Merely a simple list containing all the D-1 A schools and the formations contained in thier respective playbooks.

NCAA Football 2004 ps2 Note: Every team possesses a Goaline and Hail Mary formation. Air Force Flexbone - Normal, Wide, Twins, Slot, Split I Form - Normal, Slot, Twins Power T Akron Ace - Big, Y-Trips Shotgun - Ace Twins, Normal Strong - Normal, Slot Weak - Normal, Slot, Twins Alabama Ace - Empty, Normal, Slot, Spread, Trips, Y-Trips I Form - Slot No Back Shotgun - Trips Arizona Ace - Bunch, Twins, Y-Trips, Y-Twins I Form - Twins Shotgun - 5 Wide, Trips, Y-Trips Strong - Twins Arizona State Ace - Normal, Trips, Y-Trips I Form - Y-Trips, Tight No Back Pro Form - Normal Strong - Slot Weak - Normal Arkansas I Form - Normal, Twins, Tight Power I Shotgun - Spread, 2-Back Slot, Split, Trips Weak - Slot Arkansas State Ace - Spread I Form - Normal, Twins, Y-Trips Shotgun - Normal, Trips Stong - Normal, Tight Weak - Slot Army

Spread. Tight Shotgun .5 Wide. Y-Twins I Form . Trips.Normal. Trips. Y-Trips Weak .2-Back Slot.Big.Spread.Slot No Back Pro Form . Y-Twins Shotgun . Slot.Twins .Slot Shotgun .Y-Trips Flexbone . Trips Strong . Slot. Twins.Y-Trips.Ace .Normal. Spread. Normal.Spread.Normal. Slot I Form . Y-Trips Strong .Y-Trips Shotgun . Bunch. Ace Twins Bowling Green Ace . Twins Baylor Ace . Twins. Normal. Spread Auburn Ace .2 Back Slot.Y-Trips. Normal. Normal. Bunch. Normal.Y-Trips. Y-Twins Shotgun .Normal BYU Ace . 5 Wide.Ace Twins. Bunch. Ace Twins.Normal Buffalo Ace . Twins.Tight Shotgun . 5 Wide. Twins.Ace Twins. Y-Twins I Form . Y-Trips Shotgun . 5 Wide. Normal.Big I Form . Tight Boston College Ace .2-Back Slot.Normal Shotgun . Twins Shotgun . Normal. Y-Trips Boise State Ace . Normal. Y-Trips.Empty.Ace. Normal I Form . Y-Trips. Spread. Trips Ball State Ace .5 Wide. Normal. Y-Trips. Y-Trips Strong .Spread. Normal. Split.

Slot. Y-Trips I Form .Twins Cincinnati Ace . Y-Trips Strong .Spread. Twins No Back Shotgun . Y-Trips. Spread.Bunch.Normal. Y-Trips Duke Ace . Slot. Normal Colorado State ACe .Y-Trips I Form .Bunch.Normal. Normal . Twins Shotgun .Tight. Trips. Trips. Y-Twins Shotgun . Y-Trips I Form .Normal. Y-Twins I Form . Trips East Carolina Ace . Y-Trips Clemson Ace .Normal. Y-Trips. Slot. Y-Trips Colorado Ace .Twins Central Michigan Ace . Empty. Trips. Spread. Normal. Trips.5 Wide. Tight. Slot. Normal. Slot. Twins No BAck Shotgun .Empty. Spread. Slot. 5 Wide.5 Wide. Bunch.Ace Twins. Y-Trips Shotgun . Spread. Normal. Bunch. Twins Shotgun .California Ace .Ace.Bunch. Spread.Normal.Twins Maryland I Shotgun .Big.Slot. Twins. Tight Weak . Twins Weak .Trips. Slot. Spread. Bunch. Y-Twins I Form .Y-Trips Weak . Slot.2 Back Slot. Trips. Trips. Spread I Form .Ace Twins. Y-Trips Eastern Michigan Ace .

