The Questionnaire


-------------------------------------------------------------------------------1. A Process defines basically : Answer : ...Choose...A running Program Who is doing what when and how to reach a specific goal A new procedure to be implemented All of the above 2. ISO, CMM, Six Sigma are Answer : ...Choose...Quality models Tools Programming LanguagesCoding Standards 3. The International Standard for Quality Assurance – ISO 9001 emphasizes on : Answer : a. b. c. d. ...Choose...

Process Quality (rather than product Quality) Product Quality Both (a) and (b) Critical Component quality

4. Maintenance Process Model is best suited for Answer : ...Choose...Problem resolution on existing software products Interface modification due to changes in hardware or software environment Minor functional enhancements or performance improvement of the existing software All of the above 5. In Wipro which model representation of CMMI was adopted Answer: Choose... a. b. c. d. Rank model Linear model Staged model Process area model

6. Achieving the goal of means your product will be defect free to an extent of: Answer : ...Choose... a. b. c. d. 13.5 defects per million opportunities 3.4 defects per million opportunities 4.4 defects per million opportunities 4.3 defects per million opportunities

7. _______ is a process of examining whether the process conforms to the defined quality system: Answer : ...Choose...(Doubt) a. Audit b. Assessment c. Testing Review 8. All Configuration Audit issues are recorded in -------------- and tracked to closure: Answer : ...Choose... a. Software Configuration Audit Report (SCAR) b. Software Configuration Order Form (SCOF) c. Baseline Record d. PMR

Tailored ODC specific processes Any One of the above 10.. The set of actions to be taken to minimize the occurrence of Risk is documented as part of Answer : .9.. The FS document may address Answer : ....Choose.Choose.. Answer : .Client specified processes Processes as described in velociQ.....Choose..Choose.Choose..Functional requirements of the system Interface requirements Environmental constraints All of the above 18. Which of the following can be used to validate the design Answer : . You are a Project Engineer who has just joined Wipro..The customers and end users People in the Organisation Suppliers and partners All of the above 19.. exceptions of metrics and ensure Process Improvements in the Business Unit Answer : .Choose.Choose.QICs Look Ahead Meetings PIP Board meetings Quality meet 15....Proof Of Concept Voice Of Customer (VOC)LOC Function points 17. a. _______ is a monthly mechanism to track metric trends....Choose.. You want to know all your responsibilities as defined by veloci-Q for your role....Choose... Which of this is a planned mechanism for Defect Prevention? Answer: .Choose.the team’s decision Wipro’s Senior management’s perception Customer’s perception number of defects in the project 14....... Organisation’s Customer Focus should meet the needs and expectations of: Answer : .Choose.. Deviations from the stated processes that are identified during the audit are recorded as Answer : .PDB Treasure House Guidelines Navigator 13.....Contingency plan Mitigation Plan Defect Prevention Report Risk Tracker .. PDMR and PMR reviews c.. Which Lifecycle model emphasizes preparation of plans for validation during the early Life Cycle stages itself? Answer : .. Six Sigma measures defects based on: Answer : .. Customer feedback d. The process followed in the software development project should be: Answer : .Non-Conformances Process Improvement Proposal Process Improvement and Process Development Creation of Work Plans 16. __________________ is a mechanism of maintaining the mapping between requirements and products resulting from the requirements..Choose.. All of the above 11..V-Process Model Maintenance model Rational Unified Process Model 2I Process Model 12. Where would you go? Answer : ....Design document Requirements Traceability Functional design Test cases 20.. Look Ahead Meetings(doubt please check while answering) b.

