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Oruxmaps Faa

Oruxmaps Faa

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Published by Catherine Munro

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Published by: Catherine Munro on Jul 07, 2013
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OruxMapsDesktop + FAA maps.

Test your maps before using them in risky activities! OruxMaps not a professional application. It is offered without any warranty. You need the last version of OruxMapsDesktop (at least 1.4). See OruxmapsDesktop manual for more info about this application. http://www.oruxmaps.com/oruxmapsdesktop_en.pdf

.-Select a directory.-Create Map. 2.tfw file.-Introduce Lambert paramenters.htm file (each map could have different values).-Image File: find the image file.-Select Projection. this must be done after selecting the Image).- 5.-Calibration File: find the .-Introduce map name 7. (IMPORTANT.-Select Datum. 3.HOWTO: 1. 4. 1. 6. You can find those values in the . 8.

..). checking that target the same site.. a lighthouse.open the map with OruxMaps.. 2. 3.enter their coordinates in google maps.. .look for a characteristic point on the map (a cross.test with your device + google maps: 1.

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