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8690496 Introduction Machine Protection

8690496 Introduction Machine Protection

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Published by: reza515hei on Jul 05, 2013
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Machine Protection Training


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Resistance measurement (1 – 3 Hz) .Agenda Day 1 Agenda 9.Practical demonstration 10.00am Registration & Introduction Introduction to Siprotec Relay Family Introduction to Machine Protection Break Basic Stator Earth Fault Protection .00am 1.General.Bus bar connected machines .30pm .Unit connected machines .Practical demonstration Lunch 100% Stator Earth Fault .Practical demonstration Afternoon Tea Rotor Earth Fault Protection .Resistance measurement (R/fn) .00am 10.00pm 3.00pm 3.Principle .30am 12.Current measurement (IEE>) . displacement voltage .

00am 1.Isolated operation .Practical demonstration .00am Synchronous Machines – basics .30am 12.Bus bar connected machines .Analysing a Fault Record using SIGRA 4 Afternoon Tea CT Dimensioning 10.Principle .Operation parallel with network .Reactances Break Under Excitation .Admittance plane .30pm .Agenda Day 2 Agenda 9.00pm 3.00am 10.00pm 3.Comparison admittance principle .Practical demonstration .Stability limits .Analysing a Fault Record using SIGRA 4 Lunch Out of Step .

Generator Differential Break Differential Protection .Analysing a Fault Record using SIGRA 4 Afternoon Tea Setting Examples continued 11.00am 10.30am Differential Protection .00am 10.Agenda Day 3 Agenda 9.Principle .Transformer Differential .30pm 3.30am 1.30pm .00pm 3.Practical demonstration Generator Startup Protection Lunch Setting Examples .Practical demonstration .30am 12.

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