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Mainstream usage of Social Media

Mainstream usage of Social Media

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Published by Amit Chatterjee
Tech Saturday 6th July 2013
Tech Saturday 6th July 2013

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Published by: Amit Chatterjee on Jul 06, 2013
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Learning Session on

Information and Use of Social Media

Presented Amit Chatterjee amit@gyaantech.com

Social Media Govt Guidelines
• Govt. of India has released the Framework & Guidelines for Use of Social Media for Government Organisations. The same is attached for reference. However, there are 2 important sections which all of us should be aware of while using Social Media for Govt. departments. Kindly refer to the following: •

Section 4.4. which talks about the Core Values for Using Social Media and the various aspects to be kept in mind while using social media for official purposes.
• Section 5.1.1 which talks about various objectives for which Social Media can be used for official purpose (and not just for dissemination of information) and use of local language for expressing views. The above should be kept in mind while using Social Media for your respective departments or for eGovernance Page.

Facebook.com/eGov.Maharashtra Facebook.com/Maharojgar Egovtraining.maharashtra.gov.in




Mr Rajesh Aggarwal (IAS) I.T Secretary :

•B.Tech in Computer Science from IIT Delhi, (1983-87) •IAS: Maharashtra cadre (1989 Batch) •Maths Enthusiast (www.ilovemaths.com) • eGov intellect (http://www.ilovemaths.com/eGov.pdf) • Worked in Election Commission(2003-07) •Worked at domain registration body NIXI (2007-09) • Avid user of latest technology •Driving force behind Tech Saturday and use of internet media in •Reached at : sec.it@maharashtra.gov.in

Dr Santosh Bhogale Under Secretary : DIT

•Veterinary Doctor to IT Physician •Using social media for DIT since 2010 •User Smartphone, Tablet & Mobile Apps •Mentor to eGov exam certification examinees •Reached at :


Shravan Shetty Social Media & Google Analyst

•Accounting and Finance student to Online media professional •Worked with Mahesh Bhatt productions: Murder 2, Raaz, Blood money etc •Handle social media profile of celebs like Ritesh Deshmukh & Cooking star Nita Mehta • Handles social media of OVS Italy Fashion, ORRA Jewels ,Castrol Cricket World cup, In-Orbit malls & Zenith •Organised 1st and only Wikipedia conference in India •Google Analytics expert

•Reached at : shravanshetty502@gmail.com

M.Sc, Nuclear Physics : Delhi University : 1991 Vice President International Aptech (2007) Consultant in Malaysia ASEAN Foundation (2011) Founding CEO LurnQ.com (Technium Labs)

Reached at 09820069408


Tim Berners Lee

Vinod Dham

Sabeer Bhatia

Vinod Khosla

Narinder Singh

Evolution of Internet

With Divya Narendra – the original founder of Facebook

•Launched in 2004 , Has 1 billion + users in World, 6.5crore in India, 1cr + in Maharashtra and 60 Lakhs in Mumbai . I joined it in 2007. •Key Users : CM of Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Chhattisgarh, Uttar Pradesh and Dep.CM of Punjab •Key Dept – President Office, PMO,MEA, Finance Ministry, Election Commission, Road & Transport Ministry ,NREGA, NRHM, Planning Commision •PSU’s & Govt UnitsSBI, IRCTC, SAIL,MTNL Incredible India, Delhi, Hyderabad, Pune Police & Traffic dept. •Key use – Economical & Precise, Permanent Connectivity, Profile & Pattern insight, Ease of use.

LinkedIn is a professional networking and information gathering site. Best use for individual to share information, connect and exchange ideas. LinkedIn has 14million users in India (The Economic Times, April 24th 2012)

Twitter is a free social networking and micro-blogging service that enable its users to send and read message know as tweet. Twitter has 20million users in India (Livemint, Jul 02nd 2013)

Google + which is also known as G+ is the latest social media innovation from Google. Hangout is the best part in Google+. You can do upto 10 users simultaneously video chat with each other.

Google +

1 – Orkut, Buzz,iGoogle (Predecessors) 2 – Why Google needs your info 3- Google+ v/s Facebook 4- About Google+ 5- Importance 6- DIT Google+


For Personal Use
• • • • • • • Everyone is watching you always. So behave better than you do in real life Understand your Account & Privacy Settings. Creating friend Groups, limiting album, post privacy Groups, Pages, Circle, Subscriptions, Following, Network Tagging, Sharing, Wall, Message, Chat, Timeline Check in Facebook Mobile Apps and Page Manager Managing Friends, Family, Acquaintance, Colleagues, and Unknown people

For Office Use
• • • • • • • • • • Creating Closed Groups Creating Pages for Department Sharing utility links in message, timeline and tagging Keeping Page updated – Morning and Night Page Owner, Content Creator , Insight Analyst Running Ads, Paid Posts, Log Out ads , Banner Ads, CPC,CPM, Managing proper Timeline- White House example Uploading Documents, Scribd, Docstoc, Slidershare, Zamzar, Bit.ly Using Page as Self and As Admin – Being Carefull Google Ads, Youtube Ads, Promoted Tweets, Linkedin Ads, Website Ads, Mass Mails, Missed Call Alerts

Types of Facebook Profiles
• • • Hyper: excessive sharing, liking, commenting, adding and tagging Spy: always offline, will watch but not interact, have multiple profile Frustated – Always complaining, negative comments , fighting Joker- Always funny, sharing jokes Gyaani – Sharing knowledge, GK, News information Friendly- Commenting, adding profiles

• • •

Business Solutions
Advertising services • Google AdSense • Google Adwords • Admob Statistical tools • Google Analytics • Google Keywords • Google Trends

Google Glass

Google Chrome Operating Sytem

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