.SQA and SEPG Technical manager External certification agency Project Managers coordinated by SEPG .. CUT..Choose....... Which phases of SDLC can be sources for errors? Answer : ... Defect Prevention Report d. Design.Choose.Choose. Risk Plan 26. This is the testing procedure according to which modules. PDMR c. As per veloci-Q.Choose. Each phase /activity of a life cycle model is represented in veloci-Q by the ____________ Criteria Answer : .... Design & CUT 23. Project Performance Analysis (PPA) is an exercise which examines : Answer : .Functional testing Module testing Unit testing System testing 32. veloci-Q has a ____ -tier architecture Answer : .Choose...Team members of the project should participate while evolving shared vision Shared vision is evolved from individual goals and objectives Shared vision is documented in the project plan Customer needs are considered while evolving project shared vision 24... The CMMI level 5 stage is termed as a : Answer : .. sub modules are tested and test case verification is done Answer : ..... The prevention activities coming out of a LAM is documented in Answer : .Choose....Choose. The Six Sigma methodology we use for new product/ process development: Answer : ... CUT.Lessons learnt and best practices Individual performance Process Improvement Proposals Conformance of requirements 30... The data and information of all previously executed projects are in the: Answer : .. a.. in a project following V process model – the activity to define acceptance Test Plan is recommended as part of Answer : ..Choose... Which of the below statements is incorrect on shared vision Answer : .... Design.DMAIC DSSS +Veloci-Q TQSS 31.. CUT & ITRS...Choose. Voice Of Customer (VOC) can be used to Answer : . IT & STRS.Choose. ST & ATRS. Project Plan b....Repeatable stage Optimizing stage Iterative stage Defined stage 29..Choose.234 Multi-dimensional 22. A “Surveillance audit “is conducted by: Answer : ..Project data bank PIP DB Treasure house Navigator 28..RS phase Design Phase Acceptance Testing Phase Project Planning phase 33.Prioritize customer requirements Select requirements Analyze customer requirements Requirements traceability 27..Choose..WBS DMADVETVX SDLC 25. Design.21... IT.Choose..RS.

PM TM SQA M b and c 44.. Which of the following is not a management review mechanism.. PIP(Process Improvement Proposal) board meeting 41. Which of the following certifications mandate the use of Audits as a periodic check on compliance? Answer : . The Assessment methodology defined by SEI for the CMMI model is Answer : ...Choose. How many Process Areas are there in CMMI: Answer : .Choose.CMMi PA Rating review checklist SCAMPI checklist PPR Project Data & Metrics report 42...Risk identification Team members Project name None of the above 37. SCAMPI c.Iterative model n Waterfall Development model V-Process model Conversion/ Porting Process Model 40..Choose...ISO 9001:2000 CMM CMMI Six Sigma 36.. 24 B. Taxonomy based checklist is used for Answer : . 28 45.... the QC in a project reports to Answer : . A NCR (Non Conformance Report) signifies : Answer : .Choose... A..Prior to the release . MRM(Management Review meetings) d.453It is assessed at CMM only..34..Choose. PMR b. Wipro Technologies is assessed as a CMMI 5____Organization Answer : ....... PVPDCAQ 43. 18 C... a.. As per veloci-Q organization structure. Release note is prepared : Answer : .(Doubt) a....Choose..Choose... but no level of CMMi 38. where senior management reviews performance of projects/ organization with respect to Quality? Answer : . QIC(Quality Improvement Council) c.Choose..Choose... CBAIPI b.Choose....... Choose the odd one: One of the process models NOT suitable for Development Answer : ..Choose.Green Belt Champion Black Belt Yellow Belt 39... Project level internal assessment at PPA stage should be carried out with Answer : .... The role of a person who facilitates the six sigma team project to align with the methodology is: Answer : .Deviation from a stated process Failure of ISO certification Deviation of coding standard Observation 35.Choose. contains the list of software items To explain the project closure norms After the final test case is executed On acceptance of the release . 23 D.

.Managed Repeatable defined optimized 56.. In the execution of maintenance projects each trigger from the customer is recorded in a: Answer : . a.46.....Choose. Release review process involves . Rational Unified Process Model d. Tailored ODC specific processes Any One of the above 50. Answer : . 2I Process Model 54... On a monthly basis b. Project monitoring reviews are conducted : Answer : . The vital few problems identified from the Organization level Defect Prevention activities are tracked to closure by initiating Answer : .. Whenever we have a client release c. do what you say" belongs to Answer : . In CMMI the Level 2 stage is described as Answer : . A project can be initiated based on Answer : ..Process guidelines Project Procedures Tailoring Guidelines Life Cycle models 53.Choose... Any of the above 52.. Maintenance model c..Choose..... The process followed in the software development project should be: Answer: .Choose..Choose..Choose. By the SQA Team periodically 57.. a. What is the 3rd level in CMMI called? Answer : . Which of the following would help us in deriving the projects specific process from the organization’s standard process? Answer : ... TM’s preference to develop his favourite application b.. ______________ in the CM process represents the snapshot of a set of deliverables at a given point in time. In the external audit meeting d. V-Process Model b...Specific Task teams PIPs Six Sigma projects.. The philosophy of "say what you do.Baselines Configuration Audits Configuration Items CCB 51...Managed Defined Optimized Controlled 47.Choose.....(doubt) a..Choose. team feels the customer should have that application they are developing 48..Choose..... wants his team to understand a technology c..Choose. Which Lifecycle model emphasizes preparation of plans for validation during the early Life Cycle stages itself? Answer: ..the Project Manager BS7799 ISO CMMI 49..Change Request MRP MR Change control Register 55.Choose.Client specified processes Processes as described in velociQ. the contract signed by the customer d...

