(See Rules 14 and 37(2)) FORM OF SANCTION FOR TEMPORARY ADVANCES FROM GENERAL PROVIDENT FUND A temporary advance from General Provident Funt (Kerala) as particularised below is sanctioned by the undersigned under the rules regulating that Fund Order No.E2-3067/13/Kdis District Medical Officer(ISM) Alappuzha dt.20.05.2013

1 Name of subscriber 2 Designation and Permanent Employee Number 3 Basic Pay 4 Subscriber's Provident Fund Account Number a) Reference no of annual statement received from the Accountant General,indicating section number and Branch b) No.& Date of granting previous Temp Advance c) Amount of previous Temp Advance c) Date of drawal of previous temporary advance 5 Amount of advance 6 Object of advance 7 Rule or rules under which the advance is sanctioned 8 Balance at credit of the subscriber on this date ( as verified from the account last rendered by the Accounts Officer/Head of Office/department) 9 Balance of previous advance, if any, outstanding against the subscriber 10 Date of repayment of previous advance, if any

USHA V ATTENDER GR II, PEN No- 350847 Rs.9940/MDL 393357 Refrence No- M.S.O(T) 81 Unit - APYMDL Section - PF 30 C48/12/SMO(ISM) GAD ONATTUKKARA14/11/2012 Rs.36000 17.11.2012 Rs.24000/- (Rupees Twenty four thousand only hundred and twenty only ) Treatment of subscriber 15 a (i) GPF (k) Rules 2011



Being repaid

11 Special circumstances for granting the advance No other source to meet the present expenditure under Rule 14 other than loan applied 12 Number of instalment in which the advance is to be rec36 13 Amount of consolidated advances and the no. Rs.54000- to be recovered from 36 equal of instalments in which the consolidated instalments advance is to be recovered 14 Amount of each such instalment Rs.1500/-

To 1 2 3 4 The Accountant General(A&E) Kerala,Tvpm The Sub Treasury Officer,Mancompu Medical Officer,GAH Nedumudy Incumbent


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