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With the vast pool of experts and expertise available with the ISTE, ISTE has started offering consultancy service to new or existing institutions at reasonable costs in the following areas: Identification of requirements and planning of infrastructural facilities Assessment of faculty requirement and training and retraining needs of faculty. Planning and organising of laboratories, library/learning resource centre Restructuring management for better efficiency and cost-effectiveness Strategies for resource mobilisation Planning for development Development of extension services like continuing education, consultancy, industrial research, collaboration with industry, etc. Identification of competencies and training requirements of supporting staff

ISTE will carry out these consultancy works by assigning them to its pool of consultants identified from all over India. For details contact:

The Executive Secretary, ISTE New Delhi-110016
Phone: 011-26963431, 26513542 Fax:011-26852421 E-mail: Website:



NAME............................................................................................................................... DESIGNATION: ............................................................................................................. ADDRESS (OFF):............................................................................................................ ........................................................................................................................................... ........................................................................................................................................... ADDRESS (RES):............................................................................................................ TELEPHONE NO. (OFF)................................................................................................. TELEPHONE NO. (RES):................................................................................................ FAX NO............................................................................................................................ E-MAIL:............................................................................................................................ TELEGRAPHIC ADDRESS VEHICLE REGISTRATION NO:.....................VALIDITY (UPTO)............................. PASSPORT NO..................................................VALIDITY (UPTO)............................. LIC POLICY NO.............................................................................................................. BLOOD GROUP:............................................................................................................. DATE OF BIRTH:............................................................................................................ IN CASE OF EMERGENCY PLEASE INFORM:.......................................................... ........................................................................................................................................... OTHER PERSONAL PARTICULARS........................................................................... ........................................................................................................................................... ........................................................................................................................................... ........................................................................................................................................... ...........................................................................................................................................

(A part of ISTE Consultancy Services) Through the Canada -India Institutional Cooperation Project ISTE has developed training expertise and training modules in the following vital areas concerning the efficiency and effectiveness of technical institutions : • • • • • • • • Strategic Planning for Institutional Development Institution Management Industry-Institute Interaction/Partnership Performance Appraisal and Development System TQM in Technical Institutions Leadership Development Women in Development Helping students to develop better learning skills and habits. A number of Master Trainers have been trained in India and a few in Canada in these areas with special emphasis on transfer of the processes involved through interactive workshops and brainstorming sessions. ISTE has already arranged training programmes in these areas for the administrators and faculty of many institutions and such training has helped them considerably to better their performance and efficiency. Institutions interested in such training programmes for their faculty may contact the ISTE for programme details and the cost involved. The programmes will be arranged on a self-supporting basis. All training programmes have been designed as interactive workshops with brainstorming sessions, group activities, visual presentation and participation of all levels of staff in the organisation. The details include mission statement, SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis, formulating goals, objectives, strategies and action plans and monitoring and evaluation techniques. How to get there? Where are we now ?.................................................Where do we want to reach? HERE Strategy THERE


Page 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. List of Council of Ministers, Govt. of India Ministry of Human Resource Development Bureau of Technical Education – MHRD All India Council for Technical Education Work Allocation of different Bureaus of AICTE Members of Executive Committee of AICTE Members of Council of AICTE Regional Committees of AICTE All India Boards of AICTE 1 7 9 11 14 16 18 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 29 31 32 32 33 33 34 34 35

10. Regional Officers of AICTE 11. Coordinators of Quality Improvement Programme 12. Organisations in Delhi connected with Science & Technology Education 13. Vice-Chancellors of Technological Universities 14. Directors of Technical Education in States 15. Secretaries dealing with Technical Education in States 16. State Boards of Technical Education 17. Educational Consultants India Limited 18. Dept. of Science & Technology 19. National Project Implementation Unit 20. State Project Implementation Units 21. Boards of Apprenticeship Training 22. Technical Teachers' Training Institutes 23. International Organisations connected with Science & Technological Education 24. (UNESCO, UNDP, World Bank, UNICEF, Colombo Plan Staff College, AIT, Bangkok, SAARC, ACCC) 25. Indian Society for Technical Education 26. Fellows of ISTE 27. ISTE Executive Council Members 2003-2004 28. Section Chairmen & Secretaries 2003-2004 29. Section Managing Committee Members 2003-2004 30. Office Bearers of ISTE Chapters 31. Office Bearers of ISTE Students Chapters

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AIT Manpower Challenge & Response (Interim Report of the Task Force on HRD in IT) 117 123 139 149 154 162 163 165 171 173 173 174 176 177 181 182 183 185 187 189 192 196 197 201 278 282 294 296 333 378 428 435 438 439 443 B- Reshaping Postgraduate Education and Research in Engineering & Technology C- Clarification on certain Issues pertaining to Pay Scales and Service Conditions for Teachers of Degree Level Technical Institutions D- Eligibility requirement for the post of Assistant Professor in Degree Level Technical Institutions in various disciplines of Education EGIJKLNational Academic Network for Continuing Education (NANCE National Board of Accreditation Faculty Development Schemes of AICTE Technology Channel Eklavya Indian National Digital Library in Science & Technology (INDEST) Consortium Short-Term Training Programmes under QIP during 2003-04 F- Networking of Technical Institutions and Regional Offices of AICTE H- Quality Improvement Programme of AICTE

M- Where to get Travel Grant N- Where to get Research Grant 0QISTE Learning Materials Project ISTE Master Trainers P- ISTE-Working Professionals Learning Project R- ISTE-Visiting Professor Scheme – 2003 S- ISTE Awards TUVList of Professional Societies & Associations List of R&D Institutions in Science & Technology No. of Undergraduate Degree Engineering Institutes & total Intake

W- List of National institutes X- List of Degree Level Institutes : Engineering & Technology Architecture Pharmacy Hotel Management & Catering Technology MBA MCA YList of Diploma Level Institutes : Engineering & Technology, Architecture and Pharmecy Women's Polytechnics Hotel Management & Catering Technology ZDetails of STTPs conducted during 1965-66 to 2002-03 A-1 Statistics about ISTE Membership A-2 Statistics about growth of Technical Institutions and Intake

CABINET MINISTERS SHRI ATAL BIHARI VAJPAYEE Prime Minister and also in-charge of the Ministries/ Departments not specifically allocated to the charge of any Minister viz. : (i) Planning. (ii) Statistics and Programme Implementation. (iii) Atomic Energy. (iv) Space. 7, Race Course Road, New Delhi-110011 Tel.: (011) 23018939, 23011156 Fax: (011) 23019545 SHRI L.K. ADVANI Deputy Prime Minister, in charge of the Ministry of Home Affairs and Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions. 30, Prithviraj Road, New Delhi-110011 Tel.: (011) 23794124, 23794125 Fax: (011) 23017419 SHRI T.R. BAALU Environment & Forests. 10, Raisina Road, New Delhi-110 001 Tel.: (011) 23354590, 23354717 Fax: (011) 23354590 SHRI SUKHDEV SINGH DHINDSA Chemicals & Fertilizers. 12, Pandit Pant Marg, New Delhi. 110001 Tel.: 23752132, 23310776 SHRI GEORGE FERNANDES Defence 3, Krishna Menon Marg, New Delhi-110 011 Tel.: (011) 23017172, 23016035 Fax: (011) 23793397 SHRI ANANT GANGARAM GEETE Power. B-401, M.S. Flats, New Delhi-110 001 Tel.: (011) 23752848 SHRI SYED SHAHNAWAZ HUSSAIN Textiles 3, Motilal Nehru Marg, New Delhi Tel.: (011) 24632991, 24610350 (Off.) Fax: (011) 24610354 (Off.) Tel.: (011) 23014786, 23794786 (Res.) SHRI JAGMOHAN Tourism and Culture 61, Lodhi Estate, New Delhi-110 003 Tel.: (011) 24625899, 24618289 Fax: (011) 24648695 DR. SATYA NARAYAN JATIYA Social Justice & Empowerment 4, Kushak Road, New Delhi-110 011 Tel.: (011) 23017519, 23792832 Fax: (011) 23792599 SHRI. ARUN JAITLEY Law and Justice and Commerce and Industry A-44, Kailash Colony, New Delhi. Tel.: 26478212, 26478358 Fax: 26414587 DR. MURLI MANOHAR JOSHI Human Resource Development, Science & Technology and Ocean Development 6, Raisina Road, New Delhi-110 001 Tel.: (011) 23718444, 23711144, 237311566 Fax: (011) 23711772

G. New Delhi-110 011 Tel. 23011304 SHRI RAJNATH SINGH Agriculture No.: (011) 23710980 SHRI RAM NAIK Petroleum & Natural Gas 9. New Delhi . Ashoka Road.: (011) 23010748. New Delhi .: 23094895 SHRI KARIYA MUNDA Coal 22. New Delhi 110001 Tel. SUSHMA SWARAJ Health and Family Welfare and Parliamentary Affairs 8. Dr.: (011) 23782106 SHRI ARUN SHOURIE Communications and Information Technology and Disinvestment A-31.MAJ.: 24122222 SHRI JASWANT SINGH Finance 15.: (011) 23755448.: 23356264 SHRI YASHWANT SINHA External Affairs 6.: & Fax: (011) 23010595. Aurangzeb Road. Canning Lane. Safdarjung Lane. Dr.: 23794344. B.: 23016228.: 23353881. Road. B. New Delhi-110 001 Tel. 23387790 SHRI ARJUN CHARAN SETHI Water Resources 21. New Delhi-110 011 Tel.D. 23794044 .110 001 Tel. 23012302 SHRI SUBODH MOHITE Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises 197. 23737920 SHRI SHATRUGHAN SINHA Shipping 10. 23792301 Fax: 23015623. New Delhi 110011 Tel. GEN. (RETD.: (011) 23381944.G.KHANDURI Road Transport & Highways and Urba Development & Poverty Alleviation 1. 23713913 Fax: (011) 23755448 SHRI JUAL ORAM Tribal Affairs 36. New Delhi-110 011 Tel. West End.110001 Tel.: (011) 23352255. Teen Murti Marg.C.: (011) 23794197.D. New Delhi-110 011 Tel. New Delhi-110 001 Tel. 38.R. New Delhi-110 001 Tel. Marg. Kushak Road. 23793080 Fax: (011) 23017112 SHRI NITISH KUMAR Railways 5. New Delhi-110 001 Tel.110 001 Tel.: (011) 23017111. Krishna Menon Marg. North Avenue. 23753133 Fax: 23737921 SHRI MURASOLI MARAN Minister without Portfolio 8. New Delhi . Talkatora Road. New Delhi-110011 Tel. 26149618 SMT. Teen Murti Lane. New Delhi 110021 Tel. Marg.) B. 23794195 SHRI KASHIRAM RANA Rural Development 7. Ashok Road.

110 001 Tel.: 23070300. New Delhi-110 003 Tel. Dr. Pandara Road. 23754939. Sunehari Bagh Road. 23014804 (R).D. Tughlak Road. Talkatora Road. Motilal Nehru Place. 23012295 SHRI N.: 23792521.C.: 23322427. New Delhi-110 003 Tel. New Delhi-110 011 Tel. 23011137 ISTE HANDBOOK 2003-04 SHRI RAJIV PRATAP RUDI Civil Aviation AB-97. Meena Bagh.110 011 Tel. 23782654 SHRI RAVI SHANKAR PRASAD Information and Broadcasting 21. New Delhi .: (011) 23793412. KANNAPPAN Non-conventional Energy Sources 2.T. New Delhi .: 23793228. Food and Public Distribution 7. New Delhi . 23794788 SHRI VIKRAM VERMA Youth Affairs and Sports 3.110 001 Tel. New Delhi-110 001 Tel. 23782844.DR. 9. New Delhi-110 011 Tel.: (011) 23017310. New Delhi . B. 23322747 SHRI SHARAD YADAV Consumer Affairs. Shahjahan Road. 23019273. 23014437 SHRI BRAJ KISHORE TRIPATHY Steel Bungalow No. New Delhi-110 003 Tel. 23018514 SHRI SAHIB SINGH VERMA Labour 5.: (011) 23018667. New Delhi 110001 Tel. 23792738 Fax: (011) 23017118 MINISTERS OF STATE (INDEPENDENT CHARGE) SHRI RAMESH BAIS Ministry of Mines 2. BIJOYA CHAKRAVARTY Water Resources AB-14. 2 Tughlak Road.: 23782455. Maulana Azad Road. C P THAKUR Small Scale Industries and Development of North Eastern Region No. New Delhi-110 003 Tel. Pandit Pant Marg. BHAVANABEN DEVRAJBHAI CHIKALIA Tourism and Culture 8.110001 Tel. 23383686 (O) Fax: (011) 23019273.110 011 Tel. SHANMUGAM Food Processing Industries 3. 23319044 . 23384457 SHRI M. Mathur Lane. 23381768. Willingdon Crescent. New Delhi .: (011) 23017405. 110003 Tel.: 23793659 SMT.: 23354939. H. 23753585 MINISTERS OF STATE SHRI ANANDRAO VITHOBA ADSUL Finance 10.: 23018283.: (011) 23384650 SHRI SWAMI CHINMAYANAND Home Affairs 9. Tughlak Lane. 23383392 SHRI SANGH PRIYA GAUTAM Agro and Rural Industries AB-5.: (011) 23794512. New Dellhi-110011 Tel.: (011) 23354414 SMT. Safdarjung Lane. New Delhi. Pandara Road. Marg.

110 011 Tel. Dr. 110001 Tel. New Delhi-110 001 Tel. 23792538 (R) Fax: (011) 23782328 (O). 23359481 Fax: (011) 23717858 SHRI VIJAY GOEL Youth Affairs and Sports 5. New Delhi-110 001 Tel.V. 23017569 Fax: (011) 23017563 SHRI DILIP SINGH JUDEV Environment and Forests 17. 23718088 SHRI SUBHASH MAHARIA Consumer Affairs. Lodi Estate. 23013367.: (011) 23319010 Fax: (011) 23711788 SHRI U. 23792538 (R) SHRI KAILASH MEGHWAL Social Justice and Empowerment 44. New Delhi-110 011 Tel. New Delhi-110 001 Tel.: 24654982 SMT. Road. Flats. Food and Public Distribution 1. 24654133 (R). New Delhi. Kamaraj Lane. 23387181 SHRI SANTOSH GANGWAR Parliamentary Affairs B-104. Ashoka Road. 23793349 (O) Fax: (011) 24654612 SHRI VINOD KHANNA External Affairs 17.110 011 Te. New Delhi-110 003 Tel. New Delhi-110 001 Tel.: 23717858. New Delhi .: (011) 23782680. G.SHRI BANDARU DATTATRAYA Railways 5.G.S.: (011) 23358373. Mahadev Road. New Delhi . Shahjahan Road.S. 23730789 SHRI DILIP KUMAR MANSUKHLA GANDHI Shipping 120.: (011) 24654132. Balwant Rai Mehta Lane. New Delhi-110 001 Tel.: 23074052. VALLABHBHAI RAMJIBHAI KATHIRIA Human Resource Development 78. M. New Delhi-110 001 Tel. 23792690 . New Delhi-110001 Tel. 2309818 Mobile 9868181442 DR. Rajendra Prasad Road. B. 23723233. New Delhi-110 001 Tel. K. Marg.: 23010545. Meena Bagh. KRISHNAM RAJU Rural Development AB 87. Gurudwara Rakab Ganj Road. Maulana Azad Road. 23017568. JAS KAUR MEENA Human Resource Development 38.K. 23782063 (O).: 23782364.: (011) 23782221 Fax: (011) 23782002 SHRI FAGGAN SINGH KULASTE Tribal Affairs 16. 23792361 PROF CHAMAN LAL GUPTA Defence 6. South Avenue.: (011) 23782338 SMT.: 23092442. New Delhi-110 001 Tel.R. Race Course Road. 23011923. SUMITRA MAHAJAN Petroleum & Natural Gas 8. 23013615. Ashoka Road.: (011) 23782211.: (011) 23730768.

: (011) 23792868 SHRI A. 23720781. Marg. RAJA Health & Family Welfare 2-A. B.: (011) 23073300. 23723700 SHRI SATYABRATA MOOKHERJEE Planning. 23794290 SHRI ANNASAHEB M. Lodhi Estate. Marg.: (011) 23792081 SHRI A.: (011) 23711566 SHRI HARIN PATHAK Home Affairs and Personnel.S.: (011) 23792058.K. JAYAWANTI MEHTA Power 21. New Delhi-110 001 Tel. B. 23354630 . New Delhi-110 001 Tel. Marg New Delhi . North Avenue.: (011) 23792057 SHRI NAGMANI Social Justice and Empowerment 85. Tilak Marg. New Delhi-110 001 Tel. New Delhi-110 011 Tel. Tilak Lane. New Delhi-110 011 Tel. 23723700 (0) Fax: 23714168. Commerce and Industry and Department of Atomic Energy and Department of Space 201.: (011) 23070297 Fax: 23070997 SHRI PRAHLAD SINGH PATEL Coal B-2.: (011) 23752595 SHRI BASANGOUDA R.: 23716252.SMT.D. Swarna Jayanti Sadan. Motilal Nehru Marg. South Avenue.S. B.: (011) 23792039 DR.S. New Delhi-110 001 Tel. New Delhi 110001 Tel.S.110001 Tel. New Delhi-110 001 Tel. MOORTHY Railways 142. New Delhi-110 011 Tel. PATIL Textiles 83.K. Balwantrai Mehta Lane. North Avenue.: (011) 24640939. 23737484 Fax: (011) 23737455 SHRI PON RADHAKRISHNAN Urban Development and Poverty Alleviation 85. 23015695 23015671 (O) SHRI O. Dr. Flats. Statistics and Programme Implementation. M.K. RAJAG0PAL Defence and Parliamentary Affairs C-204. 24644330 SHRI SHRIPAD YESSO NAIK Road Transport and Highways 140. South Avenue.K.: (011) 23793208 SHRI ASHOK PRADHAN Communication and Information Technology 28.: 23737437. New Delhi-110 003 Tel. South Avenue. North Avenue. New Delhi-110 001 Tel. New Delhi-110 011 Tel. Flats.: (011) 23010468 (R). Public Grievances and Pensions 89-91. 23073144 (R). PATIL Rural Development B-204 M. New Delhi-110 001 Tel. SAN J AY PASWAN Human Resource Development C-II/5. Mahadev Road.

23019936 . THOMAS Law and Justice B-702. Canning Lane. 23382240. Food & Public Distribution AB-77.S.: (011) 24604222.S. New Delhi . Copernicus Lane. New Delhi-110 011 Tel. Teen Murti Marg. 23782797 SHRI BACHI SINGH RAWAT Science & Technology 4. Marg.: (011) 24643147. New Delhi .K. 23382964 (R) Fax: (011) 23383539 SHRI I. THIRUNAVUKKARASAR Communications and Information Technology 6. Lodhi Estate. 23015073 (O) SHRI SU.: (011) 23013321.: (011) 23073131. New Delhi-110 001 Tel. New Delhi-110 001 Tel.: (011) 23017997. Tughlak Road. SREENIVASA PRASAD Consumer Affairs.D.110 001 Tel.: (011) 23016736. 23782574 SHRI DIGVIJAY SINGH External Affairs 15. New M. New Delhi-110 003 Tel.C. Shahjahan Road.110 011 Tel. 24636767 SHRI V. 23017508 (R). Mahadev Road.: (011) 23383614. 23725462 SHRI HUKUMDEO NARAYAN YADAV Agriculture 19. 23386595(0). 23073232 SHRI CHHATTRAPAL SINGH Chemicals and Fertilizers 7. Akbar Road. 24651887 SHRI TAPAN SIKDAR Small Scale Industries and Development of North Eastern Region 20.: (011) 23782636. New Delhi-110 011 Tel.: (011) 23752851 SHRI P. SWAMI Home Affairs 23. New Delhi-110 003 Tel. B. Flats. New Delhi . New Delhi-110 011 Tel. Lodhi Estate.: (011) 23714923.SHRI CHENNAMANENI VIDYA SAGAR RAO Commerce and Industry 11.110001 Tel.

nic. Shri V.indiaculture. L Sanghi Sr. P. Dr. S&HE Shri M.MINISTRY OF HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT PABX: 23383936 FAX : Pipersenia Financial Advisor Smt. Dr. P. to MOS HRD (S&HE) 3. Kumud Bansal AS 6. Smt. S. Secretary Shri N. Muraleedharan P. Anand P.wcd. / www.R. 23382947 www. S.S.S. Sanjay Paswan Minister of State HRD (EE&L) Shri S. Siddharath / www. Bahuguna PS to JS (T) 8.S. Dr. Vallabhbhai Kathiria Minister of State HRD (S&HE) Shri P.K. Tripathi Secretary. Prem Lata Nagar PS to FA / www. to MOS HRD (EE&E) 4. Shri S. Shri V.vas.K.nic. Shri Vijay Bharat Director (T) 9. Pandey JS(T) Shri S. to ES Phone Residence 23711144 23718444 Fax: 23711772 24672928 24654132 24654133 24100967 Office 1.nic. to HRM 2. Murli Manohar Joshh Minister of Human Resource Development Shri Alok Tandon P. Shri Pawan Agarwal Director (T) 23782698 23782387 Fax: 23382365 23385055 23070928 23070186 23070928 23070186 23070927 23073804 23073805 Fax: 23073806 23073804 23073805 23386451 23382698 Fax: 23385807 23386451 23382698 23383202 22383202 23382696 23382696 23382298 23382298 23384721 23384412 23070297 23782733 26109868 26870585 22913018 25865166 26167199 23384699 23384686 26683485 23387283 .

Ray D.O. Negi S.O. Shri D. Dr. Shastri Desk Officer (TS-IV) 25. 6. Biswas Dy. Bhadri EO(T) 21. Shri Joseph Antony S. 364 23070177 23383936 Extn. N. Mahajan DEA (T) 14. Shri Ashok Kumar Desk Officer (TS-I) 22. Smt. P. Dr. Shri P. Gupta Dy. Prabhakaran US (IEDC) 20. (TS-V) 26. Reception Officers Gate No. Harit Shri Vinay Vohra 23387961 23385915 23389375 23385744 23387153 23381484 23381698 23381698 23382498 23389293 23384808 23384808 23383936 Extn.R. Sreenivasappa S. N.(TS-VII) 28. Shri. Mohan Das Asst. D. Educational Adviser (T) 18. N.O.N. Shri J. Agarwal Asst. Sharma AAA 11. Biswas Director 12.(TS-VIII) 29. Secretary (T) 15.O. 360 23388253 23070177 23383936 Ext.(TS-III) 24. Meena S. 482 23389732 23389732 25503899 23389512 26103338 23381302 25142135 23935006 22677226 26853707 24645988 23721466 .O.O. Sudarsanam DEA{T) 13. Shri S. T.K. K. Shri S.S.K. Sundari Bansal S.K. Shri Bharat Singh US 19. Secretary 16. K. Shri P. Shri A.(TS-II) 23.10.S. Shri S. Shri K. P. C. (TS-VI) 27. Shri B. Shri D. Shri B. 451 23383936 Extn. Shastri Bhawan Shri D. Educational Adviser (T) 17.

IITs IISc. JS (T) Bureau Head Shri Vijay Bharat. S. Shri S. Allahabad AIEEE and GATE IT Education II. Ranchi 2) NIIE. Shri Pawan Agarwal. Bangalore Block Grant Scheme Computer Software & Services IIITM.MHRD . CX Mahajan. Dr. D. Thrust Areas) 3) TDM VI. Gwalior NIT. R&D. Director (T) 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) IV. Mumbai 3) SPA. Pandey. Director (T) 1) Communication Polytechnics Scheme 2) TTTIs 3) SLIET 4) NERIEST 5) Architect Act & Council of Architecture 6) Polytechnics for Disabled III.BUREAU OF TECHNICAL EDUCATION DISTRIBUTION OF WORK The names of the divisional heads and the work allotted to the divisions are given below: I. Sudarsanam. DEA (T) 1) NIFFT. Shri V. Sharma. DEA (T) 1) IIMs 2) Direct Central Assistance Schemes (MODROB. New Delhi . Dr.K. AAA 1) Apprenticeship Training & Apprenticeship Act 2) BOATS 3) Reservation of Seats 4) NOC for Foreign Students 5) Pharmacy Education/Council 6) High Level Committee for Recognition of Educational Qualification V.

Director (T) 1) National Institutes of Technology (NITs) .4) Co-ordination Matters 5) Non-Lapseable Pool for NE 6) Gyan Vani & Gyan Darshan 7) TEQIP 8) International Collaboration 9) Cultural Exchange Programme/S&T Agreement 10) CPSC. Biswas.G. Workshops on Technical Subjects 13) NPIU 14) World Bank Project. CIL 16) CIIILP VII. 6) P.Ts 3) AICTE 4) ISM. Bangkok 12) National/International Conferences. Planning & Budget 2) Development of Technical Education in U. Shri K. DS (T) 1) Policy.K. Biswas. 15) Ed. Manila 11) AIT.N. Dhanbad 5) Pay Scales of Teachers in Technical Institutions and related matters. Shri S. Education VIII.

in Office CHAIRMAN SECRETARIAT 1. Kadam AO(Admn. 71. 115 23392558 Extn. 6. Goel DD (Admn. 2. Subramanian Advisor-I Shri B. 5.-lll) Shri B. 270 23392553 Extn.-IV) Shri V. 120 23392558 Extn. 3. 275 23392556 Extn. Dr. 115 23392556 Extn. 265 25380438 Extn. Narender Singh US to MS ADMINISTRATION 1.-I) Shri Arun Kumar Patari AO (Admn.L.K.K. 101 23392553 Extn.K. 222 23392580 Extn. 2. 208 23392587 Extn. Ramachandran US (Admn. S.-I) Shri Narendra Singh US (Admn.aicte. 74. 102 23392580 Extn. Secretary (A-III) Dr. Vacant Member Secretary Sh.-II) Shri K. K. Natarajan Chairman Dr. 129 23392654 Extn. Vaid AO (Admn. Shri Satish Kumar CE .ALL INDIA COUNCIL FOR TECHNICAL EDUCATION PABX : 23392563 to 23392565.S. Goel DD to CM 23392553 Extn.ernet. 73. Khemani Dy. 2. 8.G.-ll) 24511541 22050120 26524433 25087833 22133659 27568389 26064357 951202534682 10. 9. 75 & 2506 FAX: 011-23392554 Website: www. 124 27568389 25087833 Phone Residence MEMBER SECRETARY SECRETARIAT 1. 115 Telefax : 23392561 23392593 Extn. 4. 102 Fax : 23392557 23392558 Extn. 68. S. Prof.K. Rama Dy. 7. R. Secretary Shri S.

2. Gaud Advisor-I Dr. Singh Financial Advisor Shri G. Palani Natha Raja Asstt. Rominder Randhawa Asstt. Dr. 242 Extn. 259 Extn. 0120-2884029 QUALITY ASSURANCE (QA) 1. 211 23392268 26971610 Extn. 251 22455684 0120-2931249 22022118 23392582 Extn. Kole Director Dr. Kashyap AO UG BUREAU 1. Dr. 129 23392579 Extn.K. Manju Singh Dy. Director FINANCE 1.S. G. Director Shri P. Sahoo Asstt. 234 Extn. 3. Director Shri S. 243 23392630 Extn. 244 23392507 Extn. Shri T. Razdan Advisor-I 2. 276 Extn. Nath Dy. N. Director Shri K. S.LEGAL CELL 1.K. 2. 4.S.S. 4. Shri Avichal Raj Kapoor Asstt. Mrs. 5. 226 23392677 95124-26380682 Extn. Director 23392595 25831390 Extn. Shri A. Director Ms. Nassa Dy. 131 23392592 Extn. 246 Extn. Laxmi Narayana Asstt. Shri S. 3. 228 22719691 1.K. Aradhana Chopra Asstt. Director PLANNING COORDINATION & DEVELOPMENT (PCD) Dr. 2. 268 Extn. P. 224 Extn.K. 207 Extn. Dr. 268 . Manickam Asstt.K. Srivastava 23392675 Advisor-II Ms. 236 Extn. Director 4. 3. R. 205 25693727 22391737 0120-2444111 23392543 Extn. Director 6. Shri A. Negi US (Finance) Shri M. Director 5. Renu Bapna Director 3. 4. Director Extn. Manusree Asstt.N.K.

S. 232 Extn. 262 Extn. K. 2. 3. 130 22441156 BUREAU EDUCATIONAL BOARDS (BEB) 1. Kishen Kumar Reddy Adviser-II Dr. Prof. Director Ms. Sigatti Asstt. 129 Extn.N. Director 23392576 Extn. Director 23392517 Extn. B. Singh Dy. 213 Extn.P. 2. Director 23392589 Extn. 2. 206 Extn.G. Director Shri Sandeep Duggal Asstt. Subramanian Adviser-I Ms. Anita Saxena Asstt. 3. 4. Director Shri Neeraj Khatri Asstt.PG BUREAU 1. R. A. 215 Extn. 3. Director 23392552 Extn. 254 22712018 22026949 22710361 FACULTY DEVELOPMENT (FD) 1. Prof. Director Shri Shrion Dalai Asstt. 3. 201 23392559 Extn. T. 2. 128 23392523 Extn. Hariprakash Asstt. 214 95120-2514059 22724672 . 217 24511541 RESEARCH & INSTITUTIONAL DEVELOPMENT BUREAU (RID) 1. Prof. Prof. 212 Extn.) Maitreyi Chandra Adviser-I Dr. (Mrs. Director Shri Ashwini Kumar Gupta Asstt. Bhattacharya Director Mrs. Bala Prabhakar Asstt. 5. 209 23392589 Extn. Naresh Kumar Advier-II Shri R.

Co-ordination with International Institutes & Organisations. Visiting Professorship. Co-ordination with Planning Commission and Statutory Bodies. Printing. Promotion of Specialised Courses. Town Planning & Applied Arts. Administration & Finance (Adm. Leased Accommodation. Co-ordination with HMRD and other Government Organisations. Coordination with Regional Offices and Committees.) Bureau (a) Administration Rules. Panels of Legal Advisors. Telephone & Computers. Annual Report. (b) Finance Budget Planning. Guest House. Security & Vigilance. Stores-Purchase. Management. Regulations. Approval of Courses. Drawing and disbursement of Funds. Faculty Development (FD) Bureau Quality Improvement Programme (QIP). Pharmacy. SC . Publications and Advertisements. Training and Research in Engineering & Technology including Information Technology. Liasioning with MHRD for Grants. & Fin. II. Pharmacy. National Technical Manpower information Systems (NTMIS). Hotel Management and Catering Technology. Emeritus Fellowship. Audit of AICTE Headquarters and Regional Offices.. News Letter. Management & Control of AICTE Finances. Coordination with Ministry of Law. Hotel Management and Catering Technology etc. Investment of Funds. Under Graduate Studies (UG) Bureau Coordinated Development of Under Graduate Education in Engineering & Technology including Information Technology. Travel and Transport. Recruitment and Welfare. Early Faculty Induction Programme (EFIP). Faculty Development Programme in IT & Management Education. Symposia & Workshops. . Court Cases in collaboration with Regional Offices and Bureaus. Town & Country Planning & Applied Arts. etc. Library.ST Cell. Record Keeping.WORK ALLOCATION OF DIFFERENT BUREAUS OF AICTE I. Canteen. V. Maintenance of the Office Equipments. ISTE and Professional Societies Scheme. Vetting of Rules and Regulations. Architecture. Planning for Coordinated Development of Technical Education. Maintenance. Documentation & Dissemination. Approval and Diversification of Undergraduate Courses and Institutes. Intellectual Property Rights Promotion. Construction. Staff Training. Post Graduate Education and Research (PG) Bureau Coordinated Development of Post Graduate Education. Architecture. Administration and Funding of Regional Offices. Curriculum Planning & Development. Board of Planning of Technical Education III. IV. Upgradation of Computers. Career Award Scheme. Disbursement of Grants for Seminars. Parliamentary Questions. Coordination with Regional Offices and Committees. Planning Coordination and Development (PCD) Bureau. International Travel Grants. AICTE . Education for Handicapped & Disabled Persons. Women Education.INAE Distinguished Visiting Professorship Scheme. Performance Audit for AICTE Schemes and Programmes.

Board of Research and Board of Industry Institute Interaction. Coordination with Council of Architecture. Thrust Area Programme in Technical Education (TAPTEC). Nationally Co-ordinated Projects (NCP). Town Planning and Applied Arts Education. & other National Agencies / Committees. Curriculum Planning and Development in Technical Education. Coordination of Research with DST & CSIR Lobaratories and Research Organisations. Research & Institutional Development (RID) Bureau Research & Development (R&D) Scheme. VIII. Bureau of Educational Boards (BEB) Co-ordination of All India Board of Studies viz: Under Graduate Education and Post Graduate Education in Engineering and Technology. Information and Facilitation Centre. Pharmacy Education. National Board of Accreditation. Granting Autonomous and Deemed Universtiy Status to AICTE approved Institutes. VIP References. IT Education. Technician Education. Distance Education Council of IGNOU. Pharmacy Council of India. U. VII. Research related to Technical Education system. Architecture. Management Education. Vocational Education and Hotel Management & Catering Technology Education. National Facility in Engineering & Technology with Industrial Collaboration (NAFETIC).Board of Faculty Development in Technical Education VI. Co-ordination with International Quality Assurance Agencies.C. Equivalence of Courses & Programmes. .G. Entrepreneurship & Management Development (EMD). Grievances and Malpractice issues. Distance Education and Continuing Education Programme (NANCE Scheme). Modernisation & Removal of Obsolescence (MODROB) Scheme. Institute Industry Partnership Programme (IIP). Quality Assurance (QA) Bureau Quality Evaluation & Accreditation.

R. 26889684 (F) Dr. 6th Floor Anushakti Nagar Mumbai-400 094 022-25562343. 25562344 (F). B. Pande Vice Chancellor Emeritus Birla Institute of Technology P. Sukhatme Chairman Atomic Energy Regulatory Board Niyamak Bhavan. 25565717 (F) The Secretary Department of Expenditure Ministry of Finance Govt. Education Department Government of Gujarat Block No. Consortium for Strategic Management and Organisation Developement 1228. 60 Jubilee Hills Hyderabad-500 033 040-23546090-93. Multistoreyed Building Dr. Dharni P.P. Road No.R.K. 23. Extn. IP.G. 23544801 (F) Prof. 9th Floor. of India North Block New Delhi-110 001 23012929 The Principal Secretary / Secretary Education Department Karnataka Government Secretariat 5th Floor. Sports Complex. 2381594. 2253756 (F) Prof.O. R. 23251302 . Estate New Delhi-110 002 23392553. H.C. 0651-2275857 Prof. Ambedkar Veedhi Bangalore-560 001 080-2252437. Malcha Marg Chanakyapuri New Delhi-110 021 26417263.Tripathi Secretary (Education) Dept. Mesra Ranchi-835 215 0651-2275813 0141-2381721. 23392558 The Vice Chairman AICTE New Delhi-110002 Shri S. Natarajan Chairman AICTE I. 5. Kokate Vice Chancellor Kakatiya University Vidyaranyapuri Warangal-506 009 08712-2439683 08712-2438001-16 Extn. C. 269 2438844 (F). S.K. 26426853 24106458-61. Sinha President. Malhotra Chairman Quantum Institute 16/48. Sardar Bhawan Sachivalaya Gandhinagar-382 010 079-23251306.C. 24106462.MEMBERS OF EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE OF AICTE Prof. of Secondary & Higher Eduation Ministry of HRD Shastri Bhawan New Delhi-110 001 23382698 Dr. 2432699 (F) The Principal Secretary / Secretary Higher & Technical Education.

24647746. 23392561 (F) . Singh Apt. Ashoka Chandra House No. Kumaradhara Block Vijaya Enclave Sundiram Shetty Nagar Opp. Ramachandran Director Institute of Applied Manpower Research Ring Road.No.The Principal Secretary / Secretary Department of Industries Government of Orissa Bhubaneshwar-751 001 0674-2404010. 2721595 (R). .V. Road No. Council of Architecture India Habitat Centre Core 6-A. 24648415.P. Lodhi Road New Delhi-110 003 26912044. D. Estate New Delhi-110 002 23392558. Estate New Delhi-110 002 23319606. 8461274 (F) Prof. 1-5-21/7. 1002-Tower 2 Sunbreeze Apartments Sector V. 23319909 (F) Shri P. Dayaratnam H. Plot 3 Vaishali Ghaziabad-201 010 95120-24777783 95120-24431425 Prof.P. 9810011002 Prof. N.M. P. Bannerghotta Road Bangalore-560 076 080-6680606. 2401676 (F) The Principal Secretary / Secretary Technical Education Government of Uttranchal Dehradun Uttranchal 0135-2712094 (O). Arun Nigvekar Chairman University Grants Commission Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg New Delhi-110 002 23237143. I. Chatterjee Former Vice Chancellor Bengal Engineering College Asha Kunja 5/55. Sports Complex. S. First Floor. 9810431888. 23231797 (F) Dr. I. Panjab Singh Director General Indian Council of Agricultural Research Krishi Bhavan New Delhi-110 001 23382629. Shetty SAZ.R. 23387293 (F) Prof.G. GZ. 2712113 (F) 9837043779 Prof. Mehta President. Dum Dum Road Calcutta-700 030 033-25575537 (R) 22409103 (O) Member Secretary AICTE I.R. H.A-15 Sector -15 Noida-201 301 9810394959 Prof. 8/23 Habsiguda Hyderabad-500 007 040-27172738 Dr.

Pande Vice Chancellor Emeritus Birla Institute of Technology P. 60. R. 4. Kasturibai Nagar Adayar Chennai-600 020 12. S. Malhotra Chairman Quantum Institute 16/48. M. Dharni P. 6. Ahmedabad-380 052 Prof. K. R. 8. 5th Main Road. Dayaratnam 1-5-21/7.P. New Delhi-110 001 Dr. Sonal Apartments Ajanta Park. Road No.C. Natarajan Chairman All India Council for Technical Education Indira Gandhi Sports Complex I.C. New Delhi-110 001 15. Development 1228. Xavier’s School Memnagar Road. Ashok Chandra House No. The Secretary (Expenditure) Department of Expenditure Ministry of Finance North Block.K. Estate. A-15. The Secretary Department of Science and Technology Ministry of Science and Technology Govt. Shastri Bhawan. Anandakrishanan 8. Deshmukh Vice Chancellor Amravati University Amravati-444 602 2. Sinha President Consortium for Strategic Management and Org. Sector-15. New Delhi-110002 Shri S. New Delhi-110 021 9. S. 10. P. Sukhatme Chairman Atomic Energy Regulatory Board Niyamak Bhavan. . Road No. Pandey Joint Secretary (T) Department of Secondary and Higher Education MHRD. 7.S. 5. Tripathi Secretary (Education) Department of Secondary and Higher Education Ministry of Human Resource Development Shastri Bhawan. Dr.R. of India. Dave 3. Estate. Anushakthi Nagar Mumbai-400 094 13. 6th Floor. Noida-201301 3. Dr. Prof. Prof.MEMBERS OF COUNCIL OF AICTE 1.O. Ranchi-835 215 Prof. Prof. Balaveera Reddy Vice Chancellor Visweswaraya Technological University KLE Hospital Campus Nehru Nagar Bangalore-590 010 11. H.P. 8/23. New Delhi-110 001 Shri V. Dr. St. New Delhi-110002 Vice Chairman All India Council for Technical Education Indira Gandhi Sports Complex IP. Jubilee Hills Hyderabad-500 033 14. Malcha Marg Chanakyapuri.T. Habsiguda Hyderabad-500 007 Prof. Opp. Mesra. Prof. N. Tehnology Bhawan New Delhi-110016 16.

of Orissa Bhubaneshwar-751 001 25. Malati Das. of Pondicherry Chief Secretariat. Uttaranchal 29. Opp. (Mrs. Dr. Napalchyal Principal Secretary Technical Education Government of Uttaranchal Dehradun. Dr. Shri Dinesh Rai Secretary Department of Technical Education Govt. Dhun Building. 5. Dr. Mr. Sardar Bhawan. New Delhi-110 001 21. of Karnataka M. Rajendra Prasad Road. Dr.. CGO Complex. of Rajasthan Civil Secretariat. D.S. of Sikkim Tashilling Extension Gangtok-737 101 28. Building. of Uttar Pradesh Vidhan Bhawan Lucknow-226 001 30. IAS Secretary Department of Education Govt. Anna Salal Chennai-600 002 . The Secretary (Education) Govt. Mr. 9th Floor. The Commissioner-cum-Secretary Industries Department Govt. 827. New Delhi-110 016 31. The Secretary Department of Education Govt. Sachivalya Govt. The Secretary Department of Higher and Technical Education Govt. The Secretary Ministry of Power Govt. Sudershan Banerjee Chairman Human Capital Development Committee and Chief Executive Officer Hutchison Essar Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) Tansen Marg. Balakrishnan Company Secretary The India Cements Ltd. of Gujarat. Varesh Sinha Secretary (Higher & Technical Education) Education Department Block No. Goubert Avenue. Shri Krishan Singh Sangwan Member of Parliament (LS) 18. Dhaka Secretary General PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry PHD House.P. Lodhi Estate New Delhi-110 003 22. The Principal Advisor (Education) Planning Commission Yojna Bhawan.17. New Delhi-110 003 19. Pondicherry-605 001 26.S. Asian Games Village. Gandhinagar-382 010 23. Akhilesh Das Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha) 11. Shri N. Dr. New Delhi-110 001 18. of India Shram Shakti Bhawan New Delhi-110 001 20.) Manju Sharma Secretary Department of Bio-technology Ministry of Science and Technology Block 2 (7th Floor). Jaipur-302 001 27. Bangalore-560 001 24. Dr. New Delhi-110 001 32. G.

Gokhle Road Kolkata-700 020 40. Gen. Ring Road. New Delhi-110 016 36. Mehta President Council of Architecture India Habitat Centre Core 6-A. Khader Deputy Director General (MS) National Productivity Council Utpadakta Bhawan Lodhi Road. Chhaparwal Vice Chancellor Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya R. S-327. Shri S. H. Maj. Shankar Market New Delhi-110001 43. M.M. FIE President The Institution of Engineers (India) 8.33. New Delhi-110 003 42. Shri P. Tagore Marg. Vasani Indian Society for Technical Education New Mehrauli Road. Lodhi Road. Prof. Prof. Panjab Singh Director General Indian Council of Agricultural Research Krishi Bhawan New Delhi-110 001 47. The Director Indian Institute of Architecture 8-B. Pharmacy Council of India Combined Councils Building Temple Lane. New Delhi-110 002 46.P. Dr. The Director General Council of Scientific & industrial Research Anusandhan Bhawan 2. Post Box No 7020 New Delhi-110 002 37. Core 4A. Indore-452 001 35. Mr. Yahwant Deva. Dr. Ramachandran Director Institute of Applied Manpower Research I.C. Estate.K.N. Kotla Road.V. New Delhi-110 003 41. 1st Floor. Khurana Director General All India Management Association 14. Rafi Marg. Institutional Area Lodhi Road. Pant “Rahul”. New Delhi-110 001 48. New Delhi-110002 .N. New Delhi 44. New Delhi-110 003 39. D. N. C. New Delhi-110 003 38. Dr. Shri Arun Nigvekar Chairman University Grants Commission Bahadurshah Zafar Marg New Delhi-110 002 45. The Member Secretary All India Council for Technical Education Indira Gandhi Sports Complex I.A.) President Institution of Electronics & Telecommunications Engineers 2. Part-II. Prof. (Dr. B. Estate. AVSM (Retd.R. East of Kailash. Gen. Prof. Institutional Area Lodhi Road. New Delhi-110 003 34. Arun Dey Director Confederation of Indian Industry (CM) India Habitat Centre 4th Floor. Lodhi Road.) Samiran Choudhuri.P. Kokate President. Ground Floor. Maj.

Xevier’s School. CENTRAL REGIONAL COMMITTEE Prof. Agrawal Chairman. 040-27172738 5. Name & Address 1.ERC Vice Chancellor Emeritus Birla Institute of Technology P.SRC 1-5-21/7. NORTH WESTERN REGIONAL COMMITTEE Prof. Malhotra Chairman. Opp. Dave Chairman. New Delhi-110 021 2. Pande Chairman. Mesra. AICTE .REGIONAL COIVIMITTEES OF AICTE S. NT Roorkee-247 667 SOUTH WESTERN REGIONAL COMMITTEE Prof.C. A. Sridharan Chairman. P. Hyderabad-500 007 EASTERN REGIONAL COMMITTEE Dr.P. Gola Ka Mandir Gwalior-474 005 079-2490579 Office 24101313-17 Extn. 40. H.NWRC Director. Ranchi-835 215 WESTERN REGIONAL COMMITTEE Prof. R. Ahmedabad-380 052 7. 0141-2381721 0141-2381594 0651-2275857 0141-2512639 0651-2275813 6. Malcha Marg Chanakyapuri.C.R. Quantum Institute 16/48. 23 Fax: 26889684 Residence 26417263 26426853 01332-272742 285500 Fax: 01332-285815 273560 01332-285400 272342 M: 09837007278 3. Bangalore-560 003 SOUTHERN REGIONAL COMMITTEE Prof.WRC 3. AICTE .SWRC No. Sonal Apartments Ajanta Park.NCR Chairman. 080-3092467 080-3602749 080-3341046 4. AICTE . AICTE . AICTE . AICTE . N. Dayaratnam Chairman. AICTE . 0751-2460316 0751-2460312 Fax: 0751-2460313 0751-2231530 0751-2231531 . West Park Road Between 13th and 14th Cross Malleswaram. NORTHERN REGIONAL COMMITTEE Prof. Prem Vrat Chairman. No.CRC Director Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management MITS Campus. 8/23. D.O. St. Habsiguda. Mamnagar Road. Road No.

All India Board of Management Studies 11. Dharni P Sinha Prof. D. Balachandar Mr E. 7. K. 3. K. 4. Balveera Reddy Dr. Rajaraman Prof. T. P. Deshmukh Prof.ALL INDIA BOARDS OF AICTE Sl. M. N Gupchup 10. V. 6. Mehta Prof. M. Ananthakrishnan Prof. Statutory Body 1. Ribeiro Dr.R. S. 5.F. Name of the No. All India Board of Vocational Education All India Board of Technician Education All India Board of Under-graduate Studies in Engineering & Technology All India Board of Post-graduate Education & Research in Engineering and Technology All India Board of Information Technology All India Board of Architectural Education All India Board of Pharmaceutical Education All India Board of Hotel Management and Catering Technology All India Board of Town and Country Planning Education Chairman of the Board Prof. V. Kokate Prof. Agrawal Prof. P. C. . V. National Board of Accreditation AICTE VISION “To be a world class organization leading technological and socioeconomic development of the country by enhancing the global competitiveness of technical manpower and by ensuring high quality technical education to all sections of the Society”. 2. 9.N. 8.

Churchgate Railway Station. M. Sector-42-B. Shri A. Chandigarh-160 036 Shri K.CRO Tagore Hostel 2. Laxmanbagh. Mathur Regional Officer AICTE .NRO 1-A. Kolkata-700 091 Dr.ERO College of Leather Technology Campus.No. Ashok Kumar Regional Officer AICTE . Nasa Regional Officer AICTE .WRO 2nd Floor. Industrial Assurance Buiding Opp. Shamla Hills. Sector-Ill Salt Lake City. Veer Nariman Road. 4. Kanpur-208 002 2. Nirendra Dev Regional Officer AICTE .SRO 26. Tosh Regional Officer AICTE . Shastri Bhawan. . 6. LB Block. Nawabganj.K. Bangalore-560 009 Dr.REGIONAL OFFICERS OF AICTE S. Y.SWRO Bangalore University Campus Palace Road. Haddows Road. Name & Address 1.K.NWRO Plot No.C. 1310. 044-26225308 5. Mumbai-400 020 Dr. Bhopal-462 002 Office 0512-2292550 0512-2292551 0512-2550122 Fax: 0512-2214492 M: 9839029098 0172-2660179 0172-2661201 Fax: 0172-2660179 M: 9814245161 080-22205919 080-22205979 080-22253232 080-22253232 M: 9845272482 044-28279998 044-28275650 044-28255863 Fax: 044-28232754 M: 9841078101 033-23357310 033-23357459 033-23357312 Fax: 033-23357312 M: 9831172132 022-22851551 022-22855412 Fax: 022-22851551 M: 9820525369 M: 9821144874 0755-2660061 0755-2660065 Fax: 0755-2660062 M: 9826051329 080-25351331 Residence 0512-2303559 3. Ravichandran Regional Officer AICTE . Dr. Krishna Gowda Regional Officer AICTE . Chennai-600 006 Shri B. 7.

ernet. K.iitkgp. New Delhi-110016 (26591412. Kalyanpur. Ramakrishnan QIP Coordinator Indian Institute of Science Bangalore .600 036 (2578700. Chennai . 285490) Fax: 01332-273560 Email: qip@iitr.ernet. rkm@am.iise. 91-11-26581069 Email: rameshmittal@hotmail. Satyamurty Principal QIP Coordinator Indian institute of Technology Kharagpur . Prof. V. 26967106) Fax: 26852421 QIP INSTITUTIONS 1. 272535. 7. S.C. 2597597) Fax: 0512-2597795 Email: doaa@iitk.16. Prof.ernet. P. 26591343) Deo QIP Coordinator Indian Institute of Technology Mumbai .ernet. New Delhi.560 012 (3092247) Fax: 080-3600911 Email: office@cce. Handa QIP Coordinator Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee . R.V.COORDINATORS OF QUALITY IMPROVEMENT PROGRAMME ISTE 2. C. 4. K.iitd. 2578701) Fax: 044-2350509 email: Prof.400 076 ( Prof.iitb.721302 (282033. 6. Sinha Programme Director ISTE. 25722545) Fax: 091-22-25767047 Email: qip@agni. Sinha QIP Coordinator Indian Institute of Technology Hauz Prof. P. C. Krishan Kumar QIP Coordinator Indain Institute of Technology.208 016 ( Prof. 282974) Fax: 03222-255303 Email: deance@hijli. . Kanpur .247 667 (01332-285241. Krishnaiah QIP Coordinator Indian Institute of Technology. (26963431.

3. 9. D. Rajput. Gen. Secretary. Mehta. Khurana. Cairae. Director General All India Management Association G. Pharmacy Council of India Prof. Vice-Chairman. 15. President. Kurt Vogele Counsellor Development. 5.P. G. UGC Dr. U. 4. B. 20. P. Secretary. 10. Director. NCERT Dr.G. Arun Nigvekar. H. 7. Secretary. 14. Kokate. R. Deepak Nayar. William Gunn Counsellor (Dev.) Secretary. Manju Sharma. Embassy of Switzerland Mr. 8. C.G. National Council for Hotel Management & Catering Technology Office 23237143 23239628 23239659 26511439 24364041 24362950 27667011 26862707 26867541 26515472 26519154 23239184 26912466 26877819 26876500/3317 24635012 23711401 24631810 23236105 26512579 25781969 25782744 26480080 22452237 26163388 26145537 Phone Residence 23386051 24674587 27257431 26492137 26867537 26511249 26519159 0870-2439683 26912044 .S.G. S.M. DST Shri R. VC. Sirohi. Council of Architecture Mr. Delhi University Prof. President.P. T.B. 12. K.N. UGC Dr. IIT. Ramamurthy. Dr. Chairman.R. 18. 6. Director. Secretary.ORGANISATIONS IN DELHI CONNECTED WITH SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY EDUCATION 1.S. 16. IETE Dr. Shah. 13.K. VC. Dandapat. Gen. 2. Association of Indian Universities Shri H.S. SDC. Kendriya Vidyalaya Sanghathan CEO. Dixit. Secretary General.C. Dept. Indira Gandhi National Open University Prof. MIT Dr. 17. 21.) Canadian High Commission Maj. & Tech) British Council Division Maj. Jhaidiyal. 11. V.R. Head (Sc. NIEPA Prof. Director. 19. Swami. AVSM (Retd. M. Khandelwal. of Biotechnology Dr. Gujral. Commissioner. Delhi Prof.

in PROF. AWALE Vice Chancellor Dr. BALAGURUSWAMY Vice Chancellor Anna University Chennai 600 025 (22351445.rgtuitgo.SHARMA Vice Chancellor Rajiv Gandhi University of Technology Airport Bye-Pass Road Gandhi Nagar Bhopal-462 036 (2742001.VICE CHANCELLORS OF TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITIES 1. UNNIKRISHNAN NAIR Vice Chancellor Cochin Univ. Nirma University Campus Gandhi Nagar. S. Jallandhar-144 001 (0181-2244001. Kolkata-700 064 (033-23217578. Hyderabad-500 028 (23156109. BASU Vice Chancellor University of Jadavpur Calcutta-700 032 (24146000. of Science & Technology Kochi-682 022 (2577619.S.P. 2649398 E mail : ignouvc@deSt. Bidhan Nagar. Y. BIKASH SINHA Vice Chancellor West Bengal Technical University BF-142. 2742000) Fax: 0755-2742002 Website: www. 3. & Tech. 10. D. PREM VRAT Vice Chancellor Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee-247 667 (272742. . DR. A. PROF. VENKATARAMI REDDY Vice Chancellor Jawaharlal Nehru Technological 8.P. 24135237) Fax: 033-24137121 DR. DR. DIXIT Vice Chancellor Indira Gandhi National Open University New Deihi-110 068 (26862707. Sitapur Road Lucknow-226 021 (0522-2732189. Salt Lake. 4.vsnl.ernet. Y. 22200777) Fax : 22350397 E mail : vc@annauniu. PROF. 23156116) Fax : 23156112 PROF. 2426221) Fax: 0831-2472501 2. BALVEERA REDDY Vice Chancellor Visveswariah Technological University Visveswariah KLE Hospital Campus Belgaum-590 010 (2472500.vsnl. 24752206) Fax: 033-23217578 RAJAN Vice Chancellor Punjab Technical University Ladowali Road. 26492137) Fax: 26865933.S. N. 2237455) Fax: 0181-2236884 DR. K. 26766465) 13. H. PROF. 250893) Fax: 02140-250440 DR. 2532422) Fax: 0484-2577575 E mail : uc@giamd01. Babasaheb Ambedkar Technological Universtiy Lonere-402 103 (250101. Technical University IET Campus. PROF.V. Sector-!.VASANI Vice Chancellor Nirma University of Sc. N. E. 6.CHAUHAN Vice Chancellor U. 9. 7. Sarkhej Highway Ahmedabad-382 481 (23741911. 272342) Fax: 01332-285815 E-mail: director® iitr. 2731631) Mobile : 9839025538 12.B.

Fax: 079-23741917 .


P. 3. 2nd Floor Dr. 9. VIJAY S. IAS Director of Tech. Education. M.400 001 (22621726) Fax: 022-22692102 email: edutech@bom5. 2. SHRI N. Education Govt.160017 (703829.403521 (2413571) Fax: 0832-2413572 8. B. 563872) fax: 0361-565125 etcaei@hotmail. of Chhatisgarh Raipur (Chhatisgarh) (2331330) Fax: 0771-2331331 11. RAJIV KUMAR GUPTA Director of Tech. MAHANTA Director of Tech. Education Govt. BHATIA Director of Tech. 10. Complex Hyderabad . Goa . of Haryana Sector .R. Education Govt. RAJESH PATHAK Director of Tech.781019 (262276. . PROF. NANDA. Educaation Block No. DARMISHTAN K. 2474531) Fax: 0194-2479713 13.K.605 001 (235100. Bhopal . of J & K Near GPO Srinagar .vsnl. Education Govt.17A. Jivraj Mehta Bhavan Gandhinagar . of Maharashtra Mumbai . PASALKAR Director of Tech. 703230) Fax: 0172-703829 DR. 2286402) Fax:0612-226497 SHRIJOREM BEGI Director of Industries Govt. K. 2449295) SHRI RAJBIR SINGH. Chandigarh .net.TRIVEDI Director of Tech. of Rajasthan 12. SH. IAS Commissioner of Tech.6. Education Govt. SUKUMAR. VARGHESE Director of Tech. PANEERSELVEM Director of Technical Education Govt. IAS Secretary Science & Technology Technology Bhawan Bailey Road. Education Govt. of Assam Guwahati . of Andhra Pradesh 5th floor BRKR Govt.500 063 (23221511. Education Govt.1.462004 (2551589) Fax: 0755-2552219 2. of Madhya Pradesh Satpura Bhavan.382 010 (3254000. of Arunachal Pradesh Itanagar-791 111 (2214453) Fax: 0360-2211717 DR. Patna-800 015 (2226598. Education Govt. I. Residency Rd. SHRI G.324001 (2430398) Fax. of Kerala Padmavilasom Rd. PROP. PROF. MADAN Director of Tech. of Goa Panaji. Education Govt. 3254890) Fax: 079-3221883 DR. 4th floor. Govt. 0291-2430398 14. Jodhpur .R. 6. 235886) Fax: 0413-234082 4. 23353913) Fax:040-23226802 DR. A. DR. 5. 7. Fort Thiruvananthapuram-695 023 ( SHRI U.190010 (2479668. S. MASOODA YASIN Director of Tech. of Pondicherry Pondicherry .

of Karnataka. Training Govt. DR. DR. 24726005) Fax: 033-3347077. SHRI J. SHRI IMSAYUBA NAGA Director of Higher & Tech. Eduation Govt. Education Govt. 4726005 18. AGGARWAL Director of Tech. SHRI UTPAL SHARMA Director of Education Andaman & Nicobar Port Blair-744 101 (250587. 21. of West Bengal Bikash Bhawan. 581421. Cuttack . & Indl Trg.160 036 (614031.600 025 (22352299) Fax: 044-22352299 19. PRABAKAR.36A Chandigarh . SHRI E. Shillong . 580810) Fax: 0512-580965 16.15. of Mizoram Aizawl.797 001 (2290387) Fax: 0370-2290385 25. of Orissa.208024 (582084. V. 233981) Fax: 03192-230499 27. Bangalore . SHRI MARIDUL DAS Director of Higher & Tech. K. & Vocational Edn.K. DEBNATH Director of Tech. S. Education Govt.160012 (541445) 30. ROSHAN SUNKARIA Director of Tech. Education Govt. of Tamil Nadu Chennai . of Tripura Agartala . SHRI S. Education 20. C.vsnl.110 034 (27428773. DR. of Manipur Takyel. SEENAPPA Director of Tech. Kanpur . Pitam Pura Near TV Tower Delhi .795 001 (222280). G. SHRI CHAMEL SINGH Director of Technical Education Vocational & Indl.793001 (2501614) Fax: 0364-2503786 23. 23387534) . of Himachal Pradesh Sundernagar . Mac Donald Hill . Salt Lake city Calcutta . SHRI TSEGYAL TASHI Director of Tech. & Indl Trg. Govt. K. Edn.753 001 615398 Fax:0671-604053 22. Education Govt. Edn. Education Govt. Muni Maya Ram Marg Prem Bari Pur. Polytechnic Campus Vikas Nagar. MRS. 10th floor East iAS Director of Tech. of Punjab. Director Higher & Tech. SUNDARAY Director of Tech. 230285 Fax: 222876 17.799001 (0381-2324689) Fax: 0381-2324689 26.796 002 (2340603) Fax: 0369-2340926 24. Education Government of Nagaland Kohima . 724401) Fax: 614622 nskalsi@hotmail.560 001 (2200291 3415264) Fax: 080-2261212 sjp01@blr. Union Territory of Chandigarh Punjab Engineering College Campus Chandigarh . of Sikkim Gangtok. Imphal .P. SH. CHODHURY Controller of Tech. USHA BIRJEE Director of Tech. SHRI NARENDRA PRASAD Director Training & Tech. Govt.737 103 (03592-2221610) Fax: 03592-2221611 28. 229238. KHARBHIH Joint Director. of Meghalaya. Sector . Palace Rd. Higher Tech. SHRI N. of Uttarpradesh Govt. Education Govt.174 401 (01907 62320) Fax:01907-62320 29. Education Govt.700 091 (033-23347077.

Fax: 011-27428772 .

of J & K. SHRI M. 223220) Fax : 0832-225254 SHRI R. 3. Govt. Srinagar -190001 (2520658) Fax : 0191-2520658 2.8439285) Fax : 2253756 11.24549897) Fax:040-23454576 SHRI R. & Principal Secretary Technical Education Govt. of Himachal Pradesh Shimla-171 002 (221873. ARCHANA ARORA Secretary (Education) Govt.L HANGSHING Secretary (Hr. RAMABHADRAN Principal Secretary. 9th Floor. MOHAN DAS. SHRI W. 2466153) Fax: 0755-2441012 13. of Science & Technology Technology Bhawan. NANDA. P. Sachivalaya Gandhinagar-382 010 (29244. Building Bangalore-560 001 (2252437. Secretariat. Panaji-403 001 (223196. IAS Secretary.5. SRIVASTAVA Secretary (Education) Govt. Edu. of Goa Secretariat. Chandigarh-160 001 (740278) Fax: 0172-740278 8. SHRI AMIT KUSHARI Principal Secretary Higher & Technology Education Govt. 7. Department of Education Block No. PARASHARAM. AGGARWAL Commissioner & Secretary Dept. & Tech.203075) Fax: 0177-221154 9. of Karnataka. Patna-800 015 (226598) Fax:0612-239801 MS. IAS Secretary. . of Education Govt. VATSALA WATSA Secretary Education Dept. SMT. of Bihar. Secretary Higher Education A. Technical Education Manpower Planning Department Govt.D. SHRI R. 079-6423231) Fax: 02712-26468 SHRI DHARAMVIR Finance Com. of Manipur Imphal-795 001 (222629.SECRETARIES DEALING WITH TECHNICAL EDUCATION IN STATES 1. of Assam Guwahati-781 006 (561346:564536) Fax: 0361-565126 SHRI U. of Arunachal Pradesh Itanagar-791 110 (0360-2211396) Fax: 0360-2215791 SHRI O. Mumbai-400 032 (2025301) (Fax: 022-2022606) 14. 4. of Haryana. 6. SHRIG. Baigh Road.) Govt. SHRI K. M. Edn. Govt.221079) 5. Higher & Tech. SHRI HARSH GUPTA Commissioner-cum-Secretary (Technical Education) Govt. SUDHIR Principal.K. PATIL Secretary Higher & Technical Education & Employment Department Govt. Bhopal-462 004 (2441216.S. Dept. of Maharashtra Mantralaya. Secretariat Thiruvananthapuram-695 001 (2333439) Fax: 0471-2333439 12. 10. IAS Principal Secretary to Government Higher Education Department Govt.P.R. of Madhya Pradesh Vallabh Bhavan. Government Secretariat Hyderabad-500 028 (23451424.

(Fax : 222629)

15. SHRI M.S. RAO Commissioner & Secretary Education Department Govt. of Meghalaya Shillong-793 001 (0364-2222464) 16. MS. L TOCHHONG Commissioner Higher & Technical Education Govt. of Mizoram, Aizawl-796 001 (2323224) Fax: 0389-2326330 17. SHRI METONG MERONAO Commissioner & Secretary Higher & Technical Education Govt. of Nagaland, Civil Secretariat Kohima-797 001 (2270031) Fax: 0370-2270087 18. MS. MADHUR SARANGf Commissioner-cum-Secretary Industries Department, Govt. of Orissa Bhubaneshwar-751 001 (404010) Fax: 0674-401676 19. SHRIK.P.S. SIDHU Secretary, Technical Edn., Govt.of Punjab Mini secretariate. Sector-9 Chandigarh-160036 (743431) Fax:0172-743431 20. SHRI SHYAM S. AGRAWAL Secretary to Government Higher & Tech. Education Dept. Govt. of Rajasthan Civil Secretariat, Jaipur-302 001 (2227451) Fax: 0141-2227451 21. MS. JAYSHREE PRADHAN Commissioner-cum-Secretary Education Department, Govt. of Sikkim Tashilling Secretariat Extension Gangtok-737 101 (03592-229071) Fax: 03592-223050 22. SHRI C.K. SUBBRAJ, IAS Secretary, Education Department Govt. of Tamil Nadu Secretariat, Fort St. George, Chennai -600 009 (25670499) Fax : 044-25673499

23. SHRI B.K. CHAKRABORTY Commissioner, Education Dept. Govt. of Tripura Agartala-799 001 (0381-2324081) Fax: 0381-2324689 24. SHR! N.S. NAPALCHYAL Secretary, Technical Education Govt. of Uttar Pradesh Vidhan Bhawan, Lucknow-226 001 (238248) Fax : 0522-238164 25. SHRIS.K. MAGON Secretary, Dept. of Tech. Edu. &Trg., Govt. of West Bengal Bikash Bhavan, 6th Floor, East Block. Salt Lake City, Calcutta-700 091 (3344799;2408351) Fax: 033-2407103 26. DR. M.M. KUTTY Education Secretary A & N Administration, Port Blair-744101 (233227) Fax: 03192-232236 27. MRS. ANURADHA GUPTA Home Secretary U.T, Secretariat, Sector-9 Deluxe Building, Chandigarh-160 009 (741101:549102) 28. SHRI R.K. VERMA Secretary to the Administrator Dadar & Nagar Haveli Silvassa(Via Vapi)-396 230 29. MS. MEENAKSHI DATTA GHOSH Dev. Commissioner & Secretary Deptt. of Education Union Territory of Daman & Diu Moti Daman-396 223 30. SHRI NARENDRA PRASAD Principal Secretary Training & Technical Education Muni Maya Ram, Prem Bari Pul Pitam Pura (Near TV Tower) Delhi - 110 034 (27428773:23387534), Fax: 011-27428772 31. SHRI N. RAJASEKHAR Secretary to Government (Education) Govt. of Pondicherry Pondicherry-605 001 (334143:272718) Fax: 0413-253338

1. The Secretary State Board of Technical Education & Training Govt. of Andhra Pradesh BRKB Bhawan Hyderabad - 500 063 The Secretary State Board of Technical Education Govt. of Assam Kahilipara, Guwahati - 781 019 The Secretary State Board of Technical Education Govt. of Bihar Vikas Bhavan Patna - 800 015 The Secretary State Board of Technical Education Govt. of Kerala Padmavilasom Road Thiruvananthapuram - 695 023 The Secretary Board of Technical Examination Directorate of Technical Education Alto - Porvorim Goa - 403 521 The Secretary Technical Examination Board Block No.2, 3rd Floor Dr. Jivraj Mehta Bhawan Gandhinagar - 382 010 The Secretary H.P. Technical Education Board Dari, Dharmsala Distt. Kangra (H.P.) The Secretary State Board of Technical Education Government of Madhya Pradesh Gautam Nagar Bhopal (MP) 9. The Secretary State Board of Technical Education Govt. of Maharashtra Mantralaya, Mumbai 400 032 10. The Secretary Meghalaya State Council for Tech. Education Lower Lachumiere Shillong - 793 001 11. The Registrar Board of Technical Education Kasturba Polytechnic Building Pitampura New Delhi - 110 034 12. The Chairman Punjab State Board of Technical Education and Industrial Training Plot No.I A, Sector - 36 A Chandigarh - 160 036 13. The Chairman State Board of Technical Education Government of Tamil Nadu Chennai - 600 025 14. The Secretary State Board of Technical Examinations Government of Uttar Pradesh Basmati Chowrah Lucknow 15. The Secretary Board of Technical Edcucation Govt. of Rajasthan W-6, Residency Road Jodhpur-342 011








(A Public Sector Enterprise of Ministry of Human Resource Development Address: Ed CIL House, 18A, Sector 16A, Noida - 201301 (U.P.) EPABX Nos.: 0120-2512001 -06 Fax: 0120-2515372 Phone 0120-2515366 0120-2513928 0120-2512009 0120-2515314 0120-2515279 0120-2515281 0120-2516368 0120-2515278 0120-2515379


Chairman-CumManaging Director OSD to CMD Director (T) Manager (TS) Manager (ID) Manager (P & S) Manager (TA & SP) Manager (F & CS) Manager (A)

Phones : EPABX 26567673/26567373 (40 lines) Fax: 26567373/26863847/26862418/26864570 DR. V.S. RAMAMURTHY SHRI S.V.SINGH DR.CHAKARBARTY A.K. DR. LAXMAN PRASAD DR. LAXMAN PRASAD DR. Y.P.KUMAR SHRI AMITABH PANDE SHRI ARUN SHARMA DR. V. RAO OYAGIRI SHRI ANUJ SINHA Secretary Adviser, NCMRWF Adviser, ET Head, NSTMIS Adviser, TSD Adviser, International J.S. (Admn.) J.S. & FA Adviser, SAU (HR) Adviser, NCSTC 26511439 24620904 26864642 26510686 26519518 26862503 26516077 26513883 26961916 26866675 23386051 24603148 26493217 24641509 26870509 26253809 23236999 26142256 26886087 24671958

(World Bank Project for Technician Education) Ed CIL House, 18A, Sector 16A, Noida - 201301 (U.P.) EPABX Nos.: 0120-2513921, 2513936, 2512485 Fax: 0120-2513926 E-mail: Website: SHRI.V.S. PANDEY, IAS Joint Secretary (T) & National Project Director Central Project Advisor Dy. Project Coordinator(Resource) Dy. Project Coordinator(Resource) Dy. Project Coordinator (Academic) Administrative Officer Phone: 011-23382298 0120-2513928 0120-2513921 0120-2513921 0120-2512483 0120-2513955


(World Bank Third Technician Education Project) 1. SHRI UTPAL SHARMA Project Director State Project implementation Unit Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Govt. Polytechnic Jungligha P.O., Pahargaon Port Blair- 744103 (03192-250267) Fax: 03192-250587 DR. TARUN SHARMA Project Manager State Project Implementation Unit Department of Education, Behind Fisheries Directorate Itanagar-791 111 (0360-2217641) Fax: 0360-2217642 SHRI AJAZ AHMED KAKROO Project Coordinator State Project Implementation Unit Gogji Bagh Srinagar-190008 (0194-2441449) Fax: 0194-2435144 6. 2. SHRI E.P. KHARBHIH Project Director Directorate of Technical Education State Project Implementation Unit Education Deptt., Govt of Meghalaya Shillong - 793001 (0364-2226015) Fax: 0364-2503786 MS. L TOCHHAWNG Project Director State Project Implementation Unit Higher & Technical Education Govt. of Mizoram Aizwal-796001 (0389-2323224) Fax: 0389-2326330 SHRI IMSAYUBA NAGA Project Director State Project Implementation Unit Higher & Technical Education Govt. of Nagaland Kohima - 797001 (0370-2290387) Fax: 0370-2290385

4. 3.



SHRITSEYGALTASHI Director Directorate of Technical Education Dept. of Education Govt. of Sikkim, Tashiling Gangtok - 737101 (03592-221610) Fax: 03592-221611


SHRI ARUP TARAT Project Manager State Implementation Unit Polytechnic Institute Campus Narsingarh Agartala - 799009 (0381-2241303) Fax: 0381-2241303

1. SHRI R.K. TANDON Director Board of Apprenticeship Training Plot No. 16, Block 1-A, Lakhanpur, G.T. Road, Kanpur-208 024 (2584056; 2584057) Fax: 0512-2584052, 2584056 SHRIS.P.S. RATHORE Director Board of Apprenticeship Training New Admn. Building, 2nd Floor Sion-Trombay Road Sion, Mumbai - 400 022 (25225635) Fax: 022-25292502 2. SHRI P.C. BASU Director Board of Practical Training Block E-A, Sector-I, Near Labony Estate Salt Lake City Kolkata - 700 064 (23370750; 23370768) Fax: 033-23216814 SHRI A. AYYAKKANNU Director Board of Apprenticeship Training CIT Campus, Taramani P.O. Chennai - 600 113 (22542235; 22542703) Fax: 044-22541563



1. DR.O.P. BAJPAI GP Technical Teachers’ Training Institute Sector-26, Chandigarh-160 019 Ph.: 792369, 791989 Fax; 0172-791366 3. DR. B.G. JAIPRAKASH NARAIN GP Technical Teachers’ Training Institute Taramani, Chennai-600 113 [22541126, 22542334] Fax: 044-22541126 3. PROF. P.C.JAIN GP Technical Teachers’ Training Institute Shamla Hills Bhopal-462 002 [2661216, 2540233] Fax: 0755-2661996 4. DR. S.K. BHATTACHARYA GP Technical Teachers’ Training Institute Sector-Ill, Bloc-FC, Salt Lake City Kolkata-700 106 [23370937, 25498468] Fax: 033-23376331


United Nations Educational, Scientific & Cultural Organisation UNESCO House B-5/29, Safdarjung Enclave, New Delhi-110029 (India) Telephone: 91-11-6713000, Fax: 91-11-6713001, 6713002 Email: Website: United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) 55, Lodhi Estate, New Delhi - 110 003 Ph.: 91-11-24628877 World Bank 70, Lodhi Estate, New Delhi - 110 003 Ph.: 91-11-24617241, Fax: 91-11-24619393 United Nations Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) 73, Lodhi Estate, New Delhi - 110 003 Ph.: 91-11-24690401, Fax: 91-11-24627521, 24691410 Website: Colombo Plan Staff College for Technician Education (CPSC) Building Block-C, DECS Complex, Meralco Avenue, Pasig City, Metro Manila, Philippines E-mail: Website: Asian Institute of Technology P.O. Box No. 4, Kling - Luang Pathumthani-12120, Thailand Ph.: 660-25246330, Fax: 660-25246332 E-mail: South Asian Association for Regional Co-operation SAARC Secretariat P.O. Box 4222, Kathmandu, Nepal. Ph.: +977-1-221794, 221785 Fax: +977-1-227033, 223991 E-mail: Association of Canadian Community Colleges 200-1223, Michael St. N, Ottawa, Ontario Canada K1J 7T2 Ph.: 613-746-6492, Fax: 613-746-6721 E-mail: Website:

Address: Indian Society for Technical Education New Mehrauli Road, New Delhi -110016 Tel. : 26963431, 26513542 Fax: 26852421 E-mail: Website: Membership Fee : From April 1, 1998 Annual Membership : Rs. 200+Rs. 50 Admission Fee Life Membership : Rs. 2000+ Rs. 50 Admission fee Institutional Membership (Life) For Degree Level institution : Rs. 25000+Rs. 100 admission fee For Diploma Level institution : Rs. 10000+Rs. 100 admission fee Admission fee for annual member to be paid only once, provided the membership is not discontinued If discontinued, Rs. 50 has to be given again as admission fee during renewal. Student Membership Fee Annual Membership Membership Renewal Fee : From April 1,1994 : Rs. 30 + Rs. 20 Admission Fee : Rs. 30 per year.

ISTE - SOCIETY OFFICE Phone Office Residence 26963431 26967106 26513542 26963431 27055707 26963431 26850695 26963431 26963431 26963431 22044217 56056048 26177899

Executive Secretary Assistant Secretary Asst. Accounts Officer Asst. Admn. Officer Assistant Assistant

Dr. H. P. Sinha Shri Subhash Chand Shri Deepak Jain Shri Rajendra Jain Shri Kamal Kapoor Shri K. C. Joshi ISTE - PROGRAMME UNIT

Programme Director P.A. to Director Administrative - cum Programme Officer Section Officer Accountant Assistant (DTP)

Dr. H. P. Sinha Mrs. Geetha Devi T. Shri Atma Ram Shri Naresh Kumar Sharma Shri Vishan Chand Jain Mrs. Sarla Kumari

26963431 26513542 26963431 26963431 26963431 26963431 26963431

26967106 26581226 26162288 26144035 9810712065 24676298

Project Director



Instructional Designer and Development Co-ordinator Shri R. Parameswaran 080-2218839 080-3305078 . Hariharan 26963431 26174399 ISTE .WPLP BANGALORE Project Officer Er.N. A.

N.C. Dave Prof. Natarajan Prof. The following ISTE Hon. R.N.M. S. C.R Sukhatme Prof. Shetty Prof. Bhandari 2002 Prof. Sinha . Vasani Prof. N.V.R.S. L. Kulandaiswamy Prof.S. Jha Prof. P. S. P. N. Rama Rao Prof. N. Ramachandran Prof. P. Basavaraj 2001 Prof. Balaveera Reddy Prof. V.C. R.C. H. for its members.R. Pande 2003 Prof. Malhotra Prof. Swani Prof.FELLOWS OF ISTE Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE) has introduced Honorary Fellowship since 2000. Srinath Prof. K. Prem Vrat Prof. A. Indiresan Prof.V. who are persons of eminence in the field of Engineering and Technology and have made significant contribution to the development of Technical Education and activities of ISTE at State/National level. B.V. Fellowships have been conferred since 2000 : 2000 Prof.

org BIHAR & JHARKHAND 1. Singh Principal Govt.N. of Technology Vallabh Vidyanagar . Mill Road Gulbarga . Virk Director National Institute of Technology Silchar . Vijaya Kumar.12-7-512 Sreenivas Nilayam. Prof. of Computer Science Faculty of Management Studies & InformationTechnology Jamia Hamdard New Delhi . Prof.) Prof.) Prof. Sastry D.515 002 ( Website :www.842 001 (Bihar) DELHI 1. R. M.V. Kandlakoya (V).788 010 (Assam) (233179. 5.P. ANDHRA PRADESH 1. Engg. 278077) Fax : 03842-233797 E-mail :recsilcc@sancharnet. ISTE) Dept.K. Vaishnav Ishavasyam Behind Raghuvir Chambers Off. Govt.501 401 (A.P.recsil. G. & Tech. Chakraverty Principal C.A.M. Prof. 26513542) Fax : 26852421 3. ASSAM & EASTERN STATES 1. New Delhi. D.S.26526635. ISTE) Room No. Bakrol Road Vallabh Vidyanagar .) (0120-2453474) Prof.388 120 (02692-237240.Q. Dr.440 011 (Maharashtra) (o712-2230173: 2233644) Fax : 0712-2223969 E-mail :mohankhedkar@ rediffmail.5850 (O) 5851 (R) E-mail : aqansari@ieee. Ansari Dept.585 103 (Karnataka) (08472-420221) Prof. Shantinagar M.S. . Khedkar (Vice President.) (08554-272189. GUJARAT 1. Extn. 3. J. Nirjar (President.ISTE EXECUTIVE COUNCIL MEMBERS: 2003-2004 1. College Road Bapatla-522 101 (A. M Associate Prof.P. S. 229127) Fax: 02692-236493) 2.R. Sreenivasan (Treasurer. 234876 Fax : 08554-272098 2. Sector .) 2. Patel Continuing Education Manager B & B Instt.110 016 (011.388 120 (02692-237467) e-rnail : svvaishnav@hotmail.P. Prof.No.N. Sriram Mansions 35. College of Engg. A. Medchal Road Hyderabad . Prof. in Elect. ISTE) 367. Sinha Executive Secretary ISTE.636 001 (T.K. of Electrical Engg.S.P.110 062 ( Shri S. H. Anantapur . of Technology.A. Second Agraharam Salem . Nagpur . Polytechnic Muzaffarpur . 4. Basavaraj (Vice President.35/D2. M.3. C. JNTU College of Engg. ISTE) No. Visvesvaraya National Instt.28 NOIDA-201 303 (U. Indrajit N.

Shri S. Basaveshwar Engg. Meera Kumari 103 (Karnataka) (08472-420221) Prof. 08351-772351) Mobile : 9448012753 Shri S. Koratty Thrissur .S.577 102 (Karnataka) (08262-220063. 2060. 378884) Fax : 08333-378886 e-mail :vijaybabup@yahoo.771259) Fax: 08354-420504.695 016 (0471-2515574.KARNATAKA 1. Mill Road Gulbarga .net KERALA 1 Prof. M. of Technology Chickmagalur . OK. of Technology Bangalore .220063 ait@blr. Ghatol Principal Govt. 4. Cheruvaloor. Faizpur . 2733936) 3.680 321 (Kerala) (0480-2733974. Ajit Kumar Gupta Principal J. Basavaraj No.560 004 (080-6545511.. Bangalore Instt. Bhopal 462 036 (0755-2742262. 08232-226426) Fax : 0821. Ashok A.A. Principal SJPN Trust’s Polytechnic Tq : Hukkeri. Opp. 3434566) M: 9844001857 Prof. Shantinagar M. 6697233) M: 9844259968 2. Vidyasankar Sr.A. 2421971) MAHARASHTRA & GOA 1 Dr.B. Wali Mahantappa Asstt.35/D2.591 236 (Karnataka) (08333-378883. College of Engineering Thiruvananthapuram . Sreenivasamurthy Dept. Subbaraya Principal Adichunchanagiri aittech@vsnl. Dist.T.571 402 (Karnataka) (0821-416896. 7.K. J. Mahajan College of Engg. 2541556) 2 Shri K. 3rd Cross Rd.O. . Edigara Hostel Chamundeshwari Nagara Mandya .net.510677 e-mail : devarajuvce@yahoo. Prof. Pujari B.V. 08351. MADHYA PRADESH & CHHATTISGARH 1 Prof. of Mechanical Engg. 5511421 (P) principal® coep.K. Belgaum Nidasoshi .com Prof.411 005 (Maharashtra) (020-5512535. 08262-220343) Fax : 08262 .O. College Bagalkot-587 102 (Karnataka) (08351-435707. Dr. Professor in Civil Engg.vsnl. J. 2415/KT-118. BMS College of Engineering Bangalore . 245279) Fax : (02585-248179) ajit_46@ yahoo. Uprit Principal Bhopal Engineering College Gandhi Nagar P.. College of Engineering Pune . Khalith Areeppuram House P. Lecturer in Mech. 2 Dr.425 524 (Maharashtra) (02585-248179. Devaraju No. Professor in Civil Engg. 5512740) Fax : 5512644 (O). Engg.560 019 (080-6611586 Extn.

in 6 7 8 3 .440 022 (Maharashtra) (07104-236381. Hira Principal Baba Banda Singh Bahadur Engineering College Fatehgarh Sahib . Maheshwary C-401. Palanichamy Vice Chancellor Tamil Nadu Open University Chennai .444 606 (Maharashtra) (0721-2651246.R.342 01 l(Rajasthan) (0291-2515366. A.vsnl. Patil Shri Warana Vibhag Shikshan Mandal College Road. 236060) Fax: 04259-236060 E-mail: npt@vsnl.P. Visvesvaraya National Instt. 0712-2267626) Fax :07104-237681 E-mail :pbms1 2673434) Fax : 0721-2681337 E-mail :niwaka@rediffmail.. Hingoli Road Nanded . Natarajan Principal Kongu Engineering College Perundurai.638 052 (04294-220583.140 407 (Punjab) (01763-232863. Cuttack . AND J&K 1 Dr. of Technology Nagpur . Pattanayak Lecturer in Mech. Shri N. P. MBM Engineering College Jodhpur . Appukutty Principal Nachimuthu Polytechnic Pollachi . 2439499) TAMIL NADU & PONDICHERRY 1 Prof.P. 26601419) 2 Dr. 2369502) Fax: 0671-2614092 E-mail: bcpat@rediffmail. 025 (044-22351414. 224330) Mob:9822030607 Fax : 02328-223561 e-mail :gdp_warana@yahoo.3 Shri Ganapatrao D.416 113 (02328-224030. Sanchayni Prestige Swawiambi Nagar Nagpur . Dist. Deshpande B-13.753 007 (Orissa) (2614092. 2233644) Fax : 0712-2223969 mohankhedkar@ rediffmail. Lathkar Principal MGM’s College of Engineering Near Airport. Geeta S.440 011 (Maharashtra) (0712-2230173.S.431 601 (Maharashtra) (02462-237087.vsni.M. Engineering Bhubanananda Orissa School of Engg.642 003 ( Ms. Erode .uh 4 5 RAJASTHAN & HARYANA 1 Prof.) (236030. of Electrical Engg. Pune-411 038 ORISSA 1 Shri Prof. Prof. 238055) Fax : 02462-237037 e-mail :mgmcen@giasbm01. 232213) Fax : 01763-232113 E-mail : ds_hira@yahoo. PUNJAB. Tiwari Professor of Kolhapur Warananagar . R.C. V.S. Kale Amba Sadan. CHANDIGARH. M. Jay Shivganga Housing Society Kothrud. Rukmini Nagar Amravati Shri P. Khedkar Dept. 04294-220630) Fax : 220087 Mobile :9842720583 e-mail : kec@md2.K.

603 203 (T. N.641 105 (T. Second Agraharam Salem . P. Lodhi Road. Chattopadhyay 7.) (0427-2268315.) Shri D. Amrita Institute of Technology & Science Coimbatore . Sreenivasan Room No. 044-22541655 P. Core . Hoogly-712 136 (W. N. 2320166) WEST BENGAL 1 Shri A. Saraswat Director Bundelkhand Institute of Engineering & Technology Jhansi-284 001 (UP) (0517-2320349.4 Thiru Jeppiaar Chancellor Sathyabama Institute of Science and Technology (Deemed University) Chennai . Kumaradhara Block Vijaya Enclave.600 119 (24502344) Fax: 044-24502344 Prof. Thanjavur .) UTTAR PRADESH & UTTARANCHAL 1 Prof. Sundiram Shetty Nagar Opposite Bannerghotta Road Bangalore Prof. Lecturer in Prod. Mehta President Council of Architecture India Habitat Centre. G2. Ramachandran Principal Periyar Maniammai College of Technology for Women Vallam.612403 (04362-266263.A. Shetty SA2.636 001 (T.P.o.N. Adhar Chandra Adak Lane Bhakunda. Chandannagar principal@pmctech.) (033-26839713) DISTINGUISHED INVITEES 1 Prof. N. 04362-227684) Fax : 04362-266353 nalramachandran@yahoo.) (0422-2669401) 10 Shri S.641 006 (T. Parameshwaran Lecturer in Architecture SRM Engineering College Kattankulathur . Lakshmanan Placement Officer Kumaraguru College of Technology Coimbatore .122 001 (Haryana) (0124-2340165) M-9818226677 Prof. R. P.N.B.8461274 2 Prof.) (0422-2656422.R.K.N.N. Pritam Singh Management Development Institute Mehrauli Road. 2577281) Fax : (0422-2656274) Shri A.600 119 (24502344) Fax: 044-24502344 Shri R.6A. Manoharan Dean Sathyabama Institute of Science and Technology (Deemed University) Chennai . Engg. Suresh Sr.K. New Delhi 110 003 (011-24648415.3.560 076 (080-6680606) Fax : 080.C. Sriram Mansions 35.N. 24647746) 5 6 7 8 3 9 . Sukhrali Gurgaon .

2482278) Fax : -130-2482635) 5 6 Prof. State College of Engg.P.R.K. Mukul Singh Principal Govt.P. Vasani 167. New Delhi .4 Prof.247 667 (Uttaranchal) (01332-285756. 26971610) Prof. Balaveera Reddy Vice Chancellor Visvesvaraiah Technological University KLE Hospital Campus Belgaum . Agrawal Director Indian Institute of Information Technology & Management Gwalior-474 005(M. Lucknow . 285516) Fax : 01332-273560 Mobile : 9837084092 E-mail: virphtph@iitr. Dept.S.139 039 (0130-2482635.590 010 (Karnataka) (0831-2472500. College of Architecture Tagore Marg. Distt. Sirohi Director Indian Institute of Technology Hauz Khas. Murthal. 2426221) Fax : 0831-2472501) 6 3 . New Delhi . D.) Prof. Estate. R. N.) (0751-2460315.506 009 (A. Quality Assurance All India Council for Technical Education Indira Gandhi Sports Complex LP.110 016 (011-26591701. Ranjit Singh Director C. Vir Singh Professor. 2438403) Fax :0751-2460313 2 Dr. of Physics Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee . Sonepat.P.) Renu Bapna Director. K. (Mrs. 36591801) Fax : 011-6857659 4 5 Dr. 2508041) Prof. Azad Society Ahmedabad .110 002 (011-23392268. Kokate Vice Chancellor Kakatiya University Vidyaranyapuri Warangal .226 007 ( Prof.380 015 (Gujarat) (079-26766465) NOMINATED MEMBERS 1 Prof.ernet. C.V.


Davangere .J. ISTE Karnataka Section & Professor & Head of E & E Bapuji Institute of Engg. of Business Management Patna .500 028 Secretary 1. 2220409) Fax : 0261-2228394 E-mail . 2210933) Fax :0261-2228394 E-mail :cdmodhera@yahoo. New Delhi . ISTE Gujarat Section Dept. Hyderabad . Dr.395 007 (0261-2223371. of Technology Bhopal . P.V. & C Section Director Maulana Azad Instt. Shri Thomas John Lecturer in Civil Engg.791 109 (0360-257584. Singh Chairman.M.O.110 016 GUJARAT 1 Shri A. 2364916) MADHYA PRADESH & CHHATTISGARH 1 Dr. of Science & Technology (NERIST) P. ISTE M.577 004 (Karnataka) 2.C. ISTE Assam & Eastern Section & Director North Eastern Regional Instt. Venkatarami Reddy Chairman. of Electrical Engg.509 001 1.S. Indian Instt.S.395 007 (Gujarat) (0261-2223371 to 74. of Technology Surat . ISTE Bihar Section Director Indian Instt. Prof.P. BDT College of Engineering Davangere . National Instt.Engineering College Mahaboob Nagar . Shah Chairman. 257696 e-mail : dir@nerist. Section & Vice Chancellor JNT University. National Instt. Soni Chairman. Chandrashekhariah KARNATAKA 1.Chairman ANDHRA PRADESH 1 Prof. of technology Surat .V.P.L. 2330596) 2. Dr.577 004 (Karnataka) KERALA 1.ernet. Modhera Secretary. of Applied Mechanics S. ASSAM & EASTERN STATES 1 Dr. Itanagar .800 001 (Bihar) DELHI 1 Prof.245095) Fax : 0360-244307.680 009 (0487-2333290. U. Balarishnan Chairman. ISTE Kerala Section “Arun”. ISTE Karnataka Section & Principal Univ.P. & Tech. Verma Chairman. S. A . Vemuri Harinarayana Sharma Principal Dr. D. Viyyur. of Appllied Mechanics BIHAR & JHARKHAND 1 Dr. ISTE A. Technology Hauz Khas. Maharaja’s Technological Institute Thrissoor . Prof.of. Thrissur-680 010 (0487-2334581. S.462 007 . Y.K. CD. G. ISTE Delhi Section Dept. Murthy Chairman. ajs@408 yahoo. Prabhukumar Chairman. ISTE Gujarat Section Dept. RAJASTHAN & HARYANA 1. 2511612) Fax : 0291-2513733 E-mail : vkbhansali@wilnetonline. A.R. & Technology Sitapur Road. Ratanda Jodhpur – 342 011 (Rajasthan) (0291-2514790. 2690668) UTTAR PRADESH & UTTARANCHAL 1 Prof. AND H&K 1. CHANDIGARH. Director (S&B) SPIU. Hingna Road Nagpur-440 019 (07104-236381. 2361692. C. 27111400. Cuttack .753 007 (2615398. Directorate of Dr. Patro 2. Salt Lake city Kolkata . Kuchaman House Paach Batti.P. of Physics Priyadarshini College of Engg. Dept. Govt. Dr. P. S. Prof. Lucknow – 226 020 (2361631. Jha.440 009 (0712-2710030. Kolkata – 700 030 (Advisor.MAHARASHTRA & GOA 1. Basil Gnanappa Principal Moderator Gnanadason Polytechnic Nagercoil – 629 001 (04652-223302) Mobile : 09443102347 2. K. Shri G. Dum Dum road. Khare Director Institute of Engg. . Prof. M. College of Engineering Salem . Engg. Prof.C. 2742 885) E-mail :handatourism@satyam. Chemical Engineering Department National Institute of Technology Jalandhar (0181-2490653. & Tech. V. Nagpur . 0712-2263673) Fax : 07104-237681 E-mail : viveknanoti@rediffmail. ISTE Punjab Section & Principal SBS College of Engg. Bhansilal 12. Mahesh Colony Chandan Nagar. Professor & Head. ISTE Orissa Section Dy. TAMIL NADU & PONDHICHERRY 1. Bhattaeharya Vice Chairman West Bengal State Council of Technical Education. S. 4th Floor. West Bengal State Council of Technical Education P-12 Darga Road. Moga & Training BOSE Campus. Chinnaraj Assistant Profesor. C. R. Prof.700 053 (033-23588250) 2. K.P. Shri R.C. Chatterjee Asha Kunja 5/55. 246496) Fax : 01632-244012 e-mail : suker_chakia@yahoo. 2362900) Fax : 0522-2361631 WEST BENGAL 1. Bikash Bhavan 10th Prof. 2631044) Fax: 0671-2615398 E-mail: gcpatro2000@yahoo. Singh Suker-Chakia Chairman. & Tech. Dr. M. 246319. Vivek Nanoti Lecturer. C. K. Ferozepur – 152 001 (01632-244012. ISTE Maharashtra & Goa Section 78. Handa Chairman. C. H. M!DC.636 011 OR1SSA 1. Kolkata – 700 017 (033-22407103/04) 2.

(Mrs.520 004 (AP) Prof. of Electrical Engg. Vijaya Bhaskar Lecturer in Mech.232.781 039 (Assam) Dr.800 506 . Shushantu Dutta Professor of Mech. MBTS Govt. Institute. Ramarao B-4. 02692-246088) Fax : 02692-236672 an_bhavsar2003@yaboomail.N. Pragati Kumar Dept. Ghatkesar Mandal Secunderabad . Narasimha Reddy Principal Sreenidhi Instt. Road. New Delhi . T Assistant Engineer APTRANSCO. ICE Division Netaji Subhash Instt. Fazle Sarwar Principal Government Polytechnic Gopalganj . Yamnampet. Guwahati .388 120 (02692-230104 Ext. Jorhat Engineering College Jorhat . Phukan Lecturer in Computer Science Assam Engg. HIG-2 Baghlingampalli Hyderabad . V. P. Mutiny Vedula Principal I/C MBTS Govt. Krishna Dist. Polytechnic Guntur-522 005 (AP) 2 Shri K. Bhavsar Lecturer in Civil Engineering BVM Engineering College Vallabh Vidyanagar . Women’s Polytechnic Patna .. Delhi College of Engineering Bhawana Road. Gunadala Prof.2338313) 2 3 BIHAR & JHARKHAND 1 Dr. Delhi 110 042 4 2 5 3 ASSAM & EASTERN STATES 1 Mrs. Ratnajeet Bhattacharya Dept. Diwalipura Vadodara .500 044 1 2 Shri Anand Krishna Lecturer in Textile Engineering Government Polytechnic Gulzarbagh.390 015 (0265 . Polytechnic Guntur-522 005 (AP) Shri Sreenivasa Rao .501 301 (AP) Prof. F-8. of Science & Tech. Patna .110 045 Dr.N.P.781 013 2 Dr. Dwaraka. of Tech. V. Jenee D.785 007 (Assam) GUJARAT 1 Shri A. Engg.M. Panchal C/92. Sukruti Nagar J. of RDAT Indian Institute of Technology Hauz Khas. New Delhi .110 016 (26591159) Fax : 011-26591121 Er. Mittal HOD. of ECE Indian Institute of Technology North Guwahati Guwahati .L. A.841 428 3 DELHI 3 Prof.) Santhosh Satya Dept.800 007 Er. Engg.SECTION MANAGING COMMITTEE MEMBERS 2003-2004 ANDHRA PRADESH 1 Shri V.P. Bibha Lata Keshri Govt.

584 135 (Karnataka) 2 MADHYA PRADESH & CHHATTISGARH 1 Dr.570 002 (Karnataka) Dr. H. of Tech Bhopal . Govt. Sidharthan Nhattuvetty House Peringottukara P. Raichur . 223626) Fax : 02585-248179 E-mail :npravin1@rediffmail. Chauhan Lecturer in Civil Engineering M. A. Shanthakumar Principal S.A.S. Faizpur .231890) Fax :02462-237087 Deepak_Pattewar ©yahoo. National 3 Shri N. Pune . Gokulam III Stage Mysore .I. VI Main Gokulam.V.462 007 2 Shri M.411 005 (Maharashtra) 2 Shri Deepak V.431 601 (Maharashtra) (232999. Nemade Head of Civil Engineering J.673 605 (Kerala) (0495-2383924.S. 3rd Stage Mysore .382 481 (079-23741911-15.3 Prof.680 657 (Kerala) (0487-2370371) 3 .570 006 Prof.J.O. Malnad College of Shri P. Mahajan College of Engg. Rajnish Shrivastava Asstt.K.573 201 (Kamataka) Shri H. Engg. Via Gota Ahmedabad .D. Hemachandran Lecturer in Mech. Thrissur .T.462 007 Shri S. Nettusseri Thrissur . Chaudhari Professor & Head. 2nd Cross. N. Uprit College of Dairy technology Raipur (Chhattisgarh) 3 3 4 5 MAHARASHTRA & GOA 1 Dr. Polytechnic Kozhikode .570 002 (Karnataka) Shri Nijananda Reddy Lecturer HKES Polytechnic Yeramarus Camp.A.695 016 (0471-2515547.O. College of Engg. 07927438588) Fax : 079-23741917 e-mail :director@nit. Hassan . Trivedi Director Nirma Institute of Technology Gandhinagar . B. S. Pattewar Faculty Member MGM’s College of Engineering Near Airport. Kerala Govt. College of Engineering Mysore . 2377520) 4 KARNATAKA 1 Prof. Engg. Devaraj Lecturer in Civil Engg. P. Engg. Dayananda No.Sarkhej Highway P. College of Engineering Thiruvananthapuram . M. Mahadevappa Vice Principal Vidyavardhaka College of Engg.14.K. Elect. Hingoli Road Nanded . Samson Assistant Professor in Mech.425 524 (Maharashtra) (02585-248256. Professor in Civil Engg. Varghese Pulikkottil House Mukkattukara. Chandlodia.680 565 (Kerala) (0487-2272689) Shri N. 2554221) 2 Prof. KERALA 1 Dr. of Tech Bhopal . National Instt.

Anand Natarajan Dept. Senthil Kumar Principal Padmavathi College of Pharmacy Periyanchalii Post Dharmapuri . Guru Nanak Dev Engg. Education & Training. & Tech. Cuttack .342 001 (0291-2434271.753 007 (Orissa) ( Mobile : 94171-53683 5 ORISSA 1 Er. of Tech. Civil Engineering National Instt. 2459196) 3 .635 205 (T.605 104 Prof.753 007 (Orissa) (0671-2628328. K. Dhaliwal Asstt. Applications Bhubanananda Orissa School of Engg. H.S. of Technology Kurukshetra .) PB.K. Mech. 2283388) Fax :0291-2430398 3 3 TAMIL NADU & PONDICHERRY 1 Shri A. Nanoti 48 “SHREE” Near Ram Mandir Swawlambinagar Nagpur . S. Sankara Subramanian Senior Lecturer NPA Centenery Polytechnic Kotagiri-643 217 (T.N.132 119 2 2 Shri S. Ajay Kumar Panda Assistant Director (Training) Directorate of Tech. Professor.L. 2612484) RAJASTHAN & HARYANA 1 Prof. College Pondicherry .V.S.S. Ferozepur .S.141 006 (0161-2490339.141 004 (0161 -2401 966-79. BOSE Campus Cuttack .2493346) Fax : 0161-2496116 E-mail :tayalz@rediffmail. College Ludhiana . 2401604) Shri S. & J&K 1 Dr. Navi Mumbai .B. Residency Road. Das Senior Lecturer in Computer Science & Engineering Bhubanananda Orissa School of Shri Vivek M. Jaipur..302 017 Er. Airoli. 27697566) Fax : 022-27691665 E-mail :jajoosuresh@ rediffmail. Agricultural Engineering Department Punjab Agricultural University Ludhiana . Sidhu Asst Professor & HOD.152 001 (Punjab) (01632-246319.R. Engg.N.P.400 703 (022-27691662.P. Jodhpur .) 2 Dr. College of Engg. Cuttack . Education Govt. Daria Singh Yadav Assistant Director Directorate of Tech. of Rajasthan W-6.4 Shri S.Tayal Professor of Mechanical Engg. Verma HOD. Jajoo Sr. of Civil Engineering Malviya National Instt.753 007 (Orissa) (0671-2628328. S. Pondicherry Engg. of Electronics & Commn.440 022 (Maharashtra) 3 Shri T. CHD. 01632-246972) Fax : 01632-244012 E-mail :tssidhy@rediffmail. Sudhir Kumar Dept. 2628808) Fax : 0671-2301961) 2 Shri Gunanidhi Pradhan Senior Lecturer in Comp... D. Lecturer Datta Meghe College of Engg.Engg.

Polytechnic Meerut-250 103 (UP) 3 WEST BENGAL 1 Prof. Sharma Lecturer in Chemistry D. Muthukameswaran Principal Shanmugha Polytechnic Tirumalaisamudram Post. D.2540230) Fax : 0532-2445101 E-mail :prasadsc@rediffmail. Sengupta 2 Prof. Motilal Nehru National Instt.221 005 (UP) (0542-2368158.N.700 088 (033-24015835) Shri Soumyendra Nath Basu Bidhan Abason Block FB.C. of Tech. S.) Dr. B. Dept. Thanjavur .N. College Howrah-711 103 2 Dr. Vijaya Bhaskar Raju Principal Sakthi Mariamman Engg. K.C. Roy Head of Civil Engg.) Kolkata .613 402 ( Shri S. Institute of Technology Banaras Hindu University Varanasi . Nikhil Ranjan Banerjea General Manager (HRD) CESC Limited P-18. Bengal Engg. College Thandalam .602 105 (T.700 097 (033-23517325) 5 UTTAR PRADESH & UTTARANCHAL 1 Prof.N.4 Shri M. Flat B1/6 Sector-III. Allahabad-211 004 (UP) (0532-2445103. Salt Lake 3 .N. Taratalla Road Kolkata . 2307001) Fax :05432-2368428 E-mail :bnroy_bhu©yahoo. Prasad Civil Engg.

K. C. of Tech(CBIT) Chaitanyabharati P. Narayana Ready (24166.51939) K D R Government Polytechnic Wanaparthy .509 001 CHR: Sri D. Sankara Rao SEC: Shri P. Hyderabad . Suryanarayana ( RVR & JC College of Engineering Guntur-522 019 CHR: Dr. (A. Subramanyam (20328:21059) Fax:20328 11.V. 3518467) Fax: 923-33356 reddyprr@eth.522 101. 70164) Fax: 08518-76957 gprecknl@hd2. 41116) Fax: 08542-42227 14.N. 520989) 9.515 002 CHR: Shri M. Raju SEC: Dr.517 502 CHR: Prof. 321. 3. Babu (288273. 24233) Fax: 08643-24246 beckon@vsnl.neVreddy-prr@yahoo. Laxmi Rajyam SEC: Shri M Satyanarayana Murthy 2059) Andhra University College of Engg. Prabhakara Reddy (20654. Venkataiah SEC: Shri Narsimlu (22029) 8. Ext.516 003 CHR: Dr. P. Government Polytechnic Anantapur .518 124 CHR: Shri S.0. 21740) 15.) CHR: Dr.517 501 CHR: Shri V. Chaitanya Bharathi Instt. 6. Rama Mohan Reddy (76957. SEC: Dr.Z.A.vsni. Ravindranath K. Ravinder Reddy SEC: Shri B. P.500 013 CHR: Shri MVSR Engineering College Nadergul Sarnagar Mandal R. Dist Hyderabad-501 510 CHR: Dr.Tihrumalaiah SEC : Shri M. 27801) 2.S. Narasimha Reddy SEC: Shri T. Baig SEC: Shri S V Government Polytechnic Tirupati . Narasimhuloo SEC: Sri Sudhakarkasoju (42227. G. Malleswara Rao (554871-255. Varaprasada Rao SEC: Shri K.S. 10. P. Y. P.530 003 CHR: Prof. Eshwara Rao SEC: Shri K. 7.N. G Pulla Reddy Engineering College Kurnool -518 002 CHR: Prof. .Gupta (08515-27060.R. Sastry Nagaraja Rao (868320. 232353) Fax : 0863-288274 enggcol @ rvrjcce. Jawaharlal Nehru Govt.xeemal. Mallikarjuna Rao (21393) 13. P.500171 CHR: Dr.OFFICE BEARERS OF ISTE CHAPTERS ANDHRA PRADESH 1 Vasavi Polytechnic Banaganapalle . P. S V U College of Engineering Tirupati . K S R M College of Engineering Cuddapah . Subba Reddy SEC: Shri G. Visakhapatnam .509 103 CHR: Shri D. S.869688) 4.522 616 CHR: Smt. Government Polytechnic Mahabubnagar. Ellamraj (925-44867) Bapatla Engineering College Bapatla. SEC: Dr. 5. Polytechnic Hyderabad . Nageswara Rao SEC: Shri Suresh Babu ( 12. C R Polytechnic Chilakaluripet .

483113) 24. . Hariprakash Rao SEC: Dr. Subramanyam (2204.522 501 CHR: Prof. Andhra Polytechnic Kakinada .500 072 CHR: Dr.76422) 18. Madhusudan Rao (3513317. JNTU College of Engineering Hyderabad .P.521 002 CHR : Prof.535 002 CHR : Shri R.V. Hyderabad .520 007 CHR: Dr. SEC: Sri Venkateswarlu S. of Sc. V R Siddhartha Engineering College Vijayawada . Kurnool Dist.P.533 002 CHR: Shri V.V. C. MRAGR Government Polytechnic Vizianagaram . Sharma SEC : Shri N. B.V.20824) 17.2202) 29. 27. (08554-33013. Viswanadha Rao (2121) 23. Nellore . Subbaiah P. & Technology Vidyanagar. Chandra Mouly M. Government Polytechnic Visakhapatnam .R. S G Government Polytechnic Adilabad . SEC: Sri Chandra Sekhar Reddy P.16. Bhandarl (887787. P.vsni. (396948. Rao (76191 Ext. Gangadhar SEC: (20951.503 002 CHR : Shri D. 65017) 21. Government Polytechnic Nizamabad .25068) 19. 32585) Fax : 33013 28. 25.N. Jagannadham (26927) 26. N B K R Inst. Vasavi College of Engineering Ibrahim Bagh.V.524 413 CHR: Dr. Govinda Rajulu K.518 102 CHR: Shri U. Government Polytechnic Proddatur . JNTU College of Engineering Anantapur-515 002 CHR: Prof. 450. Regional Engineering College Warangal . P. Guntur . Chandrashekhar SEC : Dr. Raghava Rao ( Ram Reddy SEC: Shri B.2097) 31. Rama Mohan Rao (08624-59247) Fax: 59257 nbkrist@md3. Dasaradharami Reddy SEC : Shri P. (0866-582333) Fax: 582672 vrsec@hotmail. Dist. Subbaiah SEC : Shri L. Viramana Rao SEC: Shri S.S. Reddy SEC: Shri K. Kameswara Rao (2013.S.530 007 CHR : Shri P. Rao (23988. Narasimham SEC: Shri T. SEC: Sri Srinivasa Rao K. Siva Prasad Reddy (08564-53027.3511122) pmrphy@hotmail.500 031 CHR: Prof. Government Polytechnic for Women Palamaner . K L College of Engineering Kunchanapalli. 76491) Fax : 8712-76547 Email: 20. 887935) Fax: 040-886506 30. Sri Varalakshmi Polytechnic Machilipatnam . P.L.ernet. C. Mallikarjuna Sarma SEC: Shri P.517 408 CHR: Shri.S. Govt. P. Ananda Rao (558251) 22. Dt. Model Residential Polytechnic Srisailam.526 360 CHR : Shri V.C. Ramana Murthy Sarma SEC: Shri P.504 002 CHR: Shri D.506 004 CHR : Prof. Ramakrishna Rao SEC: Dr.

39698) 37. Hyderabad-500028 CHR:Shri Harinarayana Sharma SEC: Shri S.32. Hyderabad-500028 CHR: Prof. Bhaskar 46. of Sc. Prabhakar SEC: Dr. Muralidhar SEC: Shri K. Ashok 39. Kameswara Rao (53432. Polytechnic Masab Tank. Of Tech.V.506 015 CHR: Dr.U.S.S.S. Banjara Hills. Institute of P.G.G. 551243) Fax: 815399 38. SEC: Shri Venkateshwarlu S. of Technology Srikalahasthi. 379155) Fax: 0884-66356 42. Srinivasa Murthy (08674-73366.V.506 007 CHR: Shri R. L. Sarma (22748.M. Babu Shanker SEC: Shri P. Kumar SEC: Shri U. Jagmohan Das SEC: Prof.V. Govt.N. Anjaneyulu (226178.533 003 CHR: Prof. AANM & VVRSR Polytechnic Gudlavalleru-521356 CHR: Shri CH Venkataramana SEC: Shri N. 22022) Fax: 24516 jreddyb@hotmail-com 36. Raghavendra SEC: Shri Sai Satyanarayana Reddy 47. K. Mandal-501301 CHR: Dr.T. & Science Warangal . D. M.Sreemannarayana Murthy SEC: Dr. Narsimha Reddy Verendra Singh SEC: Shri Yadav Krishnamurthy (42631. Tech Yamnampet. Government Polytechnic Kothagudem . Studies & Research J. M. Kakatiya Instt.V. 58606) Fax: 42631 35. Raghurami Reddy SEC: Shri T. D. Gowri Manohar 48. College of Engineeing.534 204 CHR: Dr.53436) 33. 73413) 44. D. Prasad SEC: Shri K. D. Balaji (815352.A.V.507 119 CHR: Prof. The Vazir Sulan College of Engineering Khammam .P.507318 CHR: Dr. R. Chitoor DT. Ranganadha Rao SEC: Prof.500 007 CHR: Dr. S R K R Engineering College Bhimavaram . University College of Engineering (Autonomous) Osmania Univ. 296724) Fax: 040-397648 41. Sir C R R College of Engineering Eluru . T G L Gopalsetty Polytechnic Adoni Kurnool —518 301 CHR: Shri T.G.vsnl.530 045 CHR: Prof. Muralidhar Yadav (3393246. & Tech.500 034 CHR: Dr. Komal Reddy (77888:78309) 40. G I T A M Visakhapatnam . Y. M. B. Kamala Institute of Technology & Science Singapur-Huzurabad . N. . Shree Nidhi Inst.R. Sarma (376029. Ghatkesar. P. Shaik Zameeruddin SEC: (3352084) 43.3347241)Fax:3393246 45. Sri Kalahastheeswara Instt.N.Reddy SEC: Dr. Government Polytechnic (Boys) Warangal . G. Muffakham Jah College of Engg.Rao (7018254) Fax: 7017065 idcoucea(Phdl.534 007 CHR: Dr. Hyderabad .-517644 CHR: Dr. Ravindra (30840. T. Janardhan Reddy SEC: Prof.505468 CHR: Prof. JNTU College of Engineering Kakinada .D. Hyderabad .

V. Delhi Basu 52. Sri Y. 57. Regency Institute of Technology Adavipolam Yanam Near Kakinada . Mother Therissa College of Engg.530041 CHR: Prof.-507 115 CHR: Prof. Y. & Technology Hyderabad . B.N. Venkat Ram Reddy SEC: Prof. Govt. Rao SEC: Shri M. Hyderabad .S. Jatipita College of Engineering Adilabad . Rao SEC: 54. Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Tech.L. .V. Gandipet. G. Cuddapah CHR:Dr. S. Institute of Engg. Fr.S.S.B. Hyderabad .J. N.-521 230 CHR: Prof. M. A. & Science Vignan Hills.533 210 CHR: Shri Srivinasan S. Dharampur. Raja Reddy Polytechnic Pulivendla-516390 Distt. Komaraiah M. Mahabubnagar-509 001 CHR: Dr. Khammam Dsitt. . SEC: 65. Subramanyam SEC: 58. Narayanamma Inst. & Technology Rajanagram Mandal. . Karimnagar-505 174 CHR: Prof.500 008 CHR: SEC: 61. Godavari Institute of Engg. Kishna Murthy SEC: 62. Sathyananadam 53.V. College Sri Sai Nath Nagar A.504 003 CHR: Dr.G. Bhaskara Reddy P. SEC: 64. SEC: Dr. Sree Vidya Niketan Engg.508 284 CHR: Shri Vizayakumar SEC: . Guntar Distt. G.S.49. Ranampet-Chittoor Distt.500 075 CHR: Dr. Sleeva Reddy SEC: Shri T.500 075 CHR: Dr. Gyatri Vidya Prasad College of Engg. Raghavan SEC: Sri M. P. 66403) Fax: 08566-67402 51. Chauhan R. Subha Rao SEC: Shri K. Vignan Institute of Tech. of Tech. B. Dt. Deshmukhi Village Nalgonda Dist. E. J. & Tech. Sastry SEC: Shri M. Madhurawada Visakhapatnam . SEC: Shri Ratnakara Rao G. L. Polytechnic for Boys Nellore-524 005 CHR: Sri V. Vemuri H. Prakash Rao 55.533 294 CHR: Prof. Velugubanda . Sharma 56.B.-522 213 CHR: SEC: 60. Engineering College Amalapuram Odalarevu.533 464 CHR: Dr. Rama Mohan Rao B.509 001 CHR: Dr.O. Chaitanya Bharathi. Shaikpet. Nageswara Rao SEC: Prof.S. Vignan’s Engineering College Vadlamudi. 66. Subba Rao SEC: 63. Krishna Distt. & Sc. Jaya Prakash Narayan College of Engg. Kishore Kumar 50. Srinivasa Rao (08568-66309. C. K.V. Mylavaram. Adam’s Engineering College Paloncha. Pedapalli. Engineering College Mahabubnagar .517102 CHR: Prof.S.C.S. Lakireddy Balireddy College of Engg. P. Sridhar 59.

.785 007 CHR Shri D. S.K.R. Bordoloi SEC Shri M. 572996) Fax: 570550 Tripura Engineering College Tripura . Purkayastha (40273. Das (572203. 4. Shiojee Singh SEC:Prof. of Sc.M. S.P. Vijay Rural Engineering College Rochis Valley Manikbhandar Nizambad . Inst.Sinha (205978 Ext. 35262) Fax: 03842-33199 Regional Engineering College Silchar-788 015 CHR Dr.551872) Fax:550852 etcaci @ hotmail. P.nic.Sinha SEC: Shri J.835 215 CHR: Dr. Rajeev Gandhi Memorial College of Engineering & Technology Nandyal-518 501 CHR: Dr. Silchar Polytechnic Silchar-788 015 CHR Prof. of Engg. Saikia SEC Shri Jorhat Engineering College Jorhat . Phukan SEC: Sri M. Chatterjee (535857.K. K.K. 2. Nirjuli. Bihar Institute of Technology Sindri . (51382) Fax: 51445 Birla Institute of Technology Mesra.Tiwari S. Ranchi . Arun Chandra Paul SEC Dr. & Tech. Singh SEC: Dr. & Tech Jorhat-785001 CHR: Shri Sarmah M. A. K. Fax : 202380 New Government Polytechnic Patna-800 013 CHR: Shri R. 3.Teli (325408) Assam Engineering Institute Guwahati .K.Roy SEC Prof. B. K. Assam Engineering College Guwahati -781 013 CHR : Prof.799 055 CHR: Dr. Singha SEC: HRH The POW Instt.503 003 CHR: SEC: 68.N. Vijay P.L.L. 4.B. Das SEC : Shri R. D. Sharma (205978 Ext. SEC: Sri Subramanyam M.781 003 CHR Shri L. P. R. 3222) Fax: 0326.202380 3. ASSAM & EASTERN STATES 1. Chakraborty SEC: Shri Sekhar Datta Nowgong Polytechnic Nagaon-782001 CHR: Shri K.67.C.828 123 CHR : Dr.V.V.P. SEC: Shri Dilip Kumar Handique 7. 535444) Fax: 0651-535823 birlatech@bitsmart.K. M. 5. 3222). Ramanamurthy P. Itanagar-791 109 CHR : Prof.D. Rao (33797) Fax: 03842-33797 BIHAR AND JHARKHAND 1. Indian School of Mines Dhanbad .826 004 CHR: Prof. Prasad (47486) 6. Mukherjee SEC: Dr. Sarma (550852. 8. 2. North-Eastern Reg.K.

GUJARAT 1. Verma 3.800 001 CHR: Prof.6962685) 2. . Parikh SEC: (20419. & Technology Govt. M. V. N. Umrigar SEC: Prof. Ansari A.B.N.K. N. 220409) Fax : 0261-228394 gss@svrec.395 007 CHR: Prof.P. Bhatt SEC: Dr.M. Poly/ IISM Campus Pundag. 4. 7. & Engg. A. B V M College of Engineering Vallabh Vidyanagar . CD.434188) 2. M S University Vadodara .N.390 001 CHR: Prof. F.K.N.801503 CHR : Dr. 8. Sharma Instt. Fac. Bhagalpur College of Engineering Bhagalpur . Singh Regional Instt.V. Dwarka New Delhi . New Delhi .M.5.S. 5. Kilachand Devchand Polytechnic Patan . Singh SEC: Prof. Singh SEC: Shri M. Hote Pusa Polytechnic Pusa. A. D. Kushal Sen (6591071.Zala (02692-30104. Panchal SEC. & Tech. 34747. Mishra SEC: Dr. Nayak (222174. Mandal (400467. Mittal SEC: Shri Yogesh V. (434132. 261715) R. Surat . New Delhi . of Technology Jamshedpur . of Business Management Budh Marg. Kulkarni Jamia Hamdard (Hamdard University) Hamdard Nagar.A. Lal SEC: Prof. Karmendra SEC: Prof. 33161) S V Regional College of Engg.K. 20041) 10 DELHI 1. S. S. of Technology Sector-3. U.388 120 CHR: Dr.6835831) 3.K. Shri Qureshi M. New Delhi.384 265 CHR: Prof.831014 CHR: Dr. S. 4. A.Q. D.400711) Indian Instt. Prasad SEC: Dr.834 004 CHR : Prof. Faculty of Engineering & Technology Jamia Millia Islamia Okhla. Sinha SEC: Er. L. S.110042 CHR: Prof. Netaji Subhas Inst.110045 CHR: Prof. Patna . Jakhanwal (261918. New Delhi . Murthy SEC: Prof.110 062 CHR: Prof. R. New Delhi-110025 CHR: Prof.ernet. SEC: 6.. Kumar Indian Institute of Sc.R.110 016 CHR: Prof.110012 CHR: Shri Bhola Pathak SEC: Delhi College of Engineering Bawana Road. Khan SEC: (6830665.U. 9. Modhera (223371.421998. P. A.K. of Tech. Ranchi .K. Indian Institute of Technology Hauz Khas. 6. 232458) Fax: 0612-230347 uksingh@vsnl.S.813 210 CHR: Dr. of Technology West Bailey Road. Patna .com Muzaffarpur Institute of Technology Muzaffarpur-842003 CHR: Dr.

40645) Fax:40645 D D Institute of Technology Nadiad .com 13 Sir Bhavsinhji Polytechnic Instt. R.390 002 CHR: Shri S.V.394 620 CHR: Shri Desai J.363 001 CHR: Prof.emet. Pandya SEC: Prof.D. Institute of Technology Bharuch-392 001 CHR: Prof. 480065). V.P.V. H. Shah SEC: Shri H. SEC: S. 660640) Fax: 0261-670099 sect@vsnl. Y. T.T. 15 8. LD College of Engineering Ahmedabad . Patel (667734. Bhavnagar . Shri K J Polytechnic Bharuch .N.Y. Patwari SEC: Shri Raval K. Majura Gate. Patel SEC: Shri M.Shah A. Gandhinagar .A.Surat . 24765) Fax : 24897 12 C U Shah Polytechnic Surendranagar. Basal SEC: 6.R. Surat.V.382 019 CHR: Prof.Trivedi SEC: Dr. Niteen B.V.D.360 001 CHR: Shri V.R. 61007) Fax: 60501 dir@ddit. P 0 Wadwan . Motiani (40743. (442887. 16 9. (458683. Patel SEC: 19 20 .Oza SEC: Prof. Sane SEC: Shri Telpande A.G.R.M.Y. S.382481 CHR: Prof.M.V. Fax : 483531 B & B Institute of Technology (Polytechnic) Vallabh Vidyanagar . 7. Dave (0261-255799.P. 17 10 18 11 Government Polytechnic Sector-19. sect@satyam. Patel SEC: Prof. (483914. 453175) Fax: 453175 Sarvajanik College of Engg & Dr. Kapadia (21773.395001 CHR: Prof. R. J. I. Vadel (423393.Singh S. M S University of Baroda Vadodara . Patel Institute of Technology New Vallabh Vidyanagar-388121 CHR: Dr. Dhandha SEC: (47001:46872) Lukhdirji Engineering College Morbi .392 003 CHR: Shri H. M.387 001 CHR: Dr.395001 CHR: Prof.388 120 CHR: Shri I. Bardoli Distt.364 001 CHR: Prof. Patel Education Society’s Poly Tajpor-Burjang.363 642 CHR: Prof.Shukla SEC: Prof.M. H. P. J.N.G.T.R. 250970) Nirma Institute of Technology Ahmedabad . 5322830) Fax : 4429887 Polytechnic. 34464) Fax: 02692-36493 inpyrjiste@zeenext. Kantharia (37240. K. Desai SEC: Dr. G.380 015 CHR: Prof.5.426742) 14 A. Khambhata SEC: Sh. Iyer V. Ramamoorthy (60503. S.A.B.M.M. Parekh Technical Institute Rajkot . A. S & SS Ghandhy College of Engineering & Technology Majura Gate Surat Khatwani SEC: Prof.

Gangadharan (475984) Fax : 0824-476090 GOGTE Institute of Technology Belgaum .577 004 CHR: Dr. 424725) Fax : 441109 4.P. 60402 Fax: 08192-33412 Siddaganga Institute of Technology Tumkur-572 103 CHR: S J C Institute of Technology Chickballapur . Umesh SEC: Dr. Biradar SEC: Shri S. H. 8. Rajput SEC: Shri R. Basavarajappa S. Ambedkar Instt. Patel 24 Sankalchand Patel College of Engg Visnagar-384315 CHR: Dr. SEC: Dr. 72729) Fax : 08156-73433 sjcit@bgl. Srinivasnagar . Patel S. Suresh (880234.560 004 CHR : Dr.V. 10 2.S. P E S College of Engineering Mandya .488170) Bapuji Instt.nic. M.Joshi SEC: Prof. Vidya Shankar (6613237.K. 7. Patel College of Engg.S.S. C.388 120 CHR: Karnataka Reg.N. 6690391) Fax: 6526796 aswathmu@yahoo.N. H. Jayakara Hegde SEC : Dr. Prabhukumar Sec: Sh. of Engg. K. & Science “Yogidham” Kalawad Road Rajkot . 9. 22075) Fax : 08232-22075 root@mndpesce. G. G.M. Bangalore Institute of Technology Bangalore . Kherva. P. SEC: Prof. Devendrappa (31461) Fax: 08192-31261 biet@vsnl. G. Desai 22 Nirma Inst. Manjunath (3218534. 26 Atmiya Institute of Tech.3217789) National Institute of Engineering Mysore .570 008 CHR Dr. (20043.N. Vallabh Vidyanagar . Lalchandani SEC: Shri Suryanarayana Rao 23 Shree U.N.D.A. 6. 25 G.H. Manjunath (73433. Dist. of Diploma Studies Ahmedabad-382481 CHR: Shri G.571 401 CHR: Dr.S. V. Mehsana-382711 CHR: University BDT College of Engineering Davapgere . Kotecha K.vsnl. R. SEC: Shri Patel R. Suresh SEC Shri T. V.590 008 CHR: 5. Sandur (441104. Engineering College Surathkal.B.A. Prakash S. 62855) Fax: 08484-62663 Dr. C.N. of Technology Bangalore .net. Bheemaraju SEC: Sri K.560 056 CHR : Dr. Ningappa SEC: Shri M. Shridhar (485467. 79398) Fax: 080-880076 HKES’s SLN College of Engineering Raichur-584 135 CHR: Prof.G.N. 50716.360 005 CHR: Dr.V. Patel College of Engg. S. Doshi S. K. Nandikol (62128. & Technology Davangere . Basavarajalah SEC: Prof. Hanumegowda SEC : Prof.Joshi SEC: Prof. Shah J.kar. KARNATAKA 1.574 157 CHR : Prof. 11 3. Patel L. .K.V. & Tech Bakrot Road.L.V. Vasantha Kumar SEC : Shri M.21 S.562 101 CHR: Dr. Patel Institute of Technology Vasad-388306 CHR: Dr.577 004 CHR : Shri R.

Basavaraj (08373-66343. C. Hiregoudar ( sgg@kvg. V. S. 20312) Fax : 08257-20248 P E S Institute of Technology Bangalore .586 103 CHR: Dr. Prabhakar Reddy (42148.S. K.12.21532 E mail : root@gulbpda. Shankarlinge Gowda (08257-20258. Shreedhar K (20241.M.S. 322046). Pharseyavar (50560. Narasappa SEC: Dr. 43949) Fax: 08392-42259 kumargh@nsa. G H Kumar SEC: Dr. of Technology Oorgaum. Bangalore . Maratha Mandal Polytechnic Belgaum . 6722513) Fax: 080-6722882 Golden Valley Instt.574 239 CHR: Shri A. M.K. M.nic.Algur (0836-447465. K B N College of Engineering Gulbarga . Madhava Reddy (61219. Sridhar (6720886.emet.590 016 CHR: SEC: (21387. Nagalingachar SEC: P D A College of Engineering Gulbarga. 51130) Fax: 08352-57945 K V G Polytechnic Kurunjibhag. Sampigethaya SEC: Sri S.G. College Bagalkot. 50938) Fax : 08354-50504 21 BLDEA’S College of Engg. Varadarajan (21120.kar.S. M. Inamdar SEC: (21387. Ramesh (0821-512568.G. K G F-563 120 CHR: Prof.560085 CHR: Prof. Mirji ( Dayanand Sagar College of Engg. Gopalakrishna SEC: Prof. Bijapur . Ramakrishna SEC: Shri D. 69777) Fax: 66427 stjit@vsnl.580 031 CHR: Prof. 706516) Fax : 08153-62309 gviekgf@blrvsnl. Hubli . 20141) sggopalakrishna@yahoo.581 115 CHR: Prof. Tech. Srinivasa Varadan SEC: K V G College of Engineering Sullia . 25121) Fax : S.570 006CHR: Dr.580 021 CHR: Shri Vittal Murthy SEC: Shri P.Purohit (24360.D. Dhotarad SEC: Prof. S.580 002 CHR: Prof. Fax : 3736 Vijayanagar Engineering College Bellary-583 104 CHR: Prof. 447464) Fax:0836749638 22 23 16 24 17 25 18 26 19 S T J Institute of Technology Ranebennur.P. S. M. Mytri SEC: Dr. H.585 102 CHR: Dr. 24874) Fax: 08472-31882 27 .K. Sullia .net-in S J College of Engineering Mysore . M. S D M College of Engg.V. & Technology Vidyanagar.H.24974) 13. 372783) Fax: 0836-37492 15 B V B College of Engg. K. H. & Technology Dharwad . Satyanarayana SEC: 20 BW Sangha’s Basaveshwar Engg. N.587 102 CHR: Shri Waii Mahanthappa SEC: Prof.V. Ramji SEC: Dr. 544007) Fax: 0821-515770 hsram@sjce.S. Shantha Kumar SEC: Dr.574 239 CHR: 14 Government Polytechnic for Women Hubli .560 078 CHR: Prof. H.585 104 CHR: Shri A.

