Directions Good thing I got passed that busy intersection, now I have to get to where I m goi ng.

Where am I going anyway? Tough question, I knew the answer once, seems like two hours ago I was on the right track, railroad track? No, I was on the road, o r was I, wait I was in a car, falling asleep as I was watching the trees go by.Yea h,that s where I was. But where was I going? Where was I coming from? Tough questi on. Well, while I think about it, I think I ll have a cup of coffee. A large latte please. One, make that two. Yes, I am sure, two. At least it s a beautiful day to be lost. The clouds aren t rushing anywhere, the sun keeps a good overlook upon everyone, birds keep chatting away about changing weather and the fact they have to get going soon. People on the street seem somewhat happier than yesterday. A s I recall, most of them were sad, I can t seem to remember why oh that s right, she d ied. Awful loss, maybe she s in a better place. Is there a better place? Consideri ng where we are now isn t good at all, I mean it has its moments but do they reall y equal the misery? Why do we have questions more than answers? Maybe we don t all ow ourselves time to answer them, maybe we re to scared of the truth..maybe Alright, everybody out, we re here. Everyone listed for London can get off the coa ch. What? Here? Already? What s the time? That s was a fast trip, well at least I ma de it. Why did I want to come here?

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