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Name Badges for My Staff

Name Badges for My Staff

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Published by Pianto Marcello
Name Badges for My Staff
Name Badges for My Staff

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Published by: Pianto Marcello on Jul 06, 2013
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Name Badges For My Staff Name badges are an important part of the work environment because they allow

your customers or clients to feel as though they know the people they deal with. Many customers appreciate when staff members wear name badges because they can give good as well as bad feedback to management or company owners, if necessary. Just as friends like to deal with one another on a first-name basis, being able to look at the staff member who is helping you and knowing his or her name is reassuring to most people. You can buy name badges for your staff from many sources. You’ll usually find that if your order in bulk they are much cheaper. You can purchase plastic name badges as well as metal name badges. Some of the badges pin onto a shirt; others can be strung though lanyards, and others stay attached to the clothing with a magnet. Many name badges can be engraved with the staff member’s name when they arrive while others can be engraved at a later time. You may find it economical to simply use a label maker to put staff names on their name badges, so that you do not have to invest in engraving in the event of high turnover rates. While you may not want to invest in name badges, you will find that most of your customers will appreciate this small gesture. Name badges go a long way toward making your customers or clients feel a lot more comfortable, so they are worthwhile investments. Badges do not have to be expensive, so be sure to shop around and get the best deal for you and your staff members.

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