28.560 010 CHR: Shri T.28238) gndecb@vsni.Mali SEC: Prof. Basavaraju SEC: Shri Md. Karisiddappa (08172-45538.C. Krishnamurthy SEC: Dr.H.576 119 CHR: Dr.6618060) E mail : bmslibin@sirnetb.K. Anil Kumar (08385-26554. 411077) Fax: 441644 princi@blgklece. A. Raghunandan (71061-70.nic.571 511 CHR: Shri Noor Ahmed R. SEC: Shri S. D.580 031 CHR: Dr.B.T. 72586).com 34 K. Bhagwan Singh SEC: Shri B.K.577 102 CHR: Dr.R. M. C. 3332222)Fax: 2250069 Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College Bidar .ernet. & Polytechnic Chikmagalur .583 124 CHR: Shri Venkatrao Y Ghorpade SEC: Shri.K. C. Jayadeva (08262-20444.62080) 39 S J (Government) Polytechnic Bangalore . Malnad College of Engineering Hassan . S. Srinivasa Pai (08258-41264.kulkarni@wsa.560 019 CHR: Shri MR. Chincholkar SEC: Dr. B.K. M. R. S. 23412) Fax: 27175 30 37 31 Ghousia College of Engineering Ramanagaram . of Engineering Vidyagiri .577 502 CHR: Prof. Acharyulu SEC: Prof.590 008 CHR: Prof. Instt.581 320 CHR: 35 KLE Society’s Polytechnic Hubli .B. Kulkarni SEC: Shri Arvind Kulkarni ( Anjuman Engineering College Bhatkal .R. M.karn. Nirmala (372204. Fax : 71071 mit@mahe.573 201 CHR: K. 36 Manipal Institute of Technology Manipal .in 38 Sandur Polytechnic Yeshwantnagar. Vinaya SEC: Sri P. Narayana Swamy SEC: Shri M. Holennavar SEC: Smt.585 403 CHR: Prof. 3491016) Fax : 3355562 42 N MA M Institute of Technology Nitte 574 1 1 0 CHR: Prof. S. Bellary .C. Nema (26949.ernet. 20343) Fax : 08262-2006 ait@blr.vsn!. Khader Jeelani (71353-16638104) 32 B M S College of Engineering Bangalore . Ravi Shankar (6615657. Kulkarni ( 40 33 41 M E I Polytechnic Bangalore 29 S J M Institute of Technology Chitradurga . Rao SEC: Shri H. Deepak 62862) Fax : 45683 mcehas@vsnl.S. Shivakumar (22866) Fax: 25164 Adichunchanagiri Institute of KLE Society’s College of Engineering & Technology Belgaum . 746369) Fax: 748654 arvind.M.A. Ranganathan (3351919. Koti (62063.560 001 CHR: Prof.Ansari (2265396.580 004 CHR: Shri . K. Nagaraj SEC: Shri S. Subbaraya SEC: Shri C. S. 476458) Fax: 08258-41265 nmamit-engg-coll@yahoo.

62855) Fax: 62663 49 M S Ramaiah instt of Technology Bangalore . M.A.S.. Government Polytechnic Mysore-570007 CHR: Shri D.Sudhakara Shetty SEC: Dr.572 102 CHR: Shri G. Dubey (3332789. Vijaya Swamy SEC: Shri of Technology Tiptur .K. Satish Chandra (8467248. 12th Cross R.vsnl. B.577 204 CHR: Prof.Siddappa SEC: Sri C.55755) Fax: 260270 iste-ssit@india.S.Shesha Prakash (70450. Mahesh (78314. of Technology Tumkur-572 105 CHR: Prof. Mohandas Bhat (3441822. Bellary Dt.C. M.587 101 CHR: Shri 44 Rural Engineering College Bhalki.cs@blr. Niranjan Das Rajbhan SEC: Shri 53 S.M. 51756) Fax: 08134-51939 56 Adarsha Polytechnic C. Polytechnic Bagalkot . K.K.483138) 51 Govt. Site No. P. Prabhu SEC: Dr. Kumar (51267.S.N.vsnl. Polytechnic Tumkur.vsni. Ramesh SEC: Prof.649094) 57 B.6655374) 47 Sri Siddartha Instt. Chandrashekar (493324) Fax: 494330 cpcpchcpmys@hotmail. Kusum Devi (2234619.S.C.572 202 CHR: Prof. 3392361) Fax: 3447497 50 M. 21806) Fax: 08182-22450 drmysoreprakash@vsnl.72604) 54 JSS Polytechnic for the Physically Handicapped. S. Basavarajaiah SEC: Shri B. 56026) Fax: 75111 52 48 Sir M Visvesvaraya Instt. 544219) Fax: 0821-5141840 55 Kalpataru Inst.560 027 CHR: Dr.V.43 J N N College of Engineering Shimoga 46 M V J College of Engineering Bangalore .M. Distt. A.Tulasigeri SEC: Shri S. Elangovan (515318.585328 CHR: Dr.S. Bidar .P. Fax: 080-8467081 College of Pharmacy Harapanahalli.590 012 CHR: Shri S. G.A. Krishna Sarma SEC: Sri S. H. Bangalore 560 032 CHR: Shri T. Basavarai SEC: Prof. Vishwanath SEC: Shri V.R.Honnur (20879. 20179) Fax: 08354-50702 45 Al-Ameen College of Pharmacy Hosur Road. Nagar.583 131 CHR: Shri K.S.M. 3.T. Siddagangaiah (7844 1. . M. Mysore .net.570 006 CHR: Dr. of Technology Bangalore . Jigajinni SEC: Shri S. Rangaswamy Gowd SEC: Shri L.560 067 CHR: Prof. Parvatikar (490030.Joshi (62288. Krupanidhi (72442.562 157 CHR: Dr. 8467788). Satyanarayana Challa (8452324.560 054 CHR: Dr. Shyamala Bhaskaran SEC: Dr. 3337562) Fax : 080-2278464 E mail : alameen@gias.V. B.L. Balakrishna SEC: Shri S. Bharatesh Polytechnic Belgaum . Bangalore .

Raichur .676 105 CHR: Shri P.A. B.680 009 CHR: 60 H. 3.M. Rajappan Pillai SEC: Shri R. R.S. Jaganathan 67 A.695 016 CHR: Dr. Hiremath SEC: Hiremath 64 S. Vastrad Rural Polytechnic Inst.G. 59 NRAM Polytechnic NITTE-574110 CHR: Shri M. . Trust’s Polytechnic Nidasoshi. Kumudini SEC: Shri K. (Govt.S. Pushpakumar SEC: Dr. Ravi KERALA 1. I. Central Polytechnic Thiruvananthapuram . S.571 501 CHR: SEC: Shri B. Jagannadha Rao SEC: Prof. Bangalore . Sangote 65 B.J. Chandra Sekhara Rao (54074. Bhatt (22228) Fax: 08386-23497 supkumta@vsnl.engg.577401 CHR: SEC: 62 D.695 013 CHR: Shri N.V.Prabhu SEC: Shri S.587203 CHR: Prof. Slahuddin SEC: Shri A.587118 CHR: Prof. Doddamani SEC: Smt. Charantimath Rural Polytechnic Hunagund.L.S.577 004 CHR: Shri Government Engineering College Thrissur . S. N. Shashi Kumar 68 C.C. Naik SEC: Shri K.P. 4.M.K.@hotmail. Asokan (360391 . M. Bangalore .J.R.coll.20437) 63 Hirasugar Rural Enggineering College Nidasoshi. Justin Panchem (751346:354529) 2.T. Rama Krishna SEC: Shri D.560059 CHR: Dr.N. Angadi SEC: 69 Government Polytechnic Channapatna Bengalore .D. Dt.V. Anasraj (334144. 554327) Fax : 0471-418370 E-mail: istetvm@mb3.V.G. Y.P. Belgaum-591236 CHR: Dr. Vishwanathan (41263.680 302 CHR: Shri U. Thekkumari . Jose Ukken SEC: Shri M.560062 CHR: Dr. .D.584135 CHR: Shri Prithviraj Golgeri SEC: Shri V. Pujari SEC : Shri G.S. 337129) Fax : 0487-334590 S S M Polytechnic Tirur. 5.58 Shree Vidyadhiraj Polytechnic Kumta-581343 CHR: Shri P. Ashok Kumar (414632.R. College of Engineering Mysore Road. Bijapur Dist. Dt.V.S. Patil (41910.R.) Polytechnic Davanagere . Virupakshappa SEC: P. N. Belgaum-591236 CHR: Prof.V.B.45553) 61 Sanjay Memorial Polytechnic Sagar . Shamsuddin (422234) Thiagarajar Polytecechnic Algappanagar . Society’s Polytechnic Yermarus Camp. E.429677) College of Engineering Thiruvananthapuram . Guledgudd . S. Rural College of Engineering Somanahalli. 21691) Fax: 08258-41263 hmamit. B. Makandar 66 R.vsnl.S.

John (780226) geckur@md2.680 567 CHR: Shri V. Sree Narayana Polytechnic Kottiyam.673 601 CHR: Dr.740379) kypoly@md3. Sreeram Kumar (286312. S.vsnl.680 020 CHR: Shri P. of Printing Technology Shoranur. Radhakrishna Pillai SEC: Shri & Technology Kochi-682 022 CHR: 16 Government Polytechnic Kannur . Sarma SEC: Dr. Palakkad . Paul SEC: Prof. K. Santhosh Kumar ( 14 Government Polytechnic Kottayam .686 013 CHR: Shri Punnen P.S. Panikker SEC: Smt. Saji C. B.691 005 CHR: Prof. Hemachandran SEC: Shri K.671 315 CHR: Shri K.530010) umadevi-pp@hotmail-com Sree Rama Polytechnic Vailapad .S. 10 Swamy Nithyananda Polytechnic Kanhangad.670 007 CHR: Shri T.K. Sankaran (527640) 7. Akash Kumar (530043) N S S College of Engineering Palakkad .678 008 CHR: Dr.688 104 CHR: Shri A. Jose (78004.K. C. K.691 571 CHR: Shri. Muraleedharan (330899. Jose SEC: Dr.373816)Fax:287250 13 Government Polytechnic Kalamssery . Kasargod . Ravindran SEC: Shri O. Nandakumar (532745. 532409) Fax: 0484-543405 21 Instt.B.G.S.Babu (561884) 15 Kerala Government Polytechnic Kozhikode .net.6.686 666 CHR: Prof.Joseph SEC: Sh. 8. (555255. Ravindran Nair SEC: Dr. Rajmohan (383924. R.M.S. Dinesan 20 Cochin University of Sc.G.D.S. Nithyanandan (505106) 17 Maharaja’s Technological institute Thrissur . 822363.Sreekumar SEC: Shri K.R.V SEC: Shri P. Kollam .K.670 563 CHR: Prof.678 551 CHR: Shri T. Venugopalan SEC: Shri O.P. S. M.683 104 CHR: Sri P.532268) . Mohanan SEC: Shri T. 9. Babu T.77581) 12 National Institute of Technology Calicut.673 005 CHR: Sri N. M.679 122 CHR: Sri T.A. Umadevi P.vsnl. Sankaranarayanan SEC: Shri Purushothaman K G (319239) M A College of Engineering Kothamangalam . Radhakrishnan SEC: Shri T.C. Bharathan SEC: (0499-703110) Fax: 0499-704777 11 T K M College of Engineering Kollam. Vijayan SEC: Shri M.Nair (622450) 22 Government Polytechnic Palakkad .J. 571212 Fax : 822363 18 Government College of Engineering Kannur . 19 Carmel Polytechnic Alleppy .

M.L. Saksena SEC: Prof. 463752) Fax: 226300 lethakumarib@usa. P. K. Mathew SEC: Shri Jose Mathew 29 Rajiv Gandhi Instt. Jayakumar (450290. & Technology Kakkanad. B.N.496 001 CHR: Shri D. K.J. Thrikkakara Emakulam . Cherian Schariah SEC: Dr. V.682030 CHR: SEC: 32 MES College of Engineering Kuttippuram. Sahu (40618. 430933) Fax : 0499-450400 27 College of Engineering Chengannur-689121 CHR: Dr.O. . Deepa Vijayaraghavan (0479-450435.462 002 CHR: Prof. S. University of Kerala Kariavattom Campus P. Liza Jo (418057) 24 School of Technology & Applied Sciences Mahatma Gandhi University Kottayam . Kochi . D.P. Ajaya Kumar 30 Model Engg. Narasimhan (5337:2271) 2. Prathapchandran Nair SEC: Mrs.40459) Fax: 07722-31173 K G Polytechnic Raigarh .N. Vasudevan Nair SEC: Mrs. Raiesh (0484-425370) 31. Thakur SEC: Shri C. 5.S.O. Peter Francis SEC: Shri M. Jose SEC: Ms. Silakari SEC: Prof.S. Achuthan SEC: 33 Government Polytechnic Koratty . 4.486 002 CHR Dr.M.A. Samrat Ashok Technological Instt. Panicker SEC: Shri 28 College of Engineering Adoor.686560 CHR: Dr. Kaimal SEC: Ms. Vidisha . Lethakumari (0496-524920) 26 LBS College of Engineering Kasargod-671542 CHR: Dr.O. 33127) Fax 33124 Government Engineering College Rewa . Malalppuram .C.23.679 573 CHR: Prof. 3. S. College BMC P.N. Dewangan SEC: Shri 25 University College of Engineering Thodupuzha-685584 CHR: Dr. K. 42190) Fax: 07662-42478 S V Government Polytechnic Bhopal .N.464 001 CHR: Prof.K. E. B.682021 CHR: Dr.542042) Government Polytechnic Rudri. Letha Kumari (0486-226300. Thriuvananthapuram-695581 CHR: Dr. Thrikkanapuram P. Agrawal SEC Prof. Jain (42478. S. Agrawal (33121.R. 33126.680 308 CHR: Shri K.A. 462615) Fax: 451424 nishvin @ hotmail.691523 CHR: Dr.493 776 CHR: Shri J. Rajagiri School of Engg. H. Dhamtari . Soni (553989. of Technology Kottayam-686501 CHR: Prof. N. Khalith SEC: MADHYA PRADESH & CHHATISGARH 1. M.

Soni SEC: Dr. 314348) Fax: 330355 12 M A National Institute of Technology Bhopal .K.462 007 CHR: Dr.C. Nayak 21 Mandsaur Institute of Technology Mandsaur-458001 CHR: Prof. Engineering College Jabalpur .K.Kowar SEC: Prof.K. Fax : 432540 535459).in Madhav Institute of Tech & Science Gwalior . M. Soni SEC: Shri K. T. Bandopadhyaya SEC: Mrs. Shri G S instt. 18 S. 20170) Fax : 07161-21274 Government Engineering College Ujjain . S.S. Bhopal .M. D.B. 8. I. Khanna SEC: Prof.S.G.458001 CHR: Dr. Govt.462 021 CHR: Prof. 421953) Fax: 0751-364684 mits@gwrl. J. Agnihotri SEC: Shri S. & Science Indore . Asati (41496) 11 Govt.6.480 441 CHR: Shri P. Engineering College Sagar . Nahata College of Pharmacy Mandsaur . A. M.452 003 CHR: Dr.Gaur SEC: Prof.470 004 CHR: Dr. P. Anil Kumar Saxena (364479.K. Khanooja (42212) 15 Government Engineering College Bhopal-462036 CHR: Prof. Manjaree Pandit SEC: Prof.K. Agya Mishra (782477.V. Chhindwara . Mahajan SEC: Shri Sumit Singhal 7. 9.Fax:553875) 16 Oriental Institute of Science and Government Polytechnic Khirsadoh. Veerendra Kumar (330953. Umesh Pendharkar (25612:27296) 14 I. Jain SEC: Prof.C. 10 Government Polytechnic Shahdol . Sharma SEC: Shri Rakesh Saxena (541567. Chandrawat 22 Jawahartal Institute of Technology Khargone-451228 CHR: AjayTiwari (328140:350916) Fax:0788-322163 bitlib@bom6.P.452 002 CHR: SEC: 19 University Institute of Technology (Formerly College of Engg. H.482 011 CHR: Dr. Saraf SEC: Dr.S. of Tech. Uprit SEC: Prof. Anupam Shukla (255399:255979) Fax: 0771-254600 .474 005 CHR: Dr. Engineering College Raipur-492010 CHR: Dr. Parashar (20070.) Barkatullah University.vsnl. Polytechnic Indore . Bhopal-462026 CHR: Dr.K.K.K.Y. 557892) Fax: 788101 harivachhani @ hotmail. 557870) Fax: 554562 13 Govt. Arora SEC: Shri U.456 01 0 CHR: Dr.K. M. 20 B. Subodh Pandey (553875. Khaira (557316.C. S.vsnl. Choubey SEC: S. Zadgaonkar SEC: Prof. Manish Patel 17 Bhilai Institute of Technology Durg-491001 CHR: Prof.484 001 CHR: Shri

Hargude SEC: Prof.S.Lall SEC: Dr. Y.413 006 CHR: Prof.T.R. N.Rao SEC: Shri P.B.416 304 CHR: Shri S G M College of Engineering Shegaon .pvpit.Wakde SEC: Shri C.C.G. Farmagudi.N. 4. Satish Raut (73539.444 603 CHR: Prof.Kale (81246) Fax: 0721-81529 Government Polytechnic Solapur. 73463) Fax : 73537 Dr.403 401 CHR: Dr.425 001 CHR: Shri Rakesh Mowar SEC: Shri J. C.23.P. 312021) Fax : 0834-312160 15 Government Polytechnic Khamgaon . 10 Government Polytechnic Dhule . Shanbagh (312160. Wardha . S. K. 6. Selokar MAHARASHTRA & GOA 1. R. N. Mehta SEC: / www. A.444 203 CHR: Dr.K. Pravara Rural Engineering College Pravaranagar.I. 364317) Fax: 0193-364245 pvpit@pn3.N. Kolua.444 701 CHR: Prof.L. 652100) Fax: 653922 gpslr@pn3.O. Amravati .net. Gulhane SEC: Prof. Government College of Engineering Pune-411 005 CHR: Prof. Deshpande SEC: Prof. R. Patil (24012.A.vsnl. Datye (364246. V. Loni . R. Dethe (52116. Panjab Rao Deshmukh Polytechnic Amravati .nic.G. Anjali Dharme (5819535.413 736 CHR: Prof. 24013) Fax: 02328-24013 Ponda . Patil SEC: Prof. & Technology Waranangar .in College of Engineering Badnera .mah.G. Suhasini Madheka SEC: Prof. Raolani ( 8. K.L.Z. Ansari (0721-73824) T K Institute of Engg.444 303 CHR: Shri M. 12 Government Polytechnic Shivaii Nagar. Fax : 52346 S B Mafatlal Polytechnic Mumbai .400 056 CHR: Prof.54609) 3. 3622892) Fax: 6110117 sbmpoly@ bom2. Khadse (660127) Fax: 0721-660188 13 College of Engineering & Technology Jaigaon .442 001 CHR: Prof.vsni.B.S. 677247) Fax: 5812644 B D College of Engineering Sewagram. 11 P V P Institute of Technology Budhgaon . . Deshpande SEC: Shri S.444 603 CHR: Prof. A. Dandoti (653922.D.W.R. 52208). Chaudhari (251293) 14 College of Engineering Goa. R. Katkar (20103) Fax: 30103 gpdhule@bom6. Kalchuri Nagar.R. Bhopal-462 021 CHR: SEC: Prof. Raisen Road. 7.416 113 CHR: Dr. H. G.P. J.V.424 005 CHR: Shri H. Mahalle SEC: Prof. Shah (6148697. Bais SEC: (84030) 9. Ahasanuilah SEC: Shri K. Lakshminarayan College of Tech. Taskar SEC: Prof. P.

Rema Jaykumar (5161752.415 124 CHR: 23 Priyadarshini College of Engg. M.R.ernet 26 B V College of Engineering Pune . Nasik.J. Suresh P. P. Pathak SEC: Shri A. 667322) Fax: 0231-638881 kitcdek@pn3.vsni. (Distt.P. Lathkar SEC: Shri Deepak V. Ahmednagar .G.G.S.n et. 571378) Fax: 572998 27 M G M’s College of Engineering Nanded .B. 22956) Fax: 22792 19 Instt. Khedkar SEC: Dr. Fax : 511962 kkwcoe@bom6. 71132) Fax: 02164-71196 prin@gcpk. Wanadongri.411 043 CHR: Dr. of Technology Pune . Kolhapur) .S Patel (23740:23820) 22 Yeshwantrao Chavan College of 17 KIT’s College of Engineering Kolhapur-416 234 CHR: Dr. Fax : 342770 .S. Natu ( 077 CHR: Shri P. K J Somaiya Polytechnic 110 CHR: Prof. Deshmukh (5655907. 516676). Sarode SEC: Shri S. Utturrkar (439467) 31 Maharashtra Instt.431 605 CHR: Mrs.V. S.vsnl. S. Dole (570991. S. Maheshwary (37681. Bharatkar (07232-43278).424 005 CHR: Shri Pramod & Poly. Geeta S. Darde SEC: Shri H.C.Soni (37919. of 28 K K Wagh College of Engineering & Polytechnic Panchvati.P. 20115) Fax : 02325-20249 icre@pn3. Gore SEC: Mrs.411 043 CHR: Shri Dhule .vsni.R. Barve SEC: Prof.vsnl.R. Ladage (20069. Dige (638141. S. Gond (512876.414 111 CHR: Dr. Roda SEC: Prof.B.A. Kharche SEC: Shri R. S. & Tech. U. Distt. MIDC Hingna Road.U. Bhise SEC: Dr. Fax : 43278 21 G M Chaudhari Polytechnic Shahada.B.16 Government Polytechnic Pune-411 016 CHR: Mrs.S. S.416 209 CHR: Prof. 5656220) Fax : 5656217 gppune@giaspnOI. Gadkari SEC: Shri P. Viswanathan SEC: Mrs.445 001 CHR: Shri P.D. Mumbai . 334529). in 18 S S V P S Polytechnic Dhule . Bidarkar (71196.P. Madnaik SEC: 20 Government Polytechnic Yavatmal . D. Patil SEC: Prof. 29 P D V V Patil College of Engg. 221705) Fax: 221705 24. 5545744) Fax: 5124408 rema@mailmetroday. Veena A.422 003 CHR: 25 Government College of Pharmacy Vidya Nagar.vsnl. Pawar (22713. of Civil & Rural Engineering Gargoti. 234448) Fax: 0712-32376 yccect@nagpur. Balate (777296) 30 B V Jawaharlal Nehru Instt. Pune .411 038 CHR: Prof. S.D. Nagpur-440 016 CHR: Prof. S.35196) Fax: 02462-37087 mgmcen@bm0l. M.425 409 CHR: Prof. V. Karad . Vasant D.G. Kachave SEC: Prof. Pattewar (37087.S. Vitkar SEC: Prof. Nagpur .

431 606 CHR: Dr. 46 47 .T. 667725) Fax: 521016 gpkp@vsni.425 524 CHR: Dr.416 115 CHR: Prof. Gurav (421300) Fax:432329 dkte@pn2. of Technology Pune-411 001 CHR: Prof. D. C. Dt.Devaikar SEC: Shri U. S. 39 Government Polytechnic Kolhapur .) J.M.413 501 CHR: Prof. 29234. Fax: 2584-22379 Sardar Patel College of Engineering Mumbai .Gatphane SEC: Prof. 4484255). Nhavi Marg. Fax : 334854 41 Walchand College of Engineering Sangli -416415 CHR: 35 S E S College of Engineering and KBP Polytechnic Kopargaon . Byculla. Shreevastava (6232192.) Jyothi Prasad (3012922.N. Patel SEC: Shri. Ichalkaranji . Bhalkikar SEC: Prof. Rajan P. Gupta SEC: Shri M. Puranik (020-4212294. Kulkarni (29307.400 008 CHR: Dr. & Technology Vishnupuri. Ahmed SEC: Er. 55196) Fax: 02563-56170 43 Vishwakarma Faizpur . Maknikar (23611) Fax:02472-22242 33 B N College of Engineering Pusad-445 215 CHR: Prof.Sudevan SEC: Shri S.444 001 CHR: Prof. Nanded .vsnl. V. B. J TM College of Engineering & Poly. 35619) Fax: 02462-29236 bmnaik@giasbmOI.V. of Technology Rajaramnagar.416 004 CHR: Shri V. Fax 0204215926 44 DKTE Society’s Textile Institute “Rajwada”.G. Anilkumar (331311. Jambagi SEC: Prof. Karkhanis ( 36 College of Engg. Kyatanavar SEC: Prof.S. 301286).vsni. Ghanekar SEC: Prof. & Technology Near Shivaji Park.K. 46309). Ravi Katherashala (46316.B. Fax : 46316 iste@bnce. 8952701) Fax : 6237819 spceOI @bom2.S.423 603 CHR: Akola . of Technology Pune 45 M H Saboo Siddik College of Engg. H. D. Pandya SEC: Shri P.vsnl. T. Jadhav S.vsnl.K. Fax : 0233-300831 42 R C Patel College of Pharmacy Shirpur. Mumbai .net.400 058 CHR: Dr. SEC: Mrs.431 005 CHR: Prof. Fax : 22682 scscolk@giaspnol.George (22862:23014).B.411 037 CHR: Prof. S. Mohiuddin B.N.3051356) Fax:3082640 sabocoleg@bom3. 3224507). K. TPCT’s College of Engineering Osmanabad .B.32.K. Sakhrale-415414 CHR: Shri Kahai R.M. Sontakke SEC: Shri U.D. M. Paintvaidya ( 34 S G G S College of Engg.A.416484) 37 Cusrow Wadia Instt. Kanitkar SEC: Prof.ernet. Patil (22356. Panvalkar SEC: 40 Marathwada Institute of Technology Aurangabad .425 405 CHR: Shri Amarishbhal R. (Mrs. 23389). Deshmukh (435070.R. A. Rajarambabu Bapu Instt.N. N. Dhule . Rao (624152) Fax: 621310 38. Kamble (301359.N. D.Y. Kale SEC: Prof. (Mrs.

Mumbai .A. Dhoble R. Surve ( Kalwane (339311) Fax: 0240-484445 mgmjneca@bom4.G. Kolhe SEC: Prof. Vinzanekar SEC: Shri B. Patil College of Engineering & Tech. Verma (50381) Fax: 02140-50440 iste@dbatu. M.G. Mujumdar SEC: Mrs. Deshpande SEC: Prof.S.M.413 601 CHR: Singh ( 57 V P M’s Polytechnic.nic. 60 Dr. 600436) Fax: 42412 stbcet@pn3.N.415 001 CHR: Prof.R. Fax : 0271-651538 55 Shreeram Polytechnic CIDCO Colony. Kadam (653285) .S. Raigad . A.440 001 CHR: Shri R. Bunder Road. Mulkutkar SEC: Prof.nic.440 013 CHR: Shri Kameshwar Rao SEC: Dr.R. SEC: Shri Anil P.400 601 CHR: Shri S.M. V.431 003 CHR: Prof. Katikar ( 49 K B P College of Engg. Institute Matunga.S. Usha Raghavan (5364494) 58 Jawaharlal Nehru College of Engg. Raigad . Deshpande SEC: 63 D. (352812) 54 Walchand Institute of Technology Solapur-413 006 CHR: Prof. Nagpur . 30754) Fax: 35767 50 Government Polytechnic Sadar.nest. Hangargekar (42016.H.vsnl. Patil (7692854:7691662) 56 Veermata Jijabai Tech.A.G. 52 S R Kamla Nehru Engineering College Katol Road.N. Naik (4146972) Fax : 4152874 vjtil@soochak.402 107 CHR: Prof. Mahajan R. Nasik .535177) Fax : 543237 53 KES Narayan Nagu Patil 62 Government College of Engineering Karad-415 124 CHR: Dr. Satara .59046) Fax:02425-59016 V. P O Lonere.A. Naidu SEC: Shri D. T. Babasaheb Ambedkar Tech. 72318). Bhutiyani SEC: Prof.xeeisk. Kolhapur . Kulkarni (7471095) dyppenge@giaspnOI. U.Gowda SEC: Shri M. Aurangabad . 59 Shri H H J B Polytechnic Chandwad: Dt. Tuljapur .423 101 CHR: Shri S. SEC: Prof.B.Kulkarni (533741. Suryavanshi SEC: Prof.400 019 CHR: Dr. R. S.402 103 CHR: Prof.B. Khodke SEC: Dr. Nagpur . Fax : 02164-71713 princek@mah.vsnl.S. 51 Shri Tulja Bhavani College of Engg.M. M. Koparkar SEC: 61 Amrutvahini College of Engineering Amrutnagar-422608 CHR: Prof. J.48 D Y Patil College of Engineeing R. P. Thane .A.D. 550075) Fax : 0712-544355 principa@nagpur. Pune-411 018 CHR: Prof. Dabhade SEC: Dr.S.xeemail. Distt. Kulkarni (651388). & Polytechnic Camp. Birajdar (7171 1. Navi Mumbai-400 708 CHR: Shri Choudhary G.K. College Pen. B.Y.S. A. S.Jain (52127) Fax: 52127 shhjbp@yahoo. P.M. Univ.416 006 CHR: Prof.

V.) Tal. R. Andhare 78 Rajiv Gandhi College of Engineering Chandrapur-442403 CHR: Prof.M.S.440011 CHR: Shri V. S. 70 Terna Engineering College Neruli.S. M. Kale SEC: Shri Rathore SEC: Shri A.Sai (7672502) 68 Bharati Vidyapeeth’s College of Engg.M. G. U.442 605 CHR: Shri F. Umre (223710. Amrawati . of Technology. of Man-Made Textiles Mumbai . M. Fax : 7573196 bvcoenm@vsnl. Baramati. Fax : 55236 74 St.S. Phatak (4455937). C.400 614 CHR: Dr. Dt. Sinha SEC: Prof. of 65 Laxminarayan Aggarwal Memorial Instt. Handa (711400. Jangam SEC: Dr. Distt. P.P. Mithilesh 54262) Fax : 54424 .N. Pattiwa (53493. P.M. G. Hogade (7684387) 71 Government Polytechnic Aurangabad . Nakod (55309). Xavier’s Technical Institute Mahim Causeway. Mumbai .M Walke (22587.N. A.V. Government Polytechnic Jalgaon . Fax : 4454482 75 Visvesvaraya Regional Engg. 331562) Fax: 0240-334724 gpaur@bom4. 5653541) Fax : 4930225 sasmira@vsni.744666)Fax:265097 kdkce@nagpur.R.Thate ( 72. Loya (37135:37197) 66 D N Patel College of Engineering Shahada.K.400 025 CHR: Dr.R.Wabale SEC: Prof. G. 225060) Fax: 0712-223230 76 Government Polytechnic Gadchiroli .400 706 CHR: Dr.400 706 CHR: Dr. Doctor (4918201. 22425) Fax: 07132-22587 77 Indian Institute of Technology Mumbai-400076 CHR: Prof. Patil (54214.Patil ( 69 K D K College of Engineering Nagpur . College Nagpur . Sector-7.vsnl.425 409 CHR: SEC 67 Ramrao Adik Instt.221719) hpjlhgaon@bomb.64.W. Singh SEC: Prof.vsni. govtpolyjal@vsnl. Dhanokar SEC: Dr. Dhule . Khan SEC: Shri R. Navi Mumbai .R. Deshpande SEC: Shri B. A. Mahajan SEC: Shri K. 56755) Fax : 07172-56610 79 College of Engineering Malegaon (B. Barure (7571074).400 016 CHR: Shri H. of Technology Nerul.425 001 CHR: Shri M. Gadewar SEC: Prof. Pune-413115 CHR: Prof.444 709 CHR: Prof. Dhamangaon 73 Kavikulguru Instt. Thimma Reddy SEC: Shri P. Navi Mumbai .T. Dharmadhikarl SEC: Shri O. T.C.S. Saleem SEC: Prof. & Science Ramtek-441 106 CHR: Dr.S.D. Sasrnira’s Instt.440 009 CHR: Dr.M.B. Kalsi SEC: Shri / www.sasmira. Navi Mumbai .net.431 005 CHR: Prof.

Government Polytechnic Manpada.V. Mumbai-400051 CHR: Smt. College Bandra (W).H. 201 CHR: Dr. Gabhane S.K. Charhate (7692854. 81 MCTs Rajiv Gandhi Instt. Pusad-445215 CHR: Prof. Mumbay . SEC: Prof.vsnl. Versova Andheri (W).P.684405)Fax:567670 E-mail: itunr@vsnl.V. V.S. Faruqh SEC: Ms. Hirani Istt.Shah SEC: Prof. P. Juhu Versova Link Road.D. Pharmacy Polytechnic & Institute of Technology Ulhasnagar-421003 CHR: Prof. Ghanekar SEC: Prof. Poorva Waingankar ( Rao SEC: Shri S. Phadkule (6129587. Boob SEC: Prof. Kumaran SEC: Mr. Karnade (6426587. Kantute (7662949. Govt. Yavatmal.R. Umesh M. N. J.411 001 CHR: Dr.K.T. Dhake SEC: Prof.400 607 CHR: Shri 90 Anuradha Engineering College Buldana.W.M.5909974) Fax:5427953 86 AISSMS’s College of Engineering Pune .net. Waghodekar SEC: Prof.7661924:56481 10) Fax:7660619 agnelvok@bom5.vsnl. Mankar (5369757. Ugwekar (42063.6051660) Fax : 5534199 aicoep@vsni. A. Navi Mumbai-400 701 CHR: Dr. Chara SEC: Prof. Polytechnic Kherwadi. A. A.S. Aradhye (22435. T. of .com 93 Government Polytechnic Nanded .B. of Poly.E. K.S.Achhara SEC: Shri R.7691662) Fax:7691665 Govt.6514932) Fax:6454057 ainulattar@hotmail.Kulkarni SEC: Shri A. Ghod Bunder Road. K. Kulkarni R.Patil (5436040. C. Thane-400 601 CHR: Sri Nilesh P.V. ISTE HANDBOOK 2003-04 82 Govt.M. 22203) Fax: 22435 83. Navi Mumbai . Savia SEC: Sri Y. 20321) Fax: 21247 arunkumardwivedi@hotmail.43263) Fax: 07264-42537 mauni@bom4. Thane . Women’s University Mumbai-400020 CHR: Ms.G.6426725) 89 JSPM’s Dr. Gooruji SEC: Shri A R Pendharkar (52223.400 050 CHR: Prof. R. Radha S’nha SEC (6128493) Fax : 6141668 87 Agnel Polytechnic.431602 CHR: Shri P.P. Polytechnic Malvan-416606 CHR: Shri T. S. Jaiswal (47107.424 005 CHR: Prof. Polytechnic Ratnagiri-415612 CHR: Prof. Attar SEC: Shri B. Qadri (35210) Fax: 3521 0 94 Parshvanath College of Engg.G.ernet. Dwivedi (22713. S.C. 85 Premila Vithaldas Polytechnic S.vsnl. 91 Thadomal Shahani Engg.K. Kulkarni (567670.406163) 92 SSVPS’ College of Engineering Dhule .400 703 CHR: Mr. Mumbai-400053 CHR: Dr.A. Chikhli 88. A. Vashi.H. 47025) Fax : 07233-46316 95 Datta Meghe College of Engineering Sector 3. 52027) Fax: 02365-52223 84 K.K.

R. J. M. A. Shiroiwadi Road.222403) 99 SES College of Engineering Gyanpeeth College of Engineering Dahivali. Badjate 111. Nanded-431603 CHR: SEC: 114.R. CBD Belapadu Navi Mumbai-400614 CHR: Shri P.B.S. Patrutkar (4228258.B. Jaysinghpur-416101 CHR: Prof.K. Pune-41 1 001 CHR: Prof.vsnl. Sector-7. Buke SEC: 106. MID.SMBES’s M. College 103. Tandon SEC: Prof R K Kulkarni (7592434.J. Box No. Conceicao Rodrigues College of Eng Bandra. D. 110.GSPM Gramin Polytechnic Vishnupuri. Honutagi SEC: Mrs. Asanare SEC : Shri B. Shri Sant Muktabai Institute of Tech Jalgaon 425001 CHR: Shri S. Danawade 108.K. Parikh 112.SVPKM’s D. S. Raisoni Polytechnic CRPF Gate No. Gilke SEC: Prof. Takalikar SEC: Shri I. Katira M. Lele SEC: Sh. Gondia CHR: Shri S. Shah D.H. Patil SEC: Ms. DJ. K. Lohara. Nagpur-440016 CHR : Prof. Yavatmal-445001 CHR : Prof.O. Bidve Engg. Sanghavi College of Eng.Y. Vile Parle (W).Bharati Vidyapeeth’s Institute of Tech.P. Dt.G. 60239) Fax: 60295 100 Vidyavardhini’s Bhansaheb Polytechnic VasaiRoad. Hadapsar. 62. 4336637)Fax: 4226858 pvgcoet@pn2.) J.Jawaharial Darda Institutte of Engineering & Technology MIDC.413531 CHR: Shri Mohan V. Mumbai-400056 CHR : Dr.V. Parvati. SEC : Dr.vsnl. N. Doke SEC: Prof. Mumbai-400 077 CHR: Prof. Magdum College of Engg.Finolex Academy of Management & Tech. Pune-411009 CHR: Prof.S. Dist.PDEA’S Institute of Technology Manjari Road. Kalaspurkar SEC : Prof. Razaq A.A. & Tech. A. Raut SEC: Shri A.C. J. Deshmukh A.A. 102. P-60/1. S.400 050 CHR: Prof. Patil S.J.Gupta SEC: Prof. N. Byculla. Mumbai-400008 CHR: Sh. H.V. Latur .PVG’s College of Engg. Bala SEC: Prof. Somaiya College of Engg. Desai (022-5106534) 104. 7577832) Fax: 7573196 bvive@giasbmOI.N.V.K. ( 97 Manohar Bhai Patel Institute of Engg.K. A.S. Bhoir (6423841.Dr. SEC : Prof. 113. Grace Selvarani 107. Patil SEC: Shri A.AISSM’s Polytechnic Kennedy Road. Yadav SEC: 109. Mumbai . S.S.S. Mokashi (334291) Fax: 022-503328 101. Prabhu SEC: Shri D. Mehta 98. Distt. 5402886) Fax: 022-6516831 agnelt@bom2. Raigad-410201 CHR : Dr. Ratnagiri-415639 CHR : Dr. Thane-401202 CHR: Prof. P-60. . Vandana Salunke (26047. Swamy B. 3. Dhotre S. Pune-411028 CHR : Prof.J.96 Fr.B. Yadav 105.MH Saboo Saddik Polytechnic 8.L. & Tech.vsnl. Bohari (60245. Shepherd Road.A. Dhule-424318 CHR: Prof.J.

Chandrakar SEC: Prof. S.G. Deshpande SEC: Shri H.Institute of Technology for Women Mumbai-400049 CHR: SEC: Shri Bharat Patil 118. Ghorpade SEC: Dr. V.P.G. Bhubaneswar . Raisoni College of Engineering Nagpur-440 016 CHR: Prof. Bhubanananda Orissa School of Engg.S. P. Polytechnic Solapur-413002 CHR: Prof. Orissa . Patro SEC: Dr. Koparkhairane Navi Mumbai-410203 CHR: Shri B. Ganjam Dist. . A. Amravati-444605 CHR: Shri Ramesh Londhe SEC: 123. P. Maner SEC: Shri J. A. 57221 1).R. Pathak SEC: Prof. Satara-415002 CHR: Shri A. S. Thosar 120.P. Kulkarni 127.nic. 3. K. Rath (576746.M. P. Ghodekar SEC: Prof. Jadhav 121.760 010 CHR: Er.S.Acharya Shrimannarayan Tantra Sanstha Pipri.Satara Education Society’s Satara Poly. A.C. Wardha-442001 CHR: Shri C. B.G. Kulkarni SEC: 126. Das SEC: Dr. D. Raigad-410203 CHR: Mrs. Pune-411018 CHR: Dr.Y.626762) Women’s Polytechnic Bhubaneswar .Dr.D.K.Government College of Engineering Amravati .G. Wadkar 116.B.Y. Satya Sankar Raj 205826 205648 Fax: 205826 2.753 007 CHR: Shri R. Lamture SEC: Shri V. Mohanty SEC: Shri P. Haridasan SEC: Shri R.B. Ashok Kumar Panigrahi SEC: U C P Engineering School Berhampur. Cuttack. Rath SEC: Shri S.115.Deodhare 117. Deshpande SEC: Shri College of Engineering & Tech OUAT.S.ori. 585417) Fax: 412097 National institute of Technology Rourkela .Sinhgad College of Engineering Pune -411051 CHR: Dr.C. A.G.Sipna’s College of Engineering Badnera Road.K. Parhi (0674-4702244) Fax: 472433 pkparhi@yahoo. Ray (614092.Government Polytechnic Karad .S. 5.Terna Polytechnic Sector-1.M. Khodke SEC: Prof.444 604 CHR: Dr. J.E. Mumbai-400 071 CHR: Dr.Vivekanand Education Society’s Institute of Technology Chembur. . 4. N.A.S. S.415124 CHR: Mrs.751 003 CHR: Dr.769 008 CHR: Prof. Kulkarni 122. Kulkarni ORISSA 1. A.K.751 016 CHR: Er.K. Pathan 124. G. Pawade 119. V. & Tech.D. Patra (404055.H. Patil Institute of Engg. M.R. Fax : 0661-572926 prath@rec.R. Chepey 125.Khopali Polytechnic Khopali.

D. Khan SEC: Shri R. Impact Computer systems (P) Ltd. C.Sahoo 24. Studies Cuttack . 62304) Fax: 06645-62605 16. 9. A. 8. Orissa School of Mining Engg. Sarnbalpur . O. Mahapatra 22.S. Rourkela . Asoka Misra SEC: Er. Rao SEC: Dr.C. Palur Hills. Sushree Institute of Tech.P. School Jharsuguda .Ganguly SEC: Er. Kalinga Institute of Mining AT/PO Chhendipada. Pattanaik 23. Kalinga Institute of Industrial Tech.R. S. & Tech. 692271) Fax: 692217 12. Cuttak .753012 CHR: Shri K. Ajit Kumar Punda 7. Pradhan SEC: Sri S. National Isntitute of Science & Tech. Mohapatra SEC: Er. B. A.K.C. Orissa Engineering College Bhubaneswar . Keonjhar . 430268) Fax : 0663-430204 S.6. 49031 1) 13. Mohanty (62605.K. Dash (614711. A. Mahapatra SEC: Dr. . Cuttack-753001 CHR: Shri. Ajay Binay Institute of Technology Badambadi.753 002 CHR: Shri K. 10.Huda SEC: Dr.761211 CHR: Prof. Edu.N. Bimal Sarangi (58633.&Trg. Berhampur-761008 CHR: Shri Sangram Mudali SEC: Dr.K. Barapada School of Engg. Behra (508030) . R. Education Balangir Dist. Bhadrak-756 113 CHR: Dr.N. College of Pharmaceutical Sciences Cuttack-752 101 CHR: Shri Jatindranath Patnaik SEC: Shri U.768 018 CHR: Dr. Balasore .767065 CHR: Prof.N. Patro (55432. K.Mishra SEC: Mrs. Jharsuguda Engg.K.M. 55445) Fax: 06766-55432 17.B.K.B. Meera Viswavandhya (692217. Jagannath Institute of Technology & Management Paralakhemundi .Subudhi (04760-40371) 14. Angul . Mukherjee 19.P. Sanjit Dash (50151 1.769 004 CHR: Er. A. Patia. & Tech. M. Institute of Textile Technology Choudwar. Anand Rao SEC: Shri S.C.753 007 CHR: Dr. Das SEC: Er. Pradhan (43021 1.758 001 CHR: Er.B. P. Dash 20.768 202 CHR: Er.759124 CHR: Er. of Engg. Jena (463615. B. & Mgt.N. 58632) University College of Engineering Burla.J.756060 CHR: Prof.K. G. Pattanayak SEC: Prof.615073) 15. Kesharpur. S. Satpathy 21. 413411) Fax: 623607 11.616869) College of Acctts. Directorate of Tech.751024 CHR: Dr. Sahu SEC: Sri B. Indira Gandhi Institute of Technology Sarang. Manzer Ahsan Sayadee SEC: Shri Ashok Kumar Mohanty (623607) Fax: 623607 18. Talchar-759146 CHR: SEC: B. Patnaik SEC: Er.752 050 CHR: Shri K. Dhaneswar Rout SEC: Dr. Bhubaneswar . Cuttack .P. Cuttack . Balasore College of Engg.B.S.K.754 025 CHR: ShriS.K.A.S. Utkalmani Gopabandu Inst. Mohapatra (440215.

142001 CHR: Dr. R. 217019) Fax : 0175-212002 aks@tietp. 33086) Fax: 01874-32684 jks28@hotmail. Jha (293301. Kapoor SEC: Dr.K. of 11. 6. Engg.nic. Fax : 0181-291120 scjain@hotmail. College Ludhiana-141 006 CHR: Dr. gndec@satyam. Punjab Engg. Sharma SEC: Dr.24202) Fax:23834 rlc@recham. & Tech Longowal. HP & J & K 1. Chouhan SEC: Dr. 8.nic. Sangrur . R. 711307) Fax: 779173 vkrattan@panjabuniv. .K. & Tech. Engg. Gunupur . Bathinda .759 001 CHR: Shri Pitabad Mohapatra SEC: Shri Lokanatha Dhall Samant PUNJAB Thapar GZS College of Engg. Beant College of Engg. Koonar SEC: National Institute of Technology Srinagar. L.Bhowmik SEC: Shri Sunand Kumar (22308. P A U Ludhiana . 2.S.nic. Mittal (549369.148106 CHR: Dr. M. S. Road. Chesti SEC: Shri R.160 014 CHR: Dr. Chandigarh -160 019 CHR: SEC: Dr.chd.R. of National Institute of Technology Hamirpur . Baljeet S.K. 770783) Fax : 0712-549366 Deptt. S. 83631) Fax: 83609 silct@chd. Gurdaspur-143521 CHR: Dr. Sunder Singh (393053.K. Bansal SEC: Shri Ashok K.S. Jalandhar. Guru Nanak Dev. M.177 001 CHR: Dr.R. S. & Technology Patiala -147 001 CHR: Prof.T. & Tech. Sahni (83657. 745102) Fax: 0712-745175 pec_primapal@yahoo.Goyal SEC: Dr.nic. of Engg.Saha (32684. Deptt. Sawhney SEC: Prof. 297668). of Mech.144 011 CHR: & Technology G. College Chandigarh 160 012 CHR: Dr. Rohini Sachdeva 4. Prasad (746074. 284) Fax : 0161-400945 mseekree@satyam. Seekree SEC: Dr. Institute Sector 26. Tayal SEC: (490339.C. 3.S.P.Wanchoo Sant Longowal Instt. Ambedkar National Inst. 5. 7. Banamali Prasad by the side NH-42 Dhankanal . Goel (280985) Fax: 280164 ashok-goel@usa. Jain SEC: Dr. Technical Teacher’s Trg. of Engg.190 006 CHR: Prof.25. A. Lala Lajpatrai Instt.151 015 CHR: Dr.chd.N. Gandhi Instt. & Technology Dabwaii Road. 471183 Ext. 9.141 004 CHR: Prof. 10. Moga . of Chemical Engineering Punjab University Chandigarh . S. & Technology Rayagada Distt. Synergy Institute of Engg. of Dr. Wanchoo (779173. R. K. 490610) Fax: 0161-490339 gndec@ldh. Jain (401970.765 022 CHR: Shri Bhaskar Patnaik SEC: 26.

S.nic. 636877) Fax : 433733 jufe@ndf.342 001 CHR: Er.L. B.K.S. & Tech. 30213) Fax: 01763-30113 18. Singh R.P. 207.Girdhar 20. S. 9.R.nic.132 119 CHR: Dr.T. 8. Malout-152007 CHR: Dr. 5. Parbhakar SEC: Shri Saurabh Goel RAJASHTAN & HARYANA 1. 4.429859) Fax:426820 opc@eckota. Rayat Institute of Engineering & Information Technology Railmajra. Kashyap SEC: Dr.S. Hira SEC: Shri J. P. Mehta SEC: Dr. Ferozpur-152001 CHR: Government Polytechnic Jodhpur .P. College of Engg. 7. Sharma (424438) 2. & Technology Tangori Mohali-140306 CHR: SEC: Prof. Tiwari SEC: 82082. G. Dileep K. Sonepat .in 3. L. . Faridabad -121 006 CHR: Prof. YMCA Institute of Engineering Sector-6. Faridkot-151203 CHR: Dr.131 039 CHR: Dr.R.D. Daria Singh Yadav SEC: Er. & Info Tech. Distt. Malout Institute of Mgmt.U. Sirhind ( National Institute of Technology Kurukshetra . A.C. Anu Narula (63016.vsnl. Kapoor SEC: Ms.Gupta SEC: Shri K. Jain (522858) Fax: 0141-520954 Government Engineering College Kota . Ashwini Kumar SEC: 21. A. Oberoi (01763-30113. M.hry.14.P.K. S.S.K. Jayashri Vajpal (432461. Baba Banda Singh Bahadur Malviya National Institute of Technology Jaipur-302 017 CHR: Shri R. 6993862) Fax: 091-8242143 ashokkale@hotmail.333031 CHR: SEC: 2126 C. 82128 fax: 01264-82635 crsce@nicsnp. College Fategarh Sahib. 24306) Fax: 20065 Birla Institute of Tech. Nawanshahr-144533 CHR: Dr. State College of Engineering Murthal. 6. Adesh Institute of Engg. & Science Pilani (Rajasthan) . Suneja (426077. Sharma SEC: Shri N. Gurdip Singh SEC: Shri G.. Dt. & Technology Moga Road.S. Sindhu 19. Suker-Chakia SEC: Shri Neel Kanth Grover 15.B. Central Polytechnic Chandigarh-160019 CHR: Shri Sapra SEC: Shri Sukhdev Singh 16.P. D. Sethia SEC: Dr.324 007 CHR: Shri M. Sharma (91-242141-3. College of Engg.324 01 0 CHR: Dr. Anshu Kumar Sahgal (31072) Fax: 0291-30398 Faculty of Engg. Krishan Gopal SEC: Dr. S. Government Polytechnic Kota .B.K. Swarup (20470 Ext. D. University of Jodhpur Jodhpur-342 011 CHR: Dr.) CHR: Dr.61735) 17. Khalsa Institute of Technology Malout-152107 CHR: Dr.R. S.

Ibrahim http://www.10 Karunya Institute of Technology Coimbatore . Anbalavanan SEC : Shri P. Radaur. & Tech. Karuppannan (36060). R. Monohar ( Gunasekaran (2301460. R. 20288) T P E V R Government Polytechnic Vellore . Joseph Francis (851608. Annamalai Fac. Prabhakar SEC : Mr. 815534) Fax : 815615 kaint@md3.J. Dindigul . College Mullana (Ambala)-133203 CHR: Dr.620 015 CHR: Dr. .135133 CHR: Dr. 431015) Fax : 431344 rvscet.C.vsnl. Kantha Bhabah (88275) 6.ernet.V.citindia.641 014 CHR : Dr. J.vsnl. Pandiyan (851608. 41656) Fax: 42327 Nachimuthu Polytechnic Pollachi .vsnl. Vaish College of Engineering Rohtak . R.636 005 CHR : Shri N. 815534) Fax: 815615 kaint® md3. Fax : 4259-24595 npt@md3.641 114 CHR : Prof.632 002 CHR : Shri L.624 004 CHR : Dr.623 806 CHR : Dr. Anna University Chennai .in R V S College of Engg. 446845) Fax : 441945 11.632 604 CHR : Shri T.K. S. Institute of Engineering & Technology MIA.303101 CHR : SEC : Shri Anand Prakash Gupta TAMIL NADU & PONDICHERRY 1.608 002 CHR : Prof. Sathak Engineering College Kilokarai . 3. Nelson Raja (431345. Annamalai Nagar 2. Jaipur Engineering College Jaipur . Sarathy SEC : Dr. Appukutty SEC : Shri P.642 003 CHR : Shri P. SEC : Dr. A. C.vsnl. Mahadevan (21088. Bahal SEC: Shri Pankaj Kumar Chauhan 12. 550479) Fax: 552133 krishna@rect. Thiagarajar Polytechnic Salem .net. & Tech.124001 CHR : SEC: 14. of Engg. Venkatachalam (574071: 574072) citinet@mds. 2351723 Extn. Alwar-301030 CHR : SEC: 13. R.dgi@hotmail. Sharma SEC: Shri Jatinder Gorg 5. Ramadass SEC : Shri D.600 025 CHR : Dr..P.M. 3262) Fax : 2350397 Rajagopal Polytechnic Gudyattam . National Institute of Technology Tiruchirappalli . Karuppannan SEC : Shri P. 11. 7. K. Koushik (447552. L Institute of 10. Subbiah SEC: Dr. Maharshi Markandeshwar Md. 9. Mallian SEC : Shri V. N. G. Yamuna Naagar . 4.Chinnadurai SEC : Shri D.M. & Tech. Sriramkumar (552281.M. Krishnamoorthy SEC : Shri L. Coimbatore Institute of Technology Coimbatore . drkmkn@hotmail.

Manivanan SEC : Er.netin 15.22260) 25. Fax : 74208 hetc@vsnl. Harihadha Reddy (74395. for Women Vallam. SRM 23.625 015 CHR : 20.628 503 CHR : Prof.46380) 17.nic. R. Tuticorin . Tamilnadu College of Engineering Coimbatore . 22.638 315 CHR: Prof. 13. Janarthanam SEC: Shri R. P. Sakthi Institute of Technology Sakthinagar . Ravi SEC: Srinivasan SEC : Prof. G.12. Coimbatore-641042 CHR: Prof.R. C S I Polytechnic College Salem .574745) 24.641 659 CHR: Dr. Ramanathan (882240. College Kattankulathur . Pullabhotla SEC: Shri P. 602. Subramaniyan SEC: Shri V. Roy (832588. Ganesan SEC: Er. Kannappan SEC : Shri D. P. 22515. Nagarajan SEC: Thiru S. Padmanaban (42320) 21. Periyar Maniammai College of Tech. K. Vellore Engineering College Vellore . Thiagarajar College of Engineering Madurai . Hindustan College of Engineering Padur. 25603) neccse@md3. 74262).66353 pmctech@vsnl. Marimuthu Samy (46254. Venkatachalam SEC: Prof. K. 223838) Fax: 0413-65101 logs@pondiec. Government Polytechnic Krishnagiri . Tamilnadu Polytechnic Madurai . N. Muthusubramanian (52270.vsni. Ravindran (22680. Samson Ravindran SEC: Er. VLB Janakiammal Polytechnic Kovaipudur.636 007 CHR: Prof. Ramchandran SEC: Ms. Thiyagaraian (414529.635 001 CHR: Shri 16. Thanjavur . Chennai .620 010 CHR: Thiru Sengottuvel (602031) 26. Dharmalingam SEC: Prof. National Engineering College Nalattinputtur. 2376127) Fax: 52343 srmec@giasmdOI. Livingsta P. Govindarajan (441211. Arulmigu Palaniandavar Polytechnic (Men) Palani . 413564) Fax: 445517 samson-ravi@yahoo.624 601 CHR: Shri A. S. Manju (66263) Fax: 04362 . R. Porchelvan (43091.603 203 CHR: Dr.P. The Karur Polytechnic Karur . K. 43094) Fax : 43092 27.605 014 CHR : Dr. P. V.766422) 19. Paramasivam SEC: Shri V. S. 604668) Fax: 882430 14.639 002 CHR: Shri R. R.R.V. Seshasayee Institute of Technology Tiruchirapalli .632 014 CHR: Prof. R.613 403 CHR: Prof. Goldwyn SEC: Shri Ragupathy V 18. Kuppusamy (2273) . Arangaraju SEC: Shri D. Gunasekarane (655281 Extn.625 011 CHR: Shri V.603 103 CHR: Dr.vsnl. C.S. Selvaraju (23040. Pondicherry Engineering College Pondicherry .

Government College of Engineering Salem . The Salem Polytechnic Salem . 533279) Fax: 0424-533590 39. C.637 015 CHR: ThiruV. Indian Institute of Technology Chennai .net.626 001 CHR: Thiru M.641 014 CHR: Er. R.M. Erode -6 38 316 CHR: Dr. Natarajan (572177.28. K. M. Sugar Mills Polytechnic 29.6424930) 41. Vijayarangan S. Mookambigai College of Engineering Kafamavur-622502 CHR: Prof.Srinivasan (533579.42630) 37. V.638 052 CHR: Dr. 417575) Fax: 2350509 31. The Salem T.623 004 CHR: Dr. in 30. Honibold SEC: Shri E. Ganesan SEC (2351365.vsnl. Padmanabhan SEC: Shri S. Kongu Engineering College Perundurai . M. Government College of Technology Coimbatore . Vadivel SEC: Shri G. C. & Technology Dindigul . Chandrasekaran (55211) 33. G. V. Chinnaraj (448158. P. Government Polytechnic Nagercoil . L. M.M.M.Venugopal (573218) 42. Shanmugasundaram SEC: Er. R. S. V.641 004 CHR: Dr.vsnl. SEC: Dr. K. Srinivasan (27326) 38.331788) 40.600 036 CHR: Prof. K.641 006 CHR: Dr.641 013 CHR: Dr.636 011 CHR: Dr.600 007 CHR: Er. Senthil Velmurugan (20583.629 004 CHR.624 622 CHR: Dr. Arularasu (42221) 34. V S V Nadar Polytechnic Virudhunagar . Thanasekaran SEC: Thiru R. Government Polytechnic Coimbatore . Valliappan SEC: Er.Kathirvel (433477. Thyagarajah SEC: Shri Khaja Nazeemudin (271070. V. & Technology Karaikudi . Periasamy SEC: Prof.EIango SEC: Thiru T. Smt. A. PSNA College of Engg. Natarajan SEC: . Maruthachalam SEC: Prof.21149) 36. Arumugam SEC: Prof.S.636 201 CHR: Er. Kumaraguru Coilege of Technology Coimbatore . Paianisamy SEC: Prof. Chengaivaraya Naicker Polytechnic Vepery. Soundararajan SEC: Shri G.431294) Fax: 0451-432984 psnacse@md3. Ganesan (62273) Fax : 04339-62272 mce@tr. Institute of Road & Transport Tech. A C College of Engg. 445500) Fax:0422-573833 psgct@giamdOI. Ramajayan ( Anandan (43311. Chennai . Bhaskar (866424) Fax: 0422-866667 info@kct. 20630) Fax : 20087 kecmd2. P S G College of Technology Coimbatore . Chandrasekaran Fax: 04565-22528 43. A.

Kovilpatti .626 005 CHR: Dr. & Technology Coimbatore . Coimbatore .641 042 CHR: A.600 096 CHR: Prof.641 105 CHR: Sh. Kamarajan SEC: Shri P. Milarkodi (73253. Karuppasamy (6418265) 53. Crescent Engineering College Vandalur. Shanmugha College of Engineering Tirumalaisamudram. Thanjavur .R. Muthukumaran (552448. (04562-30616) fax: 04562-27105 samyukta@vsnl. Rajasekaran SEC: Smt K. K. S Basil Gananappa SEC: Er.626 123 CHR: Shri D. Venkataraj SEC: Shri J. Narayanan SEC: Shri rangachar@svce. Srinivas SEC: Shri Riyaz AM (2376035. PAC Ramasdmy Raja’s Polytechnic Rajapalayam .in . N. Chennai . R.627 007 CHR: 50. sce-spt@hotmail. Kumarmuragan (22506) 066 CHR: Shri S. K. 6358948) Fax: 2376520 cec@giasmdOI.4926655) Fax:4927344 46. Ramesh (807152) Fax : 0422-807359 vlbjengg@etn. Arunachalam SEC: Shri 52. K. Government College of Engineering Tirunelveli . Mannivannan (32321. A. Swamy Abhedhananda Polytechnic Thellar . Sri Venkateswara College of Engg. Senthamil Selvi (822368:472144) 59.764732)Fax:66399 secspt@sce. Arasan Ganesan polytechnic Sivakasi . Raja SEC: Shri S. Raju (4926644.553017) 54. MEPCO Schlenk Engineering College Sivakasi .600 048 CHR: Shri K. Sriperumbudur .net 48. Sathyabama Engineering College Jeppiaar Nagar. Saravanan (30859.44. 3743828) Fax:04111-32462 manivannan5@hotmail. Marimuthu SEC: Dr. of Tech. Somasundaram (22267) Fax: 57520 mepcoeng@vsni. Sri Nalialaghu Polytechnic Puzhal.604 406 CHR: Shri V.S.626 190 CHR: Ms. M. Moderator Gnanadason Polytechnic Nagercoil . Rajakarunakaran (04563-9042) 47. 21219) Fax: 04362-73317 49. Murali Sachithanandam (66248. R. M.629 004 CHR: Er.613 403 CHR: Shri S. Jeevanandham SEC: Shri S.vsnl. Sree Narayana Guru Instt.77538) Justus 56. N. Gobu (44027) 45. V L B Janaki Ammal College of Engg. Periyar Centenary Girls Polytechnic Vallam. Gopinathan Kartha SEC: Mrs.602 105 CHR: Dr. Chennai . Lakshmi Ammal Polytechnic K. Govindasamy SEC: Shri S. Chennai .com 51.R. Ramachandran SEC: Shri K. Ilangumaran (22940) 57.626 108 CHR: Dr. Raghuram SEC: Shri V. A K College of Engineering Krishnankoil . Balasubramanian SEC: Shri Murugesan L. Thanjavur-613402 CHR: Prof. Chandrasekaran SEC: Dr.vsnl. R.628 503 CHR: 58.

641 022 CHR: Dr. Radhamani Pillay SEC: Shri ISTE HANDBOOK 2003-04 63. B.416769) 75. Inst. 30991) Fax: 04288-64347 ssmetch@rnet.vsnl. College of Engg. of Textile Technology Komarapalayam .4723892) 67. Radhakrishnan (5350580) Fax: 5331123 sriramet@md3. Rangarajan SEC: Er. K. Sugumar (20471. Krishnagiri .com 65.600 113 CHR: SEC: Ms. Noorul Islam College of Engineering Kumaracoil . P. Kathirvelu (63744. Jayaprakasam SEC: Prof.vsnl. Dist. M. Tiruchirappalli .edu 009 CHR: Mr.vsnl.2363623) Fax:236840 rrenga@mitindia.S. Seetharaman SEC: Prof.621 105 CHR: Major K. Nanjappa Institute of Technology Karumathampatti. Coimbatore-641 659 CHR: Shri S. Chennai . S. Subramanian Polytechnic Rayavaram-622506 CHR: Shri P. Ranganathan (892432. 20130) Fax: 04294-20116 kongupoly@hotmaii.J.60. K. Thiruvallur. Madras Institute of Technology Chromepet. . Ramaswamy SEC: Shri K. Mariappan (22875. College Coimbatore .61 3 003 CHR: Prof. Angala Amman College of Engg. Manali Ramakrishna Polytechnic Kuruvady. Tiruchirapalli .602024 CHR: Dr.ganesan@amrita.P. Kumar (72226) Fax: 0432-23698 69. & Tech. T. Kongu Polytechnic Perundurai-638052 CHR: Smt. Gurumoorthy (832669:571847) 74.S. & Science Coimbatore .638 183 CHR: Prof.600 029 CHR: Thiru S.xlweb. Subramaniyam (2368403.641 022 CHR: Prof. R.22152) 72. Krishnamoorthy Iyer SEC: Shri R. M.760059) 73. & Tech. Champaka Rani Joseph (2350913. Sangareddi SEC: Shri G. J. Anbumani SEC: Ms. Sasipriya (893088) Fax: 0422-210521 essarec@vsnl. Srinivasan SEC: Shri N. Saivaraju (650335.635108 CHR: Shri G. S. Ganesan (856273) Fax : 856274 k.641 105 CHR: Mrs. SRM Mission Vidyalaya Polytechnic Coimbatore .Siruganoor. Veppampattu . Renganathan SEC: Dr. Shram Engineering College Perumalapattu. Senthil Kumar 66. G. Thanjavur .L.O. S. IRT Burgur Polytechnic Orappam (P. Aiagarsamy SEC: Mr.). for Wowmen Chennai. Ravichandar SEC: Shri C. 61. Dharamabal Govt. Dr. Suresh Premid Kumar (50566) Fax : (0471)-50266 nicenet@giasmd0l. Panichetty SEC: Shri A Kasiviswanathan (44477. Subramanian SEC: Shri L. Amrita Institute of Tech.Chinnadurai SEC: Shri J.2352065) wptciicp@giasmdOI. Hameed Hussain (4801105.600 044 CHR: Dr. S. Panimalar Polytechnic Chennai .in 71. Poly.629 180 CHR: Dr.893023)Fax:892825 srkvtech @ 70. Sri Ramakrishna 64.

Priyadarshini Engineering College Anna Salai. Valliayammal (38777. Raja Kumar (6255421) 86.V.2379624) 88. N.Thomas Theraviarajan (6385876) Fax: 044-6411135 80. Raja College of Engg. St. Chennai-600062 CHR: Shri Rowlands Abraham SEC: Shri The Dharmapuri Distt. Dharmapuri -636808 CHR: Shri S. op Sugar Mills Polytechnic Palacode. Co. Murali ( 85. 712775) Fax: 430726 saran99@md4. Trichy-620007 CHR: Dr. Jayakumar SEC: Shri L. Joseph’s College of Engineering Jeppiaar Nagar.vsnl.600119 CHR: Prof. Arumugam (22247. Elangovan (22102.603319 CHR: Prof. Dindigul-624005 CHR: Prof. 91.Krishnan (24311: 55783) Fax: 04288-57115 ksrct@md2. Jose (4960060) 83. S. Thai Mookambigai Polytechnic Nerkundram Chennai 600107 CHR: Shri A. Somasundaram SEC: Dr. K. Reagul Elzabeth M. Satishkumar 82. Tiruchengode-637209 CHR: Dr. 431247) Fax: 0451-431344 rvinfor@md3.G. Melmaruvathur. Radkakrishnan SEC: Shri K. Bharathkumar SEC: Shri. Kanchipuram Distt.25500) . A. R.S. Venugopal (20333. & Tech S.638 656 CHR: Shri A. Vellanur. Chennai . Jayaraman SEC: 87. Jayaram College of Engg. Raja Nagar. Vaniyambadi . & Tech. Kesavan SEC: Shri M. Veerappanjan Madurai-625020 CHR: Dr. Stephen (660304. College & Poly. St. R.V.vsnl. Govindan SEC: Shri K.Mohanram (829280) Fax: 0452-829220 Thanthai Roever Instt. S. K.621014 CHR: Prof. Trichy. In . 22389) Fax: 04115-22395 90.38175) 89. Dharapuram . Perambalur-621212 CHR: Shri Kamal Batcha SEC: Shri K. K. Kuppusamy SEC: Shri P. Rangasamy College of Tech. B. Mahendra Engg. V.R. of Polytechnic Elambalur. Michael’s Polytechnic Santhapuram. MIET Polytechnic Trichy-Pudukottai Manivannan ( 81. K. K.vsnl.R. Sri Sairam Polytechnic Chennai-600044 CHR: Er.760184) miet-iste@hotmail. Erode 79.S. Ganesan SEC: rvscet-dgl @ hotmail. Lakshmi Pathy SEC: Shri V.vsni. Doraipandy SEC: Dr. College Malasamudram Salem 637503 CHR: Shri M. Ratnavel Subramanian Polytechnic RVS Nagar.S. Jolly Abraham SEC: Shri S. P.76.40255) 84. Adhiprasakthi Engg. Kotteeswaran (42133:210865) Fax:0424-212497 78. Thiru Ramakrishna Nallamai Poly.635751 CHR: Prof. Duraiswamy SEC: Dr. J. Selvakumar (78107) Fax: 4328-78110 77.Arjun SEC: Shri K. (2387344. of Chemical Technology Nadupatti .638056 CHR: Er.

2403981 108. 45725) Fax: 45784 sacoe@vsni. Coimbatore-641008 CHR: Dr. Dist. Annamalai Polytechnic College Chettinad-630102 Sivagangai CHR: Thiru P. H. Maria Louis SEC: Shri S. Nagammai 102.A. 80413) Fax: 66399 kandamangalamganesh@hotmail.220 88 98. Annai Velankanni Polytechnic Anguchettyapalam Sundararajan SEC: S.Srinivasa Polytechnic Srinivasanagar. Dr. Tiruchendur 628215 CHR: Dr.O. Villupuram-605602 CHR: Dr. Sargunanathan (83250.630611 CHR: Prof. Arumugham SEC: Thiru J. SEC: Dr. Keeramur-622502 CHR: T. S. Nandakumar (22322.Krishnaswamy SEC: (87258:85222) 95. Krishna Kumar (42153) 94. NPA Centenary Polytechynic Sakthi Hills.R. Enjamin Lazarus (72177) Fax: 72366 96. Kattankulathur-603203 CHR: Prof. Subramanian SEC: Shri J. Ganesh ( 93.KLN College of Engineering Madurai . Gnanasekaran 106.Ganapati SEC: B.Jerusalem College of 97. Selvam (62271)Fax:459872 101.vsnl. SEC 107.Shri Krishna College of Engg. Pradeep Kumar A.S. Chennai-600116 CHR: Er. Sivanthi Adithanar College of Engg.Shanmuga Polytechnic Thanjavur-613402 CHR: Shri M.71913) npacpoly@md4.Mailam Engineering College 15E/I. Sankara Subramanian (71043.34094) 99. S. D. Thamilarasu V. Md. Rathna Sabapathy SEC: Shri M. Maheswaran (4q854. S. Shanbhougue SEC: Er. M. M.R.92. P. 23023) Fax: 04565 . Devaraju 103. Chennai-601 302 CHR: Dr. Porur. Mambazhapattu Road. Coimbatore-641 032 CHR: Prof. Veluswami SEC: Dr. Kuniamuthur P. CHR: Shir V.Nagarathinam SEC: . Sundaramoorthy SEC: Shri J. Central Electrochemical Research Institute Karaikudi 630006 CHR: Er. Kotagiri 643 217 CHR: Shri K. John Jebarathinum (245 4404) 104. Dr.Mohan SEC: Mrs. V.Velammal Engineering College Chennai-600066 CHR: Dr. Muthukameswaran SEC: Shri 105. Valliammai Polytechnic SRM Nagar. N. Navalar Nedunchezhiyan College of Engineering Tholudur 606303 CHR: Shri A. Christ The King Institute of Tech. L. 41691) Fax: 04567-41392 100.A. S. Sathak Polytechnic Kilakarai 623806 CHR: Prof. Narayanapuram. & Tech. Naveen Kumar 044-4826622. Sourirajan SEC: Shri A.V.Little Flower Polytechnic Lawrence Nagar. Manal Selvi (41392. A.R.. Alaudeen SEC: Shri M.V.

Mahalingam College of Engg & Tech. K. Thomas Koil Raj 110.V.Easwari Engineering College Chennai .L.N.R. Singaraj SEC: 128. Jayasingh SEC: Shri A. Villupuram. Elango SEC: Shri P.600096 CHR: Dr. of Technology Anna Nagar.K.Sethu Instt.109.600089 CHR: Dr. Chandrasekar (57766) 116. N. Sengodan SEC: 127. Jain Engineering College Chennai . Palaniswamy SEC: Shri P.The Rajaas Engineering College (Formerly The Indian Engg. Dr.Sree Sastha Institute of Engg. & Tech.K.641659 CHR: Dr. Easwarlal 119. 614403 CHR: Dr. Karthik 122. & Tech. College Tiruvarur Dt. M.Jaya Engineering College Prakash Nagar.Anjalai A Mahalingam Engg. Kalyanam S. Thiruvellakudy.M. SEC: 111. Madurai-625020 CHR: Dr.S. N. Coimbatore . Chennai-600073 CHR: Dr. Karaikal-609609 CHR: Dr. SEC: Mrs.S.638813 CHR: Dr. P. Anitha 125. 117. M. Gopalakannan 113. Seenikannan 114. Sam M.637206 CHR: Dr. T. Stephen Arputharaj 120.R. Thiruvencherry Village. Ramaswami SEC: Prof. Krishnan SEC: 123. Thiruninaravur-602024 CHR: Prof. A. K. P.Sri Ramakrishna Polytechnic Coimbatore . P. C.V. Vijayakumari K. Pollachi-642 003 CHR: Dr.627116 CHR: Shri Joy Raja SEC: Prof.V.Bhajarang Engineering College Veppampattu .Kamaraj College of Engg. Main Road. College of Engg.600077 CHR: Or. V. No. Arul Mozhi SEC: Er. College) Vadakkangulam .GKM College of Engineering & Tech. Namakkal . & Tech. Ayappan K.Park College of Engg. A.A.602103 CHR: Shri G. Dharmapuri . Dt. Chennai . K. & Technology Arasur. & Tech.A.602024 CHR: SEC: Ms.Elumalai Polytechnic Salamedu.N. Arunachalam SEC: Shri T.Sona College of Technology Sona Nagar.PGP College of Engg. 120. Gurumani SEC: Shri S. Thomas SEC: 115.641022 CHR: Prof.M.M.Jayam College of Engg. 607107 CHR: Shri R. K. Villupuram .605602 CHR: Shri Purushottaman M. Gopinarayanan SEC: 126. Rangarajan SEC: . Swaminathan M SEC: Prof. Job 121.B. Sivachandran 112. & Tech. 118. Salem-636055 CHR: Prof. Engineering College Chennai . Sukumaran SEC: 124. Ravi SEC: Shri T.R. Virudhunagar-626001 CHR: Dr. & Tech.Bharathiyar College of Engg.

Kalaichelvi 138. Ruchkmani SEC: Mrs.. Sivanandan SEC: Shri K. Engineering College Vallam. S. Raghavan SEC: Shri A.Rajalakshmi Engineering College Chennai .600069 CHR: SEC: 140.V. of Tech. K. Vaidyanathan SEC: Mrs. C.T.621132 CHR: Dr. Karthikeyan 147.602102 CHR: Prof.Dr. Puratchikody 143.O.605108 CHR: Dr. Thanjavur-613 603 CHR: Dr. M. M. A. Thirumalai SEC: Shri A.-603 602 CHR: Dr. S. Aruppukottai .K.G. for Girls Tiruchirapalli . Kumaravelan 132.621 212 CHR: Prof. R. Paranjothi SEC: 149. K.R. R.Sri Muthukumaran Inst.629807 CHR: Shri V. S.St.M..Dhanalakshmi Srinivasan Engg.Adhiyamaan College of Engg. Villupuram .I. Engineering College Maduravoyal.Hindusthan College of Engg. P. Pratap Chandran 148.620 021 CHR: Dr. K. .Karpagam Polytechnic College Pollachi Main Road. Vincent Jayaseelan SEC: 134.E. Saini Durai SEC: .620009 CHR: SEC: 142. Swamy Bommu SEC: 145.R. A.638401 CHR: Dr.Periyar College of Pharm.P. Adaikalapattinam Post. John Baruch 144.Trichy Engineering College Tiruchirappalli . Rao SEC: 139. Arunachatam SEC: Prof. Vandanasi. Kanyakumari Dist.129.Sarclar Raja College of Engineering Rajanagar. Srikrishna SEC: Shri G. Ravichandran SEC: 141. Chennai .635109 CHR: Dr. Seshadri SEC: Mr.Oxford Engineering College Trichy .641032 CHR: Dr.Sree Sowdambika College of Engg. Ramachandran SEC: Shri M. R. S. L. Srinivasan 130. Coimbatore-641 021 CHR: Shri K.626 134 CHR: Dr. Shanmukharadhya 133. of Technology Erode Dist. Natarajan SEC: 131.627003 CHR: Dr.G. & Tech. Rajapandian 137. Ponnur Hills-604 505 CHR: Dr.Sri Manakula Vinayagar Engg. Sc.638057 CHR: Dr. & Tech.R. U. P. Kattankulathur Kancheepuram Distt. S. Sambasivam SEC: Shri R. R.Bannari Amman Instt. College Erode .Valliammai Engineering College SRM Nagar.627 808 CHR: Shri M. Jaya Kumar SEC: 146. College Perambalur . .R. Coimbatore .Francis Xavier Engineering College Tirunelveli . College of Engineering Valavanur P.Thiruvalluvar College of Engg. Eachamari P. Xavier’s Catholic College of Engg. Tirunelvedi . College Pondicherry .O. Chennai . Hosur.Erode Sengunthar Engg. Prabhakar 136. Robert Jeya Chandran 135.F.602105 CHR: Dr.605107 CHR: Prof. Rao SEC: Shri J.S.

Ghaziabad .vsnl. Naik SEC: Prof.B. Veeramani M.S.R. Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee . Saraswat SEC: Shri R. Rama ( 005 CHR: Dr. S.642548) Fax 642436 D N Polytechnic Meerut . N.150.P. of Technology Sultanpur .605 601 CHR: Prof. M M M Engineering College Gorakhpur.211 004 CHR: Dr. N.273 010 CHR: Dr. 258664). Fax : 73967 11. 361692) Fax: 361631 10.226 060 CHR: Prof.Gupta (72337. Pandey (885460. Iyengar SEC: Dr. 4. Shukla SEC: Shri T. Chandra Kumar Mishra SEC: 15.B. 3. Fax : 250260 Kamla Nehru Instt. Dehradun Institute of Technology Dehradun .O. Kanpur . Aligarh Muslim University Polytechnic Aligarh .229 001 CHR Shri J. Feroze Gandhi Polytechnic Raebareli . Saxena SEC: Dr. 5.P. 6.248 001 CHR: Dr. A. Kaushal SEC: Shri Ashiv Shah 16. Institute of Engg. 400999) Fax: 0571-400709 Harcourt Butler Technological Instt.P. Saxena (22454.K. 73337). 27077) Fax: 05362-22454 Government Polytechnic Kanpur .N. Satya Sheel SEC: Dr.208 024 CHR: Shri R.S. Institute of Engineering & Technology CSJM University.208 016 CHR: Dr.202 002 CHR: Shri Ashfaq Hussain SEC: Shri S.Sri Venkatachalapathy Poly.G. Lucknow . Adhyatmik Nagar.C. K. Minocha SEC: Shri Muralidhar Mittal (250086) Motilal Nehru National Inst. Mishra SEC Shri B. of Tech.R. SEC: Shri Karal Marx UTTAR PRADESH & UTTARANCHAL 1.250 001 CHR: Shri A. College Villupuram . 7. 273637) Fax:273958 mmmec@nde. Delhi-Hapur Bypass 14. Dubey SEC: Dr. College 27 KM Stone. J. Fax :545312 Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur. Ajay Kumar Garg Engg.K. Dinesh Chandra SEC (641820. S. Amarika Singh (361631. Allahabad .P.201 009 CHR: Dr.P.Singh (320349.K.Tripathi SEC: Dr. R. 8.N. Bundelkhand Insttt.C. of Engg. Khare SEC: Dr.C.C. R. S. Ramola SEC: 2. Santosh Kumar 9. & Technology Jhansi-284001 CHR: Prof. Chouhan (511213. 250220).in ISTE HANDBOOK 2003-04 12. 320166) Fax : 320349 icagr_biet@hotmail. O. 885414) 13. Siddique (400709. .562120) Institute of Technology Banaras Hindu Unviersity Varanasi . & Technology Sitapur Road.208 002 CHR: Prof.247 667 CHR: Dr.Singh (273958. Sanjay Gupta (257877.228 118 CHR: Prof. Kanpur-208024 CHR: Prof.

Ramakrishna Mission Shilpmandira Belurmath.M. Panigrahi SEC: Dr. D. Institute Saltiake City.530 007 ADV: Shri. 255. Chandra Das SEC: Shri Baidyanath Gupta (3370479) Fax : 3376290 2. Agra . Asansol .Delhi Highway.V. Dharanidhar Sharma SEC: Shri L. K. J.53436) 6.S. 5524331 Fax : 0891-554586 3.P. Vijay Kumar SEC: Shri C. Narayan [ Sampath 2.S.521 002 ADV: CHR: SEC: [22121] 7. M.5558791) Fax:815399 8. National Institute of Technology Durgapur . Nepal Engg. D. TGL Gopal Setty Polytechnic Adoni-518 301 ADV: Shri T. 554871.711 103 CHR: Dr. M. S.L.52766) 3.G.vsnl. Kumar CHR: SEC: Shri Urvane Ashish (53432. Asansol Engineering College Kanyapur. Ananda Rao CHR: Shri A V Narasaiah Naidu SEC: Shri N Viswanatha Rao 5. & Tech. Visakhapatnam . Government Polytechnic Visakhapatnam . Arup Sarkar (6684561. RVR & JC College of Engineering Guntur-522 019 ADV: Prof.S.Krishna Rao CHR: Shri S. Prasada Rao CHR: Shri K. Gangopadhyay (6549381. Mandal (22751. P. Government Polytechnic. Kolkata .S.721 302 CHR: Prof. Thomas (0322-283274.530 045 ADV: Dr. Bengal Engineering College Howrah . Farah. Distt.K.Mathura Highway.713 209 CHR: Dr. A U College of Engineering. JNTU College of Engineering Anantapur . 283275) 6.J.Ranga Reddy SEC: Shri E. Anantha Narayan SEC: Shri E. Howrah . Aditya SEC: ISTE INTERNATIONAL CHAPTERS 5. A.735 101 CHR: Prof.C. Jalpaiguri Govt. Mathura . College Jaipaiguri . Technical Teachers’ Trg. Misri SEC: Dr. Rajaramesh Ext.V. Fax : 6684564 ssaha@cal2. Kalyan SEC: Shri D. Hindustan College of Kathmandu Nepal CHR: Prof. S. 243629] Fax : 0863-288274 4. ISTE HANDBOOK 2003-04 85 OFFICE BEARERS OF ISTE STUDENTS CHAPTERS ANDHRA PRADESH 1. Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur .711 202 CHR: Swam Tattwajanananda SEC: Prof. C. Roy Chowdhury SEC: Shri Rajib Chakravorty (2647) 7.17. Bhagwant Institute of Technology Bijnor . Sadhukhan SEC: Prof.J.281 122 CHR: Dr. Bankura .V. Dt. Sengupta SEC: 8.K. @21468).N.22751) jgec@dte. Rao CHR: Shri K. Narayan Choudhary (0977-1-611744) Fax: 0977-1-611681 email: nec@healthnet. K G Engineering Institute Bishnupur.Sharma CHR: Shri A. E. 6547350) Fax: 6541127 rkmscpcc@caliigen. Kohii WEST BENGAL A.Singh 18. Muzaffarnagar-15 CHR: Er. Suman (815352.515 002 .C. Kothagudem .507 119 ADV: Shri R. S V L Polytechnic Machilipatnam . Anil Singh SEC: Dr.713304 CHR: Prof.530 003 ADV: Prof.700 091 CHR: Prof.722 122 CHR: Shri Tamir Kanti Bhattacharya SEC: Shri Arun Kumar Maity (52030. College of Engineering (GITAM) Visakhapatnam .in 4. R. College Chahgunarayan.V. D.

Smitha Reddy SEC: Shri S. 73413) 16. Sesha Srinivas SEC: 10. SEC: Shri K.R. Engineering College Bhrmavaram-534204 ADV Shri Sarma M. Maruthi Krishna [3513317. Sreenivas Sarma CHR Shri M. 20325] Fax : 08554-33013 9. Kiran Kumar (3042758) Fax. Regional Engineering College Warangal .vsni. 24024) Fax: 76957 gprecknl@nd2. Distt.S. of Engg & Tech Nuzvid-521201 ADV: Shri NBV Prasad CHR: Shri Kishore Bagathi SEC: Shri Ram Sudheer Tatavarthy (33311. Srinivasa Murthy CHR: Ms. Govind Reddy (08712-77888. Hyderabad-500075 ADV P. Praveen CHR: SEC: (53947) Fax: 53948 svengcol @ h6tmail.R Anjaneyulu CHR: SEC: Shri J. Gudlavalleru Engineering College Gudlavallery-521356 ADV: D.500 031 ADV. Raman Murthy (2332.V. CHR: Shri Himnshu Jha SEC: Shri Raja Chatterjee [76191. Nalgonda Distt.S. Ravi Kumar [3513892.-501 510 ADV: CHR: Shri Subrahmanyam V. VNR VJ Institute of Engg & Tech Batchupally.Sunil Kumar SEC: I Karan Prasad (73737.-508 213 ADV: Shri T. Siddhartha Engineering College Vijayawada . Vasavi College of Engineering Hyderabad . Gouri Shanker CHR: Shri K.3511668] 12. SEC: Miss Supriya .32202) 21.506 004 ADV: Dr. Y. Vijaya Bhasker SEC:Shri M. Hyderabad-500072 ADV: Shri B. AANM & VVSR Polytechnic Gudaiavalleru 521356 ADV: Shri N. Chaitanya Bharathi Institute of Tech.Ch. Sudheer Babu CHR: P.R.K.R. B. Khalid (08518-76957. 27600) 17. Sai Sudheer (08674-73366. Kakatiya Institute of Science & Technology Warangal 506015 ADV: Shri N.67951] 13. 44869 pkj66@hotmail. 91-040-3042761 vnrvjiet@satyam. net-in 18.ADV: Shri K. College Kurnool-518002 ADV: Shri R. 292723] Fax : 040-7600775 14. Surendra Babu CHR: V. College Suryapet. Sri Venkateshwara Engg.M. Sri Sarathi Inst.34001. Malyadri [20326. MVSR Engineering College Nadergul. Reddy Y.V. V. Satyanarayana Rao CHR.Shri Srikanth C.G. CHR Shri A. Sreenivas SEC: Shri E. Rama Mohan Reddy CHR: Ms.V.V. 23570) Fax : 08816-22748 11. Chandra Shekhara Prasad [582333. Shyan Kumar CHRrShri G. Ravishanker SEC Shri B. (44867. SEC: Shri A. 73545) gdlvengg@md5. University College of Engineering Tirupati 517502 ADV: CHR: SEC: [73366] 15. Chandini B.V. Vijaylakshman SEC Shri O. 702231] Fax: 8712-76547 E mail: iak@recw.520 007 ADV: Dr. G. S.R. Pulla Reddy Engg. S.M. 3307858) Fax.corn 20.emet.

Ram Mohan Rao CHR: Miss Anitha N. Srinivas SEC: Shri L. QIS College of Engg.K. J. 25.N. of Tech.M. of Tech.College of Engineering Kukapally.T. Paul Raj Engineering College Yetapaka PO. K. Koneru Lakshmana College of Engineering Vaddeswaram. G. & Science Singapur. Neetu Agarwal 32.N. CHR: Shri Naga Praveen SEC: Shri Krishna Kumar Reddy 27.23.S. Srinidhi Instt.48990. 524 413 ADV: Dr.41300) 28. A. &Science Rajampet. M. Venugopal Reddy CHR: Shri Rohni Kumar M. Madanapalle Instt. Mylavaram-521230 ADV: Dr. & Technology Yamnampet. Aurora’s Engineering College Bhougir. P. Institute of Science & Technology Vidyanagar. Annamacharya Instt. V. Cuddapah-516115 ADV: Shri V. College of Engineeing Cuddapah-516003 ADV: Shri B. N. Ghatkesar-501301 ADV: Sh P. of Tech. SEC: Shri Venkata Rama Rao J. Sai Vishal 34. Ongole-523002 ADV: Shri Subha Rao C.Govt.R. Shri Vinod Babu K SEC: Shri Sandeep A 29. Dr.S. SEC: Shri Srikant B. &Science Madanapalie-517325 ADV: Shri Girdhar M. Nellore Distt. Nalgonda-508116 ADV:Brig. ADV: Shri Rao Y. Lakireddy Bali Reddy College of Engg. Polytechnic Zahirabad (Ranjole) Medak Distt-502318 ADV: Shri Laxma Reddy B CHR: SEC: 38. Huzurabad-505468 ADV: Prof.Venkat Reddy CHR: Shri Chidambara Varaprasad SEC: Ms. Prasad CHR: SEC: 24.B. Kamla Instt. Vijay Rural Engineering College Rochis Valley Nizamabad-503 002 ADV: Shri Raju B. Gntur Distt. & Science Karimnagar-505481 ADV: CHR: SEC: 33.T. G. S.B.L CHR: Miss Jyothi G.R. College of Engineering Madhurawada. Rama Mohan Rao CHR: Shri Pavan Kumar Reddy N. Daseswara CHR: Shri A. &Technology Kurnool Road. CHR: SEC: 35.P. Ravikiran 36. SEC: Shri Anand Kishore Reddy G (48900. 31. Visakhapatnam ADV:Shri Srinivasa Rao P CHR:Shri Sai Vamsidhar B SEC: Shri Murthi Prasad . of Sc. Rathod CHR: Mr. of Tech.507111 ADV: CHR: SEC: 30.) CHR: SEC: 37. Bhadrachalam . Gangadhar SEC: Mr. SEC: Shri Tej Kiran B. (Retd.V.K.S. Hyderabad-500072 ADV: Shri B. Deshpande S. 26. Bhandari CHR. Jyothishmati Instt.V.U.V.

Hyderabad-500 008 ADV: CHR: SEC: 53. Karshak Engineering College Bowenpally. Shiva Charan .39. Dt.532 127 ADV: CHR: SEC: 52. Dharamapur. J. Sree Vidya Niketan Engg. College. & Tech. Banjara Hills.V. Mahaboobnagar-509 125 ADV: Shri K.502 311 ADV: CHR: SEC: 54. Khammam ..S. Chittoor Distt-517102 ADV: CHR: SEC: 44.M.T. Secunderabad-500009 ADV: CHR: SEC: 49.M. Pregnapur. Sistam College of Engineering Srikakulam ADV: CHR: SEC: 43. Jayaprakash Narayan College of Engg. M. Anjali Chaudhary 42. Nagar. G. SEC: Miss Veenadhari S. N. Hyderabad ADV: Shri A. Sri Sai Nath Nagar A. A. Murali CHR: Shri P. & Tech. Narasimha Chary CHR: Ms. Sheriguda Vill. M. Institute of Technology G. Government Polytechnic Warangal-506007 ADV: Shri M. College of Engineering & Tech. Prakash Rao CHR: Shri Suresh Babu P. Shri Kottam Tulasi Reddy Memorial College of Engineering Kondair.S. Rajam. Narayanamma Inst. College for Women Vinay Nagar.R. Yenkapally.R.B. ADV: CHR: SEC: 41. Moinabad Mandal-500 075 ADV: CHR: SEC: 50. & Sc. Ibrahim Patan . & Tech. 45. G. Mallikarjuna CHR: Mr.J. (For Women) Shaikpet. Sri Indu College of Engg. Gajwel Medak . Bhoj Reddy Engg. Sainath SEC: Mr.524 005 ADV: CHR: SEC: 47.507 318 ADV: CHR: SEC: 55. Khammam . Hyderabad-500 034 ADV: CHR: SEC: 46. Government Polytechnic for Boys Nellore . Kamalesh 48. of Tech. Srikakulam .R.D. Syed Hashim College of Sc. Hyder AM Khan CHR: SEC: 40. Shivanand SEC: Shri G. Rangampet.R. Mahboobnagar-509 001 ADV: Shri S.507 115 ADV: Prof. Sumana SEC: Ms. Institute of Engg. ADAM’s Engineering College Paloncha. The Vazir Sultan College of Engg.501 510 ADV: CHR: SEC: 51.

Gangtok -737102 ADV: 3. Kesara. Rash mi Singh SEC: Kum. Inst.vsni. of Engg. Bihar Institute of Technology Sindri -828 123 ADV: Prof. Hanamkonda. SEC: Shri Puttamadappa C Jorhat Engineering College Jorhat. Tripura Engineering College Barjala . Medak Town. M. 314441 Fax : 03842-33797 recsil@dte. Khammam Distt.R. D.-501 301 ADV: Shri K.K. Jorhat-785001 ADV: Shri Birendra Gontena CHR: Shri Munindra Dutta SEC: Shri Pradip Kr. Assam ADV: Shri Atanu Kumar Dutta CHR: Shri Dipankar Medhi SEC: Ms.Singh CHR: Shri Shiv Kumar SEC: Shri Avinash Ranjan (251382. 58. of Technology K.R. BIHAR & JHARKHAND 1. R. Sai Sputhi Institute of Technology Sathupally. Patnaik J CHR: Dr. Vemuganti Manohar Rao Polytechnic 1-7-1168.-507 303 ADV: Prof. CHR: Kum. Tiwari SEC: Shri Vishal Sinha [47404. 207969) Fax : 0326-202380 2. Prabhanjan Reddy SEC: Miss D.56.ernet.-502 110 ADV: Kum.826 004 ADV: Dr. CHR: SEC: Sikkim Manipal Instt. . Peddabonkuru. & Nirjuli .C. Sharma CHR: Shri P. Rai (320074. Padmakshi CHR: Shri P. 5. Royal College of Engineering Pilikotial. 8.M. Dt. Deepti ASSAM & EASTERN STATES 1. Pattnalk CHR: Shri R. Valluru CHR: Shri Ravi D. SEC: Ms. Srinivas CHR: Shri A.K. 220533] Fax : 0381-22360 2. North Eastern Reg. Chourasia SEC: Shri Radhesh Kumar [33841. Holy Mary Institute of Tech. Madhava Kumar S. & Tech. Mother Therissa Col.325408) Assam Engineering Institute Chandmari. Datta CHR: Shri Somen Das SEC: Shri Nambarun Chaudhury [22360.506 001 ADV: CHR: SEC: 60. Jyothi Ch. Vijaya Bhargav 59. 6. of Tech. K.S. K. Khan SEC: Shri D. Guwahati-781003 ADV: Shri Sarmah B. Bhattachariee CHR: Shri S. Regional Engineering College Silchar-788 010 ADV: Prof. R. Sudarshan K. Harish SEC: Shri G. R. Warangal . Harika T. Tech.Tripathi (202487. Medak Distt. & Science Bogaram Village.799 055 ADV: Prof. Binita Brahma 4.475971 Fax : 0360-44307 E mail : ece@nerist.251775) Indian School of Mines Dhanbad .in Silchar Polytechnic Silchar-788 015 ADV: Shri Sagar May Dass CHR: Shri Sandeep Kumar Dubey SEC: Shri Nijum Parasar [40273] The Prince of Wales Inst. Karimnagar-505 174 ADV: Shri Nagi Reddy K. 57. 7.791 109 ADV: Dr. of Engg. S.

Modasa-383315 ADV: Shri B. New Delhi ADV: CHR: SEC: 4. 250907] Fax: 0612-252851 Mazaffarpur Institute of Technology Muzaffarpur-842003 ADV: Prof. Khandelwal [02774-426341 4.388 120 ADV: Shri J. Shah SEC Shri Tejas D. Pethi. 7. 220409 Fax:228394 ajs@svrec. 2.390 009 ADV: Prof. 5. HumaZaidi SEC: Shri Pervez Ahmed Jamia Hamdard (Hamdard Universtiy) New Delhi .H.H. Dhanda CHR Shri Murugesh S.Pandit CHR: Shri Ankur Taneja SEC: Shri P. National Institute of Technology Surat .110025 ADV: Shri Muzaffarul Hasan CHR: Ms. Jha CHR: Shri Abhishek Bhawsar SEC: Shri Ravinder Sharma Kasturba Polytechnic for Women Pitampura.H.34276] princi@bvm. 3. DELHI 1. Jitendra S.395 007 ADV: Prof.C. Nathwani CHR: Shri Chintan Parikh SEC: Shri Bhavin Sorathia [387944. University of Baroda Vadodara .in 8. SEC: [40743:40645] Fax:40645 Nirma Institute of Technology Ahmedabad . Rajkot 360005 ADV: Prof.M.V.363 642 FAD: Prof.L. Polytechnic Bharuch-392002 ADV Shri H.N. Singh CHR: SEC: (26198) Fax: 0621-261347 2. .N. BVM Engineering College Vallabh Vidyanagar . CHR: Shri Shriram I. K. GUJARAT 1. Patna-800002 ADV: Md.Tekwani CHR: Prof. New Delhi-110 045 ADV: Shri A.110 062 ADV: CHR: SEC: Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology Dwarka.Jain CHR: Shri Gaurav Budhdev SEC: Shri Vishal B. & Technology Jamia Millia Islamia. New Delhi . J. Vyas CHR: Shri Upendra Naithani SEC: Shri Vinod Nair [434188.G.gcet. Faculty of Engg. SEC: Shri Shriram N. Masood Ahmad CHR: SEC: [ Lukhdhirji Engineering College Morbi . & Tech Anesabad. Vyas Pundit Faculty of Tech.651464] S. N. Laluwadia A. Patel [30104.74338941 Fax:7439916 VVP Engineering College Kalavad. Maulana Azad College of Engg.N. 0261-3223371. 6. 3.D.S.3. K.382 481 ADV: Prof. 4. S. P. & Engineering M. Thakur CHR: Shri Sambhav Chaudhary SEC: Shri Pramod Abhichandani [7439911.238288] Government Engineering College Shamlaji Road.

S&SS Ghandhy College of Engineering & Technology Surat-395001 ADV: Shri Darji A. Kalani SEC: Shri Sharma Ashish R. New V. 22383] Fax : 01972-23834 ric@recham. Tal Bardoli.9.E. Nirma Institute of Diploma Studies Tragad-Patia.N. Surat . Ram Prakash Sharma CHR: Shri Vijay Ramakrishnan SEC: Shri S.V. Visnagar-384 315 ADV: CHR: SEC: 20. College of Engineering Ahmedabad-380 015 ADV: Prof. SEC: Shri Chandel Jayendra J. Vekaria G. CHR: SEC: HIMACHAL PRADESH 1. B&B Institute of Technology (Poly. Veeraraghvan [22308. 16. Government Polytechnic Ahmedabad . Mehta CHR: Shri Kenur S. National Institute of Technology Hamirpur. Vekaria G. Talsania SEC: Shri Harshid R. CHR: Shri Bhavin Javia SEC: Miss Sunanda Khargharia (4580175:468683) 11. Dr. Patel College or Engg. 3. Box No.K.D. Regional Engineering College Kurukshetra . Makwana K.380 015 ADV: Prof. CHR: SEC: 15.O. 26831] Fax: 01744-20065 .382 481 ADV: Ms. Visnagar. Rajyaguru CHR: Prof. P. A.7933241] Fax: 0256-783531 mnqureshi @ usa.M. Rajyagurn Hetal SEC: Shri R. CHR: 10. AV Parekh Technical Institute Dr.Soni SEC: Shri S.384 315 ADV: CHR: SEC: 18. P. Polytechnic M. Hingu (0261-25356) 13.394 620 ADV: Shri Niren B. Patel SEC: Shri Vijay B.M.D. 17. Patel Institute of Technology Vitthal Udyog Nagar. Pathak CHR: Shri Nagdev Manoj T. Sankalchand Patel College of Engg.) P. L. Polytechnic At Isroli. Chandolia.V.136 119 ADV: Dr.177 005 ADV: Dr. Gohil [079-6301285] 14. A. HARYANA 1. A.S.S. CHR: Shri Bhavik A. C.D. R. Government Polytechnic Rajkot-360 003 ADV: Prof. Yagnik Road.O. Swarup CHR: Shri Rakesh Kumar Juneja SEC: Shri Nitin Johar [20470.V. Vallabh Vidyanagar-388 120 ADV: Prof.K. Afwa. Pravina R. University of Baroda Vadodara-390001 ADV: K. Chag CHR: Shri C. Chitra U.H.B.B. S. Rajkot-360001 ADV: Prof Raval K. Shree U.ernet. Bhavsar CHR: Y. Nagar-388 121 ADV: Prof. Patel 19.P.Shah SEC: R.A.S. Bheda Rana 12. Ahmedabad . Vegda [783914.

Patii [4403221] Ghousia College of Engineering Ramnagaram . Khangura SEC: Shri I. K L E Society’s College of Engg. Bains 26635.S. 4.Yadwad SEC: Shri Shreedhar M.571 511 ADV: Shri Mohamed Haneef CHR: Shri Shavikesh Goel SEC: Shri Gautam Jalan [71353. 3.2. Seth Jai Parkash Polytechnic Damla.K.P. of Technology Tumkur.585 403 ADV: Prof.270671 Vijayanagar Engineering College Bellary. Faridabad ADV: Prof.U. 6. Bhatia CHR: Shri Kamal Kumar Sharma SEC: Shri Sumit Mal hotra Sri Krishan Institute of Engg.K. 622881 Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College Bidar . 8. Geetha Reddy [62063. Engineering College Mullana.V. Prashanth [142148. & Tech. SEC: Ms.131 039 ADV: Shri R.R.S. of Engineering & Technology Radaur. 5. Gill CHR: Shri R. Ambala-133203 ADV: Shri Batra N.B. C.M. Sandur Polytechnic Yeshwantnagar. Shivprasad CHR: Shri K. Kurikshetra-136 118 ADV: Shri Sanjay Kayal CHR: Shri Rishi Raj SEC: Shri Manoj Kumar KARNATAKA 2. Bellary Dist.V.717671] Rural Engineering College Bhalki .P. Yamunagar-132133 ADV: Shri Jatinder Garg CHR: Shri Sachin Chadha SEC: Shri Kunal Grover M. Yamuna Nagar . 6. M. Meenakshi Arya Seth Jai Prakash Mukand Lal instt. & Mgmt.R. Sharma {82063:82082) YMCA Inst.K. SEC: Prof. Saini SEC: Shri A. Siddaganga Inst. Karthik D.62055] vbelavanaki @ hotmail. 4. H. -583 124 ADV: Shri Suresh S.S. S. Garg CHR: Shri J. 7. Biradar S. Praveen [282990] Fax: 282994 mnc sit@hotmail. Nayak CHR: Shri Amit T. Jagadeesh CHR: Prof. of Engineering Faridabad . Sadamal CHR: Mr. Channakeshwa SEC: Shri M. Sector-43. Arawali Hills.310661 vimkalra@hotmail. CHR: Shri Gaurav Sachdeva SEC: Miss Rachna Gandhi Career Institute of Tech.S.43900] Fax:42259 3.590 008 ADV: Prof. State College of Engineering Murthal. Patil CHR: Shri R.121 006 ADV: Shri Sharma N. 5. O.583 104 ADV: Shri T.135 001 ADV: Shri Verinder Mohan Kalra CHR: Shri Vineet Kumar SEC: Shri Divneet Singh [82853.S.H. & Tec Belgaum . Sharnappa G.585 328 ADV: Prof.K. CHR: Shri Tilak Raj SEC: Ms. 7.572 103 ADV: Dr.M.S. Vineeth SEC: Shri T. Sonepat . .

vsnl.V.G. Anupama CHR: Shri 9. 20063 ait@blr. Karnataka National Inst.V.G. Manipai Institute of Technology Manipal. Prasad CHR: Miss Meghna Jagadish SEC: Shri Naresh Pai [71060:71070] Fax : 08252-71071 mit@mahe. 275461] Fax : 0821-525330 20.kar.C.S.560 019 ADV: Prof. Bhagwan Singh SEC: Shri B.H. CHR: Ms. 59676) Fax: 41265 21. Sanjay Memorial Polytechnic Sagar . K. Virupakshaiah CHR: Shri Vijayendra SEC: Shri Aditya Srivastava [22866] Fax: 08194-25164 root@chtsjmit. NMAM Institute of Technology Nitte. of Technology Chikmagalur .Talwar SEC: Shri R. Adichunchanagiri Inst. Sally Poonam Rodrigues SEC: Shri Nawaz Abdullah (41264. Surathkal . B.606230] 18. Ravi Shankar [601586.Prasad CHR: Shri Rajesh SEC: Shri Hemadri Naidu [727291 Fax : 08156-73433 sjcit@bgl.576 119 ADV: Prof. CHR: S J C Institute of Technology Chickballapur -562 101 ADV: Shri 11.795802] 12. Honnur CHR: Shri K.Jagadish H. Kulkarni CHR Shri B. Karkala-574110 ADV: Prof.S. S. Rammohan SEC: Shri B.V.B. Kadle CHR: Shri Imthias Ibrahim SEC: Shri Siraj S.577 102 ADV: Shri C. Shivakumar CHR: Shri Sujith Jain T. Sri Siddhartha Inst. of Technology Tumkur.nic.580 004 ADV Shri A.K.(DIK) . Anand Kumar [26034. T. 23570] Fax : 0824-476090 16. Subbaraya CHR: Shri M.S. Manju Kiran SEC: Shri Lakshmikanth [23324. K. Polytechnic Bagalkot-587 101 ADV: Shri S.R. Srinivasnagar.K.570 007 ADV: Shri K.N. Gopinatha CHR: Ms. N. of Tech. M.574 157 ADV: Shri Ajay Shankar Pandey CHR: Shri Kanhaiya Lal SEC: Shri Indra Kumar [23332. Ifthikhar SEC: Shri Vidyashankar [204441 Fax :08262.54229] 13.C.M. Institute of Technology Chitradurga . Ramakrishnegowda CHR: Shri Amit Kumar SEC: Miss Subhalaxmi 211411 Fax: 08257-20241 rkgowda32@ hotmail.A.S. K.577 401 ADV: Ms.B. Anjuman Engineering College for Men Bhatkal . H.P.B.B.J. Udapi [20879. Government Polytechnic Mysore . College of Engineering Sullia.581 320 ADV: Shri Anil C. 10.26939] 19.577 502 ADV: Shri D.572 105 ADV: Prof. Institute of Engineering Dharwad .S.K. College of Engineering Bangalore .M. Pachhapur SEC Shri Besterwitch [748654. [78314. -574 327 ADV: Shri C. [26554. 23889] Fax : 08385-27175 17. SEC: Shri Umesh D.R.A.vsni.20179] .G.

D. S. Sathyanarayana Chalia CHR: Shri A. CHR: Shri Rajeev Hegde SEC: Shri Virupasha 29. Bheemaraju SEC: Shri Manjunath K.V. [3355070:3403006] 23.590 016 ADV: Shri Shaikh Ahmed CHR: Shri AnantM.kar.G. Ramachandran CHR: Shri Vinay Shenoy SEC: Shri B. 544007) Fax: 821-515770 hsram@sjce. & Technology Dharwad .C. M. Maratha Mandal Polytechnic Bengaum . Mallikarjun CHR: Dr. Srinivasa Raju CHR: Shri AbhishekTrivedi SEC: Shri K. College of Engg.N. Government Polytechnic Channapatna-571501 ADV: Shri Chandra Mohan P. Somu ADV: CHR: SEC: 25. College of Engineering Channasandra KadugodiP.vsnl. 69926) Fax: 66427 stjit@vsnl.O. Shindolkar SEC: Shri Santosh V.R.580 002 ADV: Shri S. Sholapur [373174:3741741 Fax: 0836-371694 klescoph@bgl.H. Haveri Fax:372204 e-mail: 0836-374985 32. Dandin CHR: Shri J.J.M. S. Anami CHR: Shivakumar Kulkarni SEC: Sunil Biradar [50560] Fax: 08354-50504 28.560 056 ADV: Dr. CHR: Shri Govind Y. Hubli-580031 ADV: Shri MM. Nadgouda [31395] 27. J.M. Gandamall SEC: Shri H. Manjunath ( . Manu Sekhri [447465.J. Supreet (6613237.22. SEC: Shri Sharath Chandra Aradhya [51325. Bangalore 560067 ADV: Prof. Malnad College of Engineering Hassan-573201 ADV: Dr. Koti CHR: Shri R.54320] 30. College of Engineering Mysore-570006 ADV: Dr.A. Rajaram [5463856] 33.J. S.6526796 26. Ravindra SEC: Shri Shri Laxman H.Karisiddappa CHR: Shri H. of Technology Bangalore . Karajgi CHR: Shri Vinod Bijapur SEC: Ms. Ambedkar Inst. Mallick SEC: Shri K. Joshi [31461] Fax:08192-31261 biet@dvgbiet. Dr.T. 35. Bangalore institute of Technology Bangalore-560004 ADV: Prof.3421750)Fax.B.B.4483271 sbkarajgi @ hotmail. V. KLE Society’s Polytechnic Vidyanagar. 31. Institute of Technology Ranebennur-581115 ADV: Prof. Bapuji Institute of Engineering & Technology Davangere-577004 ADV: Shri Madhu M. 62862) Fax: 08172-64683 34. KLES’s College of Pharmacy Hubli-580031 ADV: Shri B.Basavarai CHR: Shri Vineet Ranjan SEC: Shri Unnikrishnan (67403.S.S. Vasuki (67538. Basavehwar Engineering College Bagalkot 587102 ADV: Prof.

CHR: Shri Parama Shiva SEC: Shri Somashekar M. Easwara Prasad CHR: Shri Hemanth Kumar H. SLN College of Engineering Yermarus Camp.570 006 ADV: Shri B. [515318] Fax : 0821-514184 elangol @ erocketmaii.H.35931) 39. Patil 50. 47. Rajashekhar CHR: Shri Sachin D.V. Ashok R. Rashmi SEC: Ms. Motichand Lengade Bharatesh Poly.36. Vastrad Rural Polytechnic Guledgudd .571 401 ADV: Dr. Trust’s Hirasugar Rural Engineering College Nidasoshi .H.C.P. VISSJ Gopvernment Polytechnic Bhadravati .G.M. 43. N.S.577 004 ADV: CHR: SEC: 45. SEC: Shri Shivanna B. Patil CHR: SEC: (35048. Dt. College of Engineering Mandya .E. CHR: Mr.L. Makandar CHR: Mr. Kapatarn Institute of Technology Tiptur-572 202 ADV: CHR: SEC: 41.N. Mutalik Desai CHR: Shri Girish Mathpati SEC: Shri Vijay Kumar H. S. Anegundi 48. R. P.V. CHR: Miss Savita Bakare SEC: Shri Hirdesh Chauhan . Basavan Kudachi.S. Davangere .Madanapalle ADV: CHR: SEC: 46. Trust’s Polytechnic Nidasoshi-591236 ADV: Shri C. I. Shesha Prakash CHR: Shri P.S.B.590 012 ADV: Shri Kalmani V. 37. Shivarudrayya C. of Tech.590 002 ADV: Mr. Belgaum . Rashmi G. BVVS’s S.N College of Engineering Shimago-577 204 ADV: Dr. SEC: Shri Manjunatha S. P.R. Madanapalle Inst. Patil CHR: Mr. D. Patri SEC: Mr. Devaraj CHR: SEC: 42. Bijapur-587 118 ADV: Shri S.P.S. Polytechnic for the Physically Handicapped Mysore . Sameer A. Sudhakara Shetty SEC: ( 38.N.R.N.I.D. Charantimath Rural Polytechnic Hungund. Bhanumuthy 40. S. Goudar SEC: Shri S.S. Haiti CHR: Shri R. C. Rakesh CHR: Ms. S. J. Bangalore-560 064 ADV: Shri Anil Kumar K.J. SEC: Ms. University B.S.T. Government Polytechnic Belgaum .R. Nitte Institute of Technology Yelahanka. Visvesvaraya Inst.S. 52. Hallur SEC: Mr.577 301 ADV: Shri Kumaraswamy M.R. CHR: Shri Vinaya Kumar B. (Govt. 26789) Fax: 22450 dr-mysoreprakash@vsnl. Haiigeri 51. Raichur-584135 ADV: Prof. G.D. Sabarish R.) Polytechnic Davangere-577004 ADV: Shri M. M. College of Engg. Sir M.) ADV: Prof. V.U. of Technology Bangalore-562 157 ADV: Shri S.J. Patil SEC: Miss Sneha Chavan 44.587 293 ADV: Mrs.591 236 (Belgaum Distt. Srirsath S.B.G. S. 49. & Science Bangalore .S.R.

Jainamma Joseph CHR: SEC: 7. Carmel Polyhtechnic Alapuzha-688004 ADV: Shri K. Renjith [3332901 8.Nair CHR Shri Naveen T N SEC Shri Bejoy P [556167.670 563 ADV: Smt.G.recal. 5542211 Fax: 0471-418370 E mail: eltvm@md2. Sidharthan CHR: Shri V.M.O.673 005 ADV: Shri 11. Sreekanth SEC: Shri N. Thomas CHR Shri A.G.680 020 ADV: Shri K.7113091] Institute of Printing Technology Shoranur-679102 ADV: Ms. Jinesh SEC: Shri 0. .B.S. Iyer CHR: Shri Seby Stanly SEC: Shri Joy Xavier [257825.ernet. Ashok Kumar CHR: SEC: Shri T. Kannur. of Technology Kottayam-686501 ADV: CHR: SEC: [507163:506153] 4. School of Technology & Applied Sciences M. CHR: Shri Mohammed Anzy SEC: Shri Shashank Soni (287206. Rajiv Gandhi Inst. Bijil Kumar [780226. Thodupuzha-685584 ADV: Varghese CHR: SEC: Shri Siraj J.V. Ismail SEC: Shri V. 3. Thomas [418370.P. Daya Krishnankutty CHR: Shri S. Prasad [6412391 Government College of Engg. Polytechnic Kozhikode .N. University. 6.B.53.P.M.678 008 ADV: Shri P. 6221621] Fax : 0484-543405 Kerala Govt. College of Engineering Thiruvananthapuram-695016 ADV: N. Nettikkadan [334590] Fax : 0487-334144 National Institute of Technology Kozhikode . Shashikala A. Sreejith [555255.V. 287453) Fax: 0495-287250 vgeorge@vishak. Kochi-682022 ADV Shri K.S.Shiju SEC Shri P. Letha Kumary CHR: Shri H.56795] Maharaja’s Technological Institute Thrissur . Arun [766924. Gulbarga .in N S S College of Engineering Palakkad .257050] 12. School of Engineering Cochin University of Science & Tech. Suresh CHR: Shri Mathew Varghese SEC: Shri S. Biju [226300] 13. KCT Engineering College Roza. Tajuddeen SEC: Shri K. 2. 9.680 009 ADV: Shri Jayee K.vsnl. 5. B.585 104 ADV: CHR: SEC: KERALA 1. Government Engineering College Thrissur .5551621] Sree Rama Govt. 10.S. Hemachandran CHR: Shri P. Polytechnic Valapad-680567 ADV: Shri T.R.673 601 ADV: Dr.

University. U. & Applical Sciences Mannanam P. Edappally Kochi-682024 ADV: Prof. Sitara SEC: Shri Justin Maliekal [334601:332938] stats@md2.462 010 ADV: Dr. Sagar-470004 ADV: Shri A. 5. 8.14. 4. Jamalu CHR: SEC: (0494-422234) 19.S. Shrivastava [541567-120. Airen CHR: Shri Devangan Airan SEC: Shri Ajay Bajaj (34655.C. P. 5534131] Fax: 0755-583575 Lakshmi Narain College of Engineering Pushpanagar.O. 63285] Fax: 0755-554562 Govt. M. College Baheria. Anil KUmar CHR: Shri Sujith R. Dept.G.S.M. School of Tech. Maulana Azad National Inst.494 005 ADV: Dr. Shubhara Bhatnagar [583451.456 010 ADV: 15.vsnl. Ramola CHR: Shri Prabhanjan Nagar SEC: Ku.462 007 ADV: Dr. Bhopal-462026 ADV: CHR: SEC: 3. School of Technology & Applied Sciences M. Vijaya Kumar CHR: SEC: 18. Das SEC: Shri Abilash Gopi 17. College of Engineering Kothamangalam-686666 ADV: Shri Babu Kurian CHR: Shri Thomas Mathew SEC: Shri Renjan Abraham [522363:524816] Fax: 0485-522363 16.K. 9. Bhopal . .586667 Coilege of Engineering Barkatuila University. 585643] Fax: 0755-5835785 Government Women’s Polytechnic Jagadalpur . Preeti Malvia SEC: [228641 Fax: 07782-22864 Government Polytechnic Sanawad . Kottayam-686561 ADV: Shri. R. Arun Singh Bhadoriya CHR: Kum. 580399] Fax: 0755 . 6. Institute of Technology & P. Khanooja CHR: Shri Rakesh Singh SEC: Shri Vinyai Sharma [422121 Fax: 07528-42212 Oriental Institute of Science & Technology Govindapura Bhopal-462023 ADV: CHR: SEC: [58667.34680) Fax: 07286-34655080 Indira Gandhi Govt. Saroj Ranganekar CHR: Shri Sharad Soni SEC: Shri Zafar Rayee [557316. 7. Shri G.S. Bhopal . S. Polytechnic Tirur-676105 ADV: Shri M.V.451111 ADV: Shri K. Pendharkar CHR: SEC: [25612. Pathamanthutta-691 523 ADV: Shri C. R. Sunith CHR: SEC: MADHYA PRADESH & CHHATISGARH 1.A. of Tech. Engineering College Ujjain .C. TKM College of Engineering Kollam-691 005 ADV: Prof. College of Engineering Adoor. 535459] Fax : 432540 2.George CHR: Ms.Engg. Indore . of Elect.S.C.452 003 ADV: Shri Rakesh Saxena CHR: Shri Saurabh Chatterjee SEC: Shri V.

Khodke M. SES College of Engg. Potdar CHR: Shri Vaibhav A. Shekhawat S. Rathod [46746] Fax: 07233-46316 prin@bnce.462 036 ADV: CHR: SEC: 13. Thakare CHR: Shri Ashish Mathur SEC: Shri Johny Mathur [81246. Susture [651388] Fax: 651538 walchand@pnsnl. & Tech. & KBP Polytechnic Kopargaon . Deshmukh SEC: Shri Premsingh T. V. Govt. 6734341 Fax: 0712-81529 College of Engg. 6. Handa CHR: Sh. 7. College of Pharmacy Karad -415 214 ADV: Prof. Jalgaon .V. 74441 1 ] Fax : 237397 Walchand Institute of Technology Soiapur-413 006 ADV: Prof. V. Jawaharlal Institute of Technology Borawan.I.S. CHR: Shri Vipul M. Vinu Alexander [748400. Warananagar . Jangam CHR: Shri Raman Madan SEC: Shri Saurabh Mathur [24012] Fax .net.440 016 ADV: Shri P B Maheshwary CHR: Shri Rajesh Sharan SEC: Shri Lalit Kumar Goyal [37681.P. Priyadarshini College of Engg.D. & Technology. 8. 10. Mandsaur Institute of Technology Rewas-Devda Road. of Technology. 3. Admane S.10.423 603 ADV: Prof. KDK Engineering College Nagpur .ernet.458 001 ADV: Shri Digvijay Singh Bhati CHR: Shri Sandeep Kumar Sinha SEC: Shri Anit Khare 11.451 228 ADV: CHR: SEC: 12. Ajay P.444 701 ADV: Prof. Bhopal Engineering College Gandhi Nagar. Bhopal . 224441] Fax : 0712-221705 . Bhilai Institute of Technology Durg . Pune-411 043 ADV: Shri M.V.Y. & Arch. College of Engineering.425 001 ADV: Prof. of Engg.W. Badnera.Nemane SEC: Shri Ashok S. Ravindra Singh Khaneja SEC: Sh. Sakhare SEC: Shri Amar A.P.491 001 (Chhattisgarh) ADV: CHR: SEC: MAHARASHTRA & GOA 1.440 009 ADV: Prof. Pathak CHR: Shri Bhavar Kalpesh SEC: Shri Uravane Ashish B N College of Engineering Pusad-445 215 ADV: Prof. Amravati .in T K Inst. Nagpur . Chavan 5. Mandsaur . CHR: Shri Hrishikesh Kate SEC: Shri Mangesh Amdekar [22862] Fax : 02423-22682 sescolk@giaspnOl. 24013 4.R. S.vsni.416 113 ADV: Shri S. Sawarkar CHR: Shri Rahul C. Khargone .C. 2. CHR: Shri Ambareesh Nair SEC: Shri Puneet Sharma [2262931 Fax : 0257-224892] Jawaharlal Nehru Inst.

Amrutkar [72876] 20 awaharlal Nehru Engineering College N-6. D. Sakharale .in 15. 6281851] Fax : 6110117 sbm@bom2. Rajni Jadhav [484693.422 003 ADV: Shri Shahabadkar P. Mahajan SEC: Shri V.414 111 ADV: Prof.J.P. Institute of Technology Amravati . Balakrishna SEC: Shri Tarun Ohri [7672502. Deshmukh CHR: Shri Sanjay Murumkar SEC: Shri Anupam Raut [435070. S B M Polytechnic Vile Parle.S. Fursule CHR: Shri Ashish Jain SEC: Ms.444 709 ADV: Prof.R. Ramrao Adik Inst. Sanjay S. Patel College of Pharmacy Shirpur . Minalben Patel [55189] Fax: 56170 24.K.V. Patil [22329] Fax : 02342-22989 13. Prakash CHR: Shri Pravin Khisty SEC: Shri Rakesh Bhan 14.413321]Fax:435070 jayantkaware@ip.H.K. Mourya CHR: Shri Prashant Nikam SEC: Shri Nilesh Shinde 25.400 706 ADV: Dr.Thombre CHR: Shri R. Mishra CHR: Shri D. Baburao Deshmukh College of Engg. Wardha . R.425 524 ADV: CHR: Shri Sachin Bhai SEC: Shri Milind Dhube [45956.Jain 02556-52121 . 540791 Fax: 07265-52346 18. CIDCO Aurangabad-431 003 ADV: Shri Deshmukh R. G. Ansari CHR: Amit Khobragade SEC: Swati Khodwe (0721-73824) 16.M. Wagh College of Engineering Nasik .G.J.S. U.H.11.vsni.423 101 ADV: CHR: Shri S. Farida Shameen [52216. Laddha CHR: Shri Amirbam Biswas SEC: Shri A. College of Engg. S.444 603 ADV: Prof.H. Dr Panjabrao Deshmukh Polytechnic Amravati . K. Kumar S. of Technology Nerul.C. Mahajan College of Engineering Faizpur. K.5119139] 22. Mumbai . 45527] Fax: 02584-45379 12. Navi Mumbai .J. Rajarambapu Institute of Technology Rajaramnagar.A. 488458] Fax : 0240-484445 mgmjnec@bom4.G.D. N. E.P.vsnl. Ravindra A.eth.442102 ADV : Baneriee SEC: Ms. Bodhankar 17. Jalgaon . Thaker CHR: Shri Dharmesh Patel SEC: Shri Nilam Patel [6148697.V. Samaj’s College of Pharmacy Nashik .D.Gowda SEC: Shri M. Polytechnic Chandwad .H. L.422 002 ADV: Shri V. PDV Patil College of Engg & Polytechnic Ahmednagar . CHR: Shri 21. S S G M College of Engineering Shegaon -444 203 ADV: Prof. Asher SEC: Shri Nilesh R. Sevagram.M. R. M. Raizada CHR: SEC: 19.425 405 ADV: Prof.R.B.444 001 ADV: Prof. CHR: Shri Mangrish Singhal SEC: Ms. & Technology Akoia .400 056 ADV: Prof. Jangam CHR: Shri V.415 414 ADV: Prof.

SEC: Miss Adivarekar V. CHR: Shri Dag P.R. M.W.S.B. N. Shri Tuljabhawani College of 35.Y.442 403 ADV: 32.S.M. S.V. Sadhankar SEC: Rajnih Kumar [4213001 Fax : 432329 S. Padmakar 38. 22903] Fax : 22792 28.P. x: 02352-22435 37.445 215 ADV: Prof. Patre CHR: Shri Robin Gulla SEC: Shritama Mukherjee [29313.Bidgar CHR: Shri Edward Janwadkar SEC: Shri Ujwal Dharurkar [23550]Fax:23550 27. Wabale CHR: A. Agnel Polytechnic Sector 9-A.vsnl.413 501 ADV: Shri S.Jain CHR: Shri Saurab Sinha SEC: Shrilngole R. Osmanabad ADV: Prof.R. Gondia-441 614 ADV: Shri S.C.G.P. V. M. & Tech.413 115 ADV: Prof. S. JSPM’s Dr. Tuljapur 413601 Dist.G. & Tech.Y.W. Jahagirdar [7661924] Fax: 7660619 agneivox@bom5. (22435) Fa. Institute of Pharmacy Borgaon (Meghe). S. Pusad . Government Polytechnic Ratnagiri .M.P. Government Polytechnic Osmanabad . Pune . Manoharbhai Patel Institute of 33.442 001 ADV: Prof.N.R.R. M.444 701 ADV: Prof. College of Engineering Dhule .431602 ADV: Shri R.D. Chougule SEC: Kalpesh Patel [54424. Nanded .47025]Fax:46316 29. Chape CHR: Mahesh D. College of Engg. 443751 Fax : 07152-41683 instpharm@vsnl.W.431 602 ADV: Dr.53763]Fax:29236 bmpatre@sggs.26. Wardha . Polwar CHR: Shri Bhagwan Kachrub SEC: Shri N. Bendale CHR: Shri Gaurav Malhotra SEC: Shri Hari Sundaresan [331795] Fax:0212-34270 31.S. Walke CHR: Shri Wasim Navrekar SEC: Shri S. SES College of Engineering Navainagar 424318 Dhule Dist. Takalikar CHR: SEC: 34. College of Engineering Mafegaon. CHR: Shri Kunal Rishi SEC: Shri Girish Chandra Chaturvedi [22713.nic.424 005 ADV: Shri Rathore M. CHR: Shri Bhawarlal Choudhary SEC: Shri Javed Rajwani [47107. Deshpande CHR: SEC: [42016] 39. Damie M.415 612 ADV: Shri Hirlekar N.B.T.S. Polytechnic Badnera .ren.S. Fr. Vashi Navi Mumbai 400 703 ADV: Shri R. hirani Institute of Poly.J. 54447] Fax : 02112-54424 corm@vsnl. Chandrapur 36. College Chandrapur . [681306] 30. ADV: CHR: Shri Kumar Kundan SEC: [60245] Fax: 02562-60223 40.Wadher CHR: Proshant Katkoriya SEC: Sonali Badjate [40284.P. V. Maharashtra Institute of Technology Pune : 411 038 ADV: .S.M. Government Polytechnic Nanded .

Dharma SEC: Shri Vikram Singh Rajpurohit 51. 43.V.41. lchalkaranji-416115 ADV: Shri A. KIT’s College of Engineering Kolhapur-416 234 ADV: Prof. Agaskar CHR: SEC: (42580. G.P.G. SEC: Mrs. Dt. Ingawale G. SEC: Miss Gangshettiwar A. Thane-400 601 ADV: CHR: Shri MujumdarS. D. CHR: SEC: 49.M Limaye CHR: SEC: 46. DKTE Society’s Textile & Engg. S. Pataldhamal Madhawani College of Pharmacy Yavatmal-445001 ADV: Shri Khadse CD.V.Raisoni Polytechnic Hingna Road. Nagpur-440 013 ADV: Shri M. Tale CHR: Shri Varun Rai SEC: Shri Aditya Dhingra 45.V.V. Mumbai-400 050 ADV: Mrs. Inst. Nagpur-440016 ADV: CHR: Shri Dayaneshwar Vijaykar SEC: Shri Abhishek Malu 54. V. Somaiya Polytechnic Vidyanagar. Latur-413512 ADV: Shri Phadtare CHR: Shri Nagane V.A. 43263. Vasai Road. Thane-401202 ADV: Shri A. Mumbai-400 077 ADV: Prof. College Kava Road.H. K. Agarkar CHR: Shri Rahul P. Rajwada. Govt.D. CHR: Shri K had son M.S. of Tech. TPS-111. SEC: Miss Gurme U. K. Vanita Jain CHR: SEC: 48.Joshi CHR: Shri Amit Lakhe SEC: Shri Alok Tripathi [228891 Fax: 02582-23797 42. Shri Ramdeobaba Kamla Nehru Engg. Yavatmal-445001 ADV: CHR: SEC: .Biradar CHR: SEC: 50. Bandre. & Science Ramtek-441 006 ADV: Shri B.D. College Katol Road.S. Bunder Rd. Pradhan B. Surendra Kumar CHR: SEC: 102 56.S. Shri Sant Gadge Baba Polytechnic Near Zonal Training Centre Bhusawal425203 ADV: Shir J.M. 42963) 47. AIISM’s College of Engineering Pune-411 001 ADV: Shri S. S. Kavikulguru Inst. Anuradha College of Pharmacy Chikhli-443 201 ADV: Prof. Shah CHR: SEC: 52. Thadomal Shahani Engg. Residential Womens Poly. College 32nd Road.V. Chikhli ADV: Prof.M’s Polytechnic Chendanic.M. 55. 53. Channabasweshwar Pharm. Vidyardhini’s College of Engg. Ghewade CHR: Shri Sohail Koujaigi SEC: Shri Jayadeep Deshmukh 44. Anuradha Engineering College Anuradhanagar.J. & Tech.

