Performer agreement
This Performer Agreement (“Agreement”) is entered into by and between Streamates, Ltd. (“Streamates”), a Cyprus corporation, and ____________________ (“Performer”), a resident/corporation of __________________ State/Country. This Agreement is effective as of the date of signature of the Parties. Therefore, in consideration of the mutual covenants contained herein, the Parties agree to the following: 1. Services Streamates agrees to provide the Performer with an electronic medium to generate revenue on a “pay per minute” basis, and Performer agrees to provide content to Streamates and its affiliates. Performer will have the right to set up pricing at his/her discretion, provided that the Performer agrees to abide by the minimum standard and price as determined by Streamates or its affiliates.] 2. Payment Streamates agrees to pay the Performer monies in the amount of the performer percentage of all per minute sales generated by that Performer via weekly checks to the address provided to Streamates by the Performer contained in this Agreement. 3. Web Interface Streamates agrees to provide Performer a proprietary web interface to be utilized on the Streamates computer systems (“system”). Performer understands and agrees that this web interface is and will remain the exclusive property of Streamates, and that under no circumstances will Performer distribute, make any copies of any kind for anyone, including but not limited to, Performer, his/her employees, agents, affiliates, and related and unrelated third parties, or duplicate and/or reverse engineer the interface in any way, shape, form or methodology. 4. Warranties & Limitations of Liability Performer warrants that any content that Performer delivers via Streamates’ computer systems will not violate any applicable laws, rules, regulations or public policies that may govern the content so delivered. Performer further warrants that he/she is over the age of eighteen (18) (nineteen (19) in Canada) and has accurately filled out and signed the Age Verification and Model Release Form and submitted valid Identification, and understands that the terms of this Agreement may be amended or changed at the sole discretion of Streamates without notice to Performer. Streamates represents and warrants its products/services “as is” and disclaims all representations and warranties, including, but not limited to, all express and implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. Performer agrees that Streamates will not be liable to Performer for any unforeseeable or unintentional torts or breaches of this Agreement arising out its performance under this Agreement. 5. Term The Term of this Agreement shall be indefinite. Provided, that Streamates may terminate this Agreement with written notice to Performer for any reason whatsoever, including but not limited to breaches of this Agreement. Performer will have the right to terminate for any reason whatsoever with thirty (30) days written notice to Streamates. In case of termination, the Parties agree to remit any monies or services owed to the other within a reasonable period of time, and Performer agrees to cease any related activities, including but not limited to, accessing Streamates Performer web interface. 6. Dispute Should any dispute arise, the Parties agree that venue, personal and subject matter jurisdiction will be in an appropriate Supreme Court in Washington State, and this Agreement will be governed under Washington State USA law. 7. Confidentiality & Non-disclosure Performer agrees that the terms of this Agreement, and information, including but not limited to, software, business and marketing plans of Streamates, is confidential and proprietary in nature, and agrees not to disclose such information to any third parties without the express written permission of Streamates. 8. Non-Competition Streamates agrees that Performer will be allowed to own and operate a personal website. Provided, that Performer agrees not to solicit customers and/or other Performers through his/her personal website that is or may be in direct or indirect competition with Streamates. Performer further agrees not to release any email addresses or web page addresses to anyone without the explicit approval of Streamates. 9. Content Performer understands that he/she will upload content/images to Streamates’ system for re-broadcast. All content/images uploaded to the system shall become the exclusive property of Streamates, and Streamates will have the sole discretion to use all such content/ image in any way it deems necessary in all sales and marketing efforts, during the Term of this Agreement and upon termination.


driver’s license or other government issued photographic identification document. and that this Agreement is binding and accepted by Streamates upon signature by Chathost without any counter signature by Streamates. Entire Understanding The Parties acknowledge and agree that each Party has reviewed this Agreement and has had sufficient time to seek independent legal counsel. the Parties understand the terms of this Agreement and enter into the Agreement knowingly and voluntarily without any inducements and for valid consideration. The Parties have agreed to the above as of the Chathost signed date below: Contract # Name Address Email Phone Fax SSN(if applicable) ID #* (as seen on ID submitted) Date Signature In order to proceed with account approval . 2 . * Your ID number is the issuance number associated with your passport. And upon review. as well as a copy of this form and upload it directly to your Streamates account.please scan the account holder’s ID.L I M I T E D 10.

its officers. employees. I warrant that I have carefully read and understand that this Form (and attached I. without inducement and for valid consideration. as well as a copy of this form and upload it directly to your Streamates account.”) I have provided to Streamates is valid and accurately reflects and represents the fact that I am at least 18 years of age or older (19 in Canada). I agree to give Streamates a perpetual license to use any content that I produce and submit to Streamates and its computer systems in the marketing.D. advertising. if any) that my arise out of the intentional or unintentional falsification.please scan the account holder’s ID. and agree that my performances will not violate any other applicable laws or regulations. I agree not to violate any local community standard of “obscenity” in the jurisdiction.L I M I T E D Age verification & performer release for Streamate I warrant that the identification (“I. of the Age Verification & Performer Release Form (“Form”) and I. Streamates agrees that any decisions concerning the type of content in the Performer’s performances is at the sole discretion of the Performer. or the age of majority in the jurisdiction (“jurisdiction”) in which I reside or do business.D.D. Click this link and read the information carefully. against any related (direct or indirect) administrative or legal proceedings or actions (and civil or criminal fines or damages. and sign the Form and the submit the I. agents and affiliates. affiliates or agents on the Internet. Contract # Display / Screen Names Full legal name Date of birth Mailing address City / State / Zip Country SSN(USA & Canada only) Email Phone Date Signature In order to proceed with account approval . misuse or otherwise. to Streamates knowingly and voluntarily.) is a legal document and may affect my legal rights.D. promotions or sales of any products or services of Streamates. I agree to indemnify and hold harmless Streamates. 3 .

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