Dear fellow respondent, Hello! I am Tedd Isaac E. Tamargo, a 16 yr. old student of our school. I would like to ask for your support in line with the research I am conducting for my PASS, a requirement for graduating high school students of our school. I am studying Parental Relationships and WiFi Based Communication. Kindly answer this questionnaire honestly, and please return this to me immediately. Thanks a lot for your time and cooperation!

Kindly fill up the information below before completing the questionnaire. Name (Optional): ____________________________________ Section: ___________________

Do you use Wifi Based Communication (Ex: Skype, Viber, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)? Place a check on YES if you do. But if you use prepaid or postpaid plans, or if you don’t use a mobile phone to communicate, place a check mark on NO. YES _______ NO _______

5 4 3 2 1

Always Often Sometimes Rarely Never

) Do you avoid doing things that your parents forbid you to do? 4.) Do you avoid involving yourself in crimes.) Do you listen to the opinions of you parents? 5 (Always) 4 (Often) 3 (Sometimes) 2 (Rarely) 1 (Never) .) Do you respect your parents? 2.) Do you refrain from shouting back at your parents? 5.) Do you chat with your parents about any matter? 8.) Do you inform your parents when you intend to go home late? 3. drugs.) Do you talk to your parents about your problems? 6. Parental Relationship 1.) Are you honest with your parents? 10.) Do you calmly talk to your parents when they are doing wrong things? 7. alcohol. III. and gambling? 9.Please put a check mark on the box according to what your answer is to the questions stated below.

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