Pradhan B. Ghate SEC: Shri C. Ratnagiri. & Tech. J. A. CHR: SEC: 65. Amravati-444 603 ADV: Shri B. Institute of Pharmacy Borgaon.P. Government Polytechnic Yavatmal-445001 ADV: CHR: SEC: 60. Somaiya College of Engineering Vidyanagar. ADV: CHR: SEC: 66. Ratnagiri . Finolex Academy of Mgmt. SPMST Rajiv Gandhi College of Engineering. Tatte CHR: Shri U. S. of Technology Pune-411003 ADV: Prof. Pune-411 038 ADV: Dr. TPCT College of Engineering Shivaji Nagar. Hingna Road. Asanare SEC: 69. Nagpur-441110 ADV: Prof. Babasaheb Ambedkar Tech. CHR: Shri Saurabh A.S. Hadasar. Dr. Kadu . Satara Polytechnic Mangalwarpeth. Gupta CHR: Shri Ravindra Patil SEC: Miss Mrudula Vedant 64.V.GawhaneN. Panaki Bhattacharya 58.L. Limaye SEC: Ms.M.J. J. Satara-415 002 ADV: CHR: SEC: 73. Bhinge SEC: Shri Nimesh Kulkarni 68.P. Vidyavihar. Government Polytechnic Gadge Nagar. Jaysingpur.Maharashtra ADV: CHR: Dr. Yeshwantrao Chavan College of Engg. Wardha ADV: CHR: SEC: 67. PDEA Institute of Technology Manjari Road. BV’s Poona College of Pharmacy Erandawane. P. Pisal CHR: Kaustubh N. Sawant H.57. CHR: Shri Parikshit Basrur SEC: Shri Niraj Kothawade 61. Institute of Technology Budhgaon.S. Pune . Dt. Raigad-402103 ADV: Shri Neeraj Agrawal CHR: SEC: 59. Distt. Kolhapur-416101 ADV: Prof. Research & Technology Chandrapur . K. Pune-411 005 ADV: CHR: SEC: 70. Government College of Engineering Shivaji Nagar. Pune ADV: CHR: SEC: 62.S. University Lonere.411 005 ADV: CHR: SEC: 72. K. Vishwakarma Instt.442 403 ADV: CHR: SEC: 71.S. Magdum College of Engg.J. Midc.K. Maharashtra ADV: CHR: SEC: 63. Dr. Mumbai-400011 ADV: Prof.

& Technology OUAT. Mohapatra CHR: Shri S. D. of Science & Tech. Padhi SEC: Shri S. Nazarkar Subhadra Vitthal SEC: Ms. Acharya Shnmannarayan Tantra Sansthan Pipri. 407930 Orissa School of Mining Engineering Keonjhar . Brijwasi Payal Ashok 78. Lohara. Barapada . Rayagada-765001 ADV: Shri Aswini Kumar Dash CHR: Shri Girish Mahapatra SEC: Shri P. Mishra Fax: 0674-401043. Shikari R. Govt.K.N. Sahoo [243211 4. Wardha . CHR: Ms.C. S.R.756 113 ADV: Er. Patel College of Engineering Shahada. Yavatmal-445 001 ADV: CHR: SEC: ORISSA 1. Bhubaneshwar . Panigarhi CHR: SEC: Orissa Engineering College Bhubaneshwar-751007 ADV: Shri B. P.G.C.R. & Tech. Shah CHR: Mr.N. Gunupur-765022 ADV: Shri M. Das CHR: SEC: (401632) Fax: 401632 U. Government College of Engineering Amravati .282199) Majhighariani Inst. Jharsuguda Engineering School iharsuguda-786202 ADV: Shri B.P. 11 3.P.444 603 ADV: Ms.425 409 ADV: Prof. SEC: Shri Ambarish Deshpande 77.K. Kakde 76. Vidya M. Das CHR: Shri Debasis Das SEC: Shri Ranjan Ku. Mohanty SEC: Shri S.P. Panase SEC: Mr.442 001 ADV: Prof. Nandurbar .780 001 ADV: ShriJ. Panigrahi (490311) National Inst. A. Mohanty CHR: Shri Aditya Rath SEC: Shri P. Mohanty CHR: Shri R. Distt. Latur-413 531 ADV: Prof.751 003 ADV: Prof. Residential Women’s Polytechnic Barshi Road. 10 2.M. Jawaharlal Darda Institute of Engineering & Technology MIDC. of Tech. Ramesh Patnalk CHR: SEC: (20359) Fax: 06857-20232 Women’s Polytechnic Chandrasekharpur. Barapada School of Engg. Berhampur-761 008 ADV: Shri Satyajit Acharya CHR: Shri Rakesh Jena SEC: Shri Debasish Panda (332421. Rayagada-765 001 ADV: Shri R. Payodhar Padhi CHR: Shri Ashok Kumar Sahu SEC: Shri Sisir Ranjan Pani [586331 College of Engg. 9. S.ThosarA.P. of Tech.B. Engineering School Berhampur ADV: Shri Amulya Kumar Panda CHR: Shri Subhash Chandra Sahu SEC: Ms.74. Sanjukta Dash 5. Badwaik CHR: Shri Rohit Joshi SEC: Shri Amit Sengar 75. CHR: Shri Pakhale V. Pnadab [626051 Fax: 06645-62605 Utkal Gourav Madhusudan Inst.N. 7. . & Science Bhakruguda.N. 6. 8. Sudheer (401632) Fax: 401632 Gandhi Institute of Engineering & Tech.N. Bhubaneswar-751023 ADV: Shri A.

CHR: SEC: 13. College Jalandhar-144027 ADV: Dr.752 002 ADV: Prof. 393217] Fax : 0175-214498 hbs@tietp. Ambedkar Regional Engg.141 004 ADV: Dr. 8.K.chd. CHANDIGARH. 8142311 Fax: 0161-490339 lnder@idh. AND J&K 1. College of Engg. 7. Shergarh. Patnaik D. Gagandeep Kaur SEC: Ms.143 104 ADV: Shri R. 9. Kalinga Inst. 297668) Fax: 0181-291120 jhamk@usa. 221697] Fax : 0175-280164 Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College Gill Park. Balasore College of CHR: Shri Rajeev Raman SEC: Shri Namit Agarwal [293301. Bhubaneshwar-751015 ADV: CHR: SEC: 14. Pankaj Pabbi SEC: Mr Chanpreet Singh [401960. & Tech. B.147 004 ADV: Shri Shishir Sinha CHR: Shri Vikas Kashib SEC: Shri Kumar Ashish [393013. Lalit Sharma CHR: Shri Amit Gupta SEC: Shri Birinder Singh Sandhu [463191 Fax: 01632-44012 vjadon@mailcity.nic. Gangapada.Singh CHR: Mr.nic.P. Meena Gupta [280985. . Tayal CHR: Shri Siddarth Sharma SEC: Shri Satyam Sahdev [490339.B. & Technology Patiala Ferozepur-152001 ADV: Dr. & Tech. of Engg.nic. of Industrial Technology Nayapalli.R. Major Singh CHR: Ms. CHR: Shri Surjya Mohan Sahoo SEC: Shri Naresh Chandra Panda 16.S. Ludhiana-141006 ADV: Dr. Mahavir Nagar.12.464320] shakya@pau. Ludhiana. 6. Sangrur-148106 ADV: Shri Sanjeev Singh CHR: Shri Bishwajeet Paul SEC: Shri Milind K. & Tech. College of Agricultural Engineering Government Polytechnic for Women Haibowal Khurd. Bhubaneshwar ADV: Shri Moharana M. & Te Thapar Sant Longowal Institute of Government Polytechnic Amritsar. GZS College of Engineering & Technology Bathenda-151001 ADV: Shri Ashok Kumar Goel CHR: Shri Ashish Aggrawal SEC: Ms. Ghanashyam Hemalata Institute of Technology & Management Rasananda Jena Vihar Puri . Kalinga Polytechnic KMT Campus. Jha [836091 Fax: 01672-83681 slict@chd. 5. Mahavir Institute of Engg. 256291] Fax : 0183-258269 Dr. S. Amarpreet Kaur [4762231 Fax: 0161-476223 4.chd. Balasore-756 060 ADV: CHR: SEC: 15. Bhubaneswar ADV: CHR: SEC: PUNJAB. Ludhiana-141001 ADV: Dr. Mathur CHR: Shri Jujhar Singh SEC: Shri Parminder Singh [258269. 2.P.

Purnima Wadhwa CHR: Shri Varun Dhawan SEC: 17.10. Guru Nanak Instt. Muktsar-152 026 ADV: Shri Manoj Mittal CHR: Shri Lakhanpal Gulati SEC: Shri Kamaldeep Singh 23. of Management & Tech. & Information Tech. Sri Sukhmani Instt. Adesh Institute of Engg. Dua CHR: Shri Naresh Kumar SEC: Shri Mohd. Punam Rattan CHR: Ms. Sudha Rani CHR: Shri S. Saha SEC: Shri Ish Babbar (32684) Fax: 01874-32684 jks28@hotmail. Model Town. G.T.S. Distt. Malout Inst. Bathinda (Pb. Punjab Engineering College Sector-12. Engineering College Kota-324 010 ADV: Shri C. Nawasahar .140 126 ADV: Prof.S.B. Distt.P. NavritiGill 13. Govt. Central Polytechnic Chandigarh-160019 ADV: CHR: SEC: 14.Jain CHR: Shri Sandeep Chittora SEC: Shri Vivek Agarwal [431356. Guru Gobind Singh College of Engineering & Technology Talwandi Sabo. Shenaz 21. Fatehgarh Sahib . Malout -152 107.T. G. Jaspreet Singh Oberoi CHR: Shri Sumit Nangia SEC: Ms. Gujarkhan Campus. Malout-152107 ADV: CHR: SEC: (63016) 12. Near P.Sadar.140 407 ADV: Er. ADV: CHR: SEC: 20.N. of Mgmi. Ashwini Kumar CHR: SEC: 16. Patiala Punjab ADV: Ms. Muktsar Distt. of Engineering & Technology Dera Basi. Shivalik College of Pharmacy Nangal. Col. & Technology Faridko151 203 ADV: Dr. & Tech. Road.) ADV: CHR: SEC: 24. Chandigarh ADV: CHR: SEC: 22.Khalsa Institute of Engg. Gurdaspur-142521 ADV: Dr. Baba Banda Singh Bahadur Engg. Saheed Udham Singh College of Engineering & Technical Mohali . Kotkapura Road. Bhai Maha Singh College of Engg. Deepti Gupta SEC: Ms. Rayat Institute of Engineering & Information Technology V&PO Rail Majra. Road. Kuljeet Kaur SEC: Ms. Beant College of Engineering & Tech. Ropar . Distt. Ludhiana-141002 ADV: Mrs. G. Moga-142001 ADV: Shri Vikas Chawla CHR: Ms. Sonia Sayal 11. Gargi Thakur 18. Lala Lajpat Rai Institute of Engg.160 053 ADV: CHR: SEC: 19. &Tech.J.144 533 ADV: CHR: SEC: RAJASTHAN 1.T.4394991 .

4. 3. 5.600 048 ADV: Dr.N. Hindustan College of Engineering Chennai . Mathur [313561] Aayojan School of Architecture Jaipur.M Engineering College Kattankulathur . Rajasthan ADV: CHR: SEC: Sri Balaji College of Engg.vsni. Andrew Devise SEC: Shri V. & Tech.623 806 ADV: CHR: SEC: [41327] Fax : 04567-42327 mseklk@md2. CHR: Shri Somasundaram K. Anuja Bajpai Engineering College J.B. [30859] S. 5219871] Fax : 0141-520954 Biria Technical Training Institute Pilani . Krishnan [74395. Patel SEC: Shri R.603 203 ADV: Shri Sudhakar P. Engineering College J. Malviya National Institute of Tech. 8.R. 4.333 031 ADV: Shri L.Tiwari CHR: Shri Jayant Maheshwari SEC: Shri Rahul Singh [ Vyas Colony. CHR: Shri Subbian A.vsni. 7. Hema SEC: Ms S.342 003 ADV: Shri Senthil Raja A. Poly for Women Chennai .net. [52270] Fax: 04114-52343 srmec@giasmd0l.600 029 ADV: Shri J. Benad Road. & Tech. CHR: Shri Govind Modi SEC: Shri Harikrishnan S. Solanki CHR: Shri Charu Vyas SEC: Shri Ashwin Parti M.600 113 ADV: Ms Champaka Rani CHR: Ms G. Arun Anandkumar SEC: Shri T. Sathak Engineering College Kilakarai .N. 6. Naveen Bernard SEC: Shri K.629 001 ADV: Shri Edwin S. Anitha Devi (2350913) wptciicp@giasmdOI. Vezhaventhan 4801105. Dharmambal Govt.603 103 ADV: Shri K.2. Sheela Rani CHR: Shri R. Kalpana G. B. SEC: Shri Albina Suthandira Jehan J.vsnl. 7.302 017 ADV: Shri H. Bikaner-334 003 ADV: CHR: SEC: 2. 6. Jaipur .4723892 Moderator Gnanadason Polytechnic Nagercoil .Tiwari CHR: Shri 3. Jodhpur .302 013 ADV: CHR: SEC: Lachoo Memorial College of Sc.742621 Fax: 74208 Crescent Enginnering College Chennai .Mohan Raj 49608851 Fax : 044-4960”: .P.600 119 ADV: Mrs.M. 8. in Dr. CHR: Shri Sanjay Agarwal SEC: Ms. Shastri Nagar. Hameed Hussain CHR: Shri C. Jaipur .P. Sathyabama Engineering College Chennai . SEC: Shri Aslam Packeer Mohamed [23760351 Fax: 044-2376520 Panimalar Polytechnic Chennai . in Md.Vyas University Jodhpur-342001 ADV: Shri R. Ilayaperurnal CHR: Shri V. TAMIL NADU & PONDICHERRY 1.

ac. Bharathy SEC: Shri 20. A. College of 602 ADV Shri M. SEC: Shri Vignesh S. Seshasayee Institute of Technology Tiruchirapalli . D. J. SEC Shri Shelia Baskaran [695230] Fax : 0431-701750 jjcet@hotmail. Ramachandran SEC: Shri T. Sri Venkateshwara College of Engineering Sriperumbudur . Asokan CHR Shri M. Karthikeyan CHR: Shri Sampath Krishnan M. Siddhanathan [42320] 21. Gaganeswaran SEC Shri S.627 007 ADV: Mrs. Srinivasan J.641 042 ADV: Shri A. Rajyadhyaksha SEC: Ms. Santhanakhshnan 11. Rajesh SEC: 006 ADV: Prof. 22.620 009 ADV Shri Rajan T. S. K. Rainesh CHR : Shri Rabi Sujin Jose SEC: Shri D. Kumarguru College of Technology Coimbatore . Rajesh [23761] 19.641 020 ADV : Shri A. Veeraraghavan CHR: Shri N. [30267] Fax: 04562-57520 National Engineering College K. CHR: Shri S. J. Arulmigu Palani Andavar Polytechnic for Men Palani .613 403 ADV: Dr.M. CHR: Shri Pratap Nirmal SEC: Shri Ram Prakash R. Maharajan CHR: Ms.VidhyaLohith SEC: Ms.552944] 14.J. Vidyalaya Polytechnic Coimbatore . Periyar Maniammal College of Technology for Women 13. Dhas CHR: Shri Santhosh B. in 12.600 073 ADV: Prof.Palanivelayuthan [25558.340211 . Nagar. G. & Tech Coimbatore . Rajagopalan CHR :Shri M. SEC: Shri Sunder Rajan S. Thanjavur . Bharat Institute of Science & Technology Selaiyur . Mepco Schienk Engineering College Sivakasi .N. SEC: Shri Kumar Neelabh [431344] Fax : 0451-431344 rvsinfo@md3. 32352] Fax: 04111-32462 acm@svce.624 622 ADV: Dr. & Technology Tiruchirapani .9. [866424] Fax: 0422-866667 info@kct. Tirunelveli Engineering College Tirunelveli . Sridhar SEC: Shri.R.626 005 ADV: Shri Oliver Jayaparkash CHR: Ms.602 105 ADV: Shri K. M.624 005 ADV: Shri C. Shema M. & Technology Dindigul . S. & Technology Dindigul .Nithya [66263] Fax : 04362-66353 pmetech@pmctech. Devi Sujatha [32321. RVS College of 18.R. [552450. Kovilpatti . CHR Shri Praveen Louis A.vsni. lango [225021 16. [892432] 10. Mohamed Kittayathulla SEC : Shri Karthick P. PSNA College of Engg. Natarajan G. CHR: Ms. Parithra Devi 17. Ramar CHR: Mr. Sivasubramanian [807551:807152] 15.628 503 ADV: Mr.620 010 ADV: Shri J Parthasarathy CHR: Shri S. VLB Janaki Ammal College of Engg. Krishnakumari N.

Polytechnic Coimbatore-641014 ADV: Shri N. Swaminathan [04333-72226.621 212 ADV: Shri S. Subramanian Polytechnic Rayavaram .net. Ganesh Ram [5323193. Nishamol [702364JFax:704596 30. 24. CHR: Selvi Sandra Priya D. & Science Coimbatore .net 25. Polytechnic Vellore . SEC : Shri Ramesh T. S.73555] 31.632 002 ADV: Dr. Padmini G. Radkhkrishnan SEC: Shri S. Joshi C.. Ganesh Prabu SEC: Shri M. S.vsnl. Yuvarajan [04259-28243. N.U.642 003 ADV: Shri Manivannan R. Prabha CHR: SEC: [892588.641 105 ADV: Mrs. Thiyagarajan [6418265. Assian Ali [702364]Fax:704596 rama@mdz. Amrita Institute of 28. Thanthai Roever Inst. Thanthai Periyar Govt.A.632 002 ADV: Shri K. Xavier’s Polytechnic Seydunganallur .A. Haran CHR: Ms.Govt.R. Sri Nallalaghu Polytechnic Puzhal.R. Arunachalam CHR: Shri G. P.23. Sree Narayana Guru Inst. 23698] splyrm@gias mdol.628 809 ADV: Shri S. Coimbatore . Jayapalan CHR Shri J. Gnana Sekar [222266.6263243] 35.vsnl. S. SEC: Selvan Sridevi Dasan [227762] . 893088] Fax: 0422-210521 essarec@vsnl. Dayanand Vinod [8223681 36.vsni. Padmanabhan SEC Shri R. Meenakshi Sundaram CHR: Shri R. of Polytechnic Perambalur.641105 ADV: Prof. Margaret Jesse CHR: Selvan K.235231] 34. 24595] npt@md3. CHR: Salvi Kavi Sai K. SEC: Shri V.M.620 002 ADV: Smt. Joseph Packianathan CHR: Shri 27. SEC: Shri Harisankar [781071 Fax : 78110 33.E. Rajesh SEC: Selvan M. Chennai .4660109] Lanus SEC: Shri Prabhu Steward [63246. Chengalvaraya Naicker Polytechnic Chennai-600007 ADV Er. VLB Janaki Ammal Polytechnic College Coimbatore . CHR: Ms. Srinivasan K.Z. [807152]Fax:807359 vibjengg @ Kalyani CHR: Shri Gerold Livingston SEC: Shri M. of Tech.641 042 ADV: Shri 32. Polytechnic College Trichy . Srinivasan CHR: Shri P. St.N. of Technology Vellore .622 506 ADV: Shri V. Govt. Sri Ramakrishna Engineering College Coimbatore .600 066 ADV: Ms. Instt.V. Sivasankaran CHR: Shri Manuelraj K. SEC: Selvan K.641 022 ADV: Mrs. T. CHR: Shri AkashV. Sundararajan SEC: Shri J. Nachimutnu Polytechnic Pollachi . BamaS. Sulthana SEC: Ms. Narasimhan [8562731 Fax : 0422-856274 29.

Anand SEC Shri 48. Balasubramani P.641 004 ADV: Shri K. of Technology Coimbatore . Aswin [62273] Fax : 04339-62272 mce@tr.37. Nanjappa Instt. SEC: Shri A. Swaminathan CHR: Shri 44. Adhiyamaan College of Engg.635 108 ADV : Tmt. SEC: Shri Vembar P. [30616] Fax : 04562-72105 samyukta@d4. Dindigul . MIET Polytechnic Trichy . Sriram [572177.vsnl. Mohan CHR Shri S. D. Mohan CHR: SEC: 51.vsnl.G.600 062 ADV: Shri Selvan P. [832669] 41. CHR Shri Atsar Ahmed K.629 180 ADV Shri R.626 123 ADV: Shri Rathakrishnan K.Chandy [6603041] 42. Saint Michael’s Polytechnic Chennai . Vadamavandal ADV Shri S. Krishnagiri . Ranjithkumar SEC: Selvan Surendheran G. Joshi CHR: Shri R. 441945] Fax : 0427-444845 . Saravanan SEC: Shri V. Suresh Pramil Kumar CHR Shri Krishna M.R.C. of Engg. IRT Polytechnic Orappam P. Renganathan 47. Kumaracoil. Arumugam CHR: SEC: [77230. Noorul Islam College of Engg. Chandra Sekaran CHR: Shri Samuel J. 206301 Fax : 20087 kec@md2. [447552. Erode . Ram Kumar SEC: Shri Arulmigu Kalasaiingam College of Engg Krishnankoil .641 659 ADV: Shri S. Sureshbabu CHR: Selvan 49. Ratnavel Subramaniam Polytechnic RVS Nagar. [502661 Fax : (04651) 50266 Chennai . Mookambigai College of Engg.vsnl. Anand SEC: Shri G. CHR: Shri S. Keeranur .638 052 ADV : Dr. Thomas Mount. PSG College of Tech. CHR: Shri Jijju Jacob SEC : Shri 38. 312471 Fax : 31344 50.S. CHR: Shri Ganesh Gandhi K. SEC Shri Bharath G. Subramanian [04563-89042] akce@md3. Arasan Ganesan Polytechnic Sivakasi .net. K. St.P. Thiagarajar Polytechnic Salem .600 006 ADV: CHR: SEC: 39. & Tech.624 005 ADV: Er.604 & Polytechnic Coimbatore .622 502 ADV: Shri L. Raghavan [20583.620 007 ADV: Prof. Balamurugan SEC: Shri S.636 005 ADV Shri Devarajan V.P. Hindustan Instt.626 190 ADV: Kongu Engineering College SEC Shri Binoj A.O. Purushothaman CHR: Shri P. Hosur . S. 572477] Fax : 573833 43.vsnl.. Christy Rosalind CHR: SEC: [04343-44477] 40. Sathishkumar [6385876] Fax:6411135 46. Kanniyakumari .635109 ADV : Shri H. S. AMM College of Engineering Namandi .

Elangovan CHR: Shri R. Siva [5332791 54.2379624) 65. Thiru Ramakrishna Nallammai Poly. Pagalavadi. Joseph College of Engineering Old Mamallapuram. Dr. Muthukumar (71043) npacpoly@md4. Manjula CHR: Shri Kathiravan T. DDCSM Polytechnic Palacode-636808 ADV: Shri M. Senthil Kumar CHR: Shri J. Partheeban CHR: Shri G. Nair [49600601 58. Karthikeyan SEC: Shri S. Sankar SEC: Ms.vsni. Institute of Technology Thovalai-629 302 Kanyakumari Dist. Srinivasan CHR Shri RohitJoshi SEC Shri A. 42452) Fax: 40382 57. Jayaram College of Engg & Tech. Sarvana Kumar . Thiyagarajan 59. Priyadarshini Engineering College Vaniyambadi .5917521 nnsnsathappan @ hotmail. Ganesan 04143-87258 62. Swamy Abedhananda Polytechnic Thellar -604 406 ADV: CHR: SEC: [440271 56. (30270) 61. Mani Kumar SEC: Shri N. CHR: Ms. Navalar Nedunchezhiyan College of Engg.P. Md. & Tech. C. The Nilgiris-643217 ADV: R. Zafar Basha SEC Shri K. Thai Mookambigai Polytechnic Chennai . Sri Sairam Polytechnic College Chennai-600044 ADV: Shri B. The Christian Polytechnic Oddanchatram-624619 ADV: Shri Salamon Dhanaraj CHR: SEC: (40202.I. Archana Venkat SEC: Shri A jay S. Vaithiyanathan Puram Toludur-606303 ADV: Shri V. SEC: Shri Balaji A. Balaji 53. SEC: Shri P. Palamiswamy CHR: Shri 66. Government Polytechnic Nagercoil-629004 ADV: Shri Paul Pandiyan CHR: SEC: (27326) 63. R. Tiruchy-621014 ADV: Mrs. Dharavaram-638 656 ADV: Shri T.Akila [650336. Dinesh Kumar CHR: Shri V. Siruganoor. Balamurugan Karthikeyan CHR: Shri Mathivanan M. (2387344.R. Chennai-600 119 ADV: Shri Arivazhagan S. ADV: Shri K. St. NPA Centenary Polytechnic Kotagiri.600 107 ADV Shri Dandapani CHR Shri A. Institute of Road & Transport Technology Erode-638 316 ADV Shri G. Sri Angalamman College of Engg.635 753 ADV: CHR: SEC 55. Madhavan SEC: Shri K. Tirchy-621105 ADV: Shri P. A. SEC: Shri Parthasarathy G.S. 60. Umarani CHR: Shri Deenadhayanandan K. Sundhara Basu SEC: Shri S.

(21289. Lokesh SEC: Shri R. MAM.N. Mahalakshmi SEC: Ms.623806 ADV: Shri Sudev C CHR: Shri Mohammed Hussain SEC: Shri S. Arunai Engineering College Thiruvanamalai-606603 ADV: Dr.607 107 ADV: Capt. Senthil Kumar CHR: Shri M. Nagar 608503 ADV: Shri Syed Umar AII S. William Thangaraj CHR: SEC: 74. Government Polytechnic Krishnagiri-635 001 ADV: Shri V. Thiruvarur Dt. Periyar Centenary Girls Polytechnic Thanjavur 613403 ADV: Tmt. CHR: SEC: [650377.S. Narayanapuram Pallikaranai. P. Dr.A. 81. Sulthanul Aribin 76. M. Gopinathan SEC: Shri Boojapathy 75. Thanjavur-613 402 ADV: Shri Chandramouli R. Subha 72. Chennai 601302 ADV: CHR: SEC: . 410792] Fax: 650377 ma-maluk@hotmail. Mageswaran 79.M. 635205 ADV: Prof. Bharathi 78. Velammal Engineering College Ambattur-Redhilis Road. S. Trichy-621 105 ADV: Prof. B.A. K. 614403 ADV: Shri Sivarama Krishnan K. CHR: Shri R. V. Bannari Amman Institute of Technology Sathyamangalam. C. & Technology Arasur. Sivananaithaperumal CHR: Shri Bhupesh Balan SEC: Shri Narayana Prablu (2387344.S. Lakshmi Ammal Polytechnic K. Sivanthi Aditanar College of Engg. 20363) Fax: 20695 bascbe@vsni.R. Ramalingam CHR: SEC: 68. Padmavathi College of Pharmacy Periyanaballi. Sekar CHR: SEC: 73. CHR: Shri Arun Vijay Kumar N.R. Umadevi CHR: Ms. Vedavalli Sivaprakasam CHR: Shri Valavan B. Dharmapuri Dt.67. Chennai-600066 ADV: Dr.Mohammed Abdullah SEC: Ms.. Mohamed Sathak Polytechnic Kilakarai . CHR: Shri G. Shanmugha Polytechnic Tirumalai Samudram. M. Thiagarajan College of Engineering Madurai-625015 ADV: Shri S. Jerusalem College of Engg. Tiruchendur-628 215 ADV: Shri S. Murugappa Polytechnic Chennai-600 062 ADV: Shri K. Naagrazan R S CHR: SEC: 77. SEC: Shri Rama Moorthy 70. R. Jegan SEC: Ms. A. Chandika S. SEC: Shri P. Ramakrishna Raghavendra 80. Agila 82.L. Erode Distt. College of Engg. College Kovilvenni. Nagan CHR: ShriS. SEC: Ms. College of Engineering Siruganur. Senthil Kumar CHR: Shri Vigneshwar M.-638 401 ADV: Shri S. 2379624) Fax: 044-823017 69. Anjalai Ammal Mahalingam Engg. S. Maluk 71.

PGP College of Engineering & Tech. Engineering College A-202. & Technology Annamali University. Chennat-600096 ADV: Shri Stephen Aruptharaj A CHR: Shri Vigraham R. S. of Technology Coimbatore-641 114 ADV: Shri Thangavel P CHR: SEC: 89.J. Rajamohammed 97. Dr.V.R.83. Rammohan SEC: Shri Bhaskaran D 90. 93. Durgadevi SEC: Ms.602 024 ADV: Mrs. Vellore Institute of Technology Vellore . Mahalingam College of Engg. Yuvarani B.603 110 ADV: CHR: SEC: .600 095 ADV: Shri C. Kaiyar. CHR: Shri Mahesh Kumar R. Park College of Engineering & Tech. Maharaja Engineering College Avinashi.632 014 ADV: CHR: SEC: 91. Kalavakkam .Bhabha P CHR: SEC: 87. Jayam College of Engineering Nallanur 636 813 ADV: CHR: SEC: 84. Gayathiri 92. College of Engineering Jyothi Nagar. Vepparnpattu. & Tech. Shoba R. Anna Block. Coimbatore . Othakalmandpam. & Tech.237 206 ADV: CHR: SEC: 94. Maduravoyal. SEC: Shri Hariharan K. Mailam Engineering College Villupuram Distt. Chennai . Dr.G.N. Namakkal .P. M. Srikanda Prabana Balan CHR: Shri Kumarappan K. Bhajarang Engineering college Ayathur. Chellaveflusamy CHR: Shri R.641 659 ADV: Shri M. Avinashi Road. Hindusthan College of Engg. Mailam-604 304 ADV: CHR: SEC: 98. Jaya Engineering College Thiruniraur. Thorapakkam. Coimbatore 641654 ADV: Shri Subramanian C CHR: SEC: 85. Sathish Kumar CHR: Ms. Coimbatore-32 ADV: CHR: SEC: 99. M. Thiruvallur . Pollachi-642 003 ADV: Mrs. Faculty of Engg. Sri Subramanya Nadar College of Engg. Annamalai Nagar ADV: Shri Skantha. (37766 88. Jaya ram SEC: Shri M. Nadarajan CHR: Shri S. Karunya Instt. Near Avadi-602 024 ADV: CHR: SEC: 96. State Instt of Commerce Education Taramani.M.630 102 ADV: Shri J. SEC: Shri Vedhanarayana B. 95. Sunish Rajan SEC: Shri S.S. Chennai ADV: CHR: SEC: 86. Annamalai Polytechnic College chettinad .

M. Madurai . SEC: Shri Nazir Ahmed K. Ranichandran CHR: Mr. Helam Judy 101. Sudhagar CHR: Mr. Col. Lakshmi Narayanan 106. CHR: Miss Geetha Lakshmi G.KLN College of Engineering 69. S. Kaliraj 108. College Thudupathi.M.J. & Tech. Rajapalayam-626 108 ADV: Mr.V. SEC: Shri Sakthivel M. Karthik M.R. Karaikal-609 609 (Pondicherry) ADV: Prof. SEC: Mr.PAC Ramasamy Raja Poly. Perambalur . Anandkumar CHR: Shri Satish Babu M. & Tech. Salem-636 201 ADV: Shri S. CHR: Mr.Kamban Engineering College Velu Nagar.Christ The King Polytechnic College Othakkalmandapam.The Rajjas Engineering College (The Indian Engineering College) Raja Nagar. 112. CHR: Shri Mohan Babu R. Coimbatore-641008 ADV: Shri V. South Veli St.Bharathiyar College of Engg.641 032 ADV: Shri S. Salem-636 007 ADV: Shri Joshua Gnana Sekaran CHR: Ms.Dhanalakshmi Srinivasan Engg. Chennai-602 105 ADV: Shri Mauthu Perumal S.Elumalai Polytechnic College Salamedu. Arivazhagan CHR: Shri T. Namakkal Distt.Magna College of Engineering Red Hills. Naveenkumar 105. T. Pawan Kumar SEC: Selvi J.-637503 ADV: Prof.Erode Sengunther Engg. Kuniamuthur. Shyam S.The Salem Polytechnic College Gajjalnaickenpatti. Sakthi Mariamman Engg. Vel Vijayan 104. Balaji 115. J. CHR: Shri Mathivanan N. 109.621 212 ADV: CHR: SEC: 102. SEC: Shri Karthik K. Karthikeyan SEC: Shri K. P. Chennai .CSI Polytechnic College Yercaud Road. Saravanam CHR: Mr. College Thandalaur. Sreenivasaraghavan SEC: Mr. Ayyappan K.Mahendra Engineering College Tiruchengode. Subramanian S. Coimbatore . Jesse Sussannah SEC: Selvan hendry Joseph Martini 110. Sridharan SEC: Mr. Magaral. Villupuram-605 602 ADV: Shri Baskar K. T. R. SEC: Shri Rajesh Kannan S. Ilangumaran CHR: Mr. R.100. S.College of Engineering Salem-636 011 ADV: CHR: SEC: 113.625 001 ADV: Mr. Benjamin Lazarus CHR: Selvan N.Y.. Chennai-600 096 ADV: CHR: SEC: 116. CHR: Shri Pavan Kumar SEC: Shri Sudeep Kumar Jain 111.Misrimal Navajee Munoth Jain Engineering College Jyothi Nagar. 103. Balamurugesan SEC: Mr. Tiruvannamalai-606 603 ADV: Mr. 114. Vadakkangulam-627 116 ADV: Prof. Erode Distt-638 057 ADV: CHR: SEC: .55 ADV: Shri Daniel M. Nair SEC: Mr. S. Maha Ajay Prasath 107. College Kamarsamy. V.Sri Krishna College of Engg.

. Kancheepuram-603 319 ADV: CHR: SEC: 126. Arul Arasu CHR: Shri Akhilesh Sahi SEC: Ms. Hakeem Nagar. SEC: ShobanaN. Chennai-600 119 ADV: CHR: SEC: 120. Linus Arokya Xavier SEC: Mr.IFET College of Engineering IFET Nagar.S. Sheik Ismail CHR: Mohamed Suhaib Fahad A.K. Chennai-600 119 ADV: Dr.St. Kolivakkam. College Melmaruvathur. & Technology Farah.Government College of Technology Coimbatore . Garhwal .S. CHR: Shri Rathish R.24 ADV: CHR: SEC: UTTAR PRADESH & UTTARANCHAL 1. Tiruchengode-637 209 ADV: Shri Ramesh N. 118. Agarwal CHR: SEC: (72349.Meenakshi Sundararajan Engg. P.246 001 ADV: Shri Anant Narayan CHR: Shri Harsh Agarwal SEC: Shri Deepak Pant [4653. Kanpur-208024 ADV : Shri Rajeev Dwivedi CHR: SEC: Hindustan College of Sc. SEC: Shri Sibi George 124. 4. C Abdul Hakeem College of Engg. Gunabalam CHR: Mr. Kanyakumar Distt. Kodambakkam.Jeppiaar Engineering College Jeppiaarnagar.SijaT.Maruthi institute of Engg. Shri G. Rajesh SEC: Mr. KSR Kalvi Nagar.P.-281 122 ADV: CHR: SEC: 3. Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee-247663 ADV: DR. 74543} Fax : 73560 2. Chennai .641 013 ADV: Shri M. Pant Engineering College Pauri. Villupuram-605 108 ADV: Mr. 123. D. Mangalam Neelakantan CHR: Mr. R.B. Girish Siva Kumar 119.Adhiparashakthi Engg. Kasim 121. R.-629 807 ADV: CHR: SEC: 125. L. Chennai-602 102 ADV: Shri Siddharth Nambi U. Xavier’s Catholic College of Engg. College 363 Arcot Road. Melvisharam-632 509 ADV: Mr.117.22855] Institute of Engineering & Technology CSJM University.Karpagam College of Engineering Jeppiar Nagar. Mathura Distt. lyyengarkulam-631 502 ADV: CHR: SEC: 127. & Tech. 122.Rajarajeshwari Engineering College Adayalampattu. CHR: Shri Madhan Kumar SEC: Shri Sri Sam Sri A. & Tech. Chunakankadi. Rangasamy College of Tech.

Sethi SEC: Shri B.263 163 ADV: CHR: SEC: Institute of Integral Technology Kusi Road. 10. Ambedkar Government Polytechnic Pahargaon-744 100 ADV: Roma Das CHR: SEC: Annexure-A 6. College P. 7. B. Kamla Nehru Institute of Technology Sultanpur-228118 ADV: Shri Ajay Shekhar Pandey CHR: Shri Kanhaiya Lal SEC: Shri Shaiiendra Kumar University Polytecynic. 4. Ajay Kumar Garg Engg. Engineering College Jaipaiguri-735 102 ADV: Shri S. AMU.R. Aligarh-202 002 ADV: Shri SabirAli Khan CHR: SEC: Birla Institute of Applied Sciences Bhimtal (Nainital) .209867] 2. Regional Engineering College Durgapur.713 209 ADV: Prof.22438) Fax: 0351-22751 Biria Institute of Technology 56 B. Ghaziabad ADV: CHR: SEC: WEST BENGAL 1. CM. Ravi Tej [547378. Mannan (22751. . Jalpaiguri Govt. Road. Lucknow-226 026 ADV: CHR: SEC: Dehradun Institute of Technology Dehradun (Uttranchal) ADV: CHR: SEC: 3.O. 9. Calcutta-700050 ADV: CHR: SEC: Dr. 5473701] Fax : 0343-547375 Asansol Polytechnic Asansol-713 302 ADV: Shri Tapas Kumar De CHR: Shri Santanu Sengupta SEC: Shri Sahadeb Das [202502. Adhyatmiknagar.T.Mal CHR: Shri Sachin Jaitley SEC: Shir Sufi A.5. 5. 8.K. Narayanan CHR: Shri D.

The Task Force comprises of the Minister for HRD as its Chairman and the Finance Minister. The Task Force was serviced by the Department of Secondary & Higher Education with the Secretary of the Department as its Member-Secretary. Scheduled Tribes and OBCs. . Discussions & Consultations 1. and is also available to students from poor and rural families. only issues were flagged for the time being with indicative course of action. Department of Expenditure are Permanent Special Invitees. Secretary.IT MANPOWER CHALLENGE AND RESPONSE INTERIM REPORT OF THE TASK FORCE ON HRD IN IT BACKGROUND Constitution of Task Force 1. (iv) To suggest measures necessary to improve teaching of non-IT subjects by using computers and the Internet for all students. Department of Scientific and Indsutrial Research. Based on the views that emerged from these consultations. This inter-ministerial committee met on 26th July 2000 and again on 17th August 2000 to deliberate on the issue of long term planning for IT manpower in the country. Chief Ministers of Andhra Pradesh. (ii) To make recommendations regarding the modalities for achieving mutually beneficial co. Madhya Pradesh.1 In pursuance to the announcement made by the Prime Minister of India in the First National Conference of IT Ministers on 15th July. a ‘Discussion Paper for the first meeting of the Task Force was prepared. Secretary. Ministry of Infromation Technology. Keeping in view the time schedule given to the Task Force. The paper was discussed in details in the first meeting of the Task Force on 24th August 2000. the Deputy Chairman and the Secretary of the Planning Commission were included in the Task Force as Member and Permanent Special Invitee respectively with the permission of the Chairman of the Task Force in terms of para 4 of the notification. Director (IIT Delhi) as its members.3 The Ministry of Human Resource Development constituted a ‘Committee for IT Manpower (CIM)’ in the country. RECs. especially those from the Scheduled Castes. (v) The Task Force could be assigned such other functions as may be found necessary from time to time. Terms of Reference (ToRs) 1. (iii) To suggest measures necessary for enduring that good quality IT education does not remain a preserve of the rich and the English-education.2 The Task Force had four specific Terms of Reference (ToR) as under: (i) To draw up a plan to optimally use the existing infrastructure of the NTs. there was a detailed coverage of ToR (i) whereas for other ToRs. Karnataka and Uttar Pradesh. 1. a Task Force on Human Resource Development (HRD) in Information Technology (IT) was set up vide notification No. other engineering colleges and educational institutions to double their student intake in IT from the next academic year and triple it in the next two years.2000 (Copy at Annexure I). The Task Force was expected to submit its interim report on ToR (i) and then the final report on the remaining ToRs.8.4 Inputs were received from the Ministry of Information Technology.operation between educational institutions in IT in the formal sector and those in the private sector. Department of Telecommunications and the Secretary. 460/31/C/27/2000-E & SI dated 1. Minister of Infromation Technology. The paper was based on the understanding of Ministry of the issues relating to HRD in IT with particular reference to the specific ToRs of the Task Force. Secretary. A copy of the order constituting the Committee on IT Manpower is given at Annexure-II. In view of the crucial role of the Planning Commission in HRD in IT. Ministry of Communications. 2000.

UGC. 5. a ‘Draft Interim Report’ was prepared and placed for consideration of the Task Froce in the second meeting held on 16th September 2000. research. Set up a ‘Joint Forum of Education-and Training Providers and the IT Industry’ for periodic interaction highlight an ‘Annual Meet’ for dissemination and exchange of notes. 4. To facilitate nongovernmental initiatives in Higher Science and Technology Education.Department of Scientific & Industrial Research. To promote PG education and research to meet acute shortage of faculty in Engineering and Technology and to provide competitive edge to Indian engineering and technology.17). Monitor capacities of institutions periodically (both intake and out-turn) with 1999-2000 as the base year. Monitor international mobility of IT professionals including evolving a suitable mechanism at the port of exit / re-entry (para 2. 2. All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE). Conduct studies. evolve a clearing house mechanism and create facilitating environment for replication of initiatives and innovations that work (para 2. Objective shall be to double intake by 2001-2002 and triple it by 2003-2004 for the system as a whole with strategic use of various institutions for different purposes (para 3.1). 1. provision in UGC and AICTE guidelines has been made for DE NOVO institutions to be deciared as ‘Deemed to be Universities’.5 The Department has also started a consultation process for restructuring of the RECs to promote academic excellence.16).16). Promote non-govermental initiatives in HRD in IT with focus on bridging the digital divide. Based on these inputs and also the suggestions received in the first meeting of the Task Force. the Interim Report’ was finalized in a meeting of officals of the concerned Ministries and Agencies on 19th September 2000. IIITs and some of the RECs. NTs. NAAC.5). Consultations were then held with the Planning Commission and the Ministry of Finance on the financial implications of the report. by recognizing such initiatives through a system of ‘National Awards’ (para 2. Develop ‘IT Manpower Database’ at the National level through a system of unique e-identity for IT professionals (para 2. the recommendations of the PG Review Committee have been accepted by the Department in-principle.15). Categorisation of institutions to be done by a ‘Technical Group’ for adopting different strategies for different categories of institutions contingent upon the situational parameters (para 3. Promoting What Works 6. (para 2. Categorisation of Institutions 9. 7.15). Monitoring Intake and Out-turn 8. Directorate-General of Employment & Training. The recommendations of the Task Force therefore need to be viewed in the overall context of these initiatives to enable India to become a ‘IT Super Power’. New Institutions 10. Particularly NT (Delhi). Compile initiatives of States. Set up exclusive ‘Institutes of information Technology’ with the State and Central Government funding .8) 3. Expand reach of Indian IT professionals to non-English speaking countries by integrating language / cultural skills with the regular engineering curriculum. innovations in pedagogy and delivery of educational contents etc. Department of Elementary Education & Literacy.17). Based on the deliberation in the meeting. RECOMMENDATIONS Creating Public Information on IT Manpower 1. seminars and workshops on IT manpower issues through a network of institutions / consultants (para 2. findings and review of trends for creating public information for enabling corrective action (para 2.

(and possibly external funding) and industrial collaboration. 20. Improve the physical infrastructure . Improving Institutional Quality 14. (Specific components of this initiative are from serial no. 18.12). Digitise libraries of original works (thesis.17). Bring about improvement in overall institutional setting through a package of measures with focus on Category-I & II institutions at the National level. States to be facilitated to take up similar efforts for other institutions (para 3.7). A Technical Group’ to rework the space norms for institutional buildings for educational purposes (para 3. 15. Allow transmigration in all postgraduate and research programmes (para 3.17).8). Supplement efforts of local faculty by using faculty of premier institutions (para 3. research publications) and old and expensive journals in category ‘select’ institutions (para 3.such as additional classroom.10). 27. 28. 22.11). Create an ‘Equipment Replacement Fund’ at the Institution level for upgradation and replacement of obsolete equipment periodically. 17.13). Ensure cost effectiveness in planning new institutions. 12. 23. Strengthen computing and networking facilities in category I. Attract quality faculty by greater thrust on Post-Graduate and Research Programmes in IT (para 3. to address critical shortages of IT faculty. retain quality faculty and their periodic up-skilling and create a ‘Faculty Development Fund’ for the purpose (para 3. Introduce Sequential PG Programme in IT (para 3. Scale up Early Faculty Induction Programme (EFIP) in IT (para 3.7). Explore possibilities of setting up of new Institutes of Category-I in the country (para 3. hostel. . II & III (G) institutions (around 265) with 100% financial assistance for category I & II insitutions (around 65) and 50% financial assistance for category III (G) institutions (around 200) . earmarking 20% of the fee revenue for the purpose (para 3.14).7) Facilitate bridge courses and minor area programmes in IT for easy migration to IT keeping in mind the impact IT is making on all disciplines of tertiary education and in every industry (para 3. 11. Start PG programmes in IT in ‘Dual Mode’ (para 3.17). These shall function as ‘Resource Centres’ and provide training in cutting edge technologies for the products of category III & IV institutions in particular (para 3. Improving Infrastructure 16. IT Faculty Development Initiative 21. 26.balance 50% would come from the State Governments (para 3. 13. 22 to 35). 25.17). Promote Networking of institutions (both horizontally within a category and vertically across categories) to Synergise strengths by forming a ‘National Network of Institutions’ and ‘State Level Networks’ for effective resource sharing and academic collaboration with 100% financial assistance for servicing the ‘National Network’ and 50% financial assistance for servicing the ‘State Networks’ .17).17).12).balance 50% to come from the State Governments (para 3.15). Scale up Quality Improvement Programme (QIP) in IT (para 3. and laboratory facilities to cater to increased capacities in exceptional cases in Category-I & II institutions (para 3.17). Launch an ‘IT Faculty Development Initiative’ with a multi-pronged approach.17). Use of IT for improving institutional performance using computer support services for increasing efficiency and productivity (para 3. 24. Networking 19.

21 to 3. Promoting Technology-mediated IT Education 41.25). Encourage ‘Adjunct Faculty’ from IT industry (para 3. teleconferencing. [Note: The Background and the Recommendations have only been published for the information of all concerned. Facilitating Interface with IT Industry 45. Promote Technology-mediated IT Education using broadcast media. 37. Improving Connectivity 42. Promoting PG Education and Research 43.26). Allow switchover of faculty from interfacing disciplines (para 3.20). Launch ‘Courseware Development Initiative’ for development and low-cost publication of courseware special emphasis being on coureseware in Indian Languages.2). Investments & Implementation 46. 34. Facilitate interface with IT industry collaboration by adopting CO-OP education model (para 3. Promote Post-Graduate education and Research Programmes by early implementation of the recommendations of the PG Review Committee (para 3.33). Pool all initiatives under the umbrella of a ‘National Programme for Human Resources Development in IT (NP-HRDI)’ with suitable institutional arrangement for implementation (para 5. 47. could be had from: EdCIL. 18-A.17).29. 35. Noida-201301 Ph.17). Sector-16-A. 33.31-3. A copy of the report. 32. Set up Special Research Groups and Schools of Advanced Studies in high technology and emerging areas (para 3. 40. 44. Encourage Dual Degree Programmes with PG in IT related fields (para 3.based and other multimedia approach (para 3. Curriculum & Courseware 36. 30. Encourage concept of Teaching Assistants (TAs) (para 3.: 0120-2512001-06] .17). 39.17).1). Provide special attention to both horizontal and vertical mobility of students in the existing and the new programmes and work out equivalence mechanisms under an overall ‘National Qualification Framework’ for IT education (para 3. credit based approach in curriculum design at various levels for enhancing student mobility and facilitating transfer of credits (para 3.20). Create web-based forum for facilitating curriculum and courseware development efforts (para 3. Adopt modular.18). Share investments required between the Central / State Governments and the Industry (para 4. Re-employ IT faculty beyond the age of superannuation on a temporary basis (para 3. Make provision for concessional tariff for connectivity for educational institutions (para 3. 38.19). Greater focus on continuing education programmes for skill upgradation and create a ‘Faculty Development Fund’ at the Institution Level with 10% of the fee revenue flowing to it (para 3.27). reputed institutions from India and abroad (para 3. Evolve a network of institutions to work closely to evolve IT Curriculum.17).17).17). courseware for laboratory activities and other gap areas (para 3. Create enabling environment to invite visiting faculty from industry.27). pedagogy and delivery methods for all levels (para 3. if desired. 31. web.18).

of IIT . Although the first doctorate in Electrical Engineering was in 1946 from the Guindy College of Engineering. R&D organizations. covering all engineering disciplines. We owe the commendable growth in size. post-graduate studies at the Master’s degree level are a normal part of basic engineering education. At the time of Indian independence only 6 institutions offered PG programmes in Engineering and Technology to about 70 students in all. Nayudamma Committee made the following suggestion. SUMMARY AND RECOMMENDATIONS WHY RESHAPE? Post Graduate (PG)* education in Engineering and Technology has had a late start in our country. Nayudamma (1978-80). presently generating about 50.g. which pioneered metallurgical education as early as in the twenties was awarded only in 1957. nearly 90% (243 out of a total of 273 in the last three years) of M.000 (see Annexure 3.Techs in Engineering and Technology of Indian Institute of Science (IISc) have found IT related jobs. is now about 7000 per year which is a mere one-third of the existing capacity of over The expression ‘postgraduate’ will be used to denote a programme or a course leading to a Master’s degree or a Postgraduate Diploma while Ph. Thomson College (established in 1847). degree did not become commonplace until much later. and the emergence of management education providing unbelievably lucrative job opportunities. the first doctorate in Metallurgical Engineering at Banaras Hindu University. Considering the initial tardy progress. in particular. For instance.Ds from the first Indian Institute of technology. later to become Roorkee University. one of the earliest engineering colleges in our country. this crucial Nayudamma Committee recommendation has not widely come into vogue. in the last four decades to the positive impact of the recommendations of the two earlier PG Review Committees. in Chemical Engineering.” A review of the recruitment pattern in recent times suggests that. Particular mention has to be made of the explosive growth of the software industry. even after nearly two decades. electrical Engineering and Civil Engineering emerged respectively in 1958. stipends and extending to course duration and content as well as interaction with industry and the national laboratory system. Madras (now Chennai).Techs. research leading to Ph. Regardless of the parent discipline.D. as well as in quality. electricity boards. & TECH. one chaired by Professor M. It should be made mandatory to prescribe a post-graduate degree as a minimum qualification in recruitment to many positions in industry. degree will be in relation to a research programme. 1959 and 1960. railways etc. The recommendations have had a bearing on various aspects of PG education and research beginning with admission. Among its several perceptive statements. IIT Kharagpur. (e.S.D.Techs of NT Bombay and 202 out of a total of 211 M. there have been major developments which inexorably impinge upon higher education in general and. in 1998-99. The first Ph. there is some satisfaction that we have today over 200 institutions offering PG education leading to a Master’s degree and that the country produces annually about 375 doctorates. upon PG education and research in engineering and technology.1). 19.Annexure-B RESHAPING POST GRADUATE EDUCATION AND RESEARCH IN ENGG. public works department post and telegraph. produced its first doctorate in Civil engineering only in 1963. in today’s world. A consequence of these developments is reflected in the fact that the average out-turn of Masters degree holders. What adds to the grim picture is the presently unstoppable exodus of the postgraduates in engineering disciplines to the IT sector. one of the most potent for enlarging employment prospects and therefore for promoting and strengthening postgraduate education in the country: “It is necessary to recognize publicly and publicise widely that.000 jobs annually. Thacker (1959-61) and the other presided over by Professor Y. all disciplines in engineering and technology put together. 239 out of a total of 273 M. The most recent experience of the NTs is no less alarming. More recently.

environmentally friendly technologies. particularly in the last decade. Clearly. is that there is an acute shortage of teachers with post-graduate qualifications. a serious dearth of well-trained manpower. no necessary expenditure should be considered too great nor any potentially successful initiative dropped for lack of attention. barring a few laudable exceptions. .50. have not invested adequately in the required basic facilities. the industry as well as individuals have to gear up and do as much as they can to strengthen the existing institutions and their programmes so that the one major asset that India has had and can continue to build on. excepting a few notable ones. (C) Doctoral Programmes and Advanced Research. (D) Vital Support Services. It has been widely felt that this duration does not permit adequate time for project work of reasonably good quality. space and defence research. Thus. since the Nayudamma Committee Report. That the country missed out on the microelectronics revolution is still gnawing. not only dearth of qualified teachers but also woefully inadequate basic laboratory and library infrastructure characterizes the academic environment in which most of the engineering students are today trained. These recommendations are grouped under six headings (A) Master’s Degree and PG Diploma Programmes. have not periodically upgraded their infrastructure. and recommends concrete steps to be taken to bring about the desired changes. (E) Goals and Estimated Financial Inputs and (F) Funding Sources.000 undergraduate intake is presently accounted for by the socalled “self-financing”. This situation requires that the Government. The inescapable pressure of competition that the industry faces in an open economic regime dictated by the World Trade Organisation constitutes yet another element which was not a factor earlier. which looms large. An important aspect of the efforts needed is to actively help enhance the image of engineering and project the discipline as one replete with opportunities for creative and diverse contributions that can make a difference to the professional stranding of the individual who takes up to it. At present Masters degree programmes have a duration of 18 months. Adding to the country’s worries.1 and 4. technological and political. (A) MASTERS DEGREE AND PG DIPLOMA PROGRAMMES DURATION i) a. let alone doctorate degrees in engineering and technology. The present report analysis the current state of PG education and research. (B) Faculty Development. are also experiencing phenomenal growth. urgent measures are required to revitalize PG education and research in engineering and technology so crucial to sustain security related technical developments as also to wealth generation and economic growth. and the related aspects. We cannot afford repetition of such losses in further areas of emerging technology.2) which. Colleges (see Annexures 4. failing which the price to be paid could be very heavy. more than 1. Academic institutions set up by the Central and the State Governments. can lead to perilous consequencies. Unless imaginative moves are made forthwith to bolster human resources to contend with the obvious forces of the coming decades. Biotechnology. is augmented here and now. namely qualified manpower. Remembering that India is a target country of wide-ranging export control regimes. as a result. Major recommendations are summarized below. especially in engineering and technology. The institutional scene has undergone a sea-change.Ds appears to be declining. For this purpose.Chennai have accepted jobs in the IT sector). There are added demands arising from other international developments. Advanced research has also suffered and the small annual out-turn of Ph. The country has invested heavily in indigenous development of technology-intensive products and systems in strategic fields such as atomic energy. we have an inevitable stake in advanced education and research. with a large number of colleges having been set up by private individuals and groups. Progressive industry and affording individuals no doubt have a role but it is the Government that has to display leadership in supporting and imparting fresh impetus to PG education and research in engineering and technology. Telecommunication and information technologies have stormed the world. Consequently.

while exposure to advanced research should invariably receive adequate attention. makes it imperative that the Master’s programme. Students discontinuing after two semesters of acceptable performance in course work may be allowed. This situation. performance in GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering introduced by Nayudamma Committee) should continue to be the dominant criterion for admission with scholarship for general category and SC/ST students. Industry and those of a few government agencies requiring manpower with PG qualifications in engineering and technology. it is strongly urged that the concerned agencies institute an organized system that will attract and allow the PG students to work in their laboratories during the Master’s project phase of nearly a year. are likely to ensue. GATE could consider more broad-based tests. This is considered an essential minimum of advanced education and training in engineering and technology for any meaningful capacity development of a kind that can stand a graduate in good stead for future growth. DOS. combined with the fact that doctorates in engineering and technology are as yet a limited number. Engineering Colleges. DRDO and CSIR. While introducting GATE as a requirement for entry. It is recommended that the National Co-ordination Board of GATE be expanded to include Directors of all NTs and MSc. b. b. should more commonly serve as home for PG students to undergo training and carry out their 10-12 months training-cum-project in their laboratories. while GATE has proved to be an effective filter. that distinguishes the PGs from the UGs. it is recommended that the duration of Master’s degree programme be increased to 21 months (August 1 of x year to April 30 of x+2 year). In order to effectively realize this objective. Project work is a strong motivator. such as employment within the agency. In the case of sponsored and self-financing candidates. However. as the mainstay of post-graduate educational experience is structured to offer the best possible advanced training. Keeping in view the above observations.Let it not be missed that it is the project. Nayudamma Committee had hoped that the threshold of quality would automatically go up. in particular DAE. has accentuated the fact that the undergraduate education in engineering and technology in the country is of widely varying quality. Industry contact and interaction has become essential at this stage. which demands performance in terms of original work. to resume the PG course to fulfill the project and thesis requirements. c. For admission to the post-graduate degree programmes. The phenomenal growth in numbers of self-financing institutions. especially when adequate time and facilities are available. institutions would be free to devise their own norms with merit as a key requirement. It is further recommended that this Board be constituted for a period of three years in order to ensure better planning and smoother operation of GATE. well-endowed S&T agencies. representatives from University Departments. the key objective of consistently good quality input to PG education has remained largely unfulfilled. In this context. This strategy has the potential of helping the agencies while simultaneously helping the students. GATE a. . Other tangible benefits to students. (2) the intervening summer period (about 2 months) utilized for either practical training in industry or exploratory research depending upon the chosen project to follow and (3) the final two semesters (about 10 months) for the Masters project and dissertation. This duration can be conveniently divided into (1) two semesters (about 9 months) of course work including a Seminar. within a period of 5 years. more so in such subjects as manufacturing technology. Under the guidance of the expanded Board. which has occurred since the time of the Nayudamma Committee.

It is recommended that programmes in which the average out-turn over a three year period is less than 40% of the sanctioned intake should be closed down or compelled to be restructured.p. Optional courses on subjects such as technology management. it is proposed to use distance education related communication technology which hopefully will trigger further expansion in the use of distance education which is discussed further in the next section. Diploma.0007. A clear policy to close down or restructure such programmes is called for. Keeping in view the rising cost of consumables and that of maintaining the state-of. There are noticeable regional imbalances in sanctioned capacity and output of graduates. particularly from neighbouring and developing countries as sponsored or self-financing students. A special effort is needed to correct such regional imbalances. Emerging and Relevant Areas”. c. c. d. In this endeavour. major initiatives are needed to bring about the desired paradigm shift from generalized courses to those on speciality and interdisciplinary subjects.per student be made to publicfunded institutions offering Master’s and Rs. An illustrative list of topics is presented in the Report in section 5.m.per student to those offering P. some of the Master’s degree programmes have become obsolete and are not being well received.5. with effect from August 1. Over the years.000/. which has existed all along. the subject areas of PG programmes keeping in view the merging trends worldwide and the country’s requirements. Candidates passing through GATE and seeking admission into PG Diploma programme should be eligible for award of stipends. . it is recommended that the scholarship of postgraduate students be enhanced.5. A common implementation plan for the NTs and IISc is being worked out. New initiatives are needed to substantially increase the out-turn of PG diploma programmes. information technology and software engineering should be seriously considered. b. The pace of these activities needs to be enhanced. Industry should be actively encouraged to sponsor candidates for these programmes and to support starting of new programmes. it is recommended that a grant of Rs. COURSE CONTENT a. Keeping in view the present wage structure and the fellowship amounts recently recommended for research fellows. The scholarship amounts should be reviewed periodically. In so far as the course content is concerned. but in any case the period for review may not exceed five years each time.6 titled “New. b. d.G. Accreditation as a tool of Quality Management should receive attention. between the stipend amount for JRFs and that for the postgraduate students. AICTE should have a Standing committee to review periodically. In making this recommendation the Committee is only suggesting restoration of parity.the art infrastructure. PG DIPLOMA PROGRAMMES The present system of having two-semester to one-year PG Diploma programmes in specialized topics of industrial relevance should be continued. as and when necessary.3. not later than once in three years. One such initiative on the anvil is that of the Department of Electronics for producing additional 1000 (i) PG diploma holders in information technology (IT) related fields. 1999 to Rs. The system of accreditation and ranking should be strengthened to facilitate quality promotion as well as proper appraisal.STIPEND AMOUNT a. Special steps should be taken to attract foreign students.000/.

The present situation is exemplified by the performance of ERNET created by the Department of Electronics. high quality distance education programmes. In order to keep pace with such developments. As experience is gained. In India. In most cases access is limited to 64 kbps leased lines. . thus becomes an absolute necessity to take the country forward in the use of modern technology in higher education. Distance Education can work well for such activities. researchers and faculty. An all-optical-fibre network is alone not sufficient to build a high bandwidth data infrastructure. These programmes could perhaps be aimed at key industry personnel. India should lose no time in bringing in the new technologies and implementing the new modes of communicating with the student community. existing communication networks. something that is lacking in traditional forms of distance Education (correspondence or video) where much of the information flow is essentially one-way. This is particularly important in India where there are many entities who have employed people who had missed out on high quality education. the best strategy would be to entrust leading. it is entirely inadequate for the sort of applications that web-based education would require.000 route-kms of optical fiber network throughout the country. well equipped. to the more novel and evolving applications such as realtime chat. Furthermore. telnet. the Department of Telecommunication has put in over 50. A beginning can be made by resorting to distance education in the sphere of PG diploma courses to be conducted by selected. The industries concerned could also be expected to invest in setting up links to selected educational institutions for the purpose of their conducting PG diploma courses for the benefit of the industry personnel. using some of the above technologies. often text-and-graphics based tools such as e-mail. ftp and the world wide web (www).DISTANCE EDUCATION No discussion of support mechanisms for PG education and research would be complete without considering the Internet technology that is becoming ubiquitous in our laboratories. A high bandwidth national data backbone. The Internet also provides interactivity. With a high technology grid set up. is being given increasing importance internationally. It is amply clear that Distance Education. as the need for reaching the benefits of high quality education to a larger number of people becomes more acute. audio and video can be seamlessly merged into a very effective package. streaming audio and video. Worldwide. For us to undertake significant. It is imperative therefore that further investments are made so that the existing fibre infrastructure is utilized in a far more effective manner with the support of right additional equipment and technology (DWDM technology) to be able to allow data rates in the Gbps range. the new modes of imparting education can be speedily expanded to cover PG degree courses. to actually promote Internet usage. With the rapid changes in technical fields. skill upgradation is assuming great importance. While this is barely adequate for e-mail. video-conferencing and telepresence / teleimmersion whose potential is presently being perceived and exploited. the pricing has to come down to levels that match international standards. Web-based education is bound to invade the educational world as the attendant benefits clearly are numerous. As the country is yet to master the use of new telecommunication technologies. Although ERNET has done yeomen service in providing Internet access to our institutions. especially where specialized programmes are required. Content creation is very important particularly to take advantage of the new media such as a www. it would be possible for various level engineering students anywhere to learn from the best teachers of this country. high bandwidth Internet access for university departments is critical. the rapidly increasing patterns of Internet usage have often led to degraded performance. whose use is rendered affordable. the plethora of Internet technologies range from the familiar. There are now around 700 ERNET nodes serving over 80. offices and even homes. institutions targeting corporate bodies who would not only be interested but also be prepared to cooperate in this important endeavour. whereby text. white boarding. as in several other countries. well endowed educational institutions to start distance education through postgraduate diplomas which are largely course-based. document sharing.000 students. mainly intended for voice communication. Over the past several years. are not designed to handle today’s boom in digital data. or lower.

The Director. Deputation of these teachers to other institutions for their higher qualifications should be made possible. Once admitted by the University. A congenial environment has to be created in our institutions to make such visits happy and fruitful. they should be required to acquire a Master’s degree within 5 years. QIP The ongoing Quality Improvement programme (QIP) for serving teachers should not only continue but should be vigorously promoted. AICTE will institute a dedicated cell to operationalise this scheme with the help of selected academic institutions serving as centres. EARLY FACULTY INDUCTION An early Faculty Induction Programme to train 1000 graduates @200 per year through the Master’s programmes should be started. several steps need to be taken. the national laboratories and the industry.000/. The number of teachers deputed for studies and research in this scheme should be doubled. This laudable instance of University-Laboratory nexus operating between Anna University and CLRI deserves to be multiplied.D.D. The candidates will be selected in the seventh semester of their undergraduate course and will receive a fellowship amount of Rs. Every college and academic institution in the country must make it a mission to help development Of their own Faculty. but is also expected to be an effective device in promoting interaction between academic institutions. during their further studies and training. Employed teachers have to be encouraged.(B) FACULTY DEVELOPMENT In order to meet the acute shortage of faculty (one estimate mentions an additional requirement of 3000 teachers). ADJUNCT FACULTY Teaching institutions should be empowered to appoint scientists from national laboratories and personnel from industry as adjunct faculty for durations ranging from one semester to two years. who had benefited from the Indian Institutions during their educational career. which is a CSIR Laboratory. This measure will not only help close perceived gaps in teaching. to come back to work as teaching faculty for a semester or two. CLRI is ipso facto head of the Department of Leather technology of Anna University.m. Experience has shown how valuable this can be. and so also M. In this context. Academic institutions not having adequate qualified teaching staff could as well offer adjunct faculty positions to teachers from other better placed academic institutions. On completion. Several CLRI staff serve as visiting faculty of the University.p. research prior to teaching. Financial provision should be made for invitation to be extended to interested experts from abroad to spend a full semester or a year to conduct fullfledged courses. 10. is noteworthy. degree within a stipulated time.D. assisted and mandated to acquire additional qualifications. (C) DOCTORAL PROGRAMMES AND ADVANCED RESEARCH India has a tradition in basic research from time immemorial.) learn from the scientists of CLRI and perform their project work in CLRI. It is one of our country’s good fortunes that at all times there have been scientists who assiduously strove to establish schools of research capable of carrying out . Upto 20% of those selected in this programme will be allowed to undertake Ph. the students of Leather Technology (PG or Ph. the partnership between Anna University and Central Leather Research Institute (CLRI). If Bachelor’s degree holders are hired. the trainees will be bound to serve as teachers in engineering colleges for 3 to 5 years. to secure a Ph. so also the number of Centres (only 7 as on date) recognized for the QIP be increased to 15. In this connection every effort has to be made to attract overseas Indians.Techs. in addition to tuition and other fees.

However.internationally competitive research. degree is one universally accepted research qualification and thus facilities the doctorates to mid and match with their counterparts anywhere in the world. There is a purpose in emphasizing doctoral of the University Department of Chemical Technology (University of Bombay) shows that it is comparable to the best anywhere in the world.Ds produced annually (about 375 presently). It also requires to be reiterated that the seeds of scientific understanding and innovative technology reside in ‘tacit knowledge’ built as a result of an in-depth study and analysis that cannot be acquired from handbooks or patent disclosures. While national laboratories justifiably are burdened with large missions of national importance. it is only the academic institutions. which are not subject to similar pressures. it is research in fundamental sciences.2) will show that the situation in India cries for a radical improvement. Industry has sponsored a whole range of schemes in this Department and 70% of this Department’s that have to be dominantly engaged in original research and competence building.Ds are employed in the Indian Industry. in engineering and technology. on Ph. As we function in a globalised regime. well-trained people in carefully chosen areas of specialisation.D. Japan and England. But the University situation in our country is getting frighteningly weakened. NEW DELHI.Ds. also of the number of research publications.Ds in Engineering in India (1956-1995) PG REVIEW COMMITTEE REPORT. The graph in Figure-! shows a declining number of Ph.e items resulting from indigenous R&D not amounting to even 10%. in . Out-turn of Ph. The Ph. As original work thrives on intimate interaction with peers from here and abroad incredible benefits can accrue to individual scientists and institutions. The value and returns from this strength are inestimable. A reflection of the above scenario can be seen in the composition of our exports. over 50% of the Ph. At the same time.Ds is as a result of the QIP which points to an abysmally low figure for direct entrants. even today.Ds (60+40) as against 200 UGs results in 50% for the ratio (PGs + Ph.Ds to UGs or Ph. PGs+Ph. a comparison of the data between India and other countries.Ds. research productivity (in terms of the number of publications in high impact factor journals per faculty member) is not such as to do us proud. A case. the country is not without island of heartwarming performance.Ds in Engineering and Technology vis-a-vis Ph. The annual output of this Department’s PGs + Ph. aerb.Ds in Science (1:10 for India. see Annexure 3. ratio of PGs-Ph. Further. Thus.Ds)/UGs! The number of publications per faculty member of this Department was found to be the highest outside USA (Georgia Institute of Technology Report. 1989). 1999 Ramarao@suraksha. like USA. and industrial groups frequently shy away from research terming it risky or timeconsuming (at least until recently). i. JANUARY 30. if there is one field in which India is counted internationally. In this sad state. UDCT is thus an outstanding instance of knowledge and know-how travelling to industry through its graduates. statistics pertaining to doctorates (Figure-1) and research output (Figure-2) are the most disturbing.

be implemented speedily. Suggested new measures are described below : NATIONAL DOCTORAL PROGRAMME It is recommended that a National Doctoral Programme. developments of innovative technology and contributions to industrial research and thereby to national wealth. Continuation of financial support beyond 5 years will be based on a review of the performance for which specialist committees will be engaged. establishing visitor schemes and setting up specialized facilities.per year for each selected candidate are recommended.10 crores over a 5 year duration. AICTE should institute a mechanism to manage this important programme. & TECH.OUTPUT OF ENGG. Only then can we hope to generate a general atmosphere of new engineering designs. It is suggested that one of the important initiatives that the selected schools must take should be to develop model post graduate teaching courses. Such selected schools should enjoy operational autonomy to take whatever initiative they consider necessary in aid of their research endeavours. SPECIAL RESEARCH GROUPS . Each such school will receive upto Rs. as they must and cannot afford not to. SCHOOLS OF ADVANCED GRADUATE STUDY For nurturing quality in advanced research. 1999. The selection is to be governed by rigorous criteria some of which have been outlined in the Report. joint work with counterpart laboratories and groups abroad.per month and a contingency grant of Rs. farsighted measures are required at this juncture to vigorously promote doctoral programmes and advanced research in the fields of engineering and technology. A scholarship of Rs.12. designed to attract specially talented and strongly motivated students for advanced research leading to a doctoral degree. FIG-2 If the country’s various institutions are to make a similar impact in a wide spectrum of engineering and technology disciplines. or interdisciplinary schools. Upto fifty fellowships are recommended to be awarded every year.25. The selection should be through a nationally conducted competitive process in which scholars already working for their doctorates should also be considered eligible. A maximum of 10 schools of Advanced Graduate Study is recommended. Candidates so selected should be placed at institutions with the best possible facilities and be associated with reputed leaders in R&D. selected departments.000/. in academic institutions should be supported as Schools of Advanced Graduate Study. RESEARCH PAPERS* * In citation index journals : Source DSIR Report entitled “Scientific Productivity : Where do we stand ?” January. such as joint work with the national laboratories.000/.

/B.000/.p. It is reiterated here most emphatically that such a system is essential to enable a continuous appraisal of the postgraduate education and research system in the country. reliable and regularly updated database about ongoing programmes within and outside the academic world.7. the following revised rates of scholarship for Ph. Maximum period of scholarship is 5 years. However.Rs. has been active in the selection and promotion of emerging research areas (e. stipend. Although.per year. There is no other way to shape the postgraduate educational programmes in a manner as to ensure placement of the graduates.Tech. SCHOLARSHIPS FOR DOCTORAL STUDENTS Keeping in view the present wage structure.6000/. b) For M. and B.2. with an increment of Rs. The modern tools of information technology ought to be extensively utilized to develop.500/. A sensible review of the PG courses and the system at any time is impossible without a comprehensive. A maximum of 20 such research groups is recommended. the scheme of National Technical Manpower Information System funded by MHRD/ AICTE has been in operation for a number of years it is recommended that these efforts for development of MIS be further strengthened and adequate fund be assigned for the purpose by the AICTE.g. a new scheme called “Special Research Groups” is recommended.p./M.m. Each selected research group will receive upto Rs. DST programme for Intensification of Research in High Priority Areas) for decades and has thus gathered considerable experience in this sphere. Regular monitoring of the performance of the selected groups would be critical. as always.p. degree holders . by specialist groups. on the other. etc.Rs. No substantial change is envisaged in the usual norms of admission or the periods of residence presently stipulated for Masters degree holders in engineering and technology on the one hand and. and given about 8 hours weekly (not exceeding 10 hours per week) teaching/research load. that the proposed Schools of Advanced Graduate Study and Special Research Groups be managed by AICTE jointly with the Department of Science and Technology. (D) VITAL SUPPORT SERVICES MANPOWER INFORMATION SYSTEM (MIS) The Thacker Committee as well as the Nayudamma Committee had recommended the establishment of a Manpower Information System (MIS).D. national laboratories. carrying an additional Rs. It is therefore recommended.500/. degree holders . considerable flexibility is called for in dealing with cases of individuals serving industry.m. Maximum period of scholarship is 4 years. . to develop high quality research programmes in challenging and emerging areas.To encourage and facilitate members of faculty.1 crore annually. scholars are recommended: a) For M. individually or in consolidated groups. who opt to carry out doctoral research subsequent to or during their employment.E. with in increment of Rs.000/.Tech. for Master’s degree holders in science and meritorious Bachelors degree holders. Continuation of support beyond 5 years will be based on a review of their performance which will be carried out. The Department of science and Technology. No further time should be lost in instituting a quality MIS.Sc. Those doctoral fellows who are found (by an appropriate departmental committee) to possess the aptitude to teach or guide on-going project work may be awarded Teaching or Research Assistantships. Selection will be based on rigorous norms and the selected individuals of these groups will be accorded flexibility and autonomy to enable them to function free of institutional bottlenecks. The MIS is expected to provide essential information on current demands of manpower in the advanced technology programmes of the Government as well as of the industry.per year. to maintain and utilize a truly effective MIS for the benefit of managing PG education and research such that it is in tune with India’s present and changing pattern of manpower requirements in different sectors.E. in the interest of achieving synergetic advantages. Government of India.m.

recognize the value of PG education as basic in the modern age. And so. Public Works Departments to National R&D laboratories. it is absolutely essential to determine the targetted numbers discipline-wise.000) of Master’s degree is less than the presently sanctioned capacity. which is likely to persist for some more years to come. A study of such developments. P. Unless the user institutions across the board. a dedicated setup is recommended to customize. Finally we reiterate Nayudamma Committee’s statement quoted at the outset. is recommended. Historical developments have been such that the importance of different subject areas in science and technology rose at times and declined later. This set up should also be empowered to participate in the development and dissemination of such software. While the targetted total out-turn has been indicated. a minimum of two advanced increments) that they have spent in acquiring the higher qualification. when made part of the suggested MIS./M. Bangalore. the unanticipated phenomenal demand of the IT sector in recent years. free educational and technical software. As is so dramatically evident. Diploma Present Annual Out-turn 375 7000 400 Targetted Annual Out-turn 750 14000 1000 It may be noted that the targeted out-turn (14. be set up.G. (E) GOALS AND ESTIMATED FINANCIAL INPUTS TARGETTED ANNUAL OUT-TURN The targetted annual out-turn of the various programmes to be achieved over the next 5-10 years is given below: Programme Ph. the goal should be to enhance the quality and attractiveness of the higher degree programmes and to double the present output of postgraduate and doctorates. INTERNET EDUCATIONAL AND TECHNICAL SOFTWARE As a further initiative in the new internet environment. This will be on the same lines as the National Centre for Science Information set up by UGC at the Indian Institute of Science. understand the implications of the prevalent scenario of undergraduate colleges on the one hand and doctoral research on the other and make Master’s Degree as a requirement for employment for ensuring induction of quality manpower. whenever M. their initial salaries are at a level which atleast accounts for the two year duration (i. as well as to multiply their utilization.D. NETWORKING OF LIBRARIES Since most libraries do not have funds to meet the spiraling cost of journals and books. available on Internet and transmit the same to teaching institutions.e. graduates are found suitable and given employment. . The increase will have to be achieved through support not only from MHRD. as per local needs. It should also be emphasized that. with a few of them serving as nodes. the PG education and research programmes will not receive the mind of fillip that is absolutely essential.E. from State Electricity Boards. to be called the National Centre for Engineering Information. has surpassed by several factors the steady demand of the conventional engineering sector. but also other Ministries/Departments. industry and self-financing graduates.Tech.NATIONAL CENTRE FOR ENGINEERING INFORMATION It is recommended that a Centre for dissemination of library information. will be crucial to forecast sufficiently in advance the required subject balance in the strength of the postgraduate programmes. networking of libraries of engineering colleges and national laboratories. M.Tech.

This initiative has continuously ensured availability of trained manpower.ESTIMATED ADDITIONAL FINANCIAL INPUTS The estimated additional financial input for implementing the recommendations of the Committee. such as Telecom. At a juncture when the country is raring to register accelerated progress in nation building. is in no small measure due to the contributions made by those who have gone through the PG or doctoral research programmes in engineering and technology fields available in the country. Steel and Mines. It is recommended that economic ministries should earmark about 20% of their S&T budget for funding PG programmes of their interest towards fellowships.Tech. (F) FUNDING SOURCES Government support to PG and Ph. the role of PG education and advanced research is of paramount significance in mastering technology related elements. Even in the country as a whole. If the field of telecommunications is likely to see over Rs. Again.. {In this regard reference may be made to the model of Universities and Grants Programs in USA designed to attract and retain well-trained students and faculty in the field of transportation). where is the country to find trained manpower except through PG programmes . Steel and Mines. This will immediately bring knowledgeable academic groups into the mainstream of what the economic Ministries propose to achieve in developmental projects.E. A mechanism for such partnership with at least some of the economic ministries should be worked out by AICTE. Planning Commission is best placed to coordinate with the economic ministries and AICTE should seek the Commission’s support for working closely with the economic ministries for generating manpower with advanced training in specialty disciplines relevant to the economic ministries. Science departments and agencies. in terms of development of advanced technology and large scale modern systems. the key to achieving such synergistic results lies in establishing an effective partnership between AICTE and at least some of the economic ministries like Power. over a period of 5 years.50.D. e. It is estimated that the total amount for these would not exceed Rs./M. ASSURED PLACEMENT SCHEME The Training School of the Department of Atomic Energy (DAE) has proved to be a model. as also Economic Ministries. DoE and DRDO. It is therefore earnestly recommended that the Government should continue to lead in providing support to PG education and advanced research through AICTE. Petroleum. DRDO and CSIR can do likewise with suitable modifications as they deem fit.) the suggested additional maintenance grant to institutions and the financial requirements of new postgraduate programmes. We should not underestimate the value of these contributions. UGC as well as direct funding of institutions like the IITs. SUPPORT FROM MINISTRIES OTHER THAN MHRD It has been strongly felt by the present Committee that support to PG education and research should also be derived from Government sources other than the Ministry of Human Resource Development. Space. Coal. Transport.g. Petroleum. The other Science Departments. such as Department of Space. An important characteristic of this programme of training graduates is that the selected trainees are assured of placement as well as a rewarding career profile within DAE at the end of their training programme.55 crores annually. surface transport for the purpose of generating quality manpower for their sectors. IISc. The DAE spends substantial sums and support a dedicated unit for selection of candidates and seeing them through training as well as placement. facilities and projects. high quality engineering inputs have become available from such indigenously trained personnel. Imagine where the country would have been but for this visionary initiative at a time when education in nuclear engineering and technology was non-existent. Whatever success we are able to speak of in our strategic field of research. should become active partners in the nationally important task of promoting PG education and research. Ph. is Rs.D programmes has yielded returns of immeasurable worth. Coal. Chemicals. etc. This does not include the additional expenditure on Scholarships and Fellowships (M.000 crores of investment in the coming years.245 crores.

for which excellent physical facilities have been installed at considerable cost. Some of these agencies have already in place a mechanism to operationalise the sponsored PG programmes.Tech. The Department of Atomic Energy has this year started such a scheme with respect to the PGs in Nuclear Engineering and Technology from IIT. This measure is bound to promote PG education in the country because it guarantees a satisfactory future for a person through assured. so that in about two years of service the entire loan will have been discharged. DRDO and CSIR who in the process would be only ready to spell out the technical problem areas of their concern. AICTE should create separate mechanism to make progress on this scheme. provides a strong driving force and the pace of reaching project goals is invariably accelerated. Qualification to acquire a PG Degree within 5 years of recruitment. can also be chosen in a manner that would attract the attention of the user departments to an extent that well-equipped agencies would feel pleased to extend experimental facilities to University doctoral students and their supervisors. The agencies could actually extend support to the employees who are thus required to acquire a PG degree. Successful candidates who subsequently take up a job with the loan-giver can have the loan amount annulled at the rate of 4% per month of service. The KVPY scholarships will be open to Class X and XI students deciding to pursue science. SELF FINANCING STUDENTS . engineering or medicine upto pre Ph. This is the hire-and-train principle which works out best.D. While discussing the ways of attracting students to technical disciplines. the agencies are admirably placed to encourage and allow their scientists to acquire doctorate degrees. Yet another way to ensure PG trained personnel is for the science Agencies to make it mandatory for those recruited with only a B. should be actively involved in developing PG and research programmes in the country. In order to assist the Agencies.of education and research? The economic ministries. Industry can also be encouraged in suitable ways to devise assured placement schemes. Kanpur. Since the science agencies are engaged in well-directed projects that the country requires. fruitful employment and career growth. AICTE would serve a national cause by disseminating this information to academic institutions so that doctoral research in the University department etc. just as they have begun to support specialized Master’s courses in fields like technology management. It is a known fact that a higher degree. which foresee a dearth of manpower in their sectors in the years to come. DOS. INDUSTRY AND OTHER SOURCES Several statements have been made over the years calling upon the industry to sponsor research. Bombay. Other agencies and ministries should also institute ways of promoting an analogous assured placement scheme in their respective domains. which helps also the individuals in a direct manner. Recently it has been implemented in a small way by the Atomic Energy Regulatory Board at the NT. The assured placement scheme is potentially a successful device. In order to provide a fiscal incentive to industry supporting PG education and research. reference to a recent initiative of the Ministry of Science and Technology is relevant. AICTE needs to have a methodology to link up with the major agencies like DAE. The same system could be utilized to work out the assured placement scheme. The Ministry of Science and Technology has just launched a new scheme called KISHORE VIGYAN PROTSAHAN YOJANA (KVPY) Scholarships with the same objective of augmenting trained technical manpower. level. Industry should sponsor postgraduate programmes as well. the expenditure on such schemes should be accorded weighted 133% tax exemption by the Government. especially to associate appropriate faculty members in University departments and academic institutions with prospective doctoral scholars of the agencies. One such method is that industry could extend support by way of educational loans to such of those PG students whom they need to employ (selection can be done via the campus recruitment system). AICTE could coordinate with the Ministry of Science and Technology in ensuring that selected KVPY scholars choose engineering and technology and pursue their education programme upto atleast the postgraduate level.

It is recommended that a Senior Panel may be constituted to help implement the present Committee’s recommendations and take such other initiatives as may become necessary in the coming years. Accordingly. AICTE Members : Scientific Advisor to Raksha Mantri Chairman. wanting admission. especially from neighbouring countries (e.: 011-23392576] . what has been kept in view is that over 2/3 of the Government annual R&D expenditure is spent in their laboratories and their stake is high in ensuring unimpeded injection of high quality R&D manpower for the success of challenging projects that they have embarked upon. Estate. CONCLUDING REMARKS PG Education and Research are so crucial for the technological well-being of the country. [Note: The Summary and Recommendations have been published for the information of all concerned. New Delhi-110002 Ph. The Committee would very much like to see this happen and hopes that its recommendations would come into force with effect from August. Convener : Vice-Chairman. for a respectable performance in a globally competitive economic environment and for sustenance of self-reliant R&D in strategic fields that it requires a multiple of agencies and institutions to support AICTE to achieve the goals set forth in this report. have proved to be so attractive that students. The copy of the report. could be obtained from : The Advisor. for growth in industrial productivity. of India Two Senior Experts. AICTE. Programmes in competitive subjects. if desired. The potential of enlisting in our PG courses overseas students.g. Indira Gandhi Sports Complex. Department of Education. like computer science. LP. PG Bureau. Scientific and Industrial Research Government of India Special Secretary. Ministry of Human Resource Development. Atomic Energy Commission Chairman. DRDO. 1999. SAARC countries) is quite great but has remained largely untapped. Extra-numerary seats and appropriate admission methodologies should be devised by institutions to actively encourage meritorious. Govt. one from the industry and one from the academic field.Funding for PG programmes can also come from individuals. Space Commission Secretary. AICTE In suggesting Secretaries to DAE. self-financing students from within the country as also from outside. The suggested composition of the Senior Panel is as follows: Chairman : Chairman. are willing to join without a scholarship. Science and Technology Government of India Secretary. DOS. Dedicated steps are needed to realize this potential with considerable benefits to participating individuals and institutions. it is earnestly believed that we will bring about a change in the present scenario and will be placed in a strong position to look forward to a technologically brightened future. DSIR and DST to be members. If the above recommendations are accepted expeditiously by the Government and the suggested financial and other means of support are made available.

Principals of all national Institute of Technologies. Chennai. All Vice Chancellors of Universities/ Deemed Universities. of India. This is issued with the approval of the Competent Authority. 2. All the Directors of Technical Education of All State Govts. 7. Chandigarh. 3. All Centrally funded Technical Institutions.Annexure-C CLARIFICATION ON CERTAIN ISSUES PERTAINING TO PAY SCALES AND SERVICE CONDITIONS FOR TEACHERS OF DEGREE LEVEL TECHNICAL INSTITUTIONS To.2003 Secretaries (Technical Education). Sir. The decision of the EC of AICTE on these issues is enclosed (Annexure. of Secondary and Higher Education. Dept. Ministry of HRD. New Delhi . The Deputy Secretary (T). Naresh Kumar) Adviser (FD) End: As above Copy to: 1. From time to time the AICTE receives queries seeking clarifications on different issues pertaining to Pay Scales and Service Conditions for teachers of Degree level Technical Institutions. Yours faithfully (B. Shastri Bhawan. if any. Kanpur./ Union Territories . Mumbai.G. Bhopal and Bangalore.G o v t. All Regional Officers of AICTE at Kolkata. Secretary/ Additional Secretary/ Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) 5. All State Governments / Union Territories Sub: Clarifications on certain issues pertaining to Pay Scales and Service Conditons for teachers of Degree level Technical Institutions. Date: 3.1) for information and necessary action.for circulation amongst all Directors / Principals of degree level Technical Institutions. The AICTE in its 42nd Meeting of the Executive Committee (EC) has considered some of these issues. 4.1. 6.110 001 .

1.940/.1. The fixation of pay of applicable only to faculty appointed as Asst. from 1. Introduction of uniform policy for promotion to the post of Assistant Professor and Professor. 2002. has implemented the revised scales later than 1. Thus. with Ph. Effective date of implementation of Career Advancement Scheme and incentives for higher qualifications. for Teachers with Ph. Incentives for acquiring Ph. Relaxation in NET qualification in appointment of Lecturer and Librarians in Technical/ Engineering Colleges with Ph.1.D degree in the service career. For Teachers (with M.E. (b) Advance increments/incentives will be given only once in a career for any degree.D Degree has already been obtained) and their basic pay will be fixed as per rules. For movement in the scale of Asst.1. For promotion to the post of Professor minimum 8 years of service is required either as Lecturer (Selection Grade) with Ph. For Teachers with Bachelors Degree in Engineering & Technology minimum experience required will be 11 years out of which atleast 4 years must be in senior scale.D.96 and not after 1. Professor/ length of service required would be 9 years. prior to the revision of Pay Scales will be counted. It remains a mandatory requirement for promotion to the next higher cadre. Refresher Courses and Short Term Courses.0 (c) of AICTE notification 1-65/Cd/NEC/ 98-99. There is no relaxation in Orientation Courses.Phil/M. For people from Basic Sciences and Humanities.D. 14. (c) Lecturers with Ph. Professor either through Career Advancement Scheme or direct recruitment will not be given any advance increments (as the benefit of Ph. Professor/Selection Grade lecturer through Career Advancement Scheme. Prof. attending a four-week orientation course is not compulsory.(as and when they complete five years) is applicable to faculty appointed as Asst. who are appointed as Asst. 13th February.D Degree: (a) A teacher will be eligible for 2 advance increments as and when the teacher acquires Ph. However.96. Professor before 1. 14. The experience as Lecturer (Selection Grade) or as Asst. (a) Whether fixation of pay of Asst. The Career Advancement Scheme and incentives for higher qualifications shall be effective from the date the revised Pay Scales have been adopted i. Clause 6. 2000 stands deleted./M.96. Grade Lecturer in the minimum of Rs. instead. Professor/SI. Professor after 1.e. Scale.940/.D to move into the grade of Asst. if any senior person is drawing less salary than the juniors. . Prof. 2. dated 15 th March.Annexure-I CLARIFICATIONS ON AICTE NOTIFICATION ON REVISED PAY SCALES AND SERVICE CONDITION FOR TEACHERS OF TECHNICAL INSTITUTES 1. Scale. minimum experience required as Lecturer in Senior Scale is 4 years.1. out of which 4 years must be in the Sr. Professor . the pay can be stepped up to make the pay at par with the pay of the juniors.1996 or from a later date if the respective State Govt. Relaxation in Orientation and Refresher Courses till year 2002.D Degree The decision on this issue has already been taken in the Executive meeting held on.D or Asst. it can be replaced by Summer School/ Winter School of equivalent duration.1996. Grade Lecturer in the minimum of Rs. 3. 6. 4. 5.Tech) minimum experience required will be 10-years out of which 4 years must be in Sr.

AICTE cannot prescribe qualifications and Pay Scales for these posts as there are too many variations among the norms being followed by the States. 11. the Board of Governors of the individual Institute can take a decision whether or not a teacher with only a B.(b) Lecturers with PhD who joined after 1. Whether a highly competent and experienced person with only a B.Tech degree is competent to teach M. Computer Programmers and Training and Placement officers for Degree and Diploma level Technical lustitutes. AICTE cannot legislate on this issue. Foremen. Instructors. Instructors for Diploma level Technical Institutes. if Senior Faculty is drawing less salary than the juniors of the same institute because of pay revision for that particular institute.1. 8 b) What should be the eligibility conditions for teaching Biotechnology EC may kindly consider this issue. Yes. 10.Sc in Laser Technology and M. for centrally funded institutes. 9.1. Candidates applying at the first level post in Environmental Science and Engineering should have some exposure to Basic Principles of Engineering. Tech. a person with such qualification is eligible for the post of lecturer in Computer Science. (a) Revision of Pay Scale in respect of Workshop Superintendents. a qualified person wiih only a B.D. Individual States can decide on its own to implement Career Advancement Schemes in Diploma Level Technical Institutes in a manner similar to that for Degree Level Technical Institutes prescribed by AiCTE. This has to be handled by the Board of Governors of the individual institute. 12. Systems Analysts. The revision of Pay Scales of Workshop Superintendent. in Environmental Engineering will be eligible.Tech degree is eligible to teach M. (b) Revision of Pay Scales of System Analysts.Tech classes. College Librarians (Sr. However. Classes. whereas those before 1. Scale) and College Librarians (SI. a) Whether a Ph. It should be as per the rules of the concerned State Government. 7.Tech Degree is not eligible to teach M. then the pay of Seniors may be stepped up to become at least equal to that of the juniors. Computer Programmers and Training and Placement Officers for Diploma Level Technical Institutes. Foremen. Relaxation for SC/ST category candidates. in Botany is eligible for the post of lecturer in Environmental Science Engineering. c) Whether a candidate with M. Grade) of Degree Level . will be decided by State Governments taking local conditions into consideration.1996 are given 4 advance increments. Career Advancement Scheme for Diplama level Technical Institutes. and as per the rules of the Central Govt.Tech classes.1996 are given only three increments.Sc Botany and M. A candidate with Ph. College Librarians. In general.D in Botany is not eligible for the post of Lecturer in Environmental Science and Engineering.Tech. However. A person with M.Tech in Computer Science is eligible for the post of lecturer in Computer Science. There is no separate notification of AICTE on this issue. In this way sometime senior lecturers are drawing less pay than juniors. Whether Career Advancement Scheme is applicable to Librarians also.

b) Whether Masters of Applied Arts is equivalent to Masters in Engineering/Technology or Masters in Humanities and Science group. for lecturership. whereas promotion under Career Advancement Scheme for movement into this cadre requires Ph. Lecturers (Sr. Scale and SI. 19. 20. The equivalent teaching load is to be decided by the concerned institute. Grade) respectively as given in AICTE notification. For up-gradation in the Sr. .Technical Institutes will be treated at par with Lecturers. The Executive Committee may like to constitute an All India Board for Applied Arts. issues pertaining to Applied Arts are referred to the Executive Committee as a total issue. 18. Grade) will be at par with Directors of Physical education Directors of Physical Education (Sr. after it is constituted. This issue has already been decided in the Executive Committee meeting held on 13th Feburary. As Applied Arts is a part of AICTE mandate. Seniority of persons recruited through Career Advancemnt Scheme vis a vis those recruited directly. Grade. Grade). 2002. 17. Scale and SI. 13 Whether Post Doctoral experience in the position of Research Associate under Direct CSIR/UGC or any other Scheme can be counted for promotion under Career Advancement Scheme? Post Doctoral experience will not be counted towards promotion under Career Advancement Scheme. This issue is to be referred to the AW India Board of Applied Arts. The matter should be put up before the Board of Governors of the individual institute. . Scale and SI. Issues pertaining to Applied Arts: (a) Qualification for the post of teachers of Applied Arts Colleges. Scale) and. Inslructors in Physical Education (Sr. The essential requirement for direct recruitment to the post of Assistant Professor in Architecture discipline does not require Ph. a College Librarian has to attend the same number of training courses as for a Lecturer.D. Instructors in Physical education (Sr. 15. Grade). FD/Pay/01/2001 -2002. Candidates with PGDBM from any institution are eligible for Lecturerships if the PGDBM of that institution has been declared equivalent to MBA by any notification of AIU (Association of Indian University). 2002 and notified vide notification No. Applicability of full time two years AICTE approved PGDBM course as equivalent to MBA.D. dated February 5. 16. What should be the load of teaching contact hours of Workshop Superintendents and Assistant Workshop Superintendents? The posts of Workshop Superintendent and Assistant Workshop Superintendent are mainly administrative jobs for administering the workshop. Instead of Summer Schools/Winter Schools. How to account for the project load that the teachers take in addition to teaching load? Can the project load be considered as teaching contact hours or not? Each project being guided by a faculty is equivalent to one teaching contact hour per week. 14. Scale) and Instructors in Ptiysical education (SI. Lecturers (SI. a College Librarian can undergo training in the topic of relevance for the responsibilities such as in Data Base Management or can be sent to a specific Training Programme or any Continuing Education Programme. Revision of pay scales of Instructors In Physical education. The Pay Scales of Instructors in Physical Ectucation. as is the case of other disciplines.

Prof. one from Chairman of the Society. The above courses as well as courses conducted by NTs. Taking local conditions into consideration. as the Corrigendum (decided by the Madan Committee) has already been issued in this respect. IIMs and RECs are equivalent to Short Term Courses for Career Advancement Scheme. Principal of the College: HOD at the rank of a Professor. one nominee of AICTE. Clarification on calculation of work load for teachers. However. Assistant Professors and Lectures. a candidate for lectureship should be graduate or PG degree holder. one nominee of the Vice-Chancellor. only for the calculation of credits of courses two hours of practical is considered equal to one hour of theory while the same is not applicable for the calculation of Work Load. As per the University norms. Selection Committees prescribed by AICTE consist of Chairman. two or three subject experts. in NERIST. of India) and similar other courses can be recognized as equivalent to Short Term Courses for Career Advancement Seheme. It includes one nominee from MHRD. if the Selection Committee of the concerned institute is broader than that of AICTE and one representative of AICTE is included in the Committee. 25. No Change is suggested in the work load (contact hours) to be assigned to Professors. On the other hand. the Board of Management is the Executive Body which approves the constitution of the Selection Committee which is constituted as fotlows: Nine members for the post of Professor. As per AICTE Corrigendum on Work Load calculation. in the Diploma Level Technical Institutes. Govt. and Lecturer. 24. Vice Chancellor or nominee. Asstt. The EC may like to consider that Two hours of practical and three hours of seminars should be considered as one hour of lecture. the State Government can implement modified Pay Scales and Service Conditions (including tier structure) other than those prescribed in the notification. Therefore. two subject experts and one subject expert of the Affiliating University. Board of Governors. Whether State Governments have power to modify the revised Pay Scales and Service Conditions (including tier structure) for teachers in Diploma level Technical Institutes. 22 Approval of AICTE for constitution of Selection Commiittees. For example. Whether the courses conducted by SERC (DST. 23. The EC may wish to refer the matter to the All India Board of Hotel Management and Catering Technology .21. one hour of tutorial/practical class will be treated as one hour of Lecture for calculation of Work Load. Pay Scales and minimum qualification for Hotel Management Faculty: Vivekanand Institute of Hotel and Tourism Management offers a 4-year degree programme approved by AICTE affiliated to Saurashtra University. they need to get these Pay Scales and Service Conditions approved by AICTE. one or two/nominees of the Board of Management. But candidates for the post of Lecturer in Hotel Management Colleges are Diploma holders from the National Council of Hotel Management and Catering Technology (NCHMCT) (3 year Diploma) as no Post Graduate degree is available in Hotel Management. Some institutes such as NERIST have enquired about the validity of their Selection Committee as per the norms of the institute. However. norms of the institute shall be valid. (only 1 year diploma is available).

33. as M. Tech Degree) and to a particular percentage of marks as prescribed on account of pay revision to teachers. with 1st class degree and Ph. Whether superannuated persons can be appointed as Principal/Director in Engineering/ MBA/MCA Institutes. 27.Pharm to be eligible to teach B. it is not eligible.B.Pharm is equivalent to M. This relaxation is already provided for diploma level technical institutes. for degree level institutes this is to be decided by the Board of Governors (BOG) of the concerned institute taking all parameters into consideration. who is already in service has to do M.(AIB. (b) Whether AMIE is equivalent to 2nd Class Bachelors Degree in respective branches of specialization.Pharm classes.Pharm is the basic qualification for recruitment to the post of Lecturer. who have been in service prior to 1. No. As per AICTE norms.D.A. 34. with 1st class degree and Ph.E. Professor. 28. Sec. but having 8-years experience for a particular subject is eligible to teach B. 31. is eligible for the promotion to the post of Reader/Asst.HMCT).Pharm. Provision for exemption from higher qualification (1st class and M. Professor.E.Phil for grant of advance increments.E. These have to be prescribed by respective State Governments. The decision has to be taken by the Board of Governors or by the appointing authority of the concerned institute. Whether a Lecturer (with B. Whether M. 30. with First Class Degree at Bachelor’s Level or at Master’s Level is an essential qualification for the post of Reader in appropriate branch of Engineering and Technology. Applicability of Senior Scale and Selection Grade Pay Scales to Training Placement Officers in Polytechnics. No. however./ M. 32. may be considered for teaching posts. AMIE and other equivalent terms can be considered for recruitment in Diploma Level Institutes but not for Degree Level Institutes.D. Whether a faculty member who qualified for placement as Professor/Asst. No (c) Inclusion of equivalent terms in qualification column so that people who have recognized qualifications such as passing of examinations of Institution of Engineers aud Institution of Telecommunication and Electronics Engineers. A candidate with B. So a candidate with B. 29. 26.1. whether a candidate with B. (a) Whether Sec. Since Ph. is eligible for the promotion to the post of Reader/Asst.D. Pharm classes. AMIE (India) approved by AICTE is eligible for the post of lecturer in Engineering College or not. the qualifications for the post of Lecturer is M.Pharm) without a PG degree.Pharm. Professor at the time of .1993. The decision has to be taken by the Board of Governors of individual institute. Whether the length of service as Selection Grade Lecturer is considered equivalent to the length of service as an Assistant Professor for the purpose of counting seniority as well as promotion.

Prof.Tech.Tech for grant of 2 advance increments for holding higher qualification to Lecturer.E. Vocational Subjects. No minimum age bar is prescribed by AICTE. These should be decided by the Board of Governors (BOG) of the concerned institute. (a) Whether a candidate with M. History of Arts). No./Reader before 1. The matter may be referred to the Council of Architecture. in addition to the 2 advance increments already sanctioned to the candidate for having M. b) The incumbent was appointed on the recommendation of a selection committee. The matter may be referred to the Council of Architecture. 35. Whether a candidate on acquiring MBA degree can be given 2 advance increments. What is the minimum age bar prescribed by AICTE for direct recruitment of teachers. Whether the candidates in Applied Sciences and Humanities are eligible for promotion for the post of Professor within the Engineering College (where no PG Programmes are conducted). degree. Yes. in accordance with the ./M. since both the degrees belong to the Master’s level. 42. Education) degree be considered as an alternative qualification to M. in Computer Science degree is qualified for appointment as Lecturer in Computer Science for MCA course. Counting of service within the present Institution.Tech for awarding revised Pay Scales and Career Advancement Scheme./ Central Govt.1.recruitment from any date after 1. Minimum qualifications for Lecturers of various specializations in Fine Arts (Art Education. The respective State Govt.1. 36. M. 38.96. (b) Whether candidates with MCA 1st class are eligible for appointment as Systems Analysts/Programmers in Computer Science Department at the degree level Engineering Colleges on regular AICTE Pay Scales. Ph.96 could be cansidered now for such placement retrospectively for re-fixing their pension in the revised scheme. The candidates in Applied Sciences and Humanities are eligible for promotion to the post of Professor in the Engineering College where no PG programmes are conducted.E. 43. Commerce.Tech in Engineering & Technology for the award of Revised Pay Scales and Career Advancement Scheme for Teachers of Technical Institutes. Prof/Reader before 1.Arch. Whether Ph:D is essential for promotion to the post of Professor under Career Advancement Scheme for those in the grade of Asst.1.96.Sc. Yes.Planning qualifications are equivalent to M. The duration of service in a temporary capacity/contract/ ad-hoc appointments/leave vacancy can be counted for promotion to senior scale/selection grade provided that a) The tenure of appointment was one year or more than one year without any break. M. The Board of Governors of the concerned institute may take decision on its own taking alt aspects into consideration. 39. Can Master’s of Technical Education (M. 40. Painting.E. or the appointing authority has to decide in this regard./M.E. Science and Economics. Whether M. The following provisions for counting service shall be equally applicable for Diploma and Degree Level Technical Institutes.Tech Education degree can be considered equivalent to M. Geography./M. 41. 37.D is essential for promotion to the post of Professor under Career Advancement Scheme for those in the grade of Asst.

For Degree level technical Institutes . a) Reimbursement of cost of Books.Same as that provided for diploma level technical institutes. d) The incumbent was selected to the regular post in continuation of service in a temporary capacity/ contract appointment/ ad hoc appointment /leave vacancy without any break./Central Govt.Teachers may be provided 75% of the cost of relevant books Journals. But these are not to be considered mandatory. b) Reimbursement of Membership fee for Professional Society. .Same as that provided for diploma level technical institutes.Same as that provided for diploma level technical institutes.prescribed selection procedure as laid down by the concerned BOG/lnstitute’s Regulations/Directorate of Technical Education/State Govt.Teachers may be reimbursed the expenses incurred for Registration Fee and TA/DA for presenting Technical papers at one National Conference every year and one International conference after every three years.000/. For Diploma level Technical Institutes . d) Reimbursement of TA/DA/Registration Fee for Conferences presenting Technical papers. The Committee recommended that both Degree Level and Diploma Level Teachers should be given the following perks. c) The concerned Lecturers possessed the minimum qualification prescribed by AICTE for appointment as Lecturers. For Diploma level Technical Institutes-Teachers may be provided 85% of Annual membership fee for one National/international Professional Society For Degree level Technical Institutes . For Degree level Technical Institutes .Same as that provided for diploma level technical institutes. 44.3. c) Reimbursement of the cost of Personal Computer For Diploma level Technical Institutes -Teachers may be provided 75% of the cost of personal Computer.per annum For Degree level Technical Institutes . For Diploma level Technical institutes . limited to a maximum reimbursement of Rs.

G. It may be noted that in respect of other disciplines not mentioned above. Govt.1-65/CD/NEC/98-99 dated 5th March. (Annexure . Sir. of India by Parliament Act (52). Kanpur. AICTE has already laid down the eligibility requirements (in respect of qualification and experience) for the post of Assistant Professor in degree level technical institutions in various disciplines of technical education. The revised eligibility conditions are enclosed with this letter.notifications thereof.No. The Deputy Secretary (T).FD/PSSC/Notification/2002/1 Date : 19.No.I). and Union Territories : For circulation amongst all Directors/Principals of Degree Level Technical prescribed by AICTE . Ministry of HRD. Chennai. All the Regional Offices of AICTE at Kolkata. Chandigarh. Bhopal and Bangalore. 3. Naresh Kumar) Adviser (FD) Copy to : 1. Self Financing) issued under AICTE L. B. Principals of all National Institutions of Technology and Regional Engineering Colleges. The Secretaries. 5. Yours faithfully. Ref : 1. of India. sd/(B. 2000. As per the approval the Executive Committee of the AICTE in the 42nd meeting heid recently. qualifications for the post of Assistant Professors in various disciplines of technical education (namely Engineering & Technology (E&T). 2. All Centrally funded Technical Institutions. 2000. All State Govt.1-65/CD/NEC/98-99 dated 3rd May. AICTE’s notification on revised pay scale and service conditions for degree level technical institutions (Pvt.F.2003 To. All Vice . of Education. 2. Pharmacy. 1987) F. Management and Master of Computer Applications (MCA) have been revised.Annexure-D ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENT FOR THE POST OF ASSISTANT PROFESSOR IN DEGREE LEVEL TECHNICAL INSTITUTIONS IN VARIOUS DISCIPLINES OF EDUCATOIN Prof. New Delhi. there has been no change in the existing eligibility requirement.N0. Deptt. Shastri Bhawan. Sub : Eligibility requirement for the post of Assistant Professor in degree level technical institutions in various disciplines of education . F. Naresh Kumar ADVISOR-II ALL INDIA COUNCIL FOR TECHNICAL EDUCATION (A Statutory Body of Govt.G. Dealing with Technical Education.110 001 .2. AICTE’s notification on revised pay scale and service conditions for degree level technical institutions (Govt/Govt. As per the above reference. 6. All the Directors of Technical Education of the State Govts.Chancellors of Universities/Deemed Universities. & Union Territories. This is issued with the approval of the Competent Authority. Mumbai. Aided) issued under AICTE L. 4.

UPSC. Dholpur House.G. New Delhi .7. Naresh Kumar) Adviser (FD) . Shahjhan Road.110 001 sd/(B. Secretary.

E. would be eligible. Desirable : Administrative experience in a responsible position. OR First class Degree at Master’s Level in the appropriate branch of Engg. Note : 1. In addition the candidates should be an eminent person in the field with 15 years’ experience in Teaching/Industry/Research out of which 5 years must be at the level of Professor or above. Ph. Assistant Professor Professor Principal/ Director/ Head of Department Qualifications as per the qualifications of the Professor in the respective discipline.) (No minimum experience required).D.Tech. in lieu of the 1st class degree at Bachelor’s and/or Master’s level in the appropriate branch.Tech.REVISED MINIMUM QUALIFICATION AND EXPERIENCE PRESCRIBED FOR TEACHING POSTS IN DEGREE LEVEL TECHNICAL INSTITUTIONS ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY DISCIPLINES Cadre Lecturer Qualification & Experience First Class Bachelors Degree in the appropriate Branch of Engineering/Technology OR First Class Master’s Degree in the appropriate branch of Engineering (Engg./B. If a grade point system is adopted. Ph. Candidates from Industry/Profession with Master’s Degree in Engineering/ Technology and with professional work which is significant and can be recognised as equivalent to Ph. Candidates from Industry/Profession with Master’s Degree in Engineering/ Technology and with professional work which is significant and can be recognised as equivalent to Ph. If a class/division is not awarded at B. Degree with First Class degree at Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in the appropriate branch of Engineering/Technology with 10 years’ experience in Teaching/ Industry/Research out of which 5 years must be at the level of Assistant Professor and/or equivalent. Degree within a period of 7 years from the date of appointment as Assistant Professor. Qualification & Experience for candidates from Industry & Profession First Class Bachelor’s Degree in the appropriate Branch of Engineering/ Technology OR First Class Master’s Degree in the appropriate branch of Engineering (Engg. the CGPA will be converted to equivalent marks and minimum CGPA shal) be 6. Such candidates will be required to obtain Ph.D. 2.D./equivalent degree. degree and with 5 years’ Industrial/ Professional experience would also be eligible. In the discipline Computer Science and Engineering/Technology.. would also be eligible. a minimum of 60% marks in aggregate shall be considered equivalent to 1st class/division. Degree and with 10 years’ industrial/ professional experience of which at least 5 years should be at a Senior Level comparable to that of an Assistant Professor.75 in the scale of 10.D degree with first class Degree at Bachelor’s OR Master’s level in the appropriate branch of Engineering/Technology with 3 years’ experience in Teaching/Industry/Research at the level of Lecturer or equivalent. Degree and with 15 years’ industrial/ professional experience of which at least 5 years should be at a Senior Level comparable to that of an Professor./Tech.D.M.D.) (No minimum experience required) Candidates from Industry/Profession with First Class Bachelor’s Degree/First Class Master’s Degree in the appropriate branch of Engineering/Technology and Professional work which is significant and can be recognised as equivalent to Ph.)/Technology (Tech. with 5 years experience in Teaching/Industry/ Research at the level of Lecturer or equivalent.)/ Technology (Tech.E. . a 1st class Master’s Degree in Computer Science & Engineering/Technology together with a 1st class Bachelor’s Degree in any area of Engineering/Technology will be acceptable./M.

D. Desirable : Administrative experience in a responsible position.D. Degree (with First Class degree either at Bachelors or Masters level) in the appropriate branch of Specialisation in Pharmacy and with professional work which is significant and can be recognised as equivalent to Ph. If a class/division is not awarded at Master’s Level/equivalent degree. In addition. Degree within a period of 7 years from the date of appointment as Assistant Professor. If a grade point system is adopted. . OR First class Degree at Master’s Level in the appropriate branch of specialisation in Pharmacy with 5 years experience in Teaching/ Industry/Research at the level of Lecturer. (No appropriate Branch of Specialisation in minimum experience required). Pharmacy.75 in the scale of 10.D. would also be eligible. a minimum of 60% marks in aggregate shall be considered equivalent to First Class/division. the candidate should be an eminent person in the field. Candidates from Industry/Profession with Ph.D. Ph.D. Degree {with First Class either at Bachelor’s or Master’s level) in the appropriate branch of specialisation in Pharmacy and with 15 years’ experience in Teaching/Industry/Research out of which 5 years must be at the level of Professor or above in Pharmacy.D degree with first class Degree either at Bachelor’s OR Master’s level in the appropriate branch of Specialisation in Pharmacy with 3 years’ experience in Teaching/Industry/ Research at the level of Lecturer or equivalent. Degree (with First Class either at Bachelor’s or Master’s level) in the appropriate branch of specialisation in Pharmacy and with 10 years’ experience in Teaching/Industry/Research out of which 5 years must be at the level of Assistant Professor or equivalent. the CGPA will be converted to equivalent marks and minimum CGPA shall be 6. Such candidates will be required to obtain Ph. would also be eligible. Assistant Professor Professor Candidates from Industry/Profession with First Class Master’s Degree in appropriate branch of specialisation in Pharmacy and with professional work which is significant and can be recognised as equivalent to Ph. degree and with 5 years” experience would also be eligible. Principal/ Director/ Head of Department Ph.D.PHARMACY DISCIPLINES Cadre Lecturer Qualification & Experience Qualification & Experience for candidates from Industry & Profession First Class Masters Degree in the appropriate First Class Masters Degree in the Branch of Specialisation in Pharmacy. Desirable : Administrative Experience in a responsible position. Note : 1. (No minimum experience required) Ph. Candidates from Industry/Profession with First Class Master’s Degree in the appropriate branch of Specialisation in Pharmacy and Professional work which is significant and can be recognised as equivalent to Ph. Degree and with 15 years’ industrial/professional experience out of which at least 5 years should be at a Senior Level comparable to that of a Professor.D. Degree and with 10 years’ industrial/ professional experience out of which 5 years should be at Senior Level comparable to that of an Assistant Professor.

D.D. ICA or ICWA within a period of 7 years from the date of appointment as Assistant Professor. ICA or Candidates from Industry/Profession with First ICWA with first class Masters degree in Business Class Master’s Degree in Business Management/Administration/other relevant Management/Administration/ other relevant Management related disciplines/ PGDM Management related disciplines/PGDM programmes assessed by AIU and declared programmes assessed by AIU and declared equivalent to MBA and with 10 years* experience equivalent to MBA and with professional work in Teaching/Industry/ Research/out of which 5 years which is significant and can be recognised as must be at the level of Assistant Professor and/or equivalent to Ph. would be responsible position. Such eligible. OR AND First class Degree at Master’s Level in Business Management/Administration/other relevant with Professional work which is significant and Management related disciplines/PGDM programmes can be recognised at National/International level assessed by AIU and declared equivalent to MBA as equivalent to Ph. ICA or Candidates from Industry/Profession with First ICWA with first class Masters degree in Business Class Master’s Degree in Management/Administration/other relevant Management/Administration/other relevant Management related disciplines/PGDM programmes Management related disciplines/ PGDM assessed by AIU and declared equivalent to MBA programmes assessed by AIU and declared and with 3 years’ experience in equivalent to MBA. In addition the Class Master’s Degree in Business candidates should be an eminent person in the field Management/Ad ministration/other relevant with 15 years’ experience in Management related disciplines and with Teaching/Industry/Research out of which 5 years professional work which is significant and can be must be at the level of Professor or above in recognised as equivalent to Ph. Qualifications as per the qualifications of the Candidates from Industry/Profession with First Professor in the respective discipline. 15 years’ industrial/professional experience of which at least 5 years should be at a Senior Level Desirable : Administrative experience in a comparable to that of an Professor. Ph. a minimum of 60% marks in aggregate shall be considered equivalent to 1st class/division. experience is required). would also be eligible.D.D. candidates will be required to obtain Ph. Degree and with 10 years’ equivalent.MANAGEMENT PROGRAMMES Cadre Lecturer Qualification & Experience Qualification & Experience for candidates from Industry & Profession First Class Masters’ Degree in Business First Class Masters’ Degree in Business Management/Administration/other relevant Management/Administration/other relevant Management related disciplines (No minimum Management related disciplines (No minimum experience is required).75 in the scale of 10. If a grade point system is adopted. Degree and with Management.D. Assistant Professor Professor Principal/ Director/ Head of Institute Note : 1. Degree or a Fellowship of IIMs. the CGPA will be converted to equivalent marks and minimum CGPA shall be 6. Teaching/Industry/Research/Profession. industrial/ professional experience of which at least 5 years should be at a Senior Level comparable to that of an Assistant Professor. eligible. If a class/division is not awarded at Master’s degree/PGDM/programme/equivalent degree.D. Desirable : Administrative experience in a responsible position. degree and with 5 years’ and with 5 years’ experience in experience in Industry/Profesion would also be Teaching/Industry/Research/Profession. Degree or a Fellowship of IIMs. Degree or a fellowship of IIMs. Ph. .

Qualification & Experience for candidates from Industry & Profession First Class BE/B. Degree within a period of 7 years from the date of appointment as Assistant Professor. Ph.D. Assistant Professor Professor Candidates from Industry/Profession with First Class BE/B. in Computer Science/Engineering/Technology OR First class MCA Degree. and with Professional work which is significant and can be recognised as equivalent to Ph. a minimum of 60% marks in aggregate shall be considered equivalent to 1st class/division. Degree and with 10 years’ experience of which at least 5 years should be at a Senior Level comparable to that of an Assistant Professor. Master’s/equivalent degree. in Computer Science/ Engineering/Technology OR First class MCA Degree.D. Degree and with 15 in Computer Engineering/Computer years’ experience of which at least 5 years Technology/Computer Applications. Degree in any branch of Science/ Engineering/Management with first class degree at Bachelor’s or Master’s level in Computer Science/ Computer Engineering/ Computer Technology OR Ph. In First Class BE/B. OR First class Masters Degree in Computer Science/Computer Engg.Tech.MASTER IN COMPUTER APPLICATION (MCA) PROGRAMMES Cadre Lecturer Qualification & Experience First Class BE/B. In lieu of the First Class degree at Bachelor’s or First class MCA Degree. Desirable : Administrative experience in a Desirable : Administrative experience in responsible position. (No minimum experience required). a first class Masters Degree in Computer Science/Computer Engineering/Computer Technology together with a bachelor’s degree in any area of Engineering/ Technology will be acceptable. should be at Senior Level comparable to that of an Professor.Tech. would also be eligible. Such candidates will be required to obtain Ph. degree and with 5 years’ experience would also be eligible./Computer Technology OR with First class MCA Degree and with 5 years’ experience in Teaching/ Industry/Research at the level of Lecturer or equivalent. If a grade point system is adopted.D.D. degree in Computer Science with First class MCA degree AND with 10 years’ experience in Teaching/Industry/Research out of which 5 years must be at the level of Assistant Professor and/or equivalent. in Computer Head of addition the candidates should be an eminent Science/Technology or First Class MCA Institute person in the field with 15 years’ experience in degree AND with professional work Teaching/Industry/Research out of which 5 which is significant and can be recognised years must be at the level of Professor or above as equivalent to Ph. 1.D. (No minimum experience required) Candidates from Industry/Profession with First Class BE/B.Tech.D.Tech. Principal/ Qualifications as per the qualifications of the Candidates from Industry/Profession with Director/ Professor in the respective discipline.D. in Computer Science/Engineering/Technology or First Class MCA degree AND with professional work which is significant and can be recognised as equivalent to Ph. Note .Tech. 2. PhD degree in any branch of Science/ Engineering/Management with first class degree at Bachelor’s or Master’s level in Computer Engineering/Computer Technology OR Ph. Annexure-E . in Computer Science/Engineering/Technology OR First class MCA Degree.D. would be eligible.75 in the scale of 10. a responsible position. the CGPA will be converted to equivalent marks and minimum CGPA shall be 6. If a class/division is not awarded at Bachelor’s. degree in Computer Science with First class MCA degree and with 3 years’ experience in Teaching/Industry/Research at the level of Lecturer or equivalent after Ph.

This needs to be corrected through appropriate training and education wing by non-formal mode.NATIONAL ACADEMIC NETWORK FOR CONTINUING EDUCATION (NANCE) Background The National Policy on Education (NPE). The graduates of these institutes need to be substantiated with further quality inputs to make those employable in the competitive job market. The Salient Objectives and Functions of NANCE: (i) (ii) to build up country’s capacity through system of non-formal education and training for meeting the technical and skilled manpower needs of the industry. adjunct body of AlCTE on Continuing Education. the background. The need for adopting modern technologies and continuing upgradation of such technologies in industrial application to sustain economic development cannot be over emphasized. The creation of centre for Continuing Education in AlCTE is a landmark achievement for the Council as the entire country has been waiting for long to see that a non-formal system of technical education is installed in the country for the benefit of all sections of the society. The culture of Research and Development cannot be inculcated unless the attention is focused on the development of Technical education and further enhancement of technical knowledge through Continuing Education. 1986 of Ministry of Human Resource Development. Mechanical. encompassing whole gamut of CE-activities. . Besides the euphoria of IT education is resulting into skewed development of Technical education at the cost of core technologies such as Civil. Continuing Education . Looking into the growing needs of CE education in the country particularly when education imparted through some of the institutions are being often questioned on the quality of education. keeping pace with the continuous technological developments around the world. The knowledge and skills acquired through the formal systems of technical education must be directed towards development of technology in order to achieve economic development and self sufficiency. All India Council for Technical Education(AICTE) had undertaken the task of developing a new comprehensive model of Continuing Education for India leading to setting up a National Academic Network for Continuing Education(NANCE)’in AICTE. the objectives and functions of NANCE clearly demonstrates that the role envisaged for NANCE would be futuristic in nature as NANCE will be made operational in three different phases. Electrical Engineering which are equally important for the economic and infrastructural development of any nation. envisages the promotion of Continuing Education with the prime objective of adopting Continuing Education (CE) as a national culture and make it a recognized activity of all technical educational institutes. to supplement education received through formal education in university system by upgradation of knowledge and skills through CE. The concept of NANCE has been developed keeping the present needs of the country in view. before it finally takes off as an independent.A Platform for Parallel System of Education Continuing Education is a global phenomenon and many countries have taken full advantage of CE concept particularly for the development of Technical Manpower Resources in the Country. Learning from the past experience and taking the example of various CE systems in India and abroad. Govt. However. of India.

there is a great need to ensure that under privileged students completing their basic school/ college education are provided with competency based education and training. Councils and other academic institutions. to monitor and ensure effective implementation of the programmes by various centres with an aim to maintain uniform standards. to develop strategies and policies for CE-networking and its continued development in an coordinated and integrated manner and recommend to AICTE for changes in the regulations. This requires the development of a culture of life long learning and training. to develop course curricula for various CE-courses may be in association with professional societies. (Xiii) to initiate all such activities as it may deem necessary in the best interest of technical education keeping the larger public interest in view. to serve as an agency of AICTE to ensure overall growth of technical education through CE system.(iii) (iv) to assess the manpower needs of industry and formulate courses and training programmes accordingly. (i) Methodologies for CE for Working Professionals (CE-WP) (ii) Methodologies for CE for Fresh Graduates (CE-FG) (iii) Methodologies for CE for Regular Students (CE-RS) . there is a need to ensure that young people ready to enter the workforce are provided with broad based education and basic training and inculcated with culture of life long learning. to supplement and compliment education received through formal education. to enhance industry institute interaction. (v) (vi) (vii) (viii) (ix) (x) (xi) (xii) (xiii) The Multi-Tier Continuing Education System Methodologies There has to be a three prone strategy in devising a continuing education mode for India. to arrange workshops. Firstly. to develop criteria of award of certificates. Different methodologies are to be adopted for different category of target group as explained above for devising a multi-tier CE . diploma and degrees through CE-system. adaptability to change and work attitude. Secondly. to provide training to industry professionals so as to induct them into teaching. making them employable. seminars from time to time on emerging areas specially of interdisciplinary in nature. Enhancement of knowledge and skill is extremely important in these categories as the graduates coming out of conventional and formal system of education must he supplemented with quality inputs otherwise the country has to carry the burden of unemployed technical graduates. appreciation of quality. if needed. there is a demand to retrain existing workers with new competencies including creating an ability to adapt quickly to new technologies and work environment. Thirdly. to organize National/International Conference on Continuing Education in India and share experience of other countries for effective implementation of CE system in India. may be through credit accumulation over a period of time. from time to time.model.

The entry level to CE Programme shall be minimum Diploma/Degree or students of Diploma or UG Level. This is possible in well established Institutions. . Therefore the proposed multi-tier system must address the issues on the integration of both the formal and non-formal mode of education. catering to the manpower needs at various levels is required to be developed. or the equivalence norms of NANCE. Diploma as per the rules of Universities. as may be stipulated in the CElegislations : CE-1 + CE2+ CEn (additional credits earned through CE-courses) Enhancement of qualifications as well as higher professional standards Diploma/Degree/PG + Tier 3: CE-Courses for Working Professionals (CE-WP) The additional credits earned through various CE-courses leads to enhancement of qualifications and improvement of professional standards.For systematic human resource development. Continuing Education programmes must be developed on modular and flexible approach for its integration with the regular programmes. In credit based fee structure. Students earn extra credits as per their personal needs. The Continuing Education courses are offered to the students who are undergoing regular programmes. outside the institution where they are presently studying. Diagram is shown at the end of the document Multi-tier Multi-Level CE system Multi-tier system : Tier 1: CE-course For Regular Students (CE-RS): To earn additional credits to meet professional standards. Additional Credits earned through CE-courses Higher Professional Standards/and/or Higher Qualification The students of Diploma/Degree/PG + Tier 2: CE Courses for Fresh Graduates (pass outs) (CE-FG): The credit earned through CE-Courses/Programmes can be accumulated and later may be transferred to Degree. an integrated system of CE. The multi-tier CE-system of education in non-formal routes may be followed for all levels starting from certificate course to PG-degree level with multi point entry and exit through credit accumulation in order to give the CE-system this required flexibility as exhibited in the flow diagram on next page. Level of Participation in Credit based CE-System of Education The background of the participants in various CE Programmes is given in the table below. Students can earn such credits through various programmes and training in recognized CE-centres. the students have to pay for these extra credits. or within the same institution if it is recognized centre of NANCE. The integrated approach of CE means that an institute shall be allowed to conduct a number of need based programmes along with regular programmes. Total integration of engineering education in suitable form is necessary.

