Cylon Army Codex

The Cylon Army is made up of the vast legions of the Cylon Collective. Cylon Army units, being robotic, do not need to roll for morale. Their Centurions who have a direct link up to the Collective lead Cylon Army units. Cylon Centurion (6hp) Movement: 3” Range: NA Cost: 10pts Centurions do not roll for morale. Centurions can call-in Orbital Support Fire and authorize missile launches from anywhere on the battlefield. Centurions have a +1 attack roll vs. All. In Close Combat the centurion is allowed 2 attacks, 1 for his Power Rifle/Pistol the other attack with his Power Maul. Cylon Legionary (6hp) Movement: 3” Range: 8” Cost: 5pts Basic ground attack troop. All Cylon Warriors are equipped with a standard power rifle. Cylon Jumptrooper (6hp) Movement: 3/8” Range: 8” Cost: 20pts Jumptroopers of the Cylon Collective. Cannot move 3” then Jump, but can move 2” then Jump. Units attacking Cylon Jumptroops receive a –1 modifier to their attack roll. Cylon Electromancer (6hp) Movement: 3” Range: 8” Cost: 25pts This is the Collectives version of the Human Technomancer. The Electromancer has his own special attacks that differ from the Technomancers Compendium. The Electromancer may fire up to 25pts of Ordinance per turn. Cylon Engineer Mech (4hp) Movement: 3” Range: NA Cost: 10pts Not made for battles, made to repair only therefore they have no attack. Can repair 1 piece of equipment or 2 Cylon Warriors per turn using the following 1d6 scale: 1-2 Dirty Oil, 0 hp repaired. 3-4 Replace Circuit, 2 hp repaired. 5 Field Welding, 3hp repaired. 6 New Parts, 4hp repaired. Cylon-Tank (10hp) Movement: 5” Range: 8” Cost: 20pts Robotic Tank equipped with standard tank turret. Does 1d6 Damage + 1.

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