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Rasna Final Phase -Action

Rasna Final Phase -Action

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rasna fruit drink
rasna fruit drink

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Published by: Prateek Dave on Jul 07, 2013
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. riding on a three point strategy model • maintaining value for money •focusing on the health factor •highlighting the ease of using the product.Rasna plans to appeal to this new target audience.

•Urban Customers •Rural Customers .

• PepsiCo’s Tropicana and Dabur’s Real Fruit juice as the dominant players . who is the daughter of the Chairman of Rasna. Avan Khambatta.Urban customers • Rasna enters ready-to-drink beverage segment (Rasna Ju-C) • new Rasna girl. Piruz Khambatta • Company would be adding around five more flavors in juice category and would also look at launching other beverage products in the near future.

65 (mango) 1litre Rs. orange and mixed • The juices would be available 1 litre and 250 ml PET bottles 250 ml Rs. 75(non-mango) . 18 1litre Rs. apple.• Four flavours -mango.

Rural customers Two basic things to be done: •Product and brand awareness in rural areas. . •Effective distribution channel.

print and radio. •organize adventure-centric activities in schools. and in association with the RWA(rural welfare association) •campaign will hit the market in mid-May and will be primarily be led by outdoor communication. as digital media is not adequate in rural sector.Target been achieved by: •Emphasis on Non-digital media. .

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