Tier Participants Areas Remarks .

the credits must be earned from a family of courses. all the certificates of competency received must be converted to one certificate through prescribed Norms within the validity period.e. PG Degree etc. Degree. only the certificates of competency earned through various courses may be utilized for upward mobility in the service where higher level of skill is the criteria. Course fee based on credits registered in the CE-centres. non-formal mode or both. for the purpose of the validity of credits earned through initial short duration programmes. Industry Personnel at various level -Do- Duration of Programmes in a Family of Courses in Multi level CE-System Duration of CE programmes shall depend on the objectives to be achieved which should be set. However once such certificate is received the same shall be valid althrough and added for higher qualification in the same family of courses within the norms . if the credits were not converted into certificates within the validity period i. Supervisors. the students should earn all the required credits within a total duration of one year or so. combination of both with much flexibility as offered in CE System of Education. for the purpose of credit accumulation for higher qualifications. looking for job Opportunities Graduates intend to take up Entrepreneurship as career or self employed Graduates/ Diplomates To earn extra credit based on their interest & vision To update on the recent development and get exposure to the working environment according to their interest and ambition. Programmes may lead to any level such as Certificate /Diploma/ PG Diploma. To improve competen cies in problem solving in specific technology or management areas and acquire skill. Technicians or Junior Executives industry sponsored or individual participation on payment of fees. depending on the number of credits earned through various ‘Family of courses’ in the areas of specialization for which such certificate is sought. -Do- Tier 2:(CE-FG) -Do- Tier 3 (CE-WP) Just recruited personnel of industry Oritentation programmes in Engineering & technology and/or management To update skill and knowledge suiting their immediate needs for productivity improvement As may be specified by them. parttime. To receive a certificate. The credits will not be counted subsequently for higher degree/diploma. The credits earned from different family of courses will not be allowed to be counted for equivalence to higher level of qualifications. Skilled workers. on a family of courses. In such cases. However. The students shall be allowed to take up courses informal. industry sponsored programmes to be paid by industry. it may even join fulltime. based on thorough need analysis..Tier 1 (CE-RS) Present students of Diploma/ Degree/ PG Level Recently passed out Graduates. Diplomates.

That is. This will help at the national level to have uniform and comparable levels in the overall educational offerings from non-formal sector under Continuing Education Programme. The qualifications will be defined in terms of their level. Norms of Credit Calculation and Transfer Detailed norms shall be worked out based on the recommendation of Consultative Committee to be constituted by AICTE for this purpose. The following upward ranking of levels is proposed as a measure of standardization of levels. say. the generic description having been earmarked with specific amount of credits at which such qualification is awarded. However. In this document a structure of levels is being developed and these levels have to be assigned specific credits by which one can distinguish the status of the level and the outcome and usefulness of the knowledge and skills acquired at a particular level. consistency of nomenclature/title of courses or programmes will be established and also the gradual progressions in the academic career would be clearly understood by ail the stakeholders.of higher qualifications. PROFICIENCY LEVEL Entry qualifications : Diploma or Graduate Levels e F g h I J Credits Attached 5 25 50 75 100 125 Qualifications awarded Certificate Certificate of competency Advance Certificate Diploma Degree PG Diploma . for diploma (formal/non-formal programme). Levels in a Family of Courses in different disciplines There is a need of standardization of levels of education imparted through various non-formal mechanisms so as to enable the public and ail other stakeholders to clearly understand and measure the academic standards. TECHNICIAN VOCATIONAL LEVEL Entry qualifications: 10th pass or ITI Levels a b c d Credits Attached 5 points credits 25 50 75 Qualifications awarded Certificate Certificate of competency Advance certificate Diploma B. which would indicate the levels of achievement and facilitate mobility. next five years. students directly entering at Diploma level Programme must complete the programme within the stipulated duration and so on. for diploma. a student entering in CE Programmes at certificate level shall be allowed to complete his Diploma within a specified period for completing ail the required certificates in the family of courses. the required certificate must be obtained on a family of courses as may be stipulated. all the required certificates shall have to be acquired within couple of years. A. which will be notified subsequently. Through standardization of levels. Likewise. Please note.

25 credits .Tech level .15 credits Dissertation at M. of Courses courses: One can leach upto this level with entry qualification of 10th pass/ITI One can reach upto this level with entry qualification of Diploma/Graduation One can reach upto this level with entry qualification of Graduation/PG Dissertation at PG Diploma level .15 credits Dissertation at M. Tech 1 credit 20 25 30 5 5 5 100 125 150 . Tech . Credits for each course 5 Minimum Credits required 5 Duration of Teaching Programme Flexible in accordance with the credit requirements Flexible in accordance with the credit requirements Flexible in accordance with the credit requirements Flexible in accordance with the credit requirements 4 years 10 years from the date of receipt of first certificate 5 years 2 years 8 years Validity of Credits for the purpose of Equivalence Certificate 1 Certificate of Competency (5 certificates) Advance Certificate (10 certificates) Diploma 5 5 .30 hours of Training/Workshop/Laboratory time -15 hours of Teaching Time Non-Credit Programmes : The certificate of competency may be awarded by the centers for non.C.15 hours of Teaching .Tech level .30 hours of Training. 25 10 5 50 15 5 75 Degree PG Diploma M.25 credits Multi-Level System Types of Programme No. SPECIALISED/HIGHER EDUCATION LEVEL Entry qualifications : Graduate/Post Graduate Levels k l m n o p q Note : 1 Credit Credits Attached Qualifications awarded 5 Certificate 25 Certificate of competency 50 Advance Certificate 75 Diploma 100 Degree 125 PG Diploma 150 year of field experience Dissertation at PG Diploma level . Workshop/Laboratory time .

Continuing Education Pool Account (CEPA) As stated already. NANCE shall allow full time.Fee Structure for NANCE Centres: While the CE Centres shall charge fees from participating students and through sponsorship. The objective of national survey is to sense the market needs of the various technical courses at different back the revenue earned through various centres of NANCE for further opening up of new CE Centres and Resource Centres. it should keep the economic status of the students/participants in view. keeping the target audiences in mind so that the courses offered add values to the knowledge base of every participant of Continuing Education and help them in career advancement and the upward mobility in their respective profession. Multi-Tier Multi-level CE system: . It is proposed that the CE centres conducting courses shall contribute 10% to 15% of revenue after first year of operation for consecutive years of operations. Therefore. Mode of Instructions Under flexible system of operations in a CE system of education. This account shall be utilized for plough. CE is primarily focused to the disadvantaged section of the society who could not get themselves enrolled in full time regular courses. part time. evening programme under contact mode or distance mode or instance mode (web based) or the combination thereof. continuing education system of NANCE. the AICTE may not be able to provide financial support to the extent desired. the centres of NANCE have to discharge a bit of social responsibilities in a philanthropic manner to help expanding CE activities all through the country. due to budgetary constraints at a later stage. A national survey has already been commissioned to identify the emerging areas and also the specific conventional areas of study to cater to the needs of industry through nonformal. to sustain the CE activities it is proposed to maintain CEPA account as a measure of revenue generation by NANCE. fee structure should be such that this section is attracted significantly. Therefore.


Installation & warranty Rs. Financial AssistancelLiabilities 1. in turn extend the services to their respective department. With increasing volume of work. .66 lakhs for basic equipment and installation charges as well as one time connectivity charges. AICTE central office situated at New Delhi. b. 2. 5. for maintenance & connectivity in successive years. 8GB HDD. The vast number of Engineering Institutions spread across the country and general public solicit information pertaining to technical education and these inquiries will be better catered to in the future once networking process is completed.Video Conferencing . library resources and computer communication network of technical institutions as well as internet/www. This scheme is being implemented in phases so that all eligible technical institutions may be covered. 2. A commitment in this regard from the institute is necessary for evaluating the institute for selection. 5. the AICTE will provide the financial assistance equal to about 50% of Rs. Freight charges 4. Sales Tax 4% (against form ‘D/C’) Annual Charges a. Basic equipment charges Rs. . Pentium-II based system with minimum 32 MB RAM.39 lakhs approx. Under AICTE-NIC Project.Internet M-Bone support for international video-based Teaching Material. 3.9 lakhs 2. Connectivity charges Rs. 1. 4.Internet/www Access Through . Uninterrupted Power Supply for the above Internet server Secured location at the top of building for installation of VSAT.NICNET Info Highway. . 0. Other facilities at VSAT Connectivity . C. 3.Library Automation.83 lakhs as well as annual charges of Rs. In case of selection of institution for providing VSAT Connectivity. 0. The institute will bear an expenditure of Rs. Configuration Required for Server: Minimum configuration & Infrastructure required at the Receiver Institute as prescribed by NICST: 1. faculty and even to students.69 lakh Support charges 2% 3. Annual maintenance charges Rs. necessity of frequent information transaction between the central office and regional offices has been strongly felt. Phase-1: In the first phase of implementation of this programme. is assisted by its seven regional offices spread all over the country. 2. Cost of equipment & installation 1. 2 3. Networking of Technical Institutions under AICTE-NIC Project is aimed at optimal utilization of research resource base. . Salient features of AICTE-NIC Networking projects: A.CAD/CAM Distance Education over NICNET Info Highway. 1.Annexure-F NETWORKING OF TECHNICAL INSTITUTIONS AND REGIONAL OFFICES OF AICTE 1. CDDrive with window NT/95 platform. VSAT Connectivity has been provided to the 18 technical institutions/ organisations.39 lakh B. all the technical institutions across the country will be connected to NICNET with a view to providing Inernet/Email facilities to the respective colleges which may.00 lakh The NIC will provide a unique IP address to institution for accessing Internet as well as for email services through NICNET. The AICTE and NIC have already entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for continuing co-operation in the area of Information Technology (IT) Applications to the Management. Networking and Quality upgradation of engineering colleges in each state.

New Delhi-110002 .Phase-II: In the second phase 21 institutions have been provided with VSAT Connectivity. Further information could be had from: The Advisor (PC Bureau) AICTE Indira Gandhi Sports Complex IP Estate.

Recommendations of the respective State Government and University or other concerned agencies. Management.? NBA Accreditation shall enable your institution to: • Identify your program with excellence in Technical Education. which meets the local industry requirement and also emerges as a competitive human resource to reckon with in the global environment. LP. The objective of NBA accreditation is to recognize and acknowledge the value addition in transforming the admitted students into trained technical manpower.(drawn in favour of MEMBER SECRETARY. Guidelines & Regulations. Faculty vis-a-vis Performance. approved by AICTE. • Assessment and grading by eminent NBA experts through a visit to the institution based on facilities & academic ambience. Computer Applications. Estate New Delhi-110002 (Telefax: 011-23392595) NBA Accreditation Signifies: • Demonstrated capability of the institution and Program to adhere to the Norms & Standards. • • • • Credibility and Capability of Institutional Management and the Program providers. Why should institutions go for NBA Accreditation. Projected manpower profile in different regions of the country.A HALLMARK OF QUALITY IN TECHNICAL EDUCATION . It is. 540/. Applied Arts & Crafts etc. IG. NBA ACCREDITATION . Assurance to comply with AICTE Norms & Standards. Where to apply for NBA accreditation? The application form and manual for accredition can be obtained by sending a demand draft of Rs. • Potential for sustaining and improving upon the assessment criteria. Pharmacy. Who should apply for NBA accreditation? Government of India has announced accreditation as mandatory requirement for all higher and technical educational institutions. necessary that all technical institutions approved by AICTE get their programs accredited by NBA.) Submission of Proposals for NBA Accreditation National Board of Accreditation (NBA) of AICTE has the statutory responsibility of accrediting all technical programs. NBA Accreditation is a process of quality assurance through which a technical program is critically appraised at regular intervals to ensure that the academic objectives of the program are seriously pursued and effectively implemented with the available resources and the institution concerned has demonstrated capability to ensure continued effectiveness of the program over the period of NBA Accreditation. Spors Complex. Hotel Management & Catering Technology. What is the difference between AICTE Approval and NBA accreditation? AICTE approval signifies. therefore. Degree and Post Graduate Programs in the disciplines of Engineering & Technology. • Rate your programs on a National platform to attract better student intake. Architecture & Town Planning. • Appraise yourself of your own Facilities. Who can be A credited by NBA ? Under the provisions of the AICTE Act of 1987 all Diploma. guidelines and regulations of AICTE. NBA and payable at nationalized bank at New Delhi to: Advisor (Q A) AICTE.Annexure-G NATIONAL BOARD OF ACCREDITATION (Established under Section 10 (u) of AICTE Act. are eligible for NBA Accreditation provided the programs are approved by AICTE and atleast two batches of students have graduated on the date of making the application. • Guarantee of quality by all stakeholders like the end users. • Be assured of conformity to good practice and global benchmarks. institutional products and the community at large.

Pharmacy. a statutory autonomous body of Government of India. development of teaching and learning materials etc. Quality is nothing but a continuous improvement and we owe it to future generations to deliver knowledge which is up-to-date. Three major activities under this programme are: A. . Hotel Management and Catering Technology and Computer Applications. They are the architects who provide the essential know-how which help students to realize their awesome potential. (ii) Polytechnic teachers It is expected that teachers in various AICTE approved institutions would take advantage of this scheme to pursue higher qualifications in their area of expertise so that they become more useful to the education system in the country. The programme was launched to improve the overall quality of teaching in technical institutions. However good the infrastructure may be. Under the Quality Improvement Programme only sponsored teachers are eligible for admission to either Masters or Doctoral degree programme. This programme is now being implemented and monitored by AICTE. personality development. those (teachers) involved in making of managers and technocrats are not up to the mark. infrastructure and the faculty are of the international standards. Organizing short-term courses at QIP centers for serving teachers. Curriculum development activities to improve teaching-learning process. However. inter personnel skills. Further. No pursuit in educational excellence can ever be dreamt. if. in emerging areas of technology and research. C. Initially the scheme was restricted to the teachers of engineering colleges only and was run as a non-plan scheme. Architecture and Town planning. there is no substitute to a good teacher. It is the difference between a good teacher and an average one that sets their students apart. For gearing up the faculty to achieve excellence in education it is of prime importance that programs are conducted and participated in without fail. The Additional objectives of the programme are: • Conducting seminars and workshops on various themes and policies relevant to technical education.Annexure-H QUALITY IMPROVEMENT PROGRAMME OF AICTE INTRODUCTION The Government of India initiated the Quality Improvement Programme (QIP) in 1970 with an objective to upgrade the expertise and capability of regular full-time faculty members in degree level Engineering institutions of the country. AICTE has now extended this scheme to other: (i) non-engineering disciplines as well such as: Management. Providing opportunity for the faculty members of recognized degree level technical institutions to improve their qualifications B. teaching pedagogy and emphasizing practical training. however promising may be the results of various programs. it would provide the teachers an opportunity to get involved in emerging areas of research and development activities. no one can claim to be the best unless efforts are made to continually update the knowledge of emerging technology. The scheme envisaged that by training the faculty members in institutions where the facilities. concerned with the quality of technical education in general. All these philosophical aspects are considered in the scheme of Quality Improvement Programme of AICTE. With the aim to imbibe in them the culture of research and also to develop innovative teaching ability by exposing them to the environment and training in premier institutions of technical education in the country. This would facilitate building of quality infrastructure and improve the standard of technical education in their parent institution.

Scholarship and Contingency Grants For Master’s Degree Programme: Scholarship (per month) Rs 2500/Contingency grant (per annum) Rs.D. For Ph. The candidate selected for admission under QIP will have to execute an undertaking to serve his/her parent institution for a minimum period of three years after completion of the programme. • Five years teaching experience at diploma level. if selected. The candidates must possess: For Master’s Degree Programme • Minimum eligibility of a Lecturer as applicable under AICTE prescribed qualifications. III. Degree Programme • A master degree in the appropriate discipline. • Five years teaching experience. • One year teaching experience at graduate level. • Sponsored from the parent institution with full pay. research and development organizations at national and international levels. 6400/Contingency grant for three years (per annum) Rs. • Sponsored from the parent institution with full pay. (A) MASTER’S AND DOCTORAL DEGREE PROGRAMMES I. Eligibility Criteria for Polytechnic Teachers: Full time regular/permanent faculty members of AICTE approved diploma level colleges/ institutions are eligible to apply.D. Eligibility Criteria for Engineering College Teachers: Full time regular/permanent faculty members of AICTE approved degree level colleges are eligible to apply. 10000/- • • A large number of faculty members from AICTE recognized degree level institutions from all over the country . The candidates must possess: For Master’s Degree Programme • Minimum eligibility of a Lecturer as applicable under AICTE prescribed qualifications. is treated on deputation and his/her normal salary and allowances are to be paid by the parent institution. For Ph. Degree Programme • First class master degree in the appropriate discipline. 3000/• For Ph.• • To monitor and evaluate course material and to disseminate the same in Industry and institutions. The candidate. Degree Programme: Scholarship for first two years (per month) Rs.D. To interact with industrial establishments. • Three years teaching experience at graduate level. 6000/Scholarship for Third year (per month) Rs. The application form should be routed through the Head of the Institution II.

Institutions Identified as QIP Centres: ENGINEERING DISCIPLINES (FOR FACUL TY OF DEGREE COLLEGES) • The following institutions identified as Major QIP centers offer admission to both Master’s and Doctoral Degree Programme in all the existing disciplines of Engineering and Technology in their institution: 1. Calicut 6. Bangalore 3. Alagappa College of Technology. Surathkal 16. Calcutta 5.J. Banaras Hindu University. Chennai 12. Rourkela 15. Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology. Howrah 9. National Institute of Industrial Engineering.have pursued Master’s and Ph. Mumbai 4. Kharagpur 5. Indore 10. Delhi 3. Indian Institute of Technology. Indian Institute of Technology. National Institute of Technology. Institute of Technology. Kanpur 4. Institute of Technology and Science. Indian Institute of Technology. Jadavpur University. D. Indian Institute of Technology. . Tiruchirapalli 17. have been recognized as Minor QIP centers. Indian Institute of Technology. Regional Engineering College. S. Indian Institute of Technology. Indian School of Mines. for offering Doctoral/Master’s Degree Programmes. Mysore 13.S. College of Engineering. in specific disciplines of Engineering and Technology: 1. Chennai 11. IV. Mumbai 7. Madras 6. National Institute of Technology. Bangalore 2. Shri G. PSG College of Technology. Anna University. National Institute of Technology. Allahabad 2. Dhanbad 8. Chandigarh 2. Anna University. please contact any of the major centers mentioned above. Varanasi 18. Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology. Coimbatore 7. Calicut For further details regarding Engineering and Technology QIP programmes. Bengal Engineering College. National Institute of Technology. degree programmes under this scheme. College of Engineering. University Visvesvaraya College of Engineering. Indian Institute of Science. Warangal ENGINEERING DISCIPLINES (FOR FACULTY OF DIPLOMA INSTITUTIONS) 1. Roorkee The following institutions. Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology. Nagpur 14. National Institute of Technology Karnataka. Allahabad 3. TTTI.

Ramanujan Computer Center. School of Planning & Architecture. Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies. School of Planning & Architecture. 20. No. in the respective non Engineering disciplines. Calcutta-700 032 MANAGEMENT Major Cell 1. Off Sitapur Road.N. Uttar Pradesh 3. Pushp Vihar. School of Architecture and Planning. Sector 3. Prabandh Nagar. Ville Parle Development Scheme.J. JN Medical College Campus. Banaras Hindu University. P. Jadavpur University. Indian Institute of Management. Hyderabad-500 028 3. Management Development Institute. Lucknow 226 013. PHARMACY Major Cell 1. Anna University. J. Tamil.A. Dr. Rocklands. Mehrauli Road. Warangal 560 009 Minor Cells 2. Bengal Engineering College. Kakatiya University. Ville Parle (West) Mumbai-400 056 5. Belgaum-590010 5. University College of Pharmaceutical Science. Mumbai-400 001 MCA Major Cell 1. Indraprastha Estate. Tamil Nadu 4. Maharashtra HOTEL MANAGEMENT & CATERING TECHNOLOGY Major Cell . Faculty of Management Studies. T. D. Manipal-576 119 ARCHITECTURE & TOWN PLANNING AND APPLIED ARTS Major Cell 1. Pune University. Department of Computer Science. P. JNTU. Sir J.B. Botanical Gardens.NON ENGINEERING DISCIPLINES The following institutions are identified as Major QIP Cells and Minor QIP Cells who offer admission to either Master’s or Doctoral Degree Programme or both. Haryana Minor Cells 2. Ootacamud 643 001. Sardar Patel Road. College of Pharmacy. KLE Society’s College of Pharmacy. 6 Block B.S. Gurgaon 122001. Chennai-600 025. Pune. 60.S. Howrah-711 103 3. University of Delhi.B. New Delhi-110 002 Minor Cells 2. New Delhi-110 017 4. Anna University Chennai-600 025 Minor Cells 2. Road.Nadu 3.O. College of Pharmacy. Juhu. Varanasi-221 005 4. Pai Management Institute. Institute of Applied Arts. P. Mahaveer Marg.

Technology is being continuously and considerably influenced by the growth in science and there is an explosion in information generation these days. Sports Complex. In addition to such programmes. Mumbai-400 028 (B) SHORT TERM COURSE(S. For further details regarding QIP programmes. preparing of teaching resource materials production of multi-media teaching aids. teachers have no choice but to constantly update their knowledge. Each coordinating centre shall follow the minimum eligibility criteria as notified by AICTE for recruitment of teachers.T.C) To cope up with the ever-evolving modern day technology. It should include the process as a whole in organizing structural training and change through several activities like updating curricula. Since the inception of the QIP scheme. As science advances. These courses are designed to cover advanced topics and emerging areas for updating the knowledge of the teachers. Catering and Applied Nutrition. Dadar. The name given to the cell in beginning had the vision that the curriculum development Should mean the total educational process that evolves in an institution and not just the syllabus. please contact: The Adviser (FD) All India Council for Technical Education I.1. the fundamental basis for interpreting natural phenomena undergo revision and sometimes total change. Catering and Applied Nutrition. CD cells have been set up for improving the effectiveness of technical education in the country by undertaking various other activities as well. A number of short-term courses have also been organized by the QIP centers for the benefit of faculty members from engineering and Non-engineering institutions. Minor Centre and AICTE. SJP Campus. LP Estate New Delhi-110 002 Ph : (011)23392517 . Institute of Hotel Management. business and society by achieving excellence in technical teaching. Bangalore-560 001 Minor Cell 2.G. The courses have proved very popular and useful. It is essential that the serving teachers undergo through continuing education programmes in the form of Short Term Courses regularly. making of video films. the teachers will also have an exposure of laboratory experiments and some other innovative and creative approaches for teaching. (C) CURRICULUM DEVELOPMENT(CD) CELL The Curriculum Development Cells are intended to continuously update the curriculum offered at the graduate level technical institutions to meet the needs of our multifaceted development. Institute of Hotel Management. this should address to personality development and inter-personnel skill in a technocrat to meet the challenges of industry. In short. The programme may also undertake tailor-made special courses suited to the needs of organizations in order to make their personnel updated in the areas of their weaknesses. ADMISSION PROCEDURE Advertisement is released in all the leading national dailies and other print media inviting applications under the scheme to pursue the QIP programme by the QIP Co-ordinating Centre. Applicants are requested to forward their applications through the institute to the QIP-Co-ordinating Centre which are generally the major centres. The admission under this scheme shall be made in consultations with each Sub-Cell. holding of workshops/ seminars etc.

. Technology. Visiting Professorship is aimed at supplementing and providing expertise to teaching / research in those areas in which host institutions do not have the expertise. to promote programmes that facilitate career and faculty development. Pharmacy and Applied Arts & Crafts. Teachers from AICTE approved Technical Institutions / University departments are eligible for this grant. Following schemes are operated by the FD Bureau of AICTE :1. 4. The Scheme for Professional Societies / Bodies intends to provide limited non-recurring financial 2. Hotel Management & Catering Technology. Eminent scholars holding the post of Professors shall be considered for appointment as Visiting Professors. 5. to encourage research and development. Faculty Development Bureau (FD Bureau) The Faculty Development activities of AICTE operated by FD Bureau are geared to ensure the quality. Seminar Grant provides a forum for interaction of academicians and working professionals and opportunity for sharing of innovations and inventions. Professional bodies. Travel Grant enables meritorious teachers to interact at international level Conference / Seminar / Symposium etc. 52 of 1987 with a view to proper planning and coordinated development of Technical Education (TE) system throughout the Country. Management. promotion of qualitative improvement of Technical Education in relation to the planned quantitative growth and the regulation and proper maintenance of norms and standards in the Technical Education system and for matters connected therewith. Staff Development Programme is intended to provide opportunities through AICTE approved Staff Colleges / Institutions for induction training to teachers employed in AICTE approved Technical Institutions to facilitate upgradation of knowledge and skill. Town Planning. national agencies are also eligible provided that the seminar is organized in collaboration with AICTE approved Technical Institutions / University departments. 3. excellence and equity in Technical Education through the teachers of technical education. relevance. AICTE approved Technical Institutions / University departments are eligible for this grant. to recognize and support meritorious teachers. to provide opportunities for upgradation of knowledge and skills of teachers of technical education and working professionals. 7. Technical Education includes the fields of Engineering. Emeritus Fellowship utilizes services of highly qualified and experienced superannuated Professors of Technical Institutions / Universities in stimulating and achieving excellence in Technical Education.Annexure-I FACULTY DEVELOPMENT SCHEMES OF AICTE INTRODUCTION The AICTE The All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) is a Statutory Body established by the Government of India through Act No. Architecture. registered societies. 6. The objectives envisaged are to support programmes aimed at promoting quality of teachers. Career Award for Young Teachers identifies young talented teachers for promoting their professional growth by enabling them to devote maximum time in research and study with minimum teaching responsibility.

They also help in improving curriculum design and in fromulation and guidance on the projects for students. For further details. which is used as base documents by many institutions. New Delhi-110 002 Ph: (011)-23392517 . 10. 9. please get in touch with: The Advisor (FD) AICTE I. 8. c) Curriculum Development: The major QIP Centres are provided assistance to organize workshops for curriculum development. Early Faculty Induction Programme aims at attracting bright and young students in AICTE approved institutions to take teaching as their career.D Programmes to the facutly members and they are paid scholarships and contingency grant by the Council. Estate. I. Certain selected institutions offer Masters and Ph. This leads to the preparation of Model Curriculum.P.G. AICTE-INAE Distinguished Visiting Professorship AICTE and Indian National Academy of Engineers (INAE) have jointly initiated this scheme. the facility of pursuing Masters Degree programmes has been extended to polytechnic teachers also. Quality Improvement Programme is being implemented with the objective of upgrading the expertise. AICTE provides financial assistance for organizing short term training programmes in the emerging areas of Technical Education. The major activities under the QIP include:a) Masters and Doctoral Programmes : Under this scheme. qualification and capabilities of the faculty members of degree level technical institutions. faculty members of AICTE approved institutions are given opportunity to upgrade their qualifications.assistance to selected technical professional bodies / societies to enable them to meet the expenses towards promotion and development of technical education in their respective professions through various means provided in their objectives. Under this. Recently. highly experienced technical professionals from industry visit Technical Institutions for short durations to give state of the art technical lectures for the benefit of students and faculty members. b) Short Term Programme : in order to upgrade the knowledge and skills of the teachers working in the different institutions in the country. Sports Complex.

022-25720227 .in/indest Suggestions and feedback may be addressed to : Dr. welcomes institutions to join it on their own for sharing maximum benefits it offers in terms of lower subscription rates and better terms of agreement with the publishers. The INDEST Consortium (an MHRD initiative) : • Enables access to electronic information resources at highly discounted rates of subscription. S&T and Ocean Development on 26th January. This channel shall mark the beginning of a new era in the dissemination of technical education in the country. For further details please contact: The Head Educational Technology Services Center Eklavya-Technology Channel Indian Institute of Technology New Delhi . 2003. For further details. the consortium being an open-ended proposition. It is a channel dedicated to technical education and shall run programmes generated at different IITs. 7 days a week.library. being an open-ended proposition. The membership of the consortium is open to any Private or Government funded Engineering / Technological / Educational institutions / Universities for one or more electronic resources. This is a joint initiative of IIT’s and IGNOU and is catalyzed by Ministry of Human Resource Development. please visit the websit e of INDEST Consortium at: http:/www.Annexure-J TECHNOLOGY CHANNEL . Hon’ble Minister.iitb. The INDEST Consortium. welcomes other educational institutions in the country to join it and obtain maximum benefit it offers. a day. without any Guru Dakshina because it is a free-to-air channel. The Consortium would subscribe to electronic resources for select MHRD supported institutions (IISc. RCs & NITs) would be met from the funds made available by the MHRD. And that too.iitd. HRD. IITs. • Facilitates convenience of desktop access to high quality e-resources to your students and researchers 24 hrs. • Facilitates better management of information resources in electronics environment and saves you from the hassles of print resources and their management.ernet. The vision is to share the knowledge and expertise with all and to bring about a true socialism in engineering education cutting across all boundaries.EKLAVYA.110 016 Fax : 011-26566917 Annexure-K INDIAN NATIONAL DIGITAL LIBRARY INSCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY (INDEST) CONSORTIUM The Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) has set-up the Indian National Digital Library in Science & Technology (INDEST) Consortium. So what are you waiting for? Get hooked to EKLAVYA .ac.the Technology Channel . The channel was inaugurated by“. INDEST Consortium Librarian. EKLAVYA epitomizes the true spirit of learning and dedication. IISc. “Shared subscription” on “Consortia-based subscription” to electronic resources through consortia of libraries is a feasible strategy to increase the access to electronic resources across Institutions at a lower cost. It being a totally digital transmission. Jagdish Arora National Coordinator. you will receive crystal clear images.EKLAVYA Indian Institutes of Technology proudly announce the creation of a new Technology Channel .your own channel! The details of the courses and trasmission schedule are available at IIT Delhi website “www. so irrespective of wherever you are.400 076 Phone . Indian Institute of Technology Mumbai . Your motivation and enthusiasm are the only pre-requisites. you will be able to share the resources available at IITs. Murli Manohar Joshi. The expenditure on electronic resources proposed for subscription under the consortium for selected institutions (including IITs. NITs and a few others) through the INDEST Headquarters from the funds made available by MHRD.

Email : or Shri Pawan Agarwal Director Ministry of Human Resource Development Dept. “C” Wing New Delhi.iitb.110 001 Phone : 011-3387283 Email : pagarwal@sb. of Secondary & Higher Education Shastri Bhawan.

NON-TEACHER PARTICIPANTS Participants other than the teaching faculty of technical institutions can also be admitted to the shortterm programmes to a limited extent. In addition. Engineering College teachers : ISTE. Besides other types of programmes.per participant. In addition. a significant aspect of the QIP is short courses. The participants. dress materials (as appropriate to the climatic conditions). Teaching Methodology and Management of Technical Education for periods ranging from 1-4 weeks so that as many technical teachers of the country as possible are able to participate and keep themselves abreast in these areas. a course fee may be levied to cover the cost of course notes. however. teachers of Polytechnics will apply only to courses meant for them. some stationery. Such participants could be from industries. The funds are made avaifable by the MHRD/AICTE for this exclusive purpose. Government of India. laboratory and other consumables. III. These short term courses are conducted through the following agencies : 1. boarding and lodging expenses. However. It is expected that Engineering College teachers will opt only for programmes meant for them and likewise. 15% participants from polytechnics should necessarily be admitted to the college programme provided they satisfy the eligibility criteria and are available. INTRODUCTION The Ministry of Human Resource Development. They will have to bear the entire cost of their travel. Technology. . has been provided for. These short-term courses are fully financed by the AICTE and their rules stipulate that TA/DA and per them allowance can be given only to teachers from AICTE approved institutions. IISc Bangalore 2.125/. Additional assistance by way of books (where appropriate). government departments and similar organisations. ISTE II. Department of Education. a per-diem allowance of upto Rs.Annexure-L SHORT-TERM TRAINING PROGRAMMESUNDER QUALITY IMPROVEMENT PROGRAMME DURING 2003-2004 1. laboratory dress. if vacancies exist. which are conducted during the summer and winter vacations every year in various fields of Engineering. themselves or these could be borne by their sponsoring organisations. IITs. launched the Quality Improvement Programme (QIP) in the year 1970 as a means of upgrading the expertise and capabilities of the teachers of the Engineering Colleges and Polytechnics in the country. should equip themselves with needed personal articles. lecture notes and other instructional materials are also provided to the participants. etc. cost of books. each participant will also be paid travelling allowance from his place of duty to the venue of the programme. IV. Any serving teacher of an Engineering College or Polytechnic can apply to participate in any of the programmes notified and such applications will have to be recommended and sponsored by the Head of his/her institution or the appropriate sponsoring authority. Polytechnic teachers TTTIs. TO WHOM THE PROGRAMMES ARE INTENDED The short-term courses of Quality Improvement Programme are primarily intended for the teachers of the Engineering Colleges and Polytechnics in the country. etc. INCENTIVES TO THE PARTICIPANTS Towards meeting the cost of Boarding and Lodging expenses of the participants at the place where short courses are conducted. etc.

2003 issue of the ISTE Newsletter for the information of all concerned. VI. the candidates are requested not to drop out from the programme at the last minute as it causes serious problems to the Coordinators and the ISTE. For this purpose each participant will be required to give evaluation to the course coordinator during or at the end of a course for onward transmission to the Programme Director. GENERAL GUIDELINES Participants will be required to attend the programme in full. boarding and lodging arrangements etc. IX. Late reporting for the programme or early departure from the programme will be viewed very seriously and such participants may forfeit their claim for TA and Course Certificate. EVALUATION OF PROGRAMMES It is very essential that the impact of these short-term programmes is evaluated both in respect of the benefit which accrued to the individual teacher-participant and to the institute which has sponsored him. The Course Coordinator is responsible for the detailed academic programme. Note: The STTPs to be conducted during the year 2003-2004 by various agencies have already been published in the ISTE Newsletter and also disseminated by the respective course coordinators. these have not been repeated here. PROCEDURE FOR APPLICATION All Coordinators have been requested to prepare a Brochure with “application form” and giving all details like the content of the course. VII. PROCEDURE FOR OBTAINING DETAILED INFORMATION ON COURSES Each of the short courses is coordinated by a Course Coordinator. where such short course is conducted. Those who intend to join the programme may send the application through the Head of institution to the concerned Coordinator.EVALUATION OF PARTICIPANTS The participants will be evaluated at the end of the Short-term Training Programmes by arranging a test of at least one hour duration. .V. Only those whose attendance and performance at the test are satisfactory will be given certificates at the end of the programme. an send the brochure sufficiently in advance to all concerned institutions in the country. Intending participants can obtain detailed information from the Course Coordinators concerned. The details of the STTPs to be conducted diring the year 2003-2004 have been notified in the Jan-Feb. Hence. ISTE/concerned QIP Coordinator. VIII. Once the confirmation is given. organisation and conduct of the course. who is a senior member of the faculty of the Institute. Candidates who have been informed of their selection for the programme are expected to confirm their participation to the Coordinator at the earliest.

In the case of Research Assistants and Post Doctoral Fellows the assistance will be 100%. 23238849. presenting papers or delivering invited talk in International Conference. Value of grant In the case of College teachers. Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg. SCHEME The Secretary. Research Associates and Post Doctoral Fellows working full-time in Colleges and Universities in connection with research work or for attending International Conferences. of each year to: The Executive Secretary. New Delhi-110016 Phone:26567373 3 INDIAN NATIONAL SCIENCE ACADEMY SCHEME Eligibility For College Teachers. U. For Conference.C. New Delhi. 23237387 and Eligibility For Indian Scientists working in Educational/ Research Institutions in connection with chairing sessions. New Delhi -110 002 at least one month before the Conference.G. Where to apply? Four copies of the application (in the prescribed form) certified by the Head of Institution should be sent to the Secretary. chairing sessions or delivering invited lectures. Value of grant Maximum of 50% of travel expense maintenance costs and full registration fee.110 002 Phone: 23230717. 23238858 2. Where to apply? Application in prescribed form to be sent at least 8 weeks before the conference to: . delivering an invited talk or presenting a paper.Annexure-M WHERE TO GET TRAVEL GRANT? 1.C. Department of Science & Technology Attn. Indian National Science Academy. Phone : 23237143. it will be given only if the applicant is chairing a Session.G. 23236608. registration fee and per day allowance. STP (Division) Technology Bhavan. DST SCHEME Eligibility For Indian Scientists for presenting papers. No registration fee and maintenance cost permissible. Value of grant 50% of actual Excursion Class Economy fare by shortest route. the financial assistance is limited to 50% of the total expenditure involved in travel. Where to apply? Application in prescribed form to be sent by 31st of January. U.

ii) Areas of research support Radars.1. public sector undertakings and non-profit making registered private unitsii) Areas of research support Programmes in the field of Electronics with regard to research. iii) When and how to submit a proposal? The proposal (15 copies) in the prescribed form may be sent any time during the year. CGO Complex Lodi Road.(i) iii) Areas of research support Critical for Electronics Potential for technoeconomical viability for production/export. capital equipment. New Delhi -110 003 Telephone : 24360580 1.1 Technology Development Council (TDC) i) Who can submit a proposal? Universities and other academic institutions. infrared and laser based systems and allied techniques and technologies. travel.2 National Radar Council (NRC) I. sonars. Futuristic materials anticipating having possibility of significant impact on electronics technology.1. over-heads.Annexure-L WHERE TO GET RESEARCH GRANT? 1. research institutions/ laboratories. iv) When and how to submit a proposal? 15 copies of the proposal in the prescribed format may be sent any time during the year. v) Components of grant Capital equipment. vi) Contact address : The Member Secretary Technology Development Council Dept.O. iv) Components of grant Staff salaries. marine electronics. iii.(v) vii) Contact address: The Member Secretary. 1. of Electronics Electronics Niketan. travel. iv and v above are applicable here also. overheads. DEPARTMENT OF ELECTRONICS (DOE) 1. contingencies etc. CGO Complex. underwater electronic equipment. Complex.3 Council for Development of Materials for Electronics (CDOME) Introduction i) Introduction CDOME provides financial Support to goal oriented R&D Projects on “Electronics Material” ii) Who can submit a proposal? Same as 1. etc. vi) Contact address: The Member Secretary National Radar Council Department of Electronics Electronics Niketan. C. contingencies. development and industrial operation. New Delhi -110 003 Telephone : 24360580 . v) Items not allowed Out of grant Generally infrastructural facilities unless specifically brought out and recommended by the concerned Working Group. New Delhi-110 003 Telephone : 24360219 The department of electronics funds technology development programmes for the speedy and balanced growth of the electronics industry in India in order to meet its objectives regarding establishing systematic growth of electronics in the country and also ensuring the availability of the right kind of manpower for different areas of electronics through the following four Councils.G. vi) Items not allowed out of grant Same as 1. consumables. navigational aids. consumables. staff salaries. CDOME Department of Electronics Electronics Niketan. IITs.

DoE supports various R&D programmes in the areas of Computer Aided Design of integrated Circuits and Microelectronics.Islands and Coastal Eco-systems Arid and Semi-arid Zones. The Department generally considers projects falling in these areas. 2. Department of Environment. DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENT 1) Introduction Department of Environment promotes research and building up of facilities and infrastructure in the country on subjects related to environment. air.Monitoring . iv) When and how to submit a proposal? Research proposals in the prescribed format can be submitted any time during the year. In environmental management the following are being dealt with : . CGO Complex New Delhi-110 003 Telephone : 24360721 ii) Who can submit a proposal? Scientists or Groups of Scientists from Universities. and the Environment Research .Instruments . staff salaries. iii) Areas of research support The Department has identified various thrust areas in the field of Computer Aided Tools/Design of Integrated Circuits (ICs) and development of IC technologies. consumables/contingencies and travel as essential for the Project. Department of Electronics. Wet lands . These five elements are dealt within two approaches namely. The Department has constituted the Indian National Man and the Biosphere Committee (MAB). Mangroves.4 National Microelectronics Council (NMC) i) Introduction Under NMC. secretarial staff. 1. Research Institutions. vii) Contact address: The Secretary. travel and contingency grants are provided. computers. ii) Who can submit a proposal? Scientists working in Universities/ Institutions.Health and Toxicology Management Under ecosystems the following are the items : . iii) Areas of research support The Department of Environment has developed a matrix of Research Priorities. River Basins iv) When and how to submit a proposal? Research proposals can be submitted in the prescribed format any time during the yearv) Components of the grant Salaries of research staff. Forests. vehicles. NMC. equipment consumables (Chemicals and Glasswares). vii) Contact address: The Secretary.Impact Assessment . vi) Items not allowed out of grant Creation of basic infrastructure for the execution of the project. Paryavaran Bhavan.Mountains. New Delhi -110 065 Phone : 26846713. water. Eastern Avenue. Maharani Bagh. etc.1. vi) Items not allowed out of grant Assistance for basic infrastructure facilities like building. will not be allowed under the grant. Research organisations. energy and space.Development of Process/Systems/ . Committee (ERC) for selection of suitable projects. This deals with the five elements namely land. Laboratories and Public Sector/Joint Sector Product Houses. environmental management and ecosystems. Private organisations and Voluntary groups can also submit if they are registered by the Government. v) Components of grant Capital equipment.

biogas. equipment. New Delhi -110 003 5. biomass. production and conversion etc. iii) Components of grant Generally the grant covers staff salary.g. internal travel and other miscellaneous expenditure. consumables.3 DEPARTMENT OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY (DST) Introduction The Department of Science & Technology supports research through a wide variety of schemes specifically carved out to meet the scientific and engineering community. miscellaneous items. DEPARTMENT OF NONCONVENTIONAL ENERGY SOURCES (DNES) The CASE (Commission for Additional Sources of Energy) supports Research Programmes in the area of new and renewable sources of energy. While considering projects for support. Instrument Development Division) R&D Programmes Under Engineering Science (Director. DEPARTMENT OF BIOTECHNOLOGY (DBT) The DBT Supports R&D projects in various areas of biotechnology. Lodi Road. wind. . S & T Statistics Division) Science & Technology Communication and Popularisation Programme (Director. iv) Items not allowed out of grant Basic infrastructure and building unless otherwise indicated in the grant. CGO Complex. internal travel and. Science & Technology Division) Utilisation of Scientific Expertise of Retired Scientists (Director. solar photovoltaic. ET Division) S & T for Women (Director Science and Technology Division) S & T Application for Rural Development (Director. ii) Who can submit a proposal? Scientists or group of scientists from Universities. NCSTC Division) Consumer Protection through Science & Technology (Director. The Department also supports projects involving basic research with potential of practical applicability. solar thermal. SERC Secretariat) Intensification of Research in High Priority Areas (Adviser STP) Instrument Development Programme (Adviser. Technology Systems Division) v) Contact address: Department of Science & Technology Technology Bhavan New Mehrauli Road. etc. SERC Secretariat) S & T Manpower Planning and Development (Director. processes and services for commercial use are visible. i) • • • • • • • • • • • ii) How to submit a proposal? Proposal should be submitted in a prescribed format which can be obtained from the division of the DST indicated in brackets. Research Institutions/ Laboratories.. priority is given to proposals involving direct applications or requiring scale up operations or field trials of products. equipment. vi) Items not allowed out of grant Creation of basic infrastructure for the project vii) Contact address: The Secretary DNES. v) Components of grant Staff salaries. New Delhi-110 016 Telephone : 26567373. e. Science & Technology Division) Scheme for Young Scientific Persons (Head. iii) Areas of research support New and Renewable Sources of Energy. Some of these schemes are: (the designation of contact person or division is shown in brackets) Science and Engineering Research Council (SERC) (Head. 26962819 4. iv) When to submit a proposal? The research proposals in the Prescribed Form may be submitted any time during the year.

The broad objectives of the scheme are to develop data bases/information documents on the extramural R&D projects sponsored by various government departments /agencies.Medical biotechnology .The Broad areas considered for support are: . New Delhi -110 003 Telephone : 24363012. purchase of less important equipment. Grants are for recurring and nonrecurring requirements as well as for R & D staff supports.Biochemical Engineering Ten copies of the proposal in prescribed Format can be sent at anytime during the year. New Delhi -110016 Phone: 26567373 .Microbial and Industrial biotechnology . are generally disallowed. the profile of experts engaged in such projects.Production of biomass . 24363018 6. investment and infrastructure deployed for science and technology activities. NSTMIS Division Technology Bhawan. analysis and dissemination of vital S & T information at the national level. foreign travel etc. of Science and Technology DST is entrusted with the task of collection.Animal and Veterinary sciences .Agriculture and Marine biotechnology . DST is interested to sponsor a series of proposals from professionals in the areas of S&T from Academic / research institutions. Contact address Director (R & D) Department of Biotechnology CGO Complex. registered/ voluntary societies and consultants . Creation of senior posts. the output from such R&D projects and studies concering manpower. collation. DST INVITES PROPOSALS FOR RESEARCH National Science and Technology Management Information System NSTMIS under the Dept. For details contact: The Adviser.

Sivakasi Data Base Management System Dr. • Interactive frequently asked questions (FAQS) • Seminar/Symposia on how to best use the • Learning Materials • Development workshops for Teachers Learning Materials will initially be available in Print Media • CD-ROMS will be available containing additional support materials and resources including Power Point Transparencies. The following LMs have already heen published and marketed : 1. A typical Learning Materials package consists of. M. Polytechnic. D. • Downloadable information from the Web.S. Balasubramanian Arasan Ganesan Polytechnic.M.B. Shah & Mr. • Most updated information • Supported by graded exercise and design oriented problems Support Services to be provided by ISTE LMC • Updating and supplementing LCs with latest developments at regular intervals in concord area • Answers to learner queries by experts. Radhakrishnan & Mr. 3. Computer Installation and Trouble Shooting Mr. M. . Arun K. Pujari University of Hyderabad Programming in C++ Mr. • Learning Material • Laboratory Manual • Teacher’s Manual • Lab-Instructor’s Manual • Teaching Resources The Learning Materials are: • Learner-centered to facilitate study by oneself as well as teacher-assisted instruction.I.Annexure-O ISTE LEARNING MATERIALS PROJECT ISTE Learning Materials are innovative teachinglearning tools designed by eminent Academicians based on sound didactic principles. Y. Thakar S. Mumbai 2.

O. Allahabad 2. Satara 10. Bhopal Fundamentals of Data Base Management System Dr. Dhule Annexure-P 5. MACT. IIT. College of Engineering Bangalore University. The Project is functions from the Premises of the erstwhile CEP of AICTE at U. Digital Electronics Dr. College of Engineering.G. modalities of employment and day-to-day affairs of the Project at Bangalore.P. Polytechnic. 3305078 The following LMs are likely to be published shortly: 1.N.M.V.G. The core staff for the Project has been recruited and the Project has started functioning since 1 May. M. 8. S. Calicut 11. K. Electronic Instrumentation Mr. Kakde & Mr. for the purpose of monitoring of the ISTE-WPLP and which will also consider the manpower requirements. Coimbatore 14. K. Medical Electronics Prof. Ministry of I. 2003. A. Mumbai 15. Director.S. Venkataramani. Rajeev PSG College of Technology. Y. NIT. Polytechnic. A.V. under the Chairmanship of Prof. ISTE WORKING PROFESSIONALS LEARNING PROJECT (ISTE-WPLP) ISTE Working Professionals Learning Project (ISTE-WPLP) under National Academic Network for Continuing Education (NANCE) at NANCE Nodal Centre.S. Parmeshwaran Project Officer U. 9. Patil S. Srinivasan Arasan Ganesan Polytechnic.B.. 6. Nagpur Data Structures Using C Mr. Mumbai 12. Hanmandlu. A. Chandigarh Data Structures & Algorithms Mr. Xaviers Technical Institute. Shetty. H. Shanmugam & Mr. Digital Control Systems Dr.R. . Radhakrishnan & Mr.R. Chitra PSG College of Tech. Delhi Power Electronics 3. Discrete Mathematics & Graph Theory Dr. Kalsi St. An Advisory Committee has been constituted by the AICTE. M. please get in touch with: Er. Circle Bangalore -560 009 Phone : 080-2218839. N. Saroj Rangnekar. Dipak Tatpuje Satara Polytechnic. Ekta Walia TTTI.T.S. Bangalore has been established. Bangalore. Internet & Java Programming Dr.A. Sivakasi Computer Communication Networks Dr.4. Krishna Kant. Renu Vig & Ms.U. Patil S. New Delhi 13. A. Computer Graphics Prof. Sr..S. Suneeta Agrawal Motilal Nehru NIT. Electronic Materials and Components Prof. U. 7. Deshpande Visvesvaraya NIT.S.B. Coimbatore Computer Applications Mr. Linear Integrated Circuits and Applications Prof. For further details. V.

The Office Bearers of ISTE Sections.C. Allahabad . Amita Dev.I.Dr. please get in touch with: Project Manager ISTE Learning Material Centre New Mehraull Road New Delhi-110016 E-mail: isteorg@del3. N. Krishna Kant.vsnl. The ISTE has signed an agreement with M/s Excel Bodes Pvt. Shet National Institute of Technology Karnataka. K. Kasturba Polytechnic for Web: www.A. The list of the sole distributors throughout the country has been published in the ISTE Newsletter (September/October. Quality Assurance Dr. Chapters and Students Chapters and all ISTE Members and all others concerned are requested to contact the distributors of the ISTE LMs and buy the LMs through the sole distributors engaged for the marketing of the ISTE LMs. Surathkal Programming Languages Mrs.publishing and distribution of ISTE Learning Materials throughout the country. Phase-I. For further details Project if any. Professor Motilal Nehru NIT.isteonline.. 2002 Issue). Ltd. New Delhi110028 for co. Delhi 5.

522 019 20. Davangere .590 008 19.530 045 18. College of Engineering Mysore 570 006 DR. STEP S. K. SANGHVI Dean (Admn. The principles of adult learning micro teachingjeaming by doing etc.A. PROF. Mumbai-400 056 PROF. DR.B. 4.O. S. D.695 016 SHRI R. 5.T.T.U. K. 6. SHIVARAM Director. R. PROF.P SRINIVAS SETTY PES College of Engg. K. DR.V.S.D. D. of Mech.Annexure-Q ISTE MASTER TRAINERS Under the Canada-india Institutional Cooperation Project.M Polytechnic Vile Parle (W). Davangere .N.S. Dept.P. K. GEORGE Principal (Rtd.) Sree Rama Polytechnic Valapad .CHITNIS Head.680 567 DR.D. DR.P.V. GOVINDAN Asst.632 002 PROF.577 004 2.T.B.452 003 .577 004 14. College of Engg.515 002 12. Mandya . KRISHNAMURTHY IYER Professor of Electrical Engg. Greenfields. Govt.P. College of Engg.N. College of Engineering Thiruvananthapuram. 7. RAO Koneru Lakshmaiah College of Engg. M. RANGASWAMI S.J. K.) S.V.. Visakhapatnam .C. Engg. Mumbai-400 056 PROF. Guntur . DR. S.P. 8. University B. & Tech.U.C.N. DR. RAO RVR & JC College of Engineering Chowdavaram.571 401 15. R&D SGS Institute of Technology & Science Indore .SHEKAR STEP.J College of Engineering Mysore . A. The services of the “Master Trainers” can be made use of by institutions in the organization of Continuing Education Programmes. P. Institute of Technology Vellore .HARNATH S V U College of Engineering Tirupati-517 502 13. ISHWAR K. Kunchanapalli . are emphasised in the training process.570 006 PROF. Viswakarma Institute of Technology Pune -411 037 11. ISTE has trained 34 faculty members as “Master Trainers” using Canadian resource persons. 3. Belgaum . G. BADIGER KLE Society’s College of Engg.J. PRABHU KUMAR University B.MEHTA Principal. DR. PROF. Engg. DR. PRASADA RAO College of Engineering GITAM. SATYA PRASAD JNTU College of Engineering Anantapur .M Polytechnic Vile Parle (W). BHATIA Dean. TTTI Madras-600 113 PROF. Professor T.522 501 16. VINCE JOSEPH Prof. DR. 1 PROF. College of Engg. 10. BRAHADEESWARAN Professor. Mech. 9. The list of master trainers is given below. Tirupati-517502 17.

SHRI R. SAMUEL Anna University. Nashik .506 015 29. CHANDRASHEKHARAIA Bapuji Institute of Engg.400 056 25. P. College of Engineering Surat-395 007 26. ANAND A. KUNCHITHAPATHAM Annamalai University Annamalainagar .B. SAM M. SALIVAHANAN MEPCO Schienk Engg. & Tech.R. BARVE K. M.A.626 108 31. JOB Principal. PROF. Panchavati.21. MOHAN RAO Mohamed Sathak Engg. SHRI Y. S. Mumbai .422 003 23.K.C.623 806 34. Davangere .600 025 27.D. JAYARAMAN P. S. PROF.500 171 28.695 016 .629 001 30. PROF.400 025 24. VENKATESWARA RAO Kakatiya Instt. SHRI BASHIR V.I. of Tech. D. SHAH S. Madras . S.V. DR. Hyderabad . PROF. Amathur Post .J. Moderator Gnanadasan Polytechnic Nagercoil . U. S. College Kilakarai . DOCTOR SASMIRA’s Inst.M. Ramasamy Raja’s Polytechnic Rajapalayam . Gandhipet. Mumbai . PUSHPA KUMAR College of Engineering Thiruvananthapuram . NARASIMHA RAO Chaitanya Bharathi Inst. Polytechnic Vile Parle. SHRI A. Wagh College of Engg. of Man-Made Textiles Sasmira Marg. DR. SHRI SHAH A. of Technology & Science Warangal . PROF. PROF.608 002 32.577 004 22. College Sivakasi. DR.M.V.626 005 33.

Vasant Kunj New Delhi . Aquifer Evaluation and Soil Behaviour 6. 5.226 001 Tele : 0522-223663/2285399 E-mail : sureshmadhur@satyam. Hyderabad . Specialisation : Engineering Geology. Microbiology. Guidance Academy 52. . Remote Sensing. Gold Link Apartments 98. Power Systems. Instrumentation. R&D Management and Educational Technology 4. Hospital Pharmacy and Anatomy & Physiology. Dr.500 076 Tele : 040-27154748 E-mail : gokhalek@satyam. Ground Water.P. Mishra Head. 2. Mechanics of Machines. Madhavnagar Nagpur-440 010 Tele : 0712-237234 Email : pharma-guidance@hotmail. M. & Technology Anisabad.K. Suresh Chandra Flat No. 1. Reliability Networks and System Theory. Engg. Experimental Stress Analysis. of Elect. Building Construction and Geotechnical Engineering. Dr. Automobile Engineering. Elective Machines and Networks 3. 7. Educational Technology and Curriculum Development. Sardar Club Scheme Jodhpur-342 011 Tele . Park Road.L. Electronics. Specialisation : Soil Mechanics. P.N. Sai Towers Bapuji Nagar Nacharam. Sector-D.NW01. Computer Management & E-Commerce. Lucknow . Patna (Bihar) Tele : 0812-2583215 Specialisation : Control Engineering. Ohri “Samvit Sadan” 83. Inspection and Quality Control. Pocket 2. Maulana Azad College of Engg. Dr. Specialisation : Solid Mechanics. Power Electronics & Electrical Drives. Prof. net. K. ISTE will meet the travel expenses of these Professors as well as pay them a daily honorarium.K. & Comm. A.0291-2434345 Email : samvitsadan@rediffmail. Veer Hakikat Rai Marg Vidisha-464 001 Tele : 07592-32704 Sepcialisation : Electrical Machines & Design.110 070 Tele : 011-26125660 Specialisation : Electrical Engineering : Electromagnetic Fields. Hardas Principal Indian Pharma. Each Professor will be required to spend upto a total of 20 days in 2 or more institutions in the same or neighbouring State. Prof. B. M. Specialisation : Pharmacology. Foundation Engineering.G. The host institution will have to provide local hospitality by way of boarding and lodging. secretarial assistance etc. Bhatt 2300.Annexure-R ISTE VISITING PROFESSOR SCHEME : 2003 The following 15 Professors have been selected as ISTE VISITING PROFESSORS for the year 2003. Prof.K. local transport.Gokhale 201. Agrawal “Manisha” 42.

S. Santacruz (East). 15.570 009 Tele : 0821-2542625 Control Systems. of Maths Institute of Road and Transport Technology Erode . PLC & SCADA Digital Signal Processing and Digital . 10. Functional Analysis. Vadodara . Kuvempunagar Mysore . Saraf Principal Bombay College of Pharmacy Kalina.B.8. 13. V. Computer Programming. Convectional Heat Transfer.400 098 Tele :022-6126284 Fax : 022-6100935 Email : bcpharm@bol. Gotri Road. Microcontrollers.Civil Engineering Specialisation : Operations Research. 2400622 Fax : 0571-2702758 E-mail :sssced@yahoo. M. Aligarh . Vrindavan Estate Pashabhai park.638316 Specialisation : Fluid Mechanics. New Sir Syed Nagar Civil Lines. Prof. DSP.390 007 Tele : 0265-2351243 Specialisation : Chemical Reaction Engineering.K.M. Dept.202 002 Tele :0571-2705047. Biochemical Engineering 11. N. Kirwadi Layout Materials Science and Geotechnical Specialisation : Soil Mechanics. Cheenai (Tamil Nadu) Specialisation : Neural n/w. Computer Science & Engg. Microelectronics. M. Pandey Head. Dr. Foundation Engineering. Mumbai . 12. Dr. Nathubhai Circle.N. Subrahmanyam E-5. Jyotirling Apartments Wadgaon (Budruk) Pune-411 041 Tele : 020-4361884 Specialisation : Polytechnic Level Microprocessor Technology. S. Shri Specialisation : Pharmacology and Toxicology 14. Karhade 16.V.577 002 Tele : 08192-231746 Specialisation : Polytechnic Level .K. Robotics & Automation. Channabasavaiah Retired Principal 116/53.Gopalan 56. Dr. Maruthi Temple road 4th Main.B. Davangere . Shah Tahira Shah College 4/1311-A. Industrial Instrumentation. M. Numerical Analysis. Quality and Reliability Engineering. Shri B. Extension. Dr. S S N College Adyar. Dr. Moorthy Head. 9. AI & ES.

Engineering College having Best Overall Performance National Award instituted by Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan. Maharashtra State National Award for the best Research Work done by teachers of Engineering Colleges.Tech. College.Tech. Venkoji Rao. Thesis National Award in Electrical and Electronics Engineering instituted by Larsen & Toubro Limited. Best M. vadodara. Tirupati in the memory of their late sons Shri S. U. 20. Institute of Technology and Science. 11. Mumbai. College Teacher Award for Punjab State instituted by the Organisers of tne 28th Annual Convention of ISTE held at PAU. 17. Best M. 15. Sakharale (Maharashtra) [One for Engineering College teachers and one for Polytechnic teachers). Best Engineering College Teacher Award for Maharashtra State instituted by the Govt. Rajaramnagar. Thesis National Award in Chemical Engineering instituted by Indian Petrochemicals Corporation Limited. 16. Best M. 12. 3. 4. ISTE Calcutta Convention National Award for the best paper presented by teachers at the Annua! Convention of ISTE (one for Engineering College teachers and one for Polytechnic teachers). . Rajalaxmi Memorial Best Engineering College Teacher Award for Orissa State instituted by the Orissa Engg. ISTE-SGSITS National Award for Young Teachers (below 35 years) of Engineering Colleges instituted by Shri G. 19. Best B. Kongu Trophy for Best Overall Performance during the ISTE Students National Convention instituted by the Kongu Education Trust. ISTE Baroda Chapter National Award for the best paper published in the Indian Journal of Technical Education by teachers (one for Engineering College teachers and one for Polytechnic teachers). Ludhiana. Anna University National Award for an Outstanding Academic (Degree Level). Giridhar. Best Engineering College Principal National Award instituted by Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan. Best Engg. 6. Saraswathi Bai and Dr. Best M. Vadodara. Sridhar and Shri S. Indore. Kozhikode. S. 2. 13.S. Tech. 5. STATE LEVEL AWARDS 18. Best M. Thesis National Award in Mechanical Engineering instituted by Gujarat State Fertilizers Company Limited.Annexure-S ISTE AWARDS NATIONAL AWARDS 1. Thesis National Award in Civil Engineering instituted by Smt.Tech Project National Award instituted by Caiicut REC. Bhubaneswar. Mumbai. Ludhiana. Thesis National Award in Agricultural Engineering instituted by the organisers of the 28th Annual Convention of ISTE held at PAU. Kerala Government Engineering Design National Award for the Best Engineering Design by Engineering College Students. 7.Tech. 10. 14.P. of Maharashtra. 8.Tech. Perumdurai. Mumbai. Government National Award for Outstanding Work done in specific areas in Engineering and Technology (one for Engineering College teachers and one for Polytechnic teachers). 9. S. Rajarambapu Patil National Award for Promising Engineering Teacher instituted by the Community of College of Engineering & Polytechnic.

A. the Karnataka Convention Commemorative Lecture is arranged. Charutar Vidya Mandal. Arutchelver Dr. Maharashtra. 30. Mumbai. of Maharashtra. Gujarat Award for the Best Polytechnic Teacher for Gujarat State 25. Karnataka Keraia. ISTE KARNATAKA CONVENTION COMMEMORATIVE LECTURE During the Annual Convention of the ISTE.S Bansal PAU. 29. . Narsee-Monjee Award for Polytechnics in Maharashtra having the best overall development instituted by the Narsee-Monjee Trust. Eminent educationists/administrators/industrialists are invited to deliver this lecture. Medallion and Citation. 31. 26. & Prof. Vallabh Vidya Nagar. Assam. Maharashtra State Engineering Design Award for full time students in Degree Engineering Colleges in Maharashtra instituted by the Govt.21. Project in Mechanical Engineering and Allied Branches for the State of Punjab instituted by Mrs. 23. N. 24. Ludhiana. Bihar. Narsee-Monjee Award for the Best Project Work done by Polytechnic Students in Maharashtra Instituted by the Narsee-Monjee Trust. Orissa and Uttar Pradesh). ISTE Best Students Chapter Award (one from each Section). Best Polytechnic Teacher Award (States of Andhra Pradesh. The awards generally include : Cash Prize. Devinder Singh Bansal Memorial Award for the Best B. 28. Madhya Pradesh. Mahalingam Award for the Best Polytechnic Teacher for Tamilnadu State. Vallabh Vidya Nagar. ISTE Best Chapter Award (one from each Section). Gujarat Award for the Best Engineering Teacher for Gujarat State 22. Tech. However. details can be had from the office of ISTE at Delhi. Mumbai. Charutar Vidya Mandal. ISTE Best Section Award for the Best Overall Performance. 27. Nominations for awards are invited during July of every year.

Vasant Vihar New Delhi . Confederation of Indain Industry India Habitat Centre 4th floor. Pusa Road. 7. Kotla Marg New Delhi . Navgeeta Society St. Indian Society for Agricultural Statistics IASRI Campus. Ranjit Nagar New Delhi . Mumbai . Institutional Area Lodhi Road.110018 13. 2C II Floor 7/2. 10. 3rd Floor Commercial Centre.P. Anthoney Road. Safdarjung Development Area New Delhi . Scindia House New Delhi. Library Avenue.110016 Institution of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineers 2. Vishal Market. Flat No. New Rohtak Road New Delhi-110005 16. Tower.5. Lodhi Road New Delhi . Institute of Valuers 4.110003 12.110005 11.110016 17. Indian Institute of Registered Architects 65/41.Annexure-T LIST OF PROFESSIONAL SOCIETIES & ASSOCIATIONS 1.16 Phone: 26963431 The Institution of Plant Engineers J. 9.6. Indian Society for International Law 7. Gokhale Road Calcutta .110016 Indian Society for Training & Development B-41. Vikaspuri New Delhi .110 012 2. Association of Consulting Civil Engineers A-16/1. zone IV. Indian Society for Rock Mechanic & Tunneling Technology C/o C-358.600034 The Indain National Academy of Engineering Central Soil & Material Research Station Complex Old Palme Marg.110003 Institution of Engineers India 8.110048 20. New Delhi-110016 National Foundation of Indain Engineers 11/6. 6.7000020 Association of Indain Universities 16. 1st Floor Mukkherjee Nagar West Delhi . Indian Society of Heavy Refrigerators & Airconditioners K-43.5. B.110009 15. 3.12 Indain Society for Technical Education New Mehrauli Road New Delhi . Indian Society of Enviornment Science & Technology G2. Nungambakkam High Road Madras . Computer Society of India Asian Games Village New Delhi . 4.110012 18. New Delhi . Flat NO.400071 . New Delhi . Indian Society of Agricultural Engineers Pocket A-1.11 0001 21. Guild of Practicing Architects C-T/44.110008 19. New Delhi . 5. Chembur. Institutional Area New Delhi . 8. Indian Society of Soil Sciences Division of Soil Sciences Indian Agricultural Research Institute New Delhi. Kailash Colony New Delhi .110057 14.

Indian Institute of Architects ‘Prospect Chambers Annexe’ Dr. Institute of Marketing Management B-1 1.700032 36. Lodhi Road New Delhi .110002 31.400001 40. Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers Northern Regional Centre IIT. 17001. Vikram Tower. Kotla Road New Delhi . New Delhi . Tara Crescent Qutab Institutional Area New Delhi . Society of Management Sciences & Applied Cybernetics 41-A.110016 32. New Delhi . Indian Geotechnical Society A-736. New Delhi.700009 42. Acharya Prafulla Chandra Road Calcutta . Raiinder Place. Walchand Hirachand Marg Mumbai . Institution of Mechanical Engineers 307.700001 43. All India Management Association 14. Raja Subodh Mullick Square 2nd Floor. Institutional Area Lodhi Road. Pharmacy Council of India Combined Councils Building Temple Lane. Calcutta . Society for Development Studies India Habitat Centre Core 6A lind Floor.400085 39. Council of Architecture India Habitat Centre Core-6-A. Institution of Town Planners 5.L. Sarita Vihar IIT.110006 34. Association of Applied Physics 92. H. Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers Dr. Delhi . Sayani Cross Road Mumbai . Lodi Road New Delhi-110003 30. Indraprashtha Estate New Delhi .110003 33. Prip Shed Bhaba Atomic Research Centre Trombay.700 013 24. Ullah Marg. Association of Engineers (India) 24.110044 25.110001 28. Society of Indian Value Management 7-A. New Delhi . Hauz Khas. Mumbai .400025 38. Ballygunge Circular Road Calcutta.110024 23. Indraprastha Estate New Delhi .110008 27. Dadabhai Naoroji Road Mumbai . No.110002 35. P. Academy of Architecture Near Tyre Soles. Vikram Vihar New Delhi .22.700019 . Roy Building Raja Subhodh Millick Road.110002 26. 1st Floor. New Delhi . The Aeronautical Society of India 13/B. Indian Society for Apheresis 3/17-A. 4.110016 37.110003 29. Netaji Subhash Road Calcutta . Indian Physics Association Room No.400038 41. Janmabhumi Chambers Dr. Calcutta . Indian Chemical Manufacturing Association 602.B. Indian National Science Academy Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg ITO. Calcutta Statistical Association New Science Building (5th Floor) 35.

Hauz Khas New De!hi-110016 College 53. Indian Engineering Association 6. 34. Operational Research Society of India 39.700009 47. Tower-11 Opp. Bangalore . Current Science Association C. Indian Council for Research in Educational Media Trichy-620023 61.700073 56. Dr. Mining and Metallurgical Society of India C/o Geology Department Univ. Indian Public Health Association 110. Ballygunge Circular Road Calcutta .V.700019 45. Chittaranjan Avenue Calcutta . College of Sc.660001 59.700057 51. Netaji Subhash Road Calcutta . Surya Hotel. Electrical Engineering Society C/o Indian Institute of Science Bangalore 560012 . 305 & 306 Satya Mantion Community Centre. All India Association for Educational Technology F/5-E DDA Flats Munirka. & Tech. Indian Chemical Society 92 Acharya Prafulla Chandra Road Calcutta .700001 48.560080 55. Indian Society for Quality Control Indian Exchange.700020 50. Electrochemical Society of India C/o Indian Institute of Science Bangalore 560012 57. Indian National Academy of Engineering 117 Nalanda House (IT Delhi Campus. Okhla Road New Delhi-110025 62. Indian Academy of Sciences C.700001 52. New Delhi-110067 60. Indian Society of Environmental Management 177. Indian Society of Agricultural Engineers Flat No.700009 46. Biresh Guha Street Calcutta .V. Zakir Bagh. Indian Institute of Metals 2.700029 54. 7th Floor Calcutta . Indian Biophysical Society C/o Saha Instt. Indian Science Congress Association 14. Acharya Prafulla Chandra Road Calcutta . Post Bangalore . Geological.700073 49. Institution of Chemists (India) Chemical Department Medical Calcutta . Ranjit Nagar New Delhi-110008 63. Shanbunath Pandit Street Calcutta .44. Mahanirvan Road Calcutta . of Nuclear Physics 92. Raman Avenue. Raman Avenue. Society of Electronics Engineers (LRDC) High Grounds Bangalore .560080 Box 8005 58. Post Box 8001 Hebbal.

Satellite Centre Bangalore . Sahibabad . 4. Central Electronics Ltd. Dhanbad . 6.700 064 Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics Sector-1. Jammu-Tavi Jammu .440 020 29. for Science & Technology Thiruvananthapuram .O. Engg. Research Instt.695 019 21 National Metallurgical Laboratory P. Durgapur . 19 5. Mumbai .C. Mumbai . Uppal Road Hyderabad . 2. 196.248 001 Bhabha Atomic Research Centre Mumbai . 20 Regional Research Laboratory Thiruvananthapuram . Mullick Road Calcutta . Hyderabad . Raja S.380 053 Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre Thiruvananthapuram .400 001 Electronics Trade and Technology Development Corporation New Delhi .11 0 01 2 Central Glass & Ceramic Research Institute.700 032 17 18 3.Annexure-U LIST OF R&D INSTITUTIONS IN SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY (Only selected Central Government Institutions of interest to staff of technical institutions are listed) 1.713 209 28. Central Electrochemical Research Institute. Burmamines Jamshedpur . Block-AF.826 001 25.333 031 24.110 021 16 National Centre for Software Development. 9. Indian Institute of Chemical Tech.400 005 National Remote Sensing Agency Balanagar Hyderabad . Karaikudi .O.785 006 7.500 037 Indian Space Research Organisation Headquarters.201 005 Sree Chitra Tirunal Instt. Central Electronics Engineering Research Institute Pilani .400 039 National Chemical Laboratory Pune .700 009 The Electronics Corporation of India Limited ECIL P.411 088 National Physical Laboratory New Delhi .500 007 26. 10 11 12 13 14 15 .180 001 27.623 006 23. 8. Central Mining Research Institute Barwa Road.500 762 Tata Institute of Fundamental Research. Central Mech. Regional Research Laboratory Jorhat .560 038 Space Applications Centre Ahmedabad . Bidhan Nagar Calcutta .831 007 22. National Environmental Engineering Research Institute Nehru Marg Nagpur .695 022 Computer Maintenance Corporation Mumbai .560 009 ISRO.695 011 Survey of India Dehra Dun . Bangalore .400 085 Variable Energy Cyclotron Centre Calcutta . Regional Research Laboratory Canal Road.

560 093 56. FACT Engineering and Design Organisation.247 667 37.828 108 35.110 012 43 lectrical Research & Development Association Post Box No.600 113 34. Indian Plywood Industry’s Research Institute.208 013 57. of Oceanography Dona Paula .110 067 46. Vehicles Research & Development Establishment Ahmednagar .176 061 (H. CSIR Centre for Biochemicals Mall Road Delhi . Armament Post. Central Building Research Centre Roorkee . National Aerospace Laboratories P. Regional Research Laboratory Bhopal .S. Bangalore .560 022 .390 010 44. Research institute CSIR Campus. Pusa New Delhi .11 0 01 2 40.462 026 39. Krishnan Marg. Chandigarh . CSIR Complex New Delhi . Defence Research & Development Laboratory (DRDL) P. National Instt. New Delhi . Makarpura Vadodara . Central -Fuel Research Institute Dhanbad . National Geophysical Research Instt. CSIR Complex P. Defence Materials & Stores Research & Dev.500 058 50. Kerala .500 005 52.B.411 021 48. 1779. CSIR Complex Madras . Defence Electronics Applications Laboratory. Central Road Research Institute Mathura Road. Kanchanbagh Hyderabad . Bangalore .) 41. Hyderabad .B.600 054 54. Defence Metallurgical Research Laboratory. R&D Centre Indian Oil Corporation Faridabad . Structural Engg. Madras . Electronics & Radar Development Establishment.110 007 47.30. Dehra Dun . Instt.682 501 61.P.110 020 38. Kerala 59.500 007 32. Taramani.600 113 42. & Development Studies Dr. Gas Turbine Research Establishment Bangalore . Hyderabad . 6. Defence Electronics Research Laboratory. of Himalayan Bio-resource Tech. Terminal Ballistics Research Lab. Palampur.414 006 56. Indian Institute of Petroleum Dehra Dun .403 004 (Goa) 45. No.160 020 49. of Science Tech. Rubber Research Institute of India Kottayam. National Instt.248 005 36.560 017 31. Indian National Scientific Documentation Centre New Mehrauli Road New Delhi . Airport Road Bangalore .500 258 58. 760. Bhabha Road. Establishment Kanpur . Hyderabad . Structural Engg. Armament Research & Development Establishment Dr. Pashan Pune . Homi J. Research Centre Kamla Nagar Ghaziabad .560 075 51. Sector-30. Combat Vehicles Research & Development Establishment Madras .248 008 53. K.201 002 33.O. Udyogamandal.121 007 60.

SHAR Centre. Central Power Research Institute Bangalore . Institute of Mathematical Sciences Chennai .National Institute of Educational Planning and Administration (NIEPA) New Mehrauli Road New Delhi . R. Advanced System Integration & Evaluation Organisation Bangalore . New Delhi . Lucknow .524 124 75. Estate New Delhi .600 020 94. National Productivity Council Lodhi Road New Delhi .110 016 65.560 012 80. B. National Hydro Electric Power Corporation.530 012 85.400 094 93.400 005 78. Calcutta . National Buildings Organisation Nirman Bhavan.110 003 71. B. National Thermal Power Corporation New Delhi . Central Water and Power Research Station PO Khadakwasla Research Station Pune . Designs & Standards Organisation.110 019 79.11 0 01 6 73.600 113 91. Institute of Physics Sachivalaya Marg Bhubaneshwar . Sriharikota Nellore .110 019 82.110 01 9 81. New Delhi . V. Hyderabad -500037 (AP) 88. Mumbai . Central Institute of Tool Design Balanagar. Nuclear Power Corporation Mumbai . Housing & Urban Development Corporation Limited Lodhi Road New Delhi . National Institute of Hydrology Roorkee .843 002 68. Indian Institute of Geomagnetism Colaba. Centre for Advanced Technology Indore -452 012 89.700 091 72. Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research.H. Laboratory Bhubaneshwar .L New Delhi . R&D Directorate New Delhi .247 672 66. Research.110 016 74. Chennai. Visakhapatnam . National Institute of Foundry & Forge Technology.R.11 0 003 64.1 1 0 001 84. Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology. National Council for Educational Research and Training New Mehrauli Road New Delhi . New Delhi .324 005 63. Instrumentation Limited Kota .834 003 83.110 003 87. I. National Council of Science Museums. KaJpakkam (TN) -603 102 90.110 002 70.751 013 77. Central Leather Research Institute Adyar. H. Ranchi .226 011 67. R&D Centre for Iron & Steel Ranchi . Hyderabad . Town & Country Planning Organisation Vikas Bhawan.560 075 . Central Soil and Materials Research Station OIof Palme Marg. P.E. New Delhi . Centre for Development of Telematics.500 007 76.110011 69.411 024 86.P.751 005 92.62. Outer Ring Road Hauz Khas.

500 862 . Development Centre. Hyderabad . Solid State Physics Laboratory Delhi . Hyderabad .95. Instruments Research and Development Establishment Dehra Dun . Hyderabad-500 028 101.Advanced Numerical Research & Analysis Group (ANURAG).248 008 97. Mishra Dhatu Nigam Ltd.110 007 98. Nuclear Fuel Complex Hyderabad . Bangalore .560 004 99.500 025 102. Research.560 075 96.500 258 100 Non-Ferrous Materials Tech. Jawaharlal Centre for Advanced Sc. Centre for Artificial Intelligence Bangalore .

of Institutions Approved upto 2002-03 45 12 24 81 1 1 45 1 1 1 0 3 1 0 38 7 99 7 83 9 99 3 33 5 13 33 29 3 .Annexure-V NUMBER OF UNDER GRADUATE DEGREE ENGINEERING INSTITUTES & TOTAL INTAKE APPROVED UPTO 2002-03 ALONGWITH TOTAL INTAKE (UPTO 12/12/02) Region States/Union Territory 1. Wleghalaya 6. Dadar N. Arunachal Pradesh 7. Uttaranchal Total Chandigarh Haryana Jammu & Kashmir New Delhi Punjab Rajasthan Himachal Pradesh Total Andhara Pradesh Pondicherry Tamil Nadu Total Karnataka Kerala Total Maharashtra Goa Daman & Diu.H. Uttar Pradesh 3. Gujarat Total 1. Madhya Pradesh 2. Chhatisgarh 3. Andaman & Nicobar 8. Nagaland 11. Tripura 5. Total GRAND TOTAL No. Sikkim 3. Bihar 2. Mizoram 2. Assam 9. Jharkhand Total 1.119 215 6 250 471 111 73 184 151 3 0 154 1207 Total Approved Intake upto 2002-03 12970 3385 9559 25914 120 420 10709 160 135 210 0 720 150 0 9505 1890 24019 1575 22491 2290 26356 580 9385 1245 3540 8875 7807 610 32042 64300 1950 79122 145372 40385 17858 58243 47035 740 0 47775 359721 Central East North North-West South South-West West . Manipur 10. Orissa 12. West Bengal 4.

SIROHI Director GP Indian Institute of Technology Hauz Khas. U-University. S-Self Financing. S. 26867573] Fax: 011-26857659 director@admin.ernet. PROF. 2855003] Fax: 01332-282815 Indian Institutes of Management 1. 2353072] Fax: 0495-2803010 DUBE Director GP Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur-321 302 [255386. GOVARDHAN MEHTA Director GP Indian Institute of Science Bangalore-560 012 [23942222. D-Deemed University. APTE Director GP Indian Institute of Management Bangalore-560 076 [6583901. 5363075] Fax: 080-6584050 5. DR.iitd.S. P-Post Graduate. 282003] Fax.iitb.A. B. 22350494] Fax: 044-22578003 director@iitm.K. 2590763] Fax: 0512-2590260 director@iitk. D.iitm. 23600690] Fax: 080-23600936 dir@admin. KALRO Director GP Indian Institute of Management Kumamangalam P.nic. DHANDE Director GP Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur-208 016 [2597220. . Ahmedabad-380 015 [ DR. Kozhikode-673 571 [ 6.ernet.iisc. the head of institution is principal The name of head/principal is given first and phone number.N. M.ernet.Annexure-W LIST OF NATIONAL INSTITUTES Wherever not specified otherwise. R. www.ernet. 26325426] Fax: 079-26306896 2. PROF. PROF PREM VRAT Director GP Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee-247 667 [272742. ANANTH Director GP Indian Institute of Technology Chennai-600 036 [22570694. PROF. 03222-255239 [G-Government. 25783645] Fax: 091-22-25783546 director® admin. BURAGOHAIN Director GP Indian Institute of Technology North Guwahati-781 031 [2690401] Fax: 0361-2690321 dnb@iitg. fax number and email at the end: Indian Institutes of Technology 1. PROF. S.G. PRAKASH G. 7.O. 2. ASHOK MISRA Director GP Indian Institute of Technology Mumbai-400 076 [ 3. DHOLAKIA Director GP Indian Institute of Management 8.S. New Delhi-110 016 [26867541.

Ail National Institutes are deemed to be Universities] .

2460312. Calcutta-700 027 [24678310.P. I. 16757.4 DR. 562223] Fax: 0731-2321050 Indian institutes of Information Technology 1 Diamond Harbour Road Post Box www. S. RAJAN SAXENA Director GP Indian Institute of Management Indore-452 012 [2321112. D. Gola-Ka-Mandir Gwalior-474 005 [2460316. SHEKHAR CHOWDHURY Director GP Indian Institute of Management Joka.C.AGARWAL Director GP Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology Allahabad-211 004 [0532-2445100. 2445077 ica@ganga. 2607148] Fax: 0532-2608469. 2361965] Fax: 0522-2360911 6 PROF. Nehru Science Centre Aliahabad-211 002 [2461382. Sitapur Road Lucknow-226 013 [2361929. CHAKRABORTY GP Indian Institute of Management Prabandh Nagar.TIWARI Director GP Indian institute of Information Tech. 2231531] National Institutes of Technology/RECs 2 DR. 2540228] Fax: 0532-2445101.D. Off.AGRAWAL Director GP Indian Institute of Information Tech. 24751688] Fax: 033-24678307 5 PROF. Alipore P. 2461376 mdt@iiita.mnrec.

K. B.JAIN Director GP Malviya National Institute of Technology Jaipur-302 017 [ 4. 2547375 DR.nitc. CHANDRASEKHARAN Director GP National Institute of Technology Calicut-673 601 [2286100. 2670556] Fax: 0755-670562 pkchande. S. GANGULI Principal GP Regional Engineering College Durgapur-713 209 [0343-2546397. Ambedkar National Institute of Technology Jalandhar-144 011 [ 5. CHANDE Director GP Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology Bhopal-462 007 [0755-670900. 2702955] Fax: 0141-2702954 sca@recjai. MEHTA Director GP Dr. 2546753] Fax: 2546753. A. DR.2. PRAMOD S.nitj. .ac. 2690452] Fax: 0181-2690932 psmehta@nitj. DR.K. P. BHOWMIK Director GP National Institute of Technology Hamirpur-177 005 [222308] Fax: 01972-223834 6. 2286101] Fax: 0495-2287250 www.

VIRK Director GP National Institute of Technology Silchar-788 010 [03842-233179.ernet. WANI Principal GP Regional Engineering College Srinagar-190 006 [2422032. BHATTACHARYA GP Regional Institute of Technology Jamshedpur-831 014 [2407614] Fax: 0657-407298 . 2427863] Fax: 0194-2420475 14. 278077] Fax: 03842-233797 recsilcc@sancharnet.U. A.svrec. PROF. 2472081] Fax: 0661-2472926 director@nitr.P. COL. PROF. 2222842] Fax: 0261-2227334 bm@svrec.8. J. N. JOSHI Director GP Sardar Vallabhbhai National Institute of Technology Surat-395 007 [0261-2227334. Nagpur-440 011 [ PATHAK Director GP Visvesvaraya National Institute of Tech. PROF. MEHTA Director GP National Institute of Technology Kurukshetra-136 119 [ 13. K. DR. 235733] Fax: 91-712-223969 11. www.M.ernet.SARANGI Director GP National Institute of Technology Rourkela-769 008 [2472050. S. 238122] Fax: 01744-238050 10 12.

K. Bloc-FC. 2540233] Fax: 0755-2661996 4.SINGH Director GP National Institute of Technology Karnataka Surathkal-575 025 [0824-467318. S.G. DR.JAIN GP Technical Teachers’ Training Institute Shamla Hills Bhopal-462 002 [2661216.ernet. 25498468] Fax: 033-23376331 . 22542334] Fax: 044-22541126 3. VASUDEVA RAO Director GP National Institute of Technology Warangal-506 004 [08712-459216] Fax: 08712-459547. Salt Lake City Kolkata-700 106 [23370937.C.15.P. O. DR. Chennai-600 113 [22541126.ernet. 4763228] postmaster© krec. DR.ernet. BAJPAL GP Technical Teachers’ Training Institute Sector-26.ernet.: 792369. wrao@recw. 459119 prl@recw.N. BHATTACHARYA GP Technical Teachers’ Training Institute Sector-III. 791989 Fax: 0172-791366 2. 500370] Fax: 0431-500133. JAIPRAKASH NARAIN GP Technical Teachers’ Training Institute Taramani. P. 500056 Technical Teachers’ Training Institutes 1. DR. PROF. B. Chandigarh-160 019 Ph. M.. ARUMUGAM Principal GP Regional Engineering College Tiruchirappalli-620 015 [ 16. DR. DR.

Hatia. CHAUHAN Director GP Sant Lorgowal Institute of Engg. 2257444] Fax: 0360-2257872 3. 4.Other Institutes 1. DR. Director GP School of Planning & Architecture 4. P. 26525451] Fax: 011-23319435 6. PAUL Director GP Indian School of Mines Dhanbad-826 004 [0326-205403. R. Nirjuli-791 109 [2257584. Ranchi-834 003 [2290859] Fax: 0651-2290860 . 5. www. Indiraprastha Estate New Delhi-110 002 [23712667. 28571518] Fax: 022-8573251 bagchi@nitie.O.nitie.ernet. TAPAN P. DR. PROF. Sangrur.K. 202284] Fax: 0326-203042 eme@ismine. KAMAL KISHORE Director GP National Institute of Foundry and Forge Technology P. D.O. BAGCHI Director GP National Institute of Industrial Engg.C. Vihar Lake Road Mumbai-400 087 [28573371. & Tech Distt. Director GP North Eastern Regional Institute of Science & Tech. Punjab [280057] Fax: 01672-280057 2.

. S 15. Venkatachalam(M). Srikakulam Dist.Annexure-X LIST OF DEGREE LEVEL INSTITUTES ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY ANDHRA PRADESH [0891 -895085. S 3. MALLIKARGUN REDDY S Alfa College of Engg & Tech. S 6. PRASAD Arkay College of Engg. V. Visakhapatnam 9. Khammam Dist. SIMHA RAO Aiza Engineering College. R District (MINORITY) [958416-54361] PROF. Dist.SATYA NARAYAN S Aditya Engineering College. Dist. Nizamabad Dist. Tadepallygudem. ASLAM PASHA Al Habeeb College of Engg & Tech. [08519-221357] DR. & Science Rajampet. Nellore [0861 360317. [08945-45666] Fax: 45266 aitamk@yahoo.N. S 14. NADHAMUNI REDDY A. 2. Tekkali. D.R. Peddapuram. [08819-23640. (CHRISTIAN MINORITY) [08744-53001.F.V.72456] PROF. N.V. V. SHAREEF Anwar-UI-Uloom College of Engg & Tech Yankapally Village.. principaLanits@yahoo. Cuddapah Dist.. SREE RAMA MURTHY Akula Sreeramulu College of Engineering.53003] Fax: 53001 Ext. Bodhan. W.C.RAJESWAR REDDY Anurag Engg. NAGESWAR RAO S Aditya Inst. S 11. Pydiparru.32346] Fax: 32343 AKULA GOPAIAH College of Engineering & Technology. of Tech & Sciences Bheemunipatnam. of Technology & Management. C. RAGHU RAMI REDDY Anil Neerukonda Inst. S 5. Dist. R. P.V. 13.711861. Mancherial. Nalgondal PROF.G. [08565-48990] Fax: 08565-48900 DR.R. Yacharam. of Tech. College of Engg & Technology. S 4.23740] Fax:08819-24737 Al Ameer College of Engineering & Information Technology. S. V. Chintulla. S 7. Palvancha.30 PROF. S 16. S DR. Gudilova. College. A. [24754225] 10. Visakhapatnam. 8. G.V. R. College Anantagiri (V). S MD. 12. [23512303] P.S. (MUSLIM MINORITY) [08467-25655. East Godavari Dist [08852-52250] PROF. Tanuku. 08565-49819] Fax: 360318 P.V. Allagadda. P. West Godavary Dist.958933] Fax: 667662 PROF. 185 & 186. R. RAO S Asifia College of Engg. S . Cheveila{M). Dammarigidda. & Tech.25656] Fax:25656 DR.No.S.M. Kodad (M). NAGESWAR RAO Adam's Engg. [08736-32345. Adilabad Dist. PRABHAKAR RAO Annamacharya Inst. Veranna Kanapur (V).Kurnool Dist. [08683-72555.

44508] PROF. Dist. Moinabad.Dist [08856-50345&37177] E-mail: bvcecodr@hd2. Narsampet (M).com 27. E-mail: biet@rediffmail. S Chaitanya Engg.M. ASLAM PASHA Ayann College of Engg & Tech. & Technology.L. of Tech & Science.R.G. Fax: 45326] bapuji@nettlinx. Hyderabad [923-33356] (08413 Out side Hyderabad) Fax:. Amalapuram. S 19.S.V. G. E. S 18. Dist [23202112..R.N. Dist. Malgur (V). RAMA SHASHRI C. Vishakapatnam DR. Nalgonda Dist.. S 28.SATYAM Avanthi Institute of Engg. Vindur Panchayat & Vill. Hindupur [249677] Bonam Venkata Chalamaiah Inst. Vodalarevu. M. K. Dist. Hyderabad PROF. College of Engg. A. PROF.V.52379] Fax: 040-7562348 info@cvr. S DR.G. A. Survey No.251678] MAJ. R. College. 25. College of Engg. Prakasam Dist.KAMASUNDHAR RAO Balaji [(924)-52313] 26. Maheswaram Post. Narsipatnam. R. S PROF.R. Bapatla [24244. Kammadi. RADHA KRISHNA MURTHY Chirala Engg.17.RAMA REDDY C.S. (CHRISTIAN MINORITY) [08716-22763] Fax: 08716-459449 christuJyothi@nettlinx. R. [08685-42228. Batlapalem.44507. S 23.S.V. PRASAD RAO B.923-33356 cbitworld. Dist [23512303] DR.R. Gudur Mandal. S 31. Venkatapur (V). Neliorae Dist. Warangal Dist [08718-32641] DR.R. [08594-30485] Fax: 08594-30486 chira_engineering_college@yahoo. Medchal. Chirala. Mokavanipalem. B. I RAMACHANDRA REDDY Chaitanya Bharathi Institute of Tech. PRASAD Audhishankara College of Engg. Bharath Institute of Engg. S 21. S 20. Warangal Dist. & Technology Ibrahimpatnam. GEN. 92 & 115/O. G. NAGESWAR RAO Bapatla Engineering College. Ghatkesar(M). 91. S C. Chitanya DR. Adilabad District [08734-56244.23202311] PROF. Kandla Koya.R.RAO Aurora's Engineering College. Nirmal.Chalamaiah Engineertng College. S 33. R. College of Engg.52369. 67. [08856-250245. S 32. of Technology.V. E. of Tech & Sciences. Amalapuram. Visakhapatnam Dist [08932-22382] Cell: 98481-21322 Fax: 08932-22453 MD.] becbpt1@sancharnet. A. [08624-22941.250881] 0884-2374932 PROF. College. 56. 82.YADHAGIRI Bapuji Engineering College.R. R. S 30.. Near Hyderabad [ S 22. & Tech. S 24. VISWANATH BIT Inst. S cvr. & Tech. MURTHY S Christu Jyothi Institute of Tech & Science Jangaon.

Markapuram. S PROF. Ananthapur [6523566. S 39. M. M.V. N.V. S 41. ING. Paulraj Engineering College. Prakasam Dist. KRISHNA SHARMA G. PRABHAKAR RAO Dr. JAYA RAMI REDDY G. S 48.ADI MURTHY D. [23536026] PROF.R. G. Kashipur. D. R.R. [927-43066. SAI BABA REDDY Gates Inst. Visakhapatnam [0891-2790202. Medak Dist [911-3109/31742] PROF. [08941-51593. & Tech.3565639] Fax: 3564187 DR. Samuel George Institute of 44.4807711] Fax: 4802786 dcetcse@hd2.of PROF. S MRS. S 36. K. S . S 50.V.SHARMA. DR. 08457-26807] Fax: 29353 DR.R. Kurnool [08518-76957. S 38.35. College of Engineering & Technology. INAMUL HAQ Dr. 6636477.CHAKRAVARTHI Farah College of Engg. (CHRISTIAN MINORITY) [(08496) 24133] MD. Jagityal. G. P.08554-272233] PROF.M.K. & Technology Sy.R. S 46. SUJATHA THEODRE Dr.S. 59-98.R.S. Women's College of Engg & Tech. G.A..51592] Fax 51591 gmr-it@gmrgroup. Ph: 040-6636476. RAJU Ellenki College of Engg & Tech. Krishna Dist PROF.. Dist.2550434] DR.K.N. S 45. & Science for Women. Secunderabad (CHRISTIAN MINORITY) [7817548] Fax7818846 csiit@rediffmail. Chevella V & Mandal.70164] Fax: 76957 PROF. College of Engineering & Technology. S 37.32595] Fax: 31682 PROF. Siddipet. Bhadrachalam (CHRISTIAN MINORITY) E-mail: drpre@rediffmail.K. [08552-251991.Narayanamma Instt.43144] DR. P.SREENIVAS RAO Gayathri Vidya Parishad College of Engineering Visakhapatnam [0891-739507] Fax 739605 E-mail: gvpce@yahoo. (MUSLIM MINORITY) [958724-26555] Fax: 27396 43. Medak Dist.3566803. RAMA KRISHNA S 40. A. Institute of Technology Rajam. S 42. DHARMA RAJ CSI Institute of Architecture.33173. Aziz Nagar (V). P. S 47. of Technology Gooty. R. S 49. Hima Sekhar MIC College of Technology. Moinabad (M).com DR. Hyderabad [040-3565648.J. Srikakulam Dist. Dist. Karimnagar [08743-31550.Pulla Reddy Engineering College. P. SHARMA College of Engineering (GITAMS). in Devineni Venkata Ramana & Dr.AMIRALI Deccan College of Engineering & Technology Hyderabad (MUSLIM MINORITY) [4802634.. V. Kanchikacherla.R.K.

Miyapur.51. of Technology. S 60.R.R. Dist.. Adibatla (V). S COLDR.S. RAJU Gokaraju Ranga Raju Engg. H. College. S 65. Gudlavalleru. S 52. & Tech. Devarakonda Town. Dist. College. R.S.30526] PROF. Moinabad (M). [08456-30564. Dist. S 58. Medak Dist.Tech College of Engg & Tech.N.040-5502393 Fax: 3304036 [040-4537282. S 64. Nalgonda Dist [08691-41777. C. SREE RAMULU Gokula Krishna College of Engg. S 54. S .3042666] Gokul Inst. S 66.S. P. 241881] DR.N. RADHA KRISHNA Godavari College of Engg. Krishna Dist. V. & Tech.R. S 67. S 59. S 68. S 57. College. Ananthapur District intell@net. Thornal (V).R.T.23952. Siddipet (M). K. B. (MUSLIM MINORITY) [08738-38509] DR. Sullurpet(M). PAPI REDDY I. Moinabad. SESHA PHANI Institute of Aeronautical Adilabad Dist.4531719] DR.S.4531725.SUBRAMANYAM J. R.PURNACHANDRA RAO Gudlavelferu Engg. S 53..73957-48234] vjwgdlvengg@sancharnet. RAO Jatipita College of Engineering Mavala Village. FAZALULLAH SHAREEF Green Fort Dist. SYED TURAB MOHIUDDIN Hi-Point College of Engg & Tech.S.R. [928-64579] Fax: 928-64577 61. [08417-52136] 923-35754. Hyderabad isscit@yahoo. Dist. S DR. Ibrahimpatnam. College of I.Dist COL H S VIRK(RETD) Guru Nanak Engg. S 55. & Engineering for Women. Rajahmundry [484828/484739/484831 ] Fax : 484690 PROF. Moinabad. Hyderabad DR. T. Nadullavari Kandriga (V). Bobbili. Nellore [08623-244004. R.S. College. P. R. [720-53044] DR. S 63. of Tech & Science. 241777.G. MURTHY Holy Mary Inst. K. N. Bandlaguda Khalsa. 73737. Keesara (M). [08674-73888. Of Tech. R.. [040-3042555.(Sikh Minority) [08414-22687. College.links.LAKSMINARAYANAINDUR Inst..7951525] INTEL Engineering College. Adilabad District [08732-22266.S. S 56. R. Bogaram (V).in [70652] Fax: 70968 DR.R. Himayathnagar. Ananthapur.24020] Fax: 6323294 gnec@ hd2. College of Engg Asifabad. Charminar.R. Chilkoor (V). Vijayanagaram Hi.B. 41200] Fax: 08691-41200 PROF. Secunderabad [7953217.22378] Fax: 22288 62. Institute of Engg.SETHI Human Resource Development Engg. & Science Piridi (V).

S.M. Dist. SADASIVA RAO.35066] Fax: 6637677 jec@jyothiengg. Kamareddy. East Godavari [068727-52744] DR.N.G.S. Metlapalem talarevu mandal. Natham (V&Post).23937] Fax: 22931. College of Engineering. Mylavaram. kitssing@hd2. S 83. S 72.SUBRAHMANYAM Jyothishmathi Institute of Tech. S 74.VENKATESHWARLU Kshatriya College of Engineering.RAMASWAMY REDDY Jyothi Engineering College.BABU SHANKAR Kamala Inst. Nalgonda [08691-41604. Maheswaram Post.M. S 75. Joginipally B. Engg. Warangal kitswgl@rediffmail. [7950011. S . NH-7.RAO K.VRR DATLA Karshak Engineering [ PROF.C. 220. Adloor (V).B.K.22934. Konderu (V).L. & Science Karimnagar [08722-23317. [08502—79517] Fax: 79518 sktrmce@hd2.75313] jpnc_engg@hotmail. (CHRISTIAN MINORITY) [08864-43108] Fax: 08864-43108 70. Singapur. S 81.S.257030] Email kuppamtech@yahoo. Narsampet (M).dot. Warangal [08718-22503] Fax: 08718-22569 DR. Kuppam (M). S Chittoor Dist [08570 256966. Gazinagar (V).com PROF. Karimnagar Dist. 98481-30081] 98492-15688 khader_memorial@usa.MURALIDHAR SHARMA Kakinada [08712-564888. College of Engineering. Mahaboobnagar [08542-78888. S 73. S 71. S 77.C. Itikyal. Moinabad (M). Krishna Dist.69.S.C. Yenkapally. S PROF. R. No.KRISHNA MURTHY Ayaprakash Narayan College of Engg. of Tech.P. Sircilla. E. Devarkonda. Nizamabad Dist [08463-53184] PROF. S PROF.Dist DR. Kareemnagar [08723-35064.44325] Fax:48829 M.23716] Fax:23317.REDDY K.350665. S 85.NAYANATHARA Kottam Tulasi Reddy Memorial College of 78.SOMAV CHETTY Kuppam Engg. Vaddeswaram.KISHAN RAOJAYAMUKHI Inst.S. S 80.vsnl. BHASKAR REDDY Lakkireddy Balireddy PROF. Rampachodavaram.7753520] PROF: P. S 84. Khader Memorial College of Engg & Tech.22933. of Technological Sciences. 564320] PROF. [0884-303400. Armoor (M).YW MADHUSUDAN RAJU Lenora College of Engineering. of Engg. Mahaboobnagar Dist. 564322.N.(MRS).A. & Technology. S 76. Guntur Dist vjwkonerus@sanchar.53002 DR. Cuddapah [08562-41393. Nizamabad ibrcemym@eth. & Science. Kakinada Revenue Division.B. P. College.PRABHAKAR Kakatiya Institute of Science & Tech. College. College. Sy. S 82.. Perkit Post. college DR.R.304050] Fax: 303869 kiet_edu@sifi. ibrcentm@vsnl.

Medak [08457-47164/47088/47033] celll. & Tehc.M. Angallu (V).9848152837 MD.No.99] Fax: 56468.JEEBALA RAO Medak College of Engg. of Science & Tech. Kothur. KAMAKSHIAH Mahaveer Inst.040-6577170. of Tech. Nalgonda Dist.HAFIZUDDIN Mona College of Engg.040-550073. S 92.V. Gollaguda.opg PROF.V. S 89.83843] Fax: 091-08760-8761-81252 87.V.K. S 99. Khammam PROF. 117 to 122.88.NARAYANA Madanapalli Inst. Near Old Airport. Hyd [ S PROF.P. & Tech.64677990 M. Sattupally-507 303. Chittoor Dist.-R. Aloor (V). of Science & Tech. [08598-37345] Fax: 08598-37345 mlec@ rediffmail. Siddipet. Medchal.K. College of Engineering. S 91. College Singarayakonda.SASTRY M. Dist [925-44362] Fax:925-44867(0841 5) PROF. Bandlaguda Khalsa.. in DR. R.. [08683-40377.26166] DR. Kodad. S 98. Gundla Pochampally.SYED BAHAUDDIN M.College of Engg. Nalgonda [08682234586. Chevella. Guntur [08741 -38161.KOMARAIAH Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Tech. S . Kondapak (V). Madanapalli. & Tech. Kuravalakota (M).81252.MADANMOHAN Malla Reddy Engg. Sattenapalli (M).com [08761 -81251.. Hyderabad mgit@rediffmail.G.38162. Nos.G. Prakasam District.B. Vizianagaram [08922-41732] mrvrgr@ hd2. College.A.R.L. Charminar. & Science.LAKSHMIPATHI RAJU M. Sy. (mitsmpl)principai@mitsedu [08571-22923. 593 & 594. S 93. Hyderabad (MUSLIM MINORITY) [040-3352084] Fax: 040-4418958 principal @mjcolfege.76010] Fax: 49400 DR.33671] Fax: 923-22255 [ PROF.K.VIJAYA KUMAR Mannan Inst. Dhulipalla (V). S 88. S 90.KODALI SRINIVAS Mother Teresa Inst..6538767] Cell: 98483-44167 DR.R.23731635] DR. Hyd [26347356] PROF.0404529780] PROF.R. Of Science & Tech.KRISHNA REDDY Madhira Institute of Technology & Science. S 95. Cuddapah [08562-49400. Sy.86.38164] litam@rediffmail.Dist [26340755. S 100. S 97. R.ZAKRIA BAIG Madina Engineering College.Engineering College Nadargul.M. Kadiri Road. S PROF.vsnl.J.S.SUBBARAYUDU Malineni Lakshmaiah Engg. S 96.PARAMESWAR RAO Loyola Institute of Tech & Management.

DASARI Nova College of Engg & Tech. S 115. [08736-53507] DR. Nellore [08624-52612. Nellore nec-nellore@yahoo.101.REDDY Narayana Engg. S 103.G. Narayanpet Mandal. Eglaspur (V). QAIYUM Noor College of Engg & Tech.KANAKA RAJU Narasaraopet Engg. Shadnagar. & Tech. & Technology. VENKATESWARLU Nizam Institute Engg. S 111. Krishna Dist.K. of College. Nalgonda Dist nitsmlg_col@yahoo. Sattenapally. Gonipeta PROF.37864. KarirnnagarDist. Karimnagar Dist.SRI RAMAMURTHY Nagarjuna Institute of [08624-28547. G Kantepudi vil. Peddapally (M). & Science. Institute of Science & Tech. [08642-45124. College. Nalgonda [916-26161] Fax: 3242575 ni2amgroupofinsititure@rediffmail... [30093(08647). & Tech.G.] Fax: [0861-313842. S 108. W. (MUSLIM MINORITY) [08548-53387. S 107.V.53317] 109. (Kannada Minority) [08506-81764. VAIKUNTAM Nirmal Engineering College.LAKSHMIPATHI RAJU Nagarjuna Institute of Technology.vsnl.K. S . Dist-534 447 [08821-26783] Fax: 08821-26784 [0866-581699] Fax: 581184 [08728-23698.37866] R. Deshmukhi vill. & Science.. S DR. Narasaraopet.S.V. Nellore nbkrist1 @yahoo.V. 30256(08647)] nrteng@sancharnet. Jupudi.G. S 116. Guntur Dist. S PROF. (CHRISTIAN MINORITY) mtec_km@sol. Mahaboobnagar Dist.81766] Fax: 08506-81764 PROF.N. VARA PRASAD RAO Newton Institute of Engg. 52897] Fax: 08548-53387 H. Guntur Dist. Guntur nalanda_tech@yahoo. Jangareddygudem.V. [08641 -37863. S 112.22844] Fax: 08506-81564 PROF. Mahaboobnagar [08689-31033] Fax: 41317 PROF.45126] Fax: 45127 M.R. Penugonda.SUDHAKAR REDDY N. S 105.B.A.SRINIVASAN Nalanda Institute of Engg & Tech.. S 113. M. (MUSLIM MINORITY) [0866-882910] Fax: 882911 PROF. M. S 114. E.321909 DR. Manthani (M). UMA MAHESWAR RAO Narayanpet Inst.B. APPARAO Nimra College of Engg.28303] Fax: 28257 PROF. Miryalaguda.20937] RAO Mother Theressa College of Engg. S 104.VIVEK RAO Moula Ali College of Engg & Tech. Vijayawada ngitengg@md5. S 102.B.. S 106. Ananthapur [08555-20873. Pochampafly.PRASAD Narayana Engineering College.

College. College. Ankushapur.S. [08719-41160] Fax: 42364 DR. [927-78248. S 133.R. College. Piflikotal (V). S 126. S 135.S. Dist. NAIDU Priyadarshini College of Engg. Dammariguda(V). S. PROF. Warangal [08712-817333] Fax: 08712-551183 E-mail: srcollege@rediffmail.lndra Reddy Memorial Engg. College. Quba College of Engg. S DR. RAZAQ Rajiv Gandhi Memorial College of Engg. U.R College of Architecture.21300] Fax: 24830 prakasamengineeringvollege@yahoo. S 125. Bheemili (M).R. 232505] Fax: 0863-350343 rvrjcce@hotmail.No. VARA PRASAD Raja Mahendra Engg. RAJESHAM PRRM Engineering College. Prakasam Dist. B. MALLIKARJUNA RAO Pragati Engg. R. S 127.117. M. Ibrahimpatnam.. in [08514-35203. Dist [927-34161.. & Tech.A. Nellore-4 . Mahaboobabad. PROF..Raju Institute of Tech. Chevella. S Dhakamarri (V).co. Nalgonda [7113162. Kakinada. S 123. Dist. Agiripalli. Gambhiram (V).SHARMA S.R.S. Sullurpeta. [08852-46149.040-6349263] Pydah College of Engg & Tech. Kanigiri Road. S 131. RAM RAO PAWAR Royal Institute of Tech. [08598-22288. Chevella.132. Anandapuram (M). & Tech. [086649-7637423] PROF.S. S 134.Sy. Dist PROF.34171] DR.R. S 118. College. R. R. SANKARA RAO RVR & JC College of Engineering. Raghu Princeton College of Engg.35204] BRIG-N. D. MOHAN RAO Prakasam Engg. Ghatkesar. Engg.(V & M). [958452/23882/23883] info@Royaiedu. R. Krishna Narsapur. R.A. 288274. Bommalaramaram (M). Nandyal rgmcet@hd2. P. S 120. S DR.R. S 136. S 119. Dist [08414-24056.S. & Tech. PULLAIAH Progressive Engg.V. (COL) M. Ananthasagar (V). 129. SAMBHI REDDY Ramappa Engineering College. S 121. SASTRY Royal College of Engineering. CM. Peddapuram. S 132. JEEBALA RAO DESAI QIS College of Engg. College. K. Prakasam Dist. [08592-35307] 128.P.46150] Krishna_pragati @ rediffmail.. Warangal Dist.M. S 124.34151. [08656. S 122. Visakhapatnam PROF.SARMA Padmasri Dr. Medak Dist. Chandramoulipuram Chowdavaram Guntur-522 019 [(0863) 288254.24727] P. Medak Dist.vsnl. S P.. SEN GUPTA S. Chikatimamidi(V). Rev. Shabad. & Science. Visakhapatnam Dist DR. Kandukur. 3407552/3410261 (0)] DR. College. Hasanparthy.R. Nellore Dist. S.24032] rmce@cify.

C. Khammam Dist [08745-46466. PROF. Siddhartha Inst.SESHAPHANI S. Chittoor Dist [08577-21858.R..77376. of Science. Garividi. 483-13-2.comsrrec@yahoo. DR. Dist [08818-30126] Fax: 08818-30126. Bheemavaram [08816-28964] Fax:26176 drraju_20022002@yahoo. (Marathi Linguistic Minority) [ M. Engineering College.S. Dist [08414-23854.88181] 143. K.V. D.R. BAIG M. Sattupally. RAJU Shri Vishnu College for Women. BHUKTA Sarada Inst. Dist [4548886-3531014] 149. Chinna-Amiram Bhimavaram West godavari District-534 204 [(o) 08816-23332(P) 22748 ® 22022] Fax: 08816-24516 jreddyb@hotmail. S 140. Karimnagar [08728-74499] 153.ANARI Shadan College of Engg & Tech. Medipally.R. & Tech. Reddy College of Engineering. SRINIVAS RAO S Sai Spurthi PROF: T. College. 138. [08952-8106.D.70997] Fax:53040 ssjec@rediffmail. Engg. S SYED HAFEEZ Saint Theresa Inst. S 152. S 142. Eluru [08812-30840] Fax: 24193 scrrengg@yahoo. S 144. K. & Engg. S SRI. Kurnool [958518-20663] 145. S 150. Machilipatnam [08672-51993.S. Mahaboobnagar. S 146. . R. S PROF.V. S 148. R. M. R. B. SEKHARA RAJU Sasi Inst. Moinabad. College.A.46233] sreec@rediffmail. Punchlingal (V).H. Bandlaguda Khasla (V&M).R.137..H. Yellandu.G. Khammam Dist [958761-88278. M. ANAND KUMAR Sir OR. SHRI.. SASTRY Scient Inst. of Technology. NARASIMHA RAO S. S PROF. DR. of Technology.R. Vizianagaram Dist. S 139. Kovvada (V).R. 51677] MR. NTPC-Jyothinagar. APPA RAO Safa College of Engg & Tech. 81062] Fax: 040-7566186 N. Puttur.E. S 147. of Tech. Karepally PROF: VEMURI HARINARAYANA SHARMA M. JANARDHAN REDDY S Sindhura College of Engg & Tech. Mahaboobnagar Dist [08542-77374. A.R. Srikakulam [08942-20887] Fax: 25476 sistam_engg@bharatmail. Hyderabad-5. Peerancheru. & Management. S MR. Tadepalligudem. of Engg & Collge. Himayathnagar (V)..Ph.550-2012] PROF.J. of Engg & Tech. BALA BHASKAR Sant Samarth Engg. Engineering College.R.JANARDHAN REDDY S. Sy.23711] 141. Nos.V. Dist (MUSLIM MINORITY) [040-6577770] DR. Cheepurupalli.V. College of Engineering.K. V.R. W.M. JANAB NISARAHMED S Shaaz College of Engg.77375.23855] scient_enginst@yahoo.

VARA PRASAD Sri Venkateswara College of 155. S 156. College. Peda Tadepally. S 168. ANJANEYULU Sri Krishna Devaraya College of Engg & Tech. & ech. [08656-33711.R. Suryapet. Madhapur.35711 ] ssiet@rediff. S SRI G. S . P. B.28604. Dist. S PROF. & ciences. B. S 157. MURTHY Sri Vasavi College of Engg. C.VENKATESWARLU Sri Satyanarayana College of Engg. RAJA RAO Sri Kalahastheeswara Instiute of Tech.. Ibrahimpatnam. JAGADISH KUMAR Sri Sarathi Institute of Engg.M. [08745-46008. Ongole. PROF. 46170] kavitha_eng@rediffmail. R. Bye-pass PROF. S 166. Srikalahasthi E-mail: skit@vsnl. Kannaiah Sri Sai DR. Krishna Dist. M.G0m 162.R. P. Gooty. S. E-mail: ssnengg@yahoo. S 169. EKAMBRAM NAIDU Sri Venkatesa Perumal College of Engg & Tech.34001. S 159. Khammam Dist.25266] Fax: 53948 svengcol@hotmail.G. Guntur Dist. S . Rajupeta (V). E-mail: princip@nettlinx.BALAKRISHNA Sri Prakash College of Engg. S 163. M.vsnl. S 158. College. [08552-51935] PROF. Nalgonda Dist [ [08647-53412] Prof. Rayachoty. [08818-84544] Fax: 08818-84322 [08592-26627. K. Karepally (V&M).in [08542-36915.17] Fax: 08542-36922 PROF. College.V. RAGHAVA RAO Sri Chundi Ranganayakulu Engg. Chittoor Dist. Cuddapah Dist [08561-66018] 3risaiit@rediffmail. Sheriguda (V). Malli kargun Rao Sri Indu College of Engg. & Tech.011-3379002] biet@rediffmail. RVS Nagar.28604] Fax: 26627. K. R. Dist. S 160. S 164. USRA HARI PRASAD RAO Sri Venkateswara Engineering College. DR. [040-3113688] DR. Ananthapur Dist.S. Mahaboobnagar Dist E-mail: svitsn@hd2. Nuzvid. SATYANARAYANA Sree Visvesvaraya College of Chittoor E-mail: svcet@vsnl. Narayanpet. Dist [08818-84544] Fax:08818-84322 sriprakash_engg@yahoo. SUBBA RAO Sri Vidya Niketan [463239] DR. & Tech.154.R. HEMACHANDRA REDDY Sri Venkateswara College of Engg.46009. DR. Near Dr. E...20870] Fax: 24357 PROF.V..Rangampet. of Tech & Science. [92423777] PROF. Tuni PROF. S 165. Prakasam Dist. [08574-76322] Fax: 76964 principalsvec@rediffmail. Puttur [011 -3379010) to 18. C. Tadepalligudem.N. West Godavari Dist.BABU Sree Kavitha [08578-21173. V. S 161.

[08463-27496. Yamnampet (V).. S . & Tech. S 175. S 184. S 182..46298] Fax: 08572-462989 sitams@md4. MASOOD AHMED KHAN Syed Hashim College of Science & Tech. [08512-2356] 178. [08944-54800.31076] PROF.G. Nizamabad Dist. Nalgonda [916-26162. Yerrakota. S 183.. Nizamabad Dist.553169] 171. College.. RADHA KRISHNA T. R. College of Engg & Tech. (MUSLIM MINORITY) pshcst@yahoo. Ghatkesar(M).4028676] DR.R.R. MOHD. Deshmukhi PROF. Of Tech. Nalgonda [08682-31079. A. Medchal. Medbowli. C. 100.K.No.39.R.R. Vizianagaram Dist.B. V. SIVANNARAYANA Srinivasa Engg. Sy. R. Dist. B.RAO Thandra Paparaya Institute of Science & Tech. D. Martin's Engg. Dist. Chittoor [08572-46299. College. DR.. M. Dist Cell: 9848032818.26566] Fax: 08466-26593. NARAYAN REDDY Srinivasa Institute of Technology & Management Studies.27506] Fax: 08463-275508 mail@sritengg. Patancheru. John's College of Engg. & Tech. P. RAMAIAH Srinivasa Reddy Inst. S DR.. KESAVAN St. Yemmiganoor.of Science & Tech. S 179.. of Science & Technology. SRK PARAMA HAMSHA St. [08413-34333. S. [08814-40588] Fax: 40638 info@swarnandratech. Chirala [08594-30861. Medak [08452-23677. Chandmiya bagh Jakranpally (M). Banswada. W. Medak Dist [6664627] Fax: 6637677 DR. Inole (V). Bobbili.23002. MURALIDHAR RAO Swamandhra College of Engg & Tech. K.23877] DR. S 174. G. Pochmpally..vsnl. NARSIMHA REDDY Srinidhi Inst. G. Medak Dist. R.6347536] PROF. S 173. S DR. MAHESWAR REDDY Swami Ramananda Tirtha Instt. P.27505. [08466-26591. 27496. Near Basaveswara Temple. [08454-32110] Fax: 08454-32110 L. College of Engg.23003] Fax: 040:7640325 snist2002 @ yahoo. Seetharampuram. 34226] PROF.Pally (V).30399 ] DR. Rajendranagar (M). Gajwel.. S 185.170. Dulapally. College.N. 98. S T. Meerpet. Sy. Mary College of Engg.ADHISESHA REDDY Sri Y. Kurnool Dist. S 177.SARKAR DR. STEPHEN CHARLES St. College of Engg & Tech. Dist [08451 -23001.R. S 176. 3514196 DR. Hyd [6587536.VENUGOPAL RAO Sridevi Women's Engg. S 181. S 172. Narsapur. No.LAKSHMI NARAYANA T.8.R. Ann's College of Engg & Tech. PROF.30546.

865186] 197. [98492 72298] PROF.. Dist. S DR. Guntur DR.R.3042759.3513317.COL..3517740] DIPANKAR DAS Vathsalya Inst. Prakasham Dist 188. S Vignan Institute of Information Tech. Vizianagaram Dist.Siddhartha Engineering College. S 194. V.RAMA KRISHNA RAO Vasavi Engineering College. L.H. Hyderabad principal@vce. Khammam (MUSLIM MINORITY) [08742-82390. [08725-55962] Fax: 08725-54694 196. M. VENKATA NARSAIAH V. College. P.RAO Vignan Institute of Tech.45715] Cell:9849384533 S.SUDERSHAN RAO Vardhaman College of Engg. Chirala. S 202. P. R. Proddatur (M).865183.. [0863-534468.C.62747] Fax:60531 DR. Warangal Dist [ R.88146] 201. Cuddapah 191. [08626-43920] vitskavali@vsnl. S of Engg & Tech. S. S 204.RAM REDDY Vidya Jyothi Institute of Technology & Science. DR. & Sc. & Science. Nalgonda Dist.RAO VIF College of Engg & Tech. S. K.S. B.. Gadwal Mandal. Parkal. dailvcew@hd2. [923-35045] Fax: 923-35328 187. RAMACHANDRA REDDY Vijaya Rural Engineering College.. Moinabad (M).R. PRABHAKAR RAO Tirumala Engg.80157] 80158 & 80342 PROF.R. S 195. Jangaon 506 167. S 192. BANDLA KOTESWAR RAO Vignan Engineering College. Nellore Dist. Anantharam Bhongir. S PROF. S 189.N. Karimnagar Dist.82490] Fax: 24829 Vidya Bharathi Inst. S Vodarevu Road. S 190.. [92335300/99] vjithyd@yahoo. [08685-44639. S Peddasettipally. Dist. S 193. Himayathnagar. Vadlamudi. Mahaboobnagar Dist. S PROF. Moinabad. K. Visakhapatnam DR. S 198. Vaagdevi Institute of Tech & Science. Vijayawada-520 007 [0866-58233.SATYANARAYAN REDDY Vazir Sultan Engg College. of Tech. S 199. K. Kanuru. [08462-80156. RR Dist. S 200. [08685-26132 to 140] Fax: 08685-26131 PROF. & Y.584930] vrsec@vsnl.20330. Deshmukhi Village. S . [08963-60523.RAJA REDDY Visvodaya institute of Tech. Nalgonda Dist. Batchupally.534646] Fax: 534649 vugbab-engneer. in [08712-865182. [040-3042758. Warangal Dist.R. Nizamabad vrecnzba@rediffmail. Kavali. of Technoloogy & Management [ Vaagdevi College of Engg.3042760] E-mail: vnrjet@satyam. NARSIMHA Viswanadha Inst.VENKATESWARA RAO VNR Vignana Jyothi Inst. College of Engg & Tech.186. Metpally.R. Of Science & Tech.

ASSAM 1 UP SHRI R.S LADIA Head of Deptt Department of Petroleum Technology Dibrugarh University Dibrugarh - 786004 [70225;70206] Fax: 0373-70323 E-mail: PROF P C MAHANTA Assam Engineering College Jalukbari Guwahati - 781013 [570550] Fax: 0360-570550 SMTJABEEN GHOSH DASTIDAR Govt. College of Arts & Crafts Guwahati - 781009 DR S K ROY Jorhat Engineering College Jorhat - 785007 [320340]

6 U

PROF SADRE ALAM College of Arts and Crafts Patna - 800001 [235348:2864641 Millia Institute of Technology Rambagh Purnea - 854 301 PROF. M. KARIM Maulana Azad College of Engineering & Technology Anishabad Patna - 800 002

7 S

8 S

2 GP

CHANDIGARH 1 UP DR BANSAL R C Chairman Deptt. of Chemical Engg. and Technology. Punjab University Chandigarh - 160014 [779173;711707] Fax: 0172-779173 DR BALJEET S. KAPOOR Punjab Engineering College Chandigarh - 160012 [746074;745102] Fax: 0172-746838 SHRI PREM SINGH Govt College of Arts and Crafts, Sector 10-C, Chandigarh - 160011 [742873:604362]

3 G

4 GP

2 GP

BIHAR 1. G DR.C. PRATAP Bhagalpur College of Engineering Bhaga[pur - 813210 [400467;400071 SHRI JAWAHAR PASWAN Bihar Institute of Silk & Textiles Nathnagar Bhagalpur-812006 [422372;400050] DR D. PRASAD Muzaffarpur Institute of Tech. Muzaffarpur - 842003 [261918:260865] DR SINHA H.K. Bihar College of Engineering Patna - 800005 [670631:672876] Fax: 0612-670786 DR. SINHA S.N. Director RPS Institute of Technology New Bailey Road Patna

3 G

2 G

CHHATTISGARH 1. S 2. S Bhillai Institute of Technology Bhillai House, Durg Chhatrapati Shivaji Institute of Tech. Shivaji Nagar, Kolhapuri, P.O. Pisegoan, Balod Road, Durg Chhattisgarh Chouksey Engineering College Karbala Road, Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh

3 GP

4 GP

5 S

3. S

4. G

Govt. Engineering College Biliaspur-495 009 Chhattisgarh Govt. Engineering College Jagdalpur, Bastar-494 005 Chhattisgarh Govt. Engineering College Raipur-492 010 Chhattisgarh Institute of Technology Guru Ghasidas University Koni, Bilaspur Chhattisgarh Kirodimal Institute of Technology Raigarh-469 001 Chhattisgarh M.P. Christian College of Engg. & Tech. Durg, Chhattisgarh Raipur Institute of Technology Choubey Colony, Raipur-492 001 Chhattisgarh Rungta College of Engg. & Tech. Perm Village, Tehsil Kohka (Karud), Bhillai, Durg-491 001 Chhattisgarh Shri Shankaracharya College of Engg. Dundera, Bhillai-490006 Chhattisgarh

3 U

5. G

School of Engineering & Technology Indira Gandhi National Open University 198, Asian Games Village New Delhi - 110049 [26960863;265677633] Fax:26960863 MR. SHAHID MEHDI Vice Chancellor Faculty of Engg. & Technology Jamia Millia Islamia New Delhi - 110025 [26835831 ;26828844] Fax:26311261 Bharati Vidyapeeths College of Engineering A-4, Paschim Vihar New Delhi-110 063 [011-25278444] Ambedkar Institute of Technology Patparganj, Shakurpur. Delhi-110 092 [22428339] National Power Training Institute Badarpur. New Delhi [26940722, 26944198] Amity School of Engineering 580, Delhi Palam Vihar Road, Bijwasan, New Delhi-110 061 [25065106, 24913030] Fax: 011-25065105 PROF M VIJAYA MOHAN College of Art 20-22, Tilak Marg, New Delhi - 110 001 [23383612;26467951] Fax; 23386337 PROF. M.G.KIDWANI Head Dept. of Fine Arts & Art Education Jamia Millia Islamia New Delhi - 110025 [26831717;26919254] Guru Teg Bahadur Institute of Tech. G-8 Area, Rajouri Garden Delhi-110 064 [25404036, 25136812]

6. G

4 UP

7. U

8. S

5 S

9. S 10. S

6. G

7. G

11. S

8. S

12. S

DELHI 1 GP PROF. D. GOLDAR Delhi College of Engineering Bhavana Road Delhi-110042 [27871018] Fax: 011-27871023 Director Netaji Subhash Institute of Technology Sector-111, Azad Hind Fauj Marg Dwarka, New Delhi - 110048 [25099023; 25099024] Fax:25646635

9. G

10. U

2 G

11. S


Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Tech. Sector-22, Rohini, Delhi-110 085 [24906354, 24902385] Fax: 011-24902377 Maharaja Surajmai Institute of Tech. C-4, Janak Puri, New Delhi-110 058 [25552667, 25528117] Fax: 011-25528166 TVB School of Habitat Studies Sector-D, Pocket-2, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi-110 070 [26896615] Fax: 011-26894898 Vastu Kala Academy 9/1, Institutional Area, Opp. JNU East Gate, Aruna Asaf Ali Marg, New Delhi-110 067 [26965643, 26568523] Fax: 011-26867617 HMR Institute of Tech. & Management Hamidpur, Teh. Narela New Delhi. Engineering College for Women G B Pant Polytechnic Campus Okhla. New Delhi-110020 Guru Premsukh Memorial College of Engineering Alipur-Sonepat Road Delhi.