.Choose.Voice Of Customer (VOC)Testing template QFD DPMO 63. a.PM. testing(these are Project types not models) (doubt) etc b.... a. Project Manager B. RUP c.ANS : (TM.Choose...he can guidelines it is a must to plan better on estimation and address differences if any should estimate get familiar with our estimation execution of the project verify all of the above 59. Different Design approaches can be evaluated using Answer : .. a. The different categories of Lifecycle models are Answer : ..Choose. QC.Choose. Which of the following templates are for ensuring detailed requirement elicitation? Answer : .QC/TL) Answer : .. veloci-Q.....This is a deviation from the stated process This does not need closure This is a suggestion for improvement It could be a potential for non-conformance in future 61. PDMR (Doubt) d.. "Optimistic" and "Most probable" Values for an activity ..Choose. Estimating using three different techniques b... Presales staff 66..Choose. Specifying the "Pessimistic".. Estimation done by three people independently c. Business Development Manager D. Which of these is not true regarding an Observation recorded during an audit Answer : . V-process model.. customer and TM PM.. iPAT. A....good idea .High Level design Top Down design Coupling Cohesion 60. service.. Who is responsible for approving the estimate? Answer : .... The 'Three Times Estimate' technique involves Answer : .. Answer : .. The following is not a section of the project plan template : Answer : . All of the above 62. ___________ methodology involves breaking of the requirements into modules with information on Interface Requirements between the modules..Choose.. Resource Plan b. PM. Project Vision 64. Execution Process Plan c.Choose. a. TM All team members entire team along with SQAM and customer 58. maintenance. 2i.Choose. Six Sigma d. Prior to start of the project. Development... Technical Manager C... the PM Answer : ...Choose..QFD Pugh Matrix FMEA none of the above 65..

a.Choose.. obtain feedback on delivery by Wipro b. Estimating at three points in time proposal stage. Customer Satisfaction survey is conducted to Answer : .Risk Identification checklist Stake holder inputs Past project data All of the above 75.Choose.Elicit parameters that are critical to quality from customers Collect data and metrics Track performance All of the above 69.d. Customer feedback ratings c.Choose. Selection criteria for design alternatives can be based on Answer : .Create a feedback form and send it Use template in veloci-Q as a feedback form...... We take customer complaint seriously Answer : . obtain feedback on the engagement with Wipro c.Choose.Contingency plan Mitigation Plan Defect Prevention Report Risk Tracker .Coverage of all phases of the selected life cycle To define the ETVX for the phases and activities of the tailored process SEPG sign off of the tailored process all of the above 74.. after requirements analysis and after design. Objectives of customer focus is to: Answer : . Which of these are used to identify the Risks in the project? Answer: ..TRUE FALSE None of the above All of the above 71.(correct but doubt) 67.... a and b d...... All of the above 73.... The mechanism for obtaining customer feedback at project closure as per veloci-Q is: Answer : .. Customer complaints received b. none of the above 72.. Customer Satisfaction surveys d... Corrective and Preventive Action Plan should be drawn for: Answer : .Choose.......Choose.Choose.Requirements and constraints Costs and benefits Risks All of the above 68..Choose.Choose....Probability and Impact Mitigation and Contingency Probability and Mitigation Contingency and Impact 76. tailor the feedback form by including project specific questions Call the customer and obtain feedback An acceptance mail from the customer post project completion will suffice 70. The set of actions to be taken when the perceived risk becomes a reality is documented as part of Answer : . While tailoring the processes to meet the project needs.. Which of these set of parameters are used for Risk Quantification in Risk Plan? Answer : .. a... which of the following should be ensured Answer : ...Choose..