Normal.2 Back Slot. Spread. Bunch.Normal I Form . Bunch. 5 Wide.Empty.Normal. Twins I Form . Y-Trips No Back Shotgun . Trips.Florida Ace .Normal. 5 Wide.Normal. Trips. Y-Trips Houston Ace . Trips. Slot.Normal. Y-Trips.Bunch. Y-Trips . Slot Shotgun . Twins Shotgun .Slot Florida State Ace. Split.Ace. Normal. Y-Twins I Form . Spread.Big. Spread. Y-Twins I Form . Tight Power I Shotgun .2 Back Slot.Tight Georgia I Form . Spread.Slot Georgia Tech Ace .Bunch. Trips Fresno State Ace.Normal. Y-Trips Strong .Slot Shotgun .Normal No Back Shotgun . Spread. Trips. Normal. Y-Trips. Trips. Slots. Y-Trips Idaho Ace . Spread Flexbone .Bunch.Twins Power I Pro Form . Twins Shotgun . Slot. Slot Illinois Ace .Normal. Trips. Trips. Normal.Normal. Y-Twins I Form .Normal. Trips Weak . Spread Strong .2 Back Slot. Spread. Normal.2 Back Slot. Y-Trips Hawai'i Ace . Slot.

Tight. Trips. Normal Iowa State Ace . Trips Strong .Normal Shotgun . Spread Indiana Ace . Trips Kentucky Ace -Slot. Y-Trips .Y-Trips.Normal.Normal Weak . Slot Shotgun .Normal. Y-Trips No Back Shotgun .2 Back Slot. Spread. Trips. Twins Shotgun . Spread.Tight Shotgun . Y-Trips I Form .Slot Shotgun . Slot.Bunch.Normal. Spread. Twins.Slot.Normal. Y-Trips Shotgun .Normal. Y-Trips. Slot. Normal.Pro Form . Y-Trips Shotgun . Trips. Y-Trips Strong . Spread. Slot.Normal Iowa Ace .Normal Kansas State Ace . Ace.Normal.2 Back Slot. Twins. Y-Trips I Form . Trips.Y-Trips Shotgun .5 Wide. Trips.Tight. Y-Twins Maryland I Pro Form . Y-Trips I Form . Y-Trips I Form .Bunch. Normal.Tight.Normal Weak . Twins.Normal Kansas Ace .Normal. Y-TWins I Form . Y-Trips I Form . Split. Y-Trips Louisiana Tech Ace .Split. Spread. Y-Trips Kent State Ace .Normal. Trips. Split. Y-Trips Strong .Slot.

Empty. Normal. Tight Shotgun .2 Back Slot. Ace. Ace.2 Back Slot. Spread. Trips. Split.Slot Power T Shotgun . Normal Pro Form .Twins Weak .Normal. Y-Trips. Y-Trips I Form .Normal Miami-Ohio Ace . Ace Twins. Y-Trips Strong . trips. Trips. Y-Trips Michigan Ace .5 Wide. Y-Trips Pro Form .5 Wide. Bunch.Spread Stong . Trips Maryland I Form . Slot.Normal. Twins Shotgun . Spread I Form .Bunch. Twins Shotgun .Slot LSU Ace .Normal Shotgun . Bunch.Bunch.Normal.Normal. Spread. Trips Marshall Ace .Bunch. Bunch. Trips Weak . Trips. Twins. 5 Wide Strong .Y-Trips Memphis I Form . Y-Twins Shotgun .2 Back Slot. Spread. Y-Trips Miami Ace . Slot. Slot. Slot I Form .Normal. trips I Form .Normal. Spread.Normal. Twins. Slot.Tight. Twins Shotgun .Slot Michigan State .Slot.Louisville Ace . Spread.Slot No Back Shotgun . Split.

Y-Trips Missouri Ace . Spread I Form .Slot.Normal. Wide Shotgun . Slot.Bunch. Spread.Bunch. Twins.normal.Normal Shotgun . Trips Power I Nebraska Ace . Y-Trips Navy Flexbone . Twins. Y-Trips. 2 Back Slot. Twins. Y-Trips No Back Strong .Normal.Normal. Twins Maryland I Shotgun .Ace . Y-Trips Shotgun . Twins Maryland I Pro Form . Trips.5 Wide. Spread.Normal. Slot. Normal. Split.Normal. Normal.Slot Mississippi State Ace . Slot I Form . Y-Trips. Spread.Normal Maryland I Shotgun . Bunch Middle Tennessee State Ace . Tight. Spread. Slot. Slot. Y-Trips Flexbone . Split. Slot. Spread.Split Shotgun . Twins.Twins Shotgun .Normal. Trips. Trips. Y. 5 wide Strong .Big.Spread. Split.Normal. Spread. Y-Trips Strong . Y-Twins I Form . Y-Twins I Form . Twins.Normal Shotgun .2 Back Slot.Slot.Normal New Mexico Ace .5 wide.Big.Tight Minnesota Ace .2 Back Slot. Y-Trips I Form .Trips .Spread Nevada Ace . Y-Trips I Form .