GUJRAT 1 GP PROF. K.J. PARMAR LD College of Engineering Navarangpura Ahmedabad-380015 [26302887;25322830] Fax: 079-6302887 DR HASMUKHBHAI V.TRIVEDI Nirma Institute of Technology Gandhinagar-Sarkhej Highway Ahmedabad-382481 [27439911-15/27438558] Fax: 079-7439916 PROF. KEDAR P BHATT Director Rollwala Computer Centre Gujarat University Campus Fax:26301654 PROF G.N. TAMBE Director School of Building Science & Technology University Road Navarangpura Ahmedabad - 380009 [26302452] 079-26302075 SHRI P A KHATWANI Hon. Director Sarvajanik College of Engg & Tech. Dr R K Desai Marg, Opp Mission Hospital Surat - 395001 [2660640:2660556] Fax: 0261-2660099 PROF SHAH G S Dean Faculty of Tech. & Engg. M S University of Baroda Vadodra - 390001 [2434188/2654314] Fax: 0265-2423898

13. S

14. S

2 S

15. S

3 U

16 S 17 S 18 S

4 A

5 S

GOA 1 GP College of Engineering Farmagudi - 403401 [2335160] Fax:335021 postmast@gce.ernetin SHRI. ASHOK R. SHIRODKAR Goa College of Arts Altinho, Panaji - 403001 [2226104;2256809] Padre Conceicao College of Engg. Agnel Technical Complex Verna, Goa - 403722 [2783815;2702603] Fax: 0832-782215 6 UP

2 G

3 S

7 G

MAJ.GEN. PALTA AP Commandant Vidyut Aur Yantrik Inginiyarig School Electrical & Mechanical Engineers School Vadodara - 390008 [2481962; 2481990] Fax: 0265-2483691 PROF. DHRUVAMISTRY Dean Faculty of Fine Arts M S University of Baroda Vadodra - 390002 [2795520] PROF J N SHAH SSVM Institute of Technology Bharuch - 392001 [245864; 246448] Fax: 02642-249601 PROF GARACH MV Shantilal Shah Engg. College Bhavnagar-364060 [2445509;25694331

16 S

PROF MS SHAH Shree U.V.Patel Engineering College, Mehsana - 384001 [02762-45296] Fax: 02762-86609 DR. D. J. BHATT Government Engineering College Modasa - 383315 [42633:32237] PROF N C VYAS Lukhdhirji College of Engg. Morbi - 363642 [40743;406451 Fax: 02822-40645 DR DESAI H M Vice Chancellor AP Dharmsinh Desai Institute of Tech. Nadiad - 387001 [220502] Fax: 0268-220501 SHRI NAGORIA H B Director Mantra Education Institute C/o Man-made Textiles Research Association Surat - 395002 [627734:623268] DR N D JOTWANI GH Patel College of Engineering & Technology Bakrol Road Vallabh Vidyanagar - 388120 Fax: 02692-36896 [36896; 35071] PROF B.K. SHUKLA Sardar Patel Institute of Technology Vasad-388306 [274766;233740] Fax: 02692-274540 Vardhman Bharti Trusts College of Engg. Lakhu Pole, Wadhwan City - 363030

17 G

8 U

18 G

9 S


10 G

20 11 AP DR A M SHAIKH Birla Viswakarma Mahavidhyalaya (Engineering College) Vallabh Vidyanagar - 388120 [2319571} Fax: 02692-2230104 PROF M.L CHAUDHARY Government Engineering College Gandhinagar - 382017 [220303;26821520] DRSIRIPURAPU SCB Principal & Dean College of Agricultural Engineering&Tech. Gujarat Agricultural University Junagadh - 362001 [2671018;2672292] Fax: 0286-671018 Government Engineering College Kutch PROF PATEL JR Government Engineering College Mandu Road, Bhuj - 370001 [250153] UP

12 G

21 S

13 UP

22 S

14 G 15 G

23 S

24 CU

Dr. H. M. Rai Shah College Engg. & Tech. Near Kothariya Village Wadhwan City- 363030 [50800; 52711] Fax: 02752-51152 DR. B.P. SWADAS Director Institute of Science & Technology for Advanced Studies & Research Vallabh Vidyanagar-388120 Fax: 02692-38355 [34955: 37376] PROF. RPSONI Director GLS Institute of Computer Technology Opp. Law Garden, Ahmedabad-380006 [6447636,6468511] Fax: 079-6445958 A.D. Patel Institute of Technology Valiabh Vidyanagar - 388 120 Atmiya Institute of Tech. & Science Yogidham - Kalwad Road Rajkot C.K. Pithwada College of Engineering Dumasbhimpore Road Malvan Taluk, Chorasi Surat - 394 556 Charotar Institute of Technology Chnaga Petlad, Anand L C Institute of Technology Visnagar, Mehsana Distt. Sakalchand Patel College of Engineering Gandhinagar-Ambaji Link Road Visnagar- 384 315 Valia Institute of Technology Bharuch Vyavsaj Vidya Prathisthan's College of Engineering Rajkot - 360 005

HARYANA 1 S DR. R.C. BAHL M.M. Engineering College Mullana-133203, Ambala Distt. 3275842; 3275789 Fax: 0171-3275793 PROF I.C. SHARMA The Technofogical Instt.of Textile & Sc. Bhiwani - 127021 [42561:43050] Fax: 01664-43728 Website: www.nic.initits DR ASHOK KUMAR Director YMCA Institute of Engineering Technology Zakir Nagar, Sec-6, Faridabad - 121006 [25242143; 25247197] Fax: 25242141 ymcaie, Director Al-Falah School of Engineering &Tech Village Dhanj, Faridabad - 121004 [25206593;26821992] DR. O.N. KAUL Career Institute of Tech. & Management Sector-43, Aravalli Hills, Fartdabad-121 001 [2370608] Fax: 0129-2370606 BRIG M S YADAV Anupma College of Engineering Laxmi Bazar Complex, Gurgaon - 122001 [2306225] Fax:26121328 Apeejay Engineering College Sohana Gurgaon PROF. M.S. SODHA Director Institute of Technology & Management Institutional Area, Sec-23A, HUDA, Gurgaon - 122017 [2366787, 2360931] Fax: 91-2267488

25 S

2 SP

26 S

3 AP

27 S 28 S

4 S

29 S

5 S

30 S 31 S 32 S

6 S

7 S 8 S

33 S 34 S

9 S

Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology and Management Kanehi, Gurgaon - 122001 DR R K MALIK Dean College of Agri[. Engg & Tech. C C S Haryana Agricultural University Hisar- 125004 [233187; 237721] Fax: 01662-234613 dcoaeg@hau.hry, PROM. D. BANSAL Govt. Institute of Engg. & Technology Hissar- 125001 [232976] Fax: 01662-232976 DR B S GILL Haryana Engineering college Jagadhari-135003 [246403, 2357101] Fax: 01732-247403 PROF. (DR) L.N. MITTAL Jind Institute of Engineering & Tech. Panipat Road, Jind-126102 [01681-258611; 258370] Fax:01681-258611 & Department of Instrumentation Kurukshetra University Kurukashetra - 136119 [220410; 226599] Fax: 01744-220277 Dr. V P BATRA Shri Krishna Institute of Engineering And Technology Rattan Dera Road, Kurukshetra -136 188 [227040,221354] . Fax: 01744-229641 Lingaya's Institute of Management and Tech. Village Nachuli Jasana Road, Old Faridabad [2265492] Fax: 91-2265492

17 S

10 UP

DR D C SURANA Director S J P M L Instt of Engg & Tech. Radaur Distt. Yamuna Nagar - 135133 [223894; 2224441] e-mail SH. MP MITTAL Vaish College of Engineering Rohtak - 124001 [248443] Fax: 01262-2449572 MAJ. GEM. LEHTHER P.N. (Retd.) Shri Baba Mastnath Engg. College Asthal Bohar, Rothak - 124021 [50457] Fax: 01262-42752 PROF. RANJIT SINGH Chhotu Ram State College of Engineering, Murthal Sonepat Distt. - 131039 2482061 Fax: 01264-2482635 crsce@nic Ambala College of Engg. & Applied Research Akbarpur, P.O. Bihta Distt. Ambala - 133 101 B M Institute of Engg. & Technology Village Raipur Sonepat- 131 001 B R C M College of Engg. & Tech. Bahal. Bhiwani - 127 028 B S Anagpuria institute of Tech. & Management Village Alampur Ballabhgarh - Sohna Road Faridabad - 121 004 D A V College of Engg. & Technology Sonepat Doon Valley Institute of Engg. & Tech. Outside Jundle Gate Karnal- 132 001

18 S

11 G

19 S

12 S

20 G

13 S

21 S

14 U

22 S

23 S 24 S

15 S

25 S 26 S

16 S

27 S

Dronacharya College of Engineering Village Khentawas. P.O. Farrukhnagar Distt. Gurgaon Haryana College of Technology & Management Ambala Road Kaithal - 136 027 Hindu College of Engineering Industrial Area Sonepat - 131 001 N C College of Engineering Israna Distt. Panipat P D Memorial College of Engineering Sarai Aurangabad Bahadurgarh, Distt. Jhajjar Somany Institute of Technology & Management Garhi Ralni Road Rewari Swamy Devi Dyal Institute of Computer & Information Technology Link Road, Panchkula

3 G 4 S

Institute of Fine Arts Jammu - 180001 DR ARUN K GUPTA Director Model Institute of Engg. & Tech. Kot Bhalwal, Jammu - 181122 [2546078;2544840] Fax: 011-91-548239 SHRI GAYOOR HASSAN Instt of Music and Fine Arts 165/A Rajbag, Srinagar - 190008 [2432697] DR O N WAKHLU S S M College of Engineering Divar Parihas Pora Teh: Pattan Baramula Distt. [2458052;263260] Fax: 01-94-2458052

28 S

29 S

30 S

5 G

31 S

6 S

32 S

JHARKHAND 33 S 1. S Bokaro institute of Technology Bokaro, Camp-I, Marafari, Bokaro Steel City, Bokaro-827 011 DR. S.SINGH Director Bihar Institute of Technology Dhanbad DR. S.K. MUKHERJEE Vice Chancellor Birla Institute of Technology Ranchi-835215 [275402; 275777] Fax: 0651-275401 Cambridge Institute of Technology Ranchi-835 103 DR AMBASHT B P Bokaro Institute of Technology Bokaro - 827011 [42270:42711] Fax: 06542-421 50

HIMACHAL PRADESH 1 S The Institute of Engg. & Emerging Tech. Makhmumajra, Baddi Highway, Baddi Himachal Pradesh I.I.T.T. College of Engineering Kalaamb, Sirmaur. Himachal Pradesh 2. S

2. S

3. DP

JAMMU & KASHMIR 1 G PROF. M K KHASHU Govt. College of Engg.& Technology Old Campus University Canal Road, Jammu [2544863;2437660] Fax: 0194-2547469 SHRI DHAR M L Director Instt of Engg & Computer Sc. Gangyal, Jammu - 180010 [2451709:2552144]

4. S 5 S

2 S

6 GP

DR. SINGH S. Director Bihar Instutute of Technology Sindri - 828123 [51382/51775]

9 AP

DR HARNATH S B M S College of Engineering Bangalore - 560019 [601586:6711643] Fax: ss6614357 PROF K. S. RAMANATHA M S Ramaiah Institute of Technology MSR Nagar, MSRIT Post Bangalore - 560054 [3441822:3392361] Fax:080-3347497 PROF HOLLA M R R V College of Engineering Mysore Road Bangalore - 560059 [8600184:6640011] 080-8600750 PROF S.K. SRINIVASA VARADAN Dayananda Sagar College of Engg. Malleswara Hills Bangalore - 560078 [6662226;6690572] Fax; 080-6660789 PROF BOMMAIAH B Bangalore Institute of Technology K.R. Road V.V. Puram Bangalore - 560004 [6615865:6715348] DR K RANGA Islamiah Institute of Technology National Park Road Bangalore - 560076 [641031; 5531356] Fax: 080-641031 islamiah® DR V SEENAPPA Dr Ambedkar Institute of Technology Mallathahally Bangalore - 560 056 [3211504; 3211808] Fax:3217789

KARNATAKA 1 S DR M K L N SASTRY B.T.L.Institute of Technology & Mgmt. No.259 B, Bommasandra Industrial Area Hosur Raod Bangalore-562158 [8423055;66401861] Fax: 080-8423831 Bellary Rural Engineering College Bellery-Hospet Road, Ballery H.M.S.Institute of Technology Marulenahalli-fingapura N-H-4 Sira Road, Bangalore PROF V S DHOTRAD Tontadarya College of Engineering Tontadarya Math Campus Gadag-582101 [08372-36933; 381751] DR. H.V.S SATHYANARAYANA RAO Vidya Vikas Institute of Engineering Alanahally Lalitadripura Post, Mysore-Bannur Road [0821-571232] Fax: 0821-473586) PROF BAPAT M G Basaveshwar Engineering College, Bagalkot - 587102 [50560;509381] Fax: 08354-50504 DR BASAVANNA B M University Vishveswaraya College of Engineering K.R. Circle Bangalore - 560001 [2210694:3350205] 91 -80-2276070 DR SRINIVASULU Government SKSJ Technological Institute K R Circle, Bangalore - 560 001 [2210694;3210205] Fax:2276070 10 S

2 S 3 S

11 S

4 S

12 S

5 S

13 S

6 AP

14 S

7 UP

15 A

8 G

com www. Bellary .26307] Fax: 08385-27175 anjengcol@hotline. Bellary -583104 [424662. S. COL.560 067 [5561740] Fax: 080-5514574 mvj-principal@hotmail. SRIVASTAVA A K K L S Gogte Institute of Tech. H. Belgaum .College of Engineering Station Road.dbit.3221585] Fax:080-8467081 sir mvit@bgl. [78647. Bangalore .dbit. MAHESHAPPA Don Bosco Institute of Technology Kumbalagodu. VEERESH Veerasaiva Vidyavardhaka Sangha Contonment.585328 [62128:62855] Fax: 08484-62663 25 S 17 S 26 S 18 S 19 S 27 S 20 S 28 S 21 S 29 S 22 S 30 S 31 S 23 S .mvjeducation.590008 [ PROF R V PARVATIKAR K L E Society's College of Engineering & Technology Udayambag.55265] Fax: 08392-42259 DR C H A BUKHARI Anjuman Engineering College Bhatkal .com LT. B. IQBAL SINGH KUNER Guru Nanak Dev Engg College Bidar . 8th Block. JAVUR SNPNTH Rural Engg.562157 [8467248.590016 [474328:471467] Fax: 0831-470717 DR M.Mailur Road Bidar . BALAKRISHNA Sir M Visvesvaraya Institute of Technology Hunasamaranahalli Bangalore . Bangalore-560 074 8437028 principal@dbit.K.585403 [26635:32185] Rural Engineering College Bhalki Bidar Acharya Patasala Rural College of Engineering Somanahalli Bangalore PROF ZAHEER AHMED H.43949] Fax: 08392-42259 PROF. College 1007.581 320 [ PROF S N RAMACHANDRAN Shirdi Sai Engineering College No.set. S DR www.3487849] Fax: 080-6631565 DR.560051 [5570130:5440091] PROF. RAMARAJAN M V J College of Engineering Near Whitefield Field Bangalore .K. Belgaum .net. College Nidasoshi-591236 Belgaum Distt.78697] Fax: 08333-78637 PROF GH KUMAR Vijayanagar Engineering College Cantonment. 424725] 0831-441104 cnsm@blg.590008 [441909.vsnl. 128/1 &2 Magadi Main Road Bangalore .ac. Mal-Maruti Extension Belgaum .424725] Fax: 0831-441909 24 S PROF.B. NIJAGUNA JSS Academy of Technical Education 38th cross.583104 [421148. .K.nic. Udyambag. K.M. Jayanabar Bangalore -560 082 [6644927:5537557] Fax: 080-6644927 DR V G KULKARNI Maratha Mandal Engg. H.T.560091 [3481103.

P.B. Station Road Gulbarga .com/ kak@mcehas. Bye-Pass Chitradurga .571401 [220043.20343] Fax: 08262-30063 cit@blr. College of Engineering & Technology Bijapur .in DR G P PRABHU KUMAR University B D T College of Engineering Davangere .net.580031 [372076. 447464] Fax: 0836-749638 sdmengec@vsnl. Kolar Gold Fields -563120 [61219.577102 [20444.224207] Fax: 0823-222075 root@mnd.bvbcet. PURSHOTHAMA G.vsnl. VRUSHABHENDRAPPA Bapuji Institute of Engg.577004 [50075:60487] PROF. PATIL HKE Society's P D A College of ngineering Aiwan-e-Shahi Area.577004 [50716.573201 [08272-45317] Fax: 08272-45683 mcehas@vsnl.562101 (73433 72729) Fax: 73433 DR ARUN R PATIL Rural Engineering College Hulkoti .net.nic. 61130] Fax: 08352-62945 DR C K SUBBARAYA Adicliutictiatiagiri institute of Technology Jyothinagar Chikmagalur . Of Engg.586103 [61120. 89081] Fax: 08372-38777 ait@blr. &Tech. S D M College of Engineering & Technology Dharwad Vivekananda Institute of Technology Gudimavu Village Kengeri Hubli DR MURTHY S S B V B College of Eng. Vidyanagar Hubli . in DR MAZENDERANI Z H Khaja Banda Nawaz College of Engineering Gulbarga . SHRI HIREGOUDAR V B University College of Fine Arts Davangere . & Technology Davangere .net.60731] Fax: 08192-33412 batppl@yahoo. S NINGAPPA SJC Institute of Technology Chikkaballapur PROF Y.kar-nic-in 33 S 41 AP 34 S 42 S 43 AP 35 UP 44 SP 36 SP 45 37 U 38 46 S 39 AP 47 AP .in PROF H NARASAPPA Golden Vally's Instt. NH 4.586104 [21387. 73.577502 [22866:30877] Fax: 08194-27717 DR.24874] DR K A KRISHNA MURTHY Mainad College of Engineering Hassan .53006] Fax: 0836-374985 principal @ bvbcet.580 002 (447465.61476] Fax: 08153-62309 gvie@blr-vsnl.582205 [89097.R.577004 [21461:21578] Fax: 08192-23261 PROF P PRAKASH S J M Institute of Technology P. Oorgaum DR RAMALINGAIAH P E S College of Engineering Mandya .585102 [24360] Fax: 08472-21532 40 SP csepda@blr.32 SP DR M S DHOTARAD BLDEA's Vachana Pitamah DR.

570006 [2512568.pgr@mahajana. SHIVA KUMAR The National Institute of PROF. Manandavadi Road.577204 [70450.nic.574327 [20241. Ranebennur-581115 [66343. H. M N CHANNABASAPPA Siddaganga Institute of Tech. Manipal .in PROF. 282876] Fax: 282994 mnc@sittum.S.nic. NAGALINGACHAR STJ Instt. Tiptur .572202 [51267. Shravanabelagola-573135 [ PROF.570008 [2480475.584135 [35 936.572105 [78314. S.51756] Fax: 08134-51939 DR Y M REDDY Sri Sidhartha Institute of Tech. B.48 SP PROF P. Tumkur-572103 [282990-993.71072] Fax: 08252-71071 bhandary@kmc ernet-in G R VIJAYA SWAMY Kalpataru Institute of Tech. Of 55 S 56 S 49 AP PROF B S NAGARAJAIAH Ghousia College of Engineering Ramanagaram-571511 [ PROF.M.kar. GOMATESH M. SREENIVASA MURTHY East Point College of DR P SUDHAKARA SHETTY Jawaharlal Nehru National College of Engg Shimoga . HEGDE NMAM institute of Technology Nitte.LSRINIVASAMURTHY Vidhya Vardhaka College of Engineering Gokulam III Stage Mysore . 57336] Fax: 08176-57276 PROF. & Tech Bangalore-560043 [5462483] Fax:5474731 57 S 50 AP 58 S 51 S 59 S 52 60 S 61 S 53 S 62 SP 54 S 63 S .in DR M. N. RAO Director Mahajana Education Society Post Graduate Centre Mysore-570 012 0821-2513226 Fax: 0821-2511921 dir. 2541150] Fax:0821-2515770 PROF C K BIRADAR HKES SLN College of Engineering Yeramarus Camp Raichur .net DR.576119 [70270. Mysore .21806] Fax: 08182-22450 PROF. SHANTHAKUMAR Sri Jayachamarajendra College of Engineering Mysore . 3313187] housial@bgl.G.570 002 [2517122] Fax: 0821-2510677 DR. 20039 Fax:08258-41265 nmamitengg co[[ @yahoo. 2481220] Fax: 0821-2485802 www. Tumkur.73737] ynir-ssit@usa.69777] Fax: 08373-66427 stjit@vsnl. K. RAVANAVAR Bahubali College of Engineering Gommatanagar.vsnl. 21194] Fax:08532 raisin@kar. S G GOPALA KRISHNA SG K. BHANDARY Manipal Institute of Technology . College of Engineering Sullia (D K) .R. M.574110 41264. 20141] Fax: 08257-21141 sggopalakrishna@yahoo.V.

12th Main Banashakri II Stage Bangalore .64 S Basavakalayan Engineering College K H B Colony.560 070 Website : www. Hosahalli Village Vijayapura Hobli Bangalore Rural Distt. Nehru Nagar. C M R Institute of Technology Kundalahalli Village I T Park Road Bangalore P A College of Engineering Kairamangala Village Bantwala Taluk Mangalore . Anekal Taluk Bangalore .560 068 Bangalore College of Engg. & Tech.560 094 The Oxford College of Engineering Bommanahalli-Hosur Road Bangalore . 65 S 77 S 66 S 67 S 78 S 68 S 79 S 69 S 70 S 80 S 71 S 81 S 82 S 72 S 73 S 83 S 74 S 84 S 75 S 85 S . Vivekananda College of Engg. Vemana Institute of Technology Marasur Village. Nelamangala Town Bangalore Rural East West Institute of Technology Magali Road Yeshawanthpur Hobli Bangalore North G M Institute of Technology Karur Village. Kasabo Hobli Davangere Taiuk Global Academy of Technology Halagevoddarahalli Rajarajeshwar Nagar Bangalore K C T Engineering College Qamrul Islam Colony Roza. Anekal Taluk Bangalore Rural Canara Engineering College Benjamapadavu Karnagala Grama Bantwal . Chandapura.560 024 Acharya Institute of Technology Jindal Nagar. PROF.bnmit. Yelahanks Taluk Bangalore North Nagarjuna College of Engg. Chokkanahalli.560 068 76 S Alpha College of Engineering 8/1 Manumantha Sagara Bangalore North Taluk Bangalore Rural Distt. T J S RAMAMURTHY B N M Institute of Technology P B No. & Tech.574 219 City Engineering College Vasanthapura Uttarahalli Hubli. 27th Cross. : 080-6711781/82 Email : inmaanay@vsnl. Sri Revana Siddeshwara Inst.dbit. Puttur Taluk Dakshina Kannada www. Tumkur Highway Bangalore .560 062 Sri Belimatha Mahasamasthana Institute of Technology Bypass Road Indira Nagar Extn. Devanahalli Taluk Bangalore Rural Distt. of Tech. Bidar K S Institute of Technology Kanakapura Main Road Bangalore . Basavakalayan Distt. Bangalore South [080-8437028] Fax: 080-8437030 principal@dbit. & Tech.574 153 Atria Institute of Technology Anand Nagar Hebbal Post Bangalore . Gulbarga K N S Institute of Technology 7087.

Addl. Vidyanagar Cross Chikkajala Village. & Technology Maralenahalli. 8/2 Chikkasandra Yeshwanthapur Bangalore North Sri Channa Basaveshwara Swamy Rural Education Society's College of Engineering Gubbi. 87 S 98 S 88 S 99 S 100 S 89 S 101 S 90 S 102 S 91 S 103 S 92 S 104 S 93 S 105 S 106 S 94 S 107 S 95 S 108 S 96 S 109 S . Yelanka Bangalore North Taluk R L Jalappa Institute of Technology Kodigehalli Doddabalapura Distt. B H Road Herur Sri Jagadguru Balagangadharanatha Swamiji Institute of Technology No.585 103 BMS Institute of Tech. & Management Avalabalti.586 101 Shridevi Institute of Engg. Poonampet Kodaju Distt.560 064 Coorg Institute of Technology Kunda.562 110 SECAB Institute of Engg. & Technology Bagalkot Road Bijapur . Nunipal. Bangalore R N S Institute of Technology Channasandra Bangalore South Sambharam Institute of Technology Amba Bhavani Temple Road Vidyaranyapura Post Bangalore . Taluk Bangalore North Yellama Dassappa Institute of Technology Raghuvamahalli Karnakpura Road Bangalore 97 S S C T Institute of Technology Kaggardasapura Road C V Raman Road Bangalore Jnamavikasa Institute of Technology Bidadi Ramnagar Taluk Bangalore . 67 Kengeri Bangalore South Sri Krishna Institute of Technology 29 Chikkabaswarara Village Hesarashatta Road Bangalore Sri Venkateshwara College of Engg. Vamantoor Mangalore Basava Academy of Engineering Gangondana Malli Main Road Nagasandra Post Bangalore Rural Engineering College Trihal Hubli.562 109 Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology Cholanagar Hebbaf Bangalore Amrita Institute of Tech. Joseph Engineering College Dharmagiri. & Technology Brahampur Gulbarga . Yelahanka Bangalore . (Karnataka) M S Engineering College Navarathna Agrahara Sadahalli Post Bangalore .560 097 Saptahgiri College of Engineering No. Sira Road Tumkur-572 106 St. & Science Kasavana Halli Bellandur (Karnataka) Appa Institute of Engg.86 S New Horizon College of Engineering Kadubeesina Halli Varthur Hobli Bangalore Nitte Institute of Technology Govindpura Alica Gollahalli.

SEBASTIAN Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology Velloor PO. 0484-2425379 mepanicker@email.& Rubber Tech. Kochi-682 030 2427835 Fax: 0484-2426241 rissat@netkracher. SH.686501 [2506153] Fax: 0481-2506153 ritktm@md2. of Ship Technology Cochin University of Sc. & Applied Sciences M G University Kottayam . Cochin University of 2616266 Fax: 0484-2628646] Fax. GEORGE JOSEPH Federal Institute of Science & Tech.& C.O. & Tech.vsnl.G.2450550] Fax: 0499-2450400 Ibscek@nd4. 2622162] 0484-2532745 DR. Koliam-691005 8 Rajagiri School of DR KURIAKOSE A P Head of Deptt Deptt of Polymer Sc. 2542572] Fax: 0484-2532495 PROF.671542 [ PROF.vsnl. S 12 A 6 U 13 G 7 UP 14 U .O. PHILIPOSE TKM College of Kochi-682022 [2555723.emet. Parassinikkadavu Kannur-670563 [22780226) Fax: 0497-22780227 gceknr@md2. K P S NAIR College of Engineering Cochin University of Sc. 2571212 Fax: 0485-2822363 DR M. M.& Tech. PRATAPACHANDRAN NAIR College of Engineering Chengannur-689121 [22689121] Fax: 0479-22451424 Model Engineering College Thrikkakkara PO. 2628646. Kochi-682022 [2555714. Kochi .-683 577 Ernakulam Distt.nd.vsnl. 2712024 Fax: 0474-2712023 tkmengg@md2. Kakkanad.686666 2822363.vsnl. Mookhannoor P.P. College of Engineering PO Muliyar Kasaragod . DRM.682021 [2425370. K M RAJU College of Engineering Adoor-691523 [2428372] Fax:428372 DR E M SOMASEKHARAN NAIR Head of Deptt Deptt.686560 (2598683) Fax: 2567494 9 S 2 G 3 G 10 UP 4 G 11 AP 5.2339347] Fax: 91-0484-2532496 PROF ANTONY THOMAS Government College of Engineering P.GRASIUS Mar Athanasius College of Engi eering Kothamangalam . Pampady Kottayam . S. PVSUGATHAN L. Hormis Nagar. Kochi-682022 [ Director School of Tech.& Tech.KERALA 1 S SH.

Kannur College of Engineering Joseph's College of Engg. Kundora Kollam University College of Engineering Kariavattam College of Engineering Poonjar.vsnl. & Technology Sankar Engineering College Barton Hill Thiruvananthapuram Govt. Malappuram-679573 [2608081 . V.MOHAN College of Engineering Thiruvananthapuram . Pappanam Code Thiruvananthapuram .2650534] Fax: 0494-2608081 DR K.695016 2515020. in 23 S University College of Engineering Cochin University Aleeppy College of Engineering Kaduthuruthi Kottayam College of Engineering Munnar College of Engineering Karungapalli Kollam College of Engineering Trikaripur Kasargod College of Engineering Eranlobi Thalassery Taluk.678008 [2555255. & Tech.K. Mahatma Gandhi Univirsity Thodupuzha.685584 [226300] Fax: 0486-226300 DR.695018 [2490572. PANICKER N S S College of Engineering Palakkad . 237800 Fax: 04822-237990 aramana@md4. AWH Engineering College Palai.2490655] Fax: 0471-2493920 scttom@md3. Idukki SHRI SANATHAN College of Fine Arts Thiruvananthapuram . Kottayam Adi Shankara Institute of Engg. P.O. . vsnl. S.2515855] Fax: 0491-2555900 Engg pkd@md3. ANTONY University College of Engg.680009 [2334144:2334590] Fax:0487-2334590 2340234] DR M GEORGE JOSEPH Government Engineering College Thrissur . Kalady Ernakulam Amal Jyothi Engineering College Koovappally Post Kottayam Distt. Engineering College Srikrishnapuram Palakkad 24 S 16 A 25 S 26 S 17 GP 27 S 18 S 28 S 29 S 19 G 30 S 31 S 32 S 20 GP 33 S 21 U 34 S 22 S 35 S 36 S . Choondacherry P. DR.695033 [2322028.15 S DR K P MAMMOOTTY M E S College of Engineering Kuttipuram P 0. P. 2315717 DR NARAYANAN S SreeChitiraThirunal College of Engg. GEORGE Project Director St. Bharananganam-686 579 237990.vsnl. Kunnukuttikattoor Post Kozhikode Govt. J.

& Tech.695 574 Mangalam College of Engineering Ettumapoor East Kottayam . Mookannoor Post Ernakulam .686 673 Jyothi Engineering College Cheruthuruthy. for Women Thiruvananthapuram M B Christian College of Engg.699 711 50 S Fedaral Institute of Science & Tech.680 735 Mohandas College of Engg.673 602 Kozhikode Distt. Venjaramoodu Thiruvananthapuram . K M E A Engineering College P K Kunjala Nagar. Nedumangad Thrivananthapuram Muslim Association College of Engg. Alapuzha . Edathala Alwaye . Engineering College West Hill Kozhikode Institute of Engineering & Technology Tenhipalam Post Malappuram Distt.686 532 MET's School of Engineering Mala.695 607 Sree Budha College of Engineering Pattoor Post.683 561 L M College of Science & Technology Kalampara Ashram Kuttichal Post .680 067 Carmel Engineering College Koonamkara Post Perunad Ranni Pathanarnthitta . Marian Engineering College Menamkulam Kazhakkuttom Amrita Institute of Tech.690 529 Sree Narayana Mangalam Institute of Management & Technology Maliankara Post Moothakunnam T K M institute of Technology Karuvelil Post Kozhikode 38 S 51 S 39 S 40 S 52 S 53 S 41 S 54 S 42 S 55 S 43 S 56 S 44 S 57 S 45 S 58 S 46 S 47 S 48 S 59 S 60 S 61 S 49 S 62 S . Vettikkatiri Post Thrissur Distt. & Technology Rajagiri Valley Kakkanadu Post Ernakulam S C M S School of Engg. Calappana Post Kollam . Rajagiri School of Engg.683 577 Ilhala College of Engineering & Tech.37 S Govt. & Technology Karukulty Post Kochi Viswa Jyothi College of Engg. Mulavoor Post Muvalthupuzha . Kuruvillassery Post Thrisoor. Angamaly.690 525 B P C College of Engineering North Piramadom Post Panpakkuda Ernakulam . & Technology Peerumed Post Idukki Mount Zion College of Engineering Padammanitta Post Pathananthitta K M C T College of Engineering Makkam . & Science Vallickavu. Padanilam Noornad. Anad Village. & Technology Vazhakulam Post Muvattupuzha Ernakulam Distt.686 631 M G College of Engineering Pattamuthom Post Kottayam . L B S Institute of Tech.

net.M.579 325 M B College of Engg. & Technology Kodakara Post Thrisoor . College Thiruvananthapuram .in www. CHOPRA Oriental Instt.680 684 TOCH Institute of Science & Tech. Arakkunnam Post Mulamthuruthy Ernakulam Sahul Hameed Memorial Engg.K.462021 23852729 Fax: 0755-23852643 lnct-coordinators@rediffmail.680 684 Nehru College of Engg.2368105] Fax: 0751-2364684 mits@sancharnet. Patel Nagar Bhopal 462021 Fax: 0755-781482 [752055-59.mitsgwl. P.AGRAWAL Lakshmi Narain College of Technology Kalchuri PROF SHARMA K C Director Institute of Science &Technology Mahatma Gandhi Gramodaya Vishwavidyalaya.474009 [2323170:2326008] PROF. Thiruvillwamala Thrisoor . BISEN AP Director Madhav Institute of Technology and Science Gwalior-474005 [2364684. UPRIT Bhopal Engineering College Gandhinagar Bhopal-462036 2742262 Fax: 0755-2742273 DR.S.695 011 Younis College of Engg. Engineering College Rampady. 729472] Institute of Technology Barakatullah Univ.686 501 Kerala College of Engg. Thakral Nagar Copp. & Technology Payyappilly Road Ernakulam MADHYA PRADESH 1 G DR. Chitrakoot-485331 Satna Distt. Kumbazah Pattiamttuta Travancore Engineering College Ayoor Kollam Sree Narayana Gurukulam College of Engineering Kellancherry Ernakulam Govt. of Science & 64 S 65 S 2 S 66 S 67 S 3 S 68 S 4 69 S 70 S 5 U 71 S 72 S 6 73 S 7 74 S 75 S .com PORF. & Technology Pallamukku Vadakkevilla Post Kollam Musaliar College of Engg.(SMT) RAJUL BHANDARI GP Government Institute of Fine Arts Gwalior . R. Bhopal 462026 [2782477] engcolbu@bom6.670 632 M E A Engineering College Chemmaniyod Desan Meiattoor Village Post Chemmaniyod .63 S Vimal Jyothi Engineering College Chemperi Post Chemperi .vsnl. P. Raisen Road Bhopal .680 597 Sahrdaya College of Science Kodakara Post Thrisoor . & Research Centre Pampadi. Vellor Post Kottayam . M. & Tech. [265411] PROF.

484364] Institute of Engineering & Tech.452003 [2433332.S. M. Jabalpur-482002 [2413298:2411323] Fax: 0761-2391164 PROF D. SHARMA Shri Vaishnav Institute of Technology & Science Village Baroli.N.222739] Fax: 07662-242478 DR SHRIKHANDE V L Indira Gandhi Government Engg. SAXENA Institute of Technology & Management Jhansi Road.G. PARANJPE Mandsaur Institute of Technology Mandsaur .Sawer Road Indore Distt. KRISHNA MURTHY Truba Institute of Engineering & Information Technology Karod-Gandhi Nagar Bypass Road. Indore [2470027 2435545] Fax: 2470372 DR.482001 [227667. CHITALES.486002 [242478. Gwalior-475 001 0751-2432977 Fax: 0751-2432988 placeitm@sancharnet. 453331 [224371 2416767] Fax: 0731-245283 SHRI MUNDI S K Government Fine Arts Institute Indore .in Government Engineering College Nowgong B K D 23 PROF MITTAL NK S R K D F Instt of Sc. Jonesganj. &Tech. S 22 G 13 G 14 S 15 S 24 GP 16 25 G . Bungalow No. 242466] Fax: 07422-244040 Maharana Pratap College of Technology Gwalior Director Shri G S Institute of Technology and Science 23 Park Road Indore .2314348] Fax:2330355 root@gecjbp.482011 [2330953. LM. 2 Jabalpur . 2326623] PROF G P TIWARI Hitkarini College of 17 S DR AMARJIT SINGH Guru Ramdas Khalsa Instt of www. RNT Marg.& Technology 129-A Sector.462046 [07480-232288] DR AGRAWAL S C Government Engineering College Rewa . 5220040] Fax: 0755-2550830 truba@eth. College Sagar-470004 [ PROF. Industrial Area. Registrar UP Devi Ahilya University RNT Marg.8 DR. Indore .net Government Engineering College Jaora DR.itm-india. 2539586] Fax: 0731-2432540] Fax: 07682-242212 9 S 10 AP 18 S 19 11.452007 [531938.vsnl. indore .458001 [250122. Mandideep Raisen . Khargone (MP. Bhopal-462 038 [2555525. CHOUBEY M GP Government Engineering College Jabalpur .452001 Jawaharlal Institute of Technology Julwania Road. K. 20 G 21 S 12.) DR. & Tech 4th Bridge Road.

Bhopal . & Science IPS Academy Rajendra Nagar Indore -452 012 Mahakal Institute of Tech. Sehore Technocrats Institute of Technology Anand Nagar Bhopal . Village Datana Devas Road Ujjain .485 441 Jabalpur Engineering College Gokulpur. 4603 Mandideep-462046 [07480-2507736.SHAMSHER SINGH Medicops Institute of Tech. & Science Bangrasia.462 021 Thakral College of Technology Thakral Nagar Bhopal .456010 DR. Ramjhi Jabalpur . Village Kokta Bhopal Bhopal Institute of Tech. No. 2224006] All Saints College of Tech. N. Agra-Bombay Road Indore . Samazgarh Ratbad .233126] Fax: 07592-233124 PROF.26 GP DR MANCHAR SELOT Government Engineering College Ujjain .2553413] Fax: 2560612 PROF SILAKARI H N Director AP Samarat Ashok Technological Institute Vidisha .453 331 Rustamji Institute of Technology Tekanpur Gwalior Dist. Morena Shri Rawatpura Sarkar Institute of Tech. P. Thandi Sadak Datia . & Mgmt. KRISHNAMACHAR Bansal College of Engg. & Mgmt. Distt.456010 [ 36 S NRI Institute of Information Science & Technology Khajuri Kalan Bhopal NRI Institute of Tech.475661 Sri Satya Sai Institute of Science & Tech.474 003 Patel College of Science & Tech. Shree Institute of Technology New Jail Road Bhopal Shri Ram Institute of Technology Jabalpur Shree Ram College of Engg. & Science Amoudha Satna . P.O.462046 Institute of Engineering Jiwaji University Gwalior Institute of Engg.H. & Management Bharaghata Gwalior .483 011 27 37 S 38 S 28 S 39 S 40 S 29 S 41 S 30 S 42 S 43 S 31 S 32 S 44 S 33 S 45 S 34 S 46 S 47 S 35 S 48 S 49 S .462 031 Bansal Institute of Science & Tech.12.464001 [233121. Budni.462 002 Rishiraj Institute of Technology Village Revati Road Indore .462 021 Vindhya Institute of Tech. Village Semri Teh. Dhanela Distt. & Education Gandhi Nagar Bhopal . Bhojpur Road Dist.453 446 Phone : 0731-5020494 Fax : 0731-2528269 Email : jpsanu@vsnl. Box No.

Dhule .431003 [2482893:2484667] Fax: 0240-2482893 mgmjneca@vsnl. 2681967] Fax:0721-2681337 principal@gceam. PROF.2777533] Fax: 0241-2778045 coed@pn2.431005 [2331311:2339496] 0240-2334854 PROF VIVEK V THETE PES College of SHRI PATIL KG SP Pravara Rural Engineering College At/Po : Loni.444604 [2681159. Aurangabad [2337031:2345025]] Fax:248882 oea@bom4.vyws.ernet. College of [ DR K R DIXIT Chandrapur Engineering College Ballarpur.Vithalrao Vikhe Patil Foundation's College of Engineering Ahmednagar .2416484] 0724-2435070 Government College of Engineering Amravati . Dhule .414111 [2777296. CIDCO Aurangabad PROF J.coeb. BHARDWAJ Govt.431517 [247262. KALE College of Engineering & Technology Near Shivaji Park Akola .424005 [222713.442403 [ Beed 9 S DR.vyws. WALVEKAR Marathawada Institute of Technology Aurangabad .444701 [2681246:2673375] Fax: 2681529 [2435070.MAHARASHTRA 1 S PROF. MAHAJAN Govt. Babupeth Chandrapur . . Jiwan Saphalya Colony.431 001 MBES College of Engineering Govt. J S DESHPANDE V Y W S College of Engineering Annangaon Bari Road Badnera .252867] Fax: 07172-256610 cecct@nagpur. Jubliee Park. G C MANKAR Padamashri Dr. School of Art Janaka Mahal C.424318 [260238:260293] Fax: 91-2562-260295 10 S 2 11 S 3 S 12 S 4 G 13 S 5 U 6 SP 14 S 15 G 7 GP 16 S 8 S 17 S . College of Engineering Aurangabad . [07264-242580. BORADE Jawaharlal Nehru Engineering College N .6.D. Ramnagar Chandrapur-442401 [07172-255799] Fax: 07172-250208 PROF PATEL V K S S V P S College of Engineerng Deopur.2334348] Fax: 0240-2332835 geca@bom2. Amravati . Aurangabad .222956] PROF BARUAOLE S C S E S College of Engineering Navalnagar.G. DR D.vsnl. Tal : Shrirampur Ahmednagar Distt-413736 [73539:73463] Fax: 02422-73537 PROF DAMODAR SHRI S. DHAKE Anuradha Engineering College Chikhli. 242063] rnauni@bom4.443201 Buldana Department of Chemical Technology Amravati PROF PRATAP S.

425524 [222356. S. PROF BUKE MOHAN V M S Bidve Engineering College PO Box No. College of Engineering Jaigaon .413531 [221255. Barshi Road Latur. SHRI DHRUV KUMAR MISHRA Manoharbhai Patel Institute of Engg. P.J.vsnl. Sangamner Dist Ahmednagar .vsnl.425001 0257-2251293 DR GOEL S M College of Engineering Nhavi Marg.249769] SHRI CHANAGE B S SMES Shyamlal College of Engg. Jalgaon .441614 [223313. Textile & Engineering Institute Rajwada.425001 [225187.222279] PROF JAIN K S Smt S S Patil Institute of Tech.422608 [259016:259046] Fax: 02425-259016 amrutvahini @ rediff mail.423603 [ 34 S] Fax:2638881 kitcoek@ph3.415124 [271711. Kasaba Bavada. 220716] Fax: 02586-20140 255626] Fax:252183 dnmu@vsnl. Kolhapur . 221380] Fax: 02148-222359 kgce@wspl.416101 Kolhapur Distt. Dhule Distt.416234 [2638141.410201 [222580. 222453] Fax: 02423-222682 sescolk@giaspnol. Udgir.425107 [222100. MADNAIK KIT's College of Engineering Gokul Shirgaon. [225523.425002 27 S DR M B LELE K G College of Engineering Dahivali. . 225592] Fax: 02322-228100 limcoe@pn3. SATYENDRA MISHRA HOD.252654] Fax: 02385-252732 19 28 S 20 S 29 S 21 S 30 S 22 S 23 S 31 S 24 U 32 S 25 G 33 S 26 DR V B GANDHE GP Govt..425409 [02565-223168] 234 ISTE HANDBOOK 2003-04 DR AP VALAVADE Amrutvahini College of Engg. PROF CD KANE Dattajirao Kadam Technical Edn.Magdum Colfege of Engg.416115 [2421300:243537] 91-232-2432329 textinst @ pn3. Latur .nic. College of Engineering Karad .416006 [2665881. J G KORI Dr. & DR DALVI B D D Y Patil College of Engg. North Maharashtra University Jalgaon .271712] Fax: 02164-271713 Govt. 2620385] Fax: 0231-2665881 DR P R KHAJURIA S E S's College of Engineering Kopargaon .vsnl. Chopda. Loni. Ichalkaranji Kolhapur . Jaisingpur .in DR.D.413517 [ Tech Gondia . Karjat Raigad Distt. Faizpur Jalgaon . Deptt of Chemical PROF.O.18 S PROF PATIL P D PSG Vidya Prasark Mandal's College of Engineering Shahada.225109] Fax: 07182-225109 DR RAKESH MOWAR College of Engineering &Technology Bambhori Jalgaon .J. Kolhapur .

Mumbai . TPS III Bandra (W).410402 [275251 .400019 [24152874. R S MATE Sardar Patel College of Engg.vsnl. Conceicao Rodrigues College of PROF P D SATHE Institute of Petrochemical Engineering Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar Technological University P O Lonere. Shepherd Road.402103 [ Director University Deptt. Vidyavihar Mumbai . Worli Mumbai . Bandra (W) Mumbai .25568100] Fax:25568100 DR S S MANECK Shah and Anchor Kuchhi Engineering College. of Electronics Engg.vsnl.400008 [23012922] Fax: 23082640 sabcoleg@bom3.vsnl.vsnl. Distt Raigad . Andheri(west).com 42 S DR DOMKUNDWAR V M K J Somaiya College of Engg.25158558] DR.G HARIDASAN Vivekanand Education Society's Institute of Technology Sindhi Society.400050 [26423841:28824722] Fax: 26516831 DR R SESHA IYER Fr. Matunga (East).ernet.400050 [ DR D J SHAH Shri Vile Parle Kelavani Mandal Dwarkadas J.24141276] Fax:24141335 36 UP 43 S 37 S 44 S 38 U 45 S 39 AP 46 S 40 S 47 S 41 AP 48 S . Mumbai . R B KULKARI Wattumal of Chemical Tech. and ComputerTechnology [24143098.400058 [26232192] Fax: 91-26237819 spce@vsnl.400088 [25580854. Chembur.vsnl.ernet. Mumbai .in DR RAMESH TRIMBAK SANE Ramnarain Ruia College of Engineering Matunga.400056 [26107010:28746093] Fax:26194988 djshah@sanghvi. Lonavla .26047087] Fax: 26053590 [25227638] Fax: 25230885 vesit@bom3. Byculia.400018 [24935281. 24151585] 022-24152874 PROF KRANTI KUMAR Thadomal Shahani Engg College 32nd Road. Sanghvi College of Engineering Vile Parle (West). Mumbai .275250] Fax: 02114-273701 root@shivaji. Matunga Mumbai .400019 [24145616. 0220-25152272 M H Saboo Siddik College of Vidyanagar. Mumbai .vsnl. Waman Tukaram Patil Marg Next to Dukes Company Chembur. Mumbai .28985981] Fax:24915103 wattsp@giasbomol.250320] Fax: 02140-250440 DR VINZANEKAR S G Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute.24140869] Fax: 24145614 PROF. Father Agnel Ashram Band Stand. University of Bombay. Mumbai .400077 [25135845. R G Thandani Marg.35 G DR SINGH VP Naval College of Engineering I N S Mumbai .net.

KRISHNAMOORTHY Institute of Technology for Women SNDT Women's University Sir Vithaidas Vidhya Vihar Santacruz (W). Mumbai . Nanded .JAJOO G. Wanadongri.D.N.441110 [ DR PANNA AKHANI L. Raisoni College of Engineering Hingna DRT.424001 [22805. Gittikhadan Katol Dhule Distt.2225942] Fax: 07104-232376 PROF D P VAIDYA Shri Ramdeobaba Kamala Nehru S Engineering College. 22007] DR DHAKE J D Director Laxminarayan Institute of Technology Amravati 57 DR. D. Nagpur-440010 [2531659.400001 [22621276-77] DR S. .49 S rrcsane@giasbmol. M SALEEM Karmavir Dadasaheb Kannamwar College of Engineering. & Smt. Hingna Road.44001 [ 07104/36381:37307] Fax:07104-37681 Padmabhushan Vasantdada P P College of Engineering Near Everard Nagaon. NagpurDR G THIMMA REDDY Kavikulguru Institute of Tech.400049 [26603966:25234301] Fax: 022-26611624 PROF PRASAD M R Nagaon Educational Trust's Gangamai College of Engineering.& Science Ramtek. Handanvan. 2583237] Fax: 0712-2583237 [255309] Fax:07114-255236 www.431606 [229234] Fax: 02462-229234 sggs@vsnl. .H.A. Nagpur . Wanadongri. Nagpur R P College for Women Nagpur-440006 [2553839:2533710] Fax: 0712-2524945 Nagar Yuwak Shikshan Sanstha's College of 50 S 58 S 51 59 S 52 U 60 S 53 S 61 S 54 P 62 SP 55 S 63 A 56 S .400022 PROF F A KHAN Rizvi Education Society's Rizvi College of Engineering Sherly Rajan Mumbai .kits. Nagpur-440013 [2580177.vsnl. Digdoh Nagpur-440 016 07104-236383 Fax: 07104-232560 DR D J TIDKE Yeshwantrao Chawan College of Engg.N. Bandra-400050 [26052070/ PROF UDAY C GADKARI Priyadarshini College of Engineering & Architecture Hingna Road. Nagpur . Nagpur-440009 [711400:582582] Fax: 0712-268097 bcyrc@nagpur.SONTAKKE Shri Guru Gobind Singhji College of Engineering and Technology] Fax:26409779 PROF RAJADHYAKSHA M G Dean GP Sir J J Institute of Applied Arts DR. Road Mumbai . Hingne] Fax:561107 DR. DR DHARMADHIKARI S W Bharthi Vidyapeeth's College of Engg. Navi Mumbal-410209 [27908119. of Technology Sector .net. KULKARNI Mahatma Gandhi Mission's College of DR A M CHARA. Phase . Nerul Navi Mumbai-400703 [27683134. Maharashtra Shikshan Samiti's College of Engg.vsnl. Navi Mumbai . Junction NH4. Phase-1. Navi Mumbai-400706 [27685491. Sion-Panvel Express Highway Kamothe.C. Navi Mumbai-400701 [27680497:27824732] Fax: 27684812 Itilak@giasbm02. Koper B. B K KOLHE Rajiv Gandhi V. 2516676] Fax: 0253-2511962 kkwcoe@bom6. Nerul. Vikas Nagar Koparkhairane. of Technology Sector 71 S SHRI RAMANAN K V Ramrao Adik Institute of Technology Dr D Y Patil Vidya Nagar Sector-7. Sector 7.vsnl. Latur. Conceico Rodrigues Sector 8.27632852] SHRI GOSAVI K A Mahatma Gandhi Mission's College of Engg Phase 2.12.27421747] Fax:27423403 mgmcet@bom3. Sector-6 Navi Mumbai .net. Dist. Airoli Navi Mumbai-400708 [27691662.vsnl. Hingoli Road Nanded[237087.vsnl.422003 [2512876. 235196] Fax: 02462-237087 DR.27693994] Fax: 27691499 rgit.400008 [27423029] DR MOHAN KALANI Indira Gandhi Engineering College CIDCO Sector 16 Navi Mumbai-400709 [27543608. Datta Meghe College of Engineering CIDCO Sector . Osmanabad .27662949] Fax:27661924 DR SINHA M K Lokmanya Tilak College of Engineering Sector . Nerul Navi Mumbai .vsnl.27545718] Fax: 27691665 dmce@vsnl. Patil College of Engineering.27570629] Fax:27684387 DR. Vashi. Airoli Navi Mumbai-400708 [27691499.ROLLIN FERNANDES Fr.64 S MRS GEETA S LATHKAR MGM's College of Engineering Near Air Port. C B D. BARVE K K Wagh College of Engineering Nashik .2.400614 [27572140] Fax: 27573196 bvcoenm@vsnl.413501 [226042] Fax: 02472-222242 65 S 72 S 73 S 66 S 74 S 67 S 75 S 68 S 76 S 69 S 70 S 77 S 78 S .D.400701 [27633023] Fax:27684315 acpcO2@giasbm0l.25781478] Fax: 27544626 DR SURENDRA KUMAR Terna Engineering College Sector .413521 DR K K SUDEVAN Terna Public Charitable Trust's College of Engineering Tuljapur PROF. Navi Mumbai-400703 [ PROF BAVISKAR J R Jawahar Education Society's A.

25534943] Fax: 020-26133943 aicoep@vsnl. Dhankawadi Pune . 81 S DR. Parvati Darshan Pune .A. Off Sinhgad 2333993] Fax:2887758 eknathkk@yahoo. SADASHIV D BHIDE MKSSS Cummins College of Engg.411052 [2367210.411038 [2337682:23693201 020-342770 wpc pune@hotmail-com PROF HEMANT KESHAV BHYANKAR Vishwakarma Institute of Technology Bibwewadi.26814210] Fax: 020-25810441 cmecc@giaspnOI. Osmanabad Distt-413601 [ PROF. Alandi.411015 [ www. Pune .vsnl. in PROF SATYANARAYANA K R Army Institute of Technology H. Katraj-Dhankawadi. DOKE Pune Vidyarthi Griha's College of Engineering & Tech.dypwomenengg. for Women Karvenagar. Pune-411018 [227421095. SUNIL KARAD Maharashtra Academy College of Engg.411043 [2570991:2347453] Fax: 020-2572998 Commandant Military College of Engineering CME DR.242024] 87 S DR PRAMOD PANDURANG VITKAR Bharati Vidyapeeth's College of DR P H WAGHODEKAR AlSSMS's College of Engineering Kennedy [24282294:25466824] Fax:24280926 prinvit@giaspnOI. 124.Q.411005 [25512535] Fax: 020-25512644 bmd@gcep. Pune PROF S. in DR.2261474] Fax: 0212-2365869 80 DR Tal. College of Engineering Shivaji Nagar. J. D. 24474132] Fax: 020-26121310 PROF. Pune . 25469320] Fax:27185037 sunil karad@hotmail. Pune .Satara Road. Pune . Southern Command Pune . 44. Ex-Servicemen Colony Kothrud. Pune-411041 [24350468] Fax:020-24356592 sco_p@vsnl.411001 [26129587. Pune .switpune@vsnl. Tuljapur. PROF VISHVANATH D KARAD Maharashtra institute of Technology S.227421097] Fax:020-227422858 office@dypwomenengg. Pune . N RAMAKRISHNA Pune Institute of ComputerTechnology Pune . Waghori.411043 [24371101:25882677]Fax: 0210-24372106 ispi@vsnl. GHATOL GP Govt. PATHAK D Y Patil College of Engineering Pimpri.411001 [26124152.79 S PROF ARUN N GAIKWAD Shri Tulja Bhavani Engineering College.P. of Tech Pune .nic. No. S B JOSHI Cusrow Wadia Instt.vsnl. Pune-411031 [25810441.411009 [24228258:24336637] Fax: 020-4226858 prgcoet@pn2. [ DR G S TASGAONKAR Sinhgad College of 88 GP 89 S 82 S 90 83 S 91 S 84 S 92 S 85 S 93 S 86 S .

R. Rajaram Shinde College of Engg. Post-Alore Tal-Chiplun Ratnagiri DESHPANDE KBP College of Engineering & DR. S D SHAH President S Parshvanath College of Engg. Pusad. Thane .GATPHANE Babasaheb Naik College of Engg.nic.emet. PROF R.444203 [252216. MAHAJAN K.416304 [2464246. Vasai Road. Narayan Nagu Patil Engg.415414 [220329. DR WAKDE D G Shri Sant Gajanan Maharaj College of Engineering Shegaon .ernet.415603 [ Distt. Sangli Distt. 2651405] Fax: 0217-2651538 walchand@pn2.416415 [2300383. Near Circuit House Satara PROF.2464317] Fax: 0233-2310619 PROF K. Sholapur .252208] Fax:07265-252346 ssgmceng@mah.28328064] 95 S 102 S 96 S 104 S 97 S 105 SP 98 AP 106 S 99 S 107 100 108 . . Kasar . Dt. Wardha-442102 [284030] Fax: 07152-284241 bdcesl02@ nagpur.2307554] Fax: 02162-235767 103 Shri Vithal Educational & Research S College of] Fax: 07233-246316 prin@bnce. 230001] Fax: 02355-230005 PROF. Thane Dist. -401201 (2338234.94 S PROF RANJIT PATIL College of Engineering Malegaon (B K).445215 [246316. DR B R BADAWE Rajarambapu Institute of Tech. Satara. A R YARDI Walchand College of Engineering Vishram Bagh Sangli . D G PAYGUDE PDEA's College of Engg. DR SHIYEKAR M R Walchand Institute of Tech. -413115 [ PROF N. 221079] Fax: 02342-220989 san__ritech@sanchamet.413006 (2651388.S.402107 [252812] Fax: 02143-252177 kesnnpeep@yahoo.E. .Yavatmal . Manjari Road Pune-411028 (26992415:24332083] Fax: 020-26992611 101 S DR AGARWAL R A Shetkari Shikshan Mandal's Padmabhooshan Pasantraodada Institute of Technology Budhgaon.M.416001 [230636. Ashok Chowk. College Pen Raigad Baramati Pune Distt.400601 [25412202. J B HELONDE Bapurao Deshmukh College of Engg.25384212] Fax:25427953 helin@bol. .2301739] Fax: 91-0233-2300831 walchand at wcs. 254447] 02112-254424 coem@vsnl. . Sangli Distt.vsnl. Rajaramnagar Post DR MANOHAR KOTHARI Vidyavardhini Society's College of Engineering & DR GOSAVI V.

400 070 Dr. College Parli Distt. Distt. & S Information Technology Jilha Path Jalgaon .246070] Fax:243201 Aditya Engineering College Hanumanthara Beed-431 122 AISSMS's College of Engineering Bori Bhadrak Teh.nic. Aurangabad . Taluk Havelli Pune.mah. V K Joag Path Pune-411 001 Nagnathappa Halge Engg. Kolhapur .411 045 Godavari College of Engineering Shivnagar Taluk & Distt. Taluk Karaveer Distt. C V Raman Institute of Technology Near CRPF Campus Nagpur K C College of Engineering Mith Mandir Road.416004 Don Bosco Institute of Technology Premier Automobile Road Kurula. Jalgaon Hi-Tech. Distt.425001 K J Somaiya Institute of Engg. GEETA KHARE College Of Engineering Dombivili (E). 224461] Fax: 91-02328-224013 tkiet@warana. Mumbai .400 603 120 S G S M College of Engineering Balewadi. Mirjole Ratnagiri . Podi II New Panvel (E) Distt.109 MRS. Kothrud Pune-411 038 MES's College of Engineering 19.410 206 MSS College of Engineering Nagewadi Jalni .400 022 MES's Institute of Technology & Media Studies Sector-16. Kadamwadi. Daund.431 203 MIT Women Engineering College Pand Road.415 639 JSTE HANDBOOK 2003-04 KCE Society's College of Engg.416113 [224012. Beed 121 S 110 S 122 S 123 S 111 S 124 S 112 S 125 113 S 126 S 114 S 127 S 115 S 116 S 128 S 117 S 129 S 118 S 130 S 119 S 131 S . Jalgaon Manitoba Finolex Academy of Management & Technology MIDC. & Information Technology Sion. Thane Distt. Azad Maidan Yavatmal .445001 [249203. Institute of Technology MIDC Waluj Distt.431 136 Shri Sant Gadge Baba Engg. Andheri (W) Mumbai . Pune Anjuman College of Engineering Sadar Nagpur Atharva College of Engineering Ambewadi.400 058 Bharti Vidyapeeth's College of SHRI S K KALASPURKAR Jawaharlal Darda Instt of Engineering & Technology Gandhi Bhawan. . College Vidyanagar Complex Bhusawal. Kopri Thane (E) .421202 [2471544] Fax:2471544 DR C R RAO Tatyasaheb Kore Institute of Engineering Technology Warananagar . Raigad . Mumbai .

Shree Hanuman Vyayam Prasarak Mandal Hanuman Vyayam Nagar Amravati . & Technology Thakur Village Kandivali (E). Pune-410 507 P G Dept. for Girls Vadgaon.411 037 137 S 138 S 139 S 152 S 140 S 153 S MANIPUR 141 S 1 G Government College of Technology Takyelpat Imphal-795 001 142 S MEGHALAYA 1 G Shillong Engg. Solapur .400 706 145 S SSPM's College of Engineering Pendure Taluk. Sindhudurg STES's College of Engg.415 804 Pravara Rural Education Society's Visvesvaraya Engg.413 304 S E & C M's Shri Sureshdada Jain College of Engg. Shrisoli Road. Pune . College Chincholi.132 S National Power Training Institute Gopal Nagar Nagpur . of Computer Sc. Nashik PES's Modern College of Engineering Shivaji Nagar Pune-411 005 R C Patel Institute of Technology Karwandnaka Shripur . Nagpur Vidya Pratisthan's Institute of Information Technology MIDC Baramati Pune.Walwa Distt. Sinhgad Road Pune SSPM College of Engg. Vishnupur Post Talgaon Distt. Sangli-416 301 S V E R I College of Engineering Gopalpur Padharpur. Mumbai . Jalgaon SIES Graduate School of Technology Vidyapuram.440 022 NDMVPS College of Engineering Nashik .425 405 Rajarshi Shahu College of Engg. Shilong-793 008 Meghalaya 143 S MIZORAM 1 Mizoram Engineering College Aizawl-796 001 Mizoram 144 S .422 002 Pimpri Chinchwad College of Engg. & Tech. Malvam Distt.400 101 Umred College of Engineering Umred Distt. Tathawade Pune . Opp. & Management College East Khasi Hills. Raigad Vishwakarma Institute of Information Technology Bibwewadi.411 033 SDSS's College of Engg. & Tech. Post-Ashta Taluk . Distt. Distt. & Technology Amravati Saint Francis Institute of Technology Borivili (W) Mumbai-400 103 133 S 134 S 146 S 147 S 148 S 135 S 136 S 149 S 150 S 151 S Thakur College of Engg. Plot IC&IE Nerul Navi Mumbai .413 133 Vidyalankar Institute of Technology Vayal Bombay-Pune Highway Taluk-Khalapur. Ratnagiri .444 605 PSPS's Rajendra Mane College of Engineering Devrukh.

A. and Technology Bhubaneswar-751003 (2563430. S. 2. & Management www.751010 [2581522] Fax:2580843 cvraman@stpbti. -752002 [222703.760008 (2332421. 2332422] Fax: 0680-2332627 smudali@hotmail.2600729] Fax:2402511 15 S . [220359.2515800] Fax:2501511 sarangi@hot corn DR.761030 SHRI NAHAK G K Diretor Institute of Engineering & Management Aurobindo Nagar.K. & 9 G 2 S 10 3 S 11 G 4 S 12 S 5 UP 13 S 14 S 6 S 7 SHRI A.ORRISA 1 S SHRI TARUN KUMAR SARANG Padmashree Krutartha Acharya Institute of Engineering & Technology At/PO Chakrakend Bargarh .net.N. Box DRY V N RAO Director S Jagannath Institute of Tech. 231048] Fax:230016 DR.kiit.754025 [2693528.254792] DR. Parlakhemundi Gajapati Distt. Puri Distt.2563079] Fax: 0674-2561743 deancet@hotmail.751007 [ C. ARABINDA SARANGI Orissa Engineering College 36/A Sahid Nagar Bhubaneshwar . Arunodaya Nagar.768028 [232381. P.B.761200 [223088. Cuttack Distt. Rasulgarh Bhubaneswar-751010 [2417166.soft. 220263] Fax: 06857-220232 gietpr@yahoo. PO Jeypore-764001 [222804:222304] DR SARBESHWAR PRUSTY Ghanshyam Hemalata Institute of Tech.2692271] 8 S Jagannath Institute of Engineering & Tech. V RADHAKRISHNA Gandhi Institute of Engineering & College of Engineering S-3/31 Mancheswar Industrial Estate Bhubaneswar. Palace. 255195] Fax: 06815-223089 SHRI DAS D P Government College of Arts and Crafts Ganjam .in PROF.751024 (0674-2441998) Fax:0674-2443271 kiit@kiit.753012 DR S P MISHRA Institute of Textile Technology Bhadrak Institute of Engg. PANDA Dean National Institute of Science & Technology Pallur Hills Berhampur . SAMANTA Secretary S Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology Bhubaneswar . PO Chhaitana. . Cuttack. Gunupur-765022 Rayagada Distt. Bhadrak -756113 [261633. PATRO Dean College of Engineering & Technology Orissa University of Agril. 227247] Fax: 06752-26112 PROF SAHU G institute of Technology Gyan Vihar.vsnl.

Jatni Distt. 26 S Koustuv Institute of Self Domain Chandaka Nucleus Complex Sector .K.754 001 Orissa School of Mining Engineering Keonjhargarh Distt. Semiliguda Post Distt.769015 [2580031. Director Kanak Manjari Instt of Tech. Distt. Keonjhar .Burla SambaipurDistt. & Science Rayagada . Kotsahi Tangi. Sundergarh Purushottam Institute of Engg. Sandhapur. Distt. Cuttack Institute of Advance Computer & Research Autonagar Rayagada Konark Institute of Science & Tech.756 001 Seemanta Engineering College Mayurbihar. P.nic. Phulnakhara Post Majhighariani Institute of Tech.B. Dist Dhankanal Talchar . Koraput .765 001 National Institute of Tech. Khurda 244 ISTE HANDBOOK 2003-04 28 S 19 29 S 30 S 31 S 20 S 32 S 21 S 22 S 33 S 34 S 23 S 35 S 24 S 36 S 25 S 37 S . & Tech.757 086 27 S 17 PROF NILA KANTHA PATTNAIK GP Indira Gandhi Institute of Technology. Khurda .ren. (DR) BRAJABANDHU PRADHAN University College of Engineering P. Mayurbhanj . Sarang.vsnl. R. Jharpokharia Distt.2500114] Fax:2509337 kmit@cal. Complex Bhubaneswar . Bhalliaguda Mauza Golanthra. Patia Bhubaneswar .-768018 [2430211. & Technology Mahavir Nagar.758 001 Padmanava College of Engineering Village Kuarmunda Distt. & Tech. Sundergarh Roland Institute of Computer & Management Studies 99. Mandira Ushara Post Ajay Binay Institute of Technology C. Balasore College of Engineering Unit-1.752 054 0674-2330208.751 031 Krupajala Engineering College Namapalli Bhubaneswar Prof. & Management Studies Khairapari. Palaspur Post Bhubaneswar . Seragarh. Mishra Director Mahavir Institute of Engg.764036 Satyasai Engineering College Industrial Estate Balasore . Distt.0671-2312159 Fax : 074-2555882 Email : miet@rediffmail.12.240513] Fax: 06760-240544 18 U Institute of Tech.759146 [240371. Education & Research Jagmohan Nagar Jagamara.16 U 31 Dhaneshwar Rath Institute of Engg. Industrial Area Khanpuria Cuttack-753012 Balasore College of Engg.2552487.2430580] Fax:2430204 principal@uceb. Sector B Chandaka Nucleus Ind. Khurda SHRI PATNAIK. Ganjam Samanta Chandra Sekhar Institute of Technology & Management Jhariguda. & Science Anantapur. Rourkela .

Bhatinda. Pondicherry-605 107 Regency Institute of Technology Kanakalapet.38 S Silicon Institute of Technology Silicon Hills.151002 [2280985:2280794] Fax: 0164-2280164 Guru Teg Bahadur Khalsa Institute of Engineering & Technology S Chhapian-Wall. Karaikal Municipality. Pondicherry-605 104 Bharathiar College of Engg. SINGH SUKER-CHAKIA Shaheed Bhagat Singh College of Engg.233086] 01874-232684 jhs28@hotmail. Ferozepur . Mahanadi Road Tulsipur.143005 Head UP Guru Ramdas School of Planning Guru Nanak Dev University Amritsar. Pondicherry-605 102 Sri Manakula Vinayagar Engg.143521 [ DR D. Thirunallar 4 40 S The Sanjay Memorial Institute of Technology Brundaban Vihar Ankushpur Distt.147001 [ SHRI AMRIK SINGH Punjab Aircraft Maintenance Engg.vsnl. R. Pondicherry-605 609 Sri Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Engineering & Technology Kirumambakkam.2257026] Fax: 183-2258819 dsce-gndu@yahoo.140407 [232113. Tiruvettakudi. College Madagandipet.152001 [244012.gtbkhenggcollege. &Tech.233213] Fax: 01763-232113 Yanam-533 464 Shree Sathguru Engineering College Keelavoor. Cuttack 3 A 39 S DR NARINDER SINGH Giani Zail Singh College of Engineering & Technology Dabwali Road. & Technology Shaifasri.246496] Fax: 01632-244012 9 G 2 .dtepunjab. Malout-152107 01637-2263014 Fax: 01637-2265714 gtbkiet@usa. www.S. Civil Aerodrome. Patiala . Karaikal Taluk.26533131 Fax: 0175-2222300 DR.254325] Fax: 01639-240001 aietfdk@jla.151203 [240001.751 031 Synergy Institute of www.143005 [2258802. Ganjam PONDICHERRY 5 1 G Pondicherry Engineering College Pillaichavady. College Fategarh Sahib . ASHWINI KUMAR Adesh Institute of Engineering & Technology Faridkot. & Tech. Patia Bhubaneswar . Pondicherry 8 A 2 S 6 S 3 S 4 S 7 S 5 S 6 S PUNJAB 1 U The Registrar Guru Nanak Dev University Amritsar . DR J K SHARMA Beant College of Engg & Technology Gurdaspur.P. HIRA Baba Banda Singh Bahadur Engg.

GREWAL Guru Nanak Engineering College Ludhiana .144 601 DAV Institute of Engg.) Lovely Institute of Technology Kapurthala 24 S 15 U 25 S 26 S 16 S 27 S 28 . Teh. I. & Management Goindwal Road Kapurthala .152 026 20 S 13 S 21 S Chadigarh Engineering College Landran Mohali (Pb. Patiala .148 011 Bhai Maha Singh College of Engineering Kotkapura Road Mukatsar. & Technology Village Jansla. (Deemed University) Patiala .com Amritsar College of Engg. 0172-730260] Fax: 01881-244749 adm@ietbhaddel. Rajpura Distt. of Computer Head Dept. [ DR M P KAPOOR Director DP Thapar Institute of Engg.) Guru Gobind College of Engineering Talwandi Sabo G T Road Distt. 17 S Shaheed Udham Singh College of Engineering. Bathinda College of Engineering Pojewal Distt. DR S. & Technology Kabir Nagar Jalandhar G G S College of Modern Technology Kharar.vsnl. & Technology Patiala Road Sangrur . SEKHON Dean UP College of Agricultural Engineering Punjab Agricultural University Ludhiana .141006 [2490339:2490610] Fax: 0161-2490339 PROF. Mohali Ropar Distt[ KATARIA Institute of Engineering & Technology Bhaddal Mianpur-140108 [244748. PO Motemajra.141004 [265068.231644] Fax: 01636-221495 liriet@jla.140 401 22 S 14 23 S College of Engg. Nawan Shahr ( www. KIRPAL SINGH Sri Sukhmani Institute of Engineering & Technology Dera Bassi-140 507 Patiala Distt.10 AP DR.nic.231644] Fax: 01636-234397 lliet@jla. & Technology Bye Pass Amritsar 11 18 S 19 S 12 S Bhai Gurdas Institute of Engg. Teh. SAS Nagar Mohali (Pb. GOYAL Lala Lajpat Rai Institute of Engineering & Technology Moga-Ferozepur GT Road Moga-142001 [265068.264747] principal-suscet yahoo.S.2604085] Fax: 0712-2660269 ssiet@sukhmaniinstitute.ietbhaddel. & Applications Punjabi University Patiala www.ssietindia. Tangori .147004 [2212007:2212048] Fax: 0175-2214498 director@tcrdcpt.) Chitkara Institute of & Tech.

& 7 S 32 S 8 DP RAJASTHAN 1 G DR M RAISINGHANI Engineering College Government Polytechnic College Campus Makhupura Ajmer .L SURANA Swami Keshvanand Institute of www. & Technology Ludhiana-Chandigarh G T Road Ludhiana Malout Institute of Management & Information Technology Malout (Pb.145 001 33 Punjab College of Engg. 2759609] Fax: 0141-2759555 enquiry@swamikeshvanandinst.324010 [2426820.29 S Ludhiana College of Engg. .313001 [2413837. GAHLOT M.311 001 [240393. S C GUPTA 9 G 10 UP 2 G 3 G 11 S 4 12 S 5 S 6 .S.& Research in Ceramic Glass & Cement Alwar (Rajasthan) DR.N.2426958] Fax: 0741-2426820 PROF.of Leather Technology Tonk (Rajasthan) and Agril. Engineering College Faculty of Engineering. Nawan Shahr (Pb.342011 [2432790. S K SHARMA M L V Textile Institute Pur Road Bhilwara DR. Sikar Ceramic Instt.342003 [233919.305002 [2443030. 2430189 .) Rayat Institute of Engg. Engineering Sukhadia University Udaipur . 241326) Fax: 01482-240393 Rajasthan Instt. Akelgarh DR VENKATESWARAN S Director Biria Institute of Technology and Science Pilani . Management and Gramothan SHRI DR.MODl President Modi Institute of Technology Nayagaon. AN MATHUR Dean College of Tech. & Technology S Lalru Mandi Distt. Rawat Bhata Road Kota-324010 [2435488] DR. & Information Technology V & P O Railmajra Distt.S. Jaipur-302 025 [2752165.B.2624545] Fax: 0145-2443030 of Tech. Jodhpur .ac. Pathankot .221516] PROF SUSHIL BHANDARI M. Jai Narayan Vyas University. & Technology V & P O Badhani Distt.333031 [242090:242215] Fax: 01596-244875 svenkat@bits-pilani. Lachoo Memorial College of Sc. S N GUPTA Modi College of Engineering & Technology www.) Sri Sai College of Engg..2641838] 0291-2433733.swamikeshvanandinst. Patiala GP 30 S 31 S Dean Government College of Engineering Rawatbhata Road.2413809] Fax: 0294-2417056 an mathur45@hotmil. Jodhpur .332311 [224291:224292] Fax: 01573-222604

P. Sikar (Rajasthan) St. Jaipur Jaipur Engineering College & Research Centre Opposite EPIP Tank Road Jaipur Jaipur Engineering College Jaipur-Delhi Road. Ambabari Jaipur.302017 Shankara Institute of Technology Jaipur Shri Balaji College of Engg. Mahal Jagatpura Jaipur Jaipur Engineering College SP-43. "Ayyanar Gardens".arjcet. & Tech. BHARDWAJ Laxmi Devi Institute of Engg.302 012 Poornima College of Engineering RIICO Institute Complex Sitapur. & 20 S 21 S 2 A 22 S 23 3 S 24 S . & Tech. Ajmer Road Jaipur-303 011 [0141-2250066. Jaipur DR. Margaret Engineering College Neemrana Distt.C. & Technology Phagi.600 025 [ Website : www. 2251193] Fax: 0141-2251087 25 S Seedling Academy of Design Technology Bariyan Jagatpura Jaipur . R.College of Technology Sardar Patel Road.301028 [0144-2883476] Maharishi Arvind Institute of Engg.13 S Arya College of Engineering Kukas Industrial Area Jaipur Engineering College Bikaner Global Institute of Technology Ambapari Jaipur Gyan Vihar School of DR. KASHYAP S Rajasthan College of Engg. R. for Women Bhankrota. NH-8 Amer.C. & Technology Bhankrota. & Technology Benad Road Jaipur -302 013 Sobhasaria Engineering College Village Gokufpura Distt. Jaipur 14 S 15 S 26 S 27 S 16 S 28 S 17 S 29 18 S 30 S 19 S TAMIL NADU 1 U DR GANAPATHY S Dean A.614 001 [04367-224599] FAX : 04367-227496 E-mail : arj@arjcet.College of Engg. Edayarnatham Mannargudi . Ajmer Road Jaipur-303 011 [0141-2251276. Guindy Chennai .vsnl. 2251249] Rajasthan Institute of Engg.K. Alwar. Jaipur PROF.22351723 ] FAX : 091-44-22350397 E-mail : annacad@giasmd01. Sivaganga District Karaikudi .R. Industrial Area Kukas.623 004 [04565-2224535] FAX : 04565-2224528 DR GOPALASAMY G A. Alwar (Rajasthan) Stani Memorial College of Engg. & Technology Bhartipath.College of Engg. RIICO. PERISAMY V M A. & Tech.C.

VENKATA NARAYAN Adhiparasakthi College of Engg.of 561 [04112 24836] Website : www.e PROF.adhiyamaan. No. Kancheepuram Distt. MAHABOOB BASHA A. 04114-274388] FAX : 04114-274388 E-mail : ajce@rediffmail. N.K.College of MAJ.635 109 [04344-260570 04344-260571] FAX : 04344-260573 E-mail : info_ace@adhiyamaan.amsheela.600 055 [26841939] FAX : 26841939 E-mail : aalimec@vsnl.J. SRIRAMULU Annai Velankanni Engg. Melvisharam .College Chinnayan Chatram Stop NH-4.Mahalingam Engg.of Higher Technology Kalasalingam Nagar Kazhipattur -603 103 [ 04114-275530 04114-275520 FAX : 04114-274740 E-mail : aiht@eth.632 506 [04173-242648] FAX : 04173-242066 10 S PROF.(DR) V.vinayakamission. Kancheepuram .ede 5 S 11 S 6 S 12 S 7 S 13 S 8 S 14 S 15 S 9 S 16 S .org PROF. Tiruvarur Distt.GEN. Old Mahabalipuram PROF JAMEEL AHMED P C.4 S DR VEERAN KUTTY M K A. KRISHNAN Annai Mathammal Sheela Engg. Nagar Hosur . S.603 103 [04114-274448.Abdul Hakeem College of Eng. N. . Vinayaka Website : Website : mohamedsathaktrust. RANGANATH Adhiyaman Engineering College PROF.College of Engg.G.B.KRISHNASWAMY Adhiparasekthi Engineering College Melmaruvathur.S.607 204 [04149-24292] PROF. College Erumapatty Post Namakkal Taluk & Dt.aec. VENKATESH Annai Teresa College of Engg. Kalavat Vellore Distt. Chennai . www. Thirunavalur & Post Villupuram Distt.aamec. D. RAJASEKARAN Arasu Engineering College Chennai Main Road Kancheepuram -612 501 [0435-2452166 2452099] FAX : 0435-2433558 E-mail : arasueng@sancharnet.603 104 [04114-243803 04114-243804] FAX : 04114-243800 avit@vsnl. Vellore DR S. NILAVALGAN Anjalai A. CHITHARANJAN Anand Instt. -603 319 [04115-229247] FAX : 04115-229094 E-mail .43. DR. Old Mahapalipuram Road Chennai www. M. "Nizara Educational Campus" Muthapudupet. -637 013 [04286-252252] FAX : 04286-252256 E-mail : Website : www.&Tech Hakeem Nagar.632 509 [ 04172-267387 ] FAX : 04172-268387 cahcet@rediffmail.Nagar. Website : www. G. . Paiyanoor . College Kovilvenni.RADHAKRISHNAN R N Aarupadai Veedu SHRI K. -614 403 [04374-232516] FAX : 04374-232691 E-mail : Website : amsecollege.

O. VALLIAPPAN A. C. .vsnl. J.College of Engg. CHOCKALINGAM Asan Memorial College of M.603 105 [04114-247283] FAX : 04114-248016 E-mail : asanedn@md3.&Tech Oragadam Road.College Thimmarasanayakanoor Andipatti. THANUSKHODI Bargur Engineering College Bargur DR.604 410 [04182-247226] FAX : 04182-247226 E-mail .P.of Sc. RAJAMANICKAM Bharath Niketan Engg. District -629 302 [04652-263176] FAX : 04652-263509 E-mail : PROF. Coonoor Website : www. . THANGARAJ Arulmigu Kalasalingam College of Engg.602 105 [04111-207066] FAX : 044-23771939 E-mail : aaistech@rediffmail.Namandi Thiruvannamalai Dist . N. Tiruvannamalai .Nagar. K.csice.asaneducation. PROF.635 104 [04343-266067 04343-266395] FAX : 04343-265875 E-mail : becbn@rediffmail. C. Chengalpattu . STEPHEN KINGSLEY 18 S 24 S 19 S 25 S 20 S 26 S 27 S 21 S 28 S 22 S 29 S .N.vsnl. JEYAPAULAN C. Sriperumpudur . VENKATACHALAM Arignar Anna Website : www.-638 401 [04295-221289] FAX : 04295-223775 E-mail Website : aruai@www. SIVANANDAN Bannari Amman Instt.602 024 [04116-224663] FAX : 04116-224664 E-mail : DR. VENKATARAMAN Arunal Engineering College Velu Nagar.17 S DR. S.635 852 [04179-242684] DR. Vadamavandal Village. .Bandarapalli (Post) bhajarangengineeringcollege. K. M. Website : DR.bannari.csiit.csiit@Yahoo.626 190 [04563-289042] FAX : 04563-289322 E-mail : akceprl@md3. College 536 [04546-242970] Theni Website : PROF. RAMACHANDRAN Arulmigu Meenakshi Amman College of Engg. bitsathy@bannari. Erode Distt. Thandarai Village Peria Irumbedu.College of Website : www. Keti The Nilgiris -643 215 [0423-2517474 0423-251769] FAX : 0423-2517699 E-mail : csiceindia@yahoo. Srivilliputhur Virudhunagar Distt. Vellore Website : www.of Technology Sathyamangalam.606 603 [04175-237419 04175-237] FAX : 04175-237789 E-mail : arunai@md2.of Technology Thovalai & P. JNANASEKAR Bharathidasan Engg. Mayiladuturai Nagapattinam Distt. DR DURAISAMY Bhajarang Engineering College Ayathur Village.R. Tech.S.609 305 [04364-227202] FAX : 04364-227299 E-mail : avcce@avccengg. amacengg@yahoo. . 23 S DR. Anand Nagar. Veppampattu Thiruvallur Taluk & Distt. Mannampandal.V. . Pennalur.

dce-edu.College of 36 S DR. .uk Website : 31 S 37 S 32 S 38 S 33 A 39 S 34 U DR 40 S 35 G DR S.600 025 [044-22352312 044-22351723] FAX : 044-22350397 E-mail : annacad@giasmd01. MOHAMMED Crescent Engineering College G. Narasipuram Post Coimbatore . College Perambalur. Aerodrome Post Coimbatore .T.M. S. SUBRAMANIA PILLAI Cape Instt.641 013 [0422-2432221 0422-2432271] FAX : 0422-2455230 E-mail : gctcbe@giasmd01. Chennai-Bangalore NH Chembarambakkam Thiruvallur -602 103 [044-26810265] Website: wttp:\ 41 S . Padappai Kancheepuram Information Technology. T.vsnl. RAMAIYAN DEAN College of Engineering Sardar Patel Road. P. Dindigul Road Oddanchatram -624 619 [04553-240229 ] FAX : 04553-240229 PROF. R.O.of Technology Levingipuram. V. P. Rajakrishnapuram (PO) Tirunelveli DR. Chennai .641 109 [0422-2651702 0422-2651703] FAX : 0422-2651427 E-mail : ciet@kovaikalaimagal.crescentcollege. S. Chennai-602 103 [044-26811542] FAX : 044-22346265 E-mail : Website : www. Palanchur. Guindy Chennai .of Engg. VASUDEVAN D. Thuraiyur Road Perambalur Post & Distt. Nwear Poonamallee. DR. Nazrethpet P.Nagar. K. RAMAKRISHNAN Christian College of Engg. 04652-268077 E-mail : capetech@rediffmail. PRABHAKAR Coimbatore Instt. SWAMINATHAN E V P College of PROF R.P.V.of Technology Avanashi Road.621 212 [04328-220444] FAX : 04328-220074 E-mail : dsengg_p829@yahoo.dmiinstitions/com DR. ARUMUGAM DEAN College of Technology Thadagam Road Coimbatore .net.30 S PROF.641 014 [0422-2574071 0422-2574072] FAX : 0422-2575020 E-mail : recitpr@vsnl. -627 114 [04652-266076] FAX . BALAKRISHNAN Dhanish College of Engg.dsengg.vsnl. Dr.S.601 301 [04111-274747] FAX : 04111-274748 E-mail : dhanish_ce@yahoo. PALANISAMY Coimbatore .com PROF.601 301 [04111-278345] E-mail : dcechennai@yahoo.vsnl. Manimangalam Varadarajapuram Post.& Website : www.kovailkalaimagal. P. SWAMY BOMMU Dhanaiakshmi Srinivasan Engg. Near Check Website : Website : www. Vandalur Chennai . DR. M.600 048 [044-22751375 044-22751347] FAX : 044-22750520 E-mail : cec@giasmd01. RAMAMURTHI Dhanaiakshmi College of Engg.Road.

vellore. SESHADRI I F E T College of Engineering IFET Nagar. & Tech. A. & Technology Alappakkam-Mappedu Road GKM Nagar.600 089 [044-22490853] FAX : 044-22490430 E-mail : Website : hindustaninstitutions.vsnl. DANIEL Francis Xavier Engg. Perumal Manimekalai College of Engineering Website : DR.627 003 [0462-2502283 0462-2502157] FAX : 0462-2501007 E-mail : fxe-tvl@sancharnet. PALANISAMY Govt.sengunthar.636 011 [0427-2346157 0427-2346102] FAX : 0427-2346458 E-mail : gceslame@ernet. PRABHU S.geocities. MALLAPUR G G R College of Engineering Pillaiyarkuppam. S. RADHAKRISHNAN Ganadipaly Tulsi's Dharmapuri .Hosur. Perrumngai Vellore . Coimbatore .611 002 [04365-251112] FAX : 04365-251114 E-mail : Princi@egspcolleges. Othakalmandapam DR. R.638 057 [04294-232701] FAX : 04294-232705 E-mail .itgo.605 108 [04146-23145 FAX : 04146-231456 E-mail : ifetcollege@rediffmail. Chennai Website : PROF. Gangarampalayam valvanur Post.600 063 [044-22379253] FAX : 044-22790012 E-mail : . SURESH THANGARAJ T G U Pope College of Engineering Pope PROF. Col Nagapattanam .com DR.42 S PROF.632 102 [0416-2230900] FAX : 0462-2574525 Website : gtec.egspcolleges. ebsite : 52 S 46 S 53 S 47 S 54 S 48 S . College Thudupathi. KRISHNAN Easwari Engineering College Bharati Salai Ramapuram Chennai .632 009 [0416-2258992] FAX : 0416-2258995 E-mail : ggrcoe@rediffmail.V.T. GOPALAKRISHNAN Hindustan College of Engineering Old Mahabalipuram Road Kanchipuram Distt. BALAMANI GKM College of Engg. S V SAMBASIVAM Erode Sengunthar PROF. Pillai Engg. V. Savyerpuram Thoothukudi . Vennar Pettai Tirunelveli . Cuddalore Road Kaniyambadi .com DR. G. Villupuram .org 43 S 50 S 44 S 51 S 45 S Er. College Bye Pass Road.//www. Website : www.635 117 S.628 251 [0430-273933] FAX : 0462-2574525 Website : Website : www. M.603 103 [044-22341389] FAX : 044-22333848 E-mail: 49 S PROF. Erode .gkmengg.641 032 [0422-2611833 0422-261184] FAX : 0422-2566002 E-mail : hcet@chindustaninstitutions. College Website : PROF. College of Engineering Salem . CHANDRASEKARAN Edayathangudy G. RAGHAVAN Hindustan College of Engg. M.

VELUSWAMI Jerusalem College of Engineering Vellachery Main Road. K. SHANMUGANATHAN J J College of Engg. Chennai .K..621 014 [04327-230270] FAX : 04327-230260 E-mail : jayaramtrichy@yahoo. K. SUKUMARAN Jayam College of Engg. Ammapettai Vill. Thiruniravur . [04639-279905] E-mail : Website : jsce@rajas. CHRISTY Idhaya Website : www. Chinnasalem Villupuram Dist. II Street 56 S 63 S 57 G 64 S 58 S 65 S 59 S 66 S 60 S 67 S 61 S .620 009 [0431 -2695560] FAX : 0431-2695544 E-mail : PROF. Aralvaimozhi Kanyakumari Distt.600 119 [044-24502818 044-24503216] FAX : 044-24512818 E-mail : 62 S PROF. SOMAN Jayamatha Engineering College Thirurajapuram.600 107 [044-24792076] FAX : 044-24771409 E-mail : DR. www. GOVINDVAN Jayaram College of Engg. . T. [0462-2484314 0462-2484317] FAX : 0462-2484314 E-mail : jsce123@yahoo. & PROF. M. B. NARAYANAN NAIR Joe Suresh Engineering College Raja Nagar. & Tech.M. Nazarethzhi Thoothukudi Distt. V.V.628 851 DR. SARGUNAR Jaya Engineering College Prakash Nagar.629 301 [04652-263440] FAX : 04652-263846 E-mail : jayamatha@jayamatha. JOHN ORAL BHASKAR Jayaraj Annapanickam CSI College of Engineering Margoschisnagar.636 813 [04342-257251] FAX : 04342-257289 E-mail : collegejayam@yahoo. Karattampatti.Chennai .com Website: www. & VADIVEL Institute of Road & Transport Tech. Chennai .in Jeppiaar Engineering College Jepiaar Nagar. Pagalavadi Post Tiruchirapalli . . T.A. Mundradaippu Post Tirunelveli DR.606 201 [04151-258325] E-mail : Website : jaiet. RAGHUNATHAN J A Institute of Engg.601 302 [044-22461404] FAX : 044-22461904 DR. Dharmapuri Distt. E.. Website : jayamatha. Thoothukudi . College for Women Nainapalayam Rd.S. Keela Vala Nadu Village Ellanayakam Post.55 S Website : collegejayam.Poolankulathupatti Tiruchirapalli . Srinivasanagar. Sri Vasavi College Post Erode -638 316 [0424-2533279] FAX : 0424-2533590 E-mail : irtt@vsnf. Old Mamallapuram PROF. & Technology Nallanur. Narayanpuram DR. . S.R.602 024 [044-26390041 044-2634050] FAX : 044-26300982 E-mail : info@jayaengineeringcollege. CHELLADURAI Infant Jesus College of Engg. T.V.

C.641 032 [0422-2655790 0422-2655792] FAX : 0422-2611043 E-mail : karpagam@vsnl.68 S Website : DR. NICHOLAS Karunya Institute of Technology Karunya Nagar Coimbatore . Myleripalayarn Vill. Mathur Tiruvannamalai .in Website : Website : www. 76 S 70 S 77 S 71 S 72 S 78 S 73 S 79 S 74 .ac. Website: www.A. Konthagai Post Sivagangai Distt. MEIYAPPAN K L N College of Engineering Pottapalayam Sivagangai Website : www. Dindigul Othakkaimandpam Coimbatore . P. & Tech. Website : www. 114 [0422-2615618] FAX : 0422-2615615 E-mail : Website : PROF. KSR Kalivinagar.JAGATHEESAN K C G College of Technology KCG Website : http.600 096 [044-24503140 044-24503232] FAX : 044-22342170 E-mail: RAGHAVENDRA Kodaikamel Institute of Technology Machur Village. Viruthunagar .kamrajcet. -602 105 [04111-256777] FAX : 044-23743443 E-mail : kalsar@satyam.630 611 [0452-2674250] FAX : 0452-2678022 E-mail : Website : PROF. SACHITHANANDAM KLN College of Information Tech. SPGC Nagar.//www. PARATHASARATHY Kalsar College of Engineering Mannur Vill. SUNDARAGOPAL Karpaga Vinayaga College of Engineering & Technology Palayanoor Post Madhuranthagam Taluk . Gandarvakottai Taluk Pudukottai Distt. . Website : www. DURAISWAMY K S Rangasamy College of Engg. KUMAR Kamban Engineering College Velu Nagar.klnit. [0452-2670599] FAX : 0452-2677280 E-mail : DR.606 603 [04175-237079] FAX : 04175-237789 E-mail : kambanec@vsnl. ARULMOZHI Kamraj College of Engg.637 209 [04288-274741] FAX : 04288-274745 E-mail : ksrct@yahoo. Karapapakkam Chennai .org DR.L.vsnl. V. Pottapalayam.T. -613 303 [04362-282474] FAX : 04362-282494 E-mail : kingsengineering@yahoo.626 001 [04594-278791 04594-27817] FAX : 04594-244978 E-mail : kcet@md3. Bethlagundu Kodaikamal. BALAKRISHNAN Kings College of Engineering Punalkulam. Thokkavaid Post Tiruchengode . K. R.603 308 [04115-954115.ksrct. M. 04 FAX : 04115-265486 E-mail : 75 S PROF. GOVINDAMKUTTY S Karpagam College of PROF. Sriperumbaudur Taluk Kanchipuram Distt. R. .624 104 [04522-245334] 69 S DR.

638 052 [04294-220583 04294-220562] FAX : 04294-220087 E-mail : kec@md2. Thorapakkam Chennai .600 055 [04116-954116] FAX : 04116-226300 E-mail : magnace@vsnl.lvenggcol. College Kanchipuram .net. C. Maamallan Nagar.vsnl. 86 S PROF.631 204 [04118-274444] FAX : 04118-274444 E-mail : 256 PROF. RANGAPATHY Krishnasamy College of Engineering & Technology Cuddalore .kongu. JAYA SINGH MNM Jain PROF.638 051 [04294-250242 04294-261616] FAX : 04294-250219 E-mail : mpnmjp@eth. VISHNU Lord Venkateshwara Engg. College jyothipuram.621 307 [04332-260488] FAX : 04332-262754 E-mail : kurinjiengineering@yahoo. NATARAJAN Kongu Engineering College Perundurai Erode .in www.J. JAYARAMAN DEAN Madras Institute of Technology Chrompet. KANDASWAMY Kurinji College of Engg. DR.602 105 [04111-263682 04111-265458] FAX : 04111-23621819 PROF. U. College Chennimalai. Vadamangalam Post Kanchipuram . A. & Tech. Somanglam Road Kundrathru Chennai .com Website : kurinjicet@yahoo.K.80 S PROF. Magaral Chennai . KUMAR M P Machimuthu M. D.R. Website : www. Chennai .com PROF. PADMNABHAN Kumaraguru College of Technology Chinnavedampatti Post Coimbatore .vsl. SUNDARAMURTHY Maamallan Institute of Tech. K.K.600 069 [044-24780732] FAX : 044-24780798 E-mail : madhagroup@hotmail. V.K. Engg. DWARKANATH Madha Engineering College Madha Nagar.600 044 [044-22230850 044-22235852] FAX : 044-22232403 E-mail : Website : PROF.607 109 [04192-211794 04192-210294] FAX : 04192-210294 E-mail : kcet236@yahoo. Malaiyadapatti Post Manapparai . V.mnmjain-enggcollege.K. Perundurai Erode .net PROF. V.M.madhagroup. KALYANAN L C R College of Website : www. .vsnl.631 605 [04112-256364] FAX : 04112-223599 E-mail : 81 S 87 S 82 S 88 S 83 S 89 S 84 S 90 U 85 S 91 S . STEPHEN SANDEGREN Magna College of Engineering PROF. PROF.600 096 [044-24960101 044-24962270] FAX : 044-24960379 E-mail : mnmjec@md. J J Kanchipadi Village Thiruvallur & Tech.641 006 [0422-2669401] FAX : 0422-2669406 E-mail :

com ebsite : www. www. DJUGASH Mepco Schlenk K. BABAI Meenakshi Sundararajan Engg College 363. Kolivakkam.) K. lyengarkulam Post Kanchipuram .K. NALLATHAMBI Mahendra Engineering College Mahendrapuri. College Kilakarai . Vadugopalayam Post Namakal Dist.vsnl. JOSEPH FRANCIS M I E T PROF. NAGARATHINAM Mailam Engineering College Mailam.mailamengg.Avinashi Taluk Coimbatore . Mahalingam College of Engineering & Technology Pollachi . Kodambakkam Chennai . ( Website : http.600 024 [044-24801634 044-24811103] FAX .IBRAHIM Director Mohamed Sathak Engg.. Royapettah Chennai -600 014 [044-28220245 044-28229126] FAX : 044-28261050 E-mail : archeasi@md4.603 406 [04112-2272304] PROF. Tindivanan Taluk Villupuram Website : www.641 654 [04296-272129] FAX : 04296-272128 E-mail : maharajaerode@yahoo.VIJAYAN Maruthi Institute of ALTAF AHMED Measi Academy of Architecture 87 Peters Road. G.mamcetrg.642 003 [04259-236030] FAX : 04259-236060 E-mail : mcet@md4. College Gundur Tiruchirapalli .631 502 [04112-242223 04112-242191] FAX : 04112-235886 E-mail : maruthi_engineering@rediffmail 98 S 005 [04562-230267 04562-289720] FAX : 04562-289520 E-mail : PROF.604 304 [04147-241515] FAX : 04147-241552 E-mail : mailamengg@sify. A. PROF. Uthiramerur Website : www.vsnl.620 007 [0431-2660650] FAX : 0431-2660264 E-mail : ISTE HANDBOOK 2003-04 DR.621 105 [0431 -2650377] FAX : 0431-2650377 E-mail : mamce2k@rediff.Wwww. & Tech.H. GANAPATH M A M College of Engineering Siruganur Tiruchirapalli .com PROF.92 S PROF.637 503 [04288-238888] FAX : 04288-238999 E-mail : info@mahendrainstitutions. D. Website : http://maharajainstitutions.mahendrainstitutions. 99 S 93 S 100 S 94 S 101 S 95 S 102 S 96 S 103 S 97 S . ARUMUGAM Maharaja Engineering College Kupandampalayam PO. S.623 806 [04567-241327] FAX : 04567-245344 E-mail : md_msecklk@sancharnet in PROF.drmeet. . College Sivakasi . . PALANISWAMY Website : www.eduom Website : www.S. IYER Meenakshi College of Engineering Malliamkaranai Vil. N.C.mepcoeng.measi. Arcot Road. Kanchipuram . 044-28203786 E-mail : krsksl@giasmdol. PROF.

niceindia.vsnl. Website : www. College Rasipuram.628 503 [04632-222502] FAX : 04632-222680 E-mail : 105 S 111 S 106 S PROF. ACHUTHAN Dr.637 408 [04287-220837] FAX : 04287-226537 E-mail .nandhainstitutions. SIDHARDHAN Narayana Guru College of PROF.627 151 [04635-256343 04635-256344] FAX : 04635-256344 nationalcolfege2000@yahoo. Raja Website : www.moogambigai.ncenellai. Pudukottai Distt. . V. G.nnce.ors PROF.ocet. P T R Palanivel Rajan Nagar Theni . BHASKERKUTTY National College of Engineering Maruthakulam Post.625 531 [04546-252670 04546-252476] FAX : 04546-252476 E-mail : Website : nationalenggcollege. NITHYANANDAN Nandha Engineering College Pichandampalayam Post Erode -638 052 [04294-225585 04294-223711] FAX : 04294-224622 E-mail : nandhaengg@rediffmail. ALLIRANI M N S K College of Engineering Dhakshivapuram Vallathirakottai PO Pudukottai Dist . M.K.) 110 S DR. mec_raspm@rediffmail. DHANAKOTI Muthayammal Engg.622 507 [04333-277125]Website E-mail : mountzion@india. Website : www.mountzion. Thuokalaythapuram Kanyakumari Dist. K. .ac. K. KRISHNAMOORTHY Noorul Islam College of Engg. (Mrs. . . Vaithiyanathapuram Tholudar .in Website : www.104 S Website : www. VENUGOPALAN Mookambigai College of 502 [04339-262273] FAX : 04339-262272 E-mail : pdk_mce@sancharnet. .com DR. Kovilpatti Thoothukudi PROF. Nanguneri Taluk Tirunelveli Website : www.vsnl.629 151 [04651-284200] FAX : 04651-284601 DR.629 175 [04651-250566] FAX : 04651-250266 E-mail : 112 S 113 S 107 S PROF.Manjalumoodu PO Kanyakumari Dist.622 305 [04322-242558] FAX : 04322-242560 Website : www. College of Engg.S. M. Namakkal 114 S 108 S 109 S 115 S . KANNAN Mount Zion College of SARA VADAYAPARAM M Kumarasamy College of Engg Thalavapalayam Karur -639 113 [04324-270755 04324-272155] FAX : 04324-270657 E-mail : mkcerr@hotmail. N.mnskec. & Tech. Kalamavur Post Keeranur.CHOKALINGAM National Engineering College K R Nagar. DR. Thirunayam Taluk Pudukkottai . Kumaracoil. Chittadavu Estate.606 303 [04143-257258 04143-257610] FAX : 04143-257258 E-mail : nnce@sifay. KANNAPPAN Odaiyappa College of Website : www. Pilivalan Website : www. B. & Tech. P.K.

Kothamdaramam Nagar Dindigul . Tirunelveli .net PROF.M. M.637 018 [04286-243058 04286-243038] FAX : 04286-243068 E-mail : nklpaavai@rediffmail. Website : www.psrengg.631 502 [04112-231967 04112-235886] FAX : 04112-235886 E-mail : peckanchi@rediffmail. RAMASUBRAMANIAN Director Oxford Engineering College Pirattiyur(W). Sriperumbudur Kancheepuram .org PROF.624 622 [0451-2554032 0451-2554033] FAX : 0451-2554249 E-mail : psne@vsnl. RAJA PANDIAN Panimalar Engineering College .T.K. K. NATARAJAN P S N College of Engg. & Website : Website : www. S. RAMANAIAH P M R Institute of Technology Adyalampath Chennai . RAMASAMY S Paavai Engineering College Pachal Post. Arasannoor.Poonamallee Taluk Chennai . Namakkal PROF. Col. S.625 008 [0452-2484823 0452-2484824] FAX : 0452-2486171 E-mail : jawaharn42@ 126 PROF.641 004 [0422-2593675 0422-2572177] FAX : 0422-2573833 E-mail : prina@psgtech. Veliyur Kancheepuram . & Tech. RAMA MOHAN RAO P R Engineering College Ponnaiyah Ramajayam Nagar Vallam. SUBHARAJ P S R Engineering College Sevalpatti PROF.602 105 [04111-256860] FAX : 04111-256860 E-mail : pbtrust@vsnl. Virudhunagar Website : www. Thanjavur -613 403 [04362-266940] FAX : 04362-242464 DR.627 152 [0462-2323936 04634-279680] FAX : 04634-279684 E-mail : MUKANDANA RAO P B College of Engineering Irungkattukottai. G. G. THIAGARAJAH S P S N A College of Engg.631 502 [04111-248350] E-mail : PROF. N. G.vsnl. VIJAYARANGAM A P S G College of Technology Peelamedu Coimbatore .vsnl. JAWAHAR P T R College of Engg.602 103 [044-26490404 044-26490505] FAX : 044-26490101 E-mail : panitech@md3. Austinpatty Post Madurai .116 S ER. Melathediyoor 123 S 117 S Website : 124 S 118 S 125 S 119 S 120 S 127 S 121 128 S 122 129 S .600 095 [044-26532579 044-26532581] FAX : 044-26532579 E-mail : pmrit@vsnl. DAMODARAN Pallavan College of Engineering Thimasamundram Kanchipuram . K. Website .net Website : www.paavai. P. K.630 561 [04575-236272] FAX : 04575-2341510 E-mail : psyec@eth. Palayamkottai Tk. RAMAKRISHNAN P T Lee Chengalvaraya Naicker College of Engineering & Technology PROF. & Tech.pallavan. [04562-239091] FAX : 04562-225261 E-mail : psrengg@md4. SUNDARARAJAMOORTHY Pandian Saraswathi Yadav Engg. Thirumansolai Post Sivagangai Dist.V. Trichy -620 009 [0431-2483450] E-mail : DR.

130 S

PROF. R.M.S. GOWDA Park College of Engg. & Tech. Avinashi Road, Kaniyur Post Coimbatore - 641 659 [0421-2334899 0421-2335243] FAX : 0421-2334453 E-mail : Website : PROF. M.N.RAO Dr. Pauls Engineering College Pauls Nagar, Vanur Taluk Villupuram Distt. -605 109 [0413-2677006] FAX : 0413-2677877 E-mail : Website : PROF. M. MOHAMED HANIF Pavender Bharathidasan College of Engg. &Tech., Mathur, Trichy - 620 024 [04339-250356] FAX : 04339-250730 E-mail : Website : PROF. N. RAMACHANDRAN Periyar Maniammai College of Tech for Women, Periyar Nagar, Vallam Thanjvur - 613 403 [04362-266263] FAX : 04362-266353 E-mail : Website : PROY. B. KUPPURAJA Perumal Sami Rishi Engg. College Sillavattam Village,G S R Road Madurantakkam - 603 306 [04115-253606] E-mail : PROF. K.MUHAMMAD ZAKARIAH Pet Engineering College Madapuram Vallioor - 627 117 [04637-221853 04637-221850] FAX : 04637-221504 E-mail : www.petengineeringcollege.c

136 S

PROF. K. SENGODAN P G P College of Engg. & Technology Namakkal - 637 206 [04286-267994 04286-267404] FAX : 04286-267404 E-mail : Website : PROF.T.K. RAMANUJAN Prathyusha Engineering College Aranvayal Kuppam Thiruvallore - 602 025 [04116-220151 04116-22045] FAX : 04116-220331 E-mail : www.prathyaushaengineeringcoll PROF. K. VASUDEVAN Prince Shri Venkateshwara Padmavaty Engg. College, Medavakkam, Ponmar Chennai - 600 048 [0414-279220] PROF. V. SHANMUGANAATHAN Prithvi Engineering College Palankarai, Kupandampalayam Post Avinashi Taluk, Coimbatore - 641 654 [04296-271916] FAX : 0424-2292973 E-mail : http:\ PROF. S. KULASEKARAM Priyadarshini Engg. College Vaniyambadi Vellore Dist. - 635 751 [04174-228972] FAX : 04174-227591 E-mail : Website :

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135 S

141 S

PROF. MURALIDHAR RMD Engg. College Kavaraipettai, Gummidipoondi Taluk Thiruvallur Dist. - 601 206 [04119-225560] FAX : 04119-225561 E-mail :

142 S

PROF. M.R.JAYATEERATHA RAO RMK Engg. College Kavaraipettai, Gummidipoondi Taluk Thiruvallur Dist. - 601 206 [04119-225102] FAX : 04119-225193 E-mail : Website : http:\ PROF. A. KRISHNAN R R Engg. College Thokkavadi Post, Tiruchengode Namakkal Dist. - 637 209 [04288-274757] FAX : 04288-274757 E-mail : PROF. K.M. KARUPPANNAN R V S College of Engineering Dindigul - 624 005 [04551-227229 04551-227237] FAX : 04551-243144 E-mail : PROF. S. DORAIPONDY Raja College of Engg. & Tech. Veerapanjan Madurai - 625 020 [0452-2429220] FAX : 0452-2429347 E-mail : PROF. R. BHAVANI SHANKAR Raja Rajeswari Engg. College Adayalampattu Chennai - 600 095 [044-26534011 044-26534012] FAX : 044-26534011 E-mail : PROF. K. NATARAJAN The Rajas Engineering College Vadakangulam Tirunelveli Distt. -627 116 [04637-231810] FAX : 04637-231811 E-mail : Website :

148 S

DR. M.C. RAMASWAMY Rajalakshmi Engineering College Sriperumbudur Taluk Kancheepuram Distt. - 602 105 [04111-256640] FAX : 04111-256750 E-mail : Website : PROF. D.I. KANNAPPAN Rajiv Gandhi College of Engg. Nemili, Sriperumbudur Kancheepuram Distt. - 602 105 [04111-263100] FAX : 044-26191927 E-mail : Website : PROF. N. MADHAVA RAO Ranipettai Engg. College Thenkadappanthangal, Waija Taluk Vellore Dist -632 513 [04172-232888] E-mail : PROF. S. MUTHUKKARUPPAN Roever Engineering College Elambalur Post Perumbalur - 621 212 [04328-276320 04328-278106] FAX : 04328-278110 E-mail : PROF. M. MOHAMMED HANIF Royal College of Engg. & Tech. Mathur, Trichy - 620 024 [04339-250010 04339-250011] FAX : 04339-250730 E-mail : royal/ PROF. R. SUNDARAGURU S. Veerasamy Chettiar College of Engg. & Tech., S.V. Nagar Pulianguri - 627 855 [04636-234742] FAX : 04636-234683 E-mail : Website :

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147 S

153 S

154 S

PROF. N.M. SINGARAJ S.A. Engineering College Thiruverkadu Post Chennai - 600 077 [044-26801999] FAX : 044-26801899 E-mail : Website : PROF. K. ANNAMALAI S K P Engineering College hinnakangiyanur Village Tiruvannamalai -606 611 [04175-222633] FAX : 04175-222643 chairman@skpengineeringcollege PROF. CM. RAMASAMY S K R Engineering College Agaram Village, Nazarathpet Post Chennai - 602 103 [044-26494205] FAX : 044-26445833 E-mail : Website :

160 S

PROF. K. VIJAY BHASKAR RAJU Sakthi Mariamman Engg. College Narayanaswamy Nagar. Thandalam Chennai - 602 105 [04111-256742 04111-256801] FAX : 04111-256802 E-mail : Website : PROF. R. NARAYANAN Santhosa Engg. College Chembarambakkam Thiruvallur Distt. [26290215 25017541] E-mail : PROF. J. RAMAMOHAN RAO Sapthagiri College of Engineering Periyaamahalli Post Dharmapuri Distt. - 635 205 [04348-247201] FAX : 04348-247212 E-mail : PROF. Y. VENKATARAMAN Saranathan College of Engineering Venkaeshwara Nagar. Panjappur Trichy -620 012 [0431-2473684 0431-2473682] FAX : 0431-2423684 E-mail : Website : PROF. M. SANTHOSHAN Saraswathi Velu College of Engg Jumbukulam Road, Melvenkatapuram Sholinghur - 631 102 [04172-264258] FAX : 04172-264258 E-mail : PROF. P. KESAVANNAIR Sardar Raja College of Engineering Alangulam, Pattanam Post Tirunelveli Dist. - 627 808 [04633-272275] FAX : 04633-272675 Website :

155 S

161 S

1 56 S

162 S

163 S

157 S

PROF.S.N. SUBRAMANIAN S N S College of Engineering Sathy Road, Kalappatti Post Coimbatore - 641 035 [0422-2666264 0422-2669091] FAX : 0422-2666717 E-mail : Website : PROF. MANJUNATHA RAO SACS-MAVMM Engineering College Kidaripatty Post, Madurai - 625 301 [0452-2470500] FAX : 0452-2470503 E-mail : Website :

164 S

158 S

165 S 159 S PROF. S. MEENAKSHINATHAN Sakthi Engineering College Mathur Post, Chennai -602 105 [044-22522019] FAX : 044-22522019 E-mail:

166 S

PROF. K.M.SIRINIVASAN Sasuri Inst. of Engg. & Infor.Tech. Vijayamangalam Erode Dist. - 638 056 [04294-243675] FAX : 04294-243983 E-mail : PROF. N.S. VENKATARAMAN Saveetha Engineering College Thandalam Post,Sriperumbudur Taluk Kancheepuram - 602 105 [04111-256701] FAX : 04111-256700 E-mail : Website: PROF. P. PETCHIMUTHU SCAD College of Engineering Cheranmahadevi Tirunelveli Dist. -627 414 [04634-261701] FAX : 04634-260316 E-mail : PROF. M. SANTHANAMUTHU School of Engg. & Technology Bharathidasan University Mathur, Trichy -622 515 [04339-250200] FAX : 0431-2407045 E-mail : PROF.S.GANAPATHY Dean School of Architecture & Planning Anna University Chennai - 600 025 [044-22352312 044-22351723] FAX : 044-22350397 E-mail : Website : ANNATECH PROF. P. GOPALSAMY Seethai Ammal Engineering School Keelakandai, Sivagangai Virudhungar Dist. - 630 561 [04575-241411]

173 S

167 S

DR. A. ELANGO Sethu Institute of Technology Pulloor, Kariapatti Post Viruthunagar Dist. - 626 106 [04566-255002] FAX : 04566-255253 E-mail : Website : PROF. N. RAJAGOPALAN Shanmuganathan Engg. College Arasampatti, Thirumayam Taluk Pudukkottai Dist. - 622 507 [04333-209265] E-mail : PROF. K.SRIKRISHNA Sree Sowdambika College of Engg. Chettikurichi PO. Aruppukottai Tk. Virudhunagar Dist. - 626 134 [04566-223956] FAX : 04566-228232 E-mail: SSCENGGOFF@ETH.NET PROF. R.VENKATASAMY Shree Motilal Kanhaiyalal Forma Inst. of Tech., Thaiyur Village Old Mahabalipurm Rd.. Chennai - 603 103 [04114-275621] FAX : 04114-275621 E-mail : PROF. G.S.KANDASAMI Shri Andal Alagar College of Engg. Mamandur, Chingleput - 603 111 [04115-265662 04115-265663] FAX : 04115-265666 E-mail : Website : PROF. A. THOMAS PONNUSAMY Shri Angala Amman Col of Engg.&Tech Ramanam Nagar, Siruganoor Manmachanalur Taluk, Trichy -621 105 [0431-2650335] FAX : 0431-2650334 E-mail : Website :

174 S

168 S

175 S

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176 S

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177 S

171 S

178 S

172 PROF. A. JAGADEESAN S Sengunthar Engineering College Kosavampalayam Tiruchengode - 637 206 [04288-255716] FAX : 04288-250444 E-mail:

179 S

PROF. S. ARUMUGHAM Dr. Sivanthi Aditanar Col of Engg. Trichendur Tuticorin Dist. -628 215 [04639-242482] FAX : 04639-243188 E-mail : PROF. M. RAMASWAMY Sona College of Technology Suramangalam Post, Salem - 636 005 [0427-2443545 0427-2446898] FAX : 0427-2449174 E-mail : Website : PROF. R.S. NAGARAZAN Sree Sastha Inst. of Engg. & Tech. Chembarambakkam Chennai - 602 103 [044-26810112] FAX : 044-26810122 E-mail : Website: PROF. S.K.IYER Sri Balaji Chockalingam Engg. Col. Irumbedu Village, Ami Taluk T.V. Malai Dist. -632 317 [04173-227393] FAX : 04173-227393 E-mail : PROF.A.G.SYED MOHIDEEN Sri Jayaram Engg. College Chellamgkuppam Cuddalore - 607 003 [04142-217455 04142-227455] PROF.S. SUBRAMANIAN Srikrishna College of Engg. & Tech. Sugunapuram, Kuniamuthur Post Coimbatore - 641 008 [0422-2670909 0422-2677014] FAX : 0422-2607359 E-mail : Website : PROF. P. ANANTHAKRISHNAN Sri Krishna Engineering College Pannapakkam, Serpanchery Post Kancheepuram Dist. - 601 301 [9840036177 (M)] E-mail ;

186 S

PROF.K.P.THOOYAMANI Sri Lakshmi Ammal Engg. College Thiruvanchery, Tambaram East Chennai - 600 073 [044-22290443] FAX : 044-228348776 PROF. N.D.WINNY Sri Muthukumaran Inst. of Tech. Chakkarayapuram, Nr. Mangadu Chennai - 600 069 [044-24780001] FAX : 044-24780005 E-mail : Website : PROF. T.N. RANGANATHAN Sri Nandhnan College of Engg.&Tech. Tirupathur, Vellore [04179-226292 04179-228792] PROF. H.V. RAMAKRISHNAN Shram Engineering College Perumalpathi, Tiruvallur Taluk MGR Dist. Chennai - 602 024 [04116-289364] FAX : 4116-289364 E-mail :

180 S

187 S

181 S

188 S

189 S

182 S

183 S

190 S

184 S

PROF. K. ANBUMANI Sri Ramakrishna Engg. College Vattamalaipalayam, NGGO Colony Post Coimbatore - 641 022 [0422-2460088 0422-2461588] FAX : 0422-2461089 E-mail : Website : PROF. R. NATARAJAN Sri Ramakrishna Inst. of Technology Pachapalayam, Perur Chettipalayam Coimbatore - 641 010 [0422-2605454 0422-2605757] PROF. S. KRISHNA MURTHY Sri Ramanujar Engg. College Nedunkundram, Vandalur Chennai - 600 048 [044-22751380] E-mail :

191 S

185 S

192 S

1 93 S

PROF. S. SEETHARAMAN Sri Sairam Engg. College Sai Leo Nagar, Tambaram West Chennai - 600 044 [044-22380031 044-22383377] FAX : 044-22212879 E-mail : Website : PROF.T.G. PALANIVELU Sri Sivasubramaniya Nadar College of Engg., Old Mahabalipuram Road Kalavakkam, Kancheepuram - 603 110 [04114-274844] FAX : 04114-274844 E-mail : DR. K. NEELAKANDAN Sri Subramanya Col. of Engg. & Tech Sukkamanaichenpatti Post Palani - 624 615 [04545-255132 04545-255133] FAX : 04545-256274 E-mail : Website : PROF. A. FRANKLIN JEBARAJ Sri Venkateswara Col of Engg & Tech Thirupachur, Thiruvallur Dist. - 631 203 [04116-264444] FAX : 04116-265444 E-mail : Website : PROF. S. MUTHUKKARUPPAN Sri Venkateswara College of Engg. Pennalur, Sriperumbudur -602 105 [04111-262321] FAX : 04111-262462 E-mail : Website : PROF. P. RAJAGOPAL Sri Venkateswara Inst. of Sc. & Tech Kolundhalur Thiruvallur Dist. - 631 203 [04116-266669] FAX : 04116-263675 E-mail :

199 S

PROF. P. JAYAKUMAR Srinivasa College of Engg. & Tech. Thamalbur, Navalur Post Chennai - 603 103 [04111-235528 04111-235627] E-mail : VEL SRINIVASA ©V.S.N.NET Website: WWW.VEL.SRINIVASA.COM PROF. (MRS.) S. MURUGESWARI Srinivasa Institute of Engg. & Tech Parivakkam, Chennai - 600 056 [044-26493505 044-26492525] FAX : 044-26492227 E-mail : PROF. KUMARAGURUBARAN S R R Engineering College Padur Chengalpathu Taluk Kancheepuram Dist. - 603 103 [044-24359659] FAX : 044-24343722 DR. R. ASOKAN S S M College of Engineering Komarapalayam Erode Dist. -638 183 [04288-267702 04288-264157] FAX : 04288-265705 E-mail : Website : PROF. JOLLY ABRAHAM St. Joseph's College of Engg. Jeppiaar Nagar, Old Mahabalipuram Rd Chennai - 600 119 [044-24501060 044-24501499] FAX : 044-24500861 E-mail : Website : PROF. V.MICHAEL St. Michael College of Engg & Tech St. Santiagappar Nagar, Kalyarkovil Sivaganga Dist. - 630 551 [04575-232009] FAX : 04575-232010 E-mail : Website : PROF. V.VINCENT JAY ASEELAN St. Xaviers Catholic College of Eng Chumkankadai Kanyakumari Dist. - 629 807 [04652-232560] FAX : 04652-233982

194 S

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205 S

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PROF. N.V. PUNDARIKANTHAN St. Peter's Engineering College College Road, Avadi Chennai - 600 054 [044-26558080 044-26558084] FAX : 044-26558080 E-mail : Website : PROF.S. PALANI Sudharsan Engineering College Sathiyamangalam Pudukkottai Dist. - 622 501 [04339-240830] FAX ; 04339-240205 E-mail : Website : PROF. K.V. MARTHANDAN Shri College of Engg. & Tech. Sun Nagar, Erachakulam Post Kanyakumari Dist. - 629 902 [04652-281462 FAX : 04652-281466 E-mail : Website : PROF. MOHAMMED SHAHUBUDDIN Syed Ammal Engg. College Dr. E.M. Abdullah Campus Ramanathapuram - 623 502 [04567-223240] FAX : 04567-227740 E-mail : http.// PROF. T.G.CHANDRA VADIVELU Tagore Engineering College Rathamamangalore Chennai - 600 048 [04114-277008 04114-277017] FAX : 04114-277007

212 S

PROF. R. KARI THANGARATHANAM Thangavelu Engineering College Karapakkam Chennai - 600 096 [044-24501377 044-24501045] FAX : 044-24911255 E-mail : http://www.thangavelucolieges. PROF. ELVIN CHANDRAMONIE Thanthai Periyar Govt Inst. of Tech Bagayam, Vellore - 632 002 [0416-2227762] FAX : 0416-2227498 E-mail : PROF.V.ABHAIKUMAR Thiagarajar College of Engg. Madurai -625 015 [0452-2482240] FAX : 0452-2483427 E-mail : Website : 266 ISTE HANDBOOK 2003-04 PROF. N. JAYSANKAR Thirumalai Engg. College Kilambi Krishapuram Kancheepuram Dist. - 631 551 [04112-227898] FAX : 04112-230239 E-mail : PROF. S. ARUNACHALAM S Thiruvalluvar Col. of Engg. & Tech. Ponuur Hills, Vadavanakkampadi Post Vandavai - 604 505 [04183-225986 04183-210083] FAX : 04183-226711 E-mail : Website : www.thiruvalluvar PROF. N.O.GUNASEKAR Tirunelveli Engineering College Tirunelveli - 527 007 [0462-2552450]

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211 PROF. M.VISWESWARA RAO S Tamilnadu College of Engineering Karumathampatti Coimbatore - 641 659 [0421-2332588 0421-2332544] FAX : 0421-2332244 E-mail : Website :

217 S

218 PROF. R.C. GOVINDARAJAN S T J Institute of Technology Chennai - 600 096 [044-24501408 044-24501409] FAX : 044-24911255 E-mail : Website : www.thangavelucollege.

219 S

PROF. R.M. RAMACHANDRAN Trichy Engineering College Somu Nagar, Konalai Trichy -621132 [2650266 2650540] FAX: 2763136 PROF.T.K. GOPALAKRISHNAN Udaya School of Engineering Udaya Nagar, Velamadi Junction Ammandivila PO, Kanyakumari - 629 204 [04651-239900] FAX : 04651-239903 PROF. P. SURESH MOHAN KUMAR Udayan Engineering College Chowkkanthongal Vill.,Valarpuram PO Sriperumbudur - 602 105 [04111-263868] FAX : 04651-239903 E-mail : PROF. R. JOSEPH XAVIER V L B Janakiammal Col of Engg &Tech Kovaipudur Post Coimbatore - 641 042 [0422-2608845 0422-2608846] FAX : 0422-2607359 E-mail : Website : www.vlbjcet.or PROF. P. PURUSHOTTAMA RAJ V R S College of Engg. & Tech. Arasur, Villupuram Dist. - 607 107 [04149-224253] E-mail : PROF.S.R. PARANJOTH Valliammai Engineering College S R M Nagar, Kattankulathur Kanchipuram Dist - 603 203 [04114-251498] FAX : 04114-251504 E-mail : Website : PROF. C. UDHAYA KUMAR Vel Sri Rangarajan Sakunthala College of Multimedia, Avadi-Alamathi Road Chennai - 600 062 [044-26841601] FAX : 044-26641601 E-mail : Website :

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PROF. N. ASOKAN Vel Rangarjan Sakunthala Hightech. Engg. College, Avadi-Alamathi Road Chennai - 600 062 [044-26841601] FAX : 044-26641601 E-mail : Website : ROF.P.V.B.SATHYADHAMAPATHY Vel Tech. Engineering College Avadi-Alamathi Road Chennai - 600 062 [044-26840603] FAX : 044-26840603 E-mail : Website : PROF. P.SABAPATHI Velalar College of Engg. & Tech. Thindal Post, Erode - 638 009 [0424-2430333] FAX : 0424-2431725 E-mail : Website : PROF. C.RATHANASABAPATHY Velammal Engineering College Ambattur-Redhills Rd.Velammainagar Chennai - 600 066 [044-26591860 044-26591870] FAX : 044-26591771 E-mail : Website : PROF. S.V. DILIPAN Vickram College of Engineering Srinivas Nagar, Poovanthi Madras - 630 561 [04575-236675] FAX : 0452-2339130 E-mail : PROF. M.Y. SANAVULLAH Vinayaka Mission's Kirupananda Variyar Engg. College Salem - 636 308 [0427-2477218 0427-2477920] FAX : 0427-2477919 E-mail : Website : PROF. S. OBILI S Vivekanandhaa Col of Engg. for Women, Elayampayam,Tiruchengadu Tk.

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ren. 22301513] E-mail : bharat@ind01.600 102 [044-24871993. VPM NAGAR Krishnakoil. Kancheepuram National Institute of Technology & Sc. Agharam Website : vpmmecfm. MOULY Vice Chancellor Sathyabhama Institute of Science and Technology Jeppiaar Nagar Old Mahabalipuram Road Chennai . VENKATARAMANI SRM Engineering College Kattankulathur P. Chennai .in DR. Vadakkangulam Distt.P. ING.vivekanandha.V..K.626 190 [04563-289001] FAX : 04563-289337 E-mail : vpmmecfw@yahoo. Coimbatore .nic. Annamalai University Annamalai Nagar . M.M. SHANKAR Chairman V P Muthaiah Pillai Meenakshi Ammal Engg. Science.632 007 [0416-2243091] Fax: 0416-2243092 Avinashlingam Institute for Home Science and Higher Education for Women Coimbature .vsnl.603 203 073 [044-22377125.600 119 [044-24502344] Fax: 044-24502344 E-mail: jprsatya@vsnl. Karaikudi . Virudhunagar Dt .R.608 002 [04144-238275. College Poonamallee National Highway Chennai .641 043 Vice Chancellor Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswati Viswa Mahavidyalaya Enathur. Kancheepura [04114-252270] Fax: 04114-252343 PROF.Y.Namakkal Dist.600 036 241 S 242 DS 234 S 235 S 243 DS 236 U 244 DS 237 G 245 S 238 S 246 DS 239 S 247 S .631 552 [04112-226485] Fax: 04112-223885 E-mail : scsvmv@md3. College for Women. Website : www. Slaiyur. R.623 006 [04565-222792] Fax: 04565-222088 E-mail : cecrik@asceri. Karapakkam Old Mahabalipuram Road. GANGADHARAN Indian Engineering College DR. Technology and Research Academy (SASTRA) Thirumalaisamundram Thanjavur . N.627 116 [04637-230142] Fax: 04637-230111 PROF. PADMANABHAM Amrita Institute of Technology & Shanmuga Arts. 28279645] 240 S DR.637 205 [04288-234427] FAX : 04288-234891 E-mail : vicas1@eth. 238232] Fax: 04144-238275 Central Electro Chemical Research Inst. Tirunelveli . T. VAJRAVELU Bharat Institute of Science & Technology 173.641105 [0422-2656422] Fax: 0422-2656274 E-mail : aitec@amrita.639 111 [04324-286408] FAX : 04324-286408 E-mail : 233 S SHRI PROF. UDHAYAKUMARAN V S B Engineering College Karudayampalayam Karur Website: satyabamauniv. RAMAKRISHNAN Dr. Engg. Chennai .613 402 [04362-266248] Fax: 04362-266399 Vellore institute of Technology Vellore .

Madhuranthakam Distt. Haridwar. Chengalpet . Pant University of Agriculture Pantnagar-263 145 Uttaranchal College of Technology Gurukul Kangri Vishwavidyalaya Haridwar-249 404 Uttaranchal 3 S 2 S 4 S 3 U 5 4 U . Tripura-799 055 [0361-222360] Fax: 0361-222360 2 S UTTARANCHAL 1 S Birla Institute of Applied Sciences Bhimtal.D. Coimbatore (TN) National Power Training institute Nayveli . Nainital Uttranchal College of Engineering Roorkee Hardwar Road. 2520060] Fax: 05613-2353241 bmasec@yahoo.607 803 252 Sri Andal Alagar College of Engineering S Village . Dehradun-248 001 G. PRASAD Babu Mohan Lal Arya Smarak Engineering College Agra [271203. Pant Engineering College 253 S TRIPURA 1 G Tripura Engineering College Agartala.AGARWAL Institute of Engineering & Technology Raja Balwant Singh College Bichpuri.B.631 210 (TN) P. Bell Road Clementtown. B. Pauri Garhwal-249 001 Graphic Era Institute of Technology 566/6. Kancheepuram (TN) 5 S Dehradun Institute of Technology Village Makkawala. 2776718] Fax: 0562-2776675 PROF. Elizabeth Thomas Engg. vsnl.282005 [2281224] Fax:2281226 dei@nde. Agra [271024. P. B. Bhagwantpur.A. Aimora-263 653 University Science Instrumentation Centre HNB Garhwal Universtiy Srinagar-246 174 249 S 6 G 7 S 8 G 9 U 250 S 251 S UTTAR PRADESH 1 D PROF S.M. Uttaranchal College of Technology G. Distt.K. BHAGWANTA RAO Dean Faculty of Engineering Dayaibagh Educational Institute Dayalbagh.601 204 St. Kancheepuram (TN) Maamallan Institute of Technology Mannallapuram Distt.Ponnery DR. Agra .GUPTA Anand Engg. College Village Guduvancher Taluk .B. Agra -283105 [2758616. S. 2317970] Fax: 0522-2317970 DR. Uttaranchal Kumaon Engineering College Dwarahat.248 S Deendayal Engineering College Ramanchery Village Thiruvallur Taluk . College Artoni. & Technology Agra [2817970. 0562-2266132] Fax: 05613-271027 Azad Institute of Taluk . Mary's Engineering College Thirumalayam Palayam Madukkarai Distt.

2797783] Fax: 2767352 PROF RAZAULLAH KHAN Zakir Hussain College of Engineering and Technology Aligarh. BISHT M S Director Electronics and Communication JK Institute of Applied Physics & Tech. Allahabad University Allahabad . College of Engg.SINGH B.K.202 124 [05722-255430. KAPOOR Babu Banarasidas National Institute of Technology & Management Lucknow [2815204.211002 [2608442. PALIWAL Indraprastha Engineering College Ghaziabad [4895135. L.N. H.GUPTA Academy of Business & Engg.K.2524377] 7 17 8 S 18 S 9 19 10 S 20 U 11 S 21 S 12 S 22 UP 13 S 14 S 23 GP 15 S 24 U . & Rural Technology Allahabad [2645206. 226614] Fax: 05192-227645 DR. Technology and Research Centre Bulandshahar [234116] Fax: 05734-233794 Babu Banarasidas Institute of Tech. Aligarh [05722-257260] PROF. 2440263] Fax: 0120-2440572 DR. & Tech.GOSWAMI Indian Institute of Carpet Technology Bhadohi [228404.N.2697442. 2843533] Fax: 0120-2840112 PROF. D.2702129] Shivadan Singh Institute of Technology Tehsil Iglas. PALIWAL Kali Charan Nigam Institute of Tech.. Gaddopur. 24721309] Fax: 0120-24755043 1STE HANDBOOK 2003-04 16 S PROF. 2641535] DR RAJENDRA B LAL Director Allahabad Agricultural Institute Allahabad-211007 [2697221 .K.S. 4713334] Fax: 0120-4895138 DR. Allahabad [2643811. 2700149] Babu Banarasidas Institute of Engg.O. 2641608] Fax: 2687142 Institute of Engg.P. 2600608] Fax: 2645606 DR. VARMA Ideal Institute of Technology Ghaziabad [2767351. ASLAM QADEER Aligarh College of Engineering Aligarh . & Rural Technology Meerut [0121-2440262.202002 [2400042. Ghaziabad [24754260. P. Muslim University Aligarh . L. H. 2440138] Fax: 0522-2815294 SHRI ASHOK TRIPATHI College of Engg.2696777] PROF RAM P N Institute of Engineering &Technology Rohilkhand University Bareilly -243006 [2526644. 226775] Fax: 05414-225509 Marathawada Institute of Technology Bulandshahar [238770. Banda [227584. & Research Allahabad [2686090.6 PROF. 226700] Fax: 05732-221566 PROF. Sciences Ghaziabad [2843113.N. 2642976] United College of Engg.B.