Choose. a......Choose.181002745 78.. The effectiveness of the Quality Management System is continuously improved through .. What is the monthly mechanism to record and track metrics of the project? Answer : ... PMR(Project Monitoring Review) d.. (Actual Ans: Difference b/w actual effort and planned effort expressed as % of planned effort) a.To monitor the project performance To take appropriate decisions based on measured values To monitor individual performance To revise plans 81.. ASR(Account Status Report) 83. None of the above 84. CRs Index d...... A Functional specification review involves one of the following: Answer : . Variation between planned effort and actual effort+ effort to go PM's effort allocated to the Team member Projected effort and planned effort Actually consumed effort only 80.Choose.77.Choose. The Six Sigma technique/tool recommended for use for Risk Analysis is Answer : . Which of this is not the intended use of Metrics? Answer : ... Pugh Matrix 79.Choose. Work Plans c.Choose. Effort Deviation means Answer : .. Code review Identification and testing of sub modules Validation of the work items with the environment 86.. The threshold value of Risk Score beyond which the Mitigation and contingency plans need to be documented is Answer:. Requirements Change Index b. performance. Voice of Customer b. Requirements Volatility c. reliability are considered..Choose. ARCA d..The following factors like safety.. a..A standard method to measure size of software projects A Metric for effort calculation A review technique / mechanism An experimental method to calculate project delivery time 85.. Which metric is used for tracking change in requirements? Answer : .. PDMR(Project data and metrics report) b.Choose.....Metrics computed as part of the project is better than norm Metrics computed as part of the project is below norm Metrics is equal to the norm All of the above 82... Which of the below situations recommends an RCA? Answer : . a.Choose.. FME c. What does function point estimation mean: Answer : ....

...Answer : . None of the above 96.... Ability of the product to meet stated or implicit needs of customers b..Choose. What is re-work in a development project? Answer : ... corrective and preventive actions. Quality Policy Answer : . Do.Choose..Choose.provide the project team appropriate reward compute average time it takes for screens to load To record the learning’s from the project for future referencere start the project again at a future date 92. Management Review Sales reports. waiting for its occurrence and doing the post mortem study Identifying potential nonconformities and stops the non conformitis before occurring 88. Process improvement suggestions are periodically reviewed and evaluated for implementation Answer: design requirements technical skills 94. Check... Process improvements can be suggested by anyone in Wipro Answer : ... AidPlan. AddPlan. Preventive action is different from corrective action in terms of Answer : .Should not be shown to the customer as it is very confidentialis prepared for the Mission Quality Group is used to rate the Mission Quality Group performance every year states a clear commitment to quality and consistent with organization goals 89.TRUE FALSE Only Project Managers are eligible None of the above 93.... Add 95. Do.Choose..Choose. Change.. Balance sheets...International Organization for Standardization International Systems for Organization International Systems Orientation International Systems Organization 91... Quality is defined as Answer : .. Define. CSATs.. stands for Answer : . Change. a.. Prototype helps in validating Answer : ... ActPlan. Define.. SQA b...Choose. Purpose of Project performance report is to Answer : .Working late night Working on the job repeatedly Reviewing the specifications Bug Fixing 90. PDCA stands for Answer : .. a. Company audit reports Quality group recruitments Individual Performance appraisals 87.Choose. SEPG d. Check. Use of checklists and templates ...Audit results. External Agency c... Set of process and procedures c...Plan.Fire Fighting Identifying the necessary action as soon as the non conformities occurred Identifying the problems.Choose..

Non-conformances b.... None of the above 98... Answer : .. In Wipro. Quality System b. In CMMi context is a collaborative effort to find strengths and improvement areas.. Answer : . Six Sigma Group Tools Group. It is mandatory to take corrective and preventive actions for Answer : . A separate group headed by Chief Quality Officer(consists of SEPG. a. c... The subgroups of the quality group are (Actual Ans :SEPG... Organizational learning enters Veloci-Q through Answer : ..Choose. Customer complaints d.. a... 5 c. 8 102.. Answer : . 6 d. a.Choose.SEPG.Choose. Observations c. Knowledge Management Group SEPG..Queries and PIP Audit findings Project Performance Analysis All of the above 100.. CMMi model outlines levels of maturity. Channel W c. None of the above 104. SQA Group and Tool Group).. Audit c. Six Sigma and Knowledge Management Group 99. Assessment ..125All of the above 103..Choose. is a cluster of related practices that are performed collectively to achieve a set of objectives. Answer : ... All of the above 97..Choose.d. 3 b.. Part of project teams b.. Tools group. Process Area d.. Tools Group) Answer : . Part of a vertical d.Choose... Appraisal b.SQA Group.Choose. (a) and (c) 101. quality group is Answer: .(Doubt) a.Choose.. In CMMi level software process is improved in a controlled manner. a... Six Sigma and Knowledge Management GroupSEPG.

