Non veg canapés 1. Tronchon of fois gras on toasted Rasin brioche, rhubarb chutney. 2.

Smoke duck and sauterne poach pear tarter mustard cress 3. green tea smoked chicken with Staranise and tangerine marmalade 4. pan seared unagi with salted cucumber and teriyaki cavier 5. Confit of lamb with minted Fatoush in crispy pita 6. smoke salmon and fennel Confiture on Philadelphia cream cheese mini paratha 7. prawn and chicken dumpling chipotle mayo Wasabi Cavier 8. crumb fried frog legs, spicy remoulade 9. crispy fried crab and squid cake Chilli mayo 10. tuna Tatake with cucumber and seaweed salad 11. Chicken tikka salad in carom basket with Labaneh 12. dajaj mashwai on crispy pita with sesame dip 13. lamb Sambuski with tzazaki and mint 14. Kataifi wrapped deep-fried scallop tomato sambal 15. smoke duck and goat cheese croquette pickled plum Veg canapés 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Fatoush in pita with hummus. Glass noodle salad in spring cups chevre and raisin envelope with pomegranate ravioli green pea and cheddar croquette, mango chutney envoltini of bellpepper with cream cheese and walnuts and rasin brioche roma artichoke and feta crostini with Confit garlic and Tuscan olive oil bourbon mango avacado and forbidden rice sushi dehydrated gari powder Thai mango and pomelo salad in crispy cornets coriander sprigs Raw mango coriander and cucumber stuffed steamed Vietnamese rice paper roll home made plum chilli sauce. 10. crispy fried falafel with garlic yoghurt, mint and pomegranates seeds

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