Every once in a while we stop and reflect upon our lives, where we are, where we are going, what

we have achieved and of course why bother? We humans are a very interesting species in comparison with other beings both small and large. We of ten consider the rest useless, beneath us but rarely do we wonder about the simp licity of unorganized, uncategorized lifestyles. Although nature has a strict co nduct regarding each and every element it is composed of, we fail to see the per fection. We have raised ourselves in believing that life is difficult, only the strong su rvive and that if you don t fight for what you have then life is meaningless. Whil e some of these notions are true, I ve come to the conclusion, so far, that life i sn t about the struggle. It s not about how much you have, how far you ve gone or how high you ve reached. I, similar to other people, consider that a person s life can b ecome fulfilled once the realization that it s what you ve learned matters comes to light. An old saying goes Patience is a virtue meaning that one must reach a certain leve l of goodness or righteousness in order to have a moral excellence such as patie nce. The ability to be patient is not a given one, it is learned, taught as a re sult of a direct event or situation or indirectly. Patience, in my opinion, is t he glue that makes everything come to life and helps us understand how the world works and our part in it. Perseverence is regarded as a state of mind that is characterized by persistance , the ability to continue an action in spite of the encountered difficulties. We v e all had our share of perseverence, whether it was used just to get that phone you really wanted or maybe to achieve a state of conciousness equal to a enlight ened master. Or perhaps you wanted to help someone and were constantly discourag ed by the person you were trying to help in the first place. Whichever the case, perseverence helps us achieve whatever we desire. Progress signifies the development or growth of a person, object or environment whether by internal force or as a result of an external effect. Progress is simi lar to evolution, the main difference being that progress is present only when a positive development has happened where as evolution is non-biased related to t he quality of the result. As a species we have progressed in various domains suc h as architecture, lifestyle,entertainment, arts and music but in some aspects o f life we ve only evolved or stagnated. Aspects such as education,economy,behavior and relationships. I won t claim I have all the answers but I can guarantee that the mixture of pers everence, progress and patience is the fundamental principle that can help us ac hieve our goals, no matter how high or ridiculous they might seem. I ve learned so far that progress can never happen without a patient perseverence such as love cannot exist without trust. Another saying went something like Never make someone your everything, because wh en they leave you ll have nothing . I ve made that decision and I can honestly say it is the best decision I have ever made. Doing so does not mean that one must give up everything that makes him exist to someone else, I consider that you offer t hem everything and at the same time are willing to make any and all sacrifices i n order to achieve the common goal which is happiness.

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