282002 [2220052:2355133] Fax: 0562-2350587 PROF.201 206 [24675091. Main Baulandshahar Road Ghaziabad .2545312] Fax: 0512-2545312 vkj@mbti. SARASWAT Director Bundelkhand Institute of Engg.206001 [254720. 2731700] Fax: 0522-2361631 dir@eitlk. 24530498] Fax: 0120-24675091 DR. & Tech. 22701144] Fax: 0120-24767384 akg@akgec. 32 GP DR (MRS. SATYA SHEEL M M M Engineering College Gorakhpur . D SARAN Director Institute of Engineering & Technology Shri Sahuji Maharaj University Kanpur . Kanpur-208002 [2214414. B. RAJNISH PRAKASH Ajay Kumar Garg Engg. Bareilly .208024 [2570636:2590232] Fax: 0512-257006 dsaran @iitk.ernet.226021 [2361692.R. & DR. of Maths & Computer Science Institute of Basic Science Agra University [2371214:2372381] 26 U 33 G 27 S 34 GP 28 S 35 U 29 GP 36 U 30 U 37 GP 31 G 38 U .R SHUKLA Ram Murti Smarak College of Engineering & Technology.2571077] Fax: 0512-2570247 nsi-kan @lwl. Jhansi-284001 [2320349. Ambedkar College of Agri.akgec.) ANITA NISHKAM Director Government Central Textile Institute Sutaraganj.N. R. College Delhi-Hapur Bypass Road Ghaziabad-201 009 [22767385. K.C. Kanpur Shri J. Aggarwal College of Arts & Crafts Faculty of Fine Arts Lucknow UniversityTagore Marg Lucknow .vsnl. Kanpur-208001 [2530199. 254519] Fax: 05688-254720 REAR ADMIRAL (DR.2320266] Fax: 0517-2320321 DR R B GUPTA Dean Baba Saheb Dr. Agra .208017 [2570730.2532024] Fax: 0512-2530199 gcti@vsnl. D. V. Etawah .in DR.273010 [273958.SINGH Director National Sugar institute Kelyanpur. KHARE Director Institute of Engineering and Technology Lucknow . Engg. SRIVASTAVA Prasad Institute of Technology Jaunpur-222001 [05422-266688] Fax: 05422-265353 273637] Fax: 0551-273958 PROF.2455471] Fax: 0581-2822330 srms cet@hotmail.243001 [2822246.) AJAY SHARMA Krishna Institute of Engineering & PROF SHARMA G C Chairman Deptt.25 S DR DR VIRENDRA KUMAR JAIN Director Harcourt ButierTechnological Institute Nawabganj.

CHAKRABARTI Director DR.IQBAL Director Institute of Integral Technology Dasauli. Meerut . College Kanpur [2582007.integraltech.K.) DR. DUBEY College of Engg.S.SINHA College of Engineering & Technology Greater Noida -210 306 [2320060. & Management Mathura [241487. R. Moradabad [2360903. 2317970] Fax: 0522-2202778 suremadh @wl. SINGH Maharana Pratap Engg.M. Bagpat Road.vsnl. Academy of Technical Education C-20/1.P. R.NOMANI Azad Institute of Engg.A. 2520060] Fax: 0562-2353241 Faculty of Engineering Ch. R.M. 2644497] Fax:0121-2649606 47 S DR.A.S.A.vsnl.A. S. Behind Burlington Hotel Lucknow-226001 [2317896. SAXENA Moradabad Institute of Technology Moradabad [ Noida-201301 [2400098: 2400115] Fax:0120-2400097 www. JAGDEESH Director J.S.K. K.B.C. Lucknow .OGRA Institute of Technology & Management Gorakhpur [2701916. Sector-62. Noida (U.L. College of Engineering & echnology Mathura .281004 [ DR.JAIN Institute of Management Studies & Engineering College Ghaziabad [2701560. Kursi Road. 2446949] Fax: 05662-2730263 IIMT Engineering College Meerut [2642006.250004 PROF.39 S PROF. Mathura -281 122 (U. Institute of Tech. & Technology Lodhipur Rajput. DUBEY Institute of Foreign Trade & Management Moradabad [2360903.Charan Singh University Meerut . RANIDRA KUMAR Director S Meerut Institute of Engineering & Tech. 2243400] Fax: 2582019 PROF.R. 2423622] Fax: 0565-2460983 bsacet@nde. 2455417] 48 S 40 S 49 S 41 S 50 S 42 U 51 S 43 52 S 44 S 53 S 45 S 54 S 46 S 55 S [2763366.M. & Tech.226026 [2890812. 2890805] Fax: 0522-2890809 director_exe@integraltech. 2255902] Fax: 0551-2701544 DR. 2351560] Fax: 0591-2360818 PROF. V. 2351560] Fax: 0591-2360818 G. 2534280] Fax: 0121-2665700 PROF. 2901580] Fax: 0120-2769235 Maharishi Institute of Technology Maharishi Nagar Noida-dadri Road.L MISRI Hindustan College of Science & Technology Farah.250002 [2533441. P. 2350793] Fax: 0591-2352207 DR.

201204 [223842.TYAGI IEC College of Engineering & Tech. R. 2401500] Fax: 0121-2440310 65 PROF.K.C. 266340] [01396-243567. 243393] Fax: 01232-222111 PROF.P.BASSI Galgotia College of Engg.ARORA Agra Public Institute of Technology & Computer Education Agra [2642347.S. 243568] Fax: 01342-264775 PROF.56 S PROF.C. J.OHRI Shobhit institute of Engg. P. Muzaffarnagar-251001 [2660080. Greater Noida [2326873.GEN. R.K. S. SAXENA Radha Govind Engineering College Meerut [2760396.L. 2865722] PROF. 2354181] Fax: 0562-2372367 PROF P.K.S. & Management Lucknow [2237306] Fax: 2236455 MAJ. 2574092] DR. A.J. H. 2431757] Fax: 0120-2320063 SHRI DARSHAN M. 2458540] Fax: 0120-2320075 PROF. CHOKEDA Nandani Nagar Mahavidyalaya Gonda [05260-274489] DR. CHAUHAN S.B.GEN. KUMAR Muzaffernagar Engineering College Muzaffernagar [2606943. 2606943] Fax:0131-26611313 PROF. KOHLI Bhagwant Institute of Technology Muzaffamnagar [01342-265410.College of Engineering &Tech. 2352327] Fax: 0591-2352207 DR. BHUTANI Greater Noida Institute of Technology Noida . RAGHUVIR SINGH Shobhit Institute of Engg.GARG Noida Institute of Engineering & Tech.N.SAXENA Moradabad Institute of Technology Near Railway Station Moradabad .244 001 [0591-2352412. Greater Noida [26295019] DR. Meerut [2573090. 2326742] Fax: 0120-2326653 DR. Saharnpur [0133-233300] PROF.K. M. 2432893] Fax: 0131-2489839 LT. MEHROTRA S Sri Ram Swaroop Memorial College 57 S 66 S 58 S 67 S 59 S 68 S 60 S 69 S 61 S 70 S 62 S 71 S 63 S 72 S 73 S 64 S 74 S 75 . 2603084] Fax: 0121-2765023 DR. & Tech. P.D. & Tech. 2401323] Fax: 0120-2587899 DR. VASISHTHA Bharat Institute of Technology Meerut [2440308. SRIVASTAVA Northern India Engineering College Lucknow [2815021.O. A. & Tech. Greater Noida [2320132.201 306 [2320210.C.K. GUPTA Director Dr K N Modi Instt of Engg &Technology Modinagar .M.B. 2276977] Saroj Institute of Tech.M. SHARMA Sachdeva Institute of Technology Mathura [0565-2763042.V.P.P. PATIL Mahatama Gandhi Mission College of Engineering & Technology Noida [2587798.

C.700032 [24735508. GUPTA Priyadarshini College of Computer Science B-15. Varanasi -221005 PROF. VENKATASUBRAMANIAN College of Science & Engineering Jhansi [0517-2707272. 26410921] Fax: 0120-2421390 bccs@ndb.24721237] Fax: 033-2413-7121 81 S 82 S 3 G 83 U 4 UP .H.700015 [22442740] DR NARAYAN BANERJEE College of Ceramic Technology 73 A. AGARWAL Veera Engineering College Bijnore [263833.221005 [2310835] Department of Applied Arts B.of Engineering & Management Lucknow [2815015.L.K. NAIK Director P Kamia Nehru Institute of Tech.221005 [2307003.WADHWA Vishvesvaraya Institute of Engineering & Technology Dadri.K. 222371] Fax: 05362-222454 85 UP Director Institute of Technology Banaras Hindu University Varanasi . 2730091] SHRI S. Banerjee Lane Kolkata . Sultanpur . 4230820] Fax: 2320207 Sagar Institute of Technology & Management Barabanki [220001. Kolkata .net.228118 [223238. 264723] Fax: 01342-260367 Rajkumar Goel Institute of Technology Ghaziabad [0120-24723866. 2870805] Fax: 0522-2315014 76 S DR.247001 [2727354. SANWAL Shri Rammurty Smarak College of Engineering & Technology Bareilly [2582246. Birbhum-731 I 01 DR BHOWMICK H College of Leather Technology Canal South Road.U. V. KAUL Skyline Institute of Engg. 24791000] PROF.S. P.C. RADHEY S. 2426733] Fax: 2582330 PROF. Noida-201301 (U.) [2320350. 2759377] DR BANSAL M C Institute of PaperTechnology Saharanpur . & Tech. Noida [0120-24662173. 2308014] Fax: 2368428 PROF LALL P B Head of Deptt Faculty of Visual Arts Banaras Hindu University Varanasi . B. 011-24710690] DR. & 77 S 86 UP 78 S 87 U 88 S 79 S 80 S WEST BENGAL 1 S 2 G Birbhun Institute of Engg.vsnt.B. Greater Noida [2320206. Sector-5.700010 [23501264] Fax: 033-23501264 Dean Jadavpur University Kolkata .2727215] Fax: 0 1 32-727354 84 PROF K..K.P.

: Debhog Haidia.700091 DR.5 UP PROF P K DAS PODDAR Head of Deptt Department of Chemical Engineering Calcutta University. Salt Lake Sector V.700009 [23508386.700009 [23508386.P. Kolkata . Road Kolkata . Kolkata . Kolkata . SDF DR MAJUMDAR A K Instt.O. 2355-3075] Fax: 033-23519755 subhansu@culml.700009 [23509115. Kolkata .in PROF SUBHANSU BANDYOPADHYAY Head Deptt of Computer Science & Engineering University College of Technology. of Poiymer Science & Technology College of Technology Calcutta SHRI S. VIP Road Kolkata-700052 DR CHAKRABARTI S Faculty Council for PG.275244] Fax: 03224-252800 hitechl@dte.C.700019 [24750996:24661399] 033-24750996 12 S B. 137. Studies in Sc. Botanic Garden.2465847] PROF PRADIP KUMAR SAHA Head of Deptt Institute of Radio Physics and Electronics University Of Calcutta 92 A P C DR S K SETH College of Textile Technology Serampore. Kolkata . -721567 [252900.&Agril.O.23510918] SHRI BIMAN BIHARI DAS Govt College of Arts and Crafts 28 Jawharlal Nehru Road Kolkata . 92. Garia.vsnl. Poddar<mailto:vc@becs.Poddar Institute of Management &Tech. Hooghly Distt-712201 [> Bankura Unnayani Institute of Kolkata . Kolkata . & Research Institute Engg.of Jute Technology Kolkata . Tech. Bankura-722146 Netaji Subhash College of Engg &Tech. 23434522] Fax: 033-23515828 inraphel@cucc.700016 [22492027] Fax:22494722 Institute of Engg. Taratala Road.24014307] Fax: (033) 24014333 director® merical. 26521626] Vice Chancellor Bengal Enginering College (Deemed University) P.700009 [ & Vete Sc. & Management 120. Madnaproe Distt. College Asansol-713404 6 UP 13 UP 14 G 7 UP 15 S 8 UP 16 S 9 UP 17 GP 18 DP 10 G 19 S 20 S 21 S 11 A . Howrah-711103 [26684561] Fax: 033-26682916 vc@becs.700009 [23508386] Fax: 033-23519755 PROF SUBHANSU BANDYOPADHYAY Head of Deptt Department of Applied Physics University of Calcutta 92 A P C Road.ernet. Calcutta University 92 A P C Road.23553075] Fax: 33-23519755 PROF PREMAMOY GHOSH Head of Deptt Deptt. MUKHOPADHAYA Director Marine Engg.700009 [ Kolkata Asansol Engg. A. SRDEB Director Haldia Institute of Technology city centre. Kalyani. P.700088 [2401473.

Howrah-711204 DR S S CHATTERGEE Government Engineering College Jalpaiguri .org 31 S PROF. Mouza Ramna Etbar Nagar. P. & Technology Mursidabad.bcrec. Darjeeling PROF. Vidyan Chandar. 271354] www. Sheet 1 Ward No.S. Amira. Mohanpur .ernet. Of Engg. Roy Engineering College Government Engineering College Kalyani.wb. 108. 327 Katin No. Kolkata Ambagan.multiplegroup. B. & Mgmt. & Mgmt.742 303 Durgapur Inst. P. P.741235 Mallabhum Inst. PO Cossimbazar Rai Distt.735102 [222751. G. 24 Parganas Kolkata Haritage Institute of Technology 994. KTPPTownship-722171 [250971. Kolkata Dr. Roy Engineering College Lokenath Bhawan Ambagan. Jingha. Viswa Bharti University Shantiniketan . Phase III Kalyani . of Engg. & Tech. Ward No. Bhiringee Durgapur . Dabgran Siliguri. 24 Parganas Gopalpur Megnad Saha Inst of Technology Madwdaha Dag No. Lilluah. Kolkata Institute of Technology & Marine Engg. Murshidabad West Bengal-742102 [251191] Siliguri Institute of SHRI ASOK KUMAR BANERJEE College of Textile Technology P. Kolaghat. P. Baukura.250881] Fax: 03228-250880 DR ARUN KUMAR GHOSH Murshidabad College of Engg.741 252 Future Inst. Sought 24 Parganas JIS College of Engineering Block A. Durgapur . BHUNIA Director Bengal School for Advance Studies in Technology & Research Santiniketan. Murshidabad-742101 [250142:258184] PROF JOGEN CHOWDHURY Kala Bhavan.C. 108 West Bengal . 25820033] Fax: 033-25826680 panijat@kuese. Vill.vsnl. Nadia-741235 [25821309. Diamond Harbour. C. Gosainpur Dist. Donanda-731236 [03463-271353. 12.C. No. DEBNATH Dr.O.O. Sonarpur Station Road Kamalgazi.C.O. of Technology Braja Radhs Nagar P. B. 95-96 www. Basantapur Mursidabad .O.nic.713 213 Dumkul Instt.222664] Fax: 03561-222751 PROF DAS J K College of Engg & Management.T.22 S 23 G MCKV Institute of Bengal Institute of Technology Bamanhata.700 039 32 S 33 S 24 G 25 G 34 S 35 S 36 S 37 S 26 UP 27 S 38 S 39 28 A 40 S 41 S 29 S 30 S 42 S . Dist. Fuljhore Durgapur-713206 [0343-22501353] dgp_bcrec@sancharnet. of Advanced Tech.731235 [2527516] Fax:03463-252672 root@vibharat.713 213 Faculty of Agricultural Engg.Berhampore. Distt. Mouza Madurdha Chowdhaga Rd.

Nadia -741252 44 G 45 S 46 S 47 S 48 S 49 S 50 U 51 U 52 U . Nadia-741235 West Bengal University of Animal & Fishery Science Faculty of Dairy Technology Mohanpur.C. of Technology 81. Durgapur R.700 091 Techno India Institute of Technology Monga Dhelua Ward No. Kolkata University Institute of Technology Burdwan. Diamond Harbour Road Calcutta . Thomas College of Engineering 4. West Bengal .O. of Information Technology College of Leater Tech. Old Campus Canal South Road. Salt Lake Kolkata . Rajbati Burdwan University Burdwan . EM-4/1 Sector-V. Beliaghata Calcutta.713104 University of Kalyani Dist. of Technology University of Technology West Bengal St.700 015 Salt Lake Inst.C. 29. P.43 S Narula Inst.700 058 National Power Training Institute Michael Faraday Street City Centre.700 023 Techno India Institute of Technology Plot No. Niljunj Road Belghoria. Krishi Vishwavidyalaya Dist. Inst.

800 005 4. Murthal Dist. Chandigarh .452 010 Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology Bhopal .S. U JHARKHAND 1. S 3.D. Bicholi Mardana.160 012 5 S DELHI 1. Pocket-2 Vasant Kunj New Delhi .110 029 Faculty of Architecture Jamia Millia Islamia Jamia Nagar New Delhi-110 025 6.110 002 TVB School of Habitat Studies Sector . G School of Planning & Architecture 4. U 4. Kalabhavan Vadodara . Marg. Block-B. Ranchi GUJARAT MADHYA PRADESH 1. Secular House. Road.177 005 4. M. G School of Architecture Centre for Environmental Planning & Technology (CEPT) University Road Navrangpura. S 2. New Delhi .110 070 Vastu Kala Academy School of Architecture & Interior Designing.C.51. Estate.462 007 Madhav Institute of Technology & Sc.390 001 1. State College of Engineering.N.B. S Sushant School of Art & Architecture Sector . of Environmental Design D. A Birla Institute of Technology Mesra.474 005 2. S Institute of Environmental Planning & Tech.395 001 Faculty of Technology & Engg. Patel School of Architecture Vallabh Vidya Nagar Gujarat. Gwalior . Gurgaon . S Bhaikaka Centre For Human Settlements Inst. Sardar Vallabh Patel College of Architecture Vasad (Gujarat) Vyacasayi Vidya Pratishthan's School of Architecture Rajkot CHANDIGARH 1.55. Badia Kima. lndore-452 010 IPS Academy-School of Architecture Rajendra Nagar.122 003 C. University of Baroda Post Box No. S HARYANA 1. 34. New Delhi .131 039 2. Indore . Sonepat. A.380 009 Sarvajanik Education Society's College of Architecture J. Ahmedabad . LP. A . G Bihar College of Engineering Patna. Surat . 9/1. Aruna Asaf Ali Marg.LIST OF DEGREE LEVEL INSTITUTES-RCHITECTURE BIHAR 1. G 3.R. S 3 S 2. G Chandigarh College of Architecture. Institutional Area. G HIMACHAL PARDESH 1 G National Institute of Technology Hamirpur .

Aurangabad . & Tech.S. S 10. Akola-444 001 D.S. Nagpur (M. Mumbai . 10.422 002 N. CIDCO. S 22.P. Dhule . PatN College of Architecture C/O Dnyan Pushpa Vidyaniketan. S 14.425 412 2.411 052 Mahatma Education Society's Pillai's College of Architecture Plot No.Y.D. Deccan Gymkhana Pune-411 011 N. Kasaba Bhavada. S 11. Sadashiv Peth Tilak Road. S 18. & Technology Gondia-441 614. C. C.P.441 106 Dist. Nagar.K.Y. Institute of Architecture and Environmental Studies Vidyanidhi Marg Juhu Scheme. Station).S. K.400 032 12. Mumbai . Auranagabad .V.S.B. Raigad (M. 2 New Panvel .400 614 G. Samaj's College of Architecture Shivaji Nagar.400 051 M. S 4. S B. S College of Architecture Opp. Patil College of Architecture At Akurdi {Near Akurdi Rly. Sector.411 035 . S 8.440 010 15.V's College of Architecture Nandurbar.400 614 Bharati Vidyapeeth's College of Architecture Katraj-Dhankavadi. Pune -411 001 M. Late Bhausaheb Hiray S. College of Architecture 2043. D. Mandal's Marathwada Institute of Technoloy Post Box No.Society's Allana College of Architecture 2390-B.M. Ramtek . Camp. Shree Krishanchand Marg. Pradhikaran. Mumbai . D. Raheja School of Architecture St. Pune . Bnanuben Nanavati College of Architecture For Women.T.431 005 Indian Education Society's College of Architecture.D. Shankar Nagar. Kherwadi Police Station Bandra (E).S. Opp.16 Podi No. Latur Kamaia Raheja V. Bandra-West.. Opp. S 7.410 206 Distt. Leelavati Hospital. Navi Mumbai . & Technology Near Shivaji Park.MAHARASHTRA 1.E. Plot No 791. S 5 S 17. Bandra (W). Pune . Pune-411 043 College of Engg. S 20. 327.400 706 Bharati Vidyapeeth's College of Architecture Sector-8. S 13. Martins Road. Mumbai 400 050 Jawaharlal Nehru Engineering College N-6. Institute of Engg. K. Maharshi K. Karvenagar. S 21. Nagpur . Patil College of Engg. Hidayatullah Road. S Kavikulguru Institute of Technology & Science. S 6. Konkan Bhawan. Navi Mumbai .400 050 Lady Amritbai Daga College for Women Seminary Hills.D.B.S.B. Kolhapur-416 008 Dr. S 3.K. S Padmashree Dr.431 003 Jayakranti Shikshan Prasarak Mandal's Shivaji Architecture College Nagge Nagar. Gangapur Road Nashik . S 16. Stree Shikshan Samstha Dr. S 19. Sector-IV.) L.P. Distt. Navi Mumbai .) Marathwada Mitra Mandai's College of Architecture S 302-A.C.Y. S 23. 9.

753 012 College of Engg.635 125 Avinashilingam Institute for Home Science & Higher Education for Women. Nagpur . S 2. Mitaj Road.No. Solapur .302 017 Aayojan School of Architeture ISI-4.143 005 Giani Zail Singh College of Engg & Tech. Dabwali Road Bhatinda . M.) Sinhgad College of Architecture S. S Adhiyamman College of Engineering Dr. : Shrirampur. Agaram Road.D. Selayur.43 Bharath Institute of Science & Technology 173. & Technology Orissa University of Agriculture & Technology. Bhubaneswar .S. S 3. Patil Trust's College of Architecture South Shivajinagar. Mumbai . S 30. U 34. S TAMIL NADU 1. Rizvi Education Complex. G Malviya National Institute of Technology Jawahar Lal Nehru Marg Jaipur. A 33. Kolgiri Nagar Airport Road (Hotgi Road) Majerwadi.400 001 Visveshwaraya National Institute of Technology Nagpur. Prabhadevi. 44/1.440 016 Rachna Sansad Academy of Architecture 278.400 050 Shri Prince Shivaji Maratha Boarding House's College of Architecture. S 3. U 26.I. S . Faculty of Architecture (Deemed University) Coimbatore . Cuttack . Off Sinhgad Road.151 001 27.24. U 31. Off Center Road. S 2. Mumbai . S 2. 1061-A. Shivaji Peth Kolhapur-416 012 Shri Siddeshhwar Shikshan Mandal's College of Architecture 283/3b. Fort. Sangli-416 416 (M. Hingna Road. College of Architecture 78/3.N.C. Institutional Block RIICO Industrial Area Sitapur. Shankar Ghanekar Marg. MGR Nagar Hosur. G 28.440 011 Vivekanand Institute of Technology's Padmabhushan Dr. Chennai .413 225 Shri V.. S Piloo Modi College of Architecture Behind Govt.751 003 25. Dr D.J.400 025 Rizvi Education Society's Rizvi College of Architecture. Goner Road Jaipur Dept. Pune-411 041 Sir J. Sherly Rajan.600 073 32.B. U Faculty of Architecture Guru Nanak Dev University Amritsar. Mumbai . of Architecture Faculty of Engineering Jai Narayan Vyas University Jodhpur 29. Tal. S PUNJAB 1. Ahmednagar .413 736 Priyadarshini College of Engineering & Architecture Electronic Zone. S RAJASTHAN 1. Bus Stand Badambadi. Road. S Pravara Rural College of Architecture At Post: Loni. Vadgaon (Budruk). G 2. Vasantdada Patil College of Architecture 1359. Shukrawar Peth Pune-411 002 ORISSA 1.

O.202 002 Govt.226 007 2. Chennai . College of Architecture Tagore Marg.G. S 6.600 025 Thiagarajar College of Engineering Madurai . Surajpurkasna Road.R. Tamil Nadu 4. U 3. Nagar Kattanakulathur Kancheepuram Distt. Institutional Area.600 119 School of Architecture & Planning Anna University Sardar Patel Road. Vallam .600 014 Mohamed Sathak Engineering College Kilakarai . Old Mahabalipuram Road Chennai . S Dr. P. NEHRU LAL Director Apeejay Institute of Technology School of Architecture & Planning Website: agnd.201 306 0120-2326509. & Tech Aligarh Muslim University Aligarh . .P.613 403 Regional Engineering College Tiruchirapalli . S 6. GP School of Architecture Jadavpur University. Kolkata Bengal Engineering College Howrah Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur 10. S 12.623806 Tamil Nadu Periyar Maniammal College of Technology for Women. UTTAR PRADESH 1. S 5. U 3. S Babu Banarasidas National Institute of Techitecture and Management Sector -1 . S Institute of Integral Technology Dasauli. Periyar Nagar.ndf@com.gnvp@apj.625 015. Measi Academy of Architecture Chennai . Engineering College NH-4. S WEST BENGAL 9. Akhilesh Das Nagar Chinhat. Ghaziabad PROF. U 2. Greater Noida U. S 7. .in 5. G 1. Lucknow . S 11. 1 Old Mahabalipuram Road Padur (Via) Kelambakkam Kancheepuram Distt. M. A. G .R. Poonamallee High Road Maduravoyal Tamil Nadu Hindustan College of Engineering.M Engineering College S. S 8. Box No.R.M. Lucknow National School of Arch & Planning Village Shahpur.4.603 203 Sathyabhama Engineering College Jappiaar Nagar. 2326022 Fax: 0120-2326017 E-mail: asap. U 13.620 015 Tamil Nadu S. Bamheta. Post Bas-Hakusi Road Lucknow Zakir Hussain College of Engg.

Phmchayat. Bapatla College of Pharmacy S Bapatla-522 101. S . S 10. V. Hyderabad Road. Pulla Reddy College of Phamacy Mehadipatnam. U 4. Guntur Distt. Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences Junior College. Islamia Grounds Warangal-500 007 Malineni Lakshmaiah College of Pharmacy Kanumalla Village. Guntur 522 002 L. Anantapur Rural-515721. Kandukur. Koritepadu Village.Chiggedu Cross. S 8. Nalanda College of Pharmacy Opp. S 6. S 12.S. of Pharmaceutical Education & Research Saigram. V & P. Kadin Road. Prakasam Dist.T. Samuel George Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences George Enclave. Cuddapah Mandal Andhra Pradesh Raghavendra Inst. Revenue Mandal. Nalgonda-508 001 Nirmala College Of Pharmacy College Putlampalli. Ranga Reddy Dist. Singarayakonda Mandal. Hyderabad-500 028 Hindu College of Pharmacy Perm:Survey No. S 11.LIST OF DEGREE LEVEL INSTITUTES-PHARMACY ANDHRA PRADESH 1. S Bharat Institute of Technology Perm:l_emoor Village.O. S 7. S 9. Visakhapatnam 530003 Deccan School of Pharmacy Kanchanbagh. Kandukum. S 5. 170/1. Colony. Zafargarh Hyderabad 500 058 Dr. College of Engineering Andhra University Waltair. Markapur Andhra Pradesh G. 3. 2. Amaravathi Road.

S 26. U . S 3. Banjara Hills. U Jamia Hamdard New Delhi. S Deptt. College of Pharmacy. Chandigarh 20. S BIHAR 1. Andhra Pradesh-505476 Sarojini Naidu Vanitha Maha Vidyalaya Exhibition Grounds Mukkaramjahi Road Hyderabad-500 001 Shadan College of Pharmacy Peerancheru. 25. Sherlingampalli Mandal. S 28. Hyderabad Shri Vishnu College of Pharmacy Vishnupur. Hyderabad-500 008 Shadan Women's College of Pharmacy Peerancheru. S S. Warangal .506 001 Sultan-ul-Uloom College of Pharmacy Road No. S 22. Pharmacy 4/9.26. Pinnamaneni Poly Clinic Road Siddhartha Nagar Vijayawada .786 010 16. Chhatisgarh 23 S 2. U Department of Pharmaceutical Science Dibrugarh University. S DELHI 1. Tiruchanur Tirupati.13. S ASSAM 1. of Pharmaceutical Sciences Punjab University.No. S CHHATISGARH 1. Himayatsagar Road. G Pushap Vihar. Bhimavaram-534 202 Siddhartha College of Pharmaceutical Sc. S 21. Chittoor Distt. S 17. Brindivan Gardens. College of Pharmaceutical Sciences Valbhpur Village. St. Seshadrinagar Shasabgutta. U 2. Warangal-506009 27. Sri Venkateswara College Of Pharmacy S. Elkathurithi Mandal Karimnagar Distt.R. Guntur-6 14.3. Bihar Muzaffarpur Institute of Technology Muzaffarpur 19 S CHANDIGARH 1. Dibrugarh. Peter's Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences Hanamkonda. Viswa Bharati College of Pharmaceutical Sciences IIIrd Line.R. Sarojini Ramulamma College of Pharmacy Christianpally. Hanamkonda-506 001 Warangal Distt. 86 (Part) Madhapur Village.110017 2. S 15. yderabad-500 034 University College of Pharmaceutical Sciences Kakatiya Univ.520 010 Smt. U 24. Ravishankar Shukla University Raipur. S 18.Nagarajpet Cuddapah 516 001 Sri Padmavathi Mahila Visvavidyalam Tirupathi 517 502 Sri Padmavati School of Pharmacy Mohan Gardens. S 2.495 009 Chhatisgarh Institute of Pharmacy Pt. Mahabubnagar Sri P Rami Reddy Memorial College of B. Chandigarh Shri Guru Gobind Singh College of Pharmacy Sector . R. S Bihar College of Pharmacy Patna. U Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences Guru Ghasidas University Bilaspur . New Delhi . Reddy Dstt. Bihar. S Vaagdevi College of Pharmacy PernrUrus. Patliputra College of Pharmacy Patna .

Rohtak. of Pharmcay. Vapi. Vallabh Vidya Nagar B. S GOA 1. Pipaliya. Shri Ramakrishana Seva Mandal's Anand College of Pharmacy.380 001 Sardar Vidya Bhavan Trust's Shri S. Rofel Campus.3.391 760. Shah Pharmacy College. Haryana. Haryana Department of Pharma.R. P. Panaji.: Vadodara . S 7. S A. U Faculty of Technology & Engineering M. Bardoli Pradesh Kelvani Mandal's Institute of Pharmaceutical Education & Research At Post Tajpore. & Research Nagalpur Road Highway Mehsana .S. Pharmacy College Polytech Campus.110 070.384 002 Sarva Vidyalaya Kelavani Mandal's The Kalapur Co-operative Bank Pharmacy College. Goa-403 001. G 10. Rotary Foundation for Education & Learning Rofel College of Pharmacy. S 5. Maharaja Surajmal Institute C-4. of Degree Pharmacy Kala Bhavan Baroda . S 12.K. Haryana Rajendra Institute of Tech & Science Near Petrol Pump. U 6. S . Patel Coi. Gohana Road. : Mehsana-384 001. Vasant Kunj. Post Bardoli. Modasa . Haryana Hindu College of Pharmacy.I. Univ. Gujarat. Sirsa-125055. S 7. Sector-23. Near Arvin Baug. S HARYANA 1. Dist. of Pharmaceutical Edu. S GUJRAT 1.382 023. Janak Puri. Haryana Guru Gobind Singh College of Pharmacy Yamuna Nagar. Dist. Modi Govt. Anand. Tal. : Waghodia.& Research Himatnagar 4. Lord Shiva Charitable Trust Near Civil Hospital Sirsa . Box No. S 2. U 6. of Pharm Science & Research Asthal Bohar. S 4. U Department of Pharmacy Guru Jambeshwar University Hisar. Gandhi Higher Education Society's B. :Surat-394 601 M. S 5. Dist.h. Col. Hisar Road. S Aditya College of Pharmacy & Science.380 009 13. Shri Sarvajanik Kelvani Mandal's Shri Sarvajanik College of Pharmacy. 11.M.K. Rajkot-360 003 L.: Valsad-396 191. 8. of Baroda Dept.383 315. Dist. College Of Pharmacy Navarangpura Ahmedabad . 4. Himatanagar College of Phar. Near Town Hall. University Rohtak. Sanskar Kelavani Trust's College of Pharmcay. S 3. S 9.O. Patel Inst.125 055. Haryana. S 2. 107/9. Gandhinagar . of Pharm & G.M. Sonepat Shri Baba Mast Nath Inst. New Delhi. New Delhi . Kishan Garh. Sciences M.67. G 3. Edu. S Goa College of Pharmacy 18th June Road.D.

S 7. S 21. S 26.Bijapur-586 103 CNK Reddy Inst of Pharmacy Double Road. A Birla Institute of Technology Mesra. Bangalore-560 058 Al-Ameen College of Pharmacy Bangalore Bapuji Pharmacy College Davanagere Basaveshwar College of Pharmacy Bagalkot Bharathi College of Pharmacy Bharathi Nagara (K. S 11. I Stage. S 19. S 8. G 15. S 32.M. Mandya District.F. A 17. S 18.E. S 20. S 33. Police Parade Ground. Bangalore-560 040 R. A 6. lndiranagar. Belgaum-16 Millind College of Pharmacy Bangalore-560 086 MMU College of Pharmacy K K Doddi Ramanagaram-571 511 Mohammadi College of Pharmacy Gulbarga Ramaiah College of Pharmacy Bangalore-560 054 N. JSS College of Pharmacy Mysore-570 015 Karnataka B.M. S 14.. 100 Ft Road. . S 10.JHARKHAND 1. Ranchi . Doddi). S 23. S 5. Pin 571 422 BLDEA'S College of Pharmacy Ashram Road. S NGSM College of Pharmacy Deralakette (Karnataka) Acharya & B.S's Noorie College of Pharmacy K.Kolar Naragund College of Pharmacy S II Main. S 29. Bangalore-560 034 Luqman College of Pharmacy Gulbarga-585 102 Maratha Mandal's College of Pharm Opp. Reddy College of Pharm I Cross.Bangalore Dr Hit Gowda College of Pharmacy Bangalore Dr Tma Pai Society's College of Pharmacy Sciences Manipal Dyanand Sagar College of Pharmacy Bangalore-560 078 Forooquia College of Pharmacy Mysore Gautham College of Pharmacy Bangalore-560 032 Govt College of Pharmacy Bangalore-560 027 HKE Society College of Pharm Gulbarga-585 105 3. S 22. Banashankari. S 27. S 2. Pharm College Bidar-585 403 KLE's College of Pharmacy Bangalore-560 010 KLE's College of Pharmacy Belgaum KLE's College of Pharmacy Vidyanagar.M. S 4. S 12. S 9.835 215 16. S 28. S 24. Hubli-580 031 Krupanidhi College Of Pharmacy Koramangala. College of Pharmacy S Gulbarga KARNATAKA 1. B. Bangalore-560 085 National College of Pharmacy Shimoga NET College of Pharmacy Raichur PES College of Pharmacy 1st Stage.G. Peenya Industrial Estate. S 25. S 13. A 30.S. S 31.III Stage.K.

S 44. Bangalore-560 055 VT College of Pharmacy Raichur 35. Road. Johns College of Pharmacy Vijayanagar. S 43. Tumkur-572 102 St. II Stage. Bidar . Rajkumar Road.34. Sri KV College of Pharmacy Chickbailapur. S 39. Puram College of Pharmacy Bangalore Vivekananda College of Pharmacy Dr. Sri Adichunchana College of Pharm Channarayapatnam. S 41. 42. Bangalore The Oxford College of Pharmacy J. S 38. S 45. S 47.R. Devanahalli-562 110 S J M M College of Pharmacy Chitradurga SCS College of Pharmacy Harapanahalli SETS College of Pharmacy Vidyagiri. Gulbarga-585 102 Rural College of Phramacy. Kotar-562 101 Sri Siddaganga College of Pharmacy B. Dharwad-580 004 Sree Vet College of Pharmacy Humnabad. Nagar. S 48. S 36.585 402 Rajiv's Memorial Educational Society's College of Pharmacy.P. S 37. Rajajinagar.Old Jewargi Rd.K. Bangalore TVM College of Pharmacy Gandhinagar.H.V. S R. S 46. S 49. Samithi's College of Pharmacy Naubad. S 40. Beliary V. S .Bidar. Balajinagar .

Bhel.673 008 College of Pharmacy Malik Deenar Charitable Hospital. College of Pharmacy C/O Jawahar Lal Nehru College. Industrial Area. S 11. Rajinder Nagar. Mandasour. Raisen. S 3. S 6. Khargone. U 15. S 16. Kasargod (Kerala) Grace College of Pharmacy Athalur. M. Perintalmanna-679 325. Berela Jabalpur. 129 Sector 'A'. . Madhey Pradesh 2. Dist.462 021 Guru Ram Khalsa Institute of Science & Anand Nagar.678 004 National College of Pharmacy Mokkm Via. Distt. S Al Shifa College of Pharmacy Kizhattur Village. S 5. Kodunthirappuly Palakkad .P. Bhopal .462 046 institute of Pharmacy Jiwaji University. Madhya Pradesh Jawaharlal Institute of Technology Soot Mills Prisar. U 12. S 13. S 10.P. S .R. Kotayam-686560 7 S College of Pharmacy.N. S 4.458 001 RKDF Institute of Science & Tech.: Mandsaur Madhya Pradesh G. Shri RMS Institute of Science & Technology Village Nimthure Th : Bhanpura Dist. Thiruvananthapuram-695011 College of Pharmaceutical Sciences Medical College Campus Kozhikode . Bhel Bhopal . Mandideep.P.462 021 Madhya Pradesh Guru Ram Khalsa Institute of Science & Technology (Pharmacy) Village Kukrikheda. Indore. G 8. S 17. S 5. Academy. S B. Madhya Pradesh School of Pharmacy Devi Ahilya Vishwavidalaya.P. Taskhshila Campus Khandwa Road.G. Nagar Bhopal . lndore-452001 Smriti College of Pharmaceutical Education Village Badiya Kima.S. Indore. Campus. M. I. Bhind-477445.Manassery Koznikode-673 602 School of Medical Education M. M.S. .N. S 3. University.S. S 7. Makakal Institute of Pharmaceutical Studies Karcna Farms. S 6. S MADHYA PRADESH 1. Institute of Pharmacy Z-18. Sanjeet Road.KERALA 1. Kizhattur Post. Bhind Madhya Pradesh 2. S 4. Ujjain-456010 Pharmacy College Lahar. S 14.462011 Shri Ramnath Singh Mahavidhyalaya Gormi.Kerala College of Pharmaceutical Sciences Medical College. G 9. Gwalior Department of Pharmacy Barakatullah University Bhopal V. Datana. Institute of Technology & Science Indore Technocrafts Institute of Technology Pharmacy Anand Nagar. Dewas Road.Zone-l.

411 001 Maharashtra Shikshan Samiti's College of Pharmacy Nilanga. C. S 6. Pusad. Belapur.G.S.M.O.D. Near R.424 002 13.S. S 3. N-6.411 038 Maharashtra Cosmopolitan Education Society's College of Pharmacy Azam Campus Camp Poona .. Kolhapur-416002 Bharti Vidyapeeth's College of Pharmacy CBD. Sector 8. Mumbai-400 049. of Pharmacy. Nagpur-440 010. Dist. S 7. Patil College of Pharmacy.T. Worli Sea Face. Deopur.U. Dhulia Chritable Society's Annasaheb Ramesh Ajemera College of Pharmacy.'s Maharashtra Institute of Pharmacy.N. Chopda.442 001 All India Sri Shivaji Memorial Society's College of Pharmacy. Vijapur Road Solapur-413 004 Department of Pharmacy. Yavatmal-445 204 K.425 107 2.Thandani Marg. U 24. Jalgaon . Kundanani College of Pharmacy.22 M. S Adarsh Shikshan Prasark Mandal's K.) Government College of Engineering Pharmacy Department.y.A. Patil College of Pharmacy. New Nandanvan. Mumbai-400 098. S 20.T.R. S 23. G 18.MAHARASHTRA 1. S 9. S 25. Satara (M.. Barsi Road. S 12. Dr. S .413 501 Agnihotri College of Pgarmacy Bapuji Wadi. Patil Inst. Hingna Road. S 10. CIDCO.400 614 Bharti Vidyapeeth's Poona College of Pharmacy Erandawane. Amravati . Paud Road. Aurangabad-431 005 Government College of Engineering Pharmacy Department. Dist. Aurangabad .Y. Nagpur . 47 R.444 603 Government College of Pharmacy Vidyanagar. G 4.T.Santacruz(W). Karad-415 124 Jai Mahakali College of Pharmacy Wardha Janta Shikshan Prasarak Mandal's Inst. S 14. S 15. Osmanabad .431 003 Bharati Vidyapeeth's College of Pharmacy Kadanwadi.E. G 16. S.S. A 21. of Pharmacy. Patil Prathishthan's S D. Dakshin Solapur T. Sidartha Colony. S 17. Pune -411 001 Bhagwan Shikshan Parasark Mandal's Shri Bhagwan Pharmacy College.Mandal's College of Pharmacy 1. Pune-411 018 Gourishankar Educaiton Society's Satara College of Pharmacy. Pune-411 038 Bombay College of Pharmacy Kalina. D. S 19. Women Univ) Juhu Road. S 5.latur-413 521 Mahatma Gandhi Shikshan Mandal's Smt. Nagpur University. U 22. S 11. Shah College of Pharmacy (S.E. Ramnagar Wardha . Jule Solapur. Dhule . Santacruz(E). A 8. Mumbai . Navi Mumbai . Pune . Kennedy Road.400 018 Lokmanya Tilak Institute of Pharmaceutical Studies. Pimpri. Dist. Dist.

Patil College of Pharmacy for Women Pimpri. Pune . S 43.B. S . S 32.C.D. Kesar Vadavali.. Tal Chandwad. Nashik-422 002 N. S 28. Nagpur. Nanded-431 602 Shri Vasantrao Bandhuji Patil Trust Appasaheb Birnale College of Pharm. Dhule-424 409 Poona Dist Edu Asso. Hingna Road. Bhor. P. Bhandup.shrirampur.400 078 SCSSS's College of Pharmacy Behind HUDCO Colony. Dhule . Vadgaon(B. Nandurbar. S 47.P. Dist. Dist. College of Pharmacy Gangapur Road.'s Nagpur College of Pharmacy Mangonri. Nashik-423 101 Shri Sadashivrao Patil S. : Ahmednagar . Waghire College of Pharm Saswad. Dist. Aurangabad . Poona-413 115 Shri Gurdatta Shikshan Prasarak Sanstha's Institute of Pharmacy Kaulkhed.416 416 Sinhgad College of Pharmacy 44/1. Mumbai .431 001 Mumbai Charitable Society's Inst. S 46. Bandra Reel. Vilad Ghat. Bandra (W). Off Sinhgad Road. S 42. Pune . S Mahatma Gandhi Vidya Mandir. College of Pharmacy. Pune-41 301 Pravara Rural Education Society's Pravara Rural College of Pharmacy. Ghodbandhar. Loni. S 45. Mumbai . Dist. Baramati. Chavan College of Pharmacy.D. S 33. S 48. Road.S.411 004 Rajgad Dnyanpeeth's College of Pharmacy. N. Pune .414 111 Anuradha College of Pharmacy Chikhli. Malegaon. Vithal Rao Vikhe Patil Foundation's. Dist.425 405 Shivnagar Vidya Prasarak Mandal's College of Pharmacy. At Post Chandwad. Near Kamtee. S 37. Thane Poojya Sane Guruji Vidya Mandal's College of Pharmacy.B. Pune-411 041 27.26. Patel College of Pharmacy. Society's R. Nigidi. S 39.Y. Rouza Baug. D.65. S 31. No. Panchvati Nashik . : Buldana Parshvanath Charitable Trust's College of Pharmacy.I.C. Tal. Purandar. Sangli . S 34.M. Dist. Neminagar. Sanstha. S 35.400 050.Y. Tal.441 110 Padamshree Dr.V. College of Pharmacy. of Pharmacy. M. S 49. Akola Shri Neminath Jain Brahmacharyashram's Trust College of Pharmacy. Shirur (Ghodnado). Shirpur.411 018 Padamshri Dr.422 003 Maulana Azad Education Trust's Y.K). : Pune-412 206 Sarasvati Vidya Bhawan's College of Pharmacy National School Marg. Nagpur . S 41. Shahada.413 736 38. South Shivaji Nagar. S Progressive Education Society's Modern College of Pharmacy. S 44. S 40.412 210 Shirpur Edu. Shyam Nagar. Dist. Near Porwal College. S 29 A 30.S. College of Pharmacy Agra Road. Ahmednagar . S 36.441 002 Shri Sharda Bhavan Education Society's College of Pharmacy (Degree). Dist.

S 11. S 5. Naidu Road. Boregaon. of Pharmacy. Pharmacy College Wadhwani.O.R. S 7. Moga Ferozepur Road.760 004 Jaydev College of Pharmaceutical Sciences.H.C. Orissa. S 5. Govt.445 001 8. (Meghe). Berhampur . Jamadarpali. Pharmacy College.T.752 101 Kanakmanjari Instt. P. C.425 503 U. Yavatmal .F.50.D.142 043 Pandit Jagat Ram. S . S 4. Amar Shaheed Baba Ajit Singh Memorial College of Pharmacy Bela Ropal. S Tapi Valley Edu. Cuttack . S 4.143 416 2.Sundargarh.soc's Inst. S Mother Theresa Institute of Health Sciences No. Hoshiarpur 146 001 G. Barpali. Ropar. Mohuda. Moga Ferozpur. S ORISSA 1. Bhubaneswar-751004 51. S College of Pharmaceutical Sciences. of Pharmaceutical Sciences. Orissa School of Pharmacy Vami Vihar.O. Dist. Dist. Polytechnic Inst. Khudra . U Deptt. Dhamangaon Road.605 001 54. Faizpur. Khalsa College Gurusar Sadhar. S 53. Moga.754 202 Gayatri College of Pharmacy Gayatri Vihar.K. Bhubaneswar . Wardha-442001 Vidhya Bharti Shaikshanik Mandal's Vidhya Bharti College of Pharmacy.768 101 PUNJAB 1. Society's Instituteof Pharmacy. Dist: Korapur.29.C. Mayurbhanj-757 086. Bargarh . Gandhinagar. Jalgaon . S 6. S 3. Jharpokharia. Sambalpur . Chhend. Orissa . of Pharmacy Guru Nanak Dev University Amritsar I. Amravati . S 2. S 9.760 001 Seemanta Mahavidyalaya. S 7. Village.142 001.751 015 Jaypore College f Pharmacy Rondapalli. Rue De La Compagine (Near Raj Niwas) Pondicherry . Indira Gandhi Institute of Pharm. Niwas. S PONDICHERRY 1. U 52.S.444 602 Yavatmal Zilla Vikas Samiti's Pataldhamai Wadhwani B. S The Pharmaceutical College Village Tingipali. Punjab. Orissa Roland Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences.140 111 Baba Isher Singh College of Pharmacy Kot-lse-Khan Dharmkot Road Teh-zira. Rourkela-769 015. : Ludhiana Punjab Shaheed Bhagat Singh Managing Committee College Pharmacy Amritsar.G. Amravati Camp. Faculty of Pharmacy P. Nehru Vidyasagar. S 3. Sciences I. Bombay-400 019 Vidharbha Y Wel.768 029. Dist. Matunga. G 6. Naharkanta. S 10. Berhampur Ganjam. Institute of Pharmacy & Technology Salipur.

A. S 10.144 002. 10. Road.611 001 11. Jaipur .O. S 7. Madras Medical College. of Pharmacy Sciences. G Govt. Rajasthan M. Pillay College of Pharmacy Nagaur Road. Bharatpur 4. G 9. Baid Metha College of Pharmacy Jyothi Nagar. S 2. Education Mastuana. Udaipur Seth G. Annamalai Nagar-608 002 Deptt. Dharmapuri Dist 635 109 Edayathangudy G.302 003 Maharaja Surajmal Educational Society 2K 15 Krishnanagar Colony Housing Board.600 116 Dept of Pharmacy Annamalai University. S 4.I. S 10. Kamarajar Dist. S 9. U 6. Polytechnic P. Polytechnic For Women.302 012 9. College of Pharmacy Sholinganallur. Near Chehru Railway Bridge Teh. Maharishi Arvind College Of Pharmacy S Bharti Path. Jhunjhuni. G.J. & Science Pilani Lachoo Memorial College of Science & Tech.I.D. S Jodhpur Baba Mungipa College of Pharmacy Pilani Sanjivini College of Pharmaceutical Sciences. Bihani S. Khetri Dist. S 2. Chengai MGR Dist. S 8.641 039 College of Pharmacy Sri Rama Chandra Medical College & Research Institute Porur.: Kapurthala . S SIKKIM 1. Dist.8. Johri Bazar Jaipur . Rayon & Silk Mils Amritsar 143 104 Shivalik College of Pharmacy Nangal.-626 190 CJ. Srivilliputhur. Hosur. MGR College of Pharmacy Dr.737102 TAMIL NADU 1. Himalayan Pharmacy Institute S Deorali.T. U 3. . Gangtok . Dept. Bhupal Nobles' College of Pharmacy Udaipur Birla Institute of Tech.-603 301 Arulmigu Kalasalaingam College of Pharmacy. S 5. Krishnakoil.Chengai MGR Dist.S. Chengai MGR Dist. Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences Govt.-600 096 Cherraan's College of Pharmacy 278-A. Dr. Sukhadia University. Patiala Lovely Institute of Technology Lovely Valley. S 3. Nagapattiam .146 126 Akal College of Pharmacy & Tech. of Pharmacy.: Ropar . College of Technical Education Sriganganagar Sanjay Shiksha Samiti. Amba Bari. Dist. S . S 6. MGR Nagar. Chennai-600 096 Adhiparasakthi College of Pharmacy Melmaruvathur. : Phagwara Dist. Thorapakkam. Siruvani Road. Telungupalayam Pirivu Coimbatore . U 7. S 8. G 12. Sangrur Distt. S 5. S RAJASTHAN 1.

College of Pharmaceutical Sc. Thindal. Idaikal.R. Rajaji Dist. Tiruchirapalli Dist. Sarojini Naidu Road. S.600 093 K. Coimbatore 641 044 Swamy Vivekananda College of Pharmacy. Tiruchengode Taluk. Melur Road. Uthangudi. 37=A.-626130 Sree Padmavathi College of Pharmacy.600 090 Nandha College of Pharmacy. Madurai-625 020. Kattangulathur Chengai MGR Dist. S 13. 631 555 Periyar College of Pharmaceutical Sciences for Girls. S 17. 12. Chengai MGR Dist. Dharmapuri 635 205 Sri Ramakrishna Institute of Para-Medical Sciences. (T.A. S 15.K.K. 643 001 J. S 21. S 29. Palladam Sulur. S 35. Nasiyandoor.M. Krishnapuram. S 27. Old Pallavaran. S 28.R. Village Kannampalayam. Kodikuruchi.S. Nagar.) Jey J. S 19. S 23. Perundurai Main Road. Natarajah College Of Pharmacy. S 30. 7th Avenue. 620 021 24. Rajaji Dist 637205 Thanthai Roever College of Pharmacy Peambalur .K. S 31. S Fathima College of Pharmacy 103.-627 804 S. Chennai .641 402 S. S 18. Kamarajar Dist. College Of Pharmacy.11. Malliya Nagar. Iyyengarkulam. Avinashi Road Coimbatore 641 014 Maharaja College of Pharmacy No. Coimbatore . Periyar Nagar.638 009 Pallavan Pharmacy College. 395.18. Erode-638 107 Ultra College of Pharmacy.chattantha Karayalar College of Pharmacy. S 25. Coimbatore . Elayampalayam Post Tiruchengode Taluk. Saligramam. College Road. Chengalpattu MGR Dist. S 32. Nellai Kattabomman Dist. Krishnagiri Main Road Periyanhalli. S 26.641 004 R. Arcot Road. 3209. Tal. Raja Pharmacy College Raja Nagar. 603 203 Sankaralingam Bhuvaneswari College of Pharmacy. S 16. S 20. No. College Of Pharmacy.621 212 The Erode College of Pharmacy Perundurai Main Road Mettukadai .Periyar Dist. S . Ayyakannu. College of Pharmacy.625 101 Kamalakshi Pandurangan College of Pharmacy. Nilgiris Dist.M. Thiruthangal (Via). Mandali Street Tiruvannamalai . Vadakkagulam-637 116 S. Besant Nagar Chennai . S 14..1. Madurai . Sivakasi. Main Road. P. College of Pharmacy. 4/235.606 001 KMCH College of Pharmacy Post Box No.V. 33. S 22. Vasthiyalingam Road. . S 33.600 043 JKK Muniraja Medical Rural Foundation.N. JKK Sampoorani Anand College of Pharmacy Chennai K. S PSG College of Pharmacy Sowripalayam Village.V. S 34.Erode.M. Kadayanaliur-637759 J S S College of Pharmacy Ootacamund.

Yercaud Road. Gonda. Akhilesh Das Nagar. Lucknow 14. Distt. Modi Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences & Research Modinagar. Lucknow Saroj Institutie of Technology & Management Ahmamaau. S VEL's College of Pharmacy.D.N.O. Department of Pharmacy U Kumaun University. Dehradun . G Regional Institute of Pharmaceutical Science & Technology Agartala . U 16. Old Pallavaram. S 5 S 18. Mathura .230 135 Meerut Institute of Engineering & Technology Baghpat Road Meerut. Varanasi . S TRIPURA 1.263 001 2. Chhatikara.G. Dehradun . (Pharmacy College) Iglas . Lucknow .248 001 9. Bareilly. Vaithialingam Road.Faizabad Road. & Mgt. S 11. S 15. of Tech. 80.799005 8.281 001 Pharmacy College Children College Campus.246 174 S. S . Distt.243 006 Shivdan Singh Instt. Lodhipur Rajput. K. Institute of Technology U Banaras Hindu University. S UTTARANCHAL 1.244 001 Rama-eesh Ins of Voacational & Tech. S 4.250 002 Shri Ram Murti Samarak College of Engineering & Tech. College of Pharmacy & Vocational Studies Bhopa Road.Near Saiyad. Patel Nagar.I. Kasna Road.-600 043 Vinayaka Mission's College of Pharmacy. Chinhat. P. P. S Acharya Narendra Deo College of Pharmacy Babhnan. of Technology & Management Sector . Moradabad.N. Salem -636 008 6. Pharmacy College. Muzaffar Nagar . Malliganagar. S 7. U Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences H. S 10.O.251 001.201 204 Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences Rohilkhand University. Nainital . & Computer Education Near Heera Lal Piayu Artoni.G. Lucknow-Sultanpur Road. S 3. Garhwal University. Bhagwan Singh P.221 005 2.V. Instt. Belaisa. Dist. Greater Noida-201308 Shri Gopi Chand College of Pharmacy Ahera. Northern India Engineering College Sector . S 4 5 17. S 13. Pratapgarh . Agra S. 3 Institutional Area. College.B. S 3. Patti. Akhilesh Das Nagar Fiazabad Road. Baghpat Rajiv Memorial Academy for Pharmacy P. Institute of Foreign Trade & Management (Pharmacy College). Bareilly. of Biomedical Sciences & Research Baiawala. Post Box No.II.248 161 Shri Guru Ram Rai Academy of Pharmaceutical Sci. S 12. Srinagar. ( Garhwal ). Aligarh -204 124 Babu Banarasi Das National Inst. S Dr.36. Lucknow 37. Edu. Azamgarh-276001 College of Pharmacy P. Chengai MGR Distt. Bhojpura. Road. S UTTAR PRADESH 1.243 002 Agra Public Institute of Tech.

Uttar Pardesh WEST BENGAL 1. S Nandini Nagar Mahavidyalaya Samiti Pharmacy College. Asansol .O. U 3. Uluberia Howrah -711 316 2. Nawabganj. S 4. S .: Gonda. & Applied Health Sciences Banitabla. S Haldia Institute of Technology City Centre. P. Debhog Haldia 721657 Jadavpur University Kolkata . Calcutta Institute of Pharmaceutical Tech.713 301.19.700 032 Gupta College of Technological Sciences Ashram More. Dist.

New Delhi . 5. Kuchiyadar.S. School of Hotel Management IPS Academy Indore -452 012 7. 4. 2. Bangalore .575 002 Srinivasa College of Hotel Management Mangalore . & Catering Technology Virgananagar. Chandiwala Estate. 6.560 007 Christ College Hosur Road. Bangalore-560 078 RNSIE's College of Hotel Management & Catering Technology Bailappanagar Nagar.M. Maa Anandmal Marg. Banarsidas Chandiwala Institute of Hotel Management & Catering Tech. Pune -411 005 8. 9. . NRI Institute of Hotel Management & Catering Technology Nagabhvi. John College Bannerhotta Road Bangalore . Rajkot-360 003 13.LIST OF DEGREE LEVEL INSTITUTES IN OTEL MANAGEMENT AND CATERING TECHNOLOGY DELHI 1. Hassan-573 201 Garden City Institute of Hotel Mgmt. 14.560 083 Vidya Vikas Institute of Hotel Management & Catering Technology Mysore-Bannur Road Mysore . Bangalore Administrative Management College Jayanagar. 15. MAHARASHTRA 1. II Stage Bangalore Oxford College of Hotel Management J.560 054 2. Bangalore-560 011 Army Institute of Hotel Management & Catering Technology ASC Centre (South) Bangalore . Sushree Sardana Trust Vivekananda Institute of Hotel & Tourism Mgmt. GUJARAT 1. KARNATAKA 1. Ahmednagar Jilha Maratha Vidya Prasarak Sarnaj's Institute of Hotel Management & Catering Technology Ahmednagar . Nagar. 3. Acharya Institute of Hotel Management & Catering Technology Peenya.560 029 Damodar Suvarna Education Society's College of Hotel Management & Catering Technology B. 18. 12.P. MADHYA PRADESH 1. Road. Bangalore-49 Indian Institute of Hotel Management & Catering Technology Bangalore-560 003 KLES's Nijalingapa College Rajajinagar.414 001 All India Shri Shivaji Memorial Society's College of Hotel Managment & Catering Technology 55/56 Shivaji Nagar. 17. Bangalore-560 010 M.570 010 Welcome Group Graduate School of Hotel Administration Manipal 11. Ramaiah College of Hotel Management Bangalore . Hubli .563 115 Sarosh Institute of Hotel Administration Pumpwell Circle. Mangalore . Kalkaji. 16.580 029 Sambhram Institute of Hotel Management & Catering Technology Kolar Gold Fields .560 011 T.110 019 10.

Patil Institute of Hotel Management & Catering Technology Pimpri. Nagpur . Pune-411 043 Dr.3. WEST BENGAL 1. Nashik . Lucknow 3. 9. N. Rohilkhand University Bareilly-243 006 Hindustan Institute of Hotel Mgmt.440 001 2. Dr. Nagpur .Y. -250 001 . J. Patil Prathisthan's Pad. Amarpali Institute of Hotel Management Haldwani. Institute of Hotel Management & Catering Technology Mawana Road.G. Moga UTTARANCHAL 1.P. D. Mumbai . PUNJAB 1. 6. Meerut-250 001 Dept.P. Dehradun UTTAR PRADESH 1.440 022 Yogantar Education Society's Shri Balasaheb Tripude College of Hotel Management & Catering Technology Sadar.T. D. of Hotel Management M. Lala Lajpat Rai Memorial Institute of Hotel Management & Catering Technology G. Ram Institute of Hotel Management & Catering Technology Niranjanpur. 10. Pune -411 018 Institute of Hotel Management & Catering Technology & Applied Nutrition Dadar.411 016 Mahatma Gandhi Vidyamandirs Institute of HMCT Panchavati. Nagpur .Y. 6. 4. of HMCT) Shankar Nagar.J. 4. Bharti Vidya Appeth's Institute of Hotel Management & Catering Technology Pune Satara Road. M. Agra International Institute of Hotel Management & Catering Technology Meerut Babu Banarasi Das National Institute of Technology & Management Faizabad Road.400 028 Lady Amritbai Daga College of Arts. Durgapur-6 8.H.M. 7.J.440 010 Maharashtra State Institute of Hotel Management & Catering Technology Shivaji Nagar. 5.P. institute of HMCT & Applied Nutrition Meerut Cantt. 5. Science & Commerce for Women (Dept. Academy Shivtala. Rohilkhand University Artoni.422 003 SKS Tull College of Hotel Management Atrey Layout. Nagpur . Nainital 2. Road.


Hyderabad Azad Institute of Management Peddamangalam Village. Tourist Hotel Kachiguda. Jamal Bandabarkas. Station Road. 11-3-918. Plot No. 16-11-741/B/1/A. Hyderabad Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan's Vivekananda College of Science Sri Ramakrishna Vidyalaya Campus Sainikpuri. Secunderabad-500094 Bright Inst. Hyderabad-500005 Allagadda Institute of Management Science Kandukur Mettacuddapah Road. Hyderabad Aurora's Post Graduate College. Subedari.S. Chikkadpally. Srikakuiam Andhra University Department of Commerce & Management Studies Visakhapatnam 13 S Kannamacharya Institute of Technology and Technology New Boyanapalli. New Mallepally Hyderabad Apollo Institute of Hospital Administration. Gandipet. Moinabad Mandalranga Ranga Reddy Distt. Badruka College-PG Centre. MVP Colony.N.M. 18-11-26/7. Abdul Qadir Jeelani Centre for Post Graduate Studies Sundar Bhavan. Allagadda-518543 Alluri Institute of Management Science. Dist-501 510 Chaitanya Bharathi Institute of Tech. College of Arts Science and Commerce Gaganmahal.R. Apollo Hospital Campus. 20. Hyderabad-500029.R. PG Dept of Business Administration Post Box No.ANDHRA PRADESH 1. Mani Mutyalamma Kunta. MVP Area Vishakhapatnam-530017 Andhra Loyola College Vijaywada 520008 AKRG College Degree & PG Courses Nailajerla. Turkayamjal. Hyderabad Bharat PG College for Women Opp. Cuddapah-516126 Anwarul-Uloom College of Business Management Municipal No.G.. B. 24 Sector 5.U. Gudivada-521 301 Al-Quarmoshi Institute of Business Management. Visakhapatnam Akkineni Nageswara Rao College. Hayathanagar(m) R. Hunter Road. S A. U 2. Hanamkonda Warangal-506 001 Ambedakar Institute of Management Studies Sector 12. Kachiguda.V. West Godavari-534112 Andhra University Dr. Ambedkar Post Graduate Centre Etcherla.P.Centre Kakinada 533 005 A. Hyderabad 14 S 3 S 15 S 4 S 16 S 17 S 5 S 6 S 18 S 7 S 19 S 8 S 20 S 9 S 10 S 11 U 21 S 22 12 U 23 . Moosaram Bagh Dilsukhanagar. Rajampet. Jubilee Hills. Hyderabad Avanthi Degree & Post Graduate College. of Management.

Kishanpura. Tarnaka.24 Chaitanya PG College.No. Anapurna Complex.V. 4-1-1063. Janwada Vilshankarpally Mandal. Secunderabad College of Management Studies. Holy Mary Institute of Tech. Kakinada-533 004 Indian Institute of Advance Management. Janapriya Estate. Hyderabad Hyderabad Presidency College. Vuda Layout. College. Kachiguda. New Resapuvanipalem Visakhapatnam 37 Gayatri College For Post Graduate Courses Munasabpeta.R. Visakhapatnam D. Madhapur. Warangal-506 001 Church Post Graduate College. Hanamkonda. Mary's College of Engg & Tech. Ranga Reddy Dist.508 284. Tilak Roadabids. Shergate. Opp. Nalgonda Dist . Visakhapatnam 25 38 39 26 40 27 28 41 42 29 30 43 31 44 32 45 33 46 34 Dr. Jehovah Jireh. Rushikonda. Deshmuki. 58-14-53. Bapujinagar. R R Dist-501510 Fergusson College PG Centre. L. Water Reservoir Bogulkunta Cross Roads. Vissakhapatnam-530045 Global Education Centre Mirzaaguda Hamlet. Bullayya PG College. Secunderabad Deccan School of Management Dar-Us-Salam. Plot No. Bapuji Nagar 'X' Roads. Reddy Degree College. Bhimavaram-534 202 Dr. Anaparthi-533 342 Gitam Institute of Foregien Trade Ghandhi Nagar Campus. Visakhapatnam 47 35 Einsteiin PG College Nadergul (U) Saroor Nagar (M). Vishkhapatnam St. (GITAM) Gandhinagar Campus. Ranga Reddy Distt. Vidyutnagar. Dwarkanagar. Journalist Colony. Post Graduate Institute for Management Studies Vittal Rao Nagar. Nagamani Sivayya Kolla School of Business. Educational Complex. Hyderabad Hyderabad School of Management Khalsa Village. Bandlaguda Mandal. East Godavari Dist. Opp. & Science Chinchalam Village. Muvvalavanipalam.. D. Vikarabad Mandal Ranga Reddy Distt. Pochampally (M). 1-6-174/5/26 Mushirabad. 10. Nampally Hyderabad Dhruva College of Management No-3-2-870/3. Srikakulam-532 401. 12-13-1275. Ideal College of Arts & Science. Ranga Reddy-5033 David Memorial Institute of Management. Rushikonda. Bowenpally. Gollala Mamidada-533 344 D. Kingkothi. Near Ramoji Film City. GBR Degree College. Hyderabad DNR College West Godavari Dist. GVP College for Post Graduate Courses. Hyderabad 48 36 .L. Hyderabad Business Admin.

Near Narasampet.241. Hyderabad-500 482 71 59 72 60 73 . Post Graduate Centre Sardar Patel Marg. Ibrahim Patnam (Mandal) R. Courses Survey No. Renugunta JNTU School of Management Sciences Institute f Post Graduate & Research Hyderabad Jayamukhi Institute of Mgmt Sc. Hyderabad J. Warangal K.S.G. Section. Khammam Rural-507163 Montessory Mahila Kalasala College. Cuddapah-516 003 Kakatiya Institute of Management Studies 3-1-363. 3/429. Pallamaner Chittor Dist.R. Osmania University Campus. Hyderabad Mohammadiya Institute of Management Baru Gudem. Engineering College 16-1-486. Enterprise. H. Highway Road. Guntur-522 019 Manair College of Management. Panjagutta. MRA College MRVGPG Centre. Bharat Complex. Vijayawada-10 Mother Theresa Institute of Management Linga Puram. Institute of P. Dirusumarru Road. Younis Sultan Campus Near Venkatapalem. S. Lokhmanya Tilak P. Khammam MESCO Institute of Management & Computer Science 13.49 Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts of India.H.R. Prakasam Dist.S. Back Side Of Padmavathi Flour Mills. Moqdoompur. Lane. Mustaidpura. Besides Nims.M Institute of Management Dandumailaram (Village). Punnamathota. Phool Bagh Vizianagaram-2 Naripella Narayanaswamy Vidya College of PG Studies.G. Vil.G College Ibrahim Patnam Ranga Reddy Dist.V. Edulapalam. Road No. Kloyola Academy Degree and P. Warangal-506 009 61 Lal Bahadur College.No. Chennarao Pet. Karwan. College Old Alwal. Saidabad Hyderabad Mahatma Gandhi College. Warangal-506 007. 3. Bhimavaram-534 201 Kranthi Post Graduate College. Ambedkar Road. Raja Reddy Street. Vidyaranyapuri. Banjara Hills.. KGRL College of Management Studies. Velugumanta Village Khammam Distt.G.-523157 50 62 51 63 64 52 53 65 54 66 67 55 68 56 69 57 Kasturba Gandhi College for Women West Marredpalley Secunderabad 70 58 Kavitha Memorial Post Graduate Centre Survey No. Memorial College of Engg. Arempula. 96/1.B. WYRA Road.Distt-501506 M. Simhocholam Bhavan.B. Hyderabad Institute of Pub.R. Karimnagar-505 001 Kakatiya Unviersity Department of Management Studies.R. 154/1. Secunderabad M.5. P.

Saroor Nagar. Hyderabad Pendikanti Institute of Management. Guntur-522 510 National Institute of Agricultural Extension Management (Manage).G.R. 576. Hyderabad Nava Bharathi College of PG Studies. Musunur (V) Kavali (M). Warangal-506 001 88 Osmania University P. Nadargul. Hyderabad-500013 Priyadarshini P. Yellareddyguda.R.B. Jalpallyy Saroornagar Mandal. Ameerpet. Hyderabad Osmania University P. 4-3-148. Centre. Jupudi Village. 3-4-527.G.-501510 Nova PG College Jupudi Village. Reddy Hostel Lane. Koti. College Ameerpet. Nellore Dist-524202 Noble P. Kallun Palli Panchayat Kallun Palli Village. Indrlok Complex. R. Centre. Hyderabad Osmania University College of Commerce & Business Management.G.50.R. Sultan Bazaar. Abidds. 575.B. PG Studies Sidharth Nagar. Imprahimpatnam Mandal. S. Nellore Dist. Women's College. Centre. Hyderabad-500 195 Presidency School of Managament & Computer Sciences Survey No. Nampally Hyderabad PYDAH College For PG Studies. Shastripuram. College. C. Hanuman Tekdi. Bolarun.M. Nalgonda-508 001 Osmania University P.R.1B.812/1A. Building No. Hnamkonda. 37. 8-3-723. Burton Road. No. Nagarjuna Nagar. Raichore Road.6. 3-9-29. Compund. Ibrahim Patnam Vijaywada Osmania University College for Women. Survey No. Hyderabad Noble College of Computer Sciences NO. VIP Road. Vijayawada Padala Rama Reddi College of Commerce & Managrment. College Sy No. 32/A.G.74 Nagarjuna University. Hunter Road. Progressive College of PG Studies IInd Floor. Rajendranagar. Hyderabad Priyadarshini Postgraduate Centre.27 Part. Rajendranagar. 33. H. of Commerce & Business Admn. Mahboobnagar-509 001 P. Dist. AC 2. Narayanaguda. Bandamidhipalli. Mandal. Ramanthapur. Vikarabad-501 101 99 97 93 80 81 94 82 95 96 83 84 85 98 86 87 . Hyderabad Pragati Mahavidyalaya P. Siddhartha College of Arts & Sc. Hyderabad 75 89 76 90 77 91 78 Nimra College of Engineering & Tech. Sharada Nagar.G. Siddipet-502 103 Osmania University P.V. Princeton Post Graduate College.B. Vijayawada 92 79 Nizam Institute of Business Management Plot No.G. Dept.G. Secunderabad New Science PG College. Centre. Visakhapatnam R. Raghava Block Chirag Ali Lane. Ranag Reddy Distt. 4-1-369. Pardhigudam.

Murukambattu. Mahaboob Nagar Sai Sudhir P. East Godavari Dist. & Management. Hyderabad Satavahana Post Graduate College Left Flank. New Chanderghat Bridge. Mukkaramjahi Road. Bairageipetteda. Nadergul. Karimnagar505 002 Sai Krishna College Metapally Village. Komally. Dist. Kakinada-533 005 Rayalseema Institute of Information & Management Sciences Bye Pass Road. Bye Pass Road. Kachiguda Station Road. Wanaparthy. Charkaman.V. Chandramoulipuram. Tanuku-534 211 124 Sreenivasa Institute of Technology & Management Studies 74. Sarpavaram Junction. Hindupur-515 202 S. 138 Kudampally Village.534 007 120 Sister Nivedita College of Professional Studies Survey No. College. Studies. Eluru . Bangalore-Tirupati Bye Pass Road. Sain College of Engg. 3-1-336. Opp. 4-1.S.100 R. 747. Signodia College of Arts & Commerce.P. 7-1-123.G. Hyderabad S. Palluru-517 132 Samata Degree & Post Graduate College. Hyderabad Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Mgmt Scs. Sf 316. M. VilLNusulwlapoor. 117 Shadan Institute of Management. Chittoor Vellore Highway.R. 212. College PG Dept of Business Mgmt. Kankamamidi Vilage. Moinabad Mandal Ranga Reddy Dist. Tirupati-517 501 National Institute of Technology Warangal-506 004 RVR & JC College of Engineering. Hyderabad 121 Siva Sivani Institute of Management.O. Secunderabad 122 Sree Chaitanya P. Langonda-508 118 113 Sarojini Naidu Vanita Maha Vidyalaya. Karimnagar 505 002 School of Management Studies University of Hyderabad P. Ramanaihpet. Colony. Post Graduate College. Educational Complex. Saroor Nagar. College Survey No.D. Visakhapatnam Sant Samarth Institute of Management Bhongir. Chowdavaram. Karimnagar-505 002 123 Sree Rama Institute of Management. Mankammathota. Studies. Ranga Reddy Distt.Kesia College of Commerce. Thirumasamudram. 6-2-978 Khairatabad. Hyderabad 118 Shahjehan College of Business Management Survey No.Via Hakimpat.G. Exhibition Grounds. Keesara Mandal.517127 125 Sri Krishnadevaraya Institute of Management Sri Krishnadevaraya University Anantapur-515 003 104 105 106 107 108 109 110 111 112 . Guntur-522 019 S. Central University.G. Hyderabad 114 101 115 102 103 116 Shaaz School of Business Management Aziznagar (Himayat Nagar). Chittoor . Mandalthimmapoor.G. Moinabad Mandal 119 Sir CRR College-PG Mgt.M.D.

West Nehru Nagar. 136 Sultan-UI-Uloom College of Business Administration. Tirupati-517 507 127 Sri Ramakrishna Degree College NGO's Colony. Hyderabad 137 SVKP & DKSR Arts & Science College.-533 294 129 Sri Sathya Sai Inst of Higher Learning School of Business Management Faculty of Business Management. Somajiguda. 134 St. Mahal. Near SBI Colony. Visakhapatnam .Dist. Kanupur Bit(i). Nellore-524 001 147 Vaagdevi Degree & PG College. & Tech. Bollikinta (V).P. Institute of Post Graduate Studies A. 3. X Road. S. 140 The Hindu College (PG Courses).) Subedari. Warangal-506 001 144 University Post Graduate College (Kakatiya Univ. Machilipatnam-521 001 141 The Pedanandipadu College of Arts & Sciences. Madhurawada. Marry's P. Hanamkonda {A. Ghattusal (Mandal) Ranga Reddy Dist. 150 VIF School of Management Studies. Deshmukhi Village Pochampally Mandal. Anthony's P. Nandyal-518 502 128 Sri Sai Madhavi Instt. Mallampudi..G. Hyderabad 132 St. Hanamkonda.R. Visakhapatnam 131 St. Hyderabad-5082 153 Visakha Institute for Professional Studies Jagannadha Raju Nagar. Marredapally. Ghat Kesar Mandal. 133 St.V. PG Dept. Kakatia University. Himmayat Nagar. P. College Marripalli Gudu Village.G. Guntur-522 006 126 Sri Padmavati Mahila Visvavidyalayam. 8-2-249. of Engg. Nalgonda Dist. Khammam-507 002 145 University Post Graduate College (Kaktiya Univer. Hunter Road.) Yellendu Cross Road.) 148 Vaagdevi institute of Management Sc. Ann's College for Women. East Godavari Dist. Survey No. 187. 1. Vincent P. 7. College Ghat Kesar Village.Ring Road. R. Secunderabad 152 Villa Marie PG College for Women.Rajanagaram Mandal.Banjara Hills. H/O Thokada. Tirupati-517 501 139 Tellakula JPS College. Hunter Road.G. College Survey No. Road No. Prasanthinilayam-515 134 130 Sri Srinivasa Vidya Parishad College of Management Studies Pothinamallayyapalem. of Management Studies.G. Subedari Hanamkonda. Neliore-524320.R. Road No. Subba Reddy Building. Mount Pleasant. Pedanandipadu-522 235 142 The Warangal Institute of Management. Plot No. Warangal-506 201 143 University College of Arts and Science College. Mehdipatnam. Joseph's P. Santoshnagar Colony. Warangal 506 001 146 V. Vekatachalam (N). King Koti Road Hyderabad 135 St. Waranga (Dist)-506 006 149 Velankianni Insti Of Mgt Studies SNo 657/1. College 5-9-1106.) 151 Vignana Jyoti Institute of Management. 256 & 257. (PG Studies) Penugonda-534 320 138 Technological Inst of Mgt and Advanced Computer Education V. Gandipet. Monibad-500 075 (A. Sangam(m). 6-3-1089.R.C. Nagar.

of Commerce & Buiness Admn.) Muzaffarpur . 77.N.G.847 201.842 001 L.B. Kukatpally.D.842 001 CHANDIGARH 1 Punjab University. Sahu Centre for Development Administration Saraiyaganj (Near North Bihar Chamber of Com. 154 Viswa Bharathi Post Graduate College of Engineering & Management. L.R. 330-A Madanpur Khadar.491 001 Guru Ghasidas University Institute of Management Studies Bilaspur . DELHI 1 Apeejay School of Marketing.P.495 009 Pr. Opp. 2 .486 003 Bhilai Institute of Technology Bhilai House. Vaishali Institute of Business & Rural Management Motijheel. College of Business Mgmt. Nizampet Road. Dwarka Institutional Area.842 001 9. No. University Business School Chandigarh . Muzaffarpur . 5 4. Hyderabad-500072 155 Vivekananda School of Post-graduate Students 8-3/960/4. R. Pocket-E. Srinagar Colony Road. of Business Administration Rewa . Patna-800 023 Institute of Business Management Buddha Marg.846 004 11. Shukla University Institute of Business Management Law Building. New Delhi-110 045 Asia Pacific Institute of Management. Patna-800 001 6 4 2 3 Imam College of Business Management & Science Bahera .823 001 University Department of Commerce & Business Administration Bhagalpur University Bhagalpur . 19. Sector-8.492 010 Rani Durgavati Vishwavidlyala University Instt.110 044. Durg . of Management Saraswati Vihar Jabalpur . Mithila University Kameshwar Nagar. Sarita Vihar. Institute of Economic Development & Social Change 1.M. Panjagutta. Women's College (Constituent Unit of Magadh Univ. Hyderabad 156 VRS & YRN College. College of Material Management Post Box No. Papankalan. PG Dept of Commerce & Management Studies Chirala-532 157 (A. Survey No.N. Darbhanga . Muzaffarpur .N.) 157 VSM College. Ramchandrapuram. of Business Administration Gaya College.N. Darbhanga Institute of Administrative Studies R. 3. New Delhi . Opp.8. Bailey Road. Anand Theatre Secunderabad 159 Y. 6.S. Patna-800 001 J.) Bailey Road. Gaya . 5.812 007 L. Studies. Raipur .3 Jabalpur (Chattisgarh) 2. P. Narsapur-534 275 BIHAR 1.160 014 CHHATISGARH 1 Avdhesh Pratap Singh University Dept. 7.482 001 S. Deptt. Institute of P.846 004 Deptt. 10. East Godawari Dist-533 255 158 Wesley Boy's Post Graduate College Mcintyre Road.M. Bhagwantpur Chowki.N. College. Darbhanga . Institute of Business Management Public School Bela Campus Bela.

110 052 27 25 13 15 . Qutab Institutional Area. B-11. Tara Crescent. New Delhi . R. Tara Cresecent. Nazafgarh Road. New Delhi . 75. CSKM Edu. M-Block. Institute of Management & Research A-4. New Delhi . New Delhi .110 049.110 018 YMCA Institute of Management.110 003. Paschim Vihar. Jamia Nagar.110 016. New Delhi . Inst.Puram.110 016. Hamdard Institute of Management Studies. Ashok Vihar.110 063. Pitam Pura.110 016. Qutab Institutional Area. Punjabi Bagh. South Extension -1. AIMA All India Mgmt Association House. Badarpur. & Tech. of Mgt. 30&31 Qautab Institutional Area. of Marketing & Management.110 003 Entrepreneurship & Management Process International. Kashmere Gate. Sector . New Delhi . Post Box 8486. New Delhi . New Delhi . Science & Productivity Research 1-E/10. Jagan Institute of Management Studies. Bhai Parmanand Institute of Business Studies.110 026. Pushpa Vihar. Qutab Institutional Area. New Delhi . New Delhi Institute of Management. of Mgt.110 030 Fore School of Management. Training & Research.110 022 Management Education & Research Institute C/o Triveni Educational & Social Welfare Society Ramakrishna School.110 017 Centre for Mgmt Education. Guru Harkishan Public School. Lodi Institutional Area. New Delhi .Complex Satbari. New Delhi .110 044. Hamdard Nagar. New Delhi .Vikaspuri. Near Railway Crossing. Madhuban Colony.V. New Delhi . Indian Institute of Finance. Saheed Jit Singh Marg.110 034 Jamia Milia Islamia Faculty of Engg.3. New Delhi – 110055 Institute for Integrated Learning in Management.110 025. New Delhi . Northern Inst for Integrated Learning in Management 11/2. Sher Shah Suri Marg. Shankara Vidya Kendra 17 5 18 6 19 7 20 8 21 9 22 10 23 11 24 12 Indian Institute of Foreign Trade B-21. Fortune Institute of International Business Krishna Farm. Mehrauli. 16 4 Inst. Bijawasan. 61.K. Delhi-110 006 26 14 International Management Centre. B-18. Lodhi Road. Op. Shakarpur Extn.110 062. Delhi. Jhandewalan Extension. Rohtak Road. Road No.. Sri Sringeri Sharda Institute of Management. New Delhi . Lal Bahadur Shastri Inst of Management Shastri Sadan. GHPS Complex. New Delhi . C-1-9. Delhi-110092 Birla Inst. Jai Singh Road. International Management Institute B-10. New Delhi . Delhi .110 061 Guru Nanak Institute of Management. Rai School Complex. B-48.110 001. Tughlakabad Institutional Area. New Delhi. West Enclave. Delhi-110 016 Indraprastha University. & Technology Biria Vidya Niketan Building Sector -IV.3 B.

Gupta Marg. Samaypur Road. Delhi . Amity Education Valley. F-19/14. Times School of Marketing. South Extn. Sector.N. Pitampura.60.131 001 Institute of Management & Technology. Gurgaon-122 001 Dept of Business Management College of Agriculture. Rohini.132 119. Ballabgarh K. Sector 33.. Gurgaon. New Delhi . Dept of Management.C.I. Sector -8. Charkhi. New Delhi-110002 International Management Centre B-48.110 001. Maharaja Agrasen Inst of Management Studies & Research Agrasen Chowk. Daryaganj. New Delhi. Hospital. New Delhi . (Under The Ministry of Power.110 085. Faridabad . Bhartiya Vidya Bhvavan. Madan Puri Road.. Pali Road. Subhadra Estate.110 034 Vision School of Management A-191.A. Goa Institute of Management Ribandar Goa . 5 6 29 7 8 30 31 9 10 32 33 11 34 12 35 13 GOA 1. Guru Nanak Khalsa Inst.V. Sukhrali.403 006 14 15 HARYANA 1 Amity Business School.121 001 Guru Jambheshwar University.135 003 Management Development Institute.110 037 4 D. NH-3.125 001. 10.110085 Institute of Business Admn. Plot No. Daryaganj. Dadri Kurukshetra Univeristy. Sector-25. Dist. Institute of Management Studies. Aggarwal Institute of Management R.N. Laxmi Bazar Complex. Faridabad . Delhi Institute of Advanced Studies Plot No. Gurgaon-122 001 MRDAV Institute of Managemet Studies.110 057. Complex. Hisar.V. Hisar. 32 & 33. 28 Sardar Patei College of Communication and Management. Technia Institute of Advanced Studies.T. Faridabad-121001 National Power Training Institute. Vasant Vihar. Delhi Kendra. Maharishi Dayanand University Institute of Mangement Studies & Res. Rohtak. 16 2 17 3 . Natioanl Institute of Financial Management Sector 48. Mahipalpur Extn.A. 4. Delhi . New Delhi . Near E. Sector-XIII. Rohini.Gandhi Marg. (Near Badkhal Lake).124 001 Mohta Centre for Management Studies T.110 002. Mehrauli Gurgaon Road.125 004. K. Post Box No. C/o Times Centre for Media Studies. Hassangarh.K. D.C. Centenary College.S. Jagadhiri . Delhi . Kurukshetra . Rohtak. Panchgaon. Govt of India) NPTI Complex.121 006.Paschimi Marg. of Technical & Management Studies Yamuna Nagar-135 001 Hindu Institute of Management Sonepat .110 049 Rukmani Devi Institute of Management Studies CD Block.I. Part-I. & Mgmt. Anupama Institute of Management.10. New Delhi .

128. Peenya.560 019 HIMACHAL PRADESH 1 Himachal Pradesh University Dept. Bijapur-586 103 Bapuji Institute of Engineering & Tech.834 012 Xavier Institute of Social Service Ranchi . S N S Institute of Business Management Dhurwa Ranchi . Association's A.S. Jammu Tawi . 30th Cross. Birla Colony. B. Patil College of Commerce.180 004 7 5 8 JHHARKHAND 9 1. Pushpa Layout.577 004. Mangalore-575 008 BMS College of Engineering Post Box No. Bannerghatta Road. 18th Km. Besant Women's College.560 027 B. 21 KARNATAKA 1 Acharya Institute of Management & Science. & Res. N.835 215 10 2. 1908.560 011 Al-Ameen Arts Science & Commerce College Hosur Road. Jammu (Tawi) . Asthal Bohar. 6th Nain. New Campus Jammu (Tawi) . Bangalore . Acharya Institute of Technology Soladevanahalli. 19 20 5. Rohtak 3. Bhiwani. Hazartbal. Distt.181 204 Institute of Management Sciences. Haryana Tilak Raj Chadha Institute of Management & Technology Yamunanagar . 7th Main.180 001 University of Jammu Department of Management Sudies Bahu Wali Rakh. Birla Institute of Technology Dept. Jayanagar. of Management Studies Summer Hills Shimla . Besant Vidya Kendra.826 004 . Indian School of Mines Dhanbad . Department of Management. Frontier Head Quarters BSF Palaura Camp. Sri Baba Mastnath Inst. I Stage.E.190 006. 4th Block.135 001 6. Palya(BTM-II Stage) Bangalore-560 076 AMC Engineering College. 23. 20th Cross. Bangalore .C.560 090 Alliance Business Academy. Kashmir University. Bangalore-560 083 Administrative Management College AMC Building. Ambala City.LD. Davangere . Jammu .18 Faridabad-121 003 (Haryana) Shri Atmanand Jain Institute of Management & Technology Jain College Road. Rehari Chungi. I Cross. Bangalore.S.180 001.134 002. of Mgt. Bangalore . 3 2 4 5 3 6 4 Priyadarshini Institute of Management & Science. Shabanur Road. Technological Institute of Textile & Sciences Post Box No.171 005 2 JAMMU & KASHMIR 1 BSF Institute of Management Studies.834 001 Xavier Labour Relation Institute Jamshedpur 4. Bull Temple Road. Saragatta (Hobli) Bangalore North Taluk . Ranchi . Pacca Danga. of Management Mesra. Srinagar .834 004 Indian Institute of Science & Management Ranchi . Road.

560 038 City College. of Tech. Il Stage. Dr. Bangalore . of Studies In Management Gulbarga University. Electronics Block.. Bangalore . of Plantation Management Jnanabharathi. 193.560 049. Bangalore-560 157 Kristu Jayanti College of Management & Technology K. Intech Institute of Business Management 960. Bangalore-560 010 Garden City Col of Sc & Management Studies.574 157 Krishnadevaraya Institute of Management Studies. Jana Ganga.R. Rjajajinagr. 2nd Cross. P.560 076 Institute for Technology & Management. Bangalore-560 082 CMR Institute of Technology No. College of Mgmt Studies No. Double Road Indirangar. Reddy College of Business Management No. Jawaharlal Nehru National College of Engineering. Bangalore-560 056 Indian Institute of Management Bannerghatta Road Bangalore . Cross. Jayanagar. 33rd Cross. Banashankari. No. of Mgt. Bangalore . Bangalore-560 056 East West College of Management #1948/49.11 Bagalore University.O.585 103 Dr. Hubli-580 021 Karnataka Law Society's Institute of Management Education & Research. Via. Bangalore .G. Govt.2079. Tolahunase. Deptt.560 029 Dayananda College of Science Arts & Commerce. P. 2nd Stage. Bangalore .L. Studies. PG Deptt of Management. It Park Road.560 041. Bangalore University Malathahally. 12 25 26 13 27 14 28 15 29 16 30 17 18 31 19 32 20 33 21 34 22 35 23 36 . Yelahanka. Bangalore . 128. Hunasamaranahalli. RC Institute of Business Mgt.p.560 056 C. Bangalore . Gandhi Nagar.G. K. Old Madras Road. 7th Block. Karnataka Surthakal P. Davangere Dist. 4th T Block Jayanagar. Gulbaraga . Belgaum-590 006 National Institute of Tech.M. 2nd Main.132. IV Block. Narayanapura.B. S.560 060. Bangalore-560 084 C. Bellary-583 103 Indian Instt.K. 24th Main. 16th K. 27/2. Ambedkar Instt. 24 Virgonagar. Tilakwadi. 'E' Block. 3rd Block.O. Centre. Society's J. Ilnd Floor. 38th Cross. Ambedkar Instt.N. Navile. Jayanagar. Kuthanur P.577 201. Campus. Post Graduate Centre.37 Christ College.E. Gulbarga Univesity.t. Seshadri Road. Behind Aecs Layout.560 001. Srivinasnagar .560 011 Institute of Finance & International Mgt 2461. Near Jnana Bharathi Campus. Gulbarga-585 106 Doddappa Appa Institute for Master of Business Admn. Bangalore Department of Studies in Business Administration Kuvempu University..m. Vidyanagar. Hennur Banaswadi Layout. Shimoga . College of Commerce. Hosur Road. 11 Stage Bangalore . Jnana Bharathi. 8th Main. Bangalore .

90/2.S. of Business Administration.S.T. Karnataka Manipal Institute of Technology Manipal-576119. Administration and Research M..560 085 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 . University Campus.S.I. Kadugodi Post Bangalore-560 067 Mangalore University Dept. Dharwad . Malleswaram Circle. Mangalore .560 052 National First Grade College. Carmel Institute of Management. M.. Madhav Nagar Manipal. II Stage. 5th Cross. No-90/1. Bhopasandra R. Extn.560 054 Mahe Institute of Management University Campus. Post Bangalore . Metropolitan City Bangalore-560 001 M.E.E. Mangalagangothri.M.K. Ramaiah Road.574 199 Mt. Karnataka Karnataka Kaveri Institute of Mgmt. 58. Ramaiah Institute of Management.S.580 003 MP Birla Institute of Management Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan Race Course Road. Bangalore-560 094 NMAM Institute of Technology. Karnataka P.560 003 Karnataka University.Bangalore-560 077 37 Kurunji Venkatramana Gowda College of Engineering Sullia-574 327 Dakshina Kannada. Udupi District Karnataka MVJ College of Engineering (Near White Field).V. Bangalore . Kausali Institute of Management Studies. Institute of Technology 100 Feet Ring Road BSK III Stage Bangalore . Nitte-574110 D. Palace Road. 2nd Cross. Bangalore .

CA Site. Sy. Bhalki. Site No. Ambalipura Village. Juire .19.A. Bangalore-560 024 R K Institute of Management & Computer Science. Sangha's Institute of Management. Kairangala Village. Tumkur.14. B. Siddaganga Institute of Technology. Yelahanka Hobli. New Town Yelahanka Bangalore-560 064 Shri B.587 102.10. Bangalore-560 034 Regional Institute of Cooperative Management C. Hebbal. 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 . No. Kempapura. Ramohalli Cross. District.R. Bangalore South Taluk. Bangalore North SDM Institute of Management Dev.572 103. Mysore Road. 2D.26. College of Management Studies and Computer Application. Bidar-585 328 Sambhram Academy of Management Studies. Koramangta.V. Kumbalgodu. No. Jyothi Nagar.V. Sangha's Campus. Vidyaranyapura Post. Mangalore-574 153 Presidency College 33/2C. Bangalore-560 037 R. Banglaore-560074 Reddyjana Sangha First Grade College. Amba Bhavani Temple Road. Varthur Hobli.V. C/O Basavehswar Commerce College.V. 3rd Block.560 070 Rural Engineering College. Bagalkot . Padmanbhenagar Benashankari II Stage Bangalore . Bantwal Taluk.574 240 (Karnataka) Seshadripuram First Grade College No.1.50 PA College of Engineering Nadupadav.

Bangalore . Kammanahalli. Off. 163. 68 69 70 3 4 5 6 7 71 72 73 8 74 9 .L.V. Chickballapeer-562101 Sri Jayachamarajendra College of Engineering Mysore-570 006 Sri Siddhartha Institute of Management Studies. Management Studies. Bommanahalli. P. J. Tech. Kizhakemuri Estate. Bangalore-560 010 Xavier Institute of Management & Enterprise Electronics City.) School of Management Studies. 24th Main.20. Maralur.No.O. D.Moolamattom Road. School of Management & Tech.B. 40.560 025. Saraswathipuram. Coimbatore Road. School of Management & Business Studies.695 034 MES College Marampally. Bangalore . Thiruvananthapuram . I Phase. Kannur Dist.J. V. Mysore .T.V. Bangalore .A. Nagar. College of Business Mgmt. Vijayanagar Engineering College Bellary-583 104 Vivekananda Degree College of Arts. Kannur University Campus. Surana College. Gottigere Post. P. Road. Rajagiri.62 Sivananda Sarma Memorial R. Srinivas College of P.576 119 T. No. College 1st Phase. Idukki . Phase-II Hosur Road.C. 88/1.47. Site No. Mangalore-575 001 St. Tumkur. Pandeshwar.G. Bannerghatta Road. of Management Excellence A. 1st Main. Brigade Road. Bangalore-560 004 T. No.B.. 16. South End Road. C.685503 Department of Mgt. 12th Main Road. Commerece & Science No. Kalamassary .2899/2. Manasagangotri. Bangalore-560 078 Sri Jagadguru Chandrashekaranatha Swamiji Instt. Marutharode. Towers. Bangalore-560 083 T. Balmatta. Mayyil Post. Joseph College of Business Admn. Vagamon. Thalassery Kannur Dist.C. Hosur Road. of Management Studies. D. Sangha's Vijayanagara Institute of Management C/o. Kizhakemuri Foundation. Rajaji Nagar. Bangalore-560 068 Transformational Instt.561 229 63 76 64 77 65 78 66 67 KERALA 1 Cochin University. Rajouri College of Social Science. Crawford Hall.570 006.572 105. Pai Management Institute Manipal .C. Cochin-612 022 2 D.P.560 078. B. Palayad Post. Mysore-570 009 The Oxford College of Engineering. . Studies. John College. 75 University of Mysore. (University Of Sc.23-46. Nh .670 602 Kerala Univeristy. No. Dept. Pullikanam . Aluva (Karnataka) Mahatma Gandhi University.-670 661 Government College of Engineering Thiruvananthapuram-695016 Institute of Technology.683 104 PMA Management Foundation Management House. Palakkad-678 007.A. Mangalore-575 002 The Oxford College of Science. I Block. of Studies In Management Science. Basavangudi. SSIT Campus.

Kerala University of Calicut.695 016 8 Disaster Management Institute B-5. Bhopal .474 011 16 3 Central Institute of Agricultural Engineering Nabi Bagh. Bhopal .452 002 Institute of Cooprative Management E-8/77. Indore . Kerala. Tagore marg Indore .462 026 15 2 Bhartiya Vidya Mandir College of Management Education Yamuna Nagar. P.B. of Management Extol Centre of Excellence Near Lily Cinema Bhopal .474 011 Indore Institute of Technology & Management 23.485 331 Nayagaon Matilana Azad College of Technology Bhopal . Indore (M.452 003 Islamia Karimia College Sanyogita Gunj Indore . Dept. Rajagiri P. of Business management Sagar . Paryavaran Parisar Arera Colony. Thrissur.462 007 9 11 12 10 13 11 14 12 15 13 MADHYA PRADESH 14 1 Barkatullah University C. of Comm.S. Thiruvanthapuram . Beraria Road Bhopal -462 018 ISTE HANDBOOK 2003-04 Mahatma Gandhi Chitrakoot Gramodya Vishwavidyalaya Dist. Koflam. Satna. Kerala .462 008 Indian Institute of Tourizm & Travel Management Govindpuri. Thanagal Kunju Musaliar College of Engineering Quilon . Rajendra Nagar A. Berasia Road Bhopal .691 005. Institute of Management Studies Hoshangabad Road Bhopal .452 001 Jiwaji University School of Studies in Commerce & Management Gwalior-474 011 Maharishi Centre for Educational Excellence Lamba Kheda. Kerala. Zone-II Maharana Pratap Nagar Bhopal -462 011 Devi Ahilya Vishvavidyalaya International Institute of Professional Studies R. & Management Studies Tenhipalam.680566 St. Berchamans Institute of Mgmt. Kalamssery.452 001 Devi Ahilya Vishvavidyalaya Institute of Management Studies Takshashila Campus Khandwa Road. University of Kerala.O. Gaur University Faculty of Management Studies Dept.462 038 Crescent institute of management 244. Changanacherry.683 104 Sree Narayana College. Professors' Colony Bhopal-462 010 IPS Academy-The School of Management Hukmakhedi.P. Chitrakoot . Calicut .. Gwalior . Park Road.462 039 Institute of Professional Education and Research 4-A. Road.O. Darpan Colony Thatpur. GSITS Indore .R.10 Rajagiri Institute of Management. Dept of Business Administration.N.686 101.673 635. H. Gwalior . Trilanga Road Shahpura.) 17 4 18 5 19 6 20 . College of Engineering.470 003 Extol instt.462 016 Dr. Dist. Nattika.

71 Gamasta Nagar.5. Vikram University J. Indore 27 28 Samrat Ashok Technological Institute Vidisha -464 011 Shri Vaishnav Institute of Management Scheme No. & Mgmt.21 MLB Arts & Commerce Institute of Management Gwalior . Vidya Bharti Institute of Research & P G Studies in Sc.P.P. Sukh Niwas Road Indore . Manik Vikas Colony Gandhi Road.B. No. Opp. Bombay Hospital.474 012 32 26 MAHARASHTRA 1. C K Naidu Marg Camp Amravati . Indore . AB Road. Jabalpur . Gwalior .N. 30 24 Prestige Institute of Management 93. Ring Road. Gwalior .474 009 Pioneer Institute of Professional Studies Mahalaxmi Nagar.452 009 Vidyasagar Institute of Management Barkheda Pathani Bhopal.444 602 . Press Complex Prabhat Kiran Building Agra-Bombay Road. South Civil Lines P.474 100 31 25 Prestige Institute of Management & Research 25. Bhopal Xavier Institute of Development Action and Studies Sneh Sadan Campus 599. M.152 008 Rajiv Gandhi Vocation Education & Training Centre Sakshi Parisar Urvai Gate. institute of Business Management Ujjain-456 010 VNS Institute of Management 145. Dewas MP. M.482 001 22 29 23 Prestige Institute of Management Bawadia. Zone-ll. Nagar.

N-4. Studies & Research Nerul. of Mgmt. Athrva Inst.2. Studies Ashok Nagar Mumbai 24.431 003 Bhartiya Gramin Punarrachana Sansthas Rajashree Shahu Inst. New Mumbai . 9. of Mgmt. Chetana's R K Inst. K J Somaiya Inst. Shiromani Gurudwara Prabhandak Committee Guru Nanak Institute of Mgmt.400 001 Anjuman-l-lslam Inst. M E T Institute of Management Bandra (West) Mumbai .400 022 15. of Mgmt. Prabhadevi Mumabi . & Research Borivali Mumbai -400 103 26. CIDCO Aurangabad .400 706 29. Francis Inst. S P Mandal's Principal L N Welingkar Institute of Mgmt. Mumbai-400 019 14. Mumbai 11. St. Shri Vile Parle Kelvani Mandal's Narsee Monjee Inst. 7.. Vidya Vihar (East) Mumbai . Kharghar (E) Navi Mumbai . Studies Badruddin Tyabji Marg Mumbai 16. Studies Vile Parle (West) Mumbai . 10.400 056 21. SSGMSS College of Engineering Dept. 8. Mumbai . Studies Malvani. of Mgt. of Mgmt.6.400 050 19. Bharati Vidya Bhavan's S P Jain's Institute of Mgmt. Aurangabad .N. Studies & Research Bandra (West) Mumbai .400 034 12. 4. Studies & Research New Panvel.400 050 20. B A Naik Road. of Business Admn. Chembur Mumbai .400 071 . Indian Institute of Material Mgmt. 5. & Research Shegaon .400 077 23. Aurangabad Aditya College of MBA Barshi Road Chowk Beed-431 122 A D Mody Inst.400 032 Xavier Institute of Management St.400 210 28.400 050 18. for Tech.431 005 Maulana Azad Edu. I T M Trusts Inst. Xavier College Campus Bhobitalao. B V Inst. Raigad Dist. Zagdu Singh Charitable Trust Thakur Inst. of Investment Studies Fort. Khalsa College Matunga. Vivekanand Education Society's Institute of Management Studies & Research Sindhi Society. Maratha Mandir's Babasaheb Gawade Institute of Management Studies Dr. Mumbai . & Research Andheri (West) Mumbai . College & Research Centre Bandra (West). of Mgmt. 27. of Mgmt. CIDCO. Rizvi Inst. 6. Studies & Res. Mahatma Gandhi Mission's Institute of Mgmt. Studies C/o G. of Mgmt. & Research Bandra (East) Mumbai .400 095 25. & Mgmt. Mumbai .400 058 22. Lala Lajpatrai Institute of Management Mahalaxmi (West) Mumbai . Indian Education Society Mgmt. Malad Mumbai . Mahatma Education Society's Institute of Mgmt. of Mgmt. Studies & Research Navi Mumbai -400 614 3. of Management MIT BIdg.400 025 13. Development & Research Mumbai .444 203 Institute of Management N . Trusts Institute of Management Rouza Baugh.51 17.

of Mgmt. in Nature & Social Sc. of Mgmt. M G Vidya Mandir's M G Inst.440 012 39. of Mgmt. All India Shri Shivaji Memorial Society Shivaji Nagar. Studies & Research Nagpur-440 010 38. Gokhale Education Society's J D C Byteco Inst.422 005 51.413 709 50. & Research Gondia-441 614 35. of Res. of Mgmt. of Business Management Research & Development Nagpur .400 703 33. P. of Mgmt. & Edu. Nagpur . of Mgmt. Sciences Ramtek-441 103 Nagpur Dist. Studies & Res. Govindram Seksaria College of Comm. Agnel Charities.440 010 40. Anjuman Khairul Islam's Pune Inst. Ambedkar College Dept. Dr. of Mgmt.422 009 54. & Research Nashik-422 032 52. of Mgmt. Navjeevan Education Society's Navjeevan Inst.442 402 36.440 022 43.441 302 Distt. Nagpur 44. Studies & Research Nagpur. Yugantar Education Society Tirpude College of Social Work Dept.440 022 42. Ahmednagar-413 736 49.O. Nashik . C P Berar Education Society's Dept. of Management Nashik . Sector-1. of Mgmt.422 002 53. Law & Mgmt. Gondia Education Society's N M D Post Graduate College of Arts-Commerce. SSES Dhanwate National Institute of Mgmt. Tech. Pravara Inst.411 005 55. & Res. Gondia Education Society.441 904 34. & Science Dept. Studies & Research Nagpur . Fr. Studies Vashi. Navi Mumbai . Studies Nerul. Nashik District Maratha Vidya Prasarak Samaj Inst. Conceicao Rodrigues Inst. of Tech. Niranjanlal Dalmia Education Society's N L Dalmia Inst. of Mgt.440 001 45. Sarvodaya S Mandal's Sardar Patel Mahavidyalaya Dept.30. Chintamani Academy of Management Studies Wardha 47. Stud. Dept. S I E S College of Mgmt. Research & Technology Nashik . 41. of Mgmt. Rayat Institute of Management Research for Rural Development Ahmednagar . of Mgmt. G S College of Commerce & Economics Dept. Studies & Research Chandrapur . Science & Research Nagpur. -401 104 31. & Research Centre J M Patel College Bhandara . Shikshan Prasarak Mandal's Dept. Lokmanya Tilak J S Sanstha's Lokmanya Tilak Institute of Management Studies & Research Nagpur . Dept. Pune .440 025 46. of Mgmt. of Mgmt.400 706 32.440 002 37. Institute of Business Mgt. & Research Nagpur . Entrepreneurship Pune-411 001 Sci. Mira Thane Dist. & Economics Wardha 48. Kavikulguru Inst. Vidya Shikshan Prasarak Mandal's Central Inst. of Adv. N Y S S Inst. Navi Mumbai . Studies Nabira Mahavidyalya Campus Katol . of Management Sc. & . & Admn. Studies & Research Tulsibag.

Bansilal Ramnath Agarwal Charitable Trust Vishwakaram institute of Managemnet Bibwewadi.416 234 83. of Business Education & Research University Road. & Entrepreneurship Dev. Maharashtra Academy of Engg. University Road. Pune . of Mgmt. Pune Dist. Pune-411 004 75. Pune -411 007 76.416 004 81. Pune-411 016 61. & Res. KITS institute of Management Education & Research Shirgaon.416 002 82. M J S Mandal's Institute of Mgmt. Symbiosis Institute of Business Mgmt. Pune . Sinhgad Technical Education Society Sinhgad Institute of Management Pune-411 041 74. Poona District Education Association Ahatma Phule Institute of Management Pune-411 028 66. Vikhe Patil Foundations Centre for Mgmt. Kolhapur . & Research Pune-411 009 70. for Women Karvenagar. Maharashtra Cosmopolitan Edu. . Vaikunth Mehta National Inst. Bharati Vidyapeeth's Inst. & Education Research's M I T School of Management Kothrud Pune-411 038 64. & Training Pune -411 004 67. Dr. Admin. Hiraben Nanavati Inst. & Rural Dev. Institute of Science Poona's Inst. Marathwada Mitra Mandal's Institute of Management Edu. of Mgmt. Chhatrapati Shahu Central Inst.411 004 62. Pune . & Career Development Nigdi. Shri Shivaji Maratha Society's Institute of Management Pune-411 002 78. Erandwane Pune. Dr. Indian Inst. Kolhapur . & Research Pune-411 019 57. Modern Education Society's Nevelte Wadia Institute of Management Studies & Research Pune-411 001 68. of Career Development & Research Pune-411 030 71. of Management Kolhapur. Audyogik Shikshan Mandal's Inst. of Co-op. Shri Chanakya Education Society's Indira Institute of Management Shivajinagar. of Cost Mgmt. Mgt. Research & Dev. B V Institute of Mgt. of Mgmt. of Mgmt. Sangli-416415 . Society's Institute of Management Science Pune-411 011 77.56. N G Naralkar Inst.411 044 69. Pune-411 038 58. of Management Kolhapur. D Y Patil Inst. of Business Mgmt. of Business Mgmt. Shivnagar Vidya Prasarak Mandal's Institute of Management Baramati.411 005 73. Data System Research Foundation Pune-411 001 59. Pune 79.413 115 72. B V Inst.416 002 80. & Research Pimpri Pune-411 018 60. S P Mandal's Prin. Maharshi Karve Stree Shikshan Sanstha's Smt. D R K College of Commerce Dept. Social Research Pune-411 030 63. Studies & Res.411 052 65. Progressive Education Society's Inst. Res.

431 005 93. of Master of Business Administration Amravati University Amravati 96. Bharati Vidyapeeth's Yashwantrao Mohite Institute of Management Karad-415 110 88.400 020 95. Studies Research & Enterprenureship Education Mumbai . of Mgmt.84. University At. of Management Studies Satara-415 001 89. Sangli Dist.413 002 92.751 012 Institute of Management & Information Technology Cuttack . of Management Studies Aurangabad . -415 414 86. of Management Studies Solapur.431 606 ORISSA 1. Government College of Engineering Dept. Studies Mumbai . Dev. 4. Tal. 5. Institute of Co-operative Management Bhubaneswar . of Business Administration Sambalpur University Sambaipur . of Mgmt.760 007 Dept.400 087 94. Rayat Shikshan Sanstha's Dhananjayrao Gadgil College of Commerce Dept. Jamnalal Bajaj Inst.753 007 Dept. Manegaon Raigad Dist. B V Institute of Management Solapur.756 001 3. National Institute of In. Nanded . V P Institute of Management Studies & Res. Miraj. & Institute of Mgmt. of Business Administration Utkal University Bhubaneswar . Studies College of Engineering & Polytechnic Dept. of Mgmt. Development & Research Solapur-413 002 91. of Management Studies Sangli Dist. Dept. Dr. Dept. S N D T Women's University Institute of Management Studies Mumbai .751 004 Academy of Business Administration Balasore . .768 019 Dept. Commerce Department Aurangabad 97. Deccan Education Society's Chintamanrao Inst. Sangli-416 415 85. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada Univ. Hirachand Nemchand College of Commerce Dept. Swami Ramanand Teerth Marathwada University School of Commerce & Management Science Vishnupuri. Sydenham Inst.400 020 99. of Management Studies North Maharashtra University Jalgaon . of Business Management Law College Compound Nagpur . .440 001 104. . of Mgmt.400 020 100. Babasaheb Ambedkar Tech. Kasegaon Education Society's Dept. Dept. Shivaji University Vidyanagar Kolhapur-416 004 103. Department of Commerce & Management Pune University Pune~411 007 102. D A V Velankar College of Comm. 6. Dr.402 103 98. Engineering Mumbai . & Res. of Business Administration Berhampur University Berhampur . Lonere. 2.425 001 101.413 004 90.446 410 87.

Amritsar. Institute of Management & Info. Gandhi Institute of Management Studies Gunupur .S Nagar (Mohali) . G. & Tech. Department of Business & Commerce.751 010 20. Bhubaneswar Institute of Management & Information Technology Rasulgarh. 8. Science Bhubaneswar .751 001 Asian Workers Development Institute Rourkela . of Mgt. 2410458. Barapada .769 005 22. S M Institute of Technology P G Centre for Mgmt. Punjab. Rourkela Institute of Mgmt.751 007 16. Studies Ankushpur. New Jawahar Nagar. A.751 030 14. Institute of Business Admn. & Tech.T.751 010 11. Studies Rourkela . Mahavir Marg. Patiala Dr. Studies Manipur University Canchipur. Rajdhani College of Engineering & Management Bhubaneswar .143 005 Institute of Management & Computer Technology Om Parkash Bansal Modern School Campus. Imphal . Sangrur.T.753 008 18.751 013 MANIPUR 1.S. University. Institute of Management Bhubaneswar . Mandi. Manipur institute of Mgt. Gobindgarh-147 301 2 10. Dalewal (Bhunga) Distt. Rayagada 3 4 12. Bhubaneswar . Gujarkhan Campus. Academy of Management Studies Bhubaneswar .756 113 Bhadrak PUNJAB 1 Apeejay College of Fine Arts. C.144 001. Dhuri Road. Bansal Director Guru Nanak Institute of Mgmt. Ludhiana-141001 [0161-2401461. & Training Patia. Khurda . Global Institute of Management Mahatab Road. VIII. Ludhiana-141002 Guru Nanak Dev. Hoshiarpur (Punjab) Guru Nanak instt. Jalandhar City-144 001 Centre For Management Training & Res. Road..751 016 21. Insitute Of Management & Information Tech. Maqsudan . Bhai Gurdas College of Engg & Tech. Institute of Business & Computer Studies Bhubaneswar . Cuttack . Phase VIII. Distt.751 010 17. Harbanspura..752 008 8 19. Jalandhar .7. Xavier Institute of Management Bhubaneswar . Puri . 9.761 100 Ganjham 23. Model Town. Industrial Area. Punjab.795 003 10 9 6 5 7 11 . Amloh (Punjab) Gian Jyoti Institute of Management & Technology Nabha. E-44..769 002 Bhadrak Institute of Engineering & Tech.765 022. Institute of Professional Studies & Res.A.753 001 13.751 031 15. Cuttack . Regional College of Management Bhubaneswar . Model Town. S. Orissa Engineering College Harirajpur.160 059 Desh Bhagat institute of Management & Computer Science Mandi Gobindgarh Road. (For Girls Only) Gujarkhan Campus. 2404461] Guru Nanak Institute of Management & Technology.

Punjab. (MIMIT). Beside Om Parkash Bansal Modern School.T. Distt. 1. Dept of Business Management.141 004 Punjabi University Department of Business Management Patiaia .302 015 318 ISTE HANDBOOK 2003-04 Baba Mungipa Institute of Management & Technology Pilani . Udaipur . Prabhu Dayal Marg. Punjab College of Tech. Jaipur. Centre For Management Studies. Jaipur . Malout.302 011.302 004. Ludhiana (Punjab) Punjab Institute of Management & Tech.302 017. Kapurthala (Punjab) Jamna Devi Institute of Management Village Sangudhon.140 412. Vyas Univesity.12 International Instt. Jawahar Lai Nehru Marg. Teh. Rajasthan Vidyapeeth. Opp. Mahaveer Marg. Hardaspur. Lovely Valley. EPIP Sitapura.333 031. Jodhpur . Tambi Petrol Pump Jaipur. Bikaner-334 006 Institute of Management Studies.S. Kalyan Path. Muktsar. Indian International School of Management. Education. Gobindgarh-147301 Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology (Deemed University) Patiala . Near Police Memorial. Mansarovar. 6-7. Institute of Management Studies Faculty of Management S. Ludhiana . Indian Institute of Rural Management. Banasthali Vidyapith . Sector. & Management SP-5.12.304 022. Jaipur (Rajasthan) Deepshika College of Technical Education Near Peetal Factory Circle Opp. Jaipur . of Information Tech. Oriented Management P.N. 13 2 14 . The HCM Rajasthan State Institute of Public Admn. Fatehgarh Sahib . Moga (Punjab) Malout Institute of Management & information Technology.342 001 4 13 14 5 15 6 16 17 7 18 19 8 9 20 10 21 RIMT Institute of Management & Computer Tech. Near Chehru Rly Bridge Phagwara Dist. 7 A RIICO. Department of Business Management.302 016 Indian Inst of Management Sciences. New Grain Market. Tonk Road..147 004 11 22 12 RAJASTHAN 1 Apex Institute of Management Lal Kothi Scheme Opposite New Assemly Bulding.O. RIICO Industrial Area. Pratapnagar. Mandi. Muktsar (Punjab) Lala Lajpat Rai Memorial Management Institute Dhudike. Rampuria Jain College Jai Narain Vyas Nagar. Jaipur . Bikaner .334 003 J.Road. Mandi Gobindgarh . Institute of Agriculture Business Management Rajasthan Agricultural University.313 001.147 301 Punjab Agricultural University. Jaipur . Jaipur Indian Institute of Health Management & Research. of Management.302 020. Institutional Complex Sitapura. Mata Gujri College.J.147 002 3 BV's Women's Inst for Studies In Dev. G. Baddowal.B. ITBP Camp. Compucom Instt. Ferozpur Road.

Kota . R.636 106 Amrita Institute of Management Ettimadai P. The Institute of Certified Manangement Accountants of India D-187. of Mgt.K.V.324 005. Hanumangarh Road Sriganganagar . Rajasthan-332 211 Maharishi Arvind Institute of Science & Management Amba Bari Cricle. Chennai . Ajmer . Modi Educaiton Complex.C. Modi College of Engineering & Tech.305 001 27 Shri Atam Vallabh Jain Kanya Mahavidyalaya Sadama Nagar Morh. Udaipur . Jaipur. M. Coimbatore641 105. Minambakkam. Ramalingapuram.A.313 001 Om Kothari Institute of Management. 2. Bhawani Singh Lane.302 001. Pacific Institute of Management. Jaipur .602105 Aarupadai Vidu Inst of Management Students 34. Samyukta Nagar Scheme Ajmer-305 001. Jaipur-302 012 Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati University. Adaikala Matha College Vallam. Jaipur-302 016 16 28 17 29 18 TAMIL NADU 1 A. 7 8 26 9 10 . Govindaswamy Street. Dist.. Faculty of Management Studies.M. Thanjavur-613403 Adhiparasakthi Engineering College. Bhrigu Marg. College Of Science. Adhiyamaan College of Engineering Hosur635 109 Algappa University Department of Management Studies Alagappapuram. Madras6010.335 001 Subodh Inst of Management & Carrer Studies Rambagh Circle. College of Engineering.302 004. Attur Main Road Salem . Amba Bari. Bani Park. Melmarvathur603 301 MGR Dist. Jain Institute of Management.302 001. Tonk Road. Sriperumbudur Taluk Kancheepuram Dist. Kilpauk. Kantichandra Road. 6 23 24 25 Mohan Lal Sukhadia University. Ajmer Road. Nagpattinam. Lohagal.N.. 3. Via Madukarai. Arignar Anna Instt. Tamil Nadu A. Marg. 31-B. Studies & Computer Application Pennalur.V. No. University of Rajasthan. Jaipur . J. Chengai. Jaipur . Jhalawar Road.O. Mundra Bhawan. Management & Commerce institute of Global Synergy. Laxmangarh. Indian Institute of Management. Bhawani Singh Road.S. Kota. Jaipur . Landons Road. Udaipur -313 001. Mannampandal.600 114 A. 5/97.302 015. Modi institute of Management & Technology. Podar Institute of Management.shikar.M.. Dadbari. Karaikudi-623 003 19 2 20 3 4 21 5 22 Malviya National Institue of Technology School of Management Studies.15 Jaipur Institute For Integrated Learning In Management llnd Floor. School Of Management Studies. New Fatehpura.302 017.

High Road. Vadamavandal (Near Kanchupuram) Namandi (P. Ganapathy.V.R.R.-638 701 24 Cresent Engg. Coimbatore641 061. MGR Engineering College.D. Bhel Complex. Coimbatore-641 014 Dr. Gandhipuram. Nagapatinam-601 001 Easwari Engineering College for Women. Ramapuram. Road. Guindy. Jaladampet.B. Tiruchirappalli Bharthidasan University School of Distance Education Tiruchirappalli C. Mary Land. Kangayam Periyar Distt. Sathy Road. Thirunelveli-627 012 Dr. Coimbatore-641 004 Guruvayurappan Institute of Management. Directorate of Distance Education Department of Business Administration Annamalainagar . Salai. Coimbatore641 042 CMS College of Sc. Coimbatore-641 012 Cheran Institute of Management Studies.M. & Hr. College. 01 Old Mahabalipuram Road. Pariyar E. Chennai-600 106 D. Goverdhan Doss Vaishnav College. Kodambakkam. Arumbakkam.608 002 Arullmigu Kalaslingam College of Engineering Krishnankoil-626190 Arulmigu Meenakshi Amman College Of Engg. & Commerce Chinnavedampatty. Bharathi. Mandapam Post Coimbatore-641 032 Department of Management Studies. Sc. Arcot Road. (School of Excellence of Bharathidasan University) Post Box No. 12. 514-h. Education For Women. Chennai Bharthidasan Institute of Management.G. Avinash Lingam Institute of Hr.J. Gr Damodaran Institute of Management Civil Aerodrome Post. 1001. (Deemed University) Coimbatore Bharath Institute of Science & Tech. G. No.Pillay Engineering College. Dept of Management Studies. Vandalur. Sardar Patel Road. P. Coimbatore-641 006 Hindustan College of Engineering. Chennai 12 25 13 26 14 27 15 28 16 29 17 30 31 18 32 19 20 33 21 34 22 35 36 23 . GRG School of Management Studies.T. 445. Cross Cut Road.S.11 Anna University. Academy for Management Excellence. Periyar E. Shanmuga llIam.)604410 Asan Memorial College of Arts & Science. Maduravoyal. Cheran Nagar.B. Fatima College Campus.V. Manomaniam Sundarnar University.S. "Sakethapuri" Kovaipudur. Velacherytambaram Road. Chennai-600 025 Annamalai University. Avanashi Road. Podur-603 103 Institute of Engineering Technology 353. Chennai . Chennai-602 102 E. Peelamedu. Madurai-625 018. for Women. Othakkal. College. 173 Agharam Road.O. High Road. Coimbatore Institute of Management & Technology. Chennai-601 302. Chennai-6089 Fatima College. Saiaiyur. Keiambakkam.600048 D.

Poolangulathuppatti (P. Sivapuram.3330. Jeppiaar Engineering College Jeppiaar Nagar. L. Kasturi Ranga Road. Tiruninrauvr-602 024.V. J J. Old Mamallapuram Road. Coimbatore-641 021. IV Lane. Jaya Engineering College. Konthagai P. Kuntrathur. Amathur Post-626 005 MOP Vaishnav College for Women. K. Thokkavadi. Palladam Taluk. Madurai-625 021 Maharaja College for Women. Chennai-600 119 K. Chimasamy Street. Pottapaiayam-623 611. Somangalam Road.J. Loyola College. Coimbatore-641 407 Maharaja Engineering College. Ammapettai. Tiruchirapalli Jansons School of Business Sur. P. College of Arts & Science. Rangasamy College of Arts & Science.N. Perundurai-638 052 Mohammad Sathak College of Arts & Sciences Sholinganallur.B. Coimbatore . 14-A. Mepco Schlenk Engg. College of Engineering. Karunya Nagar. Rangasamy College of Technology Thokkavadi. Coimbatore Dt. Chennai 51 38 52 39 53 54 40 41 55 42 56 43 57 44 45 58 59 46 60 47 61 48 62 49 Karpagagam College of Engg. Saptagiri College of Engineering 9-B. Tiruchengode-637 209.S.S. Erode-638 107. Nungambakkam High Road.) Tiruchirappalli Jamal Mohamed College. Dharmapuri Erode-636 701 Loyola Institute of Business Admn.B. Vellore-632 006. No.E. Winding Driver. 27. J. Thoppupaiayam. K. Karunya Institute of Technology. College. SIDCO.J.O.O. Chennai Institute of Financial Management & Research P. Jabberpet. Palkalai Nagar. Erode-638 052. Nungambakham Chennai Madha Engineering College.37 Institute for Technology & Management Russian Cultural Centre. Chennai Institute of Social Science & Research Greenwoods.641032 63 . 30 Kothari Road. Mayileripalayam Post.No. (MBA Programme) Othakkalmandapam Village. Nanjanapuram. Lic Colony. Nagar.L. 17. Namanasamudram-622 404 J. 20.No. Chennai Maharaja Arts and Science College Arasur(PO). Nungambakkam. Coimbatore-641 054. No. Coimbatore-641 114 Kongu Engineering College. Sivakasi. Racecourse Road. Kongu Arts & Science College. Khajanagar. Avinashi. Sterling Road. Tiruchengode-637 209 50 Karpagam Arts & Science College.: 446/3 & 446/4 Karumathampatty Village. Neelambur. Chennai Madurai Kamraj University Department of Management Studies. College of Engineering.


Mohammad Sathak Engineering College, Kilakarai - 623 806 Dist. Ramanathapuram N.M.S.S.V. Nadar College, Nagamalai, Madurai-625 019


Priyadarshini Engineering College, Bharat Nagar, Chettiyappanur, Vaniyambadi-635 751 PSG College of Technology Peelamedu, Coimbatore -641 004 PSGRK College for Women Dept. of Management Studies, Peelamedu, Coimbatore-641 004. PSNA College of Engg &. Tech Muthanampatty (PO), Dindigul -624 622 R.I. Institute of Management Studies, T.V.R. Nagar, Madurai-625 022 R.V.S. Institute of Management Studies & Research C/O R.V.S. College of Arts & Science K.V.K. Thattam, Trichy Road, Sulur641 402. Coimbatore Dist. Raja College of Engineering & Technology, S.V.raja Nagar, Veerapanjan, Madurai-625 020. Rajalakshmi Engineering College, Rajalakshmi Nagr, Thandalam, Sriperumbudur-602 105 RVS College of Engineering, RVS Nagar, Dindigul-624 004 Regional Engineering College, Dept. of Management Studies, Tiruchirapalli S.I.V.E.T. College, Gowrivakkam, Chennai-601 302 ISTE HANDBOOK 2003-04 323 S.N.R. Sons College SNR College Road, Coimbatore-641 006 S.R.M. College of Arts & Science S.R.M. Nagar, Kattankulathur Kancheepuram Sankara Institute of Management Sc, Saravanapatti, Coimbatore-641 035 Saranathan College of Engineering, Tiruchirapalli - 620 012.

