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course work

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Published by: geenelson on Jul 05, 2013
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By Georgina Nelson

I looked at several music tracks ranging from drum and bass tracks to pop tracks. I wanted to go for an upbeat happy song so I could make a summery music video. I was stuck between two song Calvin Harris – Thinking About You and Dislousure – White Noise. These tracks are both very similar with the same style genre. In the end I decided to go with Calvin Harris – Thinking About You as it was more calmer as the Disclourse song.

The song is about a girl lusting over a boy. It also implies that this boy likes her back you can tell this by the lyric ‘If I told you, that this couldn't get better baby’ so this tells us that they are in a relationship together and they are both very happy. The singer goes on to say ‘Now everything I do, is all for loving you.’ this tells us that she is mad about him and very much so in love with him. Later on in the song there is a lyric that goes ‘And now I'm gonna change my ways.’ this could tell us that maybe she has done something in the past that she regrets and that he does not like. Over all this song is about the girl telling the boy her true feelings for him and how much he means to her.

If you closed your eyes and listened to this song you would get very colourful summery pictures as the song is very upbeat and makes you feel happy. It also gives you the image of love in a pink tone , by this I mean a more young summer love not a deep red tone of a sexual romantic love that you can get from other songs. As the song is upbeat it gives you a summer vibe so lots of sunshine , pastel colours , flowers etc.

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