Choose.. Pugh Matrix d..Choose.... BeltWhite Belt 110....Choose... quality records and customer supplied documents are recorded in . Answer : . DSSS. Derivations per million opportunities D.. Defects per million opportunities B. DSSS D. A.Project Data Bank Veloci-QSix SigmaNone of the above 113..d. Root Cause Analysis c. is an initiative that involves measuring and analyzing business processes. Normal Distribution b.Choose. DPMO stands for Answer : . Defect Reduction c. Six Sigma b. Cost calculations d. All of the above 106. None of the above 112. Standard Deviation d.Choose. Six steps 111.. Statistical term that describes the amount of variation in data Answer : . In a six sigma project. TMGreen B.Choose.. Six sigma methodology that is used for reduction of cycle time is Answer : . a. Defects per million occasions C... A list of project documents. Observation 105. Review of quality System Interview of customers d.. Six Sigma 108.. a.... A. Documents review and Interviews c. a...Choose... Answer : .. Any of the above 109.... None of the above 107. a. Reduction of cycle time b.. Questionnaire... DMAIC C. Median c. DMAIC and TQSS are six sigma methodologies used for Answer : . the problem owner is Answer : . Cross Functional Process Mapping B. A. An assessment consists of Answer : .Choose. Black Belt C. b. is a repository of data and learning from closed projects.

. Master list of documents b. Development Projects(/conversion or porting projects) c.Organization Shared VisionCustomer & project NeedsOrganizational process performance baselinesAll the above 122.. Difference between actual end date and planned end date expressed as a % of planned duration is Answer : .. field error rate are some of the metrics captured for Answer : .. metrics are reviewed by management in Answer : . b. effort deviation.. Appraisal activities d.. None of the above 115. Triggers for root cause analysis are documented in Answer : .... Project Requirements Contract/Proposal Both (a) and (b) Either (a) or (b) .. a.... None of the above 119. Schedule volatility c.... Quality Plan 116.Choose. Inputs for project initiation are Answer : .Answer : ... a.. Schedule deviation...Choose.. Requirements volatility b.... Project’s shared vision should be derived from Answer : . a. Maintenance projects d. Schedule deviation d.Choose..Master List of Documents Project Folder Document Bank None of the above 114. Project Plan d. Ratio of product size to total project effort is Answer : .Choose.Management Review Meeting Quality Review Meeting Quality Improvement Council Any of the above 117. d.Choose.. Service projects b... Defect prevention activities b... The ratio of defected reported during UAT to the size of project is Answer : .Choose..Choose.. Error capture activities c. c.... a..Choose.. Project Dashboard c. At organizational level..Overall ProductivityPhantom Error RatePost Delivery defect rateAny of the above 121..Choose. Look ahead meetings and root cause analysis are examples of Answer : . Any of the above 118. Effort DeviationCUT productivityOverall ProductivityNone of the above 120. a. a.Choose.

None of the above 131.. The process model suited for projects with dissimilar service requests is Answer : ..Choose. None of the above 124. The quality group responsible for process definition. a. Process Approval c. PM / TM b. The quality group responsible for process definition.TM... Either PM or SQA Team members 127.Choose.. a.123.. a...Choose. Risk quantification is done based on Answer : .Choose... Modification of the approved process to suit the requirements of a project is known as Answer : . SEPG b... Modification of the approved process to suit the requirements of a project are documented in Answer : .. metrics analysis and quality assurance activities at organizational level is Answer : . Veloci-Q c... SEPG b..Service Process modelRational Unified Process ModelVProcess ModelNone of the above . SQA c. Process Deviation d.TRUE FALSE Can be part of RS if provided by customer None of the above 126.Choose... None of the above 132. Project Plan b. a. The mandatory members for RS and FS review are Answer : ..Choose. The mandatory members for review of plan documents are Answer : . Tools Group d. a... Acceptance criteria should be part of RS Answer : .Risk Management planProject planRisk Identification checklistNone of the above 130. PM..Choose... Answer : . metrics analysis and quality assurance activities at vertical/group vertical level is Answer : . PM / TM / SQA c.. is used for tracking and monitoring risks..... SQA Either PM or SQA TM Tech Lead 128.. Master List of Process d.. SQA c.Choose.. Tools Group d..Choose. None of the above 125.Choose.... Process Tailoring b..Risk probability and impact of riskRisk mitigationRisk scheduleNone of the above 129....