78 65 66 67 79 Nesamony Memorial Christian College Marthandam - 629 165 (Tamil Nadu) National Institute of Human Resource Developement No. 7, burning Lane Off, 151, Santhome High Road, Chennai Nehru College of Management, 451-D, Nehru College Campus, Palghat Main Road, Kuniamuthur, Coimbatore-641 008. New College Institute of Management, Association Gardens 87, Peter's Road, Royapthah, Chennai Noorul Islam College of Engineering Post Box No. 1, Thuckalay (Tamil Nadu) 84 71 P.K.R. Arts College For Women, Periyar Road, Gobichettipalayam-638 476. 85 72 P.R.Institute of Management, Pooaiyah, Ramajayam College, Yagappachavady Thanjavur-614 904 Panimalar Engineering College Bangalore Trunk Road Varadrajapuram, Nasarthpet Poonamallee, Chennai-602103 Panimalar Inst of Management Studies & Computer Science 23, Railway Colony li Street, Nelson Manicakam Road, Chennai Park's College, Chinnakkarai, Tirupur-641 605. 90 76 Pee Gee College of Arts & Science. 9-B.W.D.C. Street, Dharmapuri-636 701. 91 86 80

81 68 82








89 75


SCS Kothari Academy for Women, SBK House17, Venkatapatti, Streetkilpauk (Tamil Nadu) Sengunthar Institute of Management Studies, Neikkarapatti, Kuppandapalayam (PO), Via. Kumaramangalam, Tiruchengode-637 205. Shanmugha Arts Sc. Tech & Res. Academy, Shanmugha Complex, Tirumalaisamudram, Thanjavur-613 402 Shrimati Indira Gandhi College for Women, Tiruchirapalli SIET School of Management, Sundarakkottai-614012 Mannargudi, Tamil Nadu Sona Nagar, Thiagarajar Polytechnic Road, Suramangaiam Post Salem-636 006 Sree Saraswathi Thyagaraja College, Thippampatti, Pollachi-642 107 Sree Sastha Instt. of Engg. And Tech. Chembarambakkam, Near Thirumazhisai Indl. Estate Chennai-602 103

104 Sri Sairam Engineering College, Poonthandalam Dharkast, West Tambaram, Chennai-600044 105 SRM Institute of Management Studies, SRM Engineering College, SRM Nagar, (Chengalapattu M.G.R. Dist.) Kattankulathur-603 203 106 SSM College of Engineering Salem Main Road, Komarapalayam-638183 107 St. Mary's School of Management Studies, Old Mamallapuram Road, Chennai 108 Sathyabama Engg. College, Sathyabhama School Of Management Studies, Jeppiaar Nagar, Old Mamallapuram Road, Chennai 109 Shobha School of Management, Alambadi Village, Kangeyam Taluk, Periyar District 110 Sourashtra College, Dept. of Management Studies, Pasumalai, Madurai-625 004 111 Sree Aman Institute of Mgt & Research V. Thairppalayam (PO) Chittode (Via) Erode-638 102 112 Sri Nehru M.V. College of Arts & Sc Shri Combhirmal Bafria Nagar, Malumachampatti, Coimbatore-641 021 113 Sri Sankara School of Management Computer Science No. 2, Murugavel Nagar, LIC Colony, Trichy 114 Sri Sivasubramaniya Nadar School of Management and Computer Applications, Kalavakkam, Chengalpattu Taluk, Kanchipuram Dist-603 110 115 Shram Engineering College, G.S.T. Road, Vandalur, Chennai








100 Sri Chandresekharendra Saraswathi Viswa Mahavidyalaya Department of Management Studies, Deemed University, Enathur Sri Jayendra Saraswathi Street, Kancheepurarn-631 552. 101 Sri Krishna College of Engg. & Tech., Sugunapuram, Kunlamuthur (PO) Coimbatore-641 008 102 Sri Pushpam College of Tech Education, A.V.V.M, Sri Pushpam College Poondi, Thanjavur Dt-613 503 103 Sri Ramachandra College of Management of Sri Ramachandra Medical College of Research Instt., (Deemed University), Porur Chennai

116 Shram Institute of Management, 18, Evening Bazaar Road, Chennai 117 St. Joseph College of Engineerig, Jeppiaar Nagar, Old Mamallapuram Road, Chennai 118 St. Peter's Institute of Management, Avadi, Chengai (T.N.) 119 Tagore Engg College Rathnamangalam, Chennai-600048 120 Thangavelu Engineering College Old Mahabalipuram Road, Karapakkam, Chennai-600096 121 Thanthai Hans Roever College, Elambalur Post, Perambaiur Tk, Thiruvalluvar Dist.-621 212 122 The Ethiraj College for Women, Ethiraj Salai, Chennai-600 105. 123 Thiagarajar School of Management Pamban Swami Nagar Thirupprankundran Madurai-625 005 124 Tamil Nadu Agricultural University Coimbatore-641 003 125 Tamil Nadu College of Engineering Kammathampatti, Coimbatore-638 659 126 Thangavelu College of Science & Mgt. Attur Tk, Sekkadipatti, Salem Dist. (Tamil Nadu) 127 The American College, Dept of Management Studies Alagarkoil Road, Madurai-625 002. 128 The Indian Engineering College, Raja Nagar, Tirunelveli, Vadakangulam-627 116 Kotlabomman Dist. 129 University of Madras Dept of Management Studies, Chepauk, Chennai-600005 130 V.L.B. Janakiammal College of Engineering & Technology, Kovaipudur Post, Coimbatore-641 042. 131 V.M. Kirupananda Variyar Engineering College, 44-A, Second Agraharam, Salem-636 001

132 Valliammal College, E-9, Anna Nagar East, Chennai-600 102 133 Vel Rangarajan High Tech Engg College, 60, Avadi-alamathi Road, Vellanur, Chennai-600062 134 Vel Sri Ranga Sanku College, 42, Allamathi Road, Avadi, Chennai-600062 135 Vel Sri Rangarajan Sakunthala College of Multimedia 42, Avadi Alamathi Road Chennai - 600062 136 Vel Tech, Santi Sudha, No. 24, A.B.M. Avenue, Opp. Park Sheraton Hotel, Chennai-600028 137 Vel's College of Science, Old Pallavaram, Chennai-600043 138 Vellore Institute of Technology Institute of Management Studies, Vellore 139 VGP School of Management, Injambakkam, Chennai-600044 140 Vivekanandha Institute of Information & Management Studies Vivekanadha College for Engg. for Women Campus Elayampalayam Thiruchinludu, Namakkal-637205 141 VLB Janakiammal College of Arts & Science, Kovaipudur, Coimbatore-641 042 142 Vysya Institute of Mgmt. Studies, Ramakrishnapuram, Ayodyapattinam(PO), Salem-636 103 143 Vellamal College of Management and Computer Studies, Vellamal Gardens, T.S. Krishan Nagar, Chennai - 600060

144 Virudhunagar Hindu Nadar's Senthikumara Nadar College, Virudhunagar-626 001 UTTAR PRADESH 1 2 G.B. Pant Social Science Institute Jhusi, Allahabad-211 019


Deptt. of Business Management & Entrepreneurship Dr. R.M.L. Avadh University Faizabad - 224 001 Ch. Charan Singh University Modi Institute of Mgmt. Excellence Meerut - 250 005 Bundelkhand University Deptt. of Business Administration Bareilly - 243 006 Deptt. of Business Management & Entrepreneurship Dr. R.M.L. Avadh University Faizabad - 224 001 Ch. Charan Singh University Modi Institute of Mgmt. Excellence Meerut - 250 005 Bundelkhand University Deptt. of Business Administration Institution of Economics & Finance Kanpur Road, Jhansi - 284 001 Deptt. of Applied Economic Lucknow University, Lucknow - 226 007 Institute of Development Studies Lucknow University Lucknow - 226 007 Institute of Finance & Management Lucknow University Lucknow - 226 007 V.B.S. Purvanchal University Deptt. of Business Management Jaunpur - 222 001 M.G. Kahsi Vidyapity's Institute of Management Studies Mahatam Gamdhi Kashi Vidyapeeth Campus Varanasi - 221 002 Department of Business Administration Deen Dayal Upadhyay Gorkhpur Univ. Gorakhpur - 273 009 Motilal Nehru Institute of Research & Business Administration University of Allahabda Chatham Lines Campus Allahabad, U.P. Allahabad Agricultural Deemed Univ. Allahabad, U.P.


16 School of Management Studies Motilal Nehru Regional Engg. College Allahabad -211 004 17 3 Institute of Co-operative & Corporate Management Research & Training 21/467, Ring Road, Indira Nagar Lucknow - 226 016 18 4 Institute of Engineering & Technology Sitapur Road Lucknow - 226 021 19 5 6 Madan Mohan Malaviya Engg. College Railway State, Gorakhpur (U.P.) Institute of Engineering & Rural Tech. 26, Chatham Lines Campus Allahabad - 211 002 Institute of Business Administration Chhatrapati Sahu Ji Maharaj University Kanpur, U.P. S.P.C. Jain Institute of Commerce Business Management & Economics, Khandari (Dr. B.R. Ambedkar University) Agra - 282 004 Aligarh Muslim University Deptt. of Business Administration Aligarh - 202 002 University of Lucknow Deptt. of Business Administration Lucknow - 226 007 Banaras Hindu University School of Management Studies Varanasi - 221 005 Institute of Tourism Studies Lucknow University Lucknow - 226 007 M.J.P. Rohilkhand University Deptt. of Business Administration Bareilly - 243 006 24 20














Institute of Productivity & Management Management House Duhai, Ghaziabad - 201 206 Institute of Management Studies C-238, Buiandshahar Road Lai Quan, P.B. No.57 Duhai, Ghaziabad - 201 009 Graduate School of Business & Administration R-8/8, Raj Nagar, P.B. No.5 Ghaziabad - 201 001 Institute of Productivity & Management 1, Azad Nagar, Kalyanpur G.T.Road, Kanpur - 208 017 Lai Bhahadur Shastri Institute of Mgmt and Development Studies Gaurabagh, Near Guramba Policy Station Kursi Road, Lucknow - 226 026 Institute of Productivity & Management Resource House Pocket 'G', Pallavpuram, Phase-I Meerut-250 110 Institute of Productivity & Management Gomti Nagar, Vikas Khand-I Lucknow - 226 010 Dr. Gaur Hah Singhania Institute of Management and Research Jay Kay Lon Colony, Kamla Nagar Kanpur - 208 005 Institute of Environment & Mgmt. Environment House Alkapuri, Opp. Janki Puram Cology Near Gayatri Shakti Peeth Kursi Road, Lucknow - 226 021 Centre for Management Development Delhi-Meerut Road Modinagar - 201 204 Distt. Ghaziabad Ishan Institute of Management & Technology 2, Institutional Complex Surajpur-Kasna Road Greater Noida Distt. Gautam Budh Nagar - 201 306 International Institute of Management and Technology 17, The Mall, Meerut Cannt

Meerut, U.P.













Jaipuria Institute of Management (Seth M.R. Jaipuria School) Vineet Khand, Gomti Nagar Lucknow - 226 010 International Institute for Special Education Kanchana Bihari Marg Via-Kalyanpur, Lucknow - 226 021 School of Management Sciences Hathua Market, Varanasi - 221 001 NICE Management College Dulehra Marg, Roorkee Road Meerut - 250 004 Maharishi Shikshan Sanstha's Maharshi Institute of Management Maharishi Nagar, Noida-Dadri Road Noida - 201 304 Amity Business School Sector-44, P.B. No.503 Noida, Distt. Ghaziabad - 201 303 Advance Institute of Management NH-24, Delhi-Hapur Bye Pass Road P.O. Adhyatmic Nagar, Dasna Distt. Ghaziabad, U.P. BDS Institute of Management Sector-8, Jagiti Vihar Opp. Medical College Meerut, U.P. Institute of Management Commerce and Vocational Education Near Partapur, thana, Partapur Meerut, U.P. Institute of Management Sciences Shri Ram Murti Smarak College of Engineering & Technology Bareilly - 243 202 Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute of Management & Technology 29, Theatre Road, Cantonment Bareilly - 243 001 Institute of Management Education 178, Main G.T. Road, Sahibabad Distt. Ghaziabad - 201 005 Institute of Technology & Science Goodwill Building, G.T. Road, Mohan Nagar Ghaziabad - 201 007


Institute of Professional Excellence and Management A-13/1 South Side of G.T. Road, NH-24 Industrial Area, Ghaziabad - 201 001 Integrated Academy of Management and Technology Adhyatmik Nagar, Ghaziabad - 201 009 Institute of Business Management 'Skyline Building', Guru Nanak Nagar Delhi Road, Meerut - 250 002 328 ISTE HANDBOOK 2003-04 Rakshpal Bahadur Management Institute Near Door Darshan Kendra ITBP, Bukhara Turn Bareilly - 243 001 Dewan Institute of Management Studies Electra Word View Meerut By-Pass Road, Partapur Meerut-250 103 Shiva Institute of Management Studies 364-365, Pandav Nagar Industrial Area, Bulandshahar Road Ghaziabad - 201 002 Institute of Informatics and Management Sciences Anuyogipuram, Near Medical College Meerut - 250 004 Master School of Management F-17, Shastri Nagar Meerut - 250 005 Institute of Management Technology P.B. No. 137, Raj Nagar Ghaziabad - 201 001 NIMT Institute of Technology & Management G.T. Road, Near Hindon River Opp. Indira Priyadarshini Park Ghaziabad, U.P. BLS Institute of Management B-8, Loni Road, Industrial Area Mohan Nagar, Ghaziabad - 201 007 Unique Institute of Management Unique Chopia, Modinagar Distt.



41 42





















Ghaziabad - 201 201 Hindustan Institute of Management & Computer Studies Distt. Mathura-281 122 Shivdan Singh Institute of Tech. & Management Tehsil-lglas, B-511, Distt. Aligarh-202 124 S.D. College of Management Studies Muzaffarnagar - 251 001 United Institute of Management United Tower-ll, 53 Leader Road Allahabad -211 003 Sherwood College of Management Sector-25, Indira Nagar Lucknow -226 016 SRM Institute of Management & Technology Sikri Kalan, Modinagar Distt. Ghaziabad - 201 204 Inverties Institute of Management Studies B-186, Civil Lines, Opp. G.P.O. Bareilly - 243 001 Institute of Foreign Trade & Management Lodhipur Rajput, Delhi Road Moradabad, U.P. Gyan Institute of Management & Technology Garhi Crossing, Kursi Road, Lucknow, U.P. Faculty of Management Jhunjhunwala Degree College Dwarakapuri, Post-Dhaba Semer Faizabad -224 133 Ghanshyam Binani Academy of Management Sciences Binani Chowk, Baruhana Mirzapur - 231 001 Havard Institute of Management & Technology 8, Institutional Area, Greater Noida Distt. Gautam Budh Nagar - 201 306


66 67










PROF. B.S. BHATIA Apeejay Institute of Technology School of Management 1, Institutional Area, Surajpur-Kasna Road P.O. Tughalpur, Greater Noida Distt. Gautam Budh Nagar - 201 306 0120-2326020 Website: Management Institute Technical Education & Research Institute, Ravindrapuri Ghazipur - 233 002 Institute of Management Studies A-16, Sector-8, Noida, U.P. Dayanand Academy of Management Studies N-Block,d Govind Block Kanpur - 208 006 Moti Lal Rastogi School of Management D-23, UPSIDC, Industrial Area Sarojini Nagar, Kanpur Road Lucknow - 226 008 Babu Banarasi Das National Institute of Technology & Management Sector-1, Akhilesh Das Nagar Faizabad Road, Chinhat, Lucknow, U.P. G.L.A. Institute of Technology & Management Post-Ajhai, Distt. Mathura-281 406 Institute of Management & Research Duhai, Ghaziabad, U.P. College of Management Studies 12/481, McRobertganj Kanpur - 208 001 Raja Balwant Singh College Faculty of Post-Graduate Degree in Business Administration Khandari Road, Agra, U.P. Rajarshi School of Management & Technology Udai Pratap College Campus Varanasi, U.P.


Vishveshwaraya Institute of Engg. & Technology P.O. Dadri, Gautam Budh Nagar - 203 207 Jaipuria Institute of Management Sector-14-C, Vasundhara Colony Near Dabur India Limited Ghaziabad - 201 010 Greater Noida Institute of Technology 7, Institutional Area, Knowledge Park Phase-2, Greater Noida Distt. Gautam Budh Nagar - 201 306 Kamta Nehru Institute of Physical & Social Sciences Sultanpur - 228 001 Sahara Arts & Management Academy Village-Madharmau Khurd Pargana & Tehsil, Mohanial Ganj Lucknow, U.P. Teerthanker Mahaveer Institute of Management & Technology Moradabad - 244 001 Khandeiwal College of Management Science and Technology Kakapur, Post Rithara Pilibhit Road Bareilly, U.P. Mangalmay Institute of Management & Technology Plot No. 8 & 9, Knowledge Park - II Greater Noida Distt. Gautam Budh Nagar - 201 306 Saroj Institute of Technology & Management Ahmamau, Sitapur Road Lucknow - 226 001 Northern India Engineering College Sector-106, Purana Quila Akhilesh Das Nagar, Faizabad Road Lucknow, U.P. Bharat Institute of Technology Bye Pass Road, Partapur Meerut-250 103 Harish Chandra Post Graduate College Faculty of Management & Technology Baavan Beegha, Azamgarh Road Varanasi















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9 10 10. of Business Management Calucutta University Kolkata . of Social Welfare & Business Management Kolkata . Crystal Nagar.721 657 11. of Business Admn.45 (Uttaranchal) Shri Guru Ram Rai Institute of Management Shri Guru Ram Rai Institute of Tech. Patel Nagar Dehradun . 7 7.741 235 Dept.700 097 Eastern Inst. Omkarananda Bhawan Kailash Gate. Lamachaur Haldwani.B.& Science Post Box No. of Business Administration Srinagar (Garhwal) . Road. Garhwal University Dept. Nainital .91 Roorkee . Institute of Business Mgt.249 201 Distt. of Human Resource Management Bengal Engineering College Shibpore Howrah-711 103 Indian Inst. 8 8. Kalyani University Kalyani . of Business Admn. Dehradun . & Research Kolkata-700 019 .99 Shri Ramswaroop Memorial Institute of Management & Computer Application B-48.249 404 H.263 001 Gurukul Kangari Vishvidyalaya College of Management Studies Haridwar . Aliganj Lucknow . Institute of Business Management Kolkata .80.246 174 College of Agricultural Business Management G/B. Dehradun . Burdwan University Burdwan . Tehri . Aurora Hall. of Integrated Learning in Management Kolkata .263 139 2 WEST BENGAL 1.713 104 Dept. Distt.700 027 Dept. 5 4.226 020 11 UTTRANCHAL 1 Kumaon University Deptt.700 073 B P Poddar Institute of Management & Technology Kolkata . 2. & Tech. Prem Nagar Chakrata Road.N. Hathibarkala Dehradun . Haldia Institute of Technology Haldia . Sector-C.700 027 Dept. New Cantt. 9. Muni-Ki-Reti Rishkesh . 5.247 667 Institute of Management Studies Post Box No. 6 6.700 069 3 4 3.248 007 Institute for Management Studies Post Box No. 1st Floor.248 001 Crystal India Institute of Mgmt. Bimtal Nainital (Uttaranchal) National Academy of Management Gen. Indian Institute of Management Kolkata . Pant University of Agriculture & Technology Pantnagar (Udham Singh Nagar) . Ammroati Subhash Nagar.248 001 Academy of Management Studies Nanda-ki-Chowki.21 21.700 073 12. Of Business Administration Nainital .700 052 Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan Institute of Management Kolkata .248 002 12 Omkarananda Institute of Management & Tech.Garhwal (Uttaranchal) Management Institute Amarpali Institute of Management & Computer Applications Shiksha Nagar.

700 091 14.741 235 Nadia 17. Pailan College of Mgmt. & Technology Pailan.700 064 16. Kolkata-700 019 20. National Institute of Personnel Mgmt. International Institute of Mgmt. J L S College of Engineering Kalyani . Institute of Modern Management Kolkata-700 017 15. Keghnad Saha Institute of Technology Kolkata . National Institute of Management Kolkata . Institute of Engineering & Management Kolkata . Bengal Engineering College Shibpore Howrah-711 103 . 24 Parganas 21.700 039 18. Science Kolkata .700 027 19.13.

Kovvur 534 350 A. Vijayawada. East Godavri Distt. Ranga Reddy Distt. B. Azeezia College of Computers & Management Survey No. Moinabad Mandal. 168 Balapur Village.R.O) Gudivada 521 301 Krishna Dist Al Qurmoshi Institute of Business Management And Computer Sciences Qurmorshi Hills. Annamcharya Institute of Technology & Science Rajampeta 516 115 Cuddapah Dist.) All Saints P.G. Survey No.P. Degree College. Saroomagar Mandal Ranga Reddy Dist. 1-1-168/2/1 & 1-8-106 & 107 Chkkadpally. College of Science & Technology Gokavaram.N.R. Hyderabad Avanthi Degree & P. (A.522 201 A. College of Computer Technology Near Road Cum Rail Bridge Srinivasapuram . Mahboobnagar .V. Prakasam Road.509 001.G.G. Ballepally Khammam 507 002 Anwarul-uloom College for Computer Studies Municipal No. Hyderabad . Near Palkonda. Hyderabad Aristotel Post Graduate College 7-2-2/A/1. No 16-11-741/B/1/A. College H. Visakhapatnam 530 027 21 12 Alluri Institute of Management Sciences Hunter Road. Fathe Nagar Hyderabad 500 018 Arts & Science College Andhra Mahila Sabha Osmania University Campus Hyderabad 500 007 Aurora's PG College.LIST OF DEGREE LEVEL INSTITUTES . New Mallepally. Kanakmamidi Village. Warangal 506 001 Andhra Loyola College.K. 90/1 Gudilova.S.533 003 Akkineni Nageswara Rao College (P. Madina College of Computer Science. 13 2 14 3 15 4 16 5 17 6 18 7 19 20 8 9 22 10 23 11 .S. 11-3-918.MCA ANDHRA PRADESH 1 A. Degree College Nallajerala 534 112 West Godavri Distt. Mahabubnagar 509 002 Aditya Institute of PG Studies Atchutrapuratrayam Pedapudi Manda.500 027 Abdul Qadir Jeelani Centre for PG Studies Survey No. Anandapuram Visakhapatnam Adarsh Post Graduate College of Computer Sciences. Kakinada . Bye Pass Road. Ranga Reddy Distt. Tenali . Raichur Road. College Gidjala. Hyderabad-500 036 Azad College of Computers Pedda Mangalaram Village Moinabad Mandal. A.520 008. Moosarambagh Dilsukhnagar.R. Salemnagar. College of Arts. 381. Science & Commerce Gaganmahal. Al. Annie Besant PG College Kranthi Nagar.S.

D.522 101 Basaweshwara Institute of Information Technology No. Kishanpura. 44. Balusumudi Bhimavaram.R.500 001. Ranga Reddy Distt. Lingam Pally Barkatpura. 262. V. Narsingi Village Rajendra Ngr Mandal. Einstein PG College Nadergul (Village) Saroor Nagar (Mandal) Ranga Reddy Distt. Bapatla .v..24 Babpuji Institute of Science Technology H No 9-1-364/B/84 Langer House. 127/1.N. Tourist Hotel. West Godavri Dist. College Survey No. Hyderabad-500 027 Carlo Bonvini PG College Kaluakurthy Dist. Bmadhavapatnam Vill. Mahabubnagar . Chaitnaya Bharathi Institute of Tech.506 001.R. Kachiguda. Ranga Reddy Dist.533 344 East Godvari Dist. Opp. Samartakota Mandalam.Sanivarapupet Post Eluru-534 006 Chaitanya Institute of Computer Science. College (Institute of PG Course) Gollalmamidada .L. D. Jalpaliy Village. Guntur Dist-522 007 Church PG College Survey No. Theresa's College for Women. Sanga Reddy Mandal Medak Dist. Dadi Veerunaidu P. Chandramouli Nagar P. Nalgonda Dist.V. Gandipet. Hyderabad-500 075 Christu Jayanthi Jubilee College Bishops House. 334 ISTE HANDBOOK 2003-04 Dawar Institute of Computer Technology Survey No. Mushirabad. Hostel Buildings Basaweshwara Road. College for Women.500 027 Bapatla Engineering College.R. Centre. Anakapalli . Anantapur . Post Gradaute Institute of Computer Application Kashipur Village.P. St. 448/1. Farah institute of Computer Science Survey No. Vittal Rao Nagar Madhapur Ranga Reddy Dist. Fergusson College P. Hyderabad. Bhongir Village and Mandal. Survey No.509 324 A.G. Kachiguda. Near Nampally. New Resapuranipalam Visakhapatnam . Bullayya PG College Survey No. 70. 3-4-480.O.26652 Bharat P. Hyderabad Bankatal Badurka College for Information Technology Station Road. Hanamkonda .G. 226. Hyderabad . Saroornagar Mandal. Dr. Gavaravaram. & Science Kalyandurg Road. L. Rangareddy Distt. College. Lakshminarayana Nagar. 1-6-174/5/26. East Godavri Dist Chaitanya Post Graduate College.G.531 001 Visakhapatnam Dist. Bapujinagar. 37 D. Hyderabad-500048 25 38 39 26 27 40 28 41 29 42 30 31 43 32 44 33 45 34 46 35 47 36 48 . Deccan College of Engineering & Technology Dar-us-salam.520 013 Duvvuru Ramanamma Women's Degree College Gudur 524 101 Nellore Distt. Hyderabad-500 027 Besant Institute of Tech.

Ranga Reddy Dist . B.603 180 Intel Institute of Science Survey No. Nellore . Uppal Mandal Ranga Reddy Dist. & S. Guntur Rural Mandal Guntur Dist.Gandhinagar Campus Visakhapatnam . Gudda Sanjeeva Reddy Nagar Hyderabad-500038 Holy Mother PG College Balapur Village Saroor Nagar Mandal Ranga Reddy Dist. Skyline Theatre Basheerbagh. Nizamabad 65 53 Gayatri College of Science & Management. Badhan.500 017 Holy Mary Institute of Techn & Science 7-1-282. H. College Village Torur.V. Block 'G'.I. Keesara Mandal.530 045 61 Haindavi PG College Survey No. Tech.500 029 Indira Priya Darshini Govt Degree College for Women. B. Kanthisikhara Complex. Hyderabad .No. 1-2-365/25/C. Visakhapatnam-530 045 68 56 57 69 58 70 71 59 72 60 73 . Baya'(B) Village. D. Velugubanda Village Rajanagaram Mandal . Dist. Durgabai Deshmukh Colony Shivam Cross Roads. Unit Miyapur. Kakinada-533 003 Imran College of Comp. B. Nandyal Road Kurnool-518 002 G. Guntur.500 082 Geethanjali Inst.G. Vidyanagar. Yenada Village. College of Computer Science.Pulla Reddy Engineering College Pulla Reddy Nagar. 129 & 130 Thumkunta Village Shamirpet Mandal. Holy Jesus & Mary P. Opp. Horizon Institute of Technology Nagaram Village. Beach Road. Holy Faith P. of PG Studies Vaddipalem Muttukur Road Dist. Mandal Hayat Nagar Ranga Reddy Dist. Nampally. Racahanpatli Anantapur 50 62 63 51 64 52 Gauthami PG College Near Bus Stand.524 001 Godavari Institute of Engg.TAM. Hyderabad 500 007 Hyderabad Study Circle. Khaleelwadi.533294 Gokaraju Rangaraju Institute of Engineering & Technology Bachupalli Village.500 050 Grahambell PG College Sy. Nizamabad .k. Applications 26. Ranga Reddy Dist. Hyderabad . 206. Secunderabad .R. Hyderabad-500 029 Ideal College of Arts & Sciences Samalkota Road. Anaparthi . Ranga Reddy Dist.n. Hyderabad Indur PG College Of Computer Sciences Ahanpally. Srikakulam 66 54 GBR Degree College (PG Courses) East Godvari Dist. Post Graduate College. Domalguda. 12-13-1275 'Jehovah Jireh' Taranaka.904. 2-2-7/1/A.533 342 67 55 Geetanjali Degree College for Women.G.500 078 GVP College for Degree & PG Courses Survey No. Reddy Complex Opp. Rushikonda. Punjagutta.R. Gandhi College of Engg G. .49 G. 274/1. 43/1 Medipally Village. Hyderabad Presidency College PG Centre.

Warangal Dist. Hanamkonda Dist. Kingston PG College Sy.No. 505 451 Kakatiya Institute of Technology & Science Survey No. Karimnagar . Nalgonda Distt. SBH Lane.500 082 Krishnaveni Institute of Technology.R.R. Rejendranagar Mandal.M.501 301 96 84 97 85 98 86 . Nustulapur Dist. Kakinada.C. Dist.500 072 88 Kakatiya College of Computer Sciences. 506 015 Kakatiya P.) Tenali Mandal.500 026.517 102 99 87 K. 4th Km. Kavitha Memorial Post Graduate Centre Khammam-507 002 Khader Memorial Post Gradaute College Of Computer Sciences Survey No.L College Survey No. 363. Muthukur Road Vavilatipade Village Nellore Jayamukhi Institute of Technological Sciences Moqdoompur (Village) Chennaraopet (Mandal) Dist. Guntur Dist. 71. Chinthakomadinna (M) Cuddapah-516 003 75 89 76 90 77 91 78 92 79 80 93 94 81 82 83 95 JNTU College of Engineering.515 002 Jyothishmathi PG College of Tech & Science. College. Institute of PG Studies Ramireddipali (Village) Chandragiri (Mandal) Tirupati . Ghatkesar (Village & Mandal) Ranga Reddy Dist.74 J. K. Chandrakala PG College Burripalem Road. Huntur Road. . Punjagutta Hyderabad . Survey No. Institution of Information Tech. Guntur .) Karuna PG College. Road.O.G.505 481 K. Bheemavaram Village. 154/1/A. Andhra Pradesh-533 003 JNTU College of Engineering Kukatpally . Gandipet Road.B.P. Kokapet. Avilala Post Tirupati-517 501 Jagan's Institute of Science & Tech. Charlapally (V) Ghatkesar (M).G. Survey No. Ranga Reddy Dist. JKC College. Cherlagowaram Village. Secunderabad . Anantapur .M. Mamgalpali Mandal. Kothapally Karimnagar Dist. Warangal Jesus Post Graduate College Keesara Village & Mandal Ranga Reddy Dist. 168.-522 201 K.522 006 JMJ College For Women Tenali-522 202 JNTU College of Engineering. Marredpally. Bhimavaram 534 201 West Godavri Dist. Warangal Kakatiya Institute of Management Studies Near Petrol Pump. Ksrm College of Engineering Thadigotla Village. Chowdaripet. Ranga Reddy Hyderabad Kranti Post Graduate College. 512. 134/A. Kasturba Gandhi College for Women. Nelapadu (P. Institute of Computer Technology R. Yerragattu.R. Nalgonda Mandal & District (A. Ranga Reddy Dist. Marriguda Village. Besides Nims.

F. (A.P. Khammam Rural (A.K.) 122 Nagarjuna University Post Graduate Centre. 110 Maryum Institute of Computer Science Chilkur Village Moinabad Mandal. Hyderabad-500 034 121 Nagarjuna P. Medchal Mandal (A.P.P. Ranga Reddy Dist. 3. Ranga Reddy .P. Section Punnammathota. (A.500 026. Cuddapah . Vijayawada . Hyderabad . Opp. Nalgonda Dist.516 003 113 Mesco Institute of Management and Computer Sciences H. West Marredpally. Khammam Mandal (A. Ghatkesar (M). Mits.P. Nuzvid .) 120 Muffakham Jah College of Engg & Technology Mount Pleasant.) 102 Lokmanya Tilak PG College Ibrahimpatnam. Naya Nagar.G.501 301 118 Mother Theresa Institute of Computer Applications Lingapuram.K. (A.). Ranga Reddy Dist 111 Matrusri Inst. Khammam .) 106 Mahaveer Institute of Information Technology & Management Kacharma Village. Industrial Area. Arempula. Ranga Reddy Dist.C.Ghatkesar Dist. College Miryalguda (A. 61. Shamshabad Mandal. College Suryapet-508 213(A.-507 003 105 Mahatma Gandhi College 610/1.G.501 506 103 Loyola Academy Degree College Old Alwal. Karwan Hyderabad-500 006 114 Madhira Institute of Tech & Science. Road No. 13-5-741. . Palamner Chittoor Dist. . Pedapalakalur.523 101 108 Manair College of Computer Science.P. Banjara Hills.) 123 Nalanda MCA College Near Indira Hospital C/O R. Yellandu Road.No. Plot No.P. Secunderabad .L. Nagar. Balaji Nagar Ravindra Nagar Dist.500 059 112 MCA College 2/380.) . of Post Graduate Studies 16-1-486. Secunderabad .100 Lakireddy Bali Reddy College of Engineering Mylavaram (PO) Krishna -521 230 101 Lalitha Degree & PG College Gowdevally Village.P.520 010 117 Mother Teresa PG College N.) 119 Mother Therissa PG College Chowdary Guda. Mustaidpura.521 201 Krishna District (A.507 002 109 Manpower Development College. Kodad (Town) Kudad Mandal.500 010 104 Madeena Post Graduate Centre Nera Deit College Velugumtla Village. 508 206 115 Mohammadiya Institute of Computer Technolo Barugudem.) 116 Montessori Mahila Kalasala P. Guntur Dist. Ranga Reddy Dist. ISTE HANDBOOK 2003-04 337 107 Malineni Lakshmaiah Engineering College Kanumalla (Village) Singarayakonda (Mandaqlam) Prakasam Dist. 8-2-249. Saidabad.

A.P. Challareddy Palem Village.-502 103 144 Osmania University Post Graduate College Raichur Road Bandameedhi Pally Mahabubnagar-509 001 145 Osmania University Post Graduate College Nalgonda-508 001 146 P. 8-3-723. Mahaboobnagar (A. Yellareddyguda.) 140 Osmania University College for Women Koti. 128 Rukmanipuri Colony. Narasaraopet . 130 New India Institute of Computer Science Sy. Ibrahimpatnam Mandal Krishna Dist. Charkaman Hyderabad . Survey No. Kandlakoi.G. Rikab Ganj. Nalgonda Dist. (A. (A. Deshmukhi Village Pochampally Mandal. 5-8-797/2. Vetapalem Mandal Prakasam Dt (A.C.500 010. Near Vijaya Talkies. 16 Sahebnagarkhurd Village. Khammam Dist. 37.P. Medak Dist. Burton Road. Bolarum. No.P.P. Narasaraopet.74/2a3. Dist. Near Ameerput. Hayatnagar Mandal Ranga Reddy Dist.503 003. Secunderabad .S. Kachiguda Hyderabad . 131 Nirvana Institute of Education Surveu No. (A. (A. 187/R.R. (A.) 126 Naripella Narayana Swamy. 143 Osmania University Post Graduate Centre. Yellamanda P.500 073 . Vidya College of PG Studies.) 127 National Institute for Management & Computer Studies Kondapur Village. ECIL Main Road. Jupudi Village & Gram Panchayat. Nizamabad .500 027 139 Olive College Survey 137 Nova PG College Survey No.) 147 Padala Rama Reddy College of Computer Science.) 135 Noble Post Graduate College Plot No.P. 73&74. Medchal Mandal Ranga Reddy Dist. 136 Noor PG College of Computer Science Shadnagar. 229 & 230 Manchi Revla Village Ranjendra Nagar Mandal Ranga Reddy Dist.124 Nanakram Bhagwan Das Science College H. Bacharam Village Hayathnagar Mandal. Ranga Reddy Dist. Hyderabad-500 095 141 Osmania University Post Graduate Centre Medak. Mahaboobnagar Dist. Siddipet.-502 110 142 Osmania University Post Graduate Centre. Medak Dist.P.) 134 Noble Institute of Science & Technology Paloncha. 37&38. Ranga Reddy Dist. Rao Nagar. Hyderabad . 132. Gadwal. & K. Kanteshwer Road. Guntur Dist.) 138 Nrupatunga Degree PG College 3-4-373 & 374 Lingampalli. Studies.500 002 125 Narasaraopeta Engineering College Narasaraopet. Kotappakonda Raod.522 601 (A.P. 21-1-823.O. 133 Nizam Institute of Computer Sciences Survey No.-500 062 129 Nava Bharathi College of P. Ghatkesar Mandal Ranga Reddy Dist. Building No. 132 Nishitha Degree College. College of PG Courses Palnadu Road.

Jayanthi Agraharam Bheemunipatnam Mandal.P. Hayatnagar Revenue Mandal. 150 Post Graduate Courses M. No.P. 156 Progressive College of Post Gradaute Studies Survey No. Ranga Reddy Dist. (A. Venkatachalam Satram. 38/2.500 196 1 52 Presidency School of Management & Computer Sciences Jallpally. Tirupati.500 072. Vikarabad.P. Nagarpanchayat. (A. No. Peeran Cheruvu Rajendra Nagar Mandal Dist. (A.) 163 Ramaraja MCA College C. Biragi Patteda.I. 63. Raju Institute of Technology Survey No. (A. 27&28 Ranga Reddy Dist. 169 Ronald Ross PG College Mandal Palli Ibrahimpatnam.500 008 159 Raja Bahadur Venkata Rama Reddy Institute H No 4-1/878 To 881 Hanuman Tekdi Abids. Kukatpallly. 54 Mannasguda Village. Nellore Dist. (A. Thimmapuram Panchayat Area. Thimmapuram Village. 23. By Pass Road.517 561 164 Rao's Institute of Computer Science. 183.) 157 Pydah College Survey No. Rishi Campus.188. Rayadurg Municipality . 64/4.V. 147/1.P.S. Hyderabad. Survey No.P. Hyderabad (V) Balanagar (V) Kukatpally. Survey No.Komalapudi Village Cheruku Post. Dist. Visakhapatnam Dist.) 161 Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Post Graduate Studies.R. Ranga Reddy 170 Royal Post Graduate Centre Survey No. 190 & Survey No. Opp Jntu.P. Ranga Reddy Dist. Hyderabad .) 158 Qutub Shahi P. 182. Kandrika Village.R. Nellore Dist.517 507 166 Residency College Survey No. (A. Guduru S. R. (A.520 010. Hyderabad . Kandaswamy Lane.P. Bhimavaram Mandal West Godavri Dist. 167 Rishi Ubr College for Women. Ramanthapur. Ramapuram Village Ramachandrapuram Mandal Tirupati .500 001 (A. 154 Priyadarshini PG College Survey No.) 149 Parvathaneni Brahmayya Siddhartha College of Arts And Science Vijayawada . Ranga Reddy . Ranga Reddy Dist. Ranga Reddy Dist. College Plot Nos.) 153 Princeton Post Graduate College.) 162 Rajiv Institute of Computer Technology By Pass Road.19. Gopularam Village Shankerpally Mandal. 189. 66. 60/1.) 165 Rayalseema Institute of Information & Management Sciences A. 64/2 Kovvada Village. 168 Robert Louis Institute of Technology Sy. Ananthasagar Village. Kakinada (A.G.R. 24. Hyderabad . 3-9-29. Sharada Nagar.P. Mandal Hq.) 160 Rajah Rsrk Ranga Rao College (MCA Centre) Near Rtc Complex.500 013. Tanuku (A. College Phool Baugh Vizianagaram-5352002 151 Pragati Mahavidyalaya PG College Hanuman Tekdi.148 Padmashri Dr. Bobbili 535 558 Vizianagaram Dist.) 155 Priyadarshini Postgraduate Centre. B.P.P.

(A.P.Anantapur Dist.) .

) 190 Siddhartha Technical Institute Cowdariguda Korremala Road (Mandal) Ghatkeser. 192 Sir C.522 265 (A.. Nalgonda Dist 183 Sana Institute of Computer Studies Pothireddy Palem Village Kovur Taluk. Reddy College tor PG Courses Eluru-534 007 (A. 188 Sharada Post Graduate Institute of Research & Technological Sciences Namillapalli Village. Mankamma Thota Street. Darasalapally Kandukur Mandal. Kodad 508 206. Chowdavaram. Old Town Tanuku.N. Hyderabad .517 508 180 Sai Krishna College Metpally. 208. Near Industrial Estate.509 103 181 Sai Sudhir P. Puram Namavaram.P.) 189 Shravanthi PG College Survey No.G. Narsapur Land.R. Repalle . PG College Ramaram. College Amalapuram . 9-108.R. Karimnagar . Penugonda 534 320 (A. 6-2-978.) 185 Shadan Institute of Computer Studies For Boys.i. Wear Bheemaram Village. Masaniguda Village Ranga Reddy Dist. Gandhinagar. Hyderabad-500 062 182 Sana Engineering College. National Highway 5 Road Payakaropeta.S. Vijayawada (A. Ranga Reddy Dist. of Computer Sciences Post: Dharmaram Mandal : Geesugonda Dist.R. Chittoor. E.) 184 Sarada PG College. 507 101 Khammam Dist.P.K.534 211 173 S.P.P.) 193 Sir C. Dist.P.) 178 S. . College of Information Technology Peravali Road.533 201 174 S. Post Graduate College. Khairatabad.G. Wanaparthy Town Mahboobnagar Dist.V.K. Kavali Revenue Division (A. P. Visakhapatnam Dist. College for Women Vatluru Post. 6-2-978. Eluru West Godavri Dist (A. 220.171 RVR & JC College of Engineering Chandramoulipuram.P. 187 Shahjehan College of Computer Applications Survey No.Centre Bethapudi.M.P. : Warangal . Khairatabad Hyderabad .B.) 194 Spaces Institute for PG Studies Sri Prakash Campus. Arts & Science College Devipalem (Village) Dist.D. Hyderabad-500 004 186 Shadan Institute of Computer Studies.B. (A.R. West Godvari Dist.) 175 S.) 176 S.T. 7-1-123. 133/1/2/3/67/12/13.V.500 039 191 Singareni Collieries Women's Degree College Kothagudem. Nellore-524 104(A. Raju Arts & Science College Survey No.) 177 S. . & Dr. Hasanparthy (M).S. Guntur-522 019 172 S. Dist.506 330 196 Sree Chaitanya PG Collegee Thimmapoor (Vill.500 004.P. Kushaiguda.505 002 . Ranga Reddy.) Karimnagar Dist.M. K.V. Daminedu Tirupati.505 002 (A.-531 126 195 Sravanthi Inst. College B-8/2.P.P. Karimnagar Dist.c. Warangal (Distt) 179 Saanti Niketan Institute of Tech. Cuddapah-516 004 (A.P.P.

) 199 Sri Balaji PG College Near R.) 207 Sri Seshachala Institute of Computer Studies Maharishi Gardens. Hyderabad-500 007 219 St.P.G. College Campus Narsapur. (A.) 220 St.524 202 Nellore Distt. Puthalapat Mandal.523 262 (A. Kurnool Dist.533 294 206 Sri Sarathi Institute of Engg & Tech.-522035 217 St. Thimmasamudram Vill Chittoor Mandal & Dist.P.P.N.I. Bus Stand Pin -515 001 (A. .) 209 Sri Venkateswara College of Computer Science Survey No. Vaidehinagar Ward No.197 Sree Vidya Nikethan Engineering College Sri Sainath Nagar. 218 St. A.517 502 204 Sri Ramakrishna Degree College Survey No.) 203 Sri Padmavathi Manila Visvavidyalayam.P.P.P.C. Augustine P. (A. (A. (A. Chittoor Dist. Kavali . Muthurevulu Village.P. Chittoor Dist. Rangampet. 2314(p). of Engg. Rajanagaram Mandal East Godvari Dist. (A. Mehdipatnam. Hyderabad . Anthony's PG College 7-105.) 202 Sri Lakshmi Narasimha College of Sciences Bommasamudram Village. M. 470/2. College Borampet (Village) Gutubullapur Mandal Ranga Reddy Dist.P. Block 6 Pin-500 070 (A. Nuzvid. Nuzvid Mandal Krishna Dist.) 215 Srinivasa institute of Technology And Management Studies (MCA Division) Survey No. 9-2&10.P. West Godavri Dist-534 275 214 Sriji College Maddiralapadu Ongoie . Ann's Post Graduate College for Women. Francis PG College.P. . Post-graduate Centre. Mahaboobnagar Pin-509 125 (A. Nandyal-518 502.) 205 Sri Sai Madhavi Inst. Chittoor-517 502 (A. Sai Enclave Habsiguda.P. Itikyala Mandal Dist.P.G. College Survey No. 47.P. (A. 5. 2311. Nagar. 8-1. (A. Tirupati.N.P. Santosh Nagar Colony.) 198 Sreerama Institute of Computer Technology Tanuku 534 211 West Godavri Dist (A. Ngo's Colony (Near Sbi Colony).) 216 St. Mallampudi H/O Thokada. Ranga Reddy Dist. Outhubullapur (Mandal). (A. 210 Sri Venkateswara Hindu College of Engineering Machilipatnam-521 002 211 Sri Venkateswara University. Gagillapur.) 201 Sri Kottam Tulasi Reddy Memorial College of Engineering Kondair.) 212 Sri Vidya Bharathi Degree & PG College Gokul Nagar Colony Nalgonda-508 001 213 Sri Y. Ann's College for Women Gorantla Guntur Dist. Sri Y.500 028.) 208 Sri Subbaraya and Narayana College Narasaropeta-522601 GunturDistt. & Tech.R. Maratigate Puttur 517 583 Chittoor Dist. Chandragiri Mandal.) 200 Sri Indu PG College Sahebnagar Kalam Vamasthalimpuram.

Thummalloor Villa Maheswaram Mandal. College Shamshabad.221 St.P. Stephen's P.P. Martin's PG College Of Technology Suraram Village. College Survey No.500 044. Nallakunta. (A. (A.G.) 222 St. Deshmukhi Village Pochampally Mandal.) 227 St. Survey No.) 228 St.P. Jhon's Institute of Science & Tech. 232 St. 2-1-332/1/8.) 225 St. O. Turkayamjal. Mary's College of Post Graduate Course Pavara Village. Nalgonda (A. Nalgonda Dist.St. College HMT Townshipp.P. 6-2-7/1. Mary's P. Mary's PG College H.P. Quthubullapur Mandal And Municipality. Hyderabad . John PG College Hanamkonda Dist. Hyderabad .G.506 001 (A.P.533 432 (A. (A. East Godavri Dist (A.P. Patrick Post Graduate College. Rangannaguda.508 116 Dist. Joseph's P.P.G. Mary's College for PG Courses Surampalem. Quthbullapur Mandal Ranga Reddy Dist. Paul's College.) 229 St. Ranga Reddy Dist.) 230 St.P. John's College Ibrahimpatnam (Vill & Mandal) Ranga Reddy Dist ( 224 St. Peddapuram East Godavari . Ranga Reddy Dist.) 223 St. Mary's High School Hyderabad Road. 247. George PG College Hanmapur Bhongir . Jangaon Warangal 506 167 231 St. 187. (A. Road.U.) 226 St.) 233 St. Warangal . (A.P. Hayathnagar Mandal Ranga Reddy Dist.

Xiever's PG College Maktha Mahhubref Miyapur Plot No. Vasantha Nagar Near Jntu. Nalgonda (A. Radio Relay Tower . (A.P. Nalgond Dist. College of Technology Chirala 523 157 Praksam Dist.P.No.O. Guntur .J.) 243 Tippu Sulthan College of Information Technology Pembarthy Village Jangaon Mandal Dist.500 138 235 St.) 256 Vidya Jyothi Degree & PG College Station Ghanapur Post & Md Warangal-506 144 (A. Ring Road.P. College.R. Gachibowli.G.) ISTE HANDBOOK 2003-04 253 Vasavi College of Engineering. Hyderabad 500 134 248 V R Institute of P G Studies. (A. 5-10-100 (New) Kishanpura.P.522 235 (A. Hyderabad-500 031 254 Velankanni Institute of Computer Science.P. No. Mallapur Village. Hayathnagar (A. 359/A.P.P.P. Warangal-506 009 (A. Khammam . Saroornagar Mandal.P. 359/1 b. Hanamkonda .) 246 University College of Engineering.507 002 (A.P.) 240 The Hindu College. Deshmuki Village Pochampalli Mandal Dist.P.) 255 Vidya Dayini College of Information Technology Survey No.506 001 (A. Venkatachala Satram Venkachalam. Guntur Dist .subba Reddy Building. 93/2 Kothapally. Nellore .534 007 251 Vaagdevi College of Engineering P.) 244 Trinty PG College Regulachelaka Dist.522 006 (A.O. 63 Aah & 62 Chandanagar Ranga Reddy Dist.c.506 005 252 Vaagdevi Degree & PG College. (A.N. Osmania University.P. Hanamkonda Mandal Warangal Dist. Bhongir.524 001 249 V.500 007.) 241 The Pedanandipadu College of Arts & Science Pedanandipadu. 825.P.) 239 T. 247 University of Hyderabad Central University P.R. A. 21.) 238 Star Institute of Technology Manimutyaiamma Kunta Turka Yamjal.) 259 Vijaya College of Comp. Warangal . College Sy.506 167 (A. Pedapalakaluru Village. Sciences Sir Sai Colony (lind Phase) Opp. Institute of Computer Education R.) 257 VIF Educational College of Engg & Technology Himayatnagar (V) Moinbad Mandal (A. Warangal . Ibrahimagh. Ranga Reddy Dist.) 258 Vignan Degree College Survey No.S. Bollikunta.P.) 242 Thushara Gradaute School of Information Science Battupally Village. (A. Vincent PG College Sy.S. Xavier's P. Eluru . Nellore Dist.P.234 St. 93/1. No. Hyderabad .P.S & Y.) 245 University College Kakatiya University Vidyaranyapuri. 9-5-81. {A.R. Kukatpally Hyderabad 237 Stanford PG College Hanumapur. Guntur-522 005 (A.) 250 V.P.S.. 187 & 188. Guntur-522 003 (A.P.) 236 St.

842 201 2 .N. Dist. 8. Institute of Economic Development & Social Change 1. Panjagutta. Somajigude. Patna-800 001 L.500 082 261 Visakha Institute for Professional Studies Jagannadha Raju Nagar.781 006 3.O.P. Hyderabad . BIHAR 1 L. Kessari Mandal Ranga Reddy Dist.500 038. Hyderabad . Wanaparthy Mandal. Plot No. Visakhapatnam . 2.) 260 Villa Marie P.N. 263 Vivekananda College of Computer Sciences Shadnagar. Opp. Secunderabad-500 003 ASSAM 1. Mahabubnagar Dist.P. 6-3-1089.) 265 Vivekananda School of Post-graduate Studies 8-3-968.530 022 262 Viswa Bharathi Post Graduate College of Engineering & Management Viswa Bharati Bhavan. Anand Theatre. Mishra College of Business Management Bhagwantpur Chatti.Hayathanagon (A. Srinagar Colony Road. (A. Mahaboobnagar 264 Vivekananda PG College Bogaram Village. College for Women. Nagar Hyderabad . of Computer Science Tezpur University Tezpur .784 001 North Eastern Regional Institute of Management Guwahati .) 267 Wesley Boy's Degree College 145. Bailey Road. Jorhat Engineering College Jorhat .785 007 Dept.) 266 Wanaparthy College of Computers & Management Nagavaram.R.77 Muzaffarpur .P. S. Mc Intyre Road. (A.500 073 (A.P.G. P.M. Box No.

Bhai Parmanand Institute of Business Studies Shakarpur (Extn. Sector. Women's College (Constituent Unit of Magadh University) Bailey Road. Engineering College G.110 063.E. Patna . Ravi Shankar Shukla University. Raipur Institute of Technology Village Chhatauna Mandhir Hasuad. Paschim Vihar. Raipur Chhattisgarh Institute of Computer Sc. R. Delhi .490 006. Delhi-110085 Siri Fort College of Computer Technology & Management Delhi Tecnia School of Information Tech. Puram.110 003 Fore School of Management B-18. 32&33. Phase . GHPS Complex. Punjabi Bagh. Delhi . Bhilai House.III.O.800 023 6 Delhi Kannada Education Society's Institute No. Rohini. of Computer Science & Technology Goa University Teleigao Plateau Goa . Lodhi Estate.110 022 Management Education & Research Institute Village Kazipur. 3 Institutional Area. P.110 062 Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute of Management Shastri Sadan. Raipur .B. Delhi .) Near Railway Crossing. Plot No.110 063. Kalkaji. New Delhi . Road.110085 CHHATTISGARH 7 1 2 Bhilai Institute of Technology. Institutional Area.403 206 . Dwarka. Rohini. 3. Sector-Xlil Rohini.110 085.110 019. Rohini. Bhilai .3 J.K. Road No. Rohtak Road. Raipur. Madhuban Chowk. New Delhi . Indraprastha Institute of Management. Delhi Institute of Advanced Studies Plot No 32&33.D. Dept.I.492 001 8 3 9 4 10 5 11 6 12 DELHI 1 Apeejay School of Marketing Sector -8. New Delhi . F-19/14. 75. 2A. New Delhi .110085 Jamia Hamdard (Hamdard University) Hamdard Nagar. Sector 5. Guru Ghasidas University. New Delhi . Madhuban. New Delhi . Institute of Technology Gopal Nagar Najafgarh.110 016 Guru Nanak institute of Management. Qutab Institutional Area.P. Jagan Institute of Management Studies. Sector-XIII. Delhi-110085 15 3 16 4 17 GOA 5 1. New Delhi . Delhi-110092 Bharati Vidyapeeth's Institute of Management A-4. Chhatisgarh Shri Shankaracharya College of Engineering & Technology Maitri Kunj.) Pt. Sector-8.C. Ujawa Delhi R. Durg-4910 001 Govt. Rohini. Maa Anandmai Marg. Bilaspur-495009 (M. New-Delhi 110043 Rukmini Devi Institute of Management Studies. New Delhi-110 045 13 14 2 Banarsidas Chandiwala Institute of Information Technology Chandiwala Estate.

Rao College of Information Technology B/H Computer Bhavan Saurashtra University Campus Rajkot (Gujarat) Institute of Science & Technology for Advance Studies & Research Near V. 2nd Floor. Gandhinagar . Foundation's Nirma Institute of Technology Gandhinagar-Sarkhej Highway.E.300 014 Chaudhari Technical Institute.382 009 Shree Swaminarayan College of Computer Science Shree Swaminarayan Gurukul Sundarnagar. Kalavad Road.N.7.P. Bhavnagar .U. Vora Commerce College.-23.382 023 22 20 16 5 17 6 18 7 9 10 . Ahemdabad . Surat-Gujarat 13 2 14 3 15 4 Sarva Vidyalaya Kelvani Mandal's S. of Computer Science Saurashtra University Campus. North Gujarat University.360 005. Gujarat Law Society's G. Wadhwan City . Rajkot.S. Mehsana . Gogidhan Kalawad Road. & Science. Tragad. Sec. Ahmedabad-382 421 19 8 P. T.Institute of Computer Studies Kadi. Patel Institute of Management & Computer Sc. Sector . Nirma Edu.363 030 Narmada Edu. & Research Society's Narmada College of Computer Application. Edu. Bharuch . Foudn.384 002. Premises of M.K.6. Opp Karnavati Club. of Computer Studies Vigyan Bhavan. Shah College of Master of Computer App. Sarva Vidyalaya Campus. Gujarat. Opp.388 120 Dist. Gandhinagar .GUJARAT 1 Dept. Gandhinagar-Sarkhej Highway Aehmedabad -380 051 Anand Institute of Information Science. Zadseshwar. & Res. Kadi Distt: Mehsana. Central Bus Station.Gh. Dist.I. Gujarat Institute of Management & Computer Applications Gopal Vidyanagar Village Bardoli Mahuba Road.V.382 007 (Gujarat). Institute of Computer Tech.380 009 21 11 Shree Swaminarayan Institute of Technology Sjree Swaminarayan.S.G.'s Acharya Motibai Patel Inst. : Anand (Gujarat) Mahadev Desai. Atmiya Institute of Tech. Sarva Vidyalaya Campus Opp: Railway Station. Rajkot .308 006.382023 Vardhman Bharti Trust's C. Gandhinagar ..382 715 Shri Chimanbhai Patel Post Graduate Institute of Computer Applications Prahlad Nagar.364 001 S. Mahila College Campus. Anand.P. Sector-23. GuruKul Complex.392 011 (Gujarat).384 265. Department of Computer Science.360 005 A. Institute of Computer Studies University Road Navarangapura Ahmedabad . Ellis Bridge. Mehsana Dist. Patan . Science College Valiabh Vidyanagar -388 120 National Institute of Cooperative Management Society Near Indroda Circle Opp: Amusement Park Korbe-Gandhinagar Highway Gujarat . 12 Sardar Patel University Vallabh Vidyanagar . Ahmedabad . Samajseva Mahavidyalaya Gujarat Vidyapith.

Near Agrasen Chowk. Yamuna Nagar. Sector 58. Panipat (Haryana) P. Faridabad.124 001 Manohar Memorial Institute of Management & Technology Fatehabad-125 050 (Haryana) DAV Institute of Management Studies Sonepat Road. Bhandsi Maruti Kunj Road. Haryana 24 13 HARYANA 1 B. Jagadhari .V. Dadri .135 003 Hindu Institute of Management & Technology Bhiwani Road.131 001 19 7 8 9 Guru Jambheshwar University. Rohtak. & Applications. Hisar.D.43.133 203. Suraj Kund Badkhal Road.135 001. NH-3.Sohna Road Dist. Rohtak.121 001 Doon Valley Institute of Computer Applications Outside Jindla Gate Karnal . M.D. Dept. Ballabgarh. Sector .125 001 Guru Nanak Khalsa College. Dist. Faridabad JVMGRR Institute of Computer Applications R. Institute of Computer Sciences Israna. Univeristy Campus. 7th Mile Stone. Institute of Management. Jagadhari . Bhiwani Kamrah Institute of Information & Technology Vil.135 003. & P. Gurgaon Lingaya's Institue of Management & Technology Nachauli. Girls College Murthal Road. Faridabad D.K. Charkhi. of Computer Sc. Old Faridabad-Jasana Road.V. Sarai Aurangabad Tehsil. Faridabad . Ananpuria Institute of Technology & Management Village Aiampur Ballabgarh . Jhajjar-124 507 National Institute of Technology Kurukshetra-136119. Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Management & Technology Saharanpur Road. Samayapur Road.S. Behind Elson Cotton Mill.O. Anand Gujarat-388 421 Nootan Sarva Vidyalaya Kelvani and Mandal Sanchalit MCA College Visnagar . Bahadurgarh Dist. Sonepat-131 001 20 16 14 15 2 3 4 17 5 18 6 21 22 10 .384 315 12 Institute of Management & Technology.C. G. NIT. Gupta Marg.Memorial College of Engineering Vil.132 001 Dronacharya Institute of Management and Technology Dhana Road Nea Kuk Kurukshetra-136 110 Faridabad Institute of Technology. Imsar Building.124 001 23 11 Hindu Institute of Management. Haryana N. Haryana Institute of Information Technology & Management Old Chachhrauli Road.M.A.23 Charatar Institute of Technology Chanda Institute of Technology At Changa Patlad. Rohtak. Maharishi Markendeshwar Inst of Computer Technology & Business Management. Sonepat. Maharshi Dayanand University. Faridabad.127 306 Distt. Mullana (Ambala) .

S.24 Seth Jai Parkash Mukand Lal Institute of Managament Radaur . Bapuji Institute of Engineering & Technology Davangrere-577 004.135 133. 20th Cross.No.560 059 Bangalore Institute of Technology K. V. Shaviage Malleswara Hills Kanakapura Road. Navile. College of Engineering. Dist. Faridabad Haryana-121006 10 30 Tilak Raj Chadha Institute of Management & Technology Yamunanagar . 128.T. Bagalkot . Panchkula (Haryana) Techno India Town Nayabans P. RV Vidyaniketan Post. Rohtak (Haryana) The YMCA Institute of Engineering Sector-6. Mysore . Puram. Bidar-585 328 Alliance Business Academy 7th Main. Ploura.560 011.587 102 P. Manandvady Road. 13th Km. R.S.560 054 The National Institute of Engineering.H. Shah Satnam Ji Institute of Technology & Management Near Shah Satnamji Girls College Sirsa.181 121 13 2 14 KARNATAKA 1 Administrative Management College. Bangalore . Srinagar. Dist.560 029.Road. Sampla.J. Jammu . College of Engineering. Bangalore-560 052 5 25 6 26 Shri Atmanand Jain institute of Management & Technology SA Jain Road. KCS College of Technology Upper Ploura P. Bangalore . 100 Feet Ring Road. Dist. Tumkur Dist Tumkur. University of Kashmir.560067 Siddaganga Institute of Technology B.560 085 Rural Engineering College Bhalki. Jayanagar.National College of Engineering P. Sommananalli.N. Teh.560 004.O.577 201. J.V.V. Yamunanagar. 7 27 Swami Devi Dyal Institute of Computer Science. Basavehswar Engineering College.Palya. Bangalore . Christ College. 30th Cross. Bangalore . 4th Block.O. N. Bangalore-560 078 Manipal Institute of Technology Manipal-576 119 Archarya Patshala Rural College of Engineering.B. Mysore Road. Shimoga. Road. Village Golpura. BSK III Stage.R. Bangalore..E. Hosur Road.125 055 4 M.570 008.572 103. J&K. Channasandra. 6th Main. Bangalore . Barwala.135 001 11 31 Vaish College of Engineering Educational Complex Behind Railway Station Rohtak (Haryana) 12 8 28 9 29 JAMMU & KASHMIR 1 Computer Centre.M. Bangalore . Institute of Technology.B. 15 16 17 2 3 . AMC Building.II Stage Bangalore-560 076 Dayananda College of Science Arts & Commerce. M S Ramaiah Institute of Technology M S Ramaiah Nagar. Ambala City.V.

Bangalore-560 084 Malnad College of Engineering.R. Rajajinagar. Jayalakshmipuram. Bangalore-560 056 V.E. Ideal Homes Township Rajarajeshwari Nagar.L. (Via) Yelahanka. 2nd Main.21.L. Mysore-570 012 National Institute of Management and Information Science 100 Feet Road. 19th Main. Alanahalli.V. 2/2. Hal li Stage. Bangalore-560 034 Cyber Institute of Computer Sciences Koramangala.370. Hunasamaranahally.Bangalore 32 Dr.A. & Tech. 7th Block. 33rd Cross. 3rd Cross. Belgaum-590 008 Nagarjuna College of Management Survey No. of Technology Maralur.18 Doddappa Appa Institute For MCA. CMR Institute of Management Studies.College of Engineering & Technology Vidyanagar.Bannur Road.G. li Phase. Chintamani-563125 Karnataka Kaveri Institute of Management Koramangala. 1st Block. No.6.Society's College of Engineering & Technology Udymbag.Alloysius College. Bangalore Road. Bangalore-560 082 St.D. Indiranagar.Halkatti College of Engineering & Technology Bijapur-586103 SBRR Mahajana First Grade College. Hennur Banaswadi Layout. Bangalore Urban Dist. Bellary SVE Society Institute for MCA. Gulbarga. Mangalore-575 003 International College of Science and Information Mavallipura. Light House Hill.. Karnataka-585 401 B. Bangalore-562157 Sri Siddhartha Inst.Bidar.V. of MCA Chokkanally. Hesaaraghatta (Hobli). D Road. Jayanagar. Shivnagar Bidar.38/1. Karnataka-585 103 Acharya Institute of Management Science Peenya inustrial Estate Bangalore-560 068 Vidya Vikas Institute of Engg. Lalitadri Pura Post Mysore . Jala Hobli.S.Ambedkar Institute of Technology Near Jnanabharathi Campus. Ramagondanahalli Village Yelahanka Hobli. Mallathahalli. Bangalore-560 027 K. Bangalore-560 008 Sri Jayachamarajendra College of Engineering Mysore-570 006 Sri Revanasiddeshwara Instt. Mysore-570 010 Sir M. Belgaum-590 008 B. Post Box No. Tumkur-572105 K.Gogte Institute of Technology. Bangalore North Taluk City College. Hosur Road. Bangalore-560 010 19 33 20 34 21 35 22 23 36 37 24 38 25 39 26 40 27 41 42 28 43 29 30 44 45 31 . Vijayanagar Engg.P. College Campus Cantonment.Sangha & Institute of Higher Studies In MCA.L.V. Bangalore-North Mangala Institute of Management Studies Site No. Hubli Al Ameen Arts Science & Commerce College.B.College of Management Studies & Computer Application. Dist. Udyambagar. Bangalore R.Visvesvaraya Institute of Tech.'s Dr.E. Hassan-573201 Kishora Vidya Bhavana (MCA) College Kishora Vidya Bhavana Premises.

Indirangar Nelamangala-562 123 Bangalore Rual Dist. Kammanahalli. Bangalore CMR Institute of MCA S.46 H. 8th Main.Stage.Society's Nijalingappa College. NH-4. Dharwad-580 002 Sri Belimatha Mahasamsthana Instt. Yelahanka Hobli Bangalore Kalpataru Institute of Technology Tiptur Sambhuram Academy of Management Studies Abt Road. Vasantha Nagar. S.L. Padmanabhanagar. John College .M. College of Engineering Post Box No. Rajajinagar.-577 451 Presidency College Kempapura.4. Bangalore-560 083. II Block Rajajinagar. Hosur Road. Bangalore-560 052 Sita Devi Ratanchand Nahar Adash College No. AECS Layout IT Park Road. 6162. 2nd Cross. Dhavalagiri. Surathkal Acharya Institute of Technology Soldevanahalli (Village) Hebaragatte (Hobli) Bangalore North Taluka .M. Rmv Extension. Main Road. Gulbarga University Gulbarga 585 106. Bannerughatta Road. 59 Kuvempu University Jnan Sahyadri Shankaraghatta Shimoga Dist. Bhoopsandra. Bangalore Karnataka The Oxford College of Engineering Bommanahalli. Bangalore 560 068 Sarada Vilas Post Graduate Centre Sarada Villas Educational Institutions.J.. Chamarajpet Bangalore-560 018. Bangalore-560 010 T. 132. Mangalore-575008 National Institute of Technology Karnataka..M.C Engineering College 18th Km. Gottigere Post. Bangalore Regional Institute of Cooperative Management 67. Hebbal. Udupi District-574 110 Mount Carmel College 58.S.560 090 Karnataka 47 48 60 61 62 49 63 50 51 64 52 65 53 66 54 67 55 68 56 69 57 70 71 58 .S. Taluk SDM College of Engineering & Tech. Chitradurga-577 502. East West College of Management.560 037 B. National First Grade College. Nitte. Tumkur. Palace Road. K. Krishnamurthy Puram Mysore-570 004 Besant Women's College Besant Vidya Kendra Bondel. 75. Institute of Post Graduate Courses Urudgere Hobli No.A. Bangalore-560 083. II Stage. 88/1. Karnataka Rajalakshmi Jayaraman institute of Management Marathahalli Bangalore.No. Institute of Technology.M Institute of Technology Post Box 73. 1908 Bull Temple Raod.M. Bangalore-560010 N. Banashankari II. Bangalore-560 094 A. # 1948/49. 'E' Block Subramanyanagar. of Tech.M. Bye Pass. Devanthadhar Street 5th Main. Karnataka. Banneraghatta Road.

of Tech.72 Jyoti Nivas College Hosur Road Bangalore .M. Changanacherry. Govindagiri.B.M. . Cochin Computer Centre University of Calicut Calicut University Campus P. Calicut-673 001 Cochin Univ. Chala P. College P.O. Trust P. Alappuzha College of Engg. Kochi 682 024 Dayapuram Institute of Management Arts & Technology Dayapuram Post: Rec Calicut Dist Kerala Marian College Kuttikkanam P. Velloor.. Kochi . PO .O. College of Engineering & Information Technology K. College for Advanced Studies Metca Land.O. K.O.C.O.O. Kottyam 14 2 15 3 16 4 17 5 18 6 19 7 20 8 21 22 9 23 10 11 24 . Chavercode.Thottada Kannur-670706 Department of Computer Applications Cochin University P. Aluva. Campus Vellayambalam Thiruvananthapuram Regional Centre School of Technology & Applied Science Near Govt.V.V. Pattonamttitta Dist. No.O. Kerala ER & DCI Institute of Technology ER&DCI.686104 Malabar Institute of Technology. Muliver Post.A. Kottayam . P. Edappally.560 095 New Horizon College of Engineering Kadubhsanahalli Varthur Hobi Panathur Post Bangalore . Institute of Technology Kaittapparambel (Via) Enathu.M. Adoor.670706 K. Kannur – 670006 73 13 KERALA 1 Mar Athansius College of Engineering M.691526 Kristu Jyoti College of Management of Technology Chethipuzha. Peermade-685531 Mar Athanasios College for Advanced Studies Tiruvalla-689 101 C. Chakkarakkal. Kothamangalam-686 666 MES College of Engineering Kuttipuram.Thrikkanapuram-679 573 School of Technology & Applied Science Mahatma Gandhi University.H.O.M.O.680200 Don Bosco College Anagadikaduvu Kannur . Palayamkunnu P. Kottayam-686 560 LBS College of Engineering Povval. 30 Cherthala.O. Kurismmoodu P. Alappuzha Rajagiri College of Social Sciences Rajagiri P. .V. Kasaragode-671 542 College of Applied Science Kiliyanad. Varkala. P. Thiruvanthapuram Thiruvanthapuram Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology Kottayam Rajiv Gandhi Inst. Tenhipuram Malappuram Dist.College P. Kalamassery. High School .560 087 12 Union Christian College U.O.S.695146 Chinmaya Institute of Technology.V. College of Computer Applications Pullincucoo.

Near Sarda Bal Gram Putlighar Road.25 Santhigiri College of Computer Sciences Vazhithala P. Khajuri Khurd. Prestige Institute of Management 93. Gwalior Rani Durgawati University. Sector A. Dumna Road.P. Jabalpur-481001 Bhartiya Vidya Mandir College of Management BVM Campus.474 011 Hitkarini College of Engg. 129. Sirol. 71. Arear Colony.691534 12 Boston College for Professional Studies University Area. Thodupuzha . Industrial Area.685583 Marthoma Institute of Information Technology Chdayamangalam.7.452 012. Bhopal Maharana Pratap College of Tech. Industrial Area. Gandhi Road. Bhopal-462621 17 4 18 5 6 19 20 7 21 8 22 9 23 1 0 Oriental Institute of Science & Tech. Bhopal -462 016. Guru Ramdas Khalsa Institute of Science & Technology Bunglow No. Indore . of Computer Science Sagar.) VNS Institute of Management 145 Zone II.of Professional Studies Devi Ahilya University. No. Scheme No.474 006.456 010 Government Gitanjali PG Girls College Berasia Road. Shahpura. Ujjain . Raisen (M. Sitholi Railway Station Jhansi Road..475 001 Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology Bhopal Samrat Ashok Technological Institute Vidisha Govt. Kollam Dist. Gwalior . Road. Gwalior .O. Road No. Bhopal 14 15 2 16 3 IPS Academy Rajendra Nagar. Gwalior . A. ITM Campus Opp. Jabalpur . Indore .P.482 002 Medi-Caps Institute of Technology Management A. 4th Bridge Road. Madhya Pradesh Laxminarayan College of Technology Adampur Chhawani Kalchuri Nagar. Nagar. Manik Vikas Colony. Govindpura.452 009. Dist.453 446 Maharaja Ranjit Singh College of Professional Sciences. Saraswati Vihar. Bhopal 11 Makhanlal Chaturvedi Rashtriya Patrakarita Vishvidhyalaya E-8. Putli Ghar Road.452 001 School of Computer Applications Jiwaji University.452 001 Institute of Technology & Management "Guru Kripa". Jabalpur 26 13 MADHYA PRADESH 1 Vikram University Department of Computer Science. M. Khandwa Road. Road. Pigdambar. Indore . Gwalior. . Indore. International Inst. 24 25 . Tansen Nagar Gwalior-474002 Dr.B. Gumasta Nagar.) RKDF Institute of Science & Tech.474 002 Shri Vaishnav Institute of Management Shikshan Samiti. Hari Singh Gaur University Deptt. & Tech. Mandideep. Engineering College Gokulpur Ranjhi.. Indore .P. Jabalpur (M.B. 2. Raisen Road. Khandwa Road.

Rustamji Institute of Teechnology B. Institute of Tech. Maharajpura.S. Deendayal Nagar. Madhotal. No.452 010. Bombay Hospital. Bhopal-462 001 27 28 40 29 41 30 42 43 31 44 45 32 33 46 34 47 35 48 36 49 37 Institute of Professional Education & Research Bhojpur Road. Shri G. Village Chann. Kohfiza. Indore .444 605 . Kokta Anandnagar. Village-Bhairanpur Hoshangabad Road.S. Colony. Near Aditya Purum. All Saints College Pipalnair.P. Academy. & Science 23 Park Road. Fine Enclave.P. Bhopal-462 016 Crescent Institute of Management Opp. Bhopal .Dipdi.E. Beraria Road. Tekanpur. MAHARASHTRA 38 Shree Hanuman Vyayam Mandal's P G Dept.) Tirathprashad Institute of Professional Education Village . Opp. Bhopal . Plot No. Bhopal -462 018 Techno Crats Institute of Technology (MCA) Anand Nagar. of Technology & Science Gola Ka Mandir. Julwania Road. Bhopal-462 011 (M.) Institute of Advanced Technology and Science Opp. Jabalpur-482002 School of Computers Bilaspur Bhopal-462 021 Sri Ramnath Siksha Sansthan Sitholi.B. Katni -483 501 Shree Sai Institute of Technology Near M.452 003 Maharishi Centre for Educational Excellence Lamba Khera.462 001.F. & Technology Amravati . Gwalior Rajeev Gandhi College of Technoiolgy & Management Salaiya. Koiar Road. Gwalior-475 005 Shri Ram Institute of Technology Near ITI. P. Bhopal Indira Priyadarshini College of Science & Management Khanu Gaon. Near Rajeev Gandhi College.462 021.B. Ratlam . Dewas Road. Khargoan (M. Bhopal Mahakal Institute of Computer Science Karcha Farms Behind Air Strip. Ring Road. Jaora Road. Bhojpur Road. 19. Indore . Bhopal . Gwalior.26 School of Computer Science Devi Ahilya University Indore Madhav Inst. Ujjain-456 010 SCOPE NH-12. Near Misrad. Bairagarh Cheechli.P. Gram: Sankhedi. Shahajanabad. 39 Jawaharlal Institute of Technology Soot Mill Parisar. Datana. Bhopal 1.462 021 Shri Gujrati Samaj Institute of Professional Studies Vijaya Nagar. Indore .452 008 Tirthankar Anglo-Vedic Institute of Technical Education Place . of Computer Sc. Gwalior Bansal Institute of Science & Tech.Jhanshh.457 001 Pioneer Institute of Professional Studies Mahalaxmi Nagar. 1480. Gandhi Nagar. Maharana Pratap Ward. Hathaikheda.

Aurangabad-431 002 Maratha Shikshan Sanstha's Institute of Management Studies & Information Technology Aurangabad .400 706 14.440 008 23. Ulhas Patil Institute of Computer Technology Jalgaon . of Mgmt.442 401 17. R C Patel Education Trust Shripur 25. PAD. Career Development & Research Mumbai . Navyug Vidyapeeth Trust Joharabi Antulay Computer Academy Raigad . Studies. Nagpur 21. Campus Shegaon . Beed Mumbai Educational Trust Institute of Computer Science Mumbai . Chandrapur .431 001 MAEERS Sri Saraswati Institute of Computer Science Nagzari.2. Hingna. 9. 6. Dr. B Nandurkar College of Physical Education Yavatmal .402 301 11. Jai Mahakali Shikshan Sanstha Flanibai Agnihotri Institute of Computer Information Technology Wardha . The South Indian Education Society SIES College of Management Studies Navi Mumbai . Sarvodaya Shikshan Mandal's Sardar Patel Mahavidyalaya Dept. 4. Gondia Education Society J M Patel College of Computer Science Wasdeg .424 005 26. NES Gangamai Inst. Bharati Vidyapeeth's Institute of Management & Information Technology Navi Mumbai .440 019 22. 7.4458 001 Shri Gajanan Shikshan Sanstha P G Degree in MCA SSGM College of Engg. Amar Sevaa Mandal's Kamla Nehru Mahavidyalaya. Dist. Ankush Shikshan Sanstha's Institute of Information Technology & Computing Research Nagpur.442 001 24.425 002 27. Shri Shivaji Education Society Science College (MCA) Nagpur 19. Satchikitsa Prasarak Mandal Dr. Godavari Foundation Dr. Lokmanya Tilak Janakalyan Shikshan Sanstha Priyadarshini Institute of Computer Application & Research Digdoh.400 101 15. 8. Tom Patrick Institute of Computer & Information Technology Rouza Bagh. of Management Dhuie . Khandesh College of Education Society Institute of Management & Research Jalgaon . Chiplun Taluk 12.440 013 20. S N G M Vrajilal Manilal Vasant Thakar Commerce.441 904 Bhandara 16.414 111 3.425 003 28. Shri Ramdeobaba Smarak Sarvajanik Samiti Ramdeobaba Institute of Computer Application Nagpur.400 614 .400 016 18. 10.444 203 Maulana Educational Trusts. of Computer Studies & Res. 5. Nagpur . Arts & JJP Science College Nagpur . Vithalrao Vikhe Patil Foundation Institute of Advance Computer Technology Ahmednagar .400 050 Late Bhausaheb Hiray S S Trust Institute of Computer Applications Mumbai-400 051 Thakur Education Trust's Thakur Inst. Mandar Education Society's Rajaram Shinde College of Computer Application Shirgaon. NCRD's Sterling Institute of Technology & Management Nerui Navi Mumbai .400 076 13.

D Y Patil Pratishthan Dr. Pune .411 027 39. Pune-411 041 38. College of Engineering (MCA) Karad-415 124 53.444 602 55. Bharati Vidyapeeth's Institute of Management (MCA) Kolhapur-416 003 46. Shri Sharda Bhavan Education Society's Institute of Technology & Management Nanded . VPT Vidya Pratishthan Institute of Information Technology Tal.411 042 40.411 018 34.29. of Computer Applications Pune . Commerce & Science Parbhani .440 010 .431 602 51.414 001 30. Audyogik Tantra Shikshan Sanstha institute of Industrial & Computer Management & Research Pune-411 019 33. College of Arts. PES Institute of Management & Career Development Pune . Mumbai .411 041 31. Dr. NSD Educational Foundation Institute of Management & Technology Tal. Jayawant Shikshan Prasarak Mandal Jayawant Inst. Inter Inst. Bansilai Ramnath Agarwal Charitable Trust Vishwakarama Institute of Technology Bibwewadi Pune-414 037 44.19 54. Haveli. of Computer Centre & Dept. Bharati Vidyapeeth's institute of Management & Rural Development Administration Sangli-416 416 47. & Career Courses Pune . Shri Chanakya Education Society Indira Institute of Management (MCA) Pune . Education Society's Sinhgad Institute of Management Pune. Dr. Audyogik Shikshan Mandal's Institue of Business Management & Research Pune-411 019 32. of Electronics & Computer Science Nagpur University Campus Nagpur. Baramati Pune-413 133 45. D Y Patil Institute of Management & Research Pimpri. D Y Patil Institute of Master of Computer Applications Pune.411 004 37. Maharashtra Cosmopolitan Educational Society Allana Institute of Management Sciences Pune-411 001 43. Latur-413 512 50. Dnyanopasak Shikshan Mandal's Institute of Information Technology. Bharati Vidyapeeth B V Abhijit Kadam Institute of Management & Social Sciences Solapur . SSPM Manikchand Dhariwal Institute of Management Pune-412 211 42. Shri Mahatma Basweshwar Education Society Institute of Computer Education Barshi Road.411 044 35. Bharati Vidyapeeth (Deemed University) Institute of Managemnet & Entrepreneurship Development Pune-411 038 41. Bharati Vidyapeeth's Yashwantrao Mohite Institute of Management (MCA) Karad Satara Dist. Govt. Sinhgad Tech. Maharashtra Education Society Institute of Mgmt. Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute (MCA) Matunga. B P H E Society's Institute of Management Studies & Career Development Research Ahmednagar . D Y Patil Partisthan's Dr.431 401 52. of Computer Science & Engineering Amravati University Amravati . P G Dept.411 044 36. -415 110 48.413 004 49.

9.400 049 57.753 003 College of Engg. National Institute of Sc.765 022 Rayagada Dist. 8. 15.752 054 12.765 001 25. Krupajala Computer Academy Kharavelanagar Bhubaneswar 23. National Institute of Computer Science Rourkela-769 012 26.751 010 13. & Technology University of Agricultural & Technology Bhubaneswar . 2. Rourkela .425 001 ORISSA 1.751 019 30. Rasulgarh Bhubaneswar . Nilachal Institute of Computer Science Bhubaneswar . & Technology Berhampur. 5. Studies Gunpur . . 6. College Burla . Ambedkar Memorial Inst. Sambalpur Dist.768 018.765 002 20. 16.751 017 28. of Computer Science Mumbai . Indian Institute of Science & Info. Tech.751 001 3. Studies Baripada . Education Bhubaneswar . Biju Patnaik Institute of Information Technology & Management Studies Bhubaneswar .751 010 11. 10.761 200 Rayagada Dist.751 010 19. Dr. Hi-Tech Institute of Information Technology Jeypore .761 008 27. Institute of Advance Computer & Research Rayagada .765 022 Rayagada Dist. & Science Rayagada .56. C V Raman Computer Academy Bhubaneswar . Gangadher Meher College Sambalpur .751 030 21.761 001 Ravenshaw College Cuttack .764 001 Koraput 18.769 042 14. 7.751 003 University College of Engineering Sambalpur University P. Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology Nayapalli Bhubaneswar . North Maharashtra University Dept.757 001 Mayurbhanj 29. Orissa Academy of Science Bhubaneswar .756 113 Bhadrak Dist. of Information Technology & Management Science Jagda. Gayatri Institute of Computer & Mgt. Balasore . Kushagra Institute of Information & Management Science Cuttack-753 013 24. Academy of Business Admn. Bural Engg.756 001 Berhampur Institute of Science Berhampur Bhadrak Institute of Engg. Gajapati Institute of Management Parlakhemundi . 17. 4. of Computer Science Jalgaon . Institute of Business & Computer Studies Bhubaneswar .765 004 Institute of Management & Information Technology Cuttack . Centre for IT.751 012 22. Majhigharini Institute of Tech. Orissa Computer Academy Bhubaneswar . North Orissa School of Communication & Mgmt. Gandhi Institute of Computer Studies Gunupur .753 007 Khallakote Autonomous College Berhampur .O. & Technology Barapada. S N D T Women's University Post Graduate Dept.

VIIl & P. Ludhiana Gian Jyoti Institute of Mngt & Tech. Studies Berhampur . Post Box No. Muktsar (Punjab) Deptt.770 034 Sundargarh 42.751 031 40. Regional College of Management Bhubaneswar .. Mohali. of Computer Applications Institute of Engg. Bhai Gurdas College of Engg & Tech. Trident Academy of Creative Technology Bhubaneswar .751 010 12 PONDICHERRY 1 2 Pondicherry Engineering College Pondicherry . Institute of Management & IT Magsudan.148 001.31.P. Amloh (Punjab) Doraha Institute of Management & Technology V & PO Doraha.757 086 Sundergarh 38. Ludhiana . Patiala-147 001 Guru Nanak Institute of Management & Technology Gujarkhan Campus. Civil Lines Ludhiana Guru Harkishan College for Management & Technology SST Nagar. Studies Rourkela .T. Mohali -140 308 4 5 34.O Landra. Pondicherry 14 1 2 Apeejay Institute of Management. School of Computer Applications Bhubaneswar . College Road.T. Sangrur. Jalandhar Baba Isher Singh Instt. 272.S.751 006 41. Block Labmi Distt.A. Kansbahal . Rourkela Institute of Mgmt. S.752 002 39. & Technology Bhaddal Ropar (Punjab) Desh Bhagat Institute of Advanced Computer Science Vill.O.751 030 37.605 014 13 Pondicherry University Kalapet. & P. Shri Jagannath Institute of Technology Puri . 2nd Km Stone Patiala Road. Distt.751 023 33. C. Tapaswini Institute of Information Tech. Moga (Punjab) 9 6 7 8 10 11 PUNJAB .Nagar. Model Town. Rourkela Institute of Technology Kalunga . V.O. Rajura Road. & Dist. Patitpaban Institute of Technology Gangapada Janta . Dist.A. Mandi Gobindgarh Road. Seemanta Engineering College Keonjhar . of Computer & Mgmt. Moga . Sri Ram Institute of Information Technology Bhubaneswar . Of Tech. Silicon School of Information Technology Bhubaneswar . Gagra. Saunti.752 054 32.142 053. Roland Inst.141 002 Indian Institute of Information Tech. Roop Nagar. G. Teh. Mohali-160055 GNN Institute of Management & Tech.768 001 3 Baba Mangal Singh Inst of Computer Science.S Nagar.769 015 35. Road Jalandhar-144 001 Dashmesh Girls College Village Badal. Phase-ll. Mahavir Marg.770 031 Sundargarh 36. S. Vill. Daudhar Teh.

T.302 018 Birla Institute of Technology (Deemed University) Jaipur Extn Center. Dist.144 402 Jamna Devi Institute of Management & Technology Katcha Ferozpur Road..S. Village Kauli Patiala (Punjab) Punjab College of Technical Education. Punjab College of Information Technology Rajpura Road. Road. Phagwara. Dist. Ferozpur Road. Soldier Management & Technical Institute Kapurthala Road. Punjabi University Department of Computer Science & Applications Patiala (Punjab) 3 26 Ram Iqbal Institute of Management & Technology Amritsar (Punjab) 32 33 20 21 34 22 35 23 RAJASTHAN 1 Apex Institute of Management & Science 5. Jalandhar. Sadar.S. Swami Sarvanand Institute of Management & Technology Village Talwandi. Mandi Gobindgarh. Mote Majra. Amrik Singh Road. Badhani-145 001 Near Pathankot (Punjab) St.T. Near Chandigarh Shaheed Udham Singh institute of Computer Science Tangori. Women's Institute of Technology.O. Moga-142 001 Malout Institute of Management and Infotech. Verka. Patiala Sri Sai College of Engineering & Technology V. Sahibzada Ajit Singh Institute of Information & Technology Vill. Baddowal.T. Lovely Valley. Road. Gurdaspur-142 531 16 28 29 17 30 18 31 19 Lala Lajpatrai Institute of Managment & Technology Moga-Ferozpur G. Ludhiana (Punjab) Punjab Institute of Mangement & Technology. Tehsil Balachaur. Jaipur . Mohali (Punjab) Shri Guru Nanak Institute of Tech. S.141 001 27 Rayat Institute of Engg. G.140 412. Civil Lines. Distt. Near Chehru Rly Bridge.302 017. Road Dinanagar. Near ITBP Camp. Manasarover. 24 2 25 .P. Nagal. Nawanshahar-144 533.151 001. Malviya Industrial Area Jaipur. & Information Technology Village Railmajra. Near P. Muktsar-152107 Mata Gujri Institute of Management & Higher Education Fatehgarh Sahib . Muktsar (Punjab) Khalsa College for Women. Harbanspura Mandi Gobindgarh-147 301 International Institute of Management. Bhatinda . Kapurthala .147 301. Amritsar SJSS institute of Technical Education Village-kauli. Hardaspur. Punjab . G.O.15 Institute of Management & Computer Technology Om Prakash Bansal Modern School Campus. Via Manauli.302017 Centre for Management Studies and Industrial Collaboration Matviya National Institute of Tech. Distt. Jaipur . Road. P. Green Field Grain Market Malout. Teh. V.T. Ludhiana .D.

Melmaruvathur . Shastri Nagar Jodhpur . & Tech.635 109 (Tamil Nadu) Amrita Institute of Technology and Sc. Benard Road. Jaipur-302 017 Shri Balaji College of Engg.S. Madras . Sector-3. Ettimadai Post.342 003 Maharishi Arvind Institute of Science and Management.603 319 Kanchipuram Dist. . Mansarovar.M. Teh . Amba-Bari Circle. Kota-324 009 Modi Institute of Education & Research Lakshmangarh . Jaipur .608 002. Kamla Nehru Nagar.302 012 Modi Institute of Management & Technology Campus. ESI Hospital Road. Sitapura.600010 Adhiparasakthi Engineering College. Annai Velankanni . Durgapur.College Tholayavattam.625 514 Madurai Dt.302 020 Indira Gandhi Balika Niketan institute of Science Vill & PO Ardawata. SFS. Sriperumbudur Kancheepuram Distt. Nagar. Ashok Marg Mahaveer Nagar. Thiruvannamali.G.-602 105 Arul Anandar College Karumathur . Thiruvarur .601 302 5 3 4 6 5 7 6 7 8 9 8 9 10 10 11 11 12 12 13 13 14 14 TAMIL NADU 1 A. Annamalai Nagar . Krishnankoil . Jaladampet. Jaipur .600 025.609 305 15 . Hosur . Landons Road. Jodhpur. Dist Jhunjhunu . Lachoo Memorial College of Science & Technology A .614 403 Anna University School of Computer Science and Engineering Sardar Patel Road. Modi College Dadabari.Tambaram Road.629 157 Annamalai University.V.342 003 Lucky Institute of Professional Studies.Chirawa.4 Compucom Institute of information Technology & Management SP-5. Jaipur-302 013 2 Aarupadai Veedu institute of Computer Applications 34. M. Kanyakumari Dist. Mathur-606 601 Asan Memorial College of Arts & Science.C College of Engineering Mayiladuthural. Kilpauk..604 410 Arunai Engineering College. Bharti Path.R. Adhiyamaan College of Engineering Dr. Sikar Seedling Academy of Design Technology & Management S.332 311 Distt. RIICO Industrial Area. Koilvenni. Chennai .333 027. Velachery.H. Arignar Anna Istitute of Management Studies & Science Pennalur.Sector. Mansarovar.641 105 Anjalai Ammal Mahalingam Engg College. Jaipur India International Institute of Management IIS Campus.626 190 Arulmigu Meenakshi Amman College of Engineering Vadamavandal . Jaipur (Rajasthan) Deepshikha College of Technical Education. Edcuational Arcade. Arulmigu Kalasalingam College of Engineering Anand Nagar. Near Water Tank. Mannampandal . Gurukul Marg. Coimbatore . Chennai .

Damodaran College of Science.641 006 Coimbatore Institute of Management & Technology P. Thittupuarai.625 018 G.N. Mary Land.S.V. Coimbatore . Coimbatore .K.641 037 Dr.) Dept. Coimbatore-641004 30 31 18 19 20 32 33 21 34 22 35 23 24 36 25 37 38 26 39 27 40 28 41 . Chennai . Thiruvencery Village. Vandalur. Ganapathy. Chennai . Palayam Road.of Computer Science Manonmaniam Sundaranar University Abishekapatti Thirunelveli -627 012 (T.R. Kangayam-638 701 CMS College of Science & Commerce Chinnavedampatty.P.G.. Alapakkam.600 073 Bharathiar University Coimbatore . Perungalathur.641 014 Crescent Engineering College. Coimbatore . Mahalingam College of Management & Computer Studies Udumalal Road Pollachi . Tambaram. Academy for Managerial Excellence Behind Govt.S.16 17 Ayya Nadar Janakai Ammal College. (T. Dr.T. .602 103 Erode Arts College Rangampalayam.600 089 Fatima College.606 303 Cuddalore Dist. Thiruvaflore Dist.600 096 Dr.638 009 Eswari Engineering College for Women Bharathy Salai. Krishnammal College for Women. & Tech.600 048 CSI Bishop Appasamy College of Arts & Science 129 Race Course. Deendayal Engineering College Thiruvallore Taluk. Othakkalmandapam Post . Coimbatore (T. College of Engg. Tholudur . Selaiyur. P. G.N.N.N. M. Navalar Nedunchezhiyan College of Engineering Vaidyanathapuram. Engineering College. SNS Rajatakshmi College of Arts & Science Thudiyalur Saravnampatti Road.J.R.642 003 Dr. Erode Dist.M.Road. G. Higher Secondary School.641 006 Coimbatore Institute of Technology. Erode . Civil Aerodrome Post. Maduravoyal. Madurai Dist.641 018 'D.) 29 Dhanalakshmi Srinivasam College of Arts & Science for Women Perambalur (T.638 401 Bharath Institute of Science & Tech. Chennai .626 124 Bannari Amman Institute of Technology Alathukombai Post Satyamangalam.641 302 Coimbatore Distt. Coimbatore . Coimbatore. Chinnavedampatti (PO).N.R.602 102 Dr. Madurai . Avanashi Road. Gobindarajulu School of Applied Computer Technology.) Dhanraj Baid Jain College Thorapakkam Chennai . Chennai . Sivakasi .) E. Civil Aerodrome Post.R. Ramavaram.. Engineering College Chennai-Bangalore National Highway Chembarambakkam .G. Chennai-600 063 G.641 046 Cheran Arts & Science College Cheran Nagar.

602 024.O.606 603 Karpagam Arts & Science College.42 G. Saravanampatti.641 032 Karunya Institute of Technology Karunya Nagar Post. Old Mamallapuram Road. Thiruvannamalai Dist. Tamil Nadu .O. Kelambakkam-603 103 Hindustan College of Arts & Science..620 009 Jaya College of Arts & Science. 57 Jayaram College of Engineering & Technology Karattampatty.600 119 Jerusalem College of Engineering Narayanapuram.N. K. Pottapalayam.624 302 Gobi Arts & Science College. Prakash Nagar.) Kamban School of Management Studies.601 302 K. Vepery High Road. Arts College.. College Kumbakonam . Thudiyalur Road.628 003 (T. Konthagai P.. Tiruchirapalli . Pollachi Main Road. Perumpacheri Group.S. 365. Pappamadai Village.S. Thiruninravur-602 024 Jaya Engineering Colllege. Eachanari Post.H. Pallikaranai. Mathur & Post. Thiruninravur . Erode-638 316 J. College of Engineering Pottapalayam. Gobichettipalayam Karattadipalayam . College of Information Technology. Pannier Nagar Mugappair (East) Chennai (Tamil Nadu) J.N. Padur. Nagapattinam. Pillay Engineering College. Coimbatore . Arts & Science College.T. Coimbatore-64103 43 58 44 59 45 60 46 47 48 61 62 63 49 50 64 65 51 52 53 66 67 54 68 55 56 69 .638 453 Govt. Manamadurai . Thokkavadi Post. Tiruchirappalli . Rangasamy College of Tech. Coimbatore .621 014 Jeppiaar Engineering College Jeppiaar Nagar.N. Rangasamy College of Arts & Science Thokkavadi (PO). College of Engineering & Tech. Road.S. Dindigul Anna Dist. Chennai . Salem Dist.641 114 KGISL Institute of Information Management. Nagapattinam Dist . Trichy .611 002 Ganapathi Seethai Ammal College.537 209 Kamaraj College. Konthangai P. Gandhigram.641 018 Govt.623 009 Gandhigram Rural Institute. Pagalavadi. M. Tiruchengode K. 432.641 021 Karpagam College of Engineering Othakkalmandapam Village.L. Vepery. Thoothukudi .600 007 Hindustan College of Engineering Old Mahabalipuram Road.L.620 002 Institute of Road & Transport Tech. Chennai . Hindustan Gardens Coimbatore-641028 Holy Cross College Teppakulam Post. Chennai . Coimbatore .A. Sivagangai Dist . -630611 Sivagangai Dist. Tiruchengode.612 001 Guru Shree Shanti Vijai Jain College for Women 96.J.630 611 K. Coimbatore . Ammapettal.

625 019.) Kongunadu Arts and Science College Gnanambigai Mills (PO) Coimbatore.623 806 Muthayammal College of Arts & Science.637 501 Mailam Engineering College. Erode District Noorul Islam College of Engineering Post Box No. (T.B. Nagamalai. Avinashi Coimbatore . Kakkaveri. 87. 1.70 Kongu Arts & Science College. Nungambakkam.) Coimbatore . Chennai .641 029 Krishnasamy Institute of PG Studies Nellikuppam High Road.O. 17. MEASI Institute of Information Technology. Kongu Engineering College.N. Rasipuram .626 005 Tamil Nadu Mohamed Sathak College of Arts and Science Sholinganallur.55. .S. Perundurai . Senji Kumarapuram. . Via Virudhunagar .600 034 M. Nadar Saraswathi College of Arts & Science Post Box No. Loyola College Sterling Road.M.O.642 001 National Engineering College.600 096 Mohamed Sathak Engg.600 059 Madurai Kamraj University College. Alagarkoil Road. Coimbatore . Arasur (P. Madurai . Main Road Thalavapalayam . Peters Road. Polfachi . Chennai-600014 MEPCO Schlenk Engineering College P.625 002 Maharaja Arts and Science College Neelambur. Kanyakumari Dist.Taluk.N.) N.637 408 Rasipuram Taluk Namakkal District (T.641407 Maharaja College for Women P.) 71 72 86 73 87 88 74 89 90 75 76 91 77 92 78 93 94 79 80 95 81 96 97 82 83 84 98 . Chennai .639 113 Madha Engineering College Somangalam Road Kunrathur. Annanji PO. Chennai . Chennai .641 006. Vellaichamy Nadar College.638 101 Arachalur Via. Theni . Nanjanapuram Erode-638 107. Christian College Martandam. Royapettah. Villupuram Dist .79.641 654 Mahendra Engineering College. Mailam. Kumarasamy College of Engineering No. No. Cuddalore-607109. Kalipatti.637 408 Muthayammal Engineering College Kakkaveri Post . Nalattinputhur .M. (T.604 304 85 Marudhar Kesari Jain College for Woman Marudhar Nagar. Kumaraguru College of Technology Chinnavedampatti. Salem Distt. College Kilakarai . Madurai . Vadapudupatti. Thuckaiay (T. Vaniyambadi-635751.638 052.600 069 Madras Christian College Tambaram.627 716 Navarasam Arts and Science College for Women Nagamalai . Palghat Road.) N. Maharaja Engineering College.N. Chinnakallupalli. Namakkal Dist.625 531 Nallamuthu Gounder Mahalingam College.N.S.

R.R.A.) 111 Periyar Maniammai College of Technology for Women Periyar Nagar. Konamedu.N. Chennai .N.635 205 (T. 107 Panimalar Institute of Management Studies and Computer Science 20. Bangalore Trunk Road. Engineering College Vallam Trichy Main Road Thanjavur. Namkkai . Thanjavur-613 007 (T.624 622 103 P. Nagar. Kaniyur.M.V. Railway Colony II Street.) 117 Prof. RVS Nagar. Chetput.613 603 102 P. Namkkal.V. Thanjavur Dist. Nammakkal Dist. E. . Coimbatore. Periyar Distt. Engineering College.641 014 120 R.R. Adayalanpattu.) 105 Pachiayappas College. Chennai .600 005.637 206 112 Ponnaiyah Ramajayam College. Kelambakkam. (T. Nagar.S..641 659 109 Pavendar Bharathidasan College of Engineering & Technology Tiruchirapalli (T. Palacode Talukm Dharmapuri Dist. Chennai .601 206 Tamil Nadu 122 R. Karur Main Road.N.P.602 102 114 Prathyusha Engineering College Aranvayal . Vaniyambadi . Dindigul . Nelson Manickam Road. Dhanpaian College for Women Old Mahabalipuram Road. Engineering College.K.V.N.S.R. Chennai . Coimbatore . Nasarathpettai (PO) Chennai . Gummidipoondi Taluk.N.M. Coimbatore .N. Thandalam Village.D. & Tech. College of Arts & Science. K. 116 Priyadarshini Engineering College Anna Salai. 13.603 103 118 PSG College of Technology Peelamedu.600 029 108 Park College of Engineering and Technology Avanashi Road.) 110 Pee Gee College of Arts and Science.635 753 (T. Door No.637018 (T.626140 (T. Kizhmudalambedu Village.641 004.99 P. Thiruvallur . Veerapanjan. Chennai .602 306 100 P. Raja Nagar. Priyar Road. Arts College for Women. Chennai .K.N. 119 PSG College of Arts & Science. Sevalpatti .601 206 121 R. Varadharajapuram. (T.N. & Tech.M.) 104 Paavai Engineering College Pachal. Dindigul .602 025 Thiruvellore Taluk Thiruvellore District (T.S College of Engg. Madurai-sivagangai Main Road.625 020 124 Rajalakshmi Engineering College. Periyar Village.S.N.624 004 123 Raja College of Engineering & Technology S.) 113 Ponnamanam Institute of Management Studies and Computer Applications. Civil Aerodrome Post.N.) 115 Presidency College.) 101 P.R.602 107. Kamaraiarsalai.600 030 106 Panimalar Engineering College. R. Engineering College.) . Periyanahalli Post.G. College of Engg. Madurai .

E.N. 136 Sarah Thucker College Perumalpuram Tirunelveli . Chennai . Hindu College Desigavinayagar Nagar.620 012 138 Sathyabama Engineering College. Technology & Research Academy Shanmugha Complex.627 007 (T.I.629 501 (T.N. College Gowrivakkam. Madurai .) 132 ST. . Tiruchengodu. Monikettipottal Post. Manalurpet Road.T. Tiruchirapalli -620 015 127 S R M Engineering College. S. Sulur. Komarapalayam .-614 001 (T.S. Salem-636 005 150 Sourashtra College. Tiruvarur Dist. Salem . Kattankulathur. Tirumalaisamudram. Chennai .625 004 .N. Nallavanpalayam Post. (T. Mannargudi Taluk. 128 S. College of Engineering. Chennai .R. Madras .V. Kattankulathur.) 137 Saranathan Institute of Computer Studies Panjapur Tiruchirapalli . SSM Nagar.) 142 Sengunthar Engineering College. NamakkaJ Dist-637205 (T.638 183 (T.N. Jeppiaar Nagar. Tiruvannamalai (T.N. Sundarakkottai Vill.) 148 SNR Sons College. Valayakaranoor.) 141 Sengunthar Arts and Science College. S R M Nagar. Thiagarjar Polytechnic Road. Coimbatore-641 402 126 Regional Engineering College. Kothar. Sundarasolavaram.641 035 135 Sapthagiri College of Engineering Dharmapuri Erode-636 701.N.R Dist.600 096 139 Sacred Heart Collegge Tirupattor. Thiruverkadu (PO).A.M. Kancheepuram Dist. Kosavampalayam. Nagar.601 302 130 S. Coimbatore .603 203 131 S.600 096 146 Shrimati Indira Gandhi College Chatram Bus Stand Tiruchirapalli 620002 147 Sivanthi Aditanar College Pillayarpuram.) 145 Shri Sivasubramaniam Nadar College of Engineering Okkiyam Thuraippakkam.600 077 129 S. Thanjavur-61.641 006 149 Sona College of Technology Sona Nagar.603 203 Chengalpattu M. Neikkarapatti. Kondalampatti. Trichy Road.N.) 140 Sengamaia Thayaar Educational Trust's Women's College Main Road. Institute of Management Studies.) 144 Shanmugha Arts Science.M Arts and Science College.) 143 Shanmuga Industries Arts & Science College.637 205 (T.N.626 010 134 Sankara College of Science and Commerce Saravanampatty. Kanyakumari Dist . Suramangalam Post.M.125 Rahnavel Subramanian (RVS) College of Arts & Science Kuk Thattam.635 601 (T.N.) 133 Salem Sowdeswari College.N. Tiruchengode .G.3 402 (T.R. Nagercoil-2 Kanyakumari Dist. Coimbatore. Old Mamallapuram Road. Vellore .

641 008 157 Sri Meenkashi Govt. Chembarambakkam. Chennai-600 044 164 Sri Sarada College for Women. Coimbatore . Michael College Of Engg. Pennallur.N. Sarojini Naidu Road. 174 St.151 Sree Amman Arts & Science College V.N. 7 Nelson Road.602 024 (T.) 162 Sri S. Jeppiaar Nagar.MGR District. Xavier's College Palayamkottai . 160 Sri Ramakrishna Mission Vidyalaya College of Arts & Science. Joseph's College of Engineering Old Mamallapuram Road.625 002 158 Sri Muthukumaran Institute of Technology Chikkarayapuram. College for Women Madurai . Chennai . & Tech St. Jeppiaar Nagar.) 156 Sri Krishna College of Engineering & Technology Kuniamuthur (Post) Coimbatore . Pollachi .627 002 (T. Kavaraipettai Gummidipoondi Taluk. Kancheepuram .641 020 161 Sri Ramkrishna Engineering College. Santhiagappar Nagar. Tiruvallur Dit. Thippampatti. Sriperumbudur-602105 167 Srimad Andavan Arts and Science College.630 551 Sivaganga Dist.) 175 Sun College Of Engg & Technology Sun Nagar Erachakulam .641 044.600 054.620 005 168 Sriram College of Arts & Science Perumalpattu Village & Post Tiruvallur Dist. Chennai . Chennai .N.600 096 172 St. Kunrathur Road. Chennai . Thairppalayam (Po) Chittode (Via) Erode-638 102 152 Sree Saraswathi Thyagaraja College.) 163 Sri Sairam Engineering College.) 169 Sriram Engineering College Perumalpattu. 395.) Tirunelveli . Coimbatore . No.O. 170 St.627 011 165 Sri Vasavi College. Thiruvanaikovil.631 552 155 Sri Durgadevi Institute of Computer Applications RSM Nagar. Vattamalaipalayam. Old Mamallapuram Road. (T. New Sidhapudur.N. Erode -638 316 166 Sri Venkateswara College of Engg. West Tambaram. Kalaiyarkovil . Ramaswamy Naidu Memorial College.) 173 St. V. Near Mothari Institute Chennai 154 Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswathi Viswa Maha Vidayalaya (Deemed University) Enathur.N.601 102 159 Sri Ramakrishna College of Arts & Science for Women.641 022 (T.642 107 153 Sree Sastha Institute of Management and Computer Studies.629 002 Kanyakumari District . Sattur-626 203(T.602 024 Chengai .N. Coimbatore . -601 206 (T. Sarada Nagar.M.O. Mary's School of Management Studies. Poonthandalam Dharkast. Tiruchirapalli . Chatram (P. Avadi. P. . Peter's Engineering College.600 096 171 St.

Redhills Road. Salem 191 Valliammai Engineering College.600062 196 Vel's College of Science.N.N. Chennai .M. Udumalpet-642126 (T. Vadavanakkambadi (PO). P. Chennai .603 203.9.V.B. No. Vandavasi (TK) Thiruvannamalai Dist.627 116 183 The Standard Fireworks Rajaratnam College for Women Thiruthangal Road Sivakasi . Coimbatore .600 117 197 Velammal College of Management and Computer Studies. 200 Vellore Institute of Technology Vellore .600 062 193 Vel Sri Ranga Sanku College.N.641 042 190 V.L. Chennai . (T.176 Tagore Engineering College Rathinamangalam Chennai . 42. . Chennai . Madurai .625 002 181 The Ethiraj College. College. 60. Karapakkam.S. Chennai . Egmore. Velammal Nagar. Ramnad Dist. 192 Vel Rangarajan Sakunthala High Tech Engg College. Virudhunagar .M's Kirupanananda Variya Engineering College Periyaseeragapadi.641 659 178 Thangavelu College of Science & Management Karapakkam. Surapet.600 006. Janaki Ammal College of Engineering & Technology Kovaipudur (Post) Coimbatore . 179 Thangavelu Engineering College. Alanthi Road. 27. Sakunthala College 42. Pollachi Road. Chennai . Avadi.600 066 199 Vellalar College for Women.R. Ambattur . Karumathampatti.604 505 187 V V Vanniaperumal College for Women.N. Vadakkangulam.600062 194 Vel Sri Rangarajan Dr. Chennai . Old Pallavaram.626 001 189 V.B.) 202 Vivekanandha Institute of Information and Management Elayampalayam Thiruchengode-637205 .625 005 186 Thiruvalluvar College of Engg and Technology Ponnur Hills.) 185 Thiagarajar School of Management Pamban Swami Nagar.626 089 184 The Thassim Beevi Abdul Kader College for Women. Chennai . Vaidyalingam Road.638 009. Erode .600 048 177 Tamilnadu College of Engineering Palanisame Ravi Nagar. Sankari Main Road. Chennai . S. Ethiraj Salai. Nellai Kattabomman Dist . Chennai .626 001 188 V.632 007 201 Vidyasagar College of Arts & Science P. Avadi Alamatti Road. Virudhunagar.600 066 198 Velammal Engineering College. Old Mahabalipuram Road. Nagar. Kilakarai -623 517. Kattan Kulathur . Chetpet High Road.H. Alamatti Road Avadi.600 096 180 The American College. Madurai . Avadi-alamathi Road.600 105 182 The Indian Engineering College Raja Nagar.600 062 195 Vel Tech.

Ayodyapattnam (PO). Rohilkhand University Department of Computer Science Bareilly . of Computer Science Baba Saheb Bhimrao Ambedkar University Campus Vidya Vihar. Noida . Kanpur . Tiruchengode-637 205 204 VLB Janakiammal College of Arts & Science Kovaipudur. Kalyanpur. Ramakrishnapuram. Coimbatore .Lucknow . C-56/1. Training Division.208 002 Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology Allahabad . Rae Bareilly Road Lucknow .L. Bulandshahar Road Lai Quan.J. Sector-1. Rughalpur.203 Vivekananda College of Arts & Science Elayampalayam.228 118 Institute of Engineering & Technology Sitapur Road.221 001 . University. Gautam Budh Nagar Madan Mohan Malaviya Engineering College Gorakhpur .) 206 VYSYA Institute of Management Studies VYSYA College Building Ramakrishnapuram Masinaickenpatty.226 025 Birla Institute of Technology (Deemed University) Noida Extension Centre A-7.201 306 0120-2326020 Website: agnd.243 006 10 Institute of Computer Application & Information Science Dr. Gautam Budh Nagar .M. Industrial Area. Surajpur-Kasna Road P.57 Ghaziabad . Avadh University Faizabad .O.641 042 205 Vysya College.C.B. Kanpur .T.208 024 Institute of Computers and System Science Bundelkhand University Campus Jhansi -284 128 School of Information Science & Technology Deptt.224 001 Department of Computer Science & Applications Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapith Campus.N.201 301 Distt.201 301 Allahabad Agricultural Deemed University Allahabad -211 007 DR. Mathura-281 122 Institute of Management Studies C-238.226 021 H. Salem-636 103 (T.221 002 Institute of Engineering & Technology C. Institutional Area.636 103 UTTAR PRADESH 1 Electronics Research & Development Centre of India. Varanasi . Section-62 Noida . Road.273 010 Kamla Nehru Institute of Technology Sultanpur. R.S. No.ndf@com. G.B. S. Institutional Area. PARTI Director Apeejay Institute of Technology School of Computer Sciences 1.211 004 Banaras Hindu University Computer Centre Varanasi . Farah Distt. Technological Institute .201 009 11 12 13 14 15 2 3 4 5 6 16 17 7 18 8 19 9 Purvanchal University Departmental of Computer Application Jaunpur . P. Greater Noida Distt. Salem .221 005 Hindustan Institute of Management & Computer Studies Agra-Mathura Road.J.M.P.

G.201 005 Technical Education & Research Institute P. Block-F. Noida . Mawana Road. Chetganj Varanasi . Virendra Swarup Institute of Computer Studies 810.) Rajarshi School of Management & Technology Udai Pratap College Campus Varanasi . Modinagar Distt. Lucknow. Malyana. Institute of Technology & Management 17th Km.250 001 School of Management Sciences Hathua Market. College.226 021 S. P. No.O.233 002 ISTE HANDBOOK 200304 373 Krishna Institute of Engineering & Technology Ghaziabad-Meerut Road P. Meerut . Adhyatmik Nagar Ghaziabad .P. Roorkee Road Meerut .B. 53 Leader Road Allahabad -211 003 32 22 23 33 24 25 34 26 35 36 27 37 28 38 29 39 40 30 41 . Amity School of Computer Sciences Amity School Campus.221 010 International Institute of Special Education Kanchana Bihari Marg Lucknow .250 004 . Main G.P. U. Noida . Stone. Kanpur. Mahmoor Ganj Varanasi . Meerut . Sector-26.282 002 Babu Banarasi Das National Institute of Technology and Management 1. Near Medical College. Mathura . Juhi. Nodia JSS Academy of Technical Education C-20/1. Institute of Management & Technology Delhi-Meerut Road. Delhi-Mathura Road Post-Ajhai. Sikh Kalan. Sahibabad Ghaziabad . NH-2.201 007 IIMT Management College O'Pocket Ganga Nagar. Muradnagar. Road. Dr.L. Faizabad Road Chinhat.281 406 Meerut Institute of Engineering & Technology Maghpat Road Bypass Crossing P.O.221 001 Institute of Informatics and Management Science Anuyogi Puram. Garh Road Meerut .HS-02. Akhilesh Das Nagar. Alpha 2 Greater Noida (U. Saket Nagar.T.R.208 014 G. Agra . Sector-62. Rathyatra.T.M.250 002 Institute of Computer Science & Technology Sri Krishna Building B-37/122.503 Sector-44. Ravindrapuri Ghazipur .221 002 Institute of Management Education 178. Ghaziabad .202 303 GIMT Institute of Management & Technology A-4. Road.201 301 United Institute of Management United Tower-M. W-1 Block.201 204 31 21 Graduate School of Business & Administration Plot No.250 004 NICE Management College Dulehra Marg. Ghaziabad .201 009 Raja Balwant Singh College Faculty of Post Graduate in Computer Application Khandari Road.201 206 Ajay Kumar Garg Engineering College P.O. Sector.A.20 Institute of Technology and Science G. Mohan Nagar Ghaziabad .

273 001 Noida Institute of Engineering & Technology 19. Greater Noida Distt.C.201 010 Institute of Professional Excellence and Management A-13/1. Oriental Carban Ghaziabad . Meerut Road Ghaziabad .201 306 Institute of Technology & Management AL-1. Gautam Budh Nagar . College of Management Studies Bhopa Road. Bareilly . & Technology Cotton Mill Complex.251 001 Havard Institute of Management & Technology 8.243 202 Institute of Management & Research Delhi-Meerut Road. Institutional Area. Gorakhpur .201 306 North India Engineering College Sector-ll. Gautam Budh Nagar . Distt. Phase-ll Knowledge Park. Greater Noida Gautam Budh Nagar . Surya Nagar Road Sahibabad Industrial Ara Ghaziabad .63. Ghaziabad .201 001 Academy of Business & Engineering Sciences NH-24. Knowledge Park Phase-ll. Muzaffarnagar . Site-IV.42 S. Meerut . Keetham Distt Agra .243 001 43 55 44 56 45 57 46 47 58 48 59 49 60 50 61 51 62 52 63 53 64 . Girls College C-22.273 209 Intertis Institute of Management Studies NH-24.201 003 Rakshpal Bahadur Management Institute Near Doordarshan Kendra ITBP. Bhojipura. 4. Institutional Area. South Side of GT Road Industrial Area.201 306 Bhagwant Institute of Technology Bhagwantpuram.201 306 R. Bukhara Turn Bareilly . Lucknow . Gorakhpur .250 103 54 Anand Engineering College Agra-Mathura Highwa. Surajpur-Kasna Road Greater Nodia.V.O.N. Gautam Budh Nagar . Meerut Bye-Pass Road Partapur.201 001 Ishan Institute of Management & Technology 2. Opp. Gaurabagh Near Gauamba Police Station Kursi Road. Institutional Area. Sector-7 Gorakhpur Industrial Development Authority Sahajanwa Road. Modi Institute of Engg.282 007 Dr. Greater Noida Distt. Institutional Area . NH-24 Ghaziabad .201 009 IEC College of Engg.243 001 Xal Bahadur Shastri Institute of Management & Development Studies.201 306 Ineraprastha Engineering College Plot No.226 026 Maharana Pratap Mangala Devi Institute of Computer Science & Technology Betia Hata.D. K. Duhai Ghaziabad .201 204 Greater Noida Institute of Technology 7.201 002 Raj Kumar Goel Institute of Technology Delhi-Meerut Road Ghaziabad . & Technology Plot No. Akhilesh Das Nagar Lucknow-Faizabad Road Lucknow Shri Ram Murti Smarak College of Engineering & Technology P.251 315 Dewan Institute of Management Studies Electra World View.C. 12 KM Bareilly Shahajahanpur Road Near-Transport Nagar Bareilly . Institutional Area Greater Noida Distt. Modi Nagar Distt. Gautam Budh Nagar . Bijnor-Delhi Highway Muzaffarnagar .

Adhyatmik Nagar Distt.250 004 Shobhit Institute of Engineering & Technology Babu Vijendra Marg Adarsh Institutional Area. Khasra No. Lucknow Mangalmay Institute of Management & Technology Plot No. Delhi Road Moradabad.201 009 Shri Ram Swaroop Memorial College of Engineering & Management Tewariganj. Gangoh Saharanpur .201 201 Vishveshwaraya Institute of Engineering & Technology G. Kidwai Nagar Kanpur City . Knowledge Park-ll Greater Noida Distt. Road. Kaseru Baxar Mawana Road. Distt. 78 institute of Technology and Management UPSIDC Road. P. Dadri Distt.201 009 institute of Foreign Trade & Management Lodhipur Rajpur. Partapur Meerut-250 103 66 79 67 80 68 69 81 82 70 83 71 84 72 73 85 74 86 75 87 76 88 77 89 .T. U. Lucknow Shobhit Institute of Engineering &. Gaizabad Road Lucknow . Phase-ll Greater Nodia Industrial Development Authority Distt.O. Vasundhara Ghaziabad .281 004 Jaipuria Institute of Management Sector 14-C. Mathura-281 122 Sacred Heart Institute of Management & Technology Naipalapur Post Distt.8 & 9. Moradabad . Kanpur Road Lucknow . Tehsil & Distt. Kursi Road Distt. Chandrawal Opp.201 010 Bharat Institute of Technology Meerut Byepass.220. Knowledge Park.226 001 BSA College of Engineering & Technology Mathura . Bakshi-ka-Talab-V Sitapur Road. Sitapur-261 001 Sahara Arts & Management Academy Nabikot Nandana. Post-Farah Distt. P. Ghaziabad .P. Technology Dulhera Marg.226 002 Kali Charan Nigam Institute of Technology Banda-Naraini Road Banda-210 001 Teerthankar Mahaveer Institute of Management and Technology Delhi Road. U. P.244 001 Institute of Environment and Management Anwari.208 011 Forte Institute of Technology Green Park. Gautam Budh Nagar. Meerut Meerut-250 001 Unique Institute of Management Delhi-Meerut Road Modinagar .282 007 Centre for Management & Technology 15.O. Adhytmik Nagar Distt. U.203 207 Advanced Institute of Management NH-24. Saroj Institute of Technology & Management Ahmamau.O. P. Gautam Budh Nagar .65 Sachdeva Institute of Technology Village-Chokipur Khurd. Ghaziabad .247 341 Subhas Institute of Software Technology 1420-Y Block.201 306 Global Institute of Information Technology Institutional Area Greater Nodia Industrial Development Authority.227 105 Integrated Academy of Management and Technology NH-24. Gautam Budh Nagar . Sikandra Agra . Roorkee Road Meerut . Azad Institute of Engineering & Technology Natkuram. Sultanpur Road Lucknow . Barabanki.O.P.P.

Nainital 376 1STE HANDBOOK 2003-04 Birla Institute of Appd. Nainital . Bell Road.80. Garhwal University Srinagar.721 102 11. New Cantt. Kashipur Road.741 235. 9. Netaji Subhash Engineering College Kolkata . Bhagwantpur Dehradun .700 039 14. Clement town Dehradur . & Science Pot Box No. of Computer Centre Calcutta University Kolkata . Patel Nagar Dehradun . Kalyani Govt.248 007 Institute of management Studies 21.Firozpur.741 235 UTTARANCHAL 1 2 3 Kumaon Engineering College Dwarahat.246 001 Deptt. Distt.248 001 Saraswati Institute of Management & Technology Gadapur. of Computer Science Burdwan University Burdwan . R C C Institute of Technology Kolkata-700 015 12.741 235 Regional Engineering College Durgapur .700 027 17.700 032 Dept. Lamachaur Haldwani. J I S College of Engineering Kalyani . College Pauri Garhwal .713 209 Dept. 7th KM Roorkee-Haridwar Road Vardhmanpuram.O.721 657. of Computer & System Science Shantiniketan .248 001 Deharadun Institute of Technology Mussoorie Diversion road P.246 174 Shri Guru ram Rai Institute of Tech.263 139 Graphic Era Institute of technology 566/6. Almora (Uttaranchal) 3.110.711 103 Dept. Nadia 16. Engineering College Kalyani . Vidyasagar University Midnapore . Makkawala P.O. Govind Ballabh Pant Engg. North Bengal University Siliguri . 6 7 8. of Computer Science & Appl. Midnapore 15.N. 8 10.O. Village. Rundapur Udham Singh Nagar. Nainital Amarpali Institute of Management & Computer Applications Shiksha Nagar. P. Jadavpur University Kolkata . 5. Roorkee Academy of Management Studies Nanda-Ki-Chowki. Road Dehradun . Uttaranchal -263 153 4. of Computer Science & Engg.62 Ghaziabad . of Computer Science Bengal Engineering College Howrah. of Computer Science H. Prem nagar Dehradun .700 009 Dept.O. Bhimtal.B. Garhwal . Darjeeling Dept. 5 7. 4 6.731 235 Dept.201 003 WEST BENGAL 1. Box No.90 Ideal Institute of Technology Govindpuram.248 001 College of Engineering Village .B. of Computer Science Kalyani University Kalyani . Distt. Bhimtal. 2.No. National Institute of Management Kolkata .734 430.248 001 Birla Institute of Applied Science P. Bengal Institute of Technology (MCA) Kolkata .713 104 Dept. Distt. Science P. Asansol Engineering College Asansol 13. Haldia Institute of Technology Haldia .700 084 9 10 11 12 13 .

Pailan College of Management & Technology Pailan. Siliguri Institute of Technology Siliguri . Techno India Institute of Technology Kolkata . 24 Paraganas 19.734 225 20.18.700 091 .


-522616 ANDHRA PRADESH Engineering & Technology 1 G 2 S 3 G 4 S 5 S 6 G 7 G 8 S 9 S 10 S 11 S 12 G Sanjay Gandhi Govt.R.533124 Sri Y S Raja Reddy Polytechnic Putivendla Cuddapah . Distt.533002 [G-Governement.52200 M B T S Government Polytechnic Guntur . Prakasam Distt-523357 AANM&VVRSR Polytechnic Gudlavalleru Krishna Distt-521356 Government Polytechnic Gudur.S. CCommunity Polytechnic] S.E.507119 22 Government Institute of Post Diploma GP Courses in Engineering & Technology Hyderabad-500013 23 G 24 G Government Institute of Leather Technology Gofkonda Hyderabad-500008 Government Polytechnic Kakinada . Nellore Distt.504251 Dr.515002 VV Sangha's Polytechnic Cantonment Bellary 583104 SVCM Polytechnic Badvei.R.M. Polytechnic Rajamundry .507112 25 S 26 G .. A-Aided.ANDAMAN & NICOBAR Engineering & Technology 1 Dr B R Ambedkar Government Polytechnic CG Pahargaon.634006 Government Model Residential Polytechnic Gajwal (A P) - 17 G 18 G 19 S 20 Jawaharlal Nehru Government Polytechnic CG Ramanthapur Hyderabad .516001 S VK P Polytechnic Cumbum .524102 Government Institute of Textile Technology Nallapadu.N.Murthy Polytechnic Sarda Nagar.500013 21 G Government Polytechnic Kothagudan.516227 Govt.Ambedkar G. Polytechnic. Guntur . U-University. Dollyganj Port Blair -744103 2 Second Government Polytechnic A&N Administration Port Blair-744103 13 S 14 S 15 G 16 G Pidathala Ranga Reddi Polytechnic Giddalur. Polytechnic Adilabad -504002 T G L Gopaisetty Polytechnic Adoni-518301 Government Polytechnic Anantapur . SSelf Financing.523333 Sir C R Reddy Polytechnic Eluru . Bellampalli.B. Rudrapan Hyderabad .507002 Government Model Residential Polytechnic Bhadrachalarn. Raghunandapalam Khammarn . Adilabad .516390 Tayyib Muslim Polytechnic Cuddapah . Cuddapah Distt . P-Post Diploma.522005 Chundi Ranganyakulu Polytechnic Chilakaluripet Guntur Distt.S.524101 Government Institute of Ceramic Technology Gudur.

506301 29 S 30 S 31 G 32 G 45 G 46 Government Polytechnic CG Srikakulam .503002 Q Q Government Polytechnic Chandulal Baradari Hyderabad . Prakasham Distt.509103 55 G 56 G 41 Government Polytechnic CG Proddatur Cuddapah Distt. -51 8124 S V L Polytechnic Chilakalapudi Machilipatnam .517507 50 G 51 S S V Government Polytechnic Tirupati -517501 M R K Polytechnic Veeravasaram West Godawari Distt.523002 Government Model Residential Polytechnic Paderu . CA Timmarajapuram Tanuku . .534211 49 Government Institute of Post Diploma in GP Engg.27 G 28 S Government Polytechnic Kothagudam .509001 43 G 44 G Government Institute Of Electronics East Maredpalli Secunderabad-500026 Govt.Distt.517325 Government Polytechnic Mahboobnagar .540005 Government Polytechnic Nizamabad .508001 34 E S C Government Polytechnic CG Nandyal-518501 35 G 36 G 37 G 38 G 39 G 40 S Government Polytechnic Nellore . . Vasavi Polytechnic Banaganapalli Kurnool Dist.534327 52 Government Polytechnic CG ViQyawada .518102 48 Sree Mullapudi Venkataraya Memorial Poly. West Godawari . Government Polytechnic Campus Tirupati . Hayatnagar Mandal R.521002 Government Model Residential Polytechnic Madanapalle . Institute of Printing Technology East Nehru Nagar Secunderabad .500064 D A Government Polytechnic Ongole.507119 P G Department of Business Administration Akkineni Nageswara Rao College Gudivada-521301 Krishna Distt.535002 K. & Tech.-501505 57 Government Polytechnic CG Warangal .532001 47 Government Model Residential Polytechnic CG Srisilam .R.-516361 42 G S G M Government Polytechnic Abdullapurmet.500026 S R R S Government Polytechnic Sircilla .534245 33 Government Polytechnic CG Nalgonda . Government Polytechnic Wanaparthy .D.531024 Col D S Raju Polytechnic Poduru.R.506007 . 36474] MRAGR Government Polytechnic Vizianagaram .520008 53 Government Institute of Post Diploma GP Courses in Engineering and Technology Visakhapatnarn-530007 54 G SHRI RAMANA MURTHY K V Government Polytechnic Narsipatnam Visakhapatnam-531116 [35084.

823109 2 Government Polytechnic CG Barauni Begusarai .851134 3 Government Polytechnic CG Bhagalpur .O.812003 5 Government Polytechnic CG Darbhanga . Nirjuli Arunachal Pradesh-791109 ASSAM Engineering & Technology 1 Bongaigaon Polytechnic CG Bongaigaon .781001 59 S.506001 3 G 4 G Government Polytechnic Diphu Assam Textile institute Ambari Guwahati .781022 62 G 7 HRH The Prince of Wales Instt.785001 8 Silchar Polytechnic CG Cachar . Madhapur Jubilee Hills.500033 Pulla Reddy Govt.518104 Dr. of PG Engg & Technology Jorhat . -841301 1 G Government Polytechnic Adityapur.517507 Sri Venkateshwara College of Architecture. Government Polytechnic CG Zaheerabad . B R Ambedkar Polytechnic Draksharama Road. Hyderabad-500028 5 Assam Engineering Institute GP Chandmari Guwahati . Institute of Pharmacy Manidalapadu P 0 Kurnool .58 S Vemuganti Manohar Rao Polytechnic Hanamkonda Warangal .502318 Architecture 60 S 61 S S V Institute of Sculpture and Architecutre Tirupati . Madhapur.O.781003 6 G Indian Institute of Handloom Technology Jawahar Nagar. Hyderabad . 64 G 65 G 66 G 11 G BIHAR ARUNACHAL PRADESH Engineering & Technology Engineering & Technology 1 Director PG North Eastern Regional Institute of Science and Technology (Nerist) P.783380 2 Dibrugarh Polytechnic G Dibrugarh-786010 4 G Government Polytechnic Chatra P.788015 9 Nowgong Polytechnic CG Nowgong . 86. Khanapara Guwahati .846004 6 Government Polytechnic PG Gaya – 823001 . Yanam-533464 Govt Model Residential Polytechnic Medak-502278 Government Polytechnuc Masab Tank.782001 Pharmacy 10 G Vice-Principal Institute of Pharmacy Assam Medical College Dibrugarh-786002 institute Of Pharmacy Guwahati Medical College Guwahati-781032 63 G.S. Hyderbad-500033 Pharmacy Sri Venkateswara College of Pharmacy 86.

of Engg. & Tech. Chandigarh .E. 491001 Kirodimal Government Polytechnic Raigarh .110033 19 G 3 S 4 G 5 G CHANDIGARH Engineering A Technology 1 Instt.493776 5 GoviDmment Polytechnic CA G. Patna . D.160026 CHHATISGARH Engineering & Technology 1 G 2 G 3 G Government Co-Education Poiytechnic Kankar Village Baster Govt.800014 Government Pharmacy Institute Agam Kuan Gulzarbagh Patna . R.7 G 8 G 9 G Government Polytechnic Khutri Giridih Distt Government Polytechnic Gopalaganj .N.800007 ER.491001 6 S 7 G Bhilai Institute of Tech.842001 11 ER. Patna Bihar College of Pharmacy Bailey Road. Tigri New Delhi-110062 Guru Nanak Dev Go-Edu.493776 Government Polytechnic Korba Bilaspur Distt-495684 10 ER. Polytechnic Sector 15.854303 14 Government Polytechnic GP Saharsa . SINHASAN New Government Polytechnic Patna-800013 12 G 4 Government Polytechnic CG Dhamtari . Polytechnic Rudri.SINGH CG Government Polytechnic Naya Tola. Delhi-110041 The Institute for the Physically Handicapped 4 Vishnu Digambar Marg New Delhi-110002 B S.Road Durg . Area Rohini -110085 Arya Bhatt Polytechnic G T Karnal Road Delhi .160019 Pharmacy . Bhilai House Durg Distt. 26.852201 Pharmacy 15 S 16 S 17 S 18 R L Yadav College of Pharmacy Anishabad institute of Pharmacy Gulzarbagh. PRASAD Government Polytechnic Gulzarbagh. Patna .841428 Government Polytechnic Latehar .800007 DELHI Engineering & Technology 1 S 2 G Chhotu Ram Rural Institute of Technology Kanihawala. Instt. Muzaffarpur .F Polytechnic B S F Camp. R.801503 Patliputra College of Pharmacy New Bailey Road Patna . Dhamtari . Sec.496001 13 Government Polytechnic CG Purnea .829207 2 Shri Guru Gobind Singh College of Pharmacy Chandigarh .

.Box No. .O. Vasco-De-Gama Goa-403802 6 SHRI JAIME AFONSO CA Agnel Polytechnic Agnelganv. Pocket 11 Vasant Kunj. New Delhi-110002 Bhai Parmanand Institute of Business Studies Shakarpur (Opp.110021 Subramania Bharathi College of Science & Technology Holambi. Janakpuri New Delhi . New Delhi-110012 10 University Polytechnic UA Jamia Millia Islamia Jamia Nagar. Verna . New Delhi-110025 11 G 12 S 13 S Tool Room & Training Centre Wazirpur Industrial Area New Delhi-110057 T V B School of Habitat Studies Sector D. Khurd Delhi .110057 Sarada Ukil School of Art 66.6 S 7 S S Rao Tula Ram Polytechnic Delhi .110058 Baba Haridas College of Pharmacy Jharoda Kalan New Delhi . Amona. New Delhi-110040 Pharmacy 3 Government Polytechnic GP Panaji Panaji . New Delhi-110070 Secretary Aditya Institute of Technology Building No. Janpath. New Delhi-110020 Fr.110082 Ambedkar Polytechnic Patparganj Road. Quepem Goa .403001 GUJARAT Engineering & Technology 1 Tolani Foundation Gandhi Dham A Fate Gunj Post Polytechnic P.21.110072 22 S 8 G 21 College of Pharmacy GP Sector III Pushpa Vihar New Delhi . Angel Polytechnic Gautam Nagar New Delhi-110049 Guru Teg Bahadur Polytechnic Institute Poorvi Marg.403705 14 S 15 G 16 S 17 S 18 19 S 5 Institute of Ship Building Technology. Vasant Kunj Executive Director Delhi Productivity Council 1 E/10 Jhandawalen Extn.110017 22 Dean PUA Faculty of Pharmacy Jamia Hamdard (Hamdard University) Hamdard Nagar New Delhi-110062 GOA Engineering & Technology 1 Government Polytechnic Mayem. Polytechnic Varkund Daman-396210 9 Pusa Polytechnic GP Pusa. 107/ 9 Kishan Garh.403001 4 G Government Polytechnic CADA Complex. GA Bicholim. CA Mayfair House. New Delhi-110005 G B Pant Polytechnic Okhla.403504 2 G Govt. Madhuban) Delhi-110092 Marathawada Institute of Technology Mundka. Vasant Vihar New Delhi .403722 Pharmacy 7 G Goa College of Pharmacy (Diploma) Panaji. Near Railway Station Adipur-Kachchh-370205 20 S . Shakarpur Delhi .110092 21 PS Maharaja Suraj Mal Institute of Pharmacy & Technology C-4.

Association Near Textile Market. 4th Floor.382044 17 G Government Polytechnic Motipura.390002 Shri K J Polytechnic Bharuch Old National High Way No. Telephone Exchange.C) Post Sadra . Near Metre Gauge Rly. Kutch Government Polytechnic Jhalod Road.2 G 3 G 4 G 5 G L D College Of Engg(Polytechnic) Ahmedabad-380015 R C Technical Intitute Sarspur.360001 27 G Dr S&S S Gandhi College of Engineering And Technology Majura Gate.No.382481 16 Government Polytechnic GP Sector 26. Phase IV G I D C Vatva. Highway Mehsana-384002 Lukhdhirji College of Engg (Poly. College Road Nadiad . Surat .364002 13 G 14 G 15 G Government Polytechnic Mandavi Highway Bhuj -Kutch .S.384266 Government Polytechnic Aerodrome Road Porbandar .395001 12 Sir Bhavsinhji Polytechnic Instt. Dahod .389151 28 Director UP Mantra Education Institute C/o Man-Made Textiles Res. Chharodi.. 8 Bholay.N.382445 Gujarat Vidyapeeth University Science Instrumentation Centre (U. 35.I. Himmatnagar . Bharuch .Tata Telecom. Polytechnic Amreli . Ltd. CG Vidyanagar Bhavnagar .383001 1 8 Government Polytechnic CG C/ODKV College Jamnagar .B.370001 Government Engineering College (Diploma) Bhui.385001 Government Polytechnic University Road Patan .395002 29 G C U Shah Polytechnic G I D C Area. Nagalpur Bus Stop.365601 Polytechnic.O. Sola Highway Ahmedabad . Ring Road Surat .Wadhwan Surendranagar Distt.387001 22 G 23 G 24 G Government Polytechnic Outside Malan Gate Palanpur (B K) .363642 6 Vice-Chancellor UA Gujarat Vidyapeeth Ashram Road Ahmedabad-380014 7 S General Manager Indo German Tool Room Plot No. 5003. Ashram Road Ahmedabad . Near Bodha Talav P. . Opp.Mehta Govt.) Morvi . M S University of Baroda Baroda . Ahmedabad-382481 Dr.382320 Nirma Institute of Diploma Studies Via Gota.Station Ahmedabad-380060 Government Polytechnic Ahmedabad-380015 Learning Resources Development Centre RCTI Campus.363030 . J.360001 26 Government Polytechnic CG Rajkot .392002 20 A 21 Director AD D Institute of Technology(Polytechnic) P.360577 8 S 9 9 G 10 U 11 25 A V Parekh Technical institute GP Rajkot . Gandhinagar .361008 19 S Shree G M Patel College of Pharmacy Opp. Dstt.

Ahmedabad-380009 45 A R College of Pharmacy AS & G H Patel Instt.134003 Govt. No. Gurgaon Govt. Surendranagar .Adampur Dist.125001 37 Shantilal Shah Pharmacy College UA Bhavnagar University Campus Gaurishankar Lake Road Near Life Science Dept. Government Polytechnic Narnaul . Hissar.382775 40 A 41 G 8 Govt.132117 9 G 10 G 11 G 12 S Government Polytechnic Village Umeri Kurukshetra Government Polytechnic Manesar.383315 43 G B K Modi Government Pharmacy College. GH-6 Road Gandhinagar-382023 Shri Mohanlal Narandas College of Pharmacy P. Bardoly Distt Surat . Bardoli Mahuva Road Surat- HARYANA Engineering & Technology 1 G 2 G 3 G 4 A 5 G 6 G 7 S Government Polytechnic Ambala City. Instt of Engg & Technology Hissar.388120 Government Polytechnic Valsad .Gardi Govt. 19 Vallabh Vidyanagar Anand Dist.123001 Government Polytechnic Nanakaur (Via Kalka) Panchkula. - 42 Shri B M Shah College of Pharmacy AP Modasa .125052 Government Polytechnic Utiarwar. -121103 Director YMCA Institute of Engg Faridabad Government Footwear Institute Pataudi Road Rewari.394601 Director K B Instt of Pharmaceutical Education and Research Sector 23. Khambat . Nursey Plot Adipur (Kutch) . Bhavnagar . -391165 31 G H Patel Computer Centre UP Vallabh Vidyanagar . Polytechnic Campus Raikot .Tarsadi.R.D. Diploma Pharmacy College Lakhtar. Faridabad Distt. S.370205 L M College of Pharmacy (Polytechnic) Navarangpur.388120 45 G 46 S Government Polytechnic Himtnagar Dist. 43. Polytechnic CG Nilokheri Karnal Distt. . Polytechnic Mandi.S.of Pharmacy Post Box No.396001 Pharmacy Tolani Institute of Pharmacy Ward 2-A.364002 38 A 39 S Dr Dayaram Patel Pharmacy College Sardar Baug. .30 G Government Polytechnic Chhotaudepur Vadodara Distt.388620 Smt.360003 .388120 32 B 33 A 34 G 35 A 36 A Birla Vishwakarma Mahavidyalaya (Polytechnic) Vallabh Vidyanagar-388120 Bhailabhai & Bhikhabhai Institute of Technology Vallabh Vidyanagar ..125001 Vice Chancellor Guru Jambheshwar University Hissar. Sabarkantha-383001 Maliba Pharmacy college At.B.

125055 Sonepat Hindu Educational & Chafitable Society Polytechnic Sonepat - 2 Government Polytechnic CG Hamirpur.190008 3 S 4 S National Institute Of Technology & Science (Polytechnic) Jammu Administrator Regional Polytechnic Kunjwani. Jammu-180010 26 S 27 S 28 S .T.171009 Government Polytechnic Rohroo Shimla Distt.132001 Lord Siva College of Pharmacy Sirsa . Mandi Distt.124001 Pt.174401 JAMMU & KASHMIR Engineering & Technology 1 S SSM Polytechnic Divar Parihaspora. . Distt. Adampur Hissar Distt.171207 5 G 22 Government Institute of Engineering CG Sonipat .of Management & Pharmacy.125052 Director Gandhi College of Pharmacy G.Una - 17 Vaish Technical Intitute CA Rohtak .124302 6 Government Polytechnic CG Sundarnagar. Kashmir (J&K) 2 Kashmir Government Polytechnic CG Gogjibagh.177001 3 Government Polytechnic CG Kangra .124104 29 S 29 S Hindu College Of Pharmacy Gohana Road Soniepat . . Jind Government Polytechnic Dharuhera Rewari Government Polytechnic Jhajjar. Instt. Faridabad-121006 14 S 15 S 16 G HIMACHAL PRADESH Engineering & Technology 1 S Baba Sahib Ambedkar Government Polytechnic Gagret.131001 23 A 24 25 Seth Jai Prakash Polytechnic Damia Yamuna Nagar-135001 Pharmacy Dehat Vikas Pharmacy College Tigaon. Distt: Baramula. . . Srinagar . & Tech. B D Sharma P G Institute of Medical Sciences Rohtak .121101 Govt.132103 Government Polytechnic Rajpura.176001 4 5 Director Himachal Institute of Engg. Rohtak . Hissar.13 A Nalwa Polytechnic College Ujha Panipat Distt.Tehsil Pattan. Faridabad Distt. Road Bye Pass Kamal . . .125055 Janta College of Pharmacy Butana Sonepat Distt. Polyechnic for women Sector -b.124001 18 A 19 G 20 G 21 S Chhotu Ram Polytechnic Rohtak. Kasumpti Shimla .124001 Government Polytechnic Sirsa.131 001 Govt.

7 S Director Institute of Engineering and Computer Science Near Migrant Camp Purkhoo (Damana) Masterpro Instt. Institute of Printing Tech.5 S Instt of Engg & Computer Science Gangayal Jammu Tawi .574142 Institute of Textile Technology K R Circle. Bokaro-829301 8 9 Kite Polytechnic CA Post Box No.831012 Indo-Danish Tcrol Room. Srinagar. Distt.2 8 U 9 Government Polytechnic CGP Church Road Ranchi-834001 PHARMACY 10 S 11 G 12 Gl Indian Institute of Pharmacy Jamshedpur .180011 Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Pharmacy Narwal Bagh.P. Hazaribagh . 5th Cross. East End "B" Main Road. Bye Pass Road. 9th Block. Shanthinagar Bangalore-560027 Sahakari Vidya Kendra Polytechnic CA. Polytechnic. Jaina. Srinagar . Ranchi .No. P 0 Kopali Via Mango Jamshedpur .825410 Vice-Chancelfor Birla Institute of Technology(Diploma) Mesra. G.835215 6 Government Polytechnic CG Jammu Tawi. Bajpe . 0.828130 3 G Mining Institute Dhanbad . GP Palace Road Bangalore-560001 6 A 7 S M E I Polytechnic Rajajinagar Bangalore .180010 7 Mining Institute Koderma. 41st Cross. Jammu Tawi - KARNATAKA Engineering & Technology 1 A 2 S 3 B V V S Polytechnic Bagalkot . of Technology PB 668. Khutri P.O.3. Bangalore-560001 S J Government Polytechnic Bangalore-560001 11 S JHARKHAND Engineering & Technology 1 G Mining Institute Bhaga Dhanbad-828301 4 G 2 Government Polytechnic CG Dhanbad .560010 Director Baldwin Polytechnic Institute 11/5 Lakshmi Road.O.190001 Pharmacy 10 S Secretary Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Pharmacy Narwal (Bye Pass Road) Jammu . Training Centre Jamshedpur .828130 5 Govt. Kashmir .832110 Pharmacy Institute 4th Floor R M C H Ranchi Govt. Jayanagar Bangalore-660069 4 Government Polytechnic CG Dumka .832108 6 8 S .5 87101 Sd Niranjana Swamy Polytechnic Sunkadakatte. P.G. 323 .814101 5 S Al Kabir Polytechnic Kabirnagar.

Kamakshipalya Bangalore-560079 NSVK Sri Venkateshwara Polytechnic Bannerghatta (Jangal Palya) Bangalore-560083 The Oxford Polytechnic 1 Phase.560037 Mahatma Gandhi Polytechnic Bangalore-560084 Dayananda Sagar Institute of Technology Kumaraswamy Layout Bangalore-560078 M N Technical Institute Kammagondanahalli Bangalore-560015 Vet BVL Polytechnic 14th Main.562158 Al-Khatee Polytechnic 1072. Munnekolala Marathahalli Post Bangalore . 11 Phase J P Nagar Bangalore-560078 Adarsha Polytechnic R. J P Nagar Bangalore-560078 Bharath Polytechnic 241 Bommasandra Indl. K. 18.9 S 10 S LN Polytechnic Fort. Estate New K R Road Bangalore-560070 T L Polytechnic Bommasandra Indl. Kodigenahalli Bangalore-560064 M V J Polytechnic Channasandra Bangalore .) 100 fftring road.562028 School of Engineering Studies C/o Lrde. Bangashankari lind State Bangalore .562158 Nadgir Polytechnic Near Modi Eye Hospital Rajaji Nagar Bangalore-560010 Reddy Jana Sangha Polytechnic Koramangala Layout Bangalore .560067 Dr.560054 Impact Polytechnic Ist'C'Main Road. J P Nagar Bangalore . S G R Polytechnic 111/1. 15th A Main 30th Cross.Estate Bangalore . Vijay Nagar Bangalore-560040 Vasavi Jnana Peetha Polytechnic Vijaynagar Bangaiore-560040 Thyagaraja Nagar Bangalore . 1st Stage.T.Nagar Bangalore-560032 Acharya I T 1 1st Cross.560004 Frontier Polytechnic Near Kodeqehalli Cross Byataravanapura Post Bellary Road. Bangalore-560092 Vidya Vikas Polytechnic Trust Sri Adichunchangiri Mutt Hostel Complex Building No. Peenya Industrial. Bangalore-560022 22 S 23 P E S Institute of Technology (Poly.560034 Mahmood Shariff Polytechnic Yeshwanthpur.560078 K l E T Polytechnic 34-35 MM Indl. 1st Main Road. BSK III Stage Bangalore-560085 Raman Polytechnic 134.R.Market Bangalore . Estate Bangalore-560058 11 S 24 S 25 S 26 S 12 S 13 S 14 S 15 S 27 S 28 S 29 S 30 S 31 S 32 S 33 S 34 S 35 S 36 16 PS 17 PS 18 B 19 20 21 S . Estate Anekal Taluk Bangalore .560002 Rajiv Gandhi Memorial Polytechnic 41/1 Bulltemple Road Basavanagudi Bangalore . C V Ramannagar Bangalore-560093 Sd Venkataraju Institute of Technology 6th Phase.

590016 63 S 64 S 50 65 S .N.F.585401 Nittur Polytechnic Nittur Bhalki Tk Bidar . Mallath Halli Bangalore-560056 President Bharath Polytechnic K.577301 Visvesvaraya Iron & Steel S.562123 Sri Jayachamarajendra Polytechnic (Evening) Bangalore .585401 Khaja Abdul Faiz Polytechnic Faizpura Bidar .J. Basavan Kudachi Extn. Yelahanka Bangalore Sri Pragathi Education Society No. Soundatti-591126 Belgaum Distt 39 S 53 S 40 G 41 S 42 S 54 Government Polytechnic CG Fort Bellary-583102 55 S 56 S T M A E S Polytechnic Hospet-583201 Bellary Distt Sandur Polytechnic Yeshwantnagar Bellary Distt-583124 [0839576063.Shetty Polytechnic Shivabasava Nagar Beigaum . A I T Campus.563114 51 S 52 S R.S.585401 Guru Nanak Dev Polytechnic Near Nehru Stadium Bidar . III Phase.590010 Bharatesh Education Trust's Motichand Lengade Bharatesh Polytechnic. .Main Road Bangarapet . Peenya Bangalore-560058 388 J M Polytechnic Wadia Nagar Township Near Viswashanthi Ashram Bangalore . Govt. Bharatesh Nagar. New Police pparade Grund Beigausm . Chowdaiah Block Near HMT Layout. Institute of Technology PO Yelahanka (AFS) Bangalore-560063 R Polytechnic 195. 1st Cross.591102 Gomatesh Polytechnic Gomateshnagar Hindwadi Belgaum .F. Belgaum .560001 Bhuvan Polytechnic Venkatala. Polytechnic Bhadravathi .585436 Haraiaiah Polytechnic Bhalki Bidar Distt.577301 Government Polytechnic Bidar .583131 Government Polytechnic Bhadravathi .590012 Shree Renuka Yellamma Devasthana Polytechnic Instt.690011 Maratha Mandal Polytechnic 1007.585401 Jawaharlal Nehru Polytechnic Thanakushnoor Aurad Taluk Bidar Distt.560032 Kalabaireshwar Polytechnic Kanakapura Bangalore Distt-562117 Acharya Pathashata Polytechnic Somanahalli Bangalore South-562112 P V P Polytechnic Dr. – 585328 43 S 44 A 57 S 58 G 59 G 60 G 61 G 62 S 45 S 46 S 47 Government Polytechnic CG Belgaum .37 S 38 S B. Malmaruti Extn. R T Nagar Bangalore .G. .590002 48 S 49 S Krece Society's Polytechnic Institute Bhailhongal Belgaum .5762080] Sri Taralabaiu Jagadgutu Polytechnic Harapanahalli Davanagere Distt.1.

A. Jaglur Chitradurga Distt-577528 N.-577535 T.572143 Gnana Vikas Polytechnic A P M C Complex.Kore Polytechnic Chikkodi.) Polytechnic CG Davangere. . -563125 .585211 83 S 84 S 69 S 70 S 71 S 72 S 73 S 74 S Malik Sandal Polytechnic Bijapur .S.587118 Sri S. . Birur.E.66 G 67 S 68 S Government Polytechnic Bijapur. Road. Molakaimuru Chitradurga Distt. Kolar Distt.577116 Government Polytechnic Chamaraja Nagar-571313 Government Polytechnic Channapatna . Davangere .586103 Anjuman Polytechnic Bijapur .-577004 93 S 94 S 95 C R T E Society's Rural Polytechnic Hulkoti .577116 P E A Polytechnic HanagalRoad.B. Hiriyur Chitradurga Distt.586101 B L D E Association's Polytechnic Bijapur .562101 Adichunchanagiri Polytechnic K. .E.Society's Polytechnic P. Guledgudd-587203 Sri Jagadguru Mallikajuna Murugarajendra Vidyapeetha Polytechnic BH Road.582102 80 D A C G Government Polytechnic CG Chikmaglur .671501 K VT Polytechnic New Campus Chickkaballapur .587302 82 S Sri Siddarameshwara Polytechnic Mallapanahally Hosadurga Road Chitradurga .577102 K.Road.582205 K L E Society's Polytechnic Vidyanagar Hubli-580031 Dharwad Distt. 20275] Birur .586101 C V Charantimath Rural Polytechnic Hunagunda Bijapur Distt.577001 92 D R R (Govt.M.M.Vastrad Rural Polytechnic Instt.L.586101 V P M Polytechnic Goddanakeri Bagalkot BijapurS G N Sangha's Polytechnic Jamakhandi Bijapur . Polytechnic Gulbarga Distt.577554 Sri Jagadguru Murugarajendra Vidhyapeetha Polytechnic Chellakere Bapuji Polytechnic Shabanur.Society's C.591201 86 S 87 S 88 S 85 S 75 G 76 G 77 S 78 S 79 S 89 Government School of Mines PG Coromandal. C S I Polytechnic Gadag-Betageh Dharwad Distt.581325 Millath Polytechnic Azad Nagar Extension Chitradurga Distt.577101 81 G Government Polytechnic Chintamani. Belgaum Dt .E. 577004 [60051. Chittapur . Davangere Taluk Davangere Dist. KG F-563118 90 S 91 S Sri Ulvi Channabasaveshwar Polytechnic Dandeli . Jyothnagar P 0 Chikmagalur ..B.R.

of Engg. 1 04 Oamural Islam Colony Gulbarga . Kolar 122 K J T E Trust [R] Polytechnic S Mulbagai Kolar Distt-563131 123 Saraswathi Polytechnic S Daniel Road Kolar Gold Fields -563113 124 Noorie Polytechnic S Noorunnisa Building.571426 100 Anjuman-E-lsfam Polytechnic S D. Karnataka-573201 109 Amargiri Polytechnic S Near Town Police Station Haranhalli Arasikere Taluk Hassan .V.580004 K E S Polytechnic Doddakunche. Dharwar .585104 107 Karnatak Institute of Leather Tech.B. Kolli Polytechnic S Haveri .585102 104 H K E Society's Polytechnic S Gulbarga . Gadag. Hassan .563101 121 Sri M Visvesharaiah Educational Trust's S Polytechnic Siddlagattha.580023 115 Tippu Shaheed Instt. Hassan.96 S 97 A 98 S 99 S M.B.573103 110 Sree Bahubali Polytechnic S Shravanabelagola-573135 Channarayapatna Taluk Hassan Distt. Peetha's Rural Polytechnic Haunsbhavi-581109 Dharwad Distt.573211 Shri Tontada Siddalingeshwara Kalyan Polytechnic P. .582101 101 Karnataka Handloom Technology Instt. . Narasapur Gadag-Betagiri Gadag Dt. Mill Road Gadag . S Hubli . G BM Road. John's Polytechnic Keshwapur. Andersonpet Koliar Gold Fields-563113 125 Government Polytechnic G Kdshnarajapet . S Halli.C. Bangalore 108 Smt.582101 111 K L E Society's C. S Behind Sidharudh Math Old Hubli-580024 116 Sree Shanmukha Shivayogi Rural S Polytechnic Jevargi-585310 Gulbarga 117 New Educational Society S Kallur Polytechnic Kallur. Vidyagiri.No. L V Polytechnic.5841 01 118 S S E's Mahasatee Polytechnic Ulga S Karwar. of Technology (Poly.581328 119 S N Mudbidri Polytechnic S Moodabidri Kodangallu . 94.581110 112 S J V P Polytechnic S Kodiyala Hospet 113 Nalanda Foundation Polytechnic S Ramadoot Complex Hubli-580029 114 St. K H Kabbur Instt. S 1000 Power Loom Complex.585103 106 K C T Polytechnic S Post Box No. Beigaum 103 Government Polytechnic CG Gulbarga . Raichur Dist.582102 102 Shri Laxmanrao Jarkhiholi Polytechnic S Vidyanagar Gokak.585102 105 Nutan Vidhyala Society's Polytechnic S Gulbarga .574197 120 A E & C S Pavan Polytechnic S Harohalli Gardens Pavan Nagar B'lore-Chennai Bye-Pass Road Kolar.

-574203 151 Dr Ambedkar Instt of Technology S Ragelu Bangalore-560056 152 R S S K N R Undertaking Raibag Poly.571302 148 SJPN Trust's Polytechnic S Nidasoshi-591236 Hukkeri Belgaum Distt.C.570024 142 WE Trust Polytechnic S Mysore . -571422 133 Madari Vidya Samsthe's Polytechnic S P B Extension.Kodagu Dt. T. S Raibag Beigaum-591317 153 H. Road.570007 140 Srimath Polytechnic S Mysore . H-34.Doddi) Maddur (Tq) Mandya Distt.575004 135 Dr.583232 127 Sri Vidhyadhiraj Polytechnic S Kumta U K-581343 128 Government Polytechnic G Kushainagar Kodagu . Mylanada Halli Malur. Karwar . -571432 83 134 Karnataka Polytechnic G Mangalore . Polytechnic S Mudebihal Bijapur-586212 138 R N Shetty Rural Polytechnic S Murdeshwar Bhatkal-581350 139 C P C Government Polytechnic G Mysore .572132 131 Anand Marg Education Relief S Private And Welfare Centre's Poly.570006 146 Sri Gurumalleshwara Mahavidya Samsthe S Polytechnic Devanur.G.570011 143 Mysore institute of Technology S No.V.576119 136 S J ES Polytechnic S Medahalli Bangalore . . .574110 150 Vivekananda Polytechnic S Nehru Nagar Puttur (D.563130 132 B E T Polytechnic S Bharathi Nagar (K.584135 154 Vijayanagar Vidya Gangotri S Polytechnic.G. Nanjangud Mysore Distt-571119 147 JSS Polytechnic S Mysore-Ooty Road Nanjangud Mysore Distt.K.K).584101 155 Cauvery Polytechnic S Gonikoppal S.571234 129 Government Polytechnic CG M.570005 144 J S S Polytechnic for Physically Handicapped A S J College of Engg. Campus Mysore-5771302 145 J S S Polytechnic S Mysore . Nagamanjala Mandya Distt. 11 Stage Industrial Suburb Visweswar Mysore .126 Vidyananada Gurukula Rural G Polytechnic Kuknoor Raichur Dt .571213 .570008 141 D Banumaiah's Polytechnic S P B No. 149 Nitte Rukmini Adyanthaya S Memorial Polytechnic Nitte. Rampur Raichur Distt.M.M.560049 137 V V V Association M.Society's Polytechnic S Yermarus Camp Raichur . 202 New Sayyaji Rao Road Mysore .A.581301 130 MES Polytechnic S G B N Road Madhugiri . . Karkala Taluk .E.Pai Polytechnic S Manipal .

R.G. of Pharmaceutical Sciences SP 3rd Cross.574239 163 S G E C E Society's Rural Polytechnic S Tarihal.577201 158 Sanjay Memorial Polytechnic S Ikkeri Road.577428 157 D VS Polytechnic S Shimoga . Road Devanahalli .580008 224 K L E Society's College of Pharmacy S Gadag .585102 227 Tipu Sultan College of Pharmacy S Opp. Tumkur. .585105 226 Luqman College of Pharmacy S Gulbarga . Shetty Polytechnic S Sirsi Yellapur Road Sirsi . 99 Gulbarga .-577401 159 Siraguppa Education Society's Polytechnic B E Hanumanthaiah Building Siraguppa .583201 232 AL Falah College of Pharmacy S Amargol Hubli . Hubli-580030 164 Sahyadri Polytechnic S Thirthahalli Shimoga . 231 Administrator S D R S S College Of Pharmacy Hospet . 47 Chitradurga-577501 220 N G S M Instt.587118 216 Municipal College of Pharmacy M.562110 223 Chairman S S.585104 229 Sri Adichunchanagirl College of Pharmacy S B. P.J.572201 166 HMS Polytechnic.583121 160 M E S R.577432 165 Sri Jagadguru Mallikarjuna Murugendra S Polytechnic Tiptur.V. S Kurunji Bagh Sulia D.College of Pharmacy Dharwad . -562101 217 Sri Ramakrishna College of Pharmacy S Chikmagalur . Shimoga Distt. Vivekananda Road Nanthoor Mangalore-575005 221 B.E. N.K .S.581402 161 Ramakrishna Polytechnic S Srinivaspur.V.572103 167 H M S Polytechnic S Shettihalli Rd. Road Chikballapur Kolar Distt. Kolar Distt.G.G.572102 214 B V V S Basaveshwar College of Pharm. 10. No. No. No.156 S. School Of Pharmacy S Davangere577004 222 Rural College of Pharmacy S P.A.580025 . Sagar.Sangha's School of Phan-nacy S Post: Hungund Bagalkot Distt. -563125 219 SJM College of Pharmacy S JMIT Campus.B.B. D.582101 225 HKE Society's College of Pharmacy S Gulbarga . S Bagalkot . P Polytechnic Shiralakoppa Shimoga .577101 218 Niveditha College of Pharmacy Bangalore Road Chintamani.S.M. KolarDistt-563135 162 Kuranji Venkataramana Gowda Poly.587101 215 V.585104 228 Mohammadi College of Pharmacy S (K C T College) Gulbarga .B. KMF P. Nagara-571448 Mandya 230 Sd Bahubali College of Pharmacy S Shravanabelagota-573135 Hassan Distt. G Shettihalli Road. Tumkur.

570004 246 J S S College of Pharmacy S Shri Shivarathreeshwara Nagara Mysore .M.591313 255 Seshadripuram College of Pharmacy S Seshadripuram.577202 257 S E S College of Pharmacy S Siruguppa Bellary Distt.574277 236 Shivaji School of Pharmacy S Baad.B. Mysore .563113 235 Sri Subrahmanya Swamy College of S Pharmacy Kadandale (D.M.570021 245 Sarada Vilas College of Pharmacy S K.580031 234 Noorie College of Phan-nacy S K G F.563101 238 Sreenivasa College of Pharmacy S Kolar 239 SHRI SESHADRI SEKHAR D S Sri K V College of Pharmacy Chickballapur Koiar Distt. Tool Room & Training Centre G Plot No.572102 Pharmacy 259 S.Road. .H.591237 249 Net Pharmacy College S P. S Laxmeswar-582116 241 Bharathi College of Pharmacy S Bharathi Nagar.584101 251 Vivekananda Education Society's S College of Pharmacy Siddeshwar Nagar P. Hubli .M.233 K L E Society's College of Pharmacy S Vidyanagar.581304 237 A E & C S Pavan College of Pharmac S Bangalore-Madras Bye Pass Road Kolar. No. Ranibennur . 93 & 94 Belagola Industrial Area KRS Road.572103 261 Administrator S Chennigaramaiah College of Pharmacy Koratagere Tumkur Distt. College of Pharmacy S Kalidasa Nagar. Bidar 248 K L E Society's College of Pharmacy PS Nipani .G. Raichur .576119 244 Forooquia College of Phan-nacy S Mysore .K) . Bangalore-560020 256 SRML College of Pharmacy S Ashoka Road Shimoga . Near Siragate Tumkur .585201 263 GTTC Polytechnic S Rajajinagar Industrial Estate Rajajinagar Bangalore-560044 264 Govt.583121 258 Sri Siddaganga College of S Tumkur.562101 240 M.581115 252 V E S College of Pharmacy S Ranibennur 253 Aristotle College of Pharmacy S Robertsonpet KGF-563122 254 ASNSS's SP College of Pharmacy S Sankeshwar . 26.572106 260 Sri Krishna College of Pharmacy S Mahalaxminagar Tumkur.5841 01 250 V L College of Pharmacy S Raichur .Puram.570015 247 VVT College of Pharmacy S Nabad. Mysore-570016 . College of Pharmacy. Karwar Distt. . -571422 242 Dr Tma Pal Foundation Sy House S (Pharmacy) Manipai 243 College of Pharmaceutical Sciences S Manipal . -572129 262 Viswa Vidya Samsthe's S Peerappa Babladi College of Pharmacy Yadgir Gulbarga .S.J. .B. Nagara Mandya Distt.

Govimath Road.691551 2 Thiagarajar Polytechnic CA Alagappanagar-680302 3 S 4 G Medical College Alappuzha Government Polytechnic Cherthala Alappuzha Distt. Bangalore-560083 269 Shri Chandrashekara Bharti S Polytechnic Arsikere-573103 270 BVVS.O. S Koppal 274 Polytechnic S Gunj Area. 60 Ft. S Near Rly Stn Yadgir-585202 276 Siddheshwai. School of Mines Coromander Kolar Gold Fields.Distt. Ambedkar Institute of Technology S Near Jhana Bharathi Campus Bangalore-660056 286 Government Polytechnic G Chintamani-563125 287 NRAM Polytechnic S Post Nifte Karkala Taluk Undupi District Karnataka State-574110 KERALA Engineering & Technology 1 G Government Polytechnic Manakala P. APMC Yard. S Gonikoppal-571213 272 Govt. Adoor. Raibag-591317 279 R N Shetty Rural Polytechnic S Murdeshwar-581360 280 Government Polytechnic G Dofihal Road Kushteng-584121 281 VMVV Sangha's S CV Charantimath Rural Polytechnic. G ChiKmaganur-67701 273 C S Menob Road Polytechnic. Guiedgudd-587203 271 Cauvery Polytechnic. Pathanamthitta .Govt. S GBN Road. Main Road Near Modi Eye Hospital Rejajinagar Bangalore-560001 267 N R A M Polytechnic S Post Nitte. Madhugiri-572132 284 Director G Govt. Polytecnic.574110 268 Shri Venkateshwara Polytechnic.265 Govt. Karnataka-563118 285 Dr. Karkala t Taluk Karnataka State. Anekal Road. Tool Room & Training Centre G Rajajinagar Industrial Estate Rajajinagar Bangalore 560044 266 Nadgir Evening Polytechnic S 53. Hungund-587118 282 TMAES Polytechnic S Bellery Road Hospet-583201 283 MES Polytechnic.-688545 5 Carmel Polytechnic CA Alleppey-688004 6 G Government Polytechnic Attingal-655601 . First Grade College S Nargund-582207 277 GKM Institut cons S Jaraganahalhi kaleaka Pura Main Road Bangale-560078 278 RSSKN Undertaking S Raibag Polytechnic. S S R Vastrd Rupal Polytechnic Institute. Kolar. Jangal Palya. Koppal-583231 275 V E S Yadgir Polytechnic. S Bannerghatta.

Cochin – 682018 .O.673005 21 S 22 G 23 G J D T Islam Polytechnic Jamiath Hills.686013 Model Polytechnic Mattakkara P..6766319 34 G Central Polytechnic Vattiyoorkavu PO Thiruvananthapuram . Velimukku.683544 11 Government Polytechnic CG Kannur-670007 12 G Government Polytechnic Kasaragod. Kottayam. GP Thrissur-680020 36.679321 31 G GovernmentPolytechnic Perumbavoor .680308 Thrissur Distt.680683 39 G GovernmentPolytechnic Meenangadi Wayanand .695013 35.7 G 8 G 9 G 10 A Government Model Polytechnic Nut Street. Malappuram . Government Polytechnic G Thirurangadi. Periye Palli kkare (Via) Kasaragod Distt.689501 29. 671315 24 G 25 G 26 G Government Polytechnic Mattanur . P. Government Polytechnic Nattakam Kottayam .686681 Government Polytechnic Kalamassery-683104 Swami Nithyananda Polytechnic Kanhangad.O Kollam-691571 Government Polytechnic Koratty . Maharaja Technological Instt. Polytechnic G Perinatalmanna . College of Pharmacy G Lisie Hospital Ernakulam. 689544 30.O. Kasaragod Distt.678551 28 N S S Polytechnic CG Mannamnagar Pandalam . Model Polytechnic A Mala Kallettumkara Thrissur-680683 38. Sree Rama Polytechnic A Valapad .686575 13 S 14 A 15 G 16 G 17 G 18 G 19 G 32. SS M Polytechinc A Tirur.670702 Government Polytechnic Muttom Thodupuzha-685587 Gpvemment Polytechnic Neyyattinkara-695126 27 Government Polytechnic CG Kodumbu PO Palakkad .673104 Government Polytechnic Chelad (P 0). 679122 33.Vadakara Calicut .-671316 396 ISTE HANDBOOK 2003-04 Malik Deenar Charitable Hospital Kasargod .676105 37. Calicut-673012 Medical College Gandhinagar P.671122 Sree Narayana Polytechnic Kottiyam P. Kothamangalam Emakulam Distt. Government Polytechnic G Vennikulam Pathanamthitta Distt. Institute of Printing Technology G Shoranur Palakkad Dist.680523 40.686564 Medical College Kottayam Government Polytechnic Pala .O.673591 Phermacy 20 Kerala Government Polytechnic CGP Kozhikode . . Kottayam Government Polytechnic Kunnamkulam . Govt.

480441 Government Polytechnic Damoh . Govindpura Indl.695002 50 S 51 S 52 S 53 S 54 S 55 G 56 G 57 S Priyadarshini Instt. Polytechnic. Polytecanic Perintalmanna Angaoipuram.673602 46 S College of Pharmacy Pathanamthitta 47. G Sector. 49. Kollam . Kerala-679321 Model Polytechnic. Area Bhopal-462023 Government Polytechnic Khirsadoh Chhindwara .673637 48 S AJ college of Pharmacy Thonnakkal PO Thiruvananthapuram . .464001 Government Polytechnic Raghogarh Guna Government Polytechnic Ashok Nagar Guna Distt. Thrissur .691004 Caritas College of Pharmacy Thellakom PO Kottayam . of Paramedical Sciences Medical College Thiruvananthapuram .470661 Government Polytechnic Dhar .690502 Government Polytechnic Udh Agamadarn-643006 Govt.686016 58 S 59 Govt. Malappuram. Permbavoor. National Hospital College of Pharmacy S Kozhikode . .41 S 42 S 43 S 44 S Crescent College of Pharmacy Kannur Ayisha majeed College of Pharmacy Karungappaly.690528 Fathima College of Pharmacy Killikollor PO Kollam .695313 4 S V Government Polytechnic CG Bhopal-462002 5 G 6 G 7 G 8 G 9 S 10 G 11 G 12 S Central Institute of Plastic Engg. Jamia Salafiya Pharmacy College S Pulickal. Malappuram . Emakulam Ditt-683544 13 Government Polytechnic CG Jhansi Road Gwalior-474009 14 Government Polytechnic CG Harda. Mannam Nagar.461331 . Karmana PO Thiruvananthapuram. Joseph's College of Pharmacy Vadakkencherry .460001 45.& Tech.481001 Government Polytechnic Betul .678682 Palakkad Distt Govt.497001 2 G 3 G Government Polytechnic Balaghat . Koovappady. Vadakara Calicut Ditt Kerala-673104 MADHYA PRADESH Engineering & Technology 1 Government Polytechnic CG Ambikapur Surguja Distt. Polytechnic for Women Kayamkulam Alapuzha Dist. John Enoch College of Pharmacy S Nedumchaud. .68010 Amritha College of Pharmacy Thiruvananthapuram SV College of Pharmacy Thiruvananthapuram St.473331 Government Central Technical Institute Gwalior .474009 Government Polytechnic Dabra.695011 Mannam College of Pharmaceutical Sc. Gwalior Distt. .

486886 Pharmacy 17 G 18 G 19 G 20 G 37 Department of Pharmacy US Barakatullah University Bhopal-462026 38 S 39 S 40 S 41 G College of Pharmacy Gujarati Samaj Indore Devi Ahilya College of Pharmacy Usha Ganj Indore .450001 22 G Government Polytechnic Kharagarh.15 Shri Vaishnav Polytechnic AP M.457661 32 Government Polytechnic CG Shahdol-484001 33 G Government Polytechnic Tikamgarh .482001 G T Government Polytechnic Jaora.Vithairao Vikhe Patil Foundation's Polytechnic Vifad Ghat.472001 34 Government Polytechnic GP Dewas Road Ujjain . Ratlam Dist-457226 Government Polytechnic Jhabua . Savedi Road.414002 Padamshri De. East Nimar-450001 21 Government Polytechnic CG Sihada Road Khandwa . PO MIDC Ahmednagar-414111 26 G 27 Government Polytechnic CG Nowgong .456010 35 A 36 G Samrat Ashok Technical Institute (Polytechnic) Vidisha . - 23 Government Polytechnic CG Khurai .O. Box-No. Lines Indore .452001 B R Nahata College of Pharmacy Mhow .471201 28 G Government Polytechnic Pachore.452002 16 S Indo German Tool Room 291/B-302/A.G.485001 31 Government Polytechnic CG Seoni-480661 3 S 4 S .O.482001 Government Kala Niketan (Polytechnic) Jabalpur .VithalraoVikhe Patil Institute Of Technology And Engineering (Polytechnic) A/P Loni. 02. Shrirampur Ahrnednagar-413736 Yashwantrao Chavan College Of Pharmacy P.470117 24 G 25 G Government Polytechnic Mandla Government Polytechnic Jawad HO Sindhiya Chhatrawas Near Gayatri Mandir Neemuch Government Polytechnic Morena .451 111 30 Government Polytechnic (Satna) GA Nai Basti Satna .465683 29 Government Polytechnic CA Sanawad (W. Ahmednagar Ma'harashtra-414003 Padmashri Dr.476001 MAHARASHTRA Engineering & Technology 1 G 2 S Government Polytechnic Ahmedanagar .Nimar) . Sector-E Industrial Area. Polytechnic Sihara Road Khandwa Distt.Meemuch Road Mandsaur .464001 Government Polytechnic Waidhan .452003 Government Polytechnic Jabalpur . Sanwer Road Indore .468001 Govt. Tal.

Sangamner . .431210 Swatantra Senani Tulsidas Jadhav Polytechnic Bale. Kopargaon Distt. Sangamner S.5 S 6 S 7 S S C S S Sanstha's Indira Gandhi Polytechnic Belvandi (Sugar) Ahmednagar Distt.444001 Shri Tirupati Tantra Niketan Keshav Nagar. Anjangaon Bari Road Badnera Amravati Distt.444505 Government Polytechnic Distt. Alibag .423603 Amrutwahini Polytechnic Amrutwahini RO. Ganesh Path Bandup.413006 Navjeevan Education Society's Polytechnic Ganesh Nagar. Ahmednagar Institute of Polytechnic C/O Homeopathic Education Society Akot Road. Mumbai-400078 400 8 S 9 S 10 S 11 G 12 G 13 S 14 S 15 S 16 17 Dr Punjab Rao Deshmukh Polytechnic CA Shivaji Nagar Amravati . Ambemath Distt.40220 Dr Punjabrao Deshmukh Polytechnic Alibagh Institute of Petro-Chem Technology Alibagh Nagar Parishad Achalpur Polytechnic Achalpur Amaravati Distt. Aurangabad .431005 Shikshan Sanstha Polytechnic Maniknagar. Solapur Taluk . Akola . Badnera. Akola Dist .444603 18 S 19 S Vidarbha Youth Welfare Society's Poly.Raigad. .444004 Homeopathic Education Society's Institute of Polytechnic Akola Government Polytechnic Washim.K. Akola .444709 Government Polytechnic Osmanpura Aurangabad . Thane 21 S 22 S 23 S 24 S 25 S Marathawada Institute of Tech.422608 Distt.431135 General Manager Indo German Tool Room P-31 Chikalthana Indl.444805 Shivajirao S Jondhale Polytechnic. . Area Aurangabad .413702 K B P Polytechnic. B Cabin Road.431005 20 G .-444701 Laxminarayan Agarwal Memorial Institute of Technology Dhamangaon Railway Amravati Distt. Ahmednagar. Aurangabad .

444303 Shri Mohd. Deopur Sitasaonji.400088 Government Polvtechnic Vidyanagari.413521 Gramin Polytechnic. Girwalkar Polytechnic Ambajogai Beed Distt.) . Vishnupuri 42 G 43 S 44 S 45 S 46 S 47 S 48 G 49 S 50 S 30 S 31 G 32 S 33 S 34 S 35 G 36 51 S 52 S 53 S 37 S 38 Shri Sai Polytechnic S Chandrapur Opp. Pune. Solapur Distt.Shrirampur Distt.M.. Ahmednagar . Dhule Dist-424001 Vidya Vikas Vihar's Tathagat Polytechnic Distt Amravati-444906 Waghire College Saswad Poona Distt. G Training & Placement Officer Govt. Chandrapur . Bhandara M.421302 SMPV Instt. Ratnagiri -415606 Sahyadri Polytechnic Sawarde. T.4231 01 Distt. Chiplun Distt. Nasik 54 S .442401 40 S 41 S Channabasweshwer Polytechnic Channabasweshwer-442401 Shah & Anchor Kutchi Poly.S.424005 J S S Technical Institute Nandurbar Dhule S V P S Polytechnic Deopur.431122 MBE Society's T.S. Nazimuddin. Dhule . (Polytechnic Budhgaon. .Srisri 26 Shri Shivaji Shikshan Prasark Mandal's S Polytechnic Barsi.H.Polytechnic Chandwad . .413736 Maharashtra Shikshan Samiti's Educational Society's Maharashtra Polytechnic Nilanga Distt. Polytechnic Chandrapur-441206 Chandrapur Polytechnic Balaji Ward.J. Tai.416304 Government Polytechnic Khamgaon Buldana Dist.441802 Vivekanand Polytechnic Vidyanagari.B. 27 G 28 S 29 S Government Polytechnic Beed Near Khandeshwari Temple Beed -431122 Marathwada Shikshan Prasarak Mandal's Polytechnic Beed . Hotel Kundan Plaza Nagpur Road Chandrapur (M. Education Association's Institute Of Technology Hadaspsar Distt. Mumbai . of Tech . Latur .& Engineering Loni.411028 Sahyadri Shikshan Sanstha's Sahyadri Polytechnic Sawarde.442401 39 S Shri H.Tumsar Distt.B. Chembur.of Tech. Ratnagiri-416606 Dr VV Patil Instt.-441929 Shad Adam Shaikh Polytechnic Khadipar Bhiwandi .424005 Sanjay Education Society's Polytechnic Dhule . Tal Chiplun Distt. Deopur Dhule . Near Chhar Pati Shivaji Maharaj Chow Waman Tuka Ram Marg Next to Dukes Company Chembur. Sangli Distt.440008 Government Polytechnic Sakoli Bhandara Distt .424318 Nagaon Education Society's Gangamai Polytechnic Nagaon. -431517 Bhandara Polytechnic Nagpur Road Bhandara .

Nanded – 431602 .Distt.

T. Distt.lnstt.A. D.55 S 56 G 57 S S.S. Jalgaon (M.425109 SST's College of Engg. Latur Government Polytechnic C/O Dr.400001 Angel Polytechnic Vashi Navi Mumbai Mumbai .442605 Shri Maratha Mandal Shahu Chhatrapati Polytechnic Ichalkarnaji. . Kolhapur . Officer Pune-411 001 Government Polytechnic Vidyanagar Kolhapur .416115 Rajarambapu Institute of Tech. Rajaramnagar. Jalgaon(M. 264. Distt.Kudalkar High School Opp. -416101 New Polytechnic Kolhapur R. Kolhapur-416005 72 G 73 S 58 S 59 S 74 S 75 76 S 77 S 60 G 61 S 62 63 S 64 S 78 P L Government Polytechnic CG Ausa Road Latur-413531 79 S 80 G Hindusthani Education Society's Azeem Polytechnic Akura. Thane Dist-401202 Government Polytechnic Gadchiroli .425107 Smt. Distt.416004 Dattajirao Kadam Technical Education Society's Textile & Enggineering Institute "Rajwada" Ichalkaranji. Distt Kolhapur . At/Post: Uchgaon. Tal. Walwa.416410 Distt. Nagpur .425001 Anjani Parisar Krishi Seva Giranjanjani Polytechnic Erandol. Ali Yavar Jung Marg Bandra (East) Mumbai . Gargoti.S. of Technology Jaigaon .T.400051 .440002 Government Polytechnic Jalgaon . Salchrali Tal. Post. Jalgaon . Chopda.O. Faizpur.)-425107 Shri Sant Gadge Baba Polytechnic Near Zonal Training Centre Bhusawal (M. Shantinagar. Malavan.) -425203 Government Polytechnic Jaina .)-425524 Shri S S Patil Instt. Distt.& Tech.S. . KandharTaluk Smt. Karveer. Kolhapur Distt.T.S.416415 Institute of Civil & Rural Engg.400703 65 S 66 S 81 G 82 G 67 S 68 G 69 S 70 S 83 G 84 Government Polytechnic GP 49.N.S S Patil Instt of Technology (Polytechnic) Chopda Tal. of Technology Jaigaon . Premalatai Chavan Polytechnic 271 Mangalwar path Karad Satara-415110 71 S All India Shri Shivaji Memorial Society's Polytechnic Kennedy Road.416209 Dr J J Magdum Polytechnic Jaysingpur Kolhapur Distt.416606 Government Polytechnic Miraj. No. Jalgaon-425001 Technical and Medical Education Society's J. Mahajan Managing Trustee Engineering Education Trust's Polytechnic Dombivali. Road Mumbai .Mahajan Polytechnic Nhavimrarg.431203 Gramin's Shikshan Prasaram Mandal's Polytechnic Nagalgaon. Kherwadi. Sir J J School of Art's Campus Dr.Tai-Yawal Distt. Near R. Nehru High School Itwari.425001 Shree Sant Muktabai Instt.of Printing Tech.S.416115 Shahu Chhatrapati Polytechnic Ichalkaranji Kolhapu r Distt.Stand. Sangli Govt.S. Sangli-415414 Shri Panchamurti Education Society's Shri Vasantrao Naik Polytechnic C/O Pt. Sindhudurg .

Comm Poly.440001 104 G. Mumbai . Vidyavihar Mumbai . S Nagpur-440009 106 Priyadarshini Polytechnic S M I D C Hingna Road Nagpur-440016 107 Sanmarga Shiskshana Samstha's S Polytechnic Nagpur .H. 8975 Saki Vihar Road.400019 90 A K J Somaiya Polytechnic Vidyanagar. Nagpur-440013 .441302 111 Government Polytechnic G Nanded .440009 108 Navodaya Shikshan Society's S Polytechnic Rajiv Nagar. Raisoni Polytechnic S Digdoh Nagpur-440016 105 Backward Class Youth R.422003 113 Government Polytechnic CG Nasik – 422101 91 Shri Bhagubhai Maf@tlal Polytechnic AP Irla . Nagpur-440012 109 KAMPTTE Polytechnic S Behind RLY. Mumbai . Worli Mumbai . Mumbai .400004 L & T Institute of Technology P. Bandra (W) Mumbai . Wardha Road.). Nagpur Distt. Worli Mumbai -400025 87 M H Saboo Siddik Polytechnic CA 8.85 Agnel Technical College CA Band Stand. Mumbai .-441002 110 Arvindbabu Deshmukh S Polytechnic Khutamba Road Katol.431602 112 K K Wagh Polytechnic S Nashik . Central Bazar Road New Ramdas Peth Nagpur-440010 103 Anjuman Polytechnic S Sadar. . Vile Parle (West) Mumbai .Juhu Road. R.400026 Director MPES' Radio Electric Instiute Dr Bhadkamkar Road Mumbai .400071 Bombay Institute of Technology 47.O. Sasmira Marg.400008 88 St Xavier's Technical Institute AP Mahim Causway.Box No. Powai Mumbai .400018 93 S 94 S 95 S 96 S 97 Government Polytechnic GP Nagpur-440001 98 S Shri Vasantraoji Naik Polytechnic Paithankar Road Itwari.G. Nagpur (M.400050 86 Sasmira's Institute of Man-Made Textiles PUA Sasmira.400016 89 Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute VA (Polytechnic) Matunga (East) Mumbai .400077 99 S Bodhisatva V V V Polytechnic Near Jayaprakash Nagar Khamia.S. Shepherd Road. Station Kamptee Nagpur Distt.400056 92 S Directors Sophia-Shree B K Somani Memorial Polytechnic Bhulabhai Desai Road. Byculia.Thadani Marg. Nagpur-440022 101 Nagpur Polytechnic S Nandanvan Great Nag Road Jangnade Chowk Nagpur 102 Ingole Institute of Printing Technology S 272.400072 Vivekanand Education Society's Institute of Technology Sindhi Society Chembur. Nagpur-440025 100 Nagar Yuvak Shikshan Sanstha's S Shri Datta Meghe Polytechnic Atre Layout.

Sector . .H.400614 119 Terna Polytechnic S Sector 12.S. Venutai Chavan Polytechnic S Pune . 123 Government Polytechnic G Yeldari Road.431509 124 MES'S R.No.411001 130 Ekalavya Polytechnic College S Behind Kothrud. S Chiplun Distt.J.H.114 Mahatma Gandhi Vidya Mandir's S institute Of Industrial & Pharm.445215 137 Institute of Petrochemical Engineering U Lonere . Pune . -423105 117 Shriram Polytechnic S Cidco.411 044 134 S V C Polytechnic S Pune . Jintur Parbhani Distt.816. Pune-411004 129 Cusrow Wadia Institute of Tech CA 19. STech.-411030 128 D. Navi Mumbai-400709 120 Agnet Polytechnic S Sector .413501 122 Bharat Shikshan Sanstha's S Polytechnic Omarga Osmanabad Distt.7.402103 Tal.Dhankawadi Pune . Khalapur Khopoli.B. Ratnagiri . S (Polytechnic) Katraj .411041 132 B.411016 126 Government Polytechnic GP Pune-411016 127 Maharashtra Institute of Printing A Technology 1786 Sadashiv Peth Pune .S.B.411043 133 Pimpri Chinchwad Polytechnic.411041 135 Institute of Technology & Engg.Technology Panchawati. Mangaon 138 Khopoli Polytechnic S Near Khopoli Police Station Tal. Shivaji Nagar Bahirat Patil Chowk Pune .'s Jawaharlal Nehru Instt of Tech. Bund Garden Road. S Malegaon (Bk). Nigdi. Tal Baramati Pune Distt. Pune. RB. Pradhikaran. Phase li Nerul.415003 . C B D. 26.3 Airoti. Dist. Distt. -413115 136 Janata Shikshan Prasarak Mandal's S Polytechnic Pusad.S.Polytechnic S A/P Neminagar. Yavatmal .9 A. of Tech. Sangli .422003 115 Shri H. E.30003] 125 Government Polytechnic For Distance G Learning 412-D. Raigad-410203 139 Government Polytechnic G Ratnagiri-415612 140 Walchand College of Engineering AP Sangli . Pune . Tal. Belpada Navi Mumbai . V. Nasik-423101 116 K.400708 118 Bharati Vidyapeeth's Instt. Distt.411029 404 ISTE HANDBOOK 2003-04 131 S. S Sector No. Vashi NaviMumbai-400703 121 Government Polytechnic G Osmanabad . Society's Technical Institute A Servants of India Society Road. Chandwad.T's Polytechnic S Malegaon Nasik Distt. S Sector .416416 142 College of Agriculture UA Vidyanagar Kolhapur-416004 143 T M E S Institute of Engg. Nasik .416415 141 Latthe Education Society S Polytechnic Mahaveer Nagar. Institute of Engineering S & Technology Pedhambe – 415603 [30008. Navi Mumbai .

.421202 155 Shyamlal Memorial Education Society's S Shyamlal Polytechnic Udgir .442201 163 Rangalal Kajadiwala Polytechnic S Pulgaon Wardha Distt.400607 151 V P Mandal's Polytechnic S Thane . SK Satara -415001 146 P. Walwa Dist.M.P. Ulhansnagar Rly Station Ulhasnagar-421003 157 Spl.444603 148 Government Polytechnic GP Sholapur .V. Ahmednagar-413702 166 KE Society's Rajarambapu Institute of S Technology Rajaramnagar. . Solapur-413224 170 Govt.G.442302 164 Government Polytechnic CG Yavatmal .413517 156 Institute of Technology S Opp. & Poly. Dhule Distt. Sangli -415414 167 Government Polytechnic G Kolhapur-416004 168 Shri Datta Meghe Polytechnic S Atre Layout Nagpur440022 169 Shikshan Prasark Mandal's S SPM Polytechnic Kumathe.S. Wardha .413006 149 Solapur Education Society's Polytechnic.416113 160 Acharya Shrimannarayan A Tantra Sansthan Pipri. Thane Distt. S Samrat Chowk Solapur-413002 150 Government Polytechnic G Chitalsar .441110 162 Government Polytechnic G Arvi. .144 Satara Polytechnic S Mangalwar Peth Satara -415002 145 B P Coflege of Engg. (Sakharale). . Tikerji-Ni-Wadi Thane .425409 147 Government Polytechnic G Gadge Nagar Amravati .Manpada App.400601 152 Sai Shiba Education Trust's S College of Diploma in Engg.Mandal's G. Exe. Shdgonda Distt.401202 154 Samarth Samaj's Shivajirao S Jondhale S Polytechnic Dombivali (W). Polytechnic G Poona University Road Shivajinagar. Pune-411016 171 Lathe Education Society Polytechnic S Sanghi Architecture 172 L S Raheja School of Architecture Mumbai Bandra (W). Mumbai-400025 173 Academy of Architecture Sitara Mil Mumbai .415124 159 Ramarao Adik Education Society's S Yeshwantrao Bhaurao Patil Polytechnic Warananagar . Thane Distt . Tal. Wardha Distt. Officer S Shri Ghateshwar (Ghatedi) Sanstha Umred's Shri Kisanji Giradmar Polytechnic Bye Pass Road Umred 158 Government Polytechnic G Vidyanagar Karad .442001 161 Slnstitute of Ankush Polytechnic Wardha . Near Bharat Cold Storage Thane 153 Vidyavardhin's Bhausaheb Vartak S Polytechnic Vasai Road.445001 165 Indira Gandhi Polytechnic S Belvandi (Sugar) Tal.Chaudhari S Polytechnic Shahada.

Nagpur-441002 194 S V P Mandal's Institute of Pharmacy S Malegaon (Bk) Distt.444602 182 Y. Pune-413115 195 Shri Chatrapati Sambhaji Shikshan S College of Pharmacy Shirur (Ghadnadi) Distt.-431127 .414003 178 Shri Anand College of Pharmacy (Poly) S Pathardi Ahmednagar Distt.425412 198 Institute of Pharmacy S LTMV Campus. Wani. .B.Pharm C/o Medical College. Savedi Road Ahmednagar . Adgaon Nashik .Pune . Chavan College of Pharmacy S P 0 Box 33. Dhule . of Pharmacy S BhorDist.441902 181 Vidyabharati College of Pharmacy (Poly) S Amravati . Dabki Road Akola . Beed Distt. Distt. Society's S Instt. S Pharm College Girja Nagar. Pune -412206 187 Raoji Naik Institute of Pharmacy S Bibi Tq-Lonar Buldana Distt.422003 177 Yeshwantrao Chavan College of Pharm. Inst.441902 186 V.445202 191 Dhuie Charitable Society's S Instt.444002 180 Institute of Pharmacy S Amgaon Dist.445303 200 Bharti Vidyapeeth's Institute of Pharmacy A Erandwane Pune .-414102 179 G K Institute of Pharmacy S Godbole Plots. Dhamangaon Road Yavatmal .4145001 175 Shri Shivaji Inst. . Maratha Vidya Prasarak S Instt of D. Anjangaon Bari Road Badnera . Rouza Bagh Au ran gabad-431001 183 Vidharba Youth Wel.411038 201 J.423101 189 Anuradha College of Pharmacy S Chikhli Buidana Distt.P.Mandal's Institute of Pharmacy A Shivajinagar (Gadhi) Georaj.422002 192 Shah Adam Shaikh Trust's Institute of S Pharmacy Vill. Rosoolabad. Thane -421302 193 S S PKamptee Polytechnic S Behind Railway Station New Kamptee Distt.M.. Dist.431122 185 Institute of Pharmacy S Amgaon Bhandara Distt. Dhule . of Pharmacy Badnera.443201 190 Navsanjivan Shikshan Mandal's College of S Pharmacy Darwha. of Pharmacy Deopur. .444070 184 Adarsh Shikshan Sanstha's S College of Pharmacy Beed . Distt-Yavatmal . .443209 188 Shri D F Lodha Pharmacy College S Chandwad Nashik .Bhivandi. Yawatmal Distt. Bhandara .425412 197 N T Vidhayak Samiti's Instt of Pharmacy S Nandurbar Distt. of Pharmacy S Basmet Road Parbhani 176 Nasik Distt. S P 0 Box 2.Pharmacy 174 Pateldhamal Wadhawani D.B. Pune -412210 196 Jijimatha Education Society'sCollege of S Pharmacy Nandurbar.S.445304 199 SCSMS Sanstha's Instt of Pharmacy S Maregaon Distt-Yawatmai .

400034 214 Mumbai Educational Trust's.Pharma) S Institute. Chiplun.S. of A Pharmacy Katol. 39. of Pharmacy A Basmat Road Prabhani . S RB. of Pharmacy Opp. Dist.413521 212 College of Pharmacy. Kolhapur 209 Shahu Chatrapati Shikshan's S Institute of Pharmacy Kolhapur 210 Dr. S Instt.O. Nilanga Latur. Tardeo Road Mumbai . Shri Shivaji Instt.416002 208 Balasaheb Mane Shikshan S Sanstha's Institute of Pharmacy (Diploma) Hatkangale. -413517 213 Nagrik Shikshan Sanstha's.1441001 225 Adarsh Shikshan Prasarak Mandal's A Pharmacy Institute P.B.No. P 0 Alore Tal. Karad -415124 206 Kolhapur District Chemist's Association S Institute of Pharmacy Ujalaiwadi. 123.NO.403203 223 Bharati Vidyapeeth's Institute of Pharmacy S Sector 8.42550 204 J E S Institute of Pharmacy S J.202 Shri Sant Muktabai Instt of Pharmacy Pimprala Road Jaigaon . Nagpur .M.431602 221 Mahatma Gandhi Vidya Mandir's S Institute of Pharmacy Panchavati Nashik 222 A I Ts Institute of Pharmacy A P.P.413051 226 Shri Anand College of Pharmacy S Pathardil. P.416004 207 Shri Atul Narasimha Patkar S Institute of Pharmacy Dasara Chowk Kolhapur . Hingna Road Nagpur-441110 216 NagpurColle.431203 205 Govt.400050 215 Institute of Diploma in Pharmacy S Wanadongri.431401 . Malegaon Nasik .. Air Port Road Kolhapur . 23.-441300 220 Nanded Pharmacy College S (Polytechnic) Nanded . Ahmednagar . (D.414102 227 Mandar Education Society's College of S Pharmacy of Pharmacy S Wanadongri.. C B D (Belapur) Navi Mumbai-400614 224 Shri Sadashivrao Patil Shikshan Inst. .425001 203 Shri Chaudhari R L Institute of Pharmacy S Nehru Vidyanagar Faizpur Jalgaon Distt. J J Magdum College® of Pharmacy S Shiroi-Wadi Road Jaysingpur Kolhapu r Distt. College of S Pharmacy 94.B. Ratnagiri-415603 228 M. -416101 211 Maharashtra Polytechnic. Kusumtai Wankhade Instt.College Campus Jalna .Udgir Latur Distt..S. Hingna Road Nagpur-441110 217 Guru NanakTechnical Institute (Pharmacy) S Nagpur -440004 218 Ravi Bhaudeshiya Shikshan Sansthan's S Institute of Pharmacy Nagpur219 Smt. NagpurDistt. Dist. College of Pharmacy G Vidyanagar. Lilavati Hospital Mumbai .E.No. of S Diploma In Pharmacy Near Porwal Village New Khamptee. Keshav Nagar Osmanabad .

Jule Solapur.422002 248 Gurunanak T@dhnical Institute S (Diploma in Pharmacy) Kadbi Chowk Kamptee Road. Sangli .T.402301 234 College of Pharmacy (Polytechnic) S Sawarde Ratnagiri Distt. I. Servants of India S66let Road.445204 246 Institute of Pharmacy A Miraj Medical Centre. Distt. Station Ulhasnagar-421003 242 Maharahstra Minority Edu.) S Saswad.416410 Dist.229 Poona College of Pharmacy S 122 Bhawani Path Pune . Pune Dist. Solapur .425428 239 College of Pharmacy (Poly) S 1. . Institute. Solapur Distt.I. Ulhasnagar Rly. R G Thadani Marg Worli seaface Mumbai -400018 252 Adarsh Shikshan Prasamk Mandal's A D.413517 243 Institute of Pharmacy S Borgaon. Dist. Pharmacy. Ratnagiri 237 Satara Education Society's S Pharmacy Institute C/o Anant English School Mangalwar Peth Satara -415002 238 Kisan Vidya Prasarak Sanstha's S D. -412206 233 Navyug Vidyapeeth's Trusts S College of Pharmacy Ladvali. Baramati. .413004 240 Shikshan Prasarak Mandal's College of S Pharmacy (Polytechnic) Akluj. Pune-412210 251 K M Kundnani College of Pharmacy A Plot No 47 Dr. Amravati -444602 250 Shri Chhatrapati Sambhaji Shikshan S Sanstha's College of Pharmacy (D. Mahad Raigad Distt. Burudgaon G Road Near. Polytechnic. Mraj .Pharmacy Institute Shirpur Distt.416410 236 Mandar Education Society D Pharmacy S Institute C/o Institute of Engineering & Technology Chiplun 415001 Distt.-413101 241 K M Kundnani Pharmacy Polytechnic A Opp. Ahmednagar. Pharmacy) Shirur. Phatangd Road Osmanabad .442001 244 R B S Society's Institute of Pharmacy S Yavatmal 245 Sudhakarrao Naik Institute of Pharmacy S Pusad Yavatmal Distt. Pune 232 Rajgad Dnyanpeeth's College of Pharmacy S (Polytechnic) Bhor. Bezonbagh Nagpur-440004 249 Vidyabharti College of Pharmay S C K Naidu Marg Camp. Wardha .415606 235 Institute of Pharmacy S Miraj. Pune .Dhule . Dist Latur . & Tech. . Pune-411 004 .413501 253 College of Pharmacy U MatejOtbn BK. Ahmednagar-414001 255 Mandalr Education Societys S Rajaram Shinde Inst of Engg. Society's S Institute of Pharmacy Udgir.411002 230 Bharati Vidyapeeth's Institute of Pharmacy S (Polytechnic) Erandawane. Dist. Institute: P B No 30. Pune-413115 254 Govt. Sangli 247 M V P Samaj's College Of Pharmacy A Gangapur Road Post Box 429 (Gole Colony post) Nashik . Chiplun-415603 256 Deccan Education Society's A Technical.411038 231 Wadhire College of Pharmacy (Poly. Pedhambe. Vijapur Road.

104 Imphal . Bhubaneswar-751031 8 U Indira Gandhi National Open University Regional Centre 222/1 Shastri Nagar Bhubaneswar . Saswd. Bhubaneshwar-751031 6 S Kalinga School of Engineering 1002/2478 IRC Village Bhubaneswar . Sion-Panvel Expressway Kamothe. Design & Tech. C N I Complex P.751 001 Kalinga Institute of Mining Engg &Tech.753007 11 G 12 S Institute of Textile Technology Choudwar Cuttack Distt-754025 Sanjay Memorial Institute of Tech. 262 Pravara Rural Education Society's S Rural Polytechnic for Women. Pravaranagar-413713 263 Shankarrao Dhawal Polytechnic S Rajiv Nagar.443001 260 Govt Polytechnic washim risod Road G Tq Distt. Patia. Chendipada.793008 MIZORAM Engineering & Technology 1 Mizoram Polytechnic CG Lunglei .795001 NAGALAND Engineering & Technology 1 Khelhoshe Polytechnic CG Atoizu . Angui .798619 ORISSA Engineering & Technology 1 S 2 S Barapada Institute of Engineering & Tech. Barapada .O.795001 2 G Centre For Elect. of India Akampat Post Box No. PG B-25.-761100 .760010 3 S 4 5 General Manager PG Central Too Room & Training Centre B-36.759124 MEGHALAYA Engineering & Technology 1 Shillong Polytechnic CG Mawlai. Navi-Mumbai-410209 MANIPUR Engineering & Technology 1 Government Polytehcnic CG Takyel Imphal .P. R.757001 U C P Engineering School CGBerhampur . of Engg & Technology AT/PO Chakarkend Bargarh . Shillong . Nagpur-440010 258 SP Mandal's Institute of pharmacy S Wani station Road LTMV Campus. Yavatmal 259 Wankhede Layout Vasd No 20.751015 7 Central Institute of Plastic Engg & Tech.257 Women's Technical Education Research PA SMT.768028 Mayurbhanj School of Engineering Baripada . S Buldana. Washim-444505 261 Poon District Education Association's S Seth Govind Raghunath sable College of Pharmacy. Ankuspur Berhatnpur University Ganjam Distt. Chandaka Industrial Area P 0 Patia.796701 9 S 10 Bhubanananda Orissa School of PG Engineering Cuttack . Institute North Ambazari Road. Nagpur-25 264 Mahatma Gandhi Mission's G Institute of Management studies & Research At Junction NH-4.756113 Padmashree Kurutartha Acharya Insft.

756113 Indira Gandhi Instt of Pharmaceutical Sc. Keonjhar .758001 27 G Head Deptt of Pharmacology S C B Medical College Cuttack . Via Janla Distt. of Pharmaceutical Sciences At/Po Jharpokharia Mayurbhanj .756030 Roland Instt.& Science AT/PO: Patia Bhubaneswar-751031 14 15 S 16 G 28 S 29 S 30 G 31 S 17 Utkal Gourav Madhusudan Instt. .&Tech.13 S Director Institute of Engg.769004 V S S Medical College Burla Sambalpur .757086 College of Pharmaceutical Sc. Sarang Distt Dhenkanal. Pondicherry .759146 Pharmacy 23 S Siddheswar College of Pharmaceutical Sciences Amarda Road Balasore .752002 Kanak Manjari Instt of Pharmaceutical Sciences Rourkela . Bhubaneshwar-751005 24 S PONDICHERRY Engineering & Technology 25 S 26 S 1 G 2 C Motilal Nehru Government Polytechnic Pondicherry-605008 Government Polytechnic Karaikal.754202 Murshidabad Institute of Technology At/Po.769014 Gayatri College of Pharmacy AT/PO Jamadarpali . Khurda-752054 College of Pharmaceutical Sciences Mohuda. P O Padmapur Cuttack Distt.757001 Utkalmani Gopabandu Institute of Engineering Rourkeia .Cossimbazar Raj Distt.754260 Institute of Pharmacy & Technology At/Po Salipur Cuttack Distt. Barapada.770031 Orissa School of Mining Engg. Jeypore . Kalinga Sundargarh Distt.760001 Bhadrak College of Pharmaceutical Sciences. Bhadrak . . & Management Aurobindo Nagar P.753007 Institute of Pharmaceutical Sc. Via Remed Sambalpur Dist-768001 Pharmaceutical College Barpali. Murshidabad-742102 College of Pharmaceutical Sciences Post Office Tamando.O. P 0 Balliguali Road Puri .765001 18 S 19 S Seemanta Engineering College AT/PO Jharpokharia Distt. Mayurbhanj.of Pharmaceutical Sciences Ambapua P. . of CG Technology At/Po Rayagada Koraput .768202 Rourkela Institute of Tech.768017 32 S 33 S 34 20 G 21 S 35 S 36 S 37 S 38 S 22 Indira Gandhi Instt of Technology GP Talchar.O. Bargarh-768029 Kalinga Institute of Tech.764001 Jharsuguda Engineering School CGJharsuguda . Berhampur Ganjam Distt-760002 Seemanta Inst.Bahadurpeta Berhampur .757086 Mayurbhanj Medical Academy At/Po Baghra Road Baripada Mayurbhanj Distt .

Focal Point. Longowal Sangrur . Pimate Pondicherry -605008 14 G Govt.143506 Government Polytechnic Bathinda.& Tech. of Engg. Insft.141008 Guru Nanak Dev Polytechnic Gill Road Ludhiana .145001 15 A 16 G 17 A 18 S PUNJAB Engineering & Technoiogy 1 G 2 G 3 G 4 5 G 6 G 7 Punjab Instt. General Hospital Pondicherry -605001 Yanam Polytechnic Yanam.144402 Amar Shaheed Baba Ajit Singh Jujhar Singh Memorial College Bela (D. Patiala .152107 Government Polytechnic Mansa Government Polytechnic Mohali Government Polytechnic P 0 R & S Mills Amritsar.148106 28 S 29 G . Ludhiana .of Engg. Fort Ludhiana . -144401 12 G 13 G Government Polytechnic Khem-Karan.141 010 Guru Teg Bnahadur Khalsa Polytechnic Chhapianwali Malout Mukatsar. Pathankot .152002 J R Government Polytechnic Hoshiarpur . Ferozpur . Amritsar Sant Longowal Instt.142049 Government Polytechnic G Dulchi-Ke-Road.151 001 Government Polytechnic Guru Tegh Bahadurgarh Distt Moga .of Textile Chemistry & Knitting Technology Dressi Road. Jalandhar-144001 Government Polytechnic G Batala .147001 24 A 25 S 26 G 27 S Punjab Aircraft Maintenance Engineering College Civil Aerodrome.147001 Ramgarhia Polytechnic P 0 Satnampura Phagwara .143105 Government Polytechnic Bikhiwind Government Polytechnic for women Ladowali Road.TRoad Amritsar .3 G 4 S Mother Teresa Instt. Sangrur Government Polytechnic Lehregga Sangur 10 Mehar Chand Polytechnic CA G T Road Jalandhar City-144008 11 National instt of Integrated Rural CA Development & Transfer of Technology Palahi Near Phagwara Kapurthala Distt. Chheharta G.5.146001 Government Trainning institute Nakodar Road Jalandhar City .R&S Mills.147001 Government Medical College Patiaia .141006 Government Polytechnic Ludhiana Central Tool Room Training Centre A .Pharm) Ropar-140111 Akal Degree College Mastuana.144003 19 G 20 G 21 G 22 S 8 C 9 G 23 Thapar Polytechnic CA Patiala . of Textile Technology P.O. Distt.143104 Pathankot Polytechnic Instt. & Technology Saili Road. of Health Sciences Govt.

302004 Indian Instt of Handloom Technology E-285/286. Faridkot Distt. Industrial Training Institute Dera Bassi.khan-142043 RAJASTHAN Engineering & Technology 1 G 2 G 3 G 4 G 5 G 6 G 7 G 8 G 9 S Government Polytechnic College.152026 Shivalik College Of Pharmacy Naya Nangal . Alwar . Nagar (Mohali)-160056 Govnt.A.42962 Government Polytechnic College Barmer . Patiaia [32590. Ajmer . Majitha Road. Ramchandra Khaitan Polytechnic Jhalna Doongri. D. Indi.& Tech. Patti.305008 Government Polytechnic College. Jodhpur-342005 Lachoo Memorial College of Sc.Pharmacy 30 S 31 G 32 S 33 S 34 S 35 S 36 S 37 S 38 S 39 Shaheed Bhagat Singh College of Pharm.140507 Indo-Soviet Friendship College of Pharmacy Moga. College of Pharmacy Barnaia.C.152123 Babe Ishar Singh Pharmacy College Kot-lse-Khan Ferozpur . Education Fazilka .145001 G H G Khosla College of Pharmacy Gurusar Sadhar W.S.334001 Government Polytechnic College Chittorgarh .I.301 001 Government Polytechnic College Lodha Post Banswara . Bharti Path Jaipur . Ferozepur Road Muktsar. & Tech. Dera Bassi . 690838] Central Institute of Plastics Engg.Ise. Focal Point.148101 Guru Kashi College of Pharmacy Dama Dama Sahib Bhatinda Distt . Basni Phase II. . Sangrur . Amritsar Baba Ishar Singh Polyteehnic Kot.321001 Government Polytechnic College Bikaner .302012 Public Health Training Institute SMS Medical College Jaipur .151302 Longowal College of Pharmacy &Tech. Rajon & Sick Mills Amritsar-143104 45 S 46 G 47 S Guru Nanak VBT Polytechnic G-4. Jaipur .M.140126 Janak Raj Mahajan Adarsh Bhartiya College of Pharmacy Dalhousie Road Bye Pass Pathankot. Ares S.302004 Director Maharshi Arvind Instt of Sc.142043 Gujranwala Guru Nanak Khalsa College of Pharmacy Ludhiana .141 001 Adesh Polytechnic Marh-Mallu. Distt.344001 Government Polytechnic College Bharatpur .142001 Sant Kabir Instt of Pharmaceutical & Tech. Institute of Garment Technologh.& Management Ambabari Circle. Amritsar Medical College (Pharmacy) Amritsar S.312025 Govt. Jodhpur-342003 Government Polytechnic College Jodhpur – 342001 40 41 S 10 G 11 G 12 A 13 C 42 S 43 S 44 G .A.

306401 Baba Mungappa Polytechnic Pilani .324007 Government Polytechnic College Pali (Marwar) .313001 Pharmacy Maharaja Suraj Mal College of Pharmacy Mahal Khas. . Sirohi .B.737132 2 TAMIL NADU Engineering & Technology 1 S 2 S M A V MM Polytechnic Naickken Patti Alagarkoil . Fort Bharatpur . Maloo Ram Bhambhoo Government Polytechnic College Sriganganagar .313001 Dean College of Tech& Agril.321203 Nehru Memorial College of Pharmacy Hanuman Garh Town .335513 Lal Bahadur Shastri College Tilak Nagar Jaipur .14 G 15 G 16 A 17 S 18 G 19 G 20 G 21 S 22 U Government Polytechnic College Kota .603203 23 S 24 S 25 S 26 S 27 S 28 3 S 4 A 5 S 6 SP 29 S 7 S . . Women Polytechnic College Vigyan Nagar. Govt. South Sikkim . Kota-324005 31 G 32 G SIKKIM Engineering & Technology 1 A Centre for Technology Development & Training (CTDT) Polytechnic.333031 Paramanand College of Technology Gajsinghpur Sri Ganganagar .302021 Shri G. Virudhunagar Dt.602024 Valliammal Polytechnic Kattangulathur Kancheepuram .321001 Sri Bajrang College of Pharmacy Deeg Bharatpur .333031 Government Polytechnic College Sawai Madhopur .335024 Bhupal Nobies'Coliege of Pharmacy Udaipur . Hamchi Youth Hostel Hamchi.333031 Director Birla Institute of Tech.632530 The Christian Polytechnic Dindigul (Dt.G.313001 30 U Head Deptt of Pharmaceutical Sciences Mohanlal Sukhadia University Udaipur . Distt.) -624619 Muthiah Polytechnic Annamalainagar-608002 Sri Sowdambika Polytechnic Aruppukottai.B.335001 Vidya Bhavan Polytechnic College Udaipur . Polytechnic College Sawai Madhopur-322001 Govt. of Technology Thenkadappanthangal Village And Post Wallaja Tk North Arcot Ambedkar Distt. Rangpo East Sikkim .-626101 Sriram Engineering College 89.R.307001 Ch. Perumalpattu Perumalpattu Post Thiruninravur Via Chengai M.313001 Govt. Engineering Udaipur .625301 Ranipet Instt. Polytechnic Mandwa Road.737126 Pharmacy Himalayan Pharmacy Institute Majhitar.302004 Baba Munigipa College of Pharmacy Pilani . & Science Pilani .

Taramani Chennai-600113 13 G Central Polytechnic Taramani Chennai .S. College CA S.641659 Christ The King Institute of Technology Othakkalmandapam Coimbatore-641032 22 S . 11 Street Nelson Manickam Road Chennai-600029 34 P S G Polytechnic College AP Coimbatore . Chennai-600007 30 S 31 Annamalai Polytechnic CA Chettinad .K. College Coimbatore .R.of Engg.600113 Institute of Printing Technology Taramani. Chennai-600090 M P Nachimuthu M Jaganathan Poly.630102 32 S 33 G Morning Star Polytechnic Thirumalai Chunkankadai . &Tech. Chennai . Vellanur Post Chennai-600062 Panimalar Polytechnic 23. Puthur Chennai Distt.641014 Nangappa Institute of Technology Karumathampatty Coimbatore .600113 27 S 28 S 29 S 14 C M Kothari Technological Institute CA Chennai-602107 15 Ramakrishna Mission Technical AP Institute 101.8 Bharath Polytechnic Agaram Then-Road. Railway Colony. .No.T. Road. Michael's Polytechnic Santhosh Garden Santhapuram. Thomas Mount Chennai-600016 Meenakshi Krishnan Polytechnic Ramson Garden Pammal. Chennai-600113 23 S 24 S 25 S 26 S Co-Ordinator Madras Refineries Ltd Polytechnic Manali. Chennai-600068 Sri Nallalaghu Polytechnic Puzhal Chennai-600066 I R T Polytechnic Chennai-600044 Hindustan Instt. Chennimalai . 1306. G. Chennai-600025 Sri Balaji Polytechnic Chennai-600044 Managing Director Maharaji Educational Trust Besant Nagar. Sir P S Sivasamy Salal Mylapore Chennai-600004 16 A C V N Polytechnic Vepery. Tiruvottiyur Chennai . St. of Chemical Technology Taramani.600113 Inst.641042 C I T Sandwich Polytechnic College Coimbatore . Chennai .641014 17 Murugappa Polytechnic AP Sathyamurthy Nagar Chennai-600062 18 S 19 S 20 S 21 S Misrimal Navajee Munoth Jain Polytechnic Thorappakkam. P.641020 36 A 37 A 38 S 39 S V L B Janki Ammal Poly. Jothi Nagar Chennai-600096 V Ramakrishna Polytechnic Manali Road. Kanyakumari.641004 35 R K Mission Vidyalaya Poly.B.600073 Institute of Leather Technology Taramani.600019 Thai Mookambikai Polytechnic Neerkundram Chennai-600107 St. Coimbatore .629807 Government Polytechnic Coimbatore .V Post.638051 9 G 10 G 11 G 12 Institute of Textile Technology GP C I T Campus.

629304 53 S 54 A 55 S .Erode Main Road Athur Post Karur .624003 Sree Krishna Polytechnic "Dwarka".631552 52 Pallavan Polytechnic lyyengarkulam Kancheepuram .625011 K L Nagaswamy Memorial Polytechnic Madurai . Via Srivilliputtur Krishnankoil-626190 Virudhunagar Distt.639002 Erode Institute of Technology Kavindapadi .638455 Srinivasa Polytechnic Kalamavur P 0 Keeranur Pudukottai . . Madukkarai.6241 01 64 S S M Instiute of Textile Technology CA Komarapalayam Namakkal Distt.Mgr Nagar. 626106 The Karur Polytechnic Karur . . Kanyakumari Distt.631501 Adhi Parasakthi Polytechnic Melmaruvathur Kancheepuram Distt.641105 Arulmigu Chandigeswarar Polytechnic Palanisame Ravi Nagar Karumathampatty Coimbatore Dt-641004 Pee Gee Polytechnic Dharmapuri .R. Via Elathagiri Krishnagiri Taluk . Hosur Dharmapuri .-603319 Kamaraj Polytechnic Pazhavilai & P.632604 50 S Arulmigu Kalasalingam Polytechnic Anand Nagar.623806 63 S Kodai Anna Polytechnic Kodai kkanal .O.629501 Kalaivanar N S K Polytechnic Chenbagaramanputhur Kanyakumari Distt.626601 49 Rajagopal Polytechnic CA Gandhinagar Gudiyaftam .623004 Ramu-Seetha Polytechnic Kariapatti Virudhunagar Distt. Coimbatore . Dindigul . 51 Bhaktavatsalam Polytechnic CA Kancheepuram .635108 Tamilnadu Polytechnic Madurai .641035 Sree Narayana Guru Institute of Tech.40 S 41 S 42 S Sankara Institute of Technology Sarvannappafti Coimbatore .624005 Institute of Too] Engineering S.635001 I R T Bargur Polytechnic Orappam (RO).Mill Road Dindigul .622502 43 S 44 S 45 S 46 S 47 G 48 S 60 A 61 S 62 Mohamed Sathak Polytechnic CA Kilakarai .638183 65 A 66 G 67 S 68 G 69 S 70 S 71 S N P A Centenary Polytechnic Sakti Hills Kotagiri-643217 Government Polytechnic Krishnagiri .636701 Sapthagiri Engineering College Dharmapuri Adhiyamaan Polytechnic Dr. Killiancaud Nagercoil-629003 Distt. .635109 Rathinavel Subramaniam Polytechnic R V S Nagar.625009 Thanapandian Polytechnic Austinpatti Post Madurai-625008 Thangan-Muthu Polytechnic Nallakaruppanpatty Post Periyakulam Taluk Madurai Distt. Kanyakumari 56 S 57 G 58 S 59 S Karaikal Polytechnic Karaikal-609607 Alagappa Polytechnic Karaikudi Sivaganga Distt .

.614616 Subramanian Polytechnic Rayavaram Pudukkottai Distt. .624602 Annai Velankanni Polytechnic Anguchettypalayam Panruti.-607110 Pattukottai Polytechnic Pattukottai . Salem -636121 . Nagar.636007 105 Murthy Polytechnic S Manivizhundan South. .609108 99 PAC Ramaswamy Raja Polytephnic CA K R Nagar Post Rajapalayam-626108 100 Muthayammal Polytechnic S Kakkaveri. Distt.638656 Annai J.636005 103 The Salem Polytechnic S Salem . Pudukkottai Distt. .. Periyar Distt-638056 Thanthai Roever Institute of Polytechnic.Yercaud Road Salem .72 S 73 S 74 S Thiru Seven Hills Polytechnic Alapakkam Main Road.643008 Seethai Ammal Polytechnic Keelakandani.614601 89 S 90 S Thiru Ramakrishna Nallammai Polytechnic Nallammai Nagar. Dharapuram Erode Distt.642003 95 S 96 S 97 S 98 G Government Polytechnic Arantangi.609305 Arulmigu Kalialagar Polytechnic Attukkulam Melur-625106 Nanjiah Lingammal Polytechnic Mettupalayam .A.638052 91 S 92 S 93 75 S 76 S 77 S 78 S 79 A 80 G 81 S 82 S 83 G 84 S 85 S 86 A 87 S 88 A 94 Nachimuthu Polytechnic PA Pollachi . Maduravoyail Chennai-602102 Pasumson Nethaji Polytechnic Malaneelithanallur . Kovilpatti T. Sivagangai P M Thevar Distt.636808 Arulmigu Palaniandavar Polytechnic (Men) Palani . Sampoorani Ammal Polytechnic Thookkanaickanpalayam Gobichettipalayam Taluk Periyar Distt. 621212 Kongu Polytechnic Perundurai .638315 102 Thiagarajar Polytechnic A Salem .K. Perumbalur Trichy Distt.622506 Moderator Gnanadason Polytechnic Nagercoil-629001 Srinivasa Subharaya Polytechnic Puttur.K. -630561 The Dharmapuri Dt.627953 Gomathi Ambal Polytechnic Malayadikurichi . .627755 ISTE HANDBOOK 2003-04 417 A V C C Polytechnic Mannampandal Mayiladuthurai .Co. Periyar Distt.641301 Salem Cooperative Sugar Mills Polytechnic Mohanur-637015 Valivalam Desikar Polytechnic Nagapattinam Nagapattinam . Rasipuram Tk. Nalattinputhur-628503 Sri Krishna Polytechnic TCR Complex Arakkonam-631003 Government Polytechnic Udagamandalam . Attur Tk. . S. R.K.Op Sugar Mills Polytechnic Palacode .636201 104 CSI Polytechnic S 19. Salem Distt.611001 Central Polytechnic Taramani-600113 Lakshmi Ammal Polytechnic K.637408 101 Sakthi Institute of Technology A Sakthi Nagar.638506 Erode Instt Of Chemical Technology Nadupati.

625201 114 Arasan Ganesan Polytechnic CA Post Bag No.Nagapattinam) 125 The Seshasayee Institute of Technology A Industrial Colony RO.638604 121 Vignesh Polytechnic S Maleputhiyandal Thiruvannamalai . Seikalathur. Tk..106 Rajaji Institute of Technology S Peeria Seeragapadi Veerapandi (Via) Salem .632002 136 Thiru Venkateshwara Polytechnic S Sankaranpalayam Vellore .626123 115 Arulmigu Senthil Andawar Polytechnic S Tenkasi-627811 116 Chamber of Commerce S Manali Ramakrishna Polytechnic. Perambalur Dt.K Complex Main Road.T.603406 134 Thiru Seven Hills Polytechnic S Valasaravakkam ..627808 130 S A Raja's Polytechnic S New Raja Nagar Vadakkangulam Tirunelveli Distt. Tanjavur .606601 122 Noorul Islam Polytechnic S Thiruvithancode-626174 123 Government Polytechnic GP Tiruchirapalli-620022 124 R. Thanjavur .636308 107 Indian Institute of Handloom Tech.627007 129 NMS M S P V L Polytechnic S Pavoorchatram (At) Sivakamipuram Tiruneiveli (Dt.635602 120 Polytechnic S Thiruppur . G Thillainagar Salem . S Tiruchengode . Tiruchirapalli-620010 126 Shanmuga Polytechnic S Tirumalaisamudram. Madurai Distt.636001 108 K S Ramgaswamy College of Tech.613402 127 Sankar Institute of Polytechnic AP Sankarnagar Tiruneiveli-627357 128 I R T Polytechnic S Trivandrum Road Konganthan Parai RO. Manamadurai .632001 137 TMT Elizabeth Polytechnic S Annamangatam Veppantliattai. Polytechnic S Sembodai (Post)-614820 (Distt.606603 111 Seikalathur Kamatchi Amman Polytechnic S G.620007 132 Government Polytechnic G Tuticorin . Ami Tiruvannamalai-632301 110 Kumaran Polytechnic S Thiruvannamalai .-627116 131 M.6230606 112 St Xavier's Polytechnic S Edmund Nagar Seydunganallur-628809 113 Rukmani Shanmugam Polytechnic S Silaiman.-621102 .I.613003 117 Swami Abedhananda Polytechnic S Vandavasi-Tindivanam Highway Vandavasi Thiruvannamalai Distt-609496 118 Arulmigu Thiripurasundari Amman S Thirukalikundram-603109 119 Pandian Polytechnic S Elavempatti (Po) Thirupathur .) .628008 133 Meenakshi Ammal Polytechnic S Malaiankatanai Uthiramerur .637209 109 Dr MGR Polytechnic S Erumbedu. 27 Sivakasi . Polytechnic S Gundur Trichy .600087 135 TP E V R Polytechnic G Vellore . Tirunelveli .E.V.

Thindal PO Erode . Veerappanpalayam Pirivu Perundurai Main Road. & Tech. Palani Road Dindigul .624001 144 Maharaja Polytechnic S Avinashi 641654 145 Raja Designh Polytechnic S Kalayur Village.608002 167 S R M College of Pharmacy S Kattankulathur Chengai MGR Distt. Cheyyar 604407 153 Bharat Polytechnic S Manickampalayam TiruchengodeTk. Annamalai University Annamalai Nagar . UP Faculty of Engg. 147 SRI Polytechnic S Birudur. 638463 157 Infant Jesus Polytechnic Kallikudi-Ramjeenagar PO Tiruchirappalli 620009 158 Little Flower Polytechnic 682 Lawrence Nagar Moulivakkam. Porur Chennai-600116 159 Pavai Women Polytechnic S Opp. 148 Sri Venkatachalapathy Polytechnic S Vadakuchipalayam Kappiyampuliyur Post Villupuram .605602 139 Instt. Batiagundu PO Dindigul Distt.638009 151 Veltech S 42 Avadi Alamath Road Chennai 600062 152 Cheyyar Polytechnic S Armi Road. of Ceramic Technology G Virudhachalam .605601 149 Laxminarayana Polytechnic S Bangalahalli. 604206 146 Sri Krishna Polytechnic Madurai Main S Road. Villupuram Distt.-603203 . of Pharmaceutical Tech. Kallakurichi-606201 Pharmacy 166 University Instt. Vallam Post GingeeTk. Nallampalli PO Dharamapuri -636807 150 Nandha Polytechnic S 33. RTO (MVI) Office NH 47 Anaipalayam 637401 160 Nachimuthu Polytechnic GA Pollachi 642003 161 PGP Polytechnic S Vettambadi Post Namakkal . Kolapakkam Vandalur Chennai 600048 142 Valfiammai Polytechnic S SRM Nagar Kattankulathur 603203 Kancheepuram Distt 143 SBM Institute of Technology S Murugabhavnam.606001 140 V S V Nadar Polytechnic A Virudhunagar . Namakkal Distt-637202 154 The Kaavery Polytechnic S M Kalipatti.637405 162 Samuel Polytechnic Mudivathanendal S Vagaikulam Thoothukundi Distt. 163 Latha Mathavan Polytechnic S Kidaripatti Madurai-625301 164 Subramanian Polytechnic S Rayavaram 622506 Podukkottai Dist 165 Muruga Polytechnic S Melur.626001 141 Sri Balaji Polytechic S Balaji Nagar. Vandavasi-604408 Thiruvannamaiai Distt.138 Elumalai Polytechnic S Villupuram .Mecheri-636453 Mettur (JK) Salem Distt 155 S M Arumugam Polytechnic S 50-51 Krishnagiri Road Dharamapuri 636702 156 Andavar Polytechnic S Sathy Main Road Karattadipalayam Pudur Periyar Distt.

620021 186 Director U School of Computer Scence Reng.625020 180 J S S College of Pharmacy S Ootacamund.621212 182 Vinayaka Mission's College of Pharm. Perambalur . Mgr Distt.625010 178 K M College of Pharmacy S Uthangudi. Saligramam Chengai. Elambalur( Post). MGR Distt. Kamaraj Road.636008 183 Swamy Vivekananda College of S Pharmacy Elayampalayam.608703 177 Principal S Pandyan College of Pharmacy Madurai . Cuddalore . S Yercaud Road Kondappanaickepatty Salem .627116 176 CS Jain College of Pharmacy S Srimushan. Sivakasi Kamarajar Distt. Chennai-600096 170 Sree Padmavathi College of Pharmacy S Krishnagiri Main Road Dharmapuri . Melur Road Madurai . Nagersil-629001 188 Rukmini Shanmugam Polytechnic S Varichiyur. Coimbatore-641659 195 Sviakasi Institute of printing Technology S 87. Sivakasi-626123 . College Road. Anna Universim Chennai-60002 187 Moderator Gnanadasan S Pohytedmic. Koorapalayam'Pirivu' Pitchandampalayam PO Erode . Maourai-625020 189 Sakthi Institute of Technology A Sakthi Nagar Bhavani (TK) Erode Tamil Nadu-638315 190 State Institute of Commerce Education G Tharamani. & Technology A Thiruvettakudi Karaikal-609609 193 Pallavan College of Engineering S Thimmasamudram Kancheepuram Taluk Tamilnadu-631502 194 Tamilaadu College of Engineering S Palanisame Ravi Nagar Karumathampatti. . Thorapakkam Chengai.626130 175 S A Raja Pharmacy College S New Rajanagar. Tasildar Nagar Madurai . Sachiyapura Road Thiruthangul (Via).625107 179 Ultra College Of Pharmacy S 4/235.643001 181 Thanthai Roever College of Pharmacy S Roever Campus. Chennai-600113 191 G R G Polytechnic for Women A Kuppepalayam S S Kulam.637205 184 Nandha College of Pharmaceutical Sciences S 29/4.168 K K College of Pharmacy S No.635109 172 Shoba College of Management P Alambadi PO. Arcot Road.638701 173 Arulmigu Kalasalaingam College of S Pharmacy Krishnakoil Kamaraj Distt. . 18.638052 185 Periyar College of S Pharmaceutical Sciences For Girls Trichy .636701 171 Dr MGR College of Pharmacy S Dr MGR Nagar. -626190 174 Sankaralingam Bhuvaneswari S College of Pharmacy 64 B. Vadakkaangulam Tirunelveli . -600093 169 C L Baid Mehta College of Pharmacy S Jyothi Nagar. Hosur Dharmapuri Distt. Kumaramangalam Tiruchengodu . Coimbatore-641107 192 Bharathiyar College of Engg. Kangeyam Erode .

211004 [641834.276138 Sir Anardivi khandelueal A Manila Polytechnic. Allahabad . Agra-282006 2 D E I Technical College UA Dayalbagh.271801 15 Town Polytechnic CA Ballia .225001 Digamber Jain Polytechnic Baraut Meerut Distt.226004 University Polytechnic. U Aligarh Muslim University Aligarh . Gunj.246701 Janta Polytechnic A Janhagirabad.of Printing Tech. Virindawan Gate Distt. Agra .21 0001 Government Polytechnic Barabanki .202002 SHRI SRIVASTAVA H C Director Institute of Engineering and Rural Technology Allahabad – 211002 [641635.206001 Government Polytechnic Faizabad . Bichpuri Agra-283105 Director Central Footwear Training 5/1 57. Bareilly .644293] 644615 SHRI MATHUR B N Northern Regional Insft.Vikassheel Bharat Compound. Transport Nagar.209601 Government Girls Polytechnic PO Sushmahi (BHU) Varansai Govt. Mathura-281001 Government Polytechnic Badaun Government Polytechnic Baharaich .272001 Government Polytechnic Bidhoona Government Polytechnic Bijnor . Almora Government Polytechnic Etawah . AllahabadGovernment Rural Polytechnic Takula.282002 G B Pant Polytechnic Alambagh. Dwarahat. Meerut Government Polytechnic Deoria . Agra .-250611 Government Polytechnic CB. Almora .263628 Government Polytechnic Azamgarh .202391 Government Polytechnic Daurala.277001 16 G 17 G 18 A 19 G 20 G 21 G 22 G 23 Government Polytechnic Banda .274001 Govt.196 Government Polytechnic G Nagercoil-629004 UTTAR PRADESH Engineering & Technology 1 Government Leather Institute Industrial Estate G Nunhai. Post : Bhaipur Buiandshahar .224001 Government Polytechnic Farozabad Government Polytechnic Fategarh Farrukhabad .502820] J K Institute of Physics & Tech.208206 5 G 6 7 A 24 G 25 G 26 G 27 G 28 G 29 G 30 G 31 G 32 G 8 G 9 S 10 G 11 G 12 13 G 14 G . Polytechnic Ghatampur . Lucknow .243502 Government Polytechnic Basti . Polytechnic.282005 3 A 4 G Balwant Rural Engineering Institute..

Jalaon Dist .205001 P M V Polytechnic Premnagar Mathura .N.250103 School of Engineering & Technology Meerut . Amausi Indl. Lucknow . Medical College KanpurGovernment Polytechnic Ghatampur Kanpur Distt.244001 Gandhi Polytechnic Muzaffarnagar .261202 58 G 59 G 60 A 61 A 62 S 63 G 64 G 65 A 66 G Government Polytechnic Distt. Ghaziabad Government Polytechnic Ghazipur . Sitapur .Krishna Nagar Police Station Lucknow .244001 Seth Swatantra Kr.271 001 Government Polytechnic Gorakhpur .226009 Government Polytechnic Faizabad Road Lucknow .203131 Government Polytechnic Lakhimpur Kheri .250002 Government Polytechnic Mir-zapur . Meerut .K.209206 Govt. .Block.210427 Government Polytechnic Agra Road Mainpuri . Shastri Nagar Ghaziabad .33 G 34 G 35 G 36 G 37 G 38 A 39 40 A 41 G 42 G 43 G 44 G 45 G 46 G 47 G 48 G 49 G 50 G Government Polytechnic D .273012 Maharana Pratap Polytechnic Luchhipur.P.Area Lko.262701 51 G 51 G 53 G Government Polytechnic Lalitpur . Jaiprakash Women Poly.700680 54 Lucknow Polytechnic CA Kanpur Road Opp. Hamir Pur Mahoba .281003 Dev Nagari Polytechnic Partapur. -204101 Government Polytechnic Jaunpur-222002 Government Polytechnic Jhansi-284001 Government Leather Institute 11/208 Prabati Bangla Road Kanpur-208001 Government Central Textile Institute Sooterganj Kanpur-208001 Government Polytechnic Kanpur-208024 Govt.284403 Aeronautical Training institute Lucknow Airport Lucknow .226008 57 Jawaharial Nehru Polytechnic CA Mahmudabad.Road.231 001 Government Polytechnic Moradabad .285001 .233001 Government Polytechnic Gonda .251 001 Government Polytechnic Orai.226012 55 A 56 A Hewett Polytechnic Mahanagar Lucknow .273015 Handia Polytechnic A Handia (Allahabad)-221504 M G Polytechnic Hathras Aligarh Distt. Polytechnic Kashipur S G S J Government Polytechnic Khurja . Gorakhpur .226006 General Manager Institute of Tool Room Training A-1.

248195 Government Polytechnic Thalnadi Garhwal Government Polytechnic Srinagar Garhwal . Gonda -272161 G S V M Medical College (Pharmacy) Kanpur-208002 L L R M Medical College (Pharmacy) Meerut -250004 Shri Gopichand College of Pharmacy Ahera (Baghpat) 76 A 77 G 78 G 79 S 80 G 81 S 82 S UTTRANCHAL Engineering & Technology . 4.241 001 Govt.229001 68 U 69 G 70 G 71 G 72 S 73 G Institute of Paper Technology Saharanpur-247001 Government Polytechnic Saharanpur Government Polytechnic Saron. Chowkaghat Varanasi .246429 Govt.263001 Institute of Electronics Nainital Govt.Distt Champawatpur-262524 Government Polytechnic Nainital .2278176 Government Polytechnic Unnao .233403 75 G Director Indian Institute of Handloom Tech.244711 Government Polytechnic Dehra Dun . Tehri-Garhwal Government Polytechnic Pilibhit .249174 Government Polytechnic Gauchar.230143 Government Polytechnic Rampur -244901 74 Chandauli Polytechnic CA Chandauli Varanasi .207403 Government Polytechnic Shahjahanpur .247001 Pharmacy MLN Medical College (Pharmacy) AllahabadAcharya Narendra Dev College of Pharmacy Babhnan. Chamoli . Etah . Polytechnic Gochar Chamoli-2464291 Government Polytechnic Hardoi . Industrial Area Jagdishpur.246174 Government Polytechnic Narendra Nagar.221005 Sanjay Gandhi Polytechnic Road No. Jagdishpur Sultanpur . Polytechnic Saharanpur . Sultanpur .263001 Nainital Polytechnic Woodstock Nainital . Distt. Polytechnic Narender Nagar. Tehri Garhwal .242001 Sanjay Gandhi Government Poly. Polytechnic Lohaghat .67 Feroze Gandhi Polytechnic CA Rae Barelli .209801 1 G 2 G 3 S 4 G 5 G 6 G 7 G 8 G 9 G 10 G 11 G 12 G 13 G 14 G 15 G 16 G 17 G Government Polytechnic Almora .248001 ONGC Manila Polytechnic Kaulagarh Road Dehradun .227817 Govt.262001 Government Polytechnic Pratapgarh .

Howrah .741 1 01 Darjeeling Polytechnic Kurseong Darjeeling – 734203 WEST BENGAL Engineering & Technology 1 G Jagadish Chandra Polytechnic P.C. Nainital Govt. Jalpaiguri . Berachampa 24 Parganas (W. Kolkatta .Institute of Technology Krishnanagar. Sadhanpur.700013 J C Ghosh Polytechnic 7. Ray Polytechnic Jadavpur University Kolkatta .735121 Kanchrapara Technical School P.700050 North Calcutta Polytechnic 15.O. -722122 18 S 19 G 20 G 21 G 22 G 23 G 24 A 2 G 3 G 4 R K Mission Shilpamandira Belurmath. Devaiaya Dt.712301 Hooghly Institute of Technology Hooghly .247667 19 U 20 G 21 G 22 G 23 G 24 G University of Roorkee Roorkee .700032 Birla Institute of Technology 56.711202 5 G 6 G 7 S 8 G 9 G MBC Institute of Engg & Tech.C.B) . Polytechnic Srinagar(Garhwal) Government Polytechnic Sult Almora-244711 Government Polytechnic Uttarkashi .700023 25 G 26 G .O. Darga Road Kolkatta . Polytechnic Garhwai-246174 10 G 11 G 12 G 13 G 14 15 G 16 G 17 Regional Institute of Printing Tech. B. Gobinda Mandal Lane Cossipore.711104 Jalpaiguri Polytechnic Institute Dangua Jhar.18 K L Polytechnic CA Roorkee . Technical School Rupnarianpur Burdwan .743145 B.Road.700002 Central Calcutta Polytechnic 21 Convent Road Kolkatta .743424 Kanyapur Polytechnic Asansol-713304 K G Engineering Instituie P O Bishnupur Bankura Distt.247667 Government Polytechnic Shakti Farm.700052 Technical Institute P-13. Distt.700014 R K Mission Shilpapitha A Belgharia. CA Howrah Dt .700032 Central Tool Room & Training Centre Kolkatta Air Technical Training Institute VIP Road. Calcutta Airport Kolkatta . Kaikhali. Kolkatta . Calcutta . Mayurbhanj Road Kolkatta .249193 Govt.713101 Jr. . 24 Pargans (North) . Nadia Distt.T.Hooghly .712103 Engineering Institute For Junior Executives M B Road Dalalpukur.713335 Nazrul Centenary Polytechnic Rupnarayanpur Burdwan Distt-713335 The Calcutta Technical School 110 S N Banerji Road Kolkatta. Burdwan .P. Kolkatta . Kanchrapara Kanchrapara. Raja Subodh Chandra Mullick Road Jadavpur.700056 Acharya P.700017 Coochbehar Polytechnic Coochbehar-736101 West Bengal Survey institute Bundal.

Polytechnic Suri. .741235 Women's Polytechnic Garialat Road. .723147 Raiganj Polytechnic Raiganj Uttar Dinajpur . Birbhum Dist.O.Kendhadihi Bankura Distt. Sevayatan Midnapur Distt.735101 Institute Of Pharmacy Kalyani Nadia . -722102 Institute of Pharmacy Jalpaiguri .713347 34 G 35 G Asansol Polytechnic South Dhadka P 0.O.27 G 28 G 29 G 30 G 31 G 32 G 33 G Malda Polytechnic P.713302 Sri Ramakrishna Silpa Vidyapith Govt.732102 Contai Polytechnic P.733134 Institute of Mining Raniganj PO. Burdwan Dist . Darua Midnapore Distt . . Burdwan Distt. Calcutta-68 36 G 37 G 38 G 39 G .731101 Pharmacy Institute of Pharmacy P.721514 Murshidabad Institute of Technology Cossimbazar Raj Murshidabad.721401 Iswar Chandra Vidyasagar Polytechnic Jhargram.742102 Purulia Polytechnic Vivekanadnagar Purulia . Maliha Maida Distt.O.

Ranga Reddy-501101 Govt Polytechnic for Women Bheemunipatnam Visakhapatnam Dist-531163 Govt. Polytechnic for women Bheemun Palnem Viskhapatnam-531163 Central Institnte of Commerce 32.508213 Sri Padmavati Women's Polytech Nic Chittoor Distt.521157 Suvr & Sr Govt.533003 Dr B R Ambedkar Govt. Polytechnic for Women.506007 Govt. .524003 Government Polytechnic for Women Kanteshwer Nizamabad .523280 C S I Eva Nair Technical Institute For Girls Secunderabad . Polytechjic for Women (Minorities) Opp Court Building Distt. Lalegnada.520010 Government Polytechnic for Women Warangal .WOMEN'S POLYTECHNICS ANDHRA PRADESH 1 G 2 G Government Polytechnic For Women Beemunipatnam . Pammerru .515202 20 A 21 S 22 S 5 Kamla Nehru Polytechnic For Women.500025 7 G 8 G 9 G 10 G 11 G 12 G 13 G 14 S 15 G 16 S 23 G 24 G 25 G 26 G 27 G ASSAM 1 G 2. Nalgonda Distt.531163 Government Polytechnic For Women Cuddapah .520002 Director Montessory Mahila Kala Sala Punnamathota Vijayawada .500001 6 S Diploma in Commercial & Computer Practice Stanley Girl's Junior College Hyderabad . CA Exhibition Grounds. Hyderabad .521185 Government Polytechnic For Women Medak-502110 Government Polytechnic for Women Nellore .516001 17 G 18 G 19 G Government Polytechnic for Women Srikakulam .518102 Government Polytechnic For Women Tallagadda Suryapet. Karbi Anglong Residential Girls' Polytechnic Pulibor Golaghat SHRIA. Tavnaka Secanderabad-500017 3 Government Polytechnic For Women GP Guntur . SEN Girl's Polytechnic Guwahati-781 021 . G Government Polytechnic (Girls) Diphu Distt.522006 4 G Government Polytechnic For Women Hindupur .K. Ethamukkalu Prakasam Distt . .503002 Government Polytechnic For Women Palamaner-517408 Smt.532005 Government Model Residential Polytechnic For Women Srisailam .517002 K E S Women's Polytechnic for Women Swaraj Maidan (PWD Grounds) Vijayawada . Tirupati .500001 Government Polytechnic For Women Kakinada . G 3. Model Residential Polytechnic For Women (Sc) Karimnagar -505001 Government Women's Polytechnic Nandigama Krishna Distt. T K R Polytechnic for Women Krishna Distt.

.160010 1 G 2 G 3 S 4 G Government Polytechnic for Women Ambala City .4 G Girls' Polytechnic Bamuni Maidam Guwahati-21 GOA 1 SHRI ALFONSO J Fr.827013 Government Women's Polytechnic Ranchi-834001 7. Srinagar .Delhi-49 Kasturba Polytechnic for Women Pitampura (Near TV. Bangla Sahib Lane New Delhi-110001 Director International Polytechnic for Women. Tower) Delhi-110032 HIMACHAL PRADESH 1 G Government Polytechnic for Women Kandaghat Solan Distt. South Extn.1 New Delhi . Women's Polytechnic Rajnandgaon-491441 Govt. Agnel Polytechnic for Women Varna. Neem Chowk Muzaffarpur .403722 BIHAR 1 G 2 G Government Women's Polytechnic.190008 5 S 6 S JHARKHAND 1 G 2 G Government Women's Polytechnic Bokaro .842002 Government Women's Polytechnic Patna . .180004 Government Polytechnic for Women Bemina.110065 Meera Bai Polytechnic Maharani Bagh New Delhi . .110049 Women's Technical Training Institute. G .492001 Govt.8 Faridabad .800023 GUJARAT 1 G 2 G Government Polytechnic For Girls Ahmedabad .134003 Government Polytechnic for Women Sector . YWCA.3.125055 CHHATISGARH 1 G 2 G 3 G Govt. Jagdalpur Dist. Bastar-494005 DELHI Women's Polytechnic Maharani Bagh New Delhi .173215 1 G 2 G 3 G 4 SP JAMMU & KASHMIR 1 G 2 S 3 G 4 S Government Polytechnic for Women Maheshpura (Bakshi Nagar) Jammu . Women's Polytechnic Raipur .121006 BPS Mahila Polytechnic Kalan.190008 SSM College of Engineering Parihaspora.D Chandigarh . Satpura.380015 Government Polytechnic For Girls Surat .124305 Government Polytechnic for Women Sirsa. Pattan Srinagar . Rohtak .180001 Kalamkari Centre Vocation Oriented Women's Polytechnic Jammu .110024 Director international Polytechnic for Women A . Women's Polytechnic Dharampura.110065 South Delhi Polytechnic for Women Lajpat Nagar IV New Delhi . A-3 Ring Road.395001 CHANDIGARH HARYANA 1 G Government Polytechnic For Women Sector 1 0 . South Extension-I N.

124.& Research Institute North Ambazari Road Shabaldi. Women's Residential Polytechnic Barshi Road.443001 Government Polytechnic (Women's Wing) Jaigaon .3 G Government Women's Polytechnic Adityapur Industrial Area.560052 K L S Polytechnic for Women Tilakwadi Beigaum .585102 Government Polytechnic for Women Hassan .676551 KARNATAKA 1 G 2 S 3 G 4 S 5 S 6 S 7 G 8 G 9 G Government Polytechnic for Women Sheshadri Road Bangalore .580021 Government Women's Polytechnic Mangalore . Hubli .570006 11 S 12 G 13 A Faroqia Women's Polytechnic Ashoka Road.Panjabrao Deshmukh Girls Polytechnic Amravati . Akola . Kamala Bai Polytechnic for Women Connaught Road. Frazer Town Bangalore .444603 Gurukrupa Mahila Mandal's Polytechnic for Women Buldana . Residential Polytechnic for Women Shimoga . Jamshedpur . Pune-411038 Govt. Mumbai . Latur-413531 Directoress Sophia .575008 MAHARASHTRA 1 S Vatsalabai Uttamchand Mohita (Ladies) Polytechnic C/O Deshmukh Hospital Alshi Plot.577201 J S S Polytecynic for Women SJCE Campus Mysore 570006 6 G 7 A 8 U KERALA 1 G 2 G Government Polytechnic for Women Kayamkulam Alappuzha Distt. Nagpur-440010 L D Women's Polytechnic Nagpur 2 S 3 S 4 G 5 S 10 J S S Polytechnic for Women CA S J College of Engg Campus Mysore . Mysore .690502 Women's Polytechnic Kalamassery .400049 Women's Technical Edu.680015 Government Women's Polytechnic Kottakai Valavannur .695040 Women's Polytechnic Thrissur.444001 Dr.560005 Polytechnic For Women Bangalore . MIT Campus X-service Colony Kothrud.Shree Basant Kumar Somani Polytechnic For Women Bhulabhai Desai Road.400026 Premila Vithaldas Polytechnic SNDT Women's University Sir Vithaidas Vidyavihar Juhu Road Santacruz (West) Mumbai .560029 Smt.560001 CSI Goodwill Polytechnic for Women Near Coles Park.832109 3 G 4 G 5 G 6 G 7 G Government Women's Polytechnic Kozhikode .673009 Residential Women's Polytechnic Payyannur Kannur Distt-670307 Govt. Women's Polytechnic Thiruvananthapuram . .590006 H K E S's Women's Polytechnic Gulbarga . Bangalore .683104 9 A 10 .573201 Government Polytechnic for Women Vidya Nagar.425001 MAEER's Sri Savitribai Phule Women's Polytechnic S No.570001 Govt.

Tal.348251 14.769012 MADHYA PRADESH PUNJAB 1 G 2 G 3 G 4 G 5 G 6 G 7 G 8 G 9 G 10 G Government Women's Polytechnic Shivaji Nagar Bhopal-462016 Govt.450331 Govt.Polytechnic for Women Patiala-147001 PONDICHERRY 1 A Women's Polytechnic Lawspet Pondicherry .V.494001 Government Women's Polytechnic Jhabua Government Women's Polytechnic Burhanpur Khandwa Distt .451001 S. North Shivaji Nagar Sangli . M L B Road. Parwara Rural Education Society's Rural Polytechnic for Women Parwaranagar. Dr.461001 Government Women's Polytechnic Jabalpur . Women's Polytechnic Imphal-795001 ORISSA 1 G 2 G 3 G State Polytechnic For Women Bhubaneswar-751012 Women's Polytechnic Mohisha Pat Dhenkanal-759001 S. Women Polytechnic BhopalNaka Sehore -466001 Govt.474007 Government Women's Polytechnic Diwas Basera Bhawan.140001 Govt.445001 11 G 12 G Govt. Women's Polytechnic PADAV.11 S 12 G. Women's Polytechnic Khargone .305002 Government Women's Polytechnic College Bikaner . D.416416 Bharti Vidyapeetha Instt of Tech (For Women) 4 At Palus.482001 Government Women's Polytechnic Ambikapur . Tilli Road.411018 15.S.141001 Government Polytechnic for Women Patiala . Sethan Ghat Hoshangabad .605008 RAJASTHAN 1 G 2 G Government Women's Polytechnic College Ajmer . Government Women's Polytechnic.Kante Mahila Tantra Niketan 1075.K.334003 . Women's Polytechnic Narsinghpur Road Chhindwara 1 G 2 G Government Polytechnic for Women Amritsar Government Polytechnic for Women Ferozpur- 3 Government Polytechnic for Women GP Jalandhar City-144001 4 G 5 G 6 G 7 G Government Polytechnic for Women Ludhiana . Pune .D. Loni-413 713 MANIPUR 1 G Govt.147001 Government Polytechnic for Women Ropar . Gwalior .Polytechnic For Women Rourkela .Y Patil Institute of Technology S (Women's Polytechnic) Pimpri.R. Sagar-470001 Govt. Tasgaon. Women's Polytechnic Rajendra Nagar Indore-452012 13 G MIZORAM 1 G Women's Polytechnic Zarkwat Aizawal .A. Sangli Residential Women's Polytechnic Yawatmal .

Lucknow Seth Jai Prakash Mukund Girls Polytechnic Institute Ghaziabad .611001 Moderator Gnanadesan Polytechnic For Women Nagercoil .Ganj.RK.3 G 4 G Government Women's Polytechnic College Gandhi Nagar Jaipur . Road. Dharmambal Govt.273006 Government Girl's Polytechnic Jhansi-284003 Kanpur Mahila Polytechnic Kanpur-208003 Director Vinita Polytechnic Kashi Anathalaya Association Lahurabir. .313001 12 S Periyar College of Pharmaceutical Sciences for Girls Tiruchirapally . Madurai . Polytechnic for Women Chennai-600113 2 Government Polytechnic for Women GP Coimbatore .Ramasamy Ayyar Memorial Polytechnic For Girls Tiruchirapalli .625011 A D J Dharmambal Women's Polytechnic Nagapattinam . Udaipur .626117 Ayya Nadar Janaki Ammal Women's Polytechnic Chinnakkamanpatti Sivakasi East -626189 Padmabushan Sri N. Rampur Road Bareilly .624601 N A Manjammal Polytechnic for Women Rajapalayam .201001 Government Mahila Polytechnic Gorakhpur .627002 Govt. Coimbatore-641659 5 G UTTAR PRADESH 1 Women's Polytechnic Aligarh Muslim University Aligarh .244001 Government Girl's Polytechnic Shamli. Sultanpur-227405 Government Girl's Polytechnic C.629001 Arulmigu Palaniandavar Polytechnic For Women Palani . Women's Polytechnic Near Udaipur Cotton Mills Pratap Nagar. Muzaffamagar Distt.620002 2 G 3 G 4 G 5 G 6 A 7 G 8 G 9 A 10 S 4 G 5 G 6 A 7 S 8 A 9 S 10 A 11 Anar Devi Khandelwal Mahila Polytechnic CA Mathura . Moradabad . Polytechnic for Women T. Residency Road Jodhpur-342001 Govt.641107 Bharathiar's Centenary Memorial Women's Polytechnic Ettayapuram .281 001 12 G 13 G Government Girl's Polytechnic Kanth Road.641044 3 C G R G Polytechnic For Women Kuppepalayam Sarkar Samakulam (Post) Coimbatore .613403 14 S Tamilnadu College of Engineering Palanisame Ravi Nagar Karumathampatti.243502 Government Girls' Polytechnic Guru Gobind Singh Marg Charbagh.202002 Government Girl's Polytechnic Allahabad .-247776 11 A .620021 13 Periyar Centenary Girls Polytechnic CA Valiam Thanjavur Dist.221001 TAMIL NADU 1 Principal GP Dr.B.302015 Government Residential Women's Polytechnic Polytechnic Campus. Varanasi .211004 Government Mahila Polytechnic Amethi.

221002 UTTARANCHAL 1 G 2 G Government Girl's Polytechnic Almora .248007 WEST BENGAL 1 G 2 G 3 G Women's Polytechnic Jodhpur Park Calcutta . -712136 Darjeeling Polytechnic Institute Montiviot Road.734203 .263601 Government Girl's Polytechnic Dehradun . Kurseong .700068 Women's Polytechnic Strand Road. Chandannagar Hooghly Distt.14 G Government Girl's Polytechnic Varanasi .

Y. DELHI 1.V.121 001 5. Kovalam . . GOA 1.695 527 CHANDIGARH 1. Dhankwadi Pune-411 043 Bharati Vidyapeeth's Institute of Hotel Management & Catering Technology Konkan Bhavan.400 706 Dr. Hyderabad-500 007 Food Craft Institute Visakha Valley School Campus Visakhapatnam . Hafiza Institute of HMCT Badruddin Tyabji Marg Mumbai . Guwahati . Institute of Hotel Management Bouleward Road.781 005 JHARKHAND 1 Indian Institute of Science Manager™ Ranchi KARNATAKA 1. HARYANA 1.V. Anjuman-l-lslam A. Seshadri Road. Shimla. Buss Stop ABC Bhangagarh.K. Pusa Complex. D. Navi Mumbai . Durgadai Deshmukh Colon Vidyanagar. Thane Dist. Kankar Bagh Road Patna . Institute of Hotel Management Upadhyay Complex. New Delhi .400 706 Dr. Institute of Hotel Management Sector-42 D Chandigarh . Road.S. Polytechnic Campus. Nehru Park.190 001 2. Navi Mumbai . ASSAM 1.560 001 BIHAR 1. 2. Oriental School of Hotel Management & Catering Technology Valley View. Lakkidi Post Lalitadripura Post Institute of Hotel Management G.J. D. Ahmedabad-380 015 3. Faridabad . Polytechnic Ambawati. Institute of Hotel Management Alto Porvorim-P. Bangalore . Raja Road.160 036 2.O.LIST OF DIPLOMA LEVEL INSTITUTES IN HOTEL MANAGEMENT AND CATERING TECHNOLOGY ANDHRA PRADESH 1. Pune 2. Patil Pratishthan's Institute of Hotel Management & Catering Technology Taluka Muishi.110 024 Institute of Hotel Management Library Avenue. Food Craft Institute Badkal Lake Chowk.P. Institute of Hotel Management G. Patil Institute of Hotel Management & Catering Technology Nerui. Institute of Hotel Management & Catering Technology Pune Satara Road Katraj.Y. New Delhi . Thiruvananthapurm .110 012 MAHARASHTRA 1.400 001 B.O. Institute of Hotel Management Kufri.800 020 KERALA 1. Bardez. Institute of Hotel Management Govt. Srinagar . Institute of Hotel Management S. institute of Hotel Management F' Row. Goa-403 521 4. GUJARAT 1.530 040 HIMACHAL PRADESH 1.171 012 JAMMU & KASHMIR 1. Institute of Hotel Management Behind Lady Sriram College Lajpat Nagar-IV.

institute of Hotel Management "Lumpyngad". Mumbai RAJASTHAN 1. Pondicherry . Mumbai . Damodaram MGR Institute of Hotel Management & Catering Technology Sridevi Gardens. P.605 001 PUNJAB 1. Government Institute of Hotel Management & Catering Technology Sadar. TTTI. Aurangabad . Gangtok-737 101 2. Rizvi College of Hotel Management & Catering Technology Bandra (W). Jodhpur-342 001 Food Craft Institute Chetak Circle Behind Luv-Kush Stadium Udaipur. Bhubaneswar-751 004 7. Maharajpura P. Naval Institute of Hotel Management & Catering Technology Colaba.-49. ORISSA 1.600 113 Prof. Polytechnic Campus Residency Road. Jaipur .O.131 001 Food Craft Institute Anasagar Circular Road. Pune . MEGHALAYA 1.O. Dadar (W).. institute of Hotel Management Veer Surendrasai Nagar. 12. Shillong . Ajmer-305 001 2. Chennai . Institute of Hotel Management & Applied Nutrition Gangtok.793 001 TAMIL NADU 1.B.474 020 3.143 521 9. Institute of Hotel Management 1100 Quarters.411 016 2.400 005 11. Near Academy of Administration Bhopal -462 016 Institute of Hotel Management Bhind Road. Chennai . 4. SIKKIM 1.S. Nagpur .431 001 Institute of Diploma in Travel & Tourism Hotel Management & Catering Technology Kaveshar. Institute of Hotel Management Guru Nanak Dev College Hardochanni Road. SKS Tuli College of Hotel Management & Catering Technology Attre Layout. Gwalior .6.737 101 Institute of Hotel Management P. institute of Hotel Management CIT Campus. 10. Thane . Institute of Hotel Management Veer Sawarkar Marg.302 016 Institute of Hotel Management Govt.400 601 Maharashtra State Institute of Hotel Management & Catering Technology Shivaji Nagar. Pondicherry Institute of Hopitality Crafts Uppalam Road. Women's Polytechnic Institute of Hotel Management & Catering Technology Berhampur. Post . Nagpur-440 022 13.RCE. PONDICHERRY 1. Road.760 010 .600 087 2.440 001 Indian Institute of Hotel Management Rauza Bagh. Institute of Hotel Management Near Bani Park Police Station Sikar Road. Bishap Cotton Road. Gurdaspur. 2. K. Tharamani-P.. 8.400 028 MADHYA PRADESH 1. Mumbai .

NSHM School of Hotel Management B. 2. 3. Salt Lake City.UTTAR PRADESH 1. 8. Institute of Hotel Management Seed Farm.700 064 IIAS School of Hotel Management & Tourism Management Siliguri . Aliganj. Kolkata .700 064 International Institute of Hotel Mgmt.700 088 . Kofkata . 9. Kolkata .713 205 Durgapur Society of Management Bidhannagar. 10. Durgapur-713 206 6.743 205 11. Durgapur . Taratola Road. NIPS School of Hotel Management Salt Lake City. Kolkata-700 064 Institute of HMCT & Applied Nutrition Kolkata . Sector-G.743 369 Novatel School of Hotel Management Bharati Road. 4. Durgapur .700 088 Institute of Advanced Hotel Management Kolkata .6 Institute of Hotel & Restaurant Mgmt. Institute of Hotel Management P-16. Durgapur .734 401 Durgapur Education Society Fuljhore. Lucknow-226 024 WEST BENGAL 1. 5. Zone. 7. Station Road.

of No.of Programmes Participants 8 8 6 16 35 41 42 37 24 24 18 22 26 27 25 28 42 39 38 34 40 23 56 31 33 26 25 21 30 27 34 11 29 22 24 35 58 1065 240 200 180 445 810 972 848 754 '635 402 412 501 527 628 487 642 893 865 756 748 796 511 728 652 706 507 683 557 767 757 825 388 822 565 684 982 1618 24493 1965-66 1966-67 1967-68 1968-69 1969-70 1970-71 1971-72 1972-73 1973-74 1974-75 1975-76 1976-77 1977-78 1978-79 1979-80 1980-81 1981-82 1982-83 1983-84 1984-85 1985-86 1986-87 1987-88 1988-89 1989-90 1990-91 1991-92 1992-93 1993-94 1994-95 1995-96 1996-97 1997-98 1998-99 1999-00 2000-01 2001-02 2002-03 Total . of No.of Programmes Participants 8 12 16 18 25 25 25 29 36 29 24 23 35 41 39 44 46 64 61 50 59 57 67 61 54 58 56 53 66 65 78 27 82 63 91 132 137 148 2004 240 350 400 501 650 610 615 681 787 504 504 540 706 808 699 846 987 1285 1290 1009 1199 1205 1484 1552 1136 1346 1149 1665 2023 1765 2198 881 2594 2080 2426 3105 4386 3709 49915 PolytechnicProgrammes No.Annexure-Z DETAILS OF STTPs CONDUCTED DURING 1965-66 TO 2002-03 ISTE SUMMER/WINTER SCHOOL PROGRAMMES UNDER QIP (Sponsored by the AICTE) Year College Programmes No.






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