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Friday, May 31, Vaishakh 2013
Healthy Tips for the month of Vaishakh

Avoid moving under the hot sun. Take more than of astringent, sour and sweet predominant foods. Orange, sweet lime, mango, tamarind syrup, phalsa, watermelon, mulberry and similar other fruits should be taken freely. Avoid salty, sour, hot things, sour mixed with sweet can be taken. Onion is a shield and antidote against sunstroke in summer; it is nutritious. Drink buttermilk, water, and sugared water freely.

Wellness Lunch Menu
Zucchini & Tomato Steak Carrot Relish, Tomato Basil Coulis & Mustard Cress Calories: 119 Or Lime& Basil Marinated Red Snapper Broccoli Puree, Fruit Salsa Calories: 140 Vata Basil, Galangal & Coconut Flavored Vegetable & Tofu Red Curry Vegetable Fried Rice, Fresh Coriander Calories: 350

Pitta Organic Vegetable & Cheese Quiche Variation of Sauce Calories: 320

Kapha Brown Rice & Vegetable Khichdi Calories: 290

Dessert Green Tea Dome Strawberry Compote, Soy Anglaise (Sugar Free)

Calories: 130

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