Last July, the GPF non-profit organisation crticised the UN for being overly fond of employing the

services of western-supplied PMSC forces that were guilty of milking immense profits from the world body for operating its so-called peacekeeping missions while committing extensive rights abuses under the nose of the UN in many parts of the world. Many of the PMSC units were involved in criminal or extrajudicial activities and hardly any of them were ever brought to face justice. One very famous case was the Nisur incident or Nisoor massacre that took place in Iraq in Sept 2007 where American PMSC forces a.k.a. private security contractors massacred at least 17 people in broad daylight. The case was eventually brought to court but not a single PMSC employee was found guilty of anything despite the deaths of 17 innocent people. There were many cases of PMSC abuse in Bagram, Afghanistan as well as in Abu Ghraib in Iraq where employees of another American security contractor CACI severely tortured detainees. The case was also brought to court but not one single employee was found guilty. Western PMSCs e.g. DynCorp were also discovered to have engaged in human traffcking in Bosnia where they helped to procure women and girls to provide sexual services to Nato soldiers. They were also suspected of aiding Kosovar crime syndicates in smuggling human organs out of the Balkan region of south-eastern Europe. In Libya, after the fall of Gaddafi, western PMSCs were rewarded with fat contracts to protect oil installations and western businesses while local militias constantly fought with one another and with the local authorities. It is clear the PMSCs’ profits are mostly derived from the blood of innocent people with help from the UN & the US.

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