten !ears as a parliamentar! reporter for the Free Aress$ 9he %o(ple:s %hildren wereH • 8m! #arah, 1orn =o"em1er 9, 1821$ #he died on Jan(ar! 15, 1822 in 9oronto$ • Mar! ;sa1el, 1orn 3e%em1er 1?, 1827$ • eor)e 8le>, 1orn J(ne 2?, 1825$ Famil! Metis #%rip %laimsH


R 15 ;nterior #eries 3-;;-8-a, Iol(me 1727, Reel *-14972 #%rip affida"it for Ross, Jemima< 1ornH Jan, 1825< father Roderi%+ M%&en'ie (0hite)< mother< #arah M%&en'ie( Metis)< %laim noH 152?< s%rip noH 1?222< date of ;ss(eH #ept 2?, 1852< amo(ntH J12?$ #%rip affida"it for *oldwell, 0illiam< %on%ernin) the %laims of his %hildren< =ameH Mar! *oldwell< 1ornH 1? 3e%em1er 1827< fatherH 0illiam *oldwell< motherH Jemima *oldwell< =ameH eor)e *oldwell< 1ornH 1 J(l! 1825$ R)15 ;nterior #eries 3-;;-8-a, "ol(me 1727, Reel *-14972 #%rip affida"it for Ross, Mar)aret< 1ornH 8 8pril 1854H fatherH 0illiam Ross< motherH Jemima M%&en'ie$ R)15 ;nterior, #eries 3-;;-8-a, Iol(me 1727 Reel *-14972 #%rip affida"it for Ross, 8le>anderH 1orn Jan 2 1852< died< 3e% 1857 < FatherH 0illiam Ross(de%eased)< motherH Jemima M%&en'ie< heirsH 0illiam R$ Ross, his 1rother, Mar)(erite Ross, his sister , and Jemima Ross, -is mother$

Bdited and *ompiled 1! @awren%e /ar+well *oordinator of Metis -erita)e and -istor! Resear%h @o(is Riel ;nstit(te


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