Group that focus on the tools used by projects and the impact of using tools is Answer : .Choose.Choose. Attain CMMi Level 5 compliance d.Choose... Work items that would undergo changes during product life cycle are known as Answer : ....133... Wipro’s quality system is known as Answer : .. a. c.. a.... Lines of code d. Meet the needs and expectations of customers b..Requirements Maintenance Request (MR)Change Request (CR)None of the above 139.. The i model was developed by Answer : ..Choose.V-Process model Iterative Process model Production Support process model None of the above 135.. Achieve customer satisfaction by providing defect free products and services on time.... Estimation technique where the project activities are broken down into smaller tasks and estimated is Answer : .Choose.. the process model to be chosen is Answer : .Wiq Tree Veloci-Q Project Data BankK-net 141.. None of the above 134. are requests to make changes to baselined work products.Change Items Configuration Items Product Items None of the above 140..... None of the above 136...Choose... Rational Unified Process Model c.. Practitioners working on projects can suggest process improvements through a Answer : .Regression Testing Unit Testing Quality Assurance None of the above 137.. Incremental Iterative Process Model b.. Wipro’s quality policy is Answer : ..Choose... V-Process Model d... Function Point c.Choose.Tools group SQA SEPGAll of the above 143.Process Improvement Proposal Change Request Email/Phone All of the above .Software Engineering Institute the above Wipro Motorola None of 138... Answer : . Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) b.. Planned and systematic activities performed to provide adequate confidence that an item/product conforms to requirements is Answer : .. The data warehousing development process model is derived from Answer : .. For a project that involves resolving incidents.Choose.Choose.. a. None of the above 142..Choose. job cycle monitoring and software upgrades.

. The different types of Reviews are: Answer : . _________is used to document the features/functionality to be tested..Choose... Answer : ..Integrated and Staged Integrated and Continuous Staged and Continuous None of the above 151..144. intentions and directions for quality initiative are documented in Answer : ..Project Quality Process Quality Quality Models Product Quality 146. managed..Choose. The two representations in the CMMI Framework are: Answer : ... In a project context... Bureau of India Standards emphasizes on Answer : . Process artifacts that help to perform project activities in a standard manner are Answer : ...Choose. Project Monitoring Reviews d. who needs to do what is documented in Answer : . Answer : .. Answer : . do what you sayRecord what you did and check the resultsAct upon the findingsAll of the above 152.Choose. The philosophy of is based on the key principles like: Answer : ... ____________ documents all change requests to baselined items...Choose.Say what you do..Policies section Procedure section Guidelines section All of the above 147........Test Plan Test Form Test development Test Design 156..... a. measured and controlled within an organization is known as Answer : .Choose.. Formal / Table reviews b..Software Process Maturity Procedures Capacity Measurememt Maturity Capability Maturity Model Any of the above 150.....Six Sigma Quality Models Veloci-Q ChannelW 145..Choose...Choose.Choose. The extent to which a specific process is defined. ...Choose.Choose... In Veloci-Q. Both a and b 155. test strategy and testing methods to be used.Choose. _________ serves as an important verification activity to ensure the completeness of testing in order to ensure product quality.Defect free On schedule Consistent with requirements None of the above 154.Change Register Change Control Register Configuration Register Change Request Register 153. are the industry standards and benchmarks for quality. Peer / Online Reviews c... Configuration audits are verification mechanisms used to ensure that deliverables are: Answer : .Policies Procedures Checklists and Templates All of the above 149...Policies section Procedure section Guidelines section All of the above 148.

request Disaster recovery 162..Choose.. _________ is a technique used for arriving and prioritizing requirements.... understand project requirements c..... ....Choose.Traceability Requirements Change request All of the above 158.Answer : testing . a.. Maintenance d.Choose. Small & Frequent releases are practices recommended by Answer : . Answer : .. The process model applicable to projects that involve development of new products or major enhancements to existing products is Answer : . a.... Change request b.Pugh matrix Quality Function Deployment (QFD)Voice Of Customer (VOC)All of the above 159.XP model V-Process model 2I process model All of the above 160.. __________ matrix is an aid to trace requirements across different phases of development. ________ is defined as any adverse event that is likely to occur... All of the above 161.Choose.... Answer : . review project progress b... Risk c.Unit Testing Integration Testing Test Audit System 157. Project monitoring reviews are conducted to Answer : ...V-process model Waterfall process model Iterative process model None of the above...Choose. Pair Programming.Defects Bugs Errors All of the above 163. monitor requirements volatility d... ________ are mistakes / faults caught during the same phase of SDLC Answer : .Choose. Answer : .Choose.Choose..