Slot.2 Back Slot. Trips North Carolina State Ace .Twins North Texas Ace .Y-Trips Flexbone . Normal. Y-Trips I Form .Weak .Normal. Spread.2 Back Slot.Tight Shotgun .2 Back Slot. Spread. Ace. Y-Trips Shotgun .Normal. Tight Northwestern Ace . Ace Twins.Twins Northern Illinios Ace .Twins Weak . Y-Trips Strong . Slot I Form .Big.Twins New Mexico State Ace . Y-Twins I Form . Twins Shotgun . Twins Shotgun .Normal. Y-Trips. Twins.Big. Normal. Trips. Y-Trips Strong . 5 Wide.Twins Ohio Ace . Slot. Trips. Twins Power I Power T . Empty.Tight. Trips.Twins Weak .Normal.Slot No Back Shotgun . Empty. Twins No Back Strong . Trips.Normal. Ace Twins.Normal.Tight Power I Shotgun -Spread Strons . Slot. Wide I Form . Twins. Slot. Normal. Spread.2 Back Slot. Split North Carolina Ace .Normal. Y-Trips Norte Dame Ace .Slot. 5 Wide. Y-Twins I Form . twins.Bunch.

Twins Pro Form . Trips I Form -Tight. Spread. Y-Trips I Form . Y-Trips. Slot. Y-Trips Shotgun . Twins Pro Form .Normal. Spread.Bunch. Spread Purdue . Y-Twins Shotgun .Slot I Form . Slot. Trips.Normal Shotgun . Slot.Slot I Form . Y-Trips.Normal Shotgun . 5 Wide.Slot. Tight pro Form .Normal.Normal. Bunch.Y-Trips Ole Miss Ace .Y-Trips Oregon State Ace . Twins I Form .Bunch. Slot I Form . Twins No Back Shotgun 2 Back Slot.Twins Oklahoma Ace . Normal. Trips. Y-Trips Weak .Normal Shotgun .Slot.2 Back Slot. Y-Trips Oklahoma State Ace . Normal Weak .Normal. Spread. Tight. Y-Twins I Form . Spread.Normal. Y-Trips Pittsburgh Ace .Normal. Y-Trips Shotgun .Split.5 Wide. Twins Penn State Ace . Twins. Slot.Spread. Y-Trips. Twins Shotgun .Big. Slot.trips.Normal. Normal. 5 Wide. Twins.Ohio State Ace .Normal. Slot. Trips Oregon Ace .

Y-Trips Wishbone . Y-Trips I Form .Twins San Jose State Ace -Bunch. Slot. Y-Trips Weak . Y-Trips Weak .Ace . Trips. Spread. Slot. Wide Rutgers Ace . Y-Twins I Form .Normal.Spread. Y-Trips I Form . Y-Trips.Normal.Slot Southern Mississippi Ace . Spread. Y-Twins I Form . 5 Wide Weak . Spread Rice Flexbone . Trips Weak . Normal.Slot. Ace Twins. Trips Stanford Ace .Twins Shotgun . Slot Strong . Trips.Normal.2 Back Slot. Twins San Diego State Ace -Slot. Slot Shotgun . Trips. Spread. Bunch. Spread.Tight No BAck Shotgun . Normal.Normal. Tight.Normal.Slot.Normal. Wide Power I Shotgun .5 Wide.Spread. Twins.Bunch. Slot I Form .Ace Twins. Spread. Trips. Normal. Spread. Twins Shotgun . Twins.Big. Y-Trips Power I Shotgun .Twins Shotgun . Ace.Normal.Y-Trips Wishbone -Tight SMU Ace . Empty.5 Wide. Twins South Carolina I Form . 2 Back Slot Strong .Tight No Back .Normal. Bunch.Normal.

Normal. Y-Trips Tennessee I Form . Trips.Empty. Bunch. Ace Twins.Normal. Twins Shotgun .Empty.5 Wide. Twins Texas A&M Ace -Normal. Spread. Spread. Twins Weak .5 Wide. Y-Trips I Form . Y-Trips I Form . Y-Trips Syracuse Ace .Spread. Normal Weak -Twins Texas Tech Ace .Ace. Normal.Normal. Split. Slot. Split Temple Ace . Spread.Spread.Bunch. Trips Strong . Twins Texas Ace -Empty.Tight. Spread I Form .Normal. Bunch. Y-Trips TCU Ace . Y-Trips Troy State Ace .Normal Toledo Ace . Slot No Back Strong .Normal. Spread. Normal. Trips.Slot.Ace. Y-Twins I Form .Normal. Slot.Normal. Twins Shotgun . Spread. Spread. Trips No Back Shotgun .Normal.Normal. Normal.2 BAck Slot. Trips Strong . Tight. Slot. Slot.Shotgun . Slot. SLot Shotgun . Twins Pro Form . Trips Shotgun . Twins Shotgun .Normal.2 Back Slot. Trips Shotgun . Spread. Trips . Slot. Spread.

Normal Shotgun . Trips I Form . Twins Pro Form . Twins . Slot.Normal. 2 Back Slot\ Tulane Ace .Normal Pro Form . Y-Twins Flexbone .Normal.Normal I Form . Y-Trips.Normal UCF Ace .Big I Form . Spread.I Form .Normal.Bunch.Lafayette Ace .2 Back Slot. Y-Twins I Form . Trips. Trips Wishbone . Twins UAB Ace . Y-Trips UCONN Ace . Trips Strong . Y-Trips I Form . Twins Shotgun . Slot.Tight UL .Twins No Back Shotgun .Bunch.Slot Shotgun . Split Strong . Spread.Normal. Spread. Spread.Normal Power I Shotgun . Normal. Spread I Form . Twins No Back Shotgun .Normal. Bunch.Normal.Y-Trips Shotgun .2 Back Slot. Slot.2 Back Slot. Trips UCLA Ace .Normal.Normal Tulsa Ace .Tight.5 Wide. Trips Strong . 5 Wide. Slot. Y-Trips I Form .Twins Weak .Tight.Slot. Bunch.Twins Shotgun . Trips Strong .2 Back Slot. Normal.Normal.Normal.

Spread. Trips.Monroe Ace .Tight UTEP Ace . Normal. Empty. Ace Twins. Spread. Slot Maryland I No Back Power T Shotgun . Trips.Twins USC Ace .Big. Bunch. Trips. Y-Trips UNLV Ace .Bunch. Twins. Ace Twins.UL . Empty I Form .Normal USF Ace .Normal Shotgun .5 Wide.Bunch. Y-Twins Shotgun . Empty. Y-Trips Shotgun .Normal. Normal. Spread.Y-Trips Maryland I Power T Shotgun .2 Back Slot. Slot.Normal Strong . Spread I Form . Ace.Bunch Strong . Y-Trips I Form . Y-Twins I Form . Twins.Big. Y-Trips.Slot Weak . Normal I Form . Bunch.Tight .Twins Pro Form .Normal. Y-Trips Shotgun -Spread Strong .Bunch.Slot Vanderbilt Ace . Normal.Normal Shotgun . 5 Wide.Ace.2 Back Slot. Bunch Wishbone . Normal Utah State Ace .Spread I Form . Y-Trips Strong . Tight. Spread.Y-Trips. Y-Trips Utah Ace .Bunch.Normal. Twins Shotgun .Big.

Slot. Twins Weak. Trips I Form . Tight. Twins . Trips. Spread. Twins.Twins Shotgun .Virginia Ace .Normal Flexbone . Y-Trips I Form .Trips West Virginia Ace .Normal I Form . Y-Trips. Tight.Normal. Spread. Y-Trips Wisconsin Ace .Ace Twins Strong .Normal. Trips. Normal. Split.Normal No Back Strong . Trips. Twins.Twins Washington State Ace .Tight. Twins. Y-Trips Wake Forest Ace . Bunch. Twins Virginia Tech Ace . Y-Trips Shotgun .2 Back Slot. Y-Twins Maryland I Shotgun . Slot.Twins Weak .Normal Strong . Normal. Spread.Normal. Y-Trips. Ace Twins Washington Ace . Y-Twins I Form . Slot.Empty. 5 Wide. Y-Trips I Form .Normal.Normal.2 Back Slot.Y-Trips Western Michigan Ace . Y-Trips Weak . Normal. Slot.Big I Form .Big.Big.Twins No Back Shotgun . Y-Trips I Form .Normal.Slot.Empty. Y-Trips Maryland I Shotgun . Y-Trips Shotgun .Split. Twins. Trips.

Trips.Normal.Wyoming Ace . Y-Trips I Form Slot Shotgun . Trips . Spread. Normal. Spread